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Moral Strength quotes by Henry Rollins
#1. For many years, I tried to make New Year's resolutions. I made lists and shot for great heights: I would show altruism and exert moral strength, patience and all those other great attributes. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Moral Strength quotes by Thomas Lickona
#2. Character consists of the moral awareness and strength to know the good, love the good and do the good. #Quote by Thomas Lickona
Moral Strength quotes by Etty Hillesum
#3. After each creative act one has to be sustained by one's strength of character, by a moral sense, by I don't know what, lest one tumble. #Quote by Etty Hillesum
Moral Strength quotes by Hans J. Morgenthau
#4. Politics is an art and not a science, and what is required for its mastery is not the rationality of the engineer but the wisdom and the moral strength of the statesman #Quote by Hans J. Morgenthau
Moral Strength quotes by John F. Kennedy
#5. There has also been a change
a slippage
in our intellectual and moral strength. Seven lean years of drouth and famine have withered a field of ideas. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Moral Strength quotes by Anonymous
#6. The moral strength of the Church depends upon purity of doctrine and not upon the mass of individuals. #Quote by Anonymous
Moral Strength quotes by George Lakoff
#7. An important consequence of giving highest priority to the metaphor of Moral Strength is that it rules out any explanations in terms of social forces or social class. #Quote by George Lakoff
Moral Strength quotes by Malcolm X
#8. Any county's moral strength, or its moral weakness, is quickly measurable by the street attire and attitude of its women - especially its young women. Wherever ... spiritual values have been submerged, if not destroyed, by an emphasis upon ... material things, invariably the women reflect it. #Quote by Malcolm X
Moral Strength quotes by Margaret Of Valois
#9. Temptations, like misfortunes, are sent to test our moral strength. #Quote by Margaret Of Valois
Moral Strength quotes by Karen Hawkins
#10. It took all of her moral strength not to kick him - just a little - while he was so conveniently at her feet. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Moral Strength quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#11. True knowledge gives a moral standing and moral strength. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Moral Strength quotes by M.L. LeGette
#12. You know what I know, Mally. Now you must decide what to believe. #Quote by M.L. LeGette
Moral Strength quotes by Chaim Potok
#13. One derives great moral strength from a cup of coffee, I said. #Quote by Chaim Potok
Moral Strength quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#14. By the middle of the eighteenth century the black slave had sunk, with hushed murmurs, to his place at the bottom of a new economic system, and was unconsciously ripe for a new philosophy of life. Nothing suited his condition then better than the doctrines of passive submission embodied in the newly learned Christianity. Slave masters early realized this, and cheerfully aided religious propaganda within certain bounds. The long system of repression and degradation of the Negro tended to emphasize the elements of his character which made him a valuable chattel: courtesy became humility, moral strength degenerated into submission, and the exquisite native appreciation of the beautiful became an infinite capacity for dumb suffering. The Negro, losing the joy of this world, eagerly seized upon the offered conceptions of the next; the avenging Spirit of the Lord enjoining patience in this world, under sorrow and tribulation until the Great Day when He should lead His dark children home, - this became his comforting dream. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
Moral Strength quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#15. There is always a certain glamour about the idea of a nation rising up to crush an evil simply because it is wrong. Unfortunately, this can seldom be realized in real life; for the very existence of the evil usually argues a moral weakness in the very place where extraordinary moral strength is called for. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
Moral Strength quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#16. Through persistence, self-knowledge, prayer, commitment, optimism, a resolute trust in God and the building of your own personal moral strength, you can enjoy the blessings of a deeper faith and face the difficulties of life with courage and confidence. #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Moral Strength quotes by Jean Webster
#17. Oh, I'm developing a beautiful character! It droops a bit under cold and frost, but it does grow fast when the sun shines.
That's the way with everybody. I don't agree with the theory that adversity and sorrow and disappointment develop moral strength. The happy people are the ones who are bubbling over with kindliness. #Quote by Jean Webster
Moral Strength quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#18. In all the houses keys to memorizing objects and feelings had been written. But the system demanded so much vigilance and moral strength that many succumbed to the spell of an imaginary reality, one invented by themselves, which was less practical for them but more comforting. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Moral Strength quotes by George Lakoff
#19. The metaphor of Moral Strength sees the world in terms of a war of good against the forces of evil, which must be fought ruthlessly. Ruthless behavior in the name of the good fight is thus seen as justified. Moreover, the metaphor entails that one cannot respect the views of one's adversary: evil does not deserve respect, it deserves to be attacked! The #Quote by George Lakoff
Moral Strength quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#20. The daily life into which people are born, and into which they are absorbed before they are well aware, forms chains which only one in a hundred has moral strength enough to despise, and to break when the right time comes - when an inward necessity for independent individual action arises, which is superior to all outward conventionalities. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Moral Strength quotes by Mengistu Haile Mariam
#21. When was in prison I admired him for his moral strength ...
