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Mi Amor quotes by Nadege Richards
#1. I crave you, mi amor. More than I ever thought a man should a woman. Just when I think I can make it on my own, you say these things that call me home to you. I want to leave, I want to run and never look back, and I'm terrified. Terrified of the feelings that control me and the moments where I simply can't exist without you in my arms.
I deserve a second chance. We deserve a second chance. #Quote by Nadege Richards
Mi Amor quotes by Antoine Wilson
#2. O: Are you asleep, mi amor?
C: [no response]
O: There is a spider on your face.
C: [no response]
O: That's a little trick, Juan-George, to make sure someone's really asleep. There's no spider. #Quote by Antoine Wilson
Mi Amor quotes by Gabby Rivera
#3. I wanted her to change my world."
"Mi amor, only you can change your world. #Quote by Gabby Rivera
Mi Amor quotes by Patricia Engel
#4. You don't 'find' love, mi amor. You choose it. And then to keep love, you must choose it again, day after day. #Quote by Patricia Engel
Mi Amor quotes by Isabelle Hardesty
#5. Be careful mi amor, don't hurt anyone this time." Cordia reminded Jade. #Quote by Isabelle Hardesty
Mi Amor quotes by Kate Richards
#6. Shh, mi amor. The neighbors will hear and call the police. #Quote by Kate Richards
Mi Amor quotes by Suzanne Steele
#7. Oh, how I love you, mi amor. You are the light that shines in the blackness of my night. You are my North star, always leading me home.
--Victor Ramirez #Quote by Suzanne Steele
Mi Amor quotes by E.B. White
#8. A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort. A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered. Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people - people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book.
[Letters of Note; Troy (MI, USA) Public Library, 1971] #Quote by E.B. White
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#9. Like the wheeling of stars,' muttered the Count as he paced.
"That is how time passes when one is left waiting unaccountably. The hours become interminable. The minutes relentless. And the seconds? Why, not only does every last one of them demand its moment on the stage, it insists upon making a soliloquy full of weighty pauses and artful hesitations and then leaps into an encore at the slightest hint of applause. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#10. I suppose Anne was right when she observed that at any given moment we're all seeking someone's forgiveness. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#11. FRONTA NULLA FIDES. Place no trust in appearances. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#12. Each city has its own romantic season. Once a year, a city's architectural, cultural and horticultural variables come into alignment with the solar course in such a way that men and women passing eachother in the thoroughfares few and unusual sense of romantic promise. Like Christmas time in Vienna, April in Paris and autumn in New York. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Pedro Almodovar
#13. Well, as I was saying, it costs a lot to be authentic, madam. And one can't be stingy with these things, because you are more authentic the more you resemble what you've dreamed you are. - Agrado from Todo Sobre Mi Madre #Quote by Pedro Almodovar
Mi Amor quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#14. I came to you one rainless August night.
You taught me how to live without the rain.
You are thirst and thirst is all I know.
You are sand, wind, sun, and burning sky,
The hottest blue. You blow a breeze and brand
Your breath into my mouth. You reach - then bend
Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new.
You wrap your name tight around my ribs
And keep me warm. I was born for you.
Above, below, by you, by you surrounded.
I wake to you at dawn. Never break your
Knot. Reach, rise, blow, Sálvame, mi dios,
Trágame, mi tierra. Salva, traga, Break me,
I am bread. I will be the water for your thirst. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#15. But for me, dinner at a fine restaurant was the ultimate luxury. It was the very height of civilization. For what was civilization but the intellect's ascendancy out of the doldrums of necessity (shelter, sustenance and survival) into the ether of the finely superfluous (poetry, handbags and haute cuisine)? So removed from daily life was the whole experience that when all was rotten to the core, a fine dinner could revive the spirits. If and when I had twenty dollars left to my name, I was going to invest it right here in an elegant hour that couldn't be hocked. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Loretta Chase
#16. Since you made it clear you didn't want to hear anything about [your son], I was obliged to act behind your back.'
'I understand. You had no choice.'
'And I should not distress you now, if I were not obliged to do something that you might never forgive.'
He swallowed nausea and pride in one gulp. 'Jess, the only unforgivable thing you can do is leave me,' he said. 'Se mi lasci mi uccido. If you leave me, I'll kill myself.'
'Don't be ridiculous,' she said. 'I should never leave you. Really, Dain, I cannot think where you get such addled ideas.'
