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Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Daniel Day-Lewis
#1. Quite honestly, if I were doing work related to a living being or historical being where there was visual or audio recordings available, I would find that extremely difficult because I don't know how you would avoid the process of mimicry. And mimicry, to me at any rate, is a very dull prospect. #Quote by Daniel Day-Lewis
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Tara Westover
#2. In retrospect, I see that this was my education., the one that would matter: the hours I spent sitting at a borrowed desk, struggling to parse narrow strands of Mormon doctrine in mimicry of a brother who'd deserted me. The skill I was learning was a crucial one, the patience to read things I could not yet understand. #Quote by Tara Westover
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#3. Mimicry, they argue, is also one of the means by which we infect each other with our emotions. In other words, if I smile and you see me and smile in response - even a microsmile that takes no more than several milliseconds - it's not just you imitating or empathizing with me. It may also be a way that I can pass on my happiness to you. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Edward Norton
#4. As an actor, I don't have any politics. As an actor, I'm driven more by an authentic - I would say an obsessive-compulsive-disorder level-fixation on mimicry, tonality of voice, to literally imitate something until I can just disappear into it. #Quote by Edward Norton
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Pokemon Company International
#5. One world
Now and forever
Best friends... best friends, loyal and true
One dream... one dream
Side by side
There's nothing we can't do
One hand... one hand helping the other
Each heart... each heart fitting as one
We live... we live, always together
Sharing the same bright sun...
#Quote by Pokemon Company International
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by A.S. Byatt
#6. Fowles has said that the nineteenth-century narrator was assuming the omniscience of a god. I rather think that the opposite is the case
this kind of fictive narrator can creep closer to the feelings and the inner life of characters
as well as providing a Greek chorus
than any first person mimicry. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Immanuel Kant
#7. Even a man's exact imitation of the song of the nightingale displeases us when we discover that it is a mimicry, and not the nightingale. #Quote by Immanuel Kant
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Elias Canetti
#8. Every class has pupils who mimic the teachers particularly well and perform for their classmates; a class without such teacher-mimics would have something lifeless about it. #Quote by Elias Canetti
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Daniel Younger
#9. Look, the point is, tiny fire-breathing dinosaur, stacked up against a doofus not-so-ninja turtle and an overgrown iguana with a flower on his back - practical shit aside, he's clearly the ace choice. #Quote by Daniel Younger
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Oscar Wilde
#10. The mimicry of passion is the most intolerable of all poses. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Marty Rubin
#11. Before you speak your mind make sure it's really your mind you're speaking. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Henry Miller
#12. He was a curious mixture of things to me on that first occasion: he had the general physique of a bull, the tenacity of a vulture, the agility of a leopard, the tenderness of a lamb, and the coyness of a dove. He had a curious overgrown head which fasdnated me and which, for some reason, I took to be singularly Athenian. His hands were rather small for his body, and overly delicate. He was a vital, powerful man, capable of brutal gestures and rough words, yet somehow conveying a sense of warmth which was soft and feminine. There was also a great element of the tragic in him which his adroit mimicry only enhanced. He was extremely sympathetic and at the same time ruthless as a boor. He seemed to be talking about himself all the time, but never egotistically. He talked about himself because he himself was the most interesting person he knew. I liked that quality very much - I have a little of it myself. #Quote by Henry Miller
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Nathan Englander
#13. What interests me when I'm writing is being able to crawl into a character's head and speak from his or her mouth. It's not pulling the strings on a marionette, it's not playing ventriloquist, and it's not mimicry. It's about inhabiting a character, and, at the same time, being totally unaware of what you've become. #Quote by Nathan Englander
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Ozick
#14. She was an attachment trailing along - an impediment - but it seemed to Puttermesser there was another purpose to this clumsy caravan. A kind of mental heat ran through the rod that linked them. He had decided to clip the two of them together for a little time. She understood that she had happened on an original. A mimic with a philosophy! A philosophy that denied mimicry! And he wasn't mistaken, he wasn't a lunatic. He was, just as he said, someone with a new idea. He had a claim on legitimacy. He was guilty with an explanation; or he wasn't guilty at all. #Quote by Ozick
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Kim Harrison
#15. Rynn Cormel had run the world during the Turn, his living charisma somehow crossing the boundaries of death to give his undead existence an uncanny mimicry of life. Every move was a careful study of causality. It was highly unusual for so young an undead vampire to be so good at mimicking having a soul. I figured it was because he was a politician and had had practice way before he died. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Franz Grillparzer
#16. The character of the crowds is made up of mimicry and hostility. #Quote by Franz Grillparzer
