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Moment Of Kindness quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. A moment of kindness can bring infinite beauty in life. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#2. A gift.
A gift from a queen who had seen another woman in hell and thought to reach back a hand. With no thought of it ever being returned. A moment of kindness, a tug on a thread. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Zicheng Hong
#3. A moment of kindness can produce a mood of harmony between heaven and earth. Purity of heart can leave a fine example for a hundred generations. #Quote by Zicheng Hong
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Michele Knight
#4. When we die the only judge we have is ourselves. We see our life played out in a hologram of knowledge that our earth souls cannot understand. We see all at once how each word and each action affected the lives of the people around us. How a moment of kindness can change a life and a sharp word can affect someone for ever. Words and actions are far more powerful than we realise. It's the pebble-in-the-lake effect-even the tiniest pebble thrown into water will create ripples right across the lake. We don't need to be punished because, when we have viewed the consequences of our actions on all the souls we have met, we have remorse enough. I believe there is no external judge. We must face ourselves. #Quote by Michele Knight
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Derek Hough
#5. Which brings me to my very last leading lesson for you: Live now. Truthfully, it's something I struggle with every day. Being a choreographer, I need to constantly envision the future--what a routine might look like before it's ever danced. You see a blank dance floor; I see bodies moving across it in an intricately woven series of moves. I suppose this is a good thing for a guy who competes on Dancing with the Stars, but it's not such a good thing for my well-being. That "forward thinking" began to bleed into my everyday life as well, and for a long time, I would find myself in a constant state of worry about the future. I was anxious and relatively unhappy considering all my successes, and I didn't know why. The day would fly by and I wouldn't even remember what I did, because I was just going through the motions. Then it dawned on me: I wasn't in the moment. It's good to have goals for the future and it's good to learn from the past, but life is happening now. You cannot let it rush by you unseized or unacknowledged. You have to make a real, conscious effort to be in the present and not let your thoughts drift to other places and times. Your mind is an instrument, a tool. It is there to be used for specific tasks, and when the task is completed, you lay it down.
This is a tough thing for me. I'm an overthinker. Many of us are. My mind gets racing a thousand miles a minute and I get anxious about my work, my career, or where I need to be in thirty minutes. Every day I #Quote by Derek Hough
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
#6. Looking back at that moment, I understand that I had lived in books so long, in my narrow university setting, that I had become compressed by them internally. Suddenly, in this echoing house of Byzantium-one of the wonders of history-my spirit leaped out of its confines. I knew in that instant that, whatever happened, I could never go back to my old constraints. I wanted to follow life upward, to expand with it outward, the way this enormous interior swelled upward and outward. My heart swelled with it... #Quote by Elizabeth Kostova
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#7. The art of reasoning becomes of first importance. In this line antiquity has left us the finest models for imitation; I should consider the speeches of Livy, Sallust, and Tacitus, as pre-eminent specimens of logic, taste, and that sententious brevity which, using not a word to spare, leaves not a moment for inattention to the hearer. Amplification is the vice of modern oratory. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Eric Overby
#8. Meditation is
The practice of letting go
Of life each moment

Each in breath followed by out,
Receiving life, letting go

Practice letting go,
Then when death knocks on your door
You'll invite him in #Quote by Eric Overby
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Noah Galloway
#9. On our first flight out, and for all the following ones, we boarded two Black Hawk helicopters. On that first flight, we were looking for the area where a marine in our group lost both of his hands. While we were airborne, the door was kept open. There were only a few pairs of headsets for the group, so whoever was the focus of the trip got first dibs on a pair and would help guide the pilot to the right spot. The rest of us shared the remaining few sets as we squinted against the wind to the terrain below. Right before we made it to this marine's area, the guy sitting next to me handed me the headset. Just as I put it over my ears, I saw the marine looking out the window, and then I heard him say, "And that's where my hands are."
Suddenly it wasn't about me, the injured guy. I was privy to this man's intimate struggle. It was a painfully shocking statement. I knew all of the rest of these guys were injured, too, but I don't think it really hit me until that moment that these guys all faced the same kinds of struggles and confusion I'd faced. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Gina Damico
#10. For a moment she could have sworn she was standing in one of those history-comes-alive museums
the kind that feature animatronic robots, the narration stylings of James Earl Jones, and the sort of exhibits that invade children's nightmares for years to come. But instead of a cyborgish John Wilkes Booth discharging his deadly bullet into the back of a plastic Lincoln's head, a very real version of the assassin was engaged in a furious arm-wrestling match with Elvis Presley.