Of his period in power I can see few results. Apartheid no longer exists, at least to all appearances, but no one understands what the new government in South Africa is doing. #Quote by Mengistu Haile Mariam
Moral Strength quotes by Edith Wharton
#22. But she could not breathe long on the heights; there had been nothing in her training to develop any continuity of moral strength: what she craved, and really felt herself entitled to, was a situation in which the noblest attitude should also be the easiest. Hitherto her intermittent impulses of resistance had sufficed to maintain her self-respect. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Moral Strength quotes by Ellen Key
#23. To burn the ideal of a great love into the soul of youth in letters of fire - that is to give him a real moral strength. #Quote by Ellen Key
Moral Strength quotes by Billy Graham
#24. If we would take the traits that characterized the Pilgrims and make them our own, we could regain hope. We could recover the spiritual and moral strength that we have lost. We could offer a thrilling challenge to our young people. #Quote by Billy Graham
Moral Strength quotes by Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder
#25. War is no longer a series of battles, but a test of the strength of the entire nation, its moral strength as well as physical, brain as well as muscles, and stamina as well as courage. #Quote by Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder
Moral Strength quotes by Eric Metaxas
#26. But how can we tally what an achievement it was to endure what Jackie Robinson endured those first few years? It was an incalculable and heroic sacrifice that can never be reckoned or understood by any conventional standards. Robinson did what he agreed to do when he met that day with Branch Rickey, and he changed the game forever. It was a singular feat of such great moral strength that all athletic strength must pale in comparison. With God's help, one man lifted up a whole people and pulled a whole nation into the future. #Quote by Eric Metaxas
Moral Strength quotes by Louis Farrakhan
#27. These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood that is seeding the American people and the people of the world and bringing you down in moral strength. ... It's the wicked Jews, the false Jews, that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality. It's the wicked Jews, false Jews, that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic! #Quote by Louis Farrakhan
Moral Strength quotes by George Lakoff
#28. Since the Strict Father model is what holds Strict Father morality together, interference with the pursuit of self-interest threatens the foundations of the whole Strict Father moral framework - from the efficacy of moral strength to the validity of the moral order. The #Quote by George Lakoff
Moral Strength quotes by Sarah Moore Grimke
#29. Good and evil, as we term them, are not antagonistic; they are ever found hand in hand. Humanity has never achieved a single conquest without the aid of both. Indeed how can she? What adds to moral strength, but a grappling with temptation? #Quote by Sarah Moore Grimke
Moral Strength quotes by Amish Tripathi
#30. Nobody is good or bad. They are either strong or weak. Strong people stick to their morals, no matter what the trials and tribulations. Weak people, many a times, do not even realise how low they have fallen. #Quote by Amish Tripathi
Moral Strength quotes by Timothy Pina
#31. A weak person has no control over their anger ... A stronger person has the strength to contain it. #Quote by Timothy Pina
Moral Strength quotes by David Eddings
#32. Operating by trial and error mostly, we've evolved a tacitly agreed upon list of the elements that make for a good fantasy. The first decision the aspiring fantasist must make is theological. King Arthur and Charlemagne were Christians. Siegfried and Sigurd the Volsung were pagans. My personal view is that pagans write better stories. When a writer is having fun, it shows, and pagans have more fun than Christians. Let's scrape Horace's Dulche et utile off the plate before we even start the banquet. We're writing for fun, not to provide moral instruction. I had much more fun with the Belgariad/Malloreon than you did, because I know where all the jokes are.
All right, then, for item number one, I chose paganism. (Note that Papa Tolkien, a devout Anglo-Catholic, took the same route.) #Quote by David Eddings
Moral Strength quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#33. To look back, to go back, is not to be weak. It is not to reopen wounds. It takes strength, it takes courage. It takes a person who is more in control of who they are to cast a discerning, non-judgmental eye over who they once were. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Moral Strength quotes by Barack Obama
#34. Having the United Kingdom in the European Union gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union and is part of the cornerstone of institutions built after World War II that has made the world safer and more prosperous. #Quote by Barack Obama
Moral Strength quotes by Miguel Syjuco
#35. Literature is an ethical leap. It is a moral decision. A perilous exercise in constant failure. Literature should have grievances, because there are so many grievances in the world. #Quote by Miguel Syjuco
Moral Strength quotes by Lewis Carroll
#36. Flamingoes and mustard both bite. And the moral of that is
Birds of a feather flock together. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Moral Strength quotes by Marcel Proust
#37. A powerful idea communicates some of its strength to him who challenges it. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Moral Strength quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#38. People have character strength but they lack communication skills, and that undoubtedly affects the quality of relationships as well. #Quote by Stephen R. Covey
Moral Strength quotes by David Harsanyi
#39. The Bible is filled with intriguing stories about complex and flawed human beings who ponder immense moral questions and engage in colossal clashes with evil. #Quote by David Harsanyi
Moral Strength quotes by George R R Martin
#40. Everything Syrio Forel had ever taught her vanished in a heartbeat. In that instant of sudden terror, the only lesson Arya could remember was the one Jon Snow had given her, the very first.
