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Famous Quotes About Molestation Survivor

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Molestation Survivor quotes by Stephen Richards
#1. From a young boy's viewpoint this could not get any worse, especially when you were told that you belonged to the devil, and this bullying of me went on for a long time. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Molestation Survivor quotes by Ryan Graudin
#2. The guard grabbed Yael's hand, snapped his pen across her skin in two quick strikes. X marks the survivor. #Quote by Ryan Graudin
Molestation Survivor quotes by Bear Grylls
#3. Almost a hundred years earlier, to the day, Samuel Smiles had written the final pages of his book Self-Help. It included this moving tale of heroism as an example for the Victorian Englishman to follow. For the fate of my great-grandfather, Walter, it was poignant in the extreme.

The vessel was steaming along the African coast with 472 men and 166 women and children on board.
The men consisted principally of recruits who had been only a short time in the service.
At two o'clock in the morning, while all were asleep below, the ship struck with violence upon a hidden rock, which penetrated her bottom; and it was at once felt that she would go down.
The roll of the drums called the soldiers to arms on the upper deck, and the men mustered as if on parade.
The word was passed to "save the women and children"; and the helpless creatures were brought from below, mostly undressed, and handed silently into the boats.
When they had all left the ship's side, the commander of the vessel thoughtlessly called out, "All those that can swim, jump overboard and make for the boats."
But Captain Wright, of the 91st Highlanders, said, "No! If you do that, the boats with the women will be swamped." So the brave men stood motionless. Not a heart quailed; no one flinched from his duty.
"There was not a murmur, nor a cry among them," said Captain Wright, a survivor, "until the vessel made her final plunge."
Down went the ship, and down went the hero #Quote by Bear Grylls
Molestation Survivor quotes by Nora Roberts
#4. Survivors lived with their mistakes. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Molestation Survivor quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#5. My secret wish is right now to be romancing this dead girl. A dead girl. Any dead girl. I'm not what you'd call choosy. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Molestation Survivor quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#6. Abused children realize that they cannot rely on their emotions since their innocent love and trust are already crushed and betrayed. They learn that whatever the opinion they do express may be ignored or mocked. #Quote by Patricia Dsouza
Molestation Survivor quotes by Patrick Lynch
#7. Carmen kicked at the dirt. She couldn't equate finding the virus at home with good luck. It was powerful, this thing, ruthless, a perfectly honed survivor for who knew how many millennia. Perhaps it was old as life itself, a malevolent offshoot of the first sampling of creation. Yet Leigh and Daintith thought they could track it to its lair and swat it like some bothersome insect. #Quote by Patrick Lynch
Molestation Survivor quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#8. The Pain is too much to bear She weeps within; As she grinds her teeth with a grin #Quote by Patricia Dsouza
Molestation Survivor quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#9. Most of the time I pretended that everything was okay with me and all things were normal. #Quote by Patricia Dsouza
Molestation Survivor quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#10. Children do not have reasoning capability or emotive development; thus, they are unable to precisely gauge what is going on with them. #Quote by Patricia Dsouza
Molestation Survivor quotes by Gabourey Sidibe
#11. I refuse to be anyone's survivor because I prefer to think of myself as a winner. #Quote by Gabourey Sidibe
Molestation Survivor quotes by Dana Gould
#12. Many stroke survivors look back on their attack as a stroke of luck. Of course, by luck they mean horrible paralysis. #Quote by Dana Gould
Molestation Survivor quotes by Ellen Bass
#13. To heal from child sexual abuse you must believe that you were a victim, that the abuse really did take place. This is often difficult for survivors. When you've spent your life denying the reality of your abuse, when you don't want it to be true, or when your family repeatedly calls you crazy or a liar, it can be hard to remain firm in the knowledge that you were abused. #Quote by Ellen Bass
Molestation Survivor quotes by Deanna Roy
#14. You're a survivor. Each one of you. And survivors don't have the luxury of acting like regular people. We do what we have to do to get by. #Quote by Deanna Roy
Molestation Survivor quotes by Geraldine Ferraro
#15. I have been extremely lucky; I am a person who is currently living with a cancer that is under control. #Quote by Geraldine Ferraro
Molestation Survivor quotes by Rose McGowan
#16. The truth of it is, the shame was not mine, and for all victims in similar situations, it is not ours. The shame is reserved for every creep who has ever touched us inappropriately. The shame is on the abuser, not the victim, not the survivor. It is tragic that so many of us have to survive this kind of crap, and I'm so sorry if it has happened to you. #Quote by Rose McGowan
Molestation Survivor quotes by Etgar Keret
#17. As the son of Holocaust survivors, this is life - you're put in a corner, and you have to get out. I believe that you can always get out. #Quote by Etgar Keret
Molestation Survivor quotes by Richard Stallman
#18. I'm the last survivor of a dead culture. And I don't really belong in the world anymore. And in some ways I feel I ought to be dead. #Quote by Richard Stallman
Molestation Survivor quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#19. She fought to relive and come alive #Quote by Patricia Dsouza
Molestation Survivor quotes by Joe Piscopo
#20. I am that 'everyman' in that I have made every mistake you can make in your career and in your personal life. But I am a survivor. #Quote by Joe Piscopo
Molestation Survivor quotes by Jay Leno
