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Mobile Payments quotes by Brad D. Smith
#1. Customer-driven innovation was at the core of Intuit's first product, 'Quicken,' and it continues to guide us as we look to solve new problems in areas like mobile payments. Products like Intuit 'GoPayment' and the IntuitPayment Network are helping small businesses get paid faster, keeping cash flow strong and their business healthy. #Quote by Brad D. Smith
Mobile Payments quotes by Gary S. Becker
#2. Expectations about divorce are partly self-fulfilling because a higher expected probability of divorce reduces investments in specific capital and thereby raises the actual probability. 7 For example, consensual and trial marriages are less stable than legal marriages, and marriages between persons of different religions or races are less stable than those within a religion or race, partly because mixed marriages have fewer children. At the same time, as indicated, mixed marriages have fewer children partly because they are expected to be less stable. Specific investment and imperfect information can explain why homosexual unions are much less stable than heterosexual marriages (Saghir and Robins, 1973, pp. 56-58, 226-227). Homosexual unions do not result in children, and generally they have a less extensive division of labor and less marital-specific capital than heterosexual marriages. Moreover, the opprobrium attached to homosexuality has raised the cost of search to homosexuals and thereby has reduced the information available to them. Furthermore, homosexual unions, like trial marriages, can dissolve without legal adversary proceedings, alimony, or child support payments. #Quote by Gary S. Becker
Mobile Payments quotes by Douglas R. Hofstadter
#3. What is an "I", and why are such things found (at least so far) only in association with, as poet Russell Edson once wonderfully phrased it, "teetering bulbs of dread and dream"
that is, only in association with certain kinds of gooey lumps encased in hard protective shells mounted atop mobile pedestals that roam the world on pairs of slightly fuzzy, jointed stilts? #Quote by Douglas R. Hofstadter
Mobile Payments quotes by Steve Ballmer
#4. All the consumer market mojo is with Apple and to a lesser extent BlackBerry. And yet, the real market momentum with operators and the real market momentum with device manufacturers seems to primarily be with Windows Mobile and Android. #Quote by Steve Ballmer
Mobile Payments quotes by Sterling Hayden
#5. What does a person need - really need? A few pounds of food each day, heat and shelter, six feet to lie down in - and some form of working activity that will yield a sense of accomplishment. That's all - in the material sense. And we know it. But we are brainwashed by our economic system until we end up in a tomb beneath a pyramid of time payments, mortgages, preposterous gadgetry, playthings that divert our attention from the sheer idiocy of the charade. The years thunder by. #Quote by Sterling Hayden
Mobile Payments quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#6. Millions of Nepalese have swelled the armies of cheap mobile labour that drive the global economy, serving in Indian brothels, Thai and Malaysian sweatshops, the mansions of oil sheikhs in the Gulf, and, most recently, the war zones of Iraq. Many more have migrated internally, often from the hills to the subtropical Tarai region on the long border with India. The Tarai produces most of the country's food and cash crops and accommodates half of its population. On its flat alluvial land, where malaria was only recently eradicated, the Buddha was born twenty-five hundred years ago; it is also where a generation of displaced Nepalese began to dream of revolution. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
Mobile Payments quotes by Lewis Sperry Chafer
#7. True salvation is wholly a work of God. It is said to be both a finished work and a gift, and, therefore, it lays no obligation upon the saved one to complete it himself, or to make after payments of service for it. #Quote by Lewis Sperry Chafer
Mobile Payments quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#8. While Google no longer has a search engine operation inside China, it has maintained a large presence in Beijing and Shanghai focused on research and development, advertising sales, and mobile platform development. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Mobile Payments quotes by Meghan Daum
#9. Before digital and mobile communications effectively tethered us to an invisible, infinite 'wire,' even those with the most hectic schedules were usually willing to answer the phone if they happened to be home when it rang. #Quote by Meghan Daum
Mobile Payments quotes by John C. Maxwell
#10. Dreams require down payments. Dreams are free, but the journey isn't. There is a price to pay. When you find your why you'll find your way. When you develop your will you will embark on your way. Many people start; few people finish. Many people have a dream; few people achieve their dreams. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Mobile Payments quotes by Gary Tunsky
