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Miraculously Disappear quotes by Amy Layne Litzelman
#1. Do you find yourself in a dry place today? Don't look back toward the land of your bondage, or even to the place where God miraculously saved you from your enemies. Those seasons are over and he is now offering you a great opportunity. He is longing to reveal his sovereignty to you by providing for you in this most hot and dry place. #Quote by Amy Layne Litzelman
Miraculously Disappear quotes by B. Truly
#2. I've been thrown into a turbulent triangle, but even though I have deep feelings for Shiray doesn't mean my feelings will disappear for Melanie immediately. Fate has really dealt me a cruel hand of cards. #Quote by B. Truly
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Rajneesh
#3. In the moment of deep creativity you disappear, God again starts functioning. #Quote by Rajneesh
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Catherine Fisher
#4. The Art Magicke has rules. It means I have to teach you all my tricks. All the substitutions, the replications, the illusions. How to read minds and palms and leaves. How to disappear and reappear.
"How to saw people in half?"
"That too."
"Nice. #Quote by Catherine Fisher
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Aldous Huxley
#5. Brown, thin-legged pedestrians appeared for a moment in the glare of the headlights, like truths apprehended intuitively and with immediate certainty, only to disappear again almost instantly into the void of outer darkness. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Katherine Paterson
#6. I stood there and watched thirty-five children disappear in almost as many different directions and was suddenly horrified by what I'd done. What if someone got lost or hurt? Suppose they didn't come back on time? What would I do then? #Quote by Katherine Paterson
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Bruce Wilkinson
#7. In my experience, God rarely makes our fear disappear. Instead, he asks us to be strong and take courage. #Quote by Bruce Wilkinson
Miraculously Disappear quotes by S.J. Kincaid
#8. I would not just disappear into a void as though I'd never existed. I would not accept that I was less than these people just because they'd designed me that way. #Quote by S.J. Kincaid
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Mason Cooley
#9. The worship of Mammon may be vulgar or immoral, but it persists while other religions falter and disappear. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin
#10. Wealth earned may disappear, beauty will fade, honor may recede and fame diminish; all that shall remain, is a soul that is humane within that would leave a trail in the thoughts of your loved ones;And even if that fails,your God in heaven above will never fail you or fail to rejoice in a life you've managed to live worthy of His praise. #Quote by Henrietta Newton Martin
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Lao-Tzu
#11. All things return (to their root and disappear), and do not know that it is it which presides over their doing so; - it may be named in the greatest things. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Cynthia Lennon
#12. The first thing Julian wanted to do in life, well, before he wanted to be an artist and then a musician, was to be a chef. He'd come home and say 'Why don't you bake cakes like my friends' mothers?' I'd say, 'Oh, Julian, go out and buy a Mary Baker cake mix and do it yourself!' That started him off! By the time he was 13, he'd disappear into the kitchen whenever we had visitors and emerge with beautiful canapes. Now he thinks nothing of cooking for ten or 15 people, and he does it so calmly. #Quote by Cynthia Lennon
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Elijah Wood
#13. When I work, I disappear into work, which I like to do, and sometimes I don't really have a choice. It's not a conscious thing. It's just total devotion to what I'm doing. #Quote by Elijah Wood
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Earl Shorris
#14. There are nine different words in Maya for the color blue...but just three Spanish translations, leaving six butterflies that can be seen only by the Maya, proving beyond doubt that when a language dies, six butterflies disappear from the consciousness of the earth. #Quote by Earl Shorris
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Jack Gilbert
#15. A Brief for the Defense

Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies
are not starving someplace, they are starving
somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils.
But we enjoy our lives because that's what God wants.
Otherwise the mornings before summer dawn would not
be made so fine. The Bengal tiger would not
be fashioned so miraculously well. The poor women
at the fountain are laughing together between
the suffering they have known and the awfulness
in their future, smiling and laughing while somebody
in the village is very sick. There is laughter
every day in the terrible streets of Calcutta,
and the women laugh in the cages of Bombay.
If we deny our happiness, resist our satisfaction,
we lessen the importance of their deprivation.
We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,
but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless
furnace of this world. To make injustice the only
measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.
If the locomotive of the Lord runs us down,
we should give thanks that the end had magnitude.
We must admit there will be music despite everything.
We stand at the prow again of a small ship
anchored late at night in the tiny port
looking over to the sleeping island: the waterfront
is three shuttered cafés and one naked light burni #Quote by Jack Gilbert
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Edouard Boubat
#16. I think that the photos that we like were made when the photographer knew how to disappear. If there were a secret, certainly that would be it. #Quote by Edouard Boubat
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Cathy Park Hong
#17. When I hear the phrase "Asians are next in line to be white," I replace the word "white" with "disappear." Asians are next in line to disappear. We are reputed to be so accomplished, and so law-abiding, we will disappear into this country's amnesiac fog. We will not be the power but become absorbed by power, not share the power of whites but be stooges to a white ideology that exploited our ancestors. This country insists that our racial identity is beside the point, that it has nothing to do with being bullied, or passed over for promotion, or cut off every time we talk. Our race has nothing to do with this country, even, which is why we're often listed as "Other" in polls and why we're hard to find in racial breakdowns on reported rape or workplace discrimination or domestic abuse. It's like being ghosted, I suppose, where, deprived of all social cues, I have no relational gauge for my own behavior. I ransack my mind for what I could have done, could have said. I stop trusting what I see, what I hear. My ego is in free fall while my superego is boundless, railing that my existence is not enough, never enough, so I become compulsive in my efforts to do better, be better, blindly following this country's gospel of self-interest, proving my individual worth by expanding my net worth, until I vanish. #Quote by Cathy Park Hong
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Toni Morrison
#18. If I take a chamois and rub real hard on the bone, right on the ledge of your cheek bone, some of the black will disappear. It will flake away into the chamois and underneath there will be gold leaf. I can see it shining through the black. I know it is there…
[...] And if I take a nailfile or even Eva's old paring knife - that will do - and scrape away at the gold, it will fall away, it will fall away and there will be alabaster. The alabaster is what gives your face its planes, its curves. That is why your mouth smiling does not reach your eyes. Alabaster is giving it a gravity that resists a total smile.