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Satoshi Tajiri
#17. You all think you have great ideas or Pokemon games, but if I actually listened to all of you and we combined all of your ideas in a game, it would be an unplayable monstrosity. You want a game with all the regions, but only the first generation Pokemons, yet all the legendary ones and such silly things. Whenever I receive one of these rants, I go to the development floor and read it out loud to all the Game Freak employees in a mocking voice, and we all laugh at you. #Quote by Satoshi Tajiri
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#18. When a hypothesis enters a scientist's mind, he checks it by calculation and experiment, that is, by the mimicry and the pantomime of truth. It's plausibility infects others, and the hypothesis is accepted as the true explanation for the given phenomenon, until someone finds its faults. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Judith Hanson Lasater
#19. Follow your nature. The practice is really about uncovering your own pose; we have great respect for our teachers, but unless we can uncover our own pose in the moment, it's not practice - it's mimicry. Rest deeply in Savasana every day. Always enter that pratyahara (withdrawn state) every day. And just enjoy yourself. For many years I mistook discipline as ambition. Now I believe it to be more about consistency. Do get on the mat. Practice and life are not that different. #Quote by Judith Hanson Lasater
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Michael Pollan
#20. Cultural change occurs whenever a new meme is introduced and catches on. It might be romanticism or double-entry book-keeping, chaos theory or Pokemon. So where in the world do new memes come from? sometimes they spring full-blown from the brains of artists or scientists, advertising copywriters or teenagers. often a process of mutation is involved in the creation of a new meme, in much the same way that mutations in natural environment can lead to useful new genetic traits. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Alice Hoffman
#21. After living with his art in my own chamber, I saw there was more than mere mimicry, and that art was a world unto itself, with its own symbols and language. A leaf seen in a certain light might be gray or violet as well as purple, and a latticework of twigs might easily turn red as the sky paled above the city. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Stelarc
#22. The cortex craves for information, but it can longer contain and creatively process it all. How can a body subjectively and simultaneous grasp both nanoseconds and nebulae? THE CORTEX THAT CANNOT COPE RESORTS TO SPECIALIZATION. Specialization, once a maneuver methodically to collect information, now is a manifestation of information overloads. The role of information has changed. Once justified as a means of comprehending the world, it now generates a conflicting and contradictory, fleeting and fragmentation field of disconnected and undigested data. INFORMATION IS RADIATION. The most significant planetary pressure is no longer the gravitational pull, but the information thrust. The psycho-social flowering of the human species has withered. We are in the twilight of our cerebral fantasies. The symbol has lost all power. The accumulation of information has lost all purpose. Memory results in mimicry. Reflection will not suffice. THE BODY MUST BURST FROM ITS BIOLOGICAL, CULTURAL, AND PLANETARY CONTAINMENT. #Quote by Stelarc
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Sam Kean
#23. Fruit fly scientists, God bless 'em, are the big exceptions. Morgan's team always picked sensibly descriptive names for mutant genes, like 'speck,' 'beaded,' 'rudimentary,' 'white,' and 'abnormal.' And this tradition continues today, as the names of most fruit fly genes eschew jargon and even shade whimsical… The 'turnip' gene makes flies stupid. 'Tudor' leaves males (as with Henry VIII) childless. 'Cleopatra' can kill flies when it interacts with another gene, 'asp.' 'Cheap date' leaves flies exceptionally tipsy after a sip of alcohol… And thankfully, this whimsy with names has inspired the occasional zinger in other areas of genetics… The backronym for the "POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic" gene in mice - 'pokemon' - nearly provoked a lawsuit, since the 'pokemon' gene (now known, sigh, as 'zbtb7') contributes to the spread of cancer, and the lawyers for the Pokemon media empire didn't want their cute little pocket monsters confused with tumors. #Quote by Sam Kean
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Reginald Crundall Punnett
#24. This little book has been written in the hope that it may appeal to several classes of readers.
Not infrequently I have been asked by friends of different callings in life to recommend them some book on mimicry which shall be reasonably short, well illustrated without being very costly, and not too hard to understand. I have always been obliged to tell them that I know of nothing in our language answering to this description, and it is largely as an attempt to remedy this deficiency that the present little volume has been written. #Quote by Reginald Crundall Punnett
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by John Cleese
#25. Self-confidence seemed to me more mimicry than anything else and I suggested visiting Clifton Zoo to watch the leaders in a group of baboons, and learn from them: make your gestures slow and deliberate; cultivate a deeper voice; appear casual at all times; eschew all rapid movements. That was all you had to do to look confident. #Quote by John Cleese
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Donna Summer
#26. A friend of mine called and said they're interested in having you do a song for the new Pokemon. All my kids are grown up, so I'd heard of it, but I didn't really know what it was. #Quote by Donna Summer
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#27. Have I ever done anything of my own, an act or state that arose from Elefsis, and not careful, exquisite mimicry?
