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Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#1. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket / Never let it fade away / Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket / Save it for a rainy day #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Pseudonymous Bosch
#2. The llama was wearing a bridle with a rope attached where you might expect to find reins. A greeting card was hanging from his neck:
'Hola Como se llama? Yo me llamo C. Llama.'
During his preschool years, Clay's favorite cartoon had featured a Spanish-speaking boy naturalist who was always saving animals with his girl cousin, and Clay still knew enough of the language to translate:
'Hello. How do you call yourself? I call myself Como C. Llama.'
The llama's name is What is your name? #Quote by Pseudonymous Bosch
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#3. For the amount of talent I had - and I couldn't dance, act, or tell a joke - I enjoyed a tremendous career. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#4. Actually, I would love to make a music video. Maybe it would finally put to rest those persistent rumours that have followed me throughout my career - particularly when I was on camera performing - that I had died. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Karynne Summars
#5. I like fire and water. You are lucky to have both right here."
From " Desperate Pursuit in Venice" Chapter Two. Kataryna's response to Luca. #Quote by Karynne Summars
Ministrar Como quotes by Pablo Neruda
#6. Todo te lo tragaste, como la lejania, como el mar, como el tiempo ... Ese fue mi destino y en el viajo mi anhelo, y en el mi anhelo, todo en ti fue naufragio!
(You swallowed everything, like distance, like the sea, like time. This was my destiny and it was the voyage of my longing, in it my longing fell, in you everything sank.) #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Ministrar Como quotes by Bob Dylan
#7. Look, when I started out, mainstream culture was Sinatra, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Sound of Music. There was no fitting into it then and of course, there's no fitting into it now. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Ministrar Como quotes by Elvis Presley
#8. I like to sing ballads the way Eddie Fisher does and the way Perry Como does. But the way I'm singing now is what makes the money. #Quote by Elvis Presley
Ministrar Como quotes by Phillip Lim
#9. I swear by the invigorating shampoo and conditioner by Como Shambhala. When you're in need for a quick mental vacation, it does the trick #Quote by Phillip Lim
Ministrar Como quotes by Kristen Ashley
#10. Today, I show you Lake Como even though I don't know fuck all about Lake Como; I do know how to drive a boat. Tonight, no parties, no friends, no nothing. You, me, dinner. Later tonight, just you and me. You with me?"
"I'm with you," I whispered, and I was with him. So with him. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Ministrar Como quotes by Gilbert Gottfried
#11. Off-camera, I sound like Perry Como. #Quote by Gilbert Gottfried
Ministrar Como quotes by Charles J. Harwood
#12. Thank fuck the camera loved him more than he loved himself.
He could recline on silk sheets for cologne or seethe in a sportscar. His life became the silk sheet he had once reclined upon: smooth, compliant and without substance. In pursuit of that something, he enterprised. His upbringing on Lake Como receded as he found himself sipping sangria on a Monte Carlo balcony, basking on his cruiser in Cannes or cheering Chelsea within a glass suite above the stands. Whether he felt dead inside wasn't up for discussion. #Quote by Charles J. Harwood
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#13. Acting coaches in Hollywood were always telling me to use my hands and body more. But that was never me. I just breathe and sometimes it doesn't look as if I'm doing that. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#14. I, for instance, was triumphant over everyone; everyone, of course, was in dust and ashes, and was forced spontaneously to recognise my superiority, and I forgave them all. I was a poet and a grand gentleman, I fell in love; I came in for countless millions and immediately devoted them to humanity, and at the same time I confessed before all the people my shameful deeds, which, of course, were not merely shameful, but had in them much that was "sublime and beautiful" something in the Manfred style. Everyone would kiss me and weep (what idiots they would be if they did not), while I should go barefoot and hungry preaching new ideas and fighting a victorious Austerlitz against the obscurantists. Then the band would play a march, an amnesty would be declared, the Pope would agree to retire from Rome to Brazil; then there would be a ball for the whole of Italy at the Villa Borghese on the shores of Lake Como, Lake Como being for that purpose transferred to the neighbourhood of Rome; then would come a scene in the bushes, and so on, and so on - as though you did not know all about it? #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#15. I worked with the world's greatest talents and then went home to the world's greatest woman. It was, and is, a great life. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#16. Just the other day, it seems, the kids were running through the house, slamming doors, breaking glass, making noise. Time goes by so quickly. Sometimes everything seems so fleeting. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Pablo Neruda
#17. Como se acuerda con los pajaros
la traduccion de sus idiomas?
How is the translation of their languages
Arranged with the birds? #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Ministrar Como quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#18. Oh, don't I wish I could manage things for you as I do for my heroines! You're pretty enough and good enough already, so I'd have some rich relation leave you a fortune unexpectedly; then you'd dash out as an heiress, scorn everyone who has slighted you, go abroad, and como home my Lady Something in a blaze of splendor and elegance. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Ministrar Como quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#19. You will say that it is vulgar and contemptible to drag all this into public after all the tears and transports which I have myself confessed. But why is it contemptible? Can you imagine that I am ashamed of it all, and that it was stupider than anything in your life, gentlemen? And I can assure you that some of these fancies were by no means badly composed . . . . It did not all happen on the shores of Lake Como. And yet you are right - it really is vulgar and contemptible. And most contemptible of all it is that now I am attempting to justify myself to you. And even more contemptible than that is my making this remark now. But that's enough, or there will be no end to it; each step will be more contemptible than the last . . . #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#20. I had 13 weeks off and I would pack up the family and drive to some mountain retreat where we could be together and fish all day. I loved it. I needed it. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Ned Sublette
#21. In 1942 Cachao wrote a tune for Arcao, 'Rareza de Melitn,' with a memorable catchy tumbao. In 1957 Arcao recorded a reworking of it under the name 'Chanchullo'; and in 1962 Tito Puente reworked that into 'Oye como va,' still with that same groove. In this form, audibly the same, it powered Carlos Santana's multiplatinum 1970 cover version, close to three decades after Cachao first played it. #Quote by Ned Sublette
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#22. Although I managed my schedule to be home by late afternoon most days, basically, Roselle raised our children alone. And so I missed out on a lot of wonderful moments, missed watching my kids grow into the wonderful people they are today. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#23. The bluest skies ... are in Seattle. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#24. When he was gone the men on the bench began to laugh. One of them rose to better see the map.