Then, as though this explained and settled everything, she promptly returned to the main subject, and told him what had happened that day #Quote by Loretta Chase
Mi Amor quotes by Kim Su-mi
#17. I must have been Cinderella. It was nice ... I was so happy ... I guess it's already midnight. #Quote by Kim Su-mi
Mi Amor quotes by Cristiane Serruya
#18. Sometimes, meu amor, we lose too much time asking ourselves questions that we can't answer and forgetting that the answer is just beside us. You have to learn to ask and to listen. If one does not listen, the other does not exist. When the other does not exist, one is alone. I don't want to be alone, do you? #Quote by Cristiane Serruya
Mi Amor quotes by Junot Diaz
#19. Oh, Beli; not so rashly, not so rashly: What did you know about states or diasporas? What did you know about Nueba Yol or unheated 'old law' tenements or children whose self-hate short-circuited their minds? What did you know, madame, about immigration? Don't laugh, mi negrita, for your world is about to be changed. Utterly. Yes: a terrible beauty is etc., etc. Take it from me. You laugh because you've been ransacked to the limit of your soul, because your lover betrayed you almost unto death, because your first son was never born. You laugh because you have no front teeth and you've sworn never to smile again. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Mi Amor quotes by Peter Cimino
#20. I will be forever grateful and forever in your debt. There is no greater deed or favor one man can do for another than to save his life. So grazi. Molto grazi, mi amico. #Quote by Peter Cimino
Mi Amor quotes by Albert Einstein
#21. If this conviction had not been a strongly emotional one and if those searching for knowledge had not been inspired by Spinoza's Amor Dei Intellectualis, they would hardly have been capable of that untiring devotion which alone enables man to attain his greatest achievements. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Mi Amor quotes by Arindam Mukherjee
#22. 1945-1990 - Russophobia
1990-2015 - Islamophobia
2015- ?? - Russophobia AND Islamophobia.
Isnt it time the MI Complex created a new bogey-man? #Quote by Arindam Mukherjee
Mi Amor quotes by Anastasia Amor
#23. Unity of body, mind and spirit. Never give up! #Quote by Anastasia Amor
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#24. Alas, Tis true that words are queer
And yet my son, you need not fear.
For in this volume can be seen
All English words and what they mean.
(about a Websters dictionary wrapped in a pink bow) #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Loretta Chase
#25. Jessica swallowed. "I think you had better stick to English."
"But Italian is so moving," Dain said.
"To ho voluto dal primo che ti vedi." I've wanted you from the first moment I saw you.
"Mi tormenti ancora." You've tormented me ever since. #Quote by Loretta Chase
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#26. If Broadway was a river running from the top of Manhattan down to the Battery, undulating with traffic and commerce and lights, then the east-west streets were eddies where, leaf-like, one could turn slow circles from the beginning to the ever shall be, world without end. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#27. Like the Freemasons, the Confederacy of the Humbled is a close-knit brotherhood whose members travel with no outward markings, but who know each other at a glance. For having fallen suddenly from grace, those in the Confederacy share a certain perspective. Knowing beauty, influence, fame, and privilege to be borrowed rather than bestowed, they are not easily impressed. They are not quick to envy or take offense. They certainly do not scour the papers in search of their own names. They remain committed to living among their peers, but they greet adulation with caution, ambition with sympathy, and condescension with an inward smile. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#28. So before responding, he signaled the Bishop for another glass of champagne. For centuries champagne has been used to launch marriages and ships. Most assume this is because the drink is so intrinsically celebratory; but, in fact, it is used at the onset of these dangerous enterprises because it so capably boosts one's resolve. When #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#29. Don't, amor. Te adoro. I've already lost a son. I'm not going to lose another. You're not alone, Ari. I know it feels that way. But you're not." "How can you love me so much?" "How could I not love you? You're the most beautiful boy in the world. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Mi Amor quotes by Herman Melville
#30. Nothing may help or heal While Amor incensed remembers wrong. #Quote by Herman Melville
Mi Amor quotes by Kim Su-mi
#31. Say a miracle happened and you could pull stars from the sky. Even if that happened there's no way I would give up a game for you. #Quote by Kim Su-mi
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#32. Now, when a man has been underestimated by a friend, he has some cause for taking offense - since it is our friends who should overestimate our capacities. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by J.T. Geissinger
