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Mindalia Videos quotes by Michael A. Wood Jr.
#1. The truth about porn. Men do not watch porn and fantasize over the women in the videos, they fantasize about being wanted like the women in the videos are pretending to want their partner. If you want to fulfill your man's fantasies, just make him feel wanted. #Quote by Michael A. Wood Jr.
Mindalia Videos quotes by Maddie Ziegler
#2. I love doing hair and makeup and making 'Video Star' videos with my friend, Kendall. I also love to draw. But my life is dance, dance and more dance. I wouldn't want it any other way. #Quote by Maddie Ziegler
Mindalia Videos quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
#3. A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever. #Quote by Shigeru Miyamoto
Mindalia Videos quotes by Andy Milonakis
#4. I want to put some effort into a bunch of different types of videos. I don't think I'm gonna do 'Man On The Street' messing with people, I don't think I'm gonna do over-the-top wacky comedy. #Quote by Andy Milonakis
Mindalia Videos quotes by Santigold
#5. I've just been learning how to direct my own videos, choreography, doing costumes ... every creative opportunity there is with my music I've taken. #Quote by Santigold
Mindalia Videos quotes by Rila Fukushima
#6. I never thought about acting before I started modeling, but since then I've been in short films and music videos, and I got interested. It felt natural to switch over. #Quote by Rila Fukushima
Mindalia Videos quotes by Chris Hayes
#7. There's no real organised body, ... so through the internet people have spread their videos, spread photos, and spread word of a new urban movement. #Quote by Chris Hayes
Mindalia Videos quotes by Jacob Silverman
#8. The paradigm of social media is one that Silicon Valley would like to extend to society at large: a technocracy of benevolent, but total, surveillance. In this kind of society, profits flow to platform owners, not those writing tweets and sharing YouTube videos. #Quote by Jacob Silverman
Mindalia Videos quotes by Shakira
#9. My videos represent the artist in me very well, but not the kind of woman I am. #Quote by Shakira
Mindalia Videos quotes by Fred Wilson
#10. I also like to use a sensational headline. Many people read blogs in aggregators, which generally show only the headline. So you have to give people a reason to click through. Blogs need to be real and personal. Reading it should be like hanging out with you. I play music for my readers. I show them videos I like. I tell them what I did over the weekend. And I tell them what is happening in the technology, Internet, and VC markets. #Quote by Fred Wilson
Mindalia Videos quotes by Lana Del Rey
#11. If you consider the definition of authenticity, it's saying something and actually doing it. I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It's all authentic. #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Mindalia Videos quotes by Rosanna Pansino
#12. I sing a little bit in videos, at the end of vlogs. A lot of my fans started requesting that I do a song. They started planting this seed in me. #Quote by Rosanna Pansino
Mindalia Videos quotes by Kevin Systrom
#13. 'Instagram' is great if you want to share photos, but you're not that technical. Or, if you're not interested in sharing publicly, 'Instagram' becomes a place where you can not only consume photos and videos from musicians, or whoever, but send them directly to your friends. #Quote by Kevin Systrom
Mindalia Videos quotes by Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
#14. By packaging a full album into a bundle of music with ringtones, videos and other combinations and variations, we found products that consumers demonstrably valued and were willing to purchase at premium prices. And guess what? We've sold tons of them. #Quote by Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
Mindalia Videos quotes by Tyler Oakley
#15. The movie was always something that was always kind of like a dream. From the start of making my YouTube videos, I've always been sharing my thoughts or opinions or just updating people on my life, but the movie is more of a behind-the-scenes look at what actually goes into my life. #Quote by Tyler Oakley
Mindalia Videos quotes by M. Russell Ballard
#16. There is no such thing as unlawful censorship in the home. Movies, magazines, television, videos, the Internet, and other media are there as guests and should only be welcomed when they are appropriate for family enjoyment. #Quote by M. Russell Ballard
Mindalia Videos quotes by Billy Joel
#17. Videos destroyed the vitality of rock and roll. Before that, music said, "Listen to me." Now it says, "Look at me." #Quote by Billy Joel
Mindalia Videos quotes by Lara Vapnyar
#18. Brighton Beach does not look, smell, or sound like Russia. It's a parody of Russia at best, something as different from the real thing as a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, they sell Russian food on Brighton Beach, and Russian books and videos, and Russian clothes, and there are Russian restaurants and Russian nightclubs, and everybody speaks Russian, but the Russianness of the place is so concentrated that it feels ridiculously exaggerated. Everything Russian on Brighton Beach is too Russian, far more Russian than in real Russia. This is what happens all over Brooklyn. From the Scandinavians of Bay Ridge to the Chinese of Sunset Park, Brooklyn's immigrants go to ridiculous extremes to re-create their homelands only to end up with a vulgar pastiche. #Quote by Lara Vapnyar
