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Mhairi Black quotes by Graham McNeill
#1. Those with courage and character to speak the truth always seem sinister to the ignorant."

- First Chaplain Erebus #Quote by Graham McNeill
Mhairi Black quotes by Richelle Mead
#2. Ian's the black sheep."
"I thought I was the black sheep," said Seth, sounding almost hurt.
"No. You're the unfocused artistic one. I'm the responsible one. Ian's the wild, hedonistic one."
"What's hedonistic?" asked Kendall.
Her father considered. "It means you run up a lot of credit card bills you can't pay, change jobs a lot, and have a lot of ... lady friends. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Mhairi Black quotes by Whitney M. Young
#3. You don't get black power by chanting it. You get it by doing what the other groups have done. The Irish kept quiet. They didn't shout "Irish Power", "Jew Power", [or] "Italian Power". They kept their mouths shut and took over the police department of New York City, and the mayorship of Boston. #Quote by Whitney M. Young
Mhairi Black quotes by David Pajo
#4. When I was really young, I was really into Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden and those kinds of bands. #Quote by David Pajo
Mhairi Black quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#5. Why didn't you tell us you were the Alexander Black who can stand atop a cantering horse and shoot a hole through a plum at a hundred paces?"
With a snort, Alec jerked his gaze away. "More like a cantaloupe. The thing shrinks with every retelling. Soon they'll have me shooting at a mustard seed. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Mhairi Black quotes by B.B. King
#6. I'm trying to get people to see that we are our brother's keeper. Red, white, black, brown or yellow, rich or poor, we all have the blues. #Quote by B.B. King
Mhairi Black quotes by Kiran Desai
#7. Biju stepped out of the airport into the Calcutta night, warm, mammalian. His feet sank into dust winnowed to softness at his feet, ad he felt an unbearable feeling, sad and tender, old and sweet like the memory of falling asleep, a baby on his mother's lap. Thousands of people were out though it was almost eleven. He saw a pair of elegant bearded goats in a rickshaw, riding to slaughter. A conference of old men with elegant goat faces, smoking bidis. A mosque and minarets lit magic green in the night with a group of women rushing by in burkas, bangles clinking under the black and a big psychedelic mess of colour from a sweet shop. Rotis flew through the air as in a juggling act, polka-dotting the sky high over a restaurant that bore the slogan "Good food makes good mood". Biju stood there in that dusty tepid soft sari night. Sweet drabness of home - he felt everything shifting and clicking into place around him, felt himself slowly shrink back to size, the enormous anxiety of being a foreigner ebbing - that unbearable arrogance and shame of the immigrant. Nobody paid attention to him here, and if they said anything at all, their words were easy, unconcerned. He looked about and for the first time in God knows how long, his vision unblurred and he found that he could see clearly. #Quote by Kiran Desai
Mhairi Black quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#8. The seals stupidly dive off rocks into swirling black water, barking mindlessly. The zookeepers feed them dead fish. A crowd gathers around the tank, mostly adults, a few accompanied by children. On the seals' tank a plaque warns: COINS CAN KILL - IF SWALLOWED, COINS CAN LODGE IN AN ANIMAL'S STOMACH AND CAUSE ULCERS, INFECTIONS AND DEATH. DO NOT THROW COINS IN THE POOL. So what do I do? Toss a handful of change into the tank when none of the zookeepers are watching. It's not the seals I hate - it's the audience's enjoyment of them that bothers me. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Mhairi Black quotes by Robert Black
#9. It's relatively easy to act nice and normal in front of a crowd, or in public. The tricky part is doing it in private. #Quote by Robert Black
Mhairi Black quotes by Johan Lindeberg
#10. I have a really simple wardrobe. I wear a low-scoop tee every day with a tux or leather jacket and tux pants or black jeans. That's pretty much it. #Quote by Johan Lindeberg
Mhairi Black quotes by Tsugumi Ohba
#11. L shot Maki a disappointed look. But soon he forgot everything when Misa Amane appeared onstage. Enraptured he began to cheer with the girls in black lace and frilly skirts. #Quote by Tsugumi Ohba
Mhairi Black quotes by Vinod Shastri
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Mhairi Black quotes by Nevil Shute
#13. I suppose it is because I have lived rather a restricted life myself that I have found so much enjoyment in remembering what I have learned in these last years about brave people and strange scenes. I have sat here day after day this winter, sleeping a good deal in my chair, hardly knowing if I was in London or the Gulf country, dreaming of the blazing sunshine, of poddy-dodging and black stockmen, of Cairns and of Green Island. Of a girl that I met forty years too late, and of her life in that small town that I shall never see again, that holds so much of my affection. #Quote by Nevil Shute
Mhairi Black quotes by Calvin Trillin
#14. In the early sixties, the notion that racism was not acceptable even in certain regions or certain clubs or certain circumstances - the notion that it could not be treated with moderation - was a notion largely confined to black people. #Quote by Calvin Trillin
Mhairi Black quotes by R.S. Grey
#15. We take the stairs down to the first level of the parking garage and I lead us toward the area reserved for doctors. She makes her way toward a black Audi, turns, and waits for me to join her.

