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Morgannwg Wales quotes by Stephen Leacock
#1. Each section of the British Isles has its own way of laughing, except Wales, which doesn't. #Quote by Stephen Leacock
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Sara Wales
#2. I will redirect my feeling of frustration into something positive #Quote by Sara Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Katherine Jenkins
#3. I'm launching my own festival in South Wales. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. It's going to be held at Margam Park, because I wanted the venue to be as close to my home as possible. #Quote by Katherine Jenkins
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Clive Granger
#4. I was born in Swansea in the Principality of Wales in September 1934 and named Clive William John Granger. The 'William John' names were traditional Granger boy's names, and my mother liked the name Clive because some popular musician at the time had it. #Quote by Clive Granger
Morgannwg Wales quotes by John Flavel
#5. A scrap of paper, accidentally coming to view, has been used as an occasion of conversion. This was the case of a minister in Wales, who had two livings, but took little care of either. Being at a fair he bought something at a pedlar's stall, and tore off a leaf of Mr Perkins' Catechism to wrap it in, and reading a line or two in it, God sent it home so as it did the work. #Quote by John Flavel
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Carl Rollyson
#6. At lunch, Michael began to reminisce about his first election in Wales, when he was selected to occupy Nye Bevan's seat. A brief kerfuffle had resulted when his name did not appear on the short list of Labour Party candidates for the seat. Evidently some locals preferred not to take on Michael in spite of his association with Nye. Jennie Lee, along with others, intervened and Michael not only made the list but also was selected and won his seat in the general election. He had a wonderful photograph of himself and Jill, with their dog Vanessa between them. The happy looking dog in the centre looked as if she had won the election, I told Michael. "It did, too," he said. #Quote by Carl Rollyson
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Marcel Proust
#7. Aristocracy is relative: there are all sorts of inexpensive little resorts where the son of a furniture salesman may be the arbiter of all things elegant, holding court like a young Prince of Wales. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Ralph McTell
#8. I love the traditional music of all our islands - Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales , but I suppose I'm viewed pretty much as an English songwriter and I'm going to try and do an English album, and I wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed to do Scarborough Fair and Spencer the Rover and stuff like that. #Quote by Ralph McTell
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#9. In Wales, they love with abandon.
When a Welsh person loves you,
you'll finally know your potential.
They are different from the Americans,
who are precarious with their love.
They are different from the English,
who are reserved even when you stand
in front of them, naked,
handing them your heart.
The English give you their love in cups:
here, you've been good. drink another glass.
But the Welsh, they drown you
in an ocean of love.
You have their attention, their
consideration. You have all of them.
They aren't even careful to keep any
for themselves. It seems to me
that only the Welsh know how to love,
how to make someone feel loved.
Because when a Welsh person loves you,
you'll finally know how it feels
to belong to poetry. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Winston Churchill
#10. I am writing in one of the Keepers' Lodges to wh I have returned after stalking & where I am waiting for the Prince of Wales. Quite the best day's sport I have had in this country - 4 good stags & home early! #Quote by Winston Churchill
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Jimmy Wales
#11. It's kind of surprising that you could just open up a site and let people work. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#12. Tell me about this Wizard Howl of yours."
"He's the best wizard in Ingary or anywhere else. If he'd only had time, he would have defeated that djinn. And he's sly and selfish and vain as a peacock and cowardly, and you can't pin him down to anything."
"Indeed? Strange that you should speak so proudly such a list of vices, most loving of ladies."
"What do you mean, vices? I was just describing Howl. He comes from another world entirely, you know, called Wales, and I refuse to believe he's dead! #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Jimmy Wales
#13. In general, the best advice I can give people is to take criticism seriously, apologize for anything you have done wrong, and pull back from conflict. Of course, if you are right on a content matter, you should press forward in the interest of quality, but conflict often has a way of taking on a life of its own, unfortunately. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
#14. I would not go so far as to say that vaccination has never saved a person from smallpox. It is a matter of record that thousands of the victims of this superstitious rite have been saved from smallpox by the immunizing potency of death. But it is a fact that the official statistics of England and Wales show unmistakably that, while vaccination has killed ten times more people than smallpox, there has been a decrease in smallpox concomitant with the decrease in vaccination ... It might be appropriately asked, in the words of the Vaccination Inquirer #Quote by Herbert M. Shelton
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Angela Quarles
#15. He leaned his head against the rock. Christ, when was the last time he'd seen the humor in life? And now, of all places, in an enemy camp, with a strange woman who made him burn. Burn with desire. Burn with need. A desire and need not only for her and her body, but for something he couldn't quite name. #Quote by Angela Quarles
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Roald Dahl
#16. The Bristol Channel was always my guide, and I was always able to draw an imaginary line from my bed to our house over in Wales. It was a great comfort. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Jimmy Wales
#17. I think that reality exists and that it's knowable. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Sharon Kay Penman
#18. What an unfair advantage the dead had over the living, for there could be no rebuttal, no denial, nothing but the accusing silence of the grave. #Quote by Sharon Kay Penman
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Alexander Cordell
#19. I thought of my river, the Afon-Lwydd, that my father had fished in youth, with rod and line for the leaping salmon under the drooping alders. The alders, he said, that fringed the banks ten deep, planted by the wind of the mountains. But no salmon leap in the river now, for it is black with furnace washings and slag, and the great silver fish have been beaten back to the sea or gasped out of their lives on sands of coal. No alders stand now for thy have been chopped as fuel for the cold blast. Even the mountains are shells, groaning in their hollows of emptiness, trembling to the arrows of the pit-props in their sides, bellowing down the old workings that collapse in unseen dust five hundred feet below. Plundered is my country, violated, raped. #Quote by Alexander Cordell
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Charles, Prince Of Wales
#20. I'm a dangerous person because I mind about things. #Quote by Charles, Prince Of Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#21. Barrons Books and Baubles had been ransacked!