Have they? #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Ross Macdonald
#28. The smell of the sea, of kelp and fish and bitter moving water, rose stronger in my nostrils. It flooded my consciousness like an ancestral memory. The swells rose sluggishly and fell away, casting up dismal gleams between the boards of the pier. And the whole pier rose and fell in stiff and creaking mimicry, dancing its long slow dance of dissolution. I reached the end and saw no one, heard nothing but my footsteps and the creak of the beams, the slap of waves on the pilings. It was a fifteen-foot drop to the dim water. The nearest land ahead of me was Hawaii. #Quote by Ross Macdonald
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Emma   Mills
#29. It's like a snort," I say. "Like a snort chortle. It's a snortle."
He moves a little closer. "Is that a Pokemon? #Quote by Emma Mills
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Lorrie Moore
#30. How can it be described? How can any of it be described? The trip and the story of the trip are two different things. The narrator is the one who has stayed home, but then, afterward, presses her mouth upon the traveler's mouth, in order to make the mouth work, to make the mouth say, say, say. One cannot go to a place and speak of it; one cannot both see and say, not really. One can go, and upon returning make a lot of hand motions and indications with the arms. The mouth itself, working at the speed of light, at the eye's instructions, is necessarily struck still; so fast, so much to report, it hangs open and dumb as a gutted bell. All that unsayable life! That's where the narrator comes in. The narrator comes with her kisses and mimicry and tidying up. The narrator comes and makes a slow, fake song of the mouth's eager devastation. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Steven Buser
#31. Ironically, the expanded means for connecting at one's disposal become limited to seductively entertaining, instantly gratifying, often desperate mimicry of heartfelt contact. #Quote by Steven Buser
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Pat Conroy
#32. Every athlete learns by theft and mimicry. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Rich Cohen
#33. The way the kids of immigrants heard about America, you would think it was not down the stairs and out the door but still across the ocean, a distant place where everything is promised and, for hard work, everything is given. From the day he left his parents' house, Abe [Reles] had to know his father was right, that America promises everything, but he also had to know his father was wrong--America gives nothing. Those things that are promised, they cannot be worked for but must be taken, conned away with good looks, obsequiousness, mimicry; or traded for with bit of your soul or the morals of the stories your parents told; or tricked away with lies; or wrested away with brute force. #Quote by Rich Cohen
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by China Mieville
#34. Teafortwo was a wyrman. Barrel-chested creatures like squat birds, with thick arms like a human dwarf's below those ugly, functional wings, the wyrmen ploughed the skies of New Crobuzon. Their hands were their feet, those arms jutting from the bottom of their squat bodies like crows' legs. They could pace a few clumsy steps here and there balancing on their palms, if they were indoors, but they preferred to careen over the city, yelling and swooping and screaming abuse at passers-by. The wyrmen were more intelligent than dogs or apes, but decidedly less than humans. They thrived on an intellectual diet of scatology and slapstick and mimicry, picking names for each other gleaned without understanding from popular songs and furniture catalogues and discarded textbooks they could just about read. Teafortwo's sister, Isaac knew, was called Bottletop; one of his sons Scabies. #Quote by China Mieville
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Fady Joudah
#35. Having financial independence does not increase one's chances of independent, artistic creation whatsoever. Our conditioned behavior toward mimicry for the sake of market forces is an amazing syndrome. The watchtowers guide us well. #Quote by Fady Joudah
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#36. It might be inexplicable. It might be beyond the limits of my senses to capture - or my science or my intellect - but I still believed I was in the presence of some kind of living creature, one that practiced mimicry using my own thoughts. For even then, I believed that it might be pulling these different impressions of itself from my mind and projecting them back at me, as a form of camouflage. #Quote by Jeff VanderMeer
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#37. Children, teenagers, and young adults frequently attempt to duplicate their cult hero's mannerisms. Sometimes when we observe youngsters attempting to emulate the gestures and behaviors of a celebrity whom they admire, we state that they are putting on airs or engaging in pretensions. Adults tend to fob off such pretentious behavior as a frivolous act engaged in by children. In actuality, pretentious behavior is an important learning rubric for behavior and character formation. Imitation is more than a form of flattery. When young people mimic admired celebrities they are displaying telling behavior regarding what subjects spikes their interest and this in turn might provide clues to their future vocational and recreational activities. By engaging in mimicry, we are able to audition our future self. Just as many athletes begin in their youth attempting to impersonate the style of their sports idols, young people universally attempt to copy the mannerisms and behaviorisms of people whom they respect. Mimicry is one way that people feel safe exploring what persona they wish to adopt. How many rock stars and other successful people endorsed the mantra, 'Fake it 'till you make it. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Nora Sakavic
