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Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Bob Iger
#1. And it's only the beginning of a new era of exceptional Star Wars storytelling; next year we'll release our first standalone movie based on these characters, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, and we'll finish this trilogy with Episode IX in 2019. #Quote by Bob Iger
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Lee Sandlin
#2. What had happened, for instance, at one of the war's biggest battles, the Battle of Midway? It was in the Pacific, there was something about aircraft carriers. Wasn't there a movie about it, one of those Hollywood all-star behemoths in which a lot of admirals look worried while pushing toy ships around a map? (Midway, released in 1976 and starring Glenn Ford, Charlton Heston, and -- inevitably -- Henry Fonda.) A couple of people were even surprised to hear that Midway Airport was named after the battle, though they'd walked past the ugly commemorative sculpture in the concourse so many times. All in all, this was a dispiriting exercise. The astonishing events of that morning, the "fatal five minutes" on which the war and the fate of the world hung, had been reduced to a plaque nobody reads, at an airport with a vaguely puzzling name, midway between Chicago and nowhere at all. #Quote by Lee Sandlin
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by David Koepp
#3. Johnny sort of popped into my head midway through the first draft, and he wouldn't leave. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. In the first half of the movie, this guy is in the house not doing anything. I really needed an actor who's inventive and who will make enough idiosyncratic choices to make it entertaining to watch. And let's face it, Johnny Depp could make a nap interesting to watch. #Quote by David Koepp
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Annabella Sciorra
#4. Press junkets are incredibly annoying. You sit in a chair for three to six hours and have different journalists shuttle in for three minutes at a time, asking cheesy movie questions to get a quick sound bite - and that's their only objective. You can't really move or eat. You're just stuck there. It's pressure, constant pressure. #Quote by Annabella Sciorra
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Griffin Dunne
#5. I love working with actors. I love to see what they're going to do. There's just something very thrilling and satisfying with being involved with something, all the way through the process [making movie]. #Quote by Griffin Dunne
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Hayao Miyazaki
#6. See that house with the Ivy on it? From that rooftop, what if you leapt onto the next rooftop, dashed over that blue & green wall, climbed and jumped up the pipe, ran across the roof and jumped to the next? You can, in animation.
If you could walk along the cable, you could see the other side. When you look from above, so many things reveal themselves to you. Maybe race along the concrete wall. Suddenly, there in your humdrum town there is a magical movie. Isn't it fun to see things that way? Feels like you could go somewhere far beyond…
…maybe you can… #Quote by Hayao Miyazaki
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Colin Farrell
#7. Quite often on a movie like Total Recall you have this training period of two or three months where, like on the first 'Underworld' I was doing gymnastics and trampolining and all this stuff which I don't do in the movie necessarily, but mentally it helps. You come home and you go: 'Well, I've done all that. I must be an action star now!' So it helps you focus a little bit and gets you fit. #Quote by Colin Farrell
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by David Levithan
#8. I hold the cigarette like i'm in a black-and-white movie.