Lincoln was watching the tussle, amused. "Come on, John," he said. "You can do better than that."
"He's all talk," Elvis whispered back.
"Silence!" roared Booth. "I'm trying to concentrate!"
Lincoln rolled his eyes. #Quote by Gina Damico
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#11. Brandishing a green mallet, Hannah grinned at John. "We'll take sides. You and me against Andrew and Theo."
Hannah went first. Theo and I watched her knock her ball through the first two wickets and aim for the third. She missed and stepped back to let Theo take his turn.
I leaned on my mallet and waited. It had taken me a while to understand the game, but once I learned the rules, I'd become a pretty good strategist. As soon as I had the opportunity, I planned to knock John's ball clear off the court, maybe all the way into the poison ivy at the bottom of the hill.
In a few minutes, I saw my chance. My ball rolled through a wicket and hit his. To keep mine steady, I put my foot on it and whacked my ball hard enough to drive John's into the poison ivy.
"It's dead," I crowed. "I got you!"
Hannah gave me one of her vexed looks. Turning to John, she said, "I swear he's getting more like his old self every day."
At the same moment, Buster went tearing into the poison ivy and emerged with the ball in his mouth. Waging his tail proudly, he ran off with it. He'd lost Mrs. Armiger's hat, but he wasn't going to give up the ball. Ignoring our commands to drop it, he dashed under the rose trellis and disappeared behind the hedge.
"Drat," Hannah said. "That stupid dog must have buried a dozen croquet balls by now."
I glanced at John, hoping he'd be a bad sport. Maybe he'd say I cheated. Maybe he'd say it wasn't fair. Maybe he'd disgrace himself by #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Nicole Trope
#12. Right now he needed to concentrate on keeping himself under control. Inside, his gut churned. There was a war going on. The joy of holding his son again clashed with the waves of anger that rose higher and higher with each passing moment. He thought he had known why Pete had arrived at the farm. He had pushed the fork into the soil and watched the earth turn over sure that the truth of their tragedy was about to be laid before them. He had watched the dry earth give up the rich brown soil and wanted to stay there forever in the cold garden just watching his fork move the earth. He had not wanted to hear what Pete had to say. And now this..this..What did you call this? A miracle? What else could it be? But this miracle was tainted. He was not holding the same boy he had taken to the Easter Show.
This thin child with shaved hair was not the Lockie he knew. Someone had taken that child. They had taken his child and he could feel by the weight of him they had starved him. Someone had done this to him. They had done this and god knew what else. Doug walked slowly into the house, trying to find the right way to break the news to Sarah.
She was lying down in the bedroom again. These days she spent more time there than anywhere else. Doug walked slowly through the house to the main bedroom at the back. It was the only room in the house whose curtains were permanently closed.
How damaged was his child? Would he ever be the same boy they had taken up to the Show ? Wha #Quote by Nicole Trope
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Thomas Friedman
#13. I am hoping, though, that many of them have kids, who, when they have a moment to take a break from their iPods, Internet, or Google, will explain to their parents running the country just how the world is being flattened. #Quote by Thomas Friedman
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Frank Norris
#14. Name is Maria - Miranda - Macapa." Then, after a pause, she added, as though she had but that moment thought of it, "Had a flying squirrel an' let him go. #Quote by Frank Norris
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Philip K. Dick
#15. Guilt
if there was any guilt
spread out and diffused itself over everybody and everything ... Perhaps at some point in time, at some spot in the world, a moment of responsibility existed. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Jon Stewart
#16. Here it is ... your moment of zen. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Frances Itani
#17. Here we are, all these years later, standing back and watching our grown children have their lives - through ordinary times, through heartbreak and anguish. But even after horrible events, we are sometimes blessed with a moment of unexpected joy. We learn to grasp, to hold tightly to these moments for the short time they exist. #Quote by Frances Itani
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Hans Ulrich Obrist
#18. At a certain moment, when I started doing my own shows, I felt it would be really interesting to know what is the history of my profession. I realized that there was no book, which was kind of a shock. #Quote by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Rae Carson
#19. Like all good teachers, he loves the moment of revelation, when the light of knowledge passes to his pupil. #Quote by Rae Carson
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Katy Evans
#20. I am in love with the first lady of the United States. At the moment, a dozen vans from District florists are pulling up at the White House, and the staffers are helping me fill up her room. I'm going to ask her to marry me. Today. #Quote by Katy Evans
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Victor Hugo
#21. At the moment when her eyes closed, when all feeling vanished in her, she thought that she felt a touch of fire imprinted on her lips, a kiss more burning than the red-hot iron of the executioner. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#22. I don't want you to go." Waves rocked against the pier. The sun was too bright. Weathered boards creaked beneath Arin's feet.