#38. It took Aaron a minute to find his voice again. He still sounded angry, but there was a muted edge to his, "You wouldn't even look at me. You wouldn't say a word to me unless I said something first. I'm not psychic. How was I supposed to know?" "Because I made you a promise," Andrew said. "I did not forget it just because you chose not to believe me. I did what I said I would do, and fuck you for expecting anything else." There it was again: a hint of that infinite anger at Andrew's core. Aaron opened his mouth, closed it again, and dropped his eyes. Andrew stared at his brother's bowed head for an endless minute. Aaron had given up the fight, but every passing second seemed to put more tension in Andrew's frame. Neil watched Andrew's fingers curl against his thighs, not into fists but a mimicry of crushing the life from someone, and knew Andrew's temper was nearing a breaking point. He put his hand up between them, trying to block Andrew's view of Aaron, and Andrew cut a vicious look at him. A heartbeat later Andrew's expression went dead. Neil regretted his intervention immediately. No one could let go of that much rage that easily; Andrew had simply buried it where it could hurt only him. It was too late to take it back, so Neil dropped his hand to his lap in defeat. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Norman MacCaig
#39. I said I have no powers of invention. Well, I also have no powers of mimicry. #Quote by Norman MacCaig
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Karen Salmansohn
#40. Our built-in human system for mimicry explains why we humans can transfer our good and bad moods to each other - if we aren't careful! #Quote by Karen Salmansohn
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Christy Brown
#41. Shall the dire day break when life
finds us merely husband and wife
with passion not so much denied
as neatly laundered and put aside
and the old joyous insistence
trimmed to placid coexistence?

Shall we sometime arise from bed
with not a carnal thought in our head
look at each other without surprise
out of wide awake uncandid eyes
touch and know no immediate urge
where all mysteries converge?

Speak for the sake of something to say
and now and then put on a display
of elaborate mimicry of the past to prove
that ritual reigns where once ruled love
and calmly observe those bleak rites
that once made splendour of our nights?

Dear, when we stop being outrageous
and no longer find contagious
the innumerable ecstasies we find
in rise of hand or leap of mind -
not now or then, love, need we fear thus;
those two sad people will not be us. #Quote by Christy Brown
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Knut Hamsun
#42. ...As I lie there in this position, letting my eyes wander down my breast and legs, I notice the twitching motion made by my foot at each beat of my pulse. I sit up halfway and look down at my feet, and at this moment I experience a fantastic, alien state I'd never felt before; a delicate, mysterious thrill spreads through my nerves, as though they were flooded by surges of light. When I looked at my shoes, it was as though I had met a good friend or got back a torn-off part of me: a feeling of recognition trembles through all my sense, tears spring to my eyes, and I perceive my shoes as a softly murmuring tune coming toward me. Weakness! I said harshly to myself, and I clenched my fists and said: Weakness. I mocked myself for these ridiculous feelings, made fun of myself quite consciously; I spoke very sternly and reasonably, and I fiercely squeezed my eyes shut to get rid of my tears. Then I begin, as though I'd never seen my shoes before, to study their appearance, their mimicry when I move my feet, their shape and the worn uppers, and I discover that their wrinkles and their white seams give them an expression, lend them a physiognomy. Something of my own nature had entered into these shoes --- they affected me like a breath upon my being, a living, a breathing part of me… #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#43. Only after becoming somewhat adept in a chosen field of study do most people feel comfortable developing their own distinctive style. More than one successful writer, for example, confessed to beginning their writing career by attempting to write in the same manner as the writers whom they admired. Artists, and other genuine people, are never truly comfortable in a fabricated role, living a life of mimicry, adhering to society's preconceptions. Each person intuitively seeks to place the stamp of an emergent personality upon their greatest creation, the formulation of their self-identity. A person's self-identity, similar to works of art, is autotelic, they reflect their maker, and are ends all unto themselves. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#44. We are accustomed to understand art to be only what we hear and see in theaters, concerts, and exhibitions, together with buildings, statues, poems, novels. . . . But all this is but the smallest part of the art by which we communicate with each other in life. All human life is filled with works of art of every kind - from cradlesong, jest, mimicry, the ornamentation of houses, dress, and utensils, up to church services, buildings, monuments, and triumphal processions. It is all artistic activity. So that by art, in the limited sense of the word, we do not mean all human activity transmitting feelings, but only that part which we for some reason select from it and to which we attach special importance. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Eleanor Catton
#45. I believe really strongly in imitation, actually: I think it's the first place you need to go to if you're going to be able to understand how something works. True mimicry is actually quite difficult. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#46. Although I could never get used to the constant state of anxiety in which the guilty, the great, and the tenderhearted live, I felt I was doing my best in the way of mimicry. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Mimicry Pokemon quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#47. You're like a Pokemon and the only word you know is your name. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello

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