but when jed lights the match, it spreads to color,
his skin in the campfire light, the spark of his eyes
as he leans in to me #Quote by David Levithan
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Ralph Bakshi
#9. One of the best animated films I've seen come out of Disney was the Tarzan movie. I wasn't crazy about the story or the design on Tarzan's face, but the traditional animation was spectacular. #Quote by Ralph Bakshi
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Hayley Williams
#10. 'Looper' was so brilliant, and it took me forever to finally see it, but the way that movie ends and the message behind that is so selfless. #Quote by Hayley Williams
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Scott Rudin
#11. Those critics awards come and go every year, but the finished movie is your work. #Quote by Scott Rudin
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Ciro Guerra
#12. We translated the script together with them. And during the process of translation, they rewrote the scripts. They put a lot into it. They made it their own. There are names of plants or chants or certain rites and everything that you cannot come across it in a movie. You know, you cannot learn about them casually. So the film doesn't have value in the ethnographical, anthropological. It's fiction. #Quote by Ciro Guerra
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by A. Whitney Brown
#13. The Baptists believe in The Right to Life before you're born. They also believe in Life After Death, but that is a privilege and you have to earn it by spending the interim in guilt-ridden misery. At an early age I decided that living a life of pious misery in the hope of going to heaven when it's over is a lot like keeping your eyes shut all through a movie in the hope of getting your money back at the end. #Quote by A. Whitney Brown
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Ayelet Waldman
#14. I love the novel of 'The English Patient'; I think it's a profoundly beautiful novel. I love the movie of 'The English Patient'; I think it's a profoundly beautiful movie. And they're totally different. You accept each on its own terms, and that's kind of the ideal. #Quote by Ayelet Waldman
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Robert Stromberg
#15. Is making a movie true love if you're a creative person? It could be. But in my world, the importance of being a father and having kids and knowing that connection is true love. Making a movie is love. #Quote by Robert Stromberg
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Cameron Jace
#16. I stand before her, meeting her eye to eye and nose to nose. My head takes a slight bow as I clench my fist. "I should have just killed you like any other bloodsucking vampire."
"So why didn't you?" She tiptoes, clenching her first as well. I have to admit. She is a much better version of the Snow White you see in a Disney movie. She's kind of kickass. I like it, but I will never let her know."Why do you care so much about me then? Ha?" She asks.
"I should have killed you before," I repeated while all I could do is wonder how I'd ever fallen in love with a monster girl. #Quote by Cameron Jace
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Jodie Foster
#17. The best reason to make a film is that you feel passionately about it. #Quote by Jodie Foster
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by R.J. Lewis
#18. Then we'll be Tarzan and Jane, mating like wildebeests and frolicking from tree limb to tree limb." "The Disney movie never showed them mating." "Jane was a hottie. Tarzan would have tapped that ass the second the credits came up. Now that's a fact. #Quote by R.J. Lewis
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Jack Sparrow
#19. Will Turner: That's not true. I am not obsessed with treasure.

Jack Sparrow: Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. #Quote by Jack Sparrow
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Roberto Benigni
#20. The first movie I saw - and I don't know if it influenced me - was Ben Hur. We watched it outside in a corn field, and it ran backwards, so the first movie I ever saw was Ben Hur backwards. #Quote by Roberto Benigni
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by The Miz
#21. Just heard who made who by ac/dc and asked a ry what movie? He had no idea. Disappointed. He will be doing my laundry today. #Quote by The Miz
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#22. Remember this," Tyler said. "The people you're trying to step on, we're everyone you depend on. We're the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you're asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life. "We are the middle children of history, raised by television to believe that someday we'll be millionaires and movie stars and rock stars, but we won't. And we're just learning this fact," Tyler said. "So don't fuck with us. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Emile Hirsch
#23. 'Brokeback Mountain' just blew me away. I'll always remember talking to Heath Ledger just after he finished that movie and he was going on about working with Ang and how incredible he was. #Quote by Emile Hirsch
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Cher
#24. Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. #Quote by Cher
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Gale Anne Hurd
#25. A lot of producers now are people who stay in their office and never go to the set. I don't know how you can be the advocate of the movie if you're not there in it every day. #Quote by Gale Anne Hurd
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Allison Mack
#26. One of the great things about being an actor is it serves a short attention span, which is something I have. #Quote by Allison Mack
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Jon Stewart