She stuck him with the pointy end, driving the blade upward with a wild, hysterical strength. #Quote by George R R Martin
Moral Strength quotes by Douglas Bond
#41. Above his Lord. Perhaps because Knox himself found such abundant strength in the midst of great personal weakness, he was used of God to raise #Quote by Douglas Bond
Moral Strength quotes by John Barnes
#42. Don't underrate ordinary human decency," Josh said quietly. "There's more of heaven in a guy who hands a cold soda to a hot, tired panhandler than there is in fifty moral philosophers. #Quote by John Barnes
Moral Strength quotes by Emily Saliers
#43. Unjust use of force, strength, and brutality. Those are the forces that make me feel vulnerable. #Quote by Emily Saliers
Moral Strength quotes by Charles Dickens
#44. The wheels rolled on, and rolled down by the Monument, and by the Tower; and by the Docks; down by Ratcliffe, and by Rotherhithe; down by where accumulated scum of humanity seemed to be washed from higher grounds, like so much moral sewage, and to be pausing until its own weight forced it over the bank and sunk it in the river. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Moral Strength quotes by Stephen King
#45. Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. #Quote by Stephen King
Moral Strength quotes by Ayn Rand
#46. There is no hope for the world unless and until we formulate, accept and state publicly a true moral code of individualism, based on man's inalienable right to live for himself. Neither to hurt nor to serve his brothers, but to be independent of them in his function and in his motive. Neither to sacrifice them for himself nor to sacrifice himself for them ... #Quote by Ayn Rand
Moral Strength quotes by Neko Case
#47. I just want to make stories. They don't have to have a moral or a reason. There might be some mild cautionary notes, but they're not moral. They don't impart any Judeo-Christian ethic of any kind. #Quote by Neko Case
Moral Strength quotes by Kristen Ashley
#48. I fell in love with you, Liv." "That's impossible." "It isn't. It happened. And you - " "It's impossible because there is no me to fall in love with. I don't exist." That made him stop moving. She continued speaking. "I breathe. I'm here. I take up space. I eat. I drive. But I have no brain. No will. No strength. No opinions. I do not matter to the point I do not exist." "You exist for me." "I #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Moral Strength quotes by Amy Poehler
#49. You know those exercise pools where the water comes at you strong and you have to swim against it to build up your strength? That's what the social pressure of staying young feels like. You can either exhaust yourself thrashing against it or turn around and let the pressure of it massage out your kinks. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Moral Strength quotes by Frances J Roberts
#50. Keep your eye on the end of the course. Victory is secured already. Do not let the hurdles cause thee consternation. Stay in the running. Verily, I am at thy side. According to each day shall thy strength be; and the race is not to the swift, but the obedient shall receive the prize. #Quote by Frances J Roberts
Moral Strength quotes by GBatiste
#51. Pretending doesn't make you stronger, it only hides your weakness. True strength is admitting you have weaknesses. #Quote by GBatiste
Moral Strength quotes by Albert Camus
#52. It was in vain that he exclaimed in his hour of lucidity, "It is easy to talk about all sorts of immoral
acts; but would one have the courage to carry them through? For example, I could not bear to break my
word or to kill; I should languish, and eventually I should die as a result - that would be my fate." From
the moment that assent was given to the totality of human experience, the way was open to others who,
far from languishing, would gather strength from lies and murder. Nietzsche's responsibility lies in having legitimized, for reasons of method - and even if only for an instant - the opportunity for dishonesty of
which Dostoievsky had already said that if one offered it to people, one could always be sure of seeing
them rushing to seize it. #Quote by Albert Camus
Moral Strength quotes by Audre Lorde
#53. My fury at my own long-ago impotence, and my present pain at his suffering, made me start to forget all that I knew about violence and fear, and blaming the victim, I started to hiss at the weeping child. "The next time you come in here crying ... , " and I suddenly caught myself in horror.