Es un fantasma, he said.


Sí, sí. Claro.


Cómo? Porque el viejo está loco es como.


Billy stood looking at the map. No es correcto? he said.

The man threw up his hands. He said that what they beheld was but a decoration. He said that anyway it was not so much a question of a correct map but of any map at all. He said that in that country were fires and earthquakes and floods and that one needed to know the country itself and not simply the landmarks therein. Besides, he said, when had that old man last journeyed to those mountains? Or journeyed anywhere at all? His map was after all not really so much a map as a picture of a voyage. And what voyage was that? And when?

Un dibujo de un viaje, he said. Un viaje pasado, un viaje antigun.

He threw up one hand in dismissal. As if no more could be said. Billy looked at the other three men on the bench. They watched with a certain brightness of eye so that he wondered if he were being made a fool of. But the one seated at the right leaned forward and tapped the ash from his cigarette and addressed the man standing and said that as far as that went there were certainly other dangers to a journey than losing one's way. He said that plans were one thing and journeys another. He said it was a mistake to discou #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Ministrar Como quotes by Sofia Espinoza Alvarez
#25. Who is as free as a writer? Nadie es tan libre como un escritor . . . No one is as free as a writer! #Quote by Sofia Espinoza Alvarez
Ministrar Como quotes by Gilbert Gottfried
#26. I think of Alan Thicke as Perry Como without the excitement. #Quote by Gilbert Gottfried
Ministrar Como quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#27. We had our moment [with Marc Anthony] in the third or fourth year that we were married, when we did everything together: We did "El Cantante," we did the tour, we made all the music together, he produced my album [2007's Spanish-language "Como Ama una Mujer"]. That was a really beautiful time for us. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Ministrar Como quotes by Donny Osmond
#28. I didn't grow up with Broadway music. My mother played Perry Como, while I listened to Andy Williams records. Later on it was Cream, Grand Funk Railroad and lots of R&B like the Isley Bros. and Parliament. #Quote by Donny Osmond
Ministrar Como quotes by Franz Liszt
#29. When you write the story of two happy lovers, let the story be set on the banks of Lake Como. #Quote by Franz Liszt
Ministrar Como quotes by Kerstin Gier
#30. Meet the time as it seeks us.
«Encontremos el tiempo como nos busca».

The Tragedy of Cymbeline, William Shakespeare #Quote by Kerstin Gier
Ministrar Como quotes by Richard Blanco
#31. Como tú, I want to speak of myself in two languages at once. #Quote by Richard Blanco
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#32. That I can't relate to today's music or morals doesn't make either necessarily bad. Just different. I leave the judgements to others. #Quote by Perry Como
Ministrar Como quotes by Jose Marti
#33. Cultivo una rosa blanca, En julio como en enero, Para el amigo sincero Que me da su mano franca. Y para el cruel que me arranca El corazon con que vivo, Cardo ni oruga cultivo Cultivo una rosa blanca. I have a white rose to tend In July as in January; I give it to the true friend Who offers his frank hand to me. And to the cruel one whose blows Break the heart by which I live, Thistle nor thorn do I give: For him, too, I have a white rose. #Quote by Jose Marti
Ministrar Como quotes by John     Nichols
#34. Each person leaves a legacy--a single, small piece of herself, which makes richer each individual life and the collective life of humanity as a whole. But do not despair, for despair is a despicable and bourgeois affectation; we must not allow it. As for what happens next, well, as the Cuban poet Regino Pedroso once said, "como forjamos el hierro, forjaremos días nuevos": as we hammer out iron, we shall hammer out new days. #Quote by John Nichols
Ministrar Como quotes by Simone Elkeles
#35. Como un angel," I whisper.
"Is our game over?" she asks nervously.
"It's definitely over, querida. 'Cause what we're gonna do next is no game. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Ministrar Como quotes by Perry Como
#36. In many ways, that affection is the real reward for 56 years in the business. Although the money ain't exactly bad either. #Quote by Perry Como

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