#27. The nation of Dubai banned the movie Charlie's Angles because it's "offensive to the religion of Islam." Apparently, the religion of Islam is offended by anything without a plot. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Norman Jewison
#28. Obviously, In The Heat Of The Night was a landmark movie because the timing was perfect. It was in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement. #Quote by Norman Jewison
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Ryan Adams
#29. There are times when I want to be plainspoken about my feelings in a song. But there are other times when it's really good to try and get my head around different kinds of song structures, or maybe I might get turned on by trying to write a song that would fit in this one scene in a movie. And by the end of all this, you just end up with a bunch of different ideas. And songs are really just ideas. #Quote by Ryan Adams
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Al Stewart
#30. Movie queens diffuse into Cinema haze, while libertines read pornozines in street cafes. #Quote by Al Stewart
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by David Arquette
#31. Yeah, I definitely wanted to do a kids' movie because I have a kid. I want to do things that my daughter can see soon - when she is old enough to know what a movie is. #Quote by David Arquette
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Christoffer Boe
#32. A debut movie is something that you envision for many, many years. If you really want to make a movie, you constantly think about this first movie, so when you make it, you want to have everything in it. #Quote by Christoffer Boe
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Ridley Scott
#33. I also love Australian movies. I love Muriel's Wedding - I've seen in six times. Baz Luhrmann's best movie is strictly ballroom ... without question. #Quote by Ridley Scott
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Leonard Cohen
#34. I think what we like about music - and what we like about art in general ... is that enterprise that stops our minds from spinning. Because we're always all over the place. A good song, a good lyric is a movie: it will just focus and calm and confer significance on this completely bewildering reality that all of us live in. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Michael Moore
#35. For my very first movie, 'Roger and Me,' I made it as part of my deal with Warner Brothers that the four people that were evicted in that film, that Warner Brothers would house - would pay their mortgage or their rent for the next two years to give them a chance to get on their feet. #Quote by Michael Moore
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Cheech Marin
#36. It is surprising how many professional athletes, along with their families and friends, are gaga over movie and music stars, and the reverse is true with entertainers and sports stars. #Quote by Cheech Marin
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#37. If I have to pee during the movie, I'm using this cup."
"It's what you do best," Gabe said. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Beth Grant
#38. When I hit New York in 1972, I thought I was a sprinter. I thought that I would star in a Broadway show and do a movie and win an Oscar by the time I was 25. It turned out that I'm a long distance runner. #Quote by Beth Grant
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Tony Goldwyn
#39. I don't want to do an action movie, because I've acted in them, and they're so boring to do, because they're so technical. The headache of that is daunting. But, if it were an action movie with really interesting characters, how great would that be? #Quote by Tony Goldwyn
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Thomas Jane
#40. I like to imagine that all the choices you make during the day that you're doing a particular scene are going to feed into the creation of that scene. It's not a movie-by-movie or a part-by-part basis. It's a day-by-day thing, and sometimes an hour-by-hour thing. #Quote by Thomas Jane
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Chris Pine
#41. Everything is just make believe. They're just different versions of make believe. I love the period of this movie [The Finest Hours ]. I love the '40s. I love the '50s. I love the style of the clothes. I love how the women looked. I love the dances. I love the music. I love the amber of the lights and the cars. I'm in love with all of it. #Quote by Chris Pine
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Jean-Pierre Gorin
#42. We are all like bit players in a Preston Sturges movie, ready to testify in front of a small-town jury in terms whose relevance would escape anyone but ourselves. #Quote by Jean-Pierre Gorin
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Julian Schnabel
#43. When I'm making a movie, I don't like to know what's going to happen next. I like to watch something and be surprised all the time, and just not know, and let it take me wherever. #Quote by Julian Schnabel
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Thomas Lowman
#44. I worked very hard on compiling this list of free movie and tv show sources. I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a positive five star rating on this ebook. I know it is a hassle to leave a rating on an ebook but I would just appreciate it so much. The more positive ratings I have the more other people will learn about this book and possibly saves hundreds of dollars. Thank #Quote by Thomas Lowman
Midway Movie 2019 quotes by Vikrmn
#45. Time spent for temporary happiness like movie or outing or weekend on a beach is all synthetic; with shelf life of a day or two. Work for your bigger dreams that should last for whole life. Then movie and beach would seem more interesting, realising that you have done something. #Quote by Vikrmn

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