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Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Kathy Griffin
#1. Well, the coffeehouse audiences never know what they're going to get, and all the comics are different, as opposed to when you go to a club, and they're pretty much all telling jokes with set-ups and punchlines. Coffeehouse audiences are the most forgiving: They really listen, which is the best part. #Quote by Kathy Griffin
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Cleo Coyle
#2. Survive everything. And do it with style. #Quote by Cleo Coyle
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Franz Kafka
#3. Don't you want to join us?" I was recently asked by an acquaintance when he ran across me alone after midnight in a coffeehouse that was already almost deserted. "No, I don't," I said. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Tom Morello
#4. There are many fans of hard rock music that have been wrongly pigeonholed as apathetic. This music is not music for the elitist coffeehouse culture in SoHo. It' s rock 'n' roll music for kids across the land, and I think that makes it much more subversive in a way, in that it has the form and the function of a powerful, populist music, but it can carry very incendiary messages. #Quote by Tom Morello
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Mort Sahl
#5. The beat generation is a coffeehouse full of people expectantly looking at their watches waiting for the beat generation to come on. *1958 #Quote by Mort Sahl
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Taylor Clark
#6. Indeed, thinking of the coffeehouse as a haven for intellectual discourse is difficult when the one in question operates thousands of clones, wants to sell you the latest Coldplay album, and serves five-dollar milkshakes for adults. #Quote by Taylor Clark
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Suzanne Selfors
#7. To forgive is to set someone free. #Quote by Suzanne Selfors
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Eric Weiner
#8. The creative act always requires a stepping back. It's called the incubation period. The incubation period - one of the four phases of creativity - is when you're not consciously thinking of a problem, and you're letting it marinate. So this is why you hear time and again, people saying they had that "Eureka" moment in the bath, like Archimedes, or in the shower, or while going for a walk or in a coffeehouse. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Kevin Pollak
#9. And Barry Levinson is insanely funny. I don't know if you know this, not everyone does, but he and Craig T. Nelson were a comedy team back in the coffeehouse days of the late '60s. #Quote by Kevin Pollak
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Lori Gottlieb
#10. I thought I should call a matchmaker.

For me, this seemed like a radical step. It never occurred to me to hire a matchmaker when I was younger because I always believed I'd meet a man on my own. He'd be sitting next to me on an airplane, waiting in line behind me at the dry cleaner, working in the same office attending the same party, hanging out at the same coffeehouse.

It seemed ridiculous now, when I thought about the odds of this happening. After all, we don't subject other important aspects of out lives to pure chance. When you want to get a job you don't just hang out in the lobbies of office buildings, hoping an employer will strike up a conversation with you. When you want to buy a house, you don't walk aimlessly from neighborhood to neighborhood on your own, hoping to spot a house that happens to be for sale, matches your personal taste and contains the appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms. That's too random. If that's your only method of house hunting, you might end up homeless. So you hire a real estate broker to show you the potential homes that meet your needs. By the same token, why not hire a matchmaker to show you potential partners? #Quote by Lori Gottlieb
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Gerald Nicosia
#11. Kerouac's books portray a hero and narrator free and easy, confident, sure of his rebellion against the American system. In reality, Jack was torn between Catholicism, Buddhism, and his own demon-driven pursuit of kicks, between spirit and flesh, between mom's house and the Beat coffeehouse, patriotism and subversion, men and women, society and solitude, carousing and meditation, sacred and profane, secular and divine. It's a miracle he survived as long as he did. #Quote by Gerald Nicosia
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Patrick Suskind
#12. He had a mighty urge to pull out his pistol and let loose in every directon, right into the coffeehouse, smack through it's glass windows, till there was nothing but crashing and tinkling, right into the middle of the ruck of cars or simply into the middle of one of the gigantic buildings across the way, those ugly, tall, menacing buildings, or into the air, straight up, into the heavens, yes, into the hot sky, into the horrible, oppressive, vaporous, pigeon blue-grey sky, bursting it, sending the leaden lid crashing with one shot, smashing down and pulverizing everything and burying it all, all of it, the whole miserable, dreary, loud, stinking world ... #Quote by Patrick Suskind