I smirk. "That's not my car."

She nods. "Right, of course. I see it now."

She goes to a bright yellow Ferrari that belongs to one of the plastic surgeons. The vanity license plate reads: SXY DOC88. "Here we are."

"Not even close."

"Oh, okay. I get it. You aren't flashy. Maybe that gray Range Rover over there?"

I press the unlock button on my key fob and my rear lights flash. There she is, the car I've driven since I was in medical school.

"You're kidding. A Prius?! Satan himself drives a Prius?!" She turns around as if hoping to find someone else she can share this moment with. All she's got is me.

I shrug. "It gets good gas mileage."

She blinks exaggeratedly. "I couldn't be more shocked if you'd hitched a horse to a buggy."

I chuckle and open the back door to toss in her backpack. "Get in. Traffic is going to be hell."

We buckle up in silence, back up and leave the parking garage in silence, pull out into traffic in silence.

Finally, I ask, "Where do you live?"

"On the west side. Right across from Franklin Park."

"Good. I have an errand I need to run that's right by there. Mind if I do that before I drop you off?"

"Well see #Quote by R.S. Grey
Mhairi Black quotes by Philip K. Dick
#16. They see through the here, the now, into the vast black deep beyond, the unchanging. And that is fatal to life. Because eventually there will be no life; there was once only the dust particles in space, the hot hydrogen gases, nothing more, and it will come again. This is an interval, ein Augenblick. The cosmic process is hurrying on, crushing life back into granite and methane; the wheel turns for all life. It is all temporary. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Mhairi Black quotes by Holly Black
#17. If you're the sickness, I suppose you can't also be the cure. #Quote by Holly Black
Mhairi Black quotes by A. Meredith Walters
#18. What I can see so far is that life consists of good and evil, black and white. And everything in between is a struggle for dominating the other. Life is a struggle.