#11. The U.S. has a so-called health care system that has nothing to do with the promotion of health. Those who run this system do not care about your health, and it's far from being a system. It's a fragmented patchwork of procedure-oriented services that are meshed in a voluminous trail of paper payments, with little relevance to community-based needs. This misdirected, disease-managed non-care system of symptom suppression demands more and more treatment at higher and higher costs. If they cared at all, you'd be treated like a human, not like a number resembling, quite frankly, the ear tags on a cattle herd. #Quote by Gary Tunsky
Mobile Payments quotes by Mitchell Baker
#12. If you're a Firefox user, you get accustomed to your history and the URL bar and finding things. That should be available on your mobile phone as well. #Quote by Mitchell Baker
Mobile Payments quotes by Romesh Wadhwani
#13. If you look at the major industries of the future, IT and mobile are way up there. #Quote by Romesh Wadhwani
Mobile Payments quotes by Lisa Gansky
#14. Our ever-present mobile devices provide the immediate and convenient information necessary to make sharing things truly irresistible. #Quote by Lisa Gansky
Mobile Payments quotes by Dan Price
#15. I never want to make screw-you money like the rest of the financial services industry. #Quote by Dan Price
Mobile Payments quotes by Ray Stannard Baker
#16. The streets and alleys of the ward were notoriously filthy, and the contractors habitually neglected them, not failing, however, to draw their regular payments from the city treasury. #Quote by Ray Stannard Baker
Mobile Payments quotes by Karl Marx
#17. Such a crises occurs only where the ever-lengthening chain of payments,
and an artificial system of settling them, has been fully
developed. Whenever there is a general and extensive disturbance
of this mechanism, no matter what its cause, money becomes
suddenly and immediately transformed from its merely ideal shape
of money of account into hard cash. Profane commodities can no
longer replace it. The use-value of commodities becomes
valueless, and their value vanishes in the presence of its own
independent form. On the eve of the crisis, the bourgeois, with
the self-sufficiency that springs from intoxicating prosperity,
declares money to be a vain imagination. Commodities alone are
money. But now the cry is everywhere that money alone is a
commodity! As the hart pants after fresh water, so pants his soul
after money, the only wealth. #Quote by Karl Marx
Mobile Payments quotes by Andy Weir
#18. I'll need to trick out a rover. Basically it'll have to be a mobile Hab. I'll pick Rover 2 as my target. We have a certain bond, after I spent two days in it during the Great Hydrogen Scare of Sol 37. #Quote by Andy Weir
Mobile Payments quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#19. Intelligent assistance involves leveraging artificial intelligence to enable the government, individual companies, and the nonprofit social sector to develop more sophisticated online and mobile platforms that can empower every worker to engage in lifelong learning on their own time, and to have their learning recognized and rewarded with advancement. Intelligent assistants arise when we use artificial intelligence to improve the interfaces between humans and their tools with software, so humans can not only learn faster but also act faster and act smarter. Lastly, we need to deploy AI to create more intelligent algorithms, or what Reid Hoffman calls "human networks" - so that we can much more efficiently connect people to all the job opportunities that exist, all the skills needed for each job, and all the educational opportunities to acquire those skills cheaply and easily. #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Mobile Payments quotes by Jon Feltheimer
#20. To be able to watch something that you start on your television that you then move to your mobile device, I think that's a big benefit for the content business. #Quote by Jon Feltheimer
Mobile Payments quotes by Shailesh Rao
#21. More than 80% of our revenue comes from people viewing ads on mobile devices. Inside Twitter, we talk and think mobile first. #Quote by Shailesh Rao
Mobile Payments quotes by Patrick Ness
#22. If you're 15 and you tell someone a secret, they can put it up on Facebook. If you make a mistake, someone films it on their mobile and puts it up on YouTube. When you're 15, you deserve privacy. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Mobile Payments quotes by Brandon Spikes
#23. If you take a wrong step but you're still in that football position, you can just react and change directions. I think for the most part young guys need to work on their football position. Get in their stance and hold it as long as possible. Work on your flexibility, especially in the hips, so you can hold that longer. A good football position will help you be more mobile and give you better leverage in the trenches. #Quote by Brandon Spikes
Mobile Payments quotes by Max Levchin
#24. Mobile is the perfect example of what is enabling economic growth in the technology sector. #Quote by Max Levchin
Mobile Payments quotes by William Shatner