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Lidia Longorio
#13. Sitting there, in the coffee house, I saw so many stories behind the lips of people who had left them untold. #Quote by Lidia Longorio
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Dan Hicks
#14. My stuff was more of a folk coffeehouse thing, with more acoustic guitar, just me doing a single, and then adding on instruments and voices, with emphasis on lyrics and singing and light kind of acoustic jazz. #Quote by Dan Hicks
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Annia Ciezadlo
#15. Pedro Teixeira, the great Portuguese merchant-adventurer, wrote a beautiful description of a coffeehouse with windows overlooking the Tigris and the ruins of old Baghdad. That was in 1604, and he's visiting the same street that I write about in the book, named after Abu Nuwas, though it wasn't called that back then. #Quote by Annia Ciezadlo
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by James Gleick
#16. They had a game they would play, sitting at a coffeehouse. They would ask: How far away is the nearest strange attractor? Was it that rattling automobile fender? That flag snapping erratically in a steady breeze? A fluttering leaf? "You don't see something until you have the right metaphor to let you perceive it," Shaw said, echoing Thomas S. Kuhn. #Quote by James Gleick
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Lewis Buzbee
#17. The bookstore and the coffeehouse are natural allies; Neither has a time limit, slowness is encouraged. #Quote by Lewis Buzbee
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Mary Rose O'Reilley
#18. I cleaned the shit off my pink high-tops and drove home, stopping for an espresso at the coffeehouse across from the college. Men and women were hunched over copies of Jean Paul Sartre and writing in their journals. Most wore the thin-rimmed tortoiseshell glasses favored by intellectuals. Their clothes were faded to a precisely fashionable degree; you can buy them that way from catalogs now, new clothes processed to look old. The intellectuals looked at me in my overalls the way such people inevitably look at farmers.
I dumped a lot of sugar in my espresso and sipped it delicately at a corner table near the door. I looked at them the way farmers look at intellectuals. #Quote by Mary Rose O'Reilley
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Steven Johnson
#19. What Ruef discovered was a ringing endorsement of the coffeehouse model of social networking: the most creative individuals in Ruef's survey consistently had broad social networks that extended outside their organization and involved people from diverse fields of expertise. Diverse, horizontal social networks, in Ruef's analysis, were three times more innovative than uniform, vertical networks. In groups united by shared values and long-term familiarity, conformity and convention tended to dampen any potential creative sparks. The limited reach of the network meant that interesting concepts from the outside rarely entered the entrepreneur's consciousness. But the entrepreneurs who built bridges outside their "islands," as Ruef called them, were able to borrow or co-opt new ideas from these external environments and put them to use in a new context. #Quote by Steven Johnson
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#20. In the workshop where I started to write fiction, you had to read your work in public. Most times, you read in a bar or coffeehouse where you'd be competing with the roar of the espresso machine. Or the football game on television. Music and drunk people talking. Against all this noise and distraction, only the most shocking, most physical, dark and funny stories got heard. Our test audience would never sit still for Barn-Raising Club. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Jason Mraz
#21. I was looking for inspiration. I found it in California. The weather was always great, and the majority of San Diego seemed to be youth-and if you weren't 21 and couldn't get into the clubs, you'd go to a coffeehouse and hang out. #Quote by Jason Mraz
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#22. EGAD was a coffeehouse, built for the kids of Harrisonville by a middle-aged Jesus Freak. Its letters meant "Everybody Give A Damn! #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Tom Standage
#23. No doubt there was some time-wasting in coffee houses, as their critics claimed. But coffee houses also provided a lively intellectual and social environment in which people could meet and ideas could collide in unexpected ways, producing a stream of innovations that shaped the modern world. On balance, the introduction of coffee houses did far more good than harm, which should give those concerned about the time-wasting potential of Internet-based social platforms pause for thought. What new ideas and unexpected connections might be brewing in Twitter's global coffeehouse? #Quote by Tom Standage