"Only because you enjoy a good bully. Someone to make you behave as you ought."
"No, Roshar."
"You know well enough what to do now. You'll be fine."
"That's not why."
"Why you'll miss me? I admit that the impending absence of my keen wit would make anyone sad."
"Not exactly."
"Now I'm getting sad, just thinking about how it would feel to be parted from my sweet self. Lucky me: I will always have my own company."
"What you said at the banquet was true."
"Everything I say is true."
"That I love you."
Roshar's face went still. "I said that?"
"You know that you did."
"That was more for the drama of the moment."
"I am, aren't I?" Roshar said slowly. "I really am. Arin." His voice roughened. "You'll see me again."
"Soon," Arin told him, and embraced him. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Moment Of Kindness quotes by George Saunders
#23. You know that feeling at the end of the day, when the anxiety of that-which-I-must-do falls away and, for maybe the first time that day, you see, with some clarity, the people you love and the ways you have, during that day, slightly ignored them, turned away from them to get back to what you were doing, blurted out some mildly hurtful thing, projected, instead of the deep love you really feel, a surge of defensiveness or self-protection or suspicion? That moment when you think, Oh God, what have I done with this day? And what am I doing with my life? And how must I change to avoid catastrophic end-of-life regrets?

I feel like that now: tired of the Me I've always been, tired of making the same mistakes, repetitively stumbling after the same small ego strokes, being caught in the same loops of anxiety and defensiveness. At the end of my life, I know I won't be wishing I'd held more back, been less effusive, more often stood on ceremony, forgiven less, spent more days oblivious to the secret wishes and fears of the people around me...

--"Buddha Boy #Quote by George Saunders
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Kiera Cass
#24. Maxon lowered his lips to mine and gave me the faintest whisper of a kiss.
Something about the tentativeness of it made me feel beautiful. Without a word, I could understand how excited he was to have this moment, but then afraid at the same time. And deeper than any of that, I sensed that he adored me.
So this is what it felt like to be a lady. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Moment Of Kindness quotes by A. Manette Ansay
#25. Nd it occurs to me how fragile our lives are, how at any moment the sky can open and drown us, the earth can open and swallow us. I think of all the intricate ways our bodies can betray us, the accidents and the atrocities, the missteps and the misunderstandings. #Quote by A. Manette Ansay
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Nicole Krauss
#26. I had the elated, otherworldly feeling I sometimes get entering the sphere of another's life, when for a moment changing my banal habits and living like that seems entirely possible, a feeling that always dissolves by the next morning, when I wake up to the familiar, unmovable shapes of my own life. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Ed Koch
#27. We're in the hands of the state legislature and God, but at the moment, the state legislature has more to say than God. #Quote by Ed Koch
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#28. Any life, however long and complicated it may be, actually consists of a single moment - the moment when a man knows forever more who he is. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Julia Quinn
#29. The youngest one," she interrupted. "The youngest son, I mean. The one who is unmarried."
"I know who he is."
"Very well, then. What is wrong with him?" At that she cocked her head to the side and waited expectantly.
He thought for a moment. "Nothing."
"You - wait." She blinked. "Nothing?"
He shook his head, then shifted his weight a little; his good foot was beginning to fall asleep. "Nothing comes immediately to mind." It was true. She could do a good deal worse than Gregory Bridgerton.
"Really?" she asked suspiciously. "You find nothing at all objectionable about him."