#21. Big scandal on the new 'Survivor' series. The white, the black and the Hispanic teams were caught cheating off the Asian team. #Quote by Jay Leno
Molestation Survivor quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#22. Still grows the vivacious lilac a generation after the door and lintel and the sill are gone, unfolding its sweet-scented flowers each spring, to be plucked by the musing traveller; planted and tended once by children's hands, in front-yard plots - now standing by wallsides in retired pastures, and giving place to new-rising forests; - the last of that stirp, sole survivor of that family. Little did the dusky children think that the puny slip with its two eyes only, which they stuck in the ground in the shadow of the house and daily watered, would root itself so, and outlive them, and house itself in the rear that shaded it, and grown man's garden and orchard, and tell their story faintly to the lone wanderer a half-century after they had grown up and died - blossoming as fair, and smelling as sweet, as in that first spring. I mark its still tender, civil, cheerful lilac colors. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Molestation Survivor quotes by David Wilkerson
#23. Both of our daughters, Debbie and Bonnie, are also cancer survivors. #Quote by David Wilkerson
Molestation Survivor quotes by Colleen Haskell
#24. After Survivor, I was driving across country and moving to San Francisco, going to get a job interning at an ad agency. And then they asked me to read for this movie. #Quote by Colleen Haskell
Molestation Survivor quotes by Erika Slezak
#25. I was actually very pleased that they let me do it, because I feel very deeply for breast cancer survivors. I don't have it, but it is in my family. I've always been very aware of it. I go for mammograms and checkups. #Quote by Erika Slezak
Molestation Survivor quotes by Meara O'Hara
#26. The feeling of homelessness suddenly turned into something else. I called it freedom to wander. #Quote by Meara O'Hara
Molestation Survivor quotes by Yoko Ono
#27. Rather than deal with problems in relationships, I've always moved on. That's why I'm one of the very few survivors as a woman, you know. #Quote by Yoko Ono
Molestation Survivor quotes by Eva Hart
#28. The sounds of people drowning are something that I can not describe to you, and neither can anyone else. Its the most dreadful sound and there is a terrible silence that follows it. #Quote by Eva Hart
Molestation Survivor quotes by Ginger Talbot
#29. She'll kill me, or herself, or Elizabeth.
And yet I'm still not going to kill her. Even to save myself.
Once upon a time, I thought she was nothing like me. Now, as I look down at her wretched face, I see tiny facets of myself in her. Survivor of a poisoned childhood, someone who put themselves back together and came out stronger for it. She's got hidden reserves of toughness that I never even glimpsed. And she's got a mean streak in her too.
I like that about her. I like it a lot.
I like everything about her. If I were a normal man, I'd say that I love everything about her. She makes me wish that I could be what she needs, what she deserves.
But I am the man that I am, hard and unchanging and incurable. #Quote by Ginger Talbot
Molestation Survivor quotes by Erin Merryn
#30. My mom called Grandma today and told her we would no longer be attending family parties. My mom told her we have had enough of being blamed for something Brian did and everyone brushing it off like it was no big deal. #Quote by Erin Merryn
Molestation Survivor quotes by Clementine Von Radics
#31. The good news is you survived. The bad news is you're hurt and no one can heal you but yourself. #Quote by Clementine Von Radics
Molestation Survivor quotes by Lindy West
#32. The suffering in Boston, as horrifying as it is, is largely abstract to a nation that has, for the most part, never experienced such a thing. On the other hand, in every room Oswalt performs comedy in, there will be a rape survivor. Statistically speaking, there will be many. There will be even more if he is performing at a university. If exceptional violence illuminates our human capacity for empathy, then structural violence shows the darkness of indifference. #Quote by Lindy West
Molestation Survivor quotes by Susan Howe
#33. If history is a record of survivors, Poetry shelters other voices. #Quote by Susan Howe
Molestation Survivor quotes by Aphrodite Matsakis
#34. However, if you do not believe your clients, they may sense your doubt and never fully trust you. As Bruce Goderez (1986), director of a PTSD inpatient unit says, "It is important for the clinician and counselor to be willing to be made a fool." In other words, it is better that you believe a client who is lying or distorting the truth than to disbelieve a hurting trauma survivor who may never seek help again if your attitude is one of disbelief or disdain. Even if that client were to continue in therapy, they would never fully trust you. #Quote by Aphrodite Matsakis
Molestation Survivor quotes by Richard Brown
#35. [T]he commitment of time, money and man power necessary for a capital case is enormous and it takes from other cases. But I think what bothers me most is that it offers to the families of the victims and the survivors a false sense of closure. #Quote by Richard Brown
Molestation Survivor quotes by Jill Shalvis
#36. Don't worry about whether you can do it, Bailey Bean. Just pretend you can. Pretend enough and it becomes real. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Molestation Survivor quotes by Nathaniel Philbrick
#37. The act of self-expression - through writing a journal or letters - often enables a survivor to distance himself from his fears. #Quote by Nathaniel Philbrick
Molestation Survivor quotes by Elisa Albert
#38. Muted pain, it turns out, is much worse than clear pain. Clear pain is quantifiable. One can face it, reckon with it, come away braver. There is no way to understand what you cannot feel. No reckoning to be had. It will haunt you forever, make you afraid. Still, they call her this laughable word: Survivor. #Quote by Elisa Albert
Molestation Survivor quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#39. A true survivor is someone who, after 12+ years of being schooled, remains independent in their thinking. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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