Tables were overturned, books torn from shelves and strewn everywhere, baubles broken. Even my little TV behind the counter had been destroyed.

"Barrons?" I called warily. It was night and the lights were on. My illusory Alina had told me more than an hour had passed. Was it the same night, nearly dawn? Or was it the night following our theft attempt? Had Barrons come back from Wales yet? Or was he still there, searching for me? When I'd been so rudely ripped from reality, who or what had come through those basement doors?

I heard footsteps, boots on hardwood, and turned expectantly toward the connecting doors.

Barrons was framed in the doorway. His eyes were black ice. He stared at me a moment, raking me from head to toe. "Nice tan, Ms. Lane. So, where the fuck have you been for the past month? #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Sabine Baring-Gould
#22. Cornwall, peopled mainly by Celts, but with an infusion of English blood, stands and always has stood apart from the rest of England, much, but in a less degree, as has Wales. #Quote by Sabine Baring-Gould
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Vinnie Jones
#23. I was captain of Wales; I've been captain of numerous football clubs. #Quote by Vinnie Jones
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Jimmy Wales
#24. I think people have to recognise that the traditional modes of authority weren't that great. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Brendan
#25. You know I could have stayed in my comfortable chair in South Wales having the first Welsh team that got promoted and been there a number of years, but for me I wanted to work at a club that was world class and at the very, very top. #Quote by Brendan
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Dylan Thomas
#26. There is only one position for an artist anywhere; and that is upright. #Quote by Dylan Thomas
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Antony Beevor
#27. I was planning to stay in the Army all my life, but I ended up being posted to a training camp in Wales and was so bored there, I wrote a novel. #Quote by Antony Beevor
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Larry King
#28. Taki

As a prolific author and journalist, Taki has written for many top-rated publications, including the Spectator, the London Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, National Review, and many others. Greek-born and American-educated, Taki is a well-known international personality and a respected social critic all over the world.