Mindalia Videos quotes by Mac Miller
#19. I always thought I'd look corny in the type of rap video in the club with girls and all that type of stuff. I just didn't think I could really pull that off. We always think it's more fun and better just to go outside the box and to use our videos to show cool concepts. #Quote by Mac Miller
Mindalia Videos quotes by Howard McDowell
#20. ESCAPING REALITY Whether it's watching YouTube videos, porn, or reaching for drugs or sex - constantly distracting yourself is a sign that you're not willing to deal with reality. #Quote by Howard McDowell
Mindalia Videos quotes by J. B. Smoove
#21. I have my website, The Ruckus, which is an Internet site, similar to the Funny or Die format, where people post funny videos. I get a chance to rate their videos; they get a chance to blog and kick it with me. #Quote by J. B. Smoove
Mindalia Videos quotes by Chanel West Coast
#22. People don't understand that when I'm on the show I'm totally relaxed, hanging out, having a fun time, watching videos, and being goofy. Sometimes I say stupid comments, just being funny, and people think I'm a dumb person. #Quote by Chanel West Coast
Mindalia Videos quotes by Peter Garrett
#23. Our career path has tended to be the most perverse and contrary approach to the entertainment industry imaginable, while at the same time doing the kinds of things that you have to do, the videos, the photos and all that sort of stuff. #Quote by Peter Garrett
Mindalia Videos quotes by Casey McQuiston
#24. Wait," she says, reaching for his phone again, "are you watching videos of Justin Trudeau speaking French again?"
"That's not a thing I do!"
"That is a thing I have caught you doing at least twice since you met him at the state dinner last year, so yeah, it is," she says. Alex flips her off. "Wait, oh my God, is it fan fiction about yourself? And you didn't invite me? Who do they have you boning now? Did you read the one I sent you with Macron? I died."
"If you don't stop, I'm gonna call Taylor Swift and tell her you changed your mind and want to go to her Fourth of July party after all. #Quote by Casey McQuiston
Mindalia Videos quotes by Helen Reddy
#25. I did my own music videos, my own TV commercials. #Quote by Helen Reddy
Mindalia Videos quotes by Macklemore
#26. Of course I want dubs and a candy painted 'lac
Watch the videos and get the girls in the back
But if that's what I believe in, and the reason that
I rap Uncle Sam is my pimp when he puts me on the track #Quote by Macklemore
Mindalia Videos quotes by Katie Nolan
#27. I make sort-of funny videos for the Internet that are watched by a handful of people. #Quote by Katie Nolan
Mindalia Videos quotes by Michael Cunningham
#28. Peter is still amazed at the degree to which a certain widening gyre of accolades can change an artist's work, literally change it, not just the new stuff but the old as well, the pieces that have been around for a while, that have seemed "interesting" or "promising" but minor, until (not often, just once in a while) an artist is by some obscure consensus declared to have been neglected, misrepresented, ahead of his time. What's astonishing to Peter is the way the work itself seems to change, more or less in the way of a reasonably pretty girl who is suddenly treated as a beauty. Peculiar, clever Victoria Hwang is going to be in Artforum next month, and probably in the collections of the Whitney and the Guggenheim; Renee Zellweger - moonfaced, squinty-eyed, a character actress if ever there was one - was just on the cover of Vogue, looking ravishing in a silver gown. It is, of course, a trick of perception - the understanding that that funny little artist or that quirky-looking girl must be taken with new seriousness - but Peter suspects there's a deeper change at work. Being the focus of that much attention (and, yes, of that much money) seems to differently excite the molecules of the art or the actress or the politician. It's not just a phenomenon of altered expectations, it's a genuine transubstantiation, brought about by altered expectations. Renée Zellweger becomes a beauty, and would look like a beauty to someone who had never heard of her. Victoria Hwang's videos and #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Mindalia Videos quotes by Bruce Nauman
#29. My videos always involve some idea of a human being in a unusual situation-and what happens. #Quote by Bruce Nauman
Mindalia Videos quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#30. So, Ms. Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here's the deal: If we are going to pay for you to have sex, we want something for it, and I'll tell you what it is
we want you to post the videos online so we can all watch. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Mindalia Videos quotes by Alice Oseman
#31. I didn't really want to go. Firstly, everyone was just gonna get drunk, which I could do perfectly well by myself in my den while watching YouTube videos instead of having to worry about catching the last train home or avoiding sexual assault. #Quote by Alice Oseman
Mindalia Videos quotes by Naomi Wolf