#25. With three kids, it was always very, very tight, and it was always a scramble for what was my next job. So I learned never to go into debt because I don't want those monthly payments to preoccupy my thoughts. #Quote by William Shatner
Mobile Payments quotes by Satya Nadella
#26. I'm so glad to have Xbox as a franchise, especially at a time when gaming is becoming even more important - as a digital life category and in the mobile world. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Mobile Payments quotes by James Luceno
#27. After much reflection, I came to realize that the years I spent at Sentinel Base were as formative as my years of schooling on Eriadu's Carrion Plateau, or as significant as any of the battles in which I had participated or commanded. For I was safeguarding the creation of an armament that would one day shape and guarantee the future of the Empire. Both as impregnable fortress and as symbol of the Emperor's inviolable rule, the deep-space mobile battle station was an achievement on the order of any fashioned by the ancestral species that had unlocked the secret of hyperspace and opened the galaxy to exploration. My only regret was in not employing a firmer hand in bringing the project to fruition in time to frustrate the actions of those determined to thwart the Emperor's noble designs. Fear of the station, fear of Imperial might, would have provided the necessary deterrent. #Quote by James Luceno
Mobile Payments quotes by Oliver Sacks
#28. The 'secret' of Shostakovich, it was suggested - by a Chinese neurologist, Dr Dajue Wang - was the presence of a metallic splinter, a mobile shell-fragment, in his brain, in the temporal horn of the left ventricle. Shostakovich was very reluctant, apparently, to have this removed:
Since the fragment had been there, he said, each time he leaned his head to one side he could hear music. His head was filled with melodies - different each time - which he then made use of when composing.
X-rays allegedly showed the fragment moving around when Shostakovich moved his head, pressing against his 'musical' temporal lobe, when he tilted, producing an infinity of melodies which his genius could use. #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Mobile Payments quotes by David Chiles
#29. It's good Netiquette to sanitize mobile devices, smartphones & tablets. They carry a lot of germs. #Quote by David Chiles
Mobile Payments quotes by Christian Jarrett
#30. The placebo effect has an evil twin known as the nocebo effect. This is when the expectation of harm or pain becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, even in the absence of any known physical effect. One candidate for the nocebo effect is the discomfort some people report experiencing after using mobile phones. Scientists have failed to identify a physical cause, so it's possible the adverse effects are caused by negative beliefs about the technology. #Quote by Christian Jarrett
Mobile Payments quotes by John Ciardi
#31. One night I dreamed I was locked in my Father's watch
With Ptolemy and twenty-one ruby stars
Mounted on spheres and the Primum Mobile
Coiled and gleaming to the end of space
And the notched spheres eating each other's rinds
To the last tooth of time, and the case closed. #Quote by John Ciardi
Mobile Payments quotes by David Chiles
#32. It's proper netiquette to power on your smartphone (mobile) to go through metal detectors. #Quote by David Chiles
Mobile Payments quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#33. For capitalism flourishes best in a mobile and egalitarian society #Quote by Francis Fukuyama
Mobile Payments quotes by Eric Schmidt
#34. The trend has been mobile was winning. It's now won. #Quote by Eric Schmidt
Mobile Payments quotes by Ruth Colvin Clark
#35. This new edition of the book adds coverage of exciting new research - particularly on animation and video - that has appeared since the previous edition was published in 2003. This new edition also expands coverage of graphics using new media such as mobile learning and virtual worlds. You will also find that this new edition is more concise and visually appealing than the previous edition; yet it retains the same basic structure and message. #Quote by Ruth Colvin Clark
Mobile Payments quotes by Wilbur Ross
#36. The fundamentals are the U.S. is going to end up being a net exporter of natural gas. That's going to be wonderful to help our balance of payments, reduce our dependence on a lot of countries that aren't so crazy about us, and change many, many parts of what goes on here. #Quote by Wilbur Ross
Mobile Payments quotes by George Lakoff
#37. Conservatives have proposed cutting pension plans and benefits like contributions to health care. Think for a moment what pensions are: Pensions are delayed payments for work already done. If employees' pensions are cut, the company is stealing their money - money they have already earned. If the corporation says it can no longer pay "generous" benefits, then the company is cutting employees' salaries. "Benefits" are not gifts; "generosity" is not at issue. Benefits are part of pay for work. Corporations #Quote by George Lakoff

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