This is the way we allow the destruction of our sons to begin - in the name of protection and to ease our own pain. My son get beaten up? I was about to demand that he buy that first lesson in the corruption of power, that might makes right. I could hear myself beginning to perpetuate the age-old distortions about what strength and bravery really are.

And no, Jonathan didn't have to fight if he didn't want to, but somehow he did have to feel better about not fighting. An old horror rolled over me of being the fat kid who ran away, terrified of getting her glasses broken. #Quote by Audre Lorde
Moral Strength quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#54. His love became a prison from which he longed to escape, but he had not the strength merely to open the door-that was all it needed-and walk out into the open air. It was torture and at last he became numb and hopeless. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Moral Strength quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#55. Self-confidence and self-will are the strength for a sacred accomplishments. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Moral Strength quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#56. I wish I were stronger and more secure in myself so that I could really spend my life with a guy like Lenny. Because he has a different kind of strength than Joshie. He has the strength of his sweet tuna arms. He has the strength of putting his nose in my hair and calling it home. He has the strength to cry when I go down on him. Who IS Lenny? Who DOES that? Who will ever open up to me like that again? No one. Because it's too dangerous. Lenny is a dangerous man. Joshie is more powerful, but Lenny is much more dangerous. #Quote by Gary Shteyngart
Moral Strength quotes by William O. Douglas
#57. Literature should not be suppressed merely because it offends the moral code of the censor. #Quote by William O. Douglas
Moral Strength quotes by Robert K. Greenleaf
#58. Moral authority is another way to define servant leadership because it represents a reciprocal choice between leader and follower. If the leader is principle centered, he or she will develop moral authority. If the follower is principle centered, he or she will follow the leader. In this sense, both leaders and followers are followers. Why? They follow truth. They follow natural law. They follow principles. They follow a common, agreed-upon vision. They share values. They grow to trust one another. #Quote by Robert K. Greenleaf
Moral Strength quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#59. The little respect paid to chastity in the male world is, I am persuaded, the grand source of many of the physical and moral evils that torment mankind, as well as of the vices and follies that degrade and destroy women; yet, at school, boys infallibly lose that decent bashfulness, which might have ripened into modesty at home. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Moral Strength quotes by Pope Francis
#60. God does not reveal himself in strength or power, but in the weakness and fragility of a newborn babe. #Quote by Pope Francis
Moral Strength quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#61. He was ... seeking to serve at once with all the strength of is soul ... and ready to sacrifice everything ... Though these young men unhappily fail to understand that the sacrifice of life is, in many cases, the easiest of all sacrifices, and that to sacrifice, for instance, five or six years of their seething youth to hard and tedious study, if only to multiply tenfold their powers of serving the truth and the cause they have set before them as their goal-such a sacrifice is beyond the strength of many of them. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Moral Strength quotes by Warren Eyster
#62. Pity womankind, but never a woman. #Quote by Warren Eyster
Moral Strength quotes by Randall Wright
#63. Have you ever stopped to consider the power of words? Through mere words, wars have started and ended. Tender feelings have been hurt and soothed. Courage has been instilled and fear has been implanted. Lives have been destroyed and others changed for the better. Think back on your own life when words have hurt you deeply or have comforted and given you strength and hope to do better. #Quote by Randall Wright
Moral Strength quotes by Barbara Tuchman
#64. I ask myself, have nations ever declined from a loss of moral sense rather than from physical reasons or the pressure of barbarians? I think that they have. #Quote by Barbara Tuchman
Moral Strength quotes by David
#65. Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise ... Blessed are those whose strength is in you ... blessed is the one who trusts in you! #Quote by David
Moral Strength quotes by Charles Sutherland Elton
#66. We are hearing the early rumblings of what may become an avalanche in strength. #Quote by Charles Sutherland Elton
Moral Strength quotes by Viviane Robinson
#67. If leaders don't know how to put their words into action, if they follow the wrong paths and take the wrong turns, then their sense of moral purpose can quickly give way to cynicism, frustration, and fading commitment. #Quote by Viviane Robinson
Moral Strength quotes by Gary Hopkins
#68. Integrity is never a given. It is a quality that can only be proven over time. #Quote by Gary Hopkins
Moral Strength quotes by Narendra Modi
#69. The 21st century is the century of knowledge. Knowledge, science and education will have the power and strength to embrace the entire universe. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Moral Strength quotes by Jack London
#70. White Fang was glad to acknowledge his lordship, but it was lordship based upon superior intelligence and brute strength ... There were deeps in his nature which had never been sounded. A kind word, a caressing touch of the hand, on the part of Gray Beaver, might have sounded these deeps; but Gray Beaver did not caress nor speak kind words. It was not his way. #Quote by Jack London

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