#32. For all the power of video and film, I am not giving up my pen. I am just much more likely to try to link essays to webcasts or videos. The best way for these two media to move forward, to inform and make change, is in tandem; together they are more than the sum of their parts. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Mindalia Videos quotes by Justin Bieber
#33. At 13 you're not even thinking about that, you know? I was just playing for fun and uploading videos on YouTube because I wanted to show my family. #Quote by Justin Bieber
Mindalia Videos quotes by King Krule
#34. Because the Internet's there, I have access to a lot of the legends, like Fela Kuti. I used to watch a lot of Fela Kuti videos, just to see how he performed. He inspired me a lot, actually, because he was a man of many words, many good words. #Quote by King Krule
Mindalia Videos quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#35. The decision to create a book trailer is entirely up to you. I can remember when "video killed the radio star" on MTV and how excited I was with some music videos (the ones that lived up to or exceeded my imagined vision of the song) and the ones I disliked so much, I even stopped listening to the song (the imagery just ruined it for me!) Some people argue that in a visual landscape, a book trailer is a must, while others stand firm that books should be read and not seen; unless of course it gets made into a screenplay and then a film. The most practical advice is to trust your instinct. You know what you want to say with your book and if it aligns congruently with your brand, then for a non-fiction book it may be a strategic move. On the other hand, it may come off as too "salesy" and go in the opposite direction. As you can see, I still have a love / hate relationship with matching someone else's images to my own imagination. No matter what you decide, remember to keep it aligned with your brand. #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Mindalia Videos quotes by Ted Sarandos
#36. There are films like 'Interstellar' where you cannot replicate the experience of seeing it in IMAX - it's an amazing film presented in a spectacular way. It really is an experience, like going to Disneyland, and you can't replicate that by watching home videos of going to Disneyland. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Mindalia Videos quotes by Robert Dessaix
#37. In the theatre, you are in love with what is on the stage, with the moment. You just don't get that with movies or videos, or TV, where you know that what you are seeing is repeatable. #Quote by Robert Dessaix
Mindalia Videos quotes by Kid Ink
#38. The videos are sometimes the only way for people across the country and different places to see and hear the music. They may not get the same radio stations or they don't get the same TV channels, they don't have the same MTV that plays the same music. People will use to the Internet and that's why YouTube and stuff like that is so important. #Quote by Kid Ink
Mindalia Videos quotes by Chloe Neill
#39. And what do you have planned for your soiree?" Ethan asked. "I'm guessing it won't involve tea sipping and heavy reading."

I pretended to adjust invisible glasses. "Well, we will be reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica aloud and watching Neil deGrasse Tyson videos on the YouTubes. We might also make time for macramé. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Mindalia Videos quotes by Devendra Banhart
#40. I do think that music videos have a huge impact on the way you listen to music. #Quote by Devendra Banhart
Mindalia Videos quotes by Robin Sloan
#41. And then, on a sunny Friday morning, for three seconds, you can't search for anything. You can't check your email. You can't watch any videos. You can't get directions. For just three seconds, nothing works, because every single one of Google's computers around the world is dedicated to this task. #Quote by Robin Sloan
Mindalia Videos quotes by Tove Styrke
#42. I think it's important to find somebody who you trust, who has the same vision. If I were to do that myself, and not trust anybody to do it for me or with me, I would have to spend as much time as I have learning to make music on making music videos. #Quote by Tove Styrke
Mindalia Videos quotes by Duncan Macmillan
#43. I find reality pretty difficult.

I find the business of getting out of bed and getting on with the day really hard. I find picking up my phone to be a mammoth fucking struggle. The number on my inbox. The friends who won't see me anymore. The food pictures and porn videos, the bombings and beheadings, the moral ambivalence you have to have to just be able to carry on with your day. I find the knowledge that we're all just atoms and one day we'll stop and be dirt in the ground, I find that overwhelmingly

disappointing. #Quote by Duncan Macmillan
Mindalia Videos quotes by Riff Raff
#44. People got so many questions. Why you got so many questions when my whole life is on the Internet? If you wanna know about me, you can go on the Internet and look at my YouTube videos. I used to drop one every day. You can go on my YouTube channel, go on my Vine, my Twitter. #Quote by Riff Raff
Mindalia Videos quotes by Corbin Bleu
#45. My favorite show is America's Funniest Home Videos. People will get hit on the head and I feel bad cause I'm laughing my head off! #Quote by Corbin Bleu

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