#33. She was my religion. My north and south, my heaven and earth, the axis of rightness around which everything had suddenly aligned. For the first time in mi life, all my polarized parts worked as one, humming happily along in harmony with the univers, finally understanding their place. #Quote by J.T. Geissinger
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#34. I suppose we don't rely on comparison enough to tell us whom it is that we are talking to. We give people the liberty of fashioning themselves in the moment-a span of time that is so much more manageable, stageable, controllable than is a lifetime. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Allison Anders
#35. When 'Gas Food Lodging' was released, I had already shot 'Mi Vida Loca.' #Quote by Allison Anders
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#36. Dark, cold, and snowbound, Russia has the sort of climate in which the spirit of Christmas burns brightest. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Go Dok Mi
#37. People who think that happiness is something that's always within their reach, I wonder how happy they must really be? That woman always gets nervous when she finds herself to be too happy. To that woman, happiness is like a blow bubbles we used to play with when we were little. The moment she touches the bubbles carrying the light of rainbow around her, they burst. In front of happiness, that woman gives up before even reaching out her hand. #Quote by Go Dok Mi
Mi Amor quotes by Kim Su-mi
#38. It doesn't matter to me. I'm just worried. It's the first time I've see Teach like that. He said he had two regrets ... Once, 20 years ago. And once when you hurt your wrist. He said he didn't ever want to regret again. I wonder what that means. #Quote by Kim Su-mi
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#39. Such is the magic of Christmas in childhood, thought the Count a little wistfully, that a single gift can provide one with endless hours of adventure while not even requiring one to leave one's house. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#40. But imagining what might happen if one's circumstances were different was the only sure route to madness. Sitting #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Janet Aylmer
#41. Dulcibus est verbis mollis alendus amor
which means
By soft words must love be fostered #Quote by Janet Aylmer
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#42. There is an of-quoted passage in Walden, in which Thoreau exhorts us to find our pole star and to follow it unwaveringly as would a sailor or a fugitive slave. It's a thrilling sentiment - one so obviously worthy of our aspirations. But even if you had the discipline to maintain the true course, the real problem, it has always seemed to me, is how to know in which part of the heavens your star resides #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Juls Amor
#43. Walk through pain, face it, lay down in it and rest. Get up and walk again, repeat until you reach the end. #Quote by Juls Amor
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#44. I suppose a room is the summation of all that has happened inside it. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Peter Carey
#45. Your grandfather were a quiet and secret man he had been ripped from his home in Tipperary and transported to the prisons of Van Diemen's Land I do not know what was done to him he never spoke of it. When they had finished with their tortures they set him free and he crossed the sea to the colony of Victoria. He were by this time 30 yr. of age red headed and freckled with his eyes always slitted against the sun. My da had sworn an oath to evermore avoid the attentions of the law so when he saw the streets of Melbourne was crawling with policemen worse than flies he walked 28 mi. to the township of Donnybrook and then or soon thereafter he seen my mother. Ellen Quinn were 18 yr. old she were dark haired and slender the prettiest figure on a horse he ever saw but your grandma was like a snare laid out by God for Red Kelly. She were a Quinn and the police would never leave the Quinns alone. #Quote by Peter Carey
Mi Amor quotes by Dok Mi
#46. How timid and frail is unrequited love? A place you entered of your own accord, but you're trapped inside, unable to find an exit. He doesn't know a thing, and could one day leave my line of sight, and the love ends passively. A love that does not bloom flowers, and thus cannot dream of bearing fruit. A love like a seed that is forgotten. That is unrequited love. #Quote by Dok Mi
Mi Amor quotes by Kim Su-mi
#47. Honestly, I don't want to worry about the trivial feelings here. I have nothing and I still have a far way to go. There's no time for me to hesitate. The people around me force me to hesitate. #Quote by Kim Su-mi
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#48. One must be prepared to fight for one's simple pleasures and to defend them against elegance and erudition and all manner of glamorous enticements. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#49. If only someone had told me about the confidence-boosting nature of guns, I'd have been shooting them all my life. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Amor Towles
#50. I'm willing to be under anything...as long as it isn't somebody's thumb. #Quote by Amor Towles
Mi Amor quotes by Marie Lu
#51. Trusting me is a dangerous game, mi Adelinetta. #Quote by Marie Lu

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