Marcus pretended to think about this a bit longer. Clearly he was supposed to be playing a role here, probably that of the villain. Or if not that, then the grumpy old man. "I suppose he's a bit young," he said. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Pet Torres
#30. Then I rest my head on his chest and I feel the beating of his heart, even though it is not as fast as mine at this moment. I imagine that his heart can be as cold as an ice vial or a steel shield that will never be penetrated by any kind of feeling that makes him more human and less insensitive. ~Emily #Quote by Pet Torres
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Og Mandino
#31. I will live this day as if it is my last. ... I will waste not a moment mourning yesterday's misfortunes, Yesterday's defeats, yesterday's aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad?
I will live this day as if it is my last. This day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity. I greet this sunrise with cries of joy as a prisoner who is reprieved from death. I lift mine arms with thanks for this priceless gift of a new day. So too, I will beat upon my heart with gratitude as I consider all who greeted yesterday's sunrise who are no longer with the living today. I am indeed a fortunate man and today's hours are but a bonus, undeserved. Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when others, far better than I, have departed? Is it that they have accomplished their purpose while mine is yet to be achieved? Is this another opportunity for me to become the man I know I can be? #Quote by Og Mandino
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#32. I turned around slowly, and looked up at him. He stiffened and sucked in a shallow breath. After a moment, he touched my cheek.
"Such naked pain," he whispered.
I turned my face into his palm and closed my eyes. His fingers threaded into my hair, cupped my head, and brushed the brand. It heated at his touch. His hand tightened at the base of my skull and squeezed, and he raised me slowly to my tiptoes. I opened my eyes and it was my turn to inhale sharply. Not human. Oh, no, not this man.
"Never show it to me again." His face was cold, hard, his voice colder. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#33. The only time that any of us have to grow or change or feel or learn anything is in the present moment. But we're continually missing our present moments, almost willfully, by not paying attention. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Timothy Pina
#34. Live happy, practice kindness, generate love, teach peace, stay grateful and in all that you are and do ... be great. #Quote by Timothy Pina
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#35. As there is no screen or ceiling between our heads and the infinite heavens, so is there no bar or wall in the soul where man, the effect, ceases, and God, the cause, begins. The walls are taken away. We lie open on one side to the deeps of spiritual nature, to the attributes of God. Justice we see and know, Love, Freedom, Power. These natures no man ever got above, but they tower over us, and most in the moment when our interests tempt us to wound them. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Arthur Koestler
#36. Of all forms of mental activity, the most difficult to induce even in the minds of the young, who may be presumed not to have lost their flexibility, is the art of handling the same bundle of data as before, but placing them in a new system of relations with one another by giving them a different framework, all of which virtually means putting on a different kind of thinking-cap for the moment. It is easy to teach anybody a new fact ... but it needs light from heaven above to enable a teacher to break the old framework in which the student is accustomed to seeing. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Nick Jonas
#37. Find things you're passionate about, and find others who are as passionate as you are and will focus on giving you an opportunity to shine and to have your moment where you can be in front of others to show what you can do. #Quote by Nick Jonas
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Marjorie Grene
#38. Descartes says: I think, and I am every moment I am thinking, because I have this inner awareness of myself. And I always thought there was something fishy about that. I don't think there's any privileged self-knowledge. Most of our attention is to things outside us. #Quote by Marjorie Grene
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Osamu Dazai
#39. Item. A hand in plaster. This was the right hand of Venus. A hand like a dahlia blossom, a pure white hand, mounted on a stand. But if you looked at it carefully you could tell how this pure white, delicate hand, with whorl-less finger tips and unmarked palms, expressed, so pitifully that even the beholder was stabbed with pain, the shame intense enough to make Venus stop her breath; in the gesture was implicit the moment when Venus' full nakedness was seen by a man, when she twisted away her body, flushed all over with the prickling warmth of her shock, the whirlwind of her shame, and the tragedy of her nudity. Unfortunately, this was only a piece of bric-à-brac. The clerk valued it at fifty sen. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Moment Of Kindness quotes by Christina Henry
#40. Was this, too, part of growing up? Was it facing the bad things you'd done as well as the good, and knowing all your mistakes had consequences? Peter made mistakes all the time - he was thoughtless; he hurt people. But it never troubled him, not for a moment. He forgot all about it in an instant. That was being a boy. #Quote by Christina Henry

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