[...] Then I can take a chisel and small tap hammer and tap away at the alabaster. It will crack then like ice under the pick, and through the breaks I will see the loam, fertile, free of pebbles and twigs. For it is the loam that is giving you that smell. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Simone Weil
#19. But we can be nearly sure that those whose love for God has caused their pure loves here below to disappear are false friends of God. Our neighbour, our friends, religious ceremonies and the beauty of the world do not fall in rank to unreal things after direct contact between God and the soul. On the contrary, only then do these things become real. Previously, they were half-dreams. Previously, they had no reality. #Quote by Simone Weil
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Rajneesh
#20. Witness the witness itself - and ... the ultimate ecstasy is created. Start watching your thoughts but don't stop there ... One more thing has to be done, one more step: now watch the watcher ... Nothing else is left, only you are. By watching the mind, the mind disappears. By watching the witness, the witness expands and becomes universal. #Quote by Rajneesh
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Gina Carano
#21. I love it. It's something I can do that makes everything else disappear. #Quote by Gina Carano
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Joseph Conrad
#22. His very existence was improbable, inexplicable, and altogether bewildering. He was an insoluble problem. It was inconceivable how he had existed, how he had succeeded in getting so far, how he had managed to remain
why he did not instantly disappear. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Lindsey Frydman
#23. Nothing in life is permanent. All of it will eventually disappear…Maybe we're supposed to know that…accept it, and live our lives differently because of it. Rearrange our priorities based on the finite number of heartbeats we have left. #Quote by Lindsey Frydman
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#24. It is possible to disappear in the space between countries. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Karoline Von Günderrode
#25. A little while ago I was able to wander in a beautiful sublime fantasy world, in Ossian's half-dark magical world. But the blessed dreams dissolve; they seem like love potions - they intoxicate, exalt and then disappear, that is the misery and wretchedness of all our feelings. With thoughts it is no better: one easily overthinks things to the point of staleness. #Quote by Karoline Von Günderrode
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Nhat Hanh
#26. Enlightenment for a wave is the moment the wave realizes it is water. At that moment, all fear of death disappears. #Quote by Nhat Hanh
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#27. Raisa felt relieved, yet oddly disappointed. She was the blooded princess heir, yet in servants' clothes she was apparently unrecognizable. In the stories, rulers had a natural presence about them that identified them as such, even dressed in rags.
What's the nature of royalty, she wondered. Is it like a gown you put on that disappears when you take it off? Does anyone look beyond the finery? Could anyone in the queendom take her place, given the right accessories? If so, it was contrary to everything she'd ever been taught about bloodlines. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Kevin Hearne
#28. Who else can walk around in a suit like that and then disappear without a trace?"
"That's easy," Granuaile replied. "Keyser Söze." She blew on the tips of her fingers. "Poof. He's gone. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Marie Lu
#29. He spins around. Before I can say anything else, he steps forward and takes my face in his hands. Then he's kissing me one last time, overwhelming me with his warmth, breathing life and love and aching sorrow into me. I throw my arms around his neck as he wraps his around my waist. My lips part for him and his mouth moves desperately against mine, devouring me, taking every breath that I have. Don't go, I plead wordlessly. But I can taste the good-bye on his lips, and now I can no longer hold back my tears. He's trembling. His face is wet. I hang on to him like he'll disappear if I let go, like I'll be left alone in this dark room, standing in the empty air. Day, the boy from the streets with nothing except the clothes on his back and the earnestness in his eyes, owns my heart. #Quote by Marie Lu
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Rajneesh
#30. Without any fight, just being a witness, mind disappears. #Quote by Rajneesh
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Rumi
#31. This is how it is to come near you
A wave of light builds in the black pupil
of the eye. The old become young.
The opening lines of the Qur'an open still more.
Inside every human chest there is a hand,
but it has nothing to write with.
Love moves further in, where language
turns to fresh cream on the tongue.
Every accident, and the essence of every being,
is a bud, a blanket tucked into a cradle,
a closed mouth.
All these buds will blossom,
and in that moment you will know
what your grief was,
and how the seed you planted has been miraculously,
and naturally, growing.
Now silence.
Let soul speak inside spoken things. #Quote by Rumi
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Jose N Harris
#32. With enough tears, that knife that you feel stabbed through your chest, and aching in your heart, will disappear one day. And then, your personal sun will reappear. Trust me! #Quote by Jose N Harris
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#33. My head spun, but in a way that wanted to sink into, to drown in the warmth of it. I was falling into a vast dark sky and I didn't care. I wanted to disappear into it. I wanted more. Our tongues explored, soft, warm, and then he pulled away, his eyes searching mine, wondering, asking. Should he stop?
No, I thought. No. Don't stop.
His gaze held, waiting, as if he needed to hear me say it aloud. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Aspen Matis
#34. The only comfort I found was in planning to disappear. #Quote by Aspen Matis
Miraculously Disappear quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#35. Christmas is about community, collaboration, celebration. Done right, Christmas can be an antidote to the Me First mentality that has rebranded capitalism as neo-liberalism. The shopping mall isn't our true home, nor is it a public space, though, as libraries, parks, playgrounds, museums and sports facilities disappear, for many the fake friendliness of the mall is the only public space left, apart from the streets #Quote by Jeanette Winterson

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