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Robin McKinley
#24. We had to go back to the coffeehouse: the Wreck was there. Mel had walked over. Well, I don't know about walked. He had come over without vehicular assistance anyway. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Toni Morrison
#25. Marriages performed within,' read the sign next to the coffeehouse door, underneath in small letters a verse that combined warning with a sales pitch: 'When lawless lust hath conceived it bringeth forth sin. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Cleo Coyle
#26. Instead of shutting ourselves off in fear, becoming victims - part of the problem - we became a solution. #Quote by Cleo Coyle
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Libba Bray
#27. Sitting in my favorite coffeehouse with a new notebook and a hot cup of java is my idea of Heaven. #Quote by Libba Bray
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Daniel J. Flynn
#28. What never fails inside the mind of an intellectual never works outside the confines of his head. The world's stubborn refusal to vindicate the intellectual's theories serves as proof of humanity's irrationality, not his own. Thus, the true believer retrenches rather than rethinks; he launches a war on the world, denying reality because it fails to conform to his theories. If intellectuals are not prepared to reconcile theory and practice, then why do they bother to venture outside the ivory tower or the coffeehouse? Why not stay in the world of abstractions and fantasy? #Quote by Daniel J. Flynn
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Robin McKinley
#29. But with the hours I sometimes kept at the coffeehouse I had to have learned to take naps during the day or die, and I had learned to take naps. Up until five months ago "something or other or die" had always seemed like a plain choice in favor of the something or other. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Tom Standage
#30. Is it any surprise that the current center of coffee culture, the city of Seattle, home to the Starbucks coffeehouse chain, is also where some of the world's largest software and Internet firms are based? Coffee's association with innovation, reason, and networking - plus a dash of revolutionary fervor - has a long pedigree. #Quote by Tom Standage
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Jason Mraz
#31. It was a very bizarre experience for me, to get the songs together, go in there, and try to deliver them as I would perhaps in a live setting. But I realized that I couldn't take on that coffeehouse style that I came from and go in there and burn it up. #Quote by Jason Mraz
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Amanda Sledz
#32. Monday ushers in a particularly impressive clientele of red-eyed people properly pressed into dry-cleaned suits in neutral tones. They leave their equally well-buttoned children idling in SUVs while dashing to grab double-Americanos and foamy sweet lattes, before click-clacking hasty escapes in ass-sculpting heels and polished loafers with bowl-shaped haircuts that age every face to 40. My imagination speed evolves their unfortunate offspring from car seat-strapped oxygen-starved fast-blooming locusts, to the knuckle-drag harried downtown troglodytes they'll inevitably become. One by one I capture their flat-formed heads between index finger and thumb for a little crush-crush-crushing, ever aware that if I'm lucky one day their charitable contributions will fund my frown-faced found art project to baffle someone's hallway. #Quote by Amanda Sledz
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Conrad Ricamora
#33. I created and opened a student-run coffeehouse in undergrad, and I loved it. I'd want to do that in the West Village. #Quote by Conrad Ricamora
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Amanda Sledz
#34. Insomniacs should not be forced to exist in a realm with reflective glass. From the first look I'm boxed in a prism, rainbows charming the other dark-circled self into sharing my prison. One eye turns on the other, each accusing the other of being responsible for an appearance oddly elfin, before exiting head and bouncing like lottery balls through the mirror walls and then drifting up and out the open and unguarded Well of the Wyrd. There, everyone with mirrors and mushrooms is waiting for me, faded and dissolved into giggles. #Quote by Amanda Sledz
Mildreds Coffeehouse quotes by Albert Laszlo Barabasi
#35. In retrospect, Euler's unintended message is very simple: Graphs or networks have properties, hidden in their construction, that limit or enhance our ability to do things with them. For more than two centuries the layout of Konigsberg's graph limited its citizens' ability to solve their coffeehouse problem. But a change in the layout, the addition of only one extra link, suddenly removed this constraint. #Quote by Albert Laszlo Barabasi

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