In June 1987, I was an usher at the wedding of Harry Somerset, Marquis of Worcester, to Tracy Ward. The wedding and ensuing ball took place in the grand Ward country house, attended by a large portion of British society, including the Prince and Princess of Wales. Late in the evening, while I was in my cups, a friend, Nicky Haslam, grabbed my arm and introduced me to Diana, who was coming off the dance floor. We exchanged pleasantries, me slurring my words to the extent that she suddenly took my hand, looked at me straight in the face, and articulated, "T-a-k-e y-o-u-r t-i-m-e." She mistook my drunken state for a severe speech impediment and went into her queen-of-hearts routine. Nicky, of course, ruined it all by pulling her away and saying, "Oh, let him be, ma'am; he's drunk as usual. #Quote by Larry King
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Chris Coleman
#29. We can't feel safe because we are not safe.
(on Fulham, 2004-5 season) #Quote by Chris Coleman
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Kit Habianic
#30. Beneath Albright's office, the colliery sprawled across the hillside, red brick buildings scattered as though hurled from a great height, a hotchpotch of mismatched structures spattered on the valley floor. At the bottom stood the winding house, wheels motionless, above it, the engineering sheds and workshops, canteen and bath house. All lay empty. No buzz and hum of machinery. No voices raised in laughter or dispute. Gwyn found it unsettling: his lads had been out a month and a half and already the power had drained from the place. In the stillness, he caught the echo of footsteps. The crunch of boots on gravel. Generations of long-gone Pritchards clocking in and out. He was bound to Blackthorn by the coal that clogged his veins and by a bond of duty. The strike left him as diminished as his pit, day dragging after idle day. #Quote by Kit Habianic
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Katherine Jenkins
#31. I really see myself as a homegirl. Wales is my first home. London is my second home - I've been there 14 years now. #Quote by Katherine Jenkins
Morgannwg Wales quotes by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
#32. Let me tell you one story to illustrate what I mean. I remember a woman who was a spiritist, and even a medium, a paid medium employed by a spiritist society. She used to go every Sunday evening to a spiritist meeting and was paid three guineas for acting as a medium. This was during the thirties, and that was quite a large sum of money for a lower middle-class woman. She was ill one Sunday and could not go to keep her appointment. She was sitting in her house and she saw people passing by on their way to the church where I happened to be ministering in South Wales. Something made her feel a desire to know what those people had, and so she decided to go to the service, and did. She came ever afterwards until she died, and became a very fine Christian. One day I asked her what she had felt on that first visit, and this is what she said to me; and this is the point I am illustrating. She said, 'The moment I entered your chapel and sat down on a seat amongst the people I was conscious of a power. I was conscious of the same sort of power as I was accustomed to in our spiritist meetings, but there was one big difference; I had a feeling that the power in your chapel was a clean power.' The point I am making is simply this, that she was aware of a power. This is this mysterious element. It is the presence of the Spirit in the heart of God's children, God's people, and an outsider becomes aware of this. This is something you can never get if you just sit and read a book on your own #Quote by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Rachel M. Greenebaum
#33. It was more than that, he said, looking down briefly at her. Love fades when you die. I am clearly dead, but my love for her hasn't diminished. It still burns inside me like a flicker in a flame. #Quote by Rachel M. Greenebaum
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Melika Dannese Hick
#34. Why should I not know what he's really called?"
"Tell a man your name and he will have power over you forever," Carver muttered. #Quote by Melika Dannese Hick
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Anthony Holden
#35. Charles was very intent to use his years as Prince of Wales to make his mark while he still had freedom of maneuver that he wouldn't have as King. The first subject he really went for was architecture. It made an impact. #Quote by Anthony Holden
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Ian Lucas
#36. I believe that the Union Flag should change now to reflect the four nations of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales #Quote by Ian Lucas
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Marlon James
#37. Not every gay person recites poetry or has read Keats. You can get readers through anything if the characters are complicated. You can't dismiss Josey Wales' quite liberal worldview. #Quote by Marlon James
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Alexander Wales
#38. And of course that was an Amaryllis that was never going to exist, one that I could never talk to or thank. I longed for her, even though I only knew her through her words. #Quote by Alexander Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Charles Todd
#39. Tell me something. Why is everyone so determined to believe Wilton is innocent?"
Surprised, Davies said, "He's a war hero isn't he? Admired by the King and a friend of the Prince of Wales. He's visited Sandringham, been received by Queen Mary herself! A man like that doesn't go around killing people!"
With a wry downturn of his lips, Rutledge silently asked, How did he win his medals, you fool, if not by being so very damned good at killing? #Quote by Charles Todd
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Bryn Terfel
#40. I started singing because I come from Wales. #Quote by Bryn Terfel
Morgannwg Wales quotes by William Shakespeare
#41. Though I be but the prince of Wales, yet I am king of courtesy #Quote by William Shakespeare
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Jimmy Wales
#42. We are growing from a cheerful small town where everyone waves off their front porch to the subway of New York City where everyone rushes by. How do you preserve the culture that has worked so well? #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Ricky Gervais
#43. You can drive 1,000 miles across America and find yourself, whereas if you drive a few miles from Slough you're in London anyway, or you hit Wales and you're in another country! Also, wherever you are in England it's still raining. #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Diana Princess Of Wales
#44. Family is the most important thing in the world. #Quote by Diana Princess Of Wales
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Mary Robertson
#45. After I returned from that morning, our telephone rang incessantly with requests for interviews and photos. By midafternoon I was exhausted. At four o'clock I was reaching to disconnect the telephone when I answered one last call.
Thank heavens I did! I heard, "Mrs. Robertson? This is Ian Hamilton from the Lord Chamberlain's office."
I held my breath and prayed, "Please let this be the palace."
He continued: "We would like to invite you, your husband, and your son to attend the funeral of the Princess of Wales on Saturday in London." I was speechless. I could feel my heart thumping. I never thought to ask him how our name had been selected. Later, in London, I learned that the Spencer family had given instructions to review Diana's personal records, including her Christmas-card list, with the help of her closest aides.
"Yes, of course, we absolutely want to attend," I answered without hesitating. "Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much this means to me. I'll have to make travel plans on very short notice, so may I call you back to confirm? How late can I reach you?"
He replied, "Anytime. We're working twenty-four hours a day. But I need your reply within an hour." I jotted down his telephone and fax numbers and set about making travel arrangements.
My husband had just walked in the door, so we were able to discuss who would travel and how. Both children's passports had expired and could not be renewed in less than a day from the suburbs wh #Quote by Mary Robertson
Morgannwg Wales quotes by Jimmy Wales
#46. People are not fundamentally bad. It only takes the smallest of correctives to take care of that tiny minority that wants to disrupt the community. #Quote by Jimmy Wales

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