And I hate that it all ends with nothingness. That one day, you simply aren't here anymore. No more smiles, no more tears, no more anything. #Quote by A. Meredith Walters
Mhairi Black quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#19. In a city swollen by refugees but still mostly at peace, or at least not yet openly at war, a young man met a young woman in a classroom and did not speak to her. For many days. His name was Saeed and her name was Nadia and he had a beard, not a full beard, more a studiously maintained stubble, and she was always clad from the tips of her toes to the bottom of her jugular notch in a flowing black robe. Back then people continued to enjoy the luxury of wearing more or less what they wanted to wear, clothing and hair wise, within certain bounds of course, and so these choices meant something. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Mhairi Black quotes by Morgan Freeman
#20. Black history is American history. #Quote by Morgan Freeman
Mhairi Black quotes by Gabrielle Union
#21. My parents gave me the pep talk when I started school, the same speech all black parents give their kids: You're gonna have to be bigger, badder, better, just to be considered equal. You're gonna have to do twice as much work and you're not going to get any credit for your accomplishments or for overcoming adversity. Most black people grow accustomed to the fact that we have to excel just to be seen as existing, and this is a lesson passed down from generation to generation. You can either be Super Negro or the forgotten Negro. #Quote by Gabrielle Union
Mhairi Black quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#22. My father was so very afraid. I felt it in the sting of his black leather belt, which he applied with more anxiety than anger, my father who beat me as if someone might steal me away, because that was exactly what was happening all around us. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Mhairi Black quotes by Julie Eshbaugh
#23. I can't really appreciate the stars, so beautiful against the blue-black sky, they make me want to live to see them another night. A growing part of me wishes I could stop striving for life and lie down and die, so the beauty of the stars only stokes my anger, to be honest. Stars are for people safe enough to enjoy them. #Quote by Julie Eshbaugh
Mhairi Black quotes by Robert Frank
#24. Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. #Quote by Robert Frank
Mhairi Black quotes by L.J.Smith
#25. Still, there was no point in hurting Damon. She loved Damon, too. "I'll try," she promised.
"We'll take you home," he said.
"But not yet," she told him gently. "Let's wait just a little while."
Something happened in the fathomless black eyes, and the burning spark went out. Then she saw that Damon knew, too.
"I'm not afraid," she said. "Well - only a little. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Mhairi Black quotes by Jules Verne
#26. We were alone. Where, I could not say, hardly imagine. All was black, and such a dense black that, after some minutes, my eyes had not been able to discern even the faintest glimmer. #Quote by Jules Verne
Mhairi Black quotes by Graham Elliot
#27. I really see food as subjective. It's a creative outlet. It's something that you do for fun. It's a gray area. It's not black and white or right and wrong. #Quote by Graham Elliot
Mhairi Black quotes by Black Kettle
#28. I once thought that I was the only man that persevered to be the friend of the white man, but since they have come and cleaned out our lodges, horses, and everything else, it is hard for to believe the white man any more. #Quote by Black Kettle
Mhairi Black quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#29. I'm a TV junkie, so it's hard to choose just one. Currently I'm a slave to 'Black Sails,' 'Vikings,' 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Mindy Project.' #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Mhairi Black quotes by Kimberley Nixon
#30. Even though we know the origin of diseases, panic sweeps. It's one thing that frightens us, because it's your health and your body - it's more like a tangible threat; it's not like a foreign enemy you can fight. That was really what was uppermost to many of us whilst making 'Black Death.' #Quote by Kimberley Nixon
Mhairi Black quotes by Barry Hughart
#31. I used to love history class. I can still quote whole passages by heart: "When the emperor entered the Hall of Balming Virtue, a violent wind came from a dark corner, and out of it slithered a giant serpent that coiled around the throne. The emperor fainted, and that night earthquakes struck Loyang, and waves swept the shores, and cranes shrieked in the marshes. On the fifth day of the sixth moon a long trail of black mist floated into the Hall of Concubines, and hot and cold became confused, and a hen turned into a rooster, and a woman turned into a man, and flesh fell from the skies." Now, that is grand stuff, just the thing to give to growing boys, and then we were old enough to read the greatest of all historians. This is what Ssu-ma Ch'ien had to say about the exact same subject: "The Chou Dynasty was nearing collapse." Bah. #Quote by Barry Hughart
Mhairi Black quotes by Stephen King
#32. The object Rusty found on Black Ridge looked so much like his Apple TV addon that he at first thought it actually was one ... only modified, of course, so it could hold an entire town prisoner as well as broadcast The Little Mermaid to your television via Wi-Fi and in HD. #Quote by Stephen King
Mhairi Black quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#33. The courts would say: if you don't experience racism in a same way as a black man does or sexism in a same way a white woman does then you haven't been discriminated against. I saw that as a problem of sameness and difference. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Mhairi Black quotes by Colin Watson
#34. Real life is disobliging. People like to think, or feel, in black and white. Having to assess the relative values of all those intermediate greys is tiresome and perplexing. #Quote by Colin Watson
Mhairi Black quotes by Patrick Ness
#35. And I put my hand on her arm to stop her rowing.
Aaron's Noise roars up in red and black.
The current takes us on.
"I'm sorry!" I cry as the river takes us away, my words ragged things torn from me, my chest pulled so tight I can't barely breathe. "I'm sorry, Manchee!"
"Todd?" he barks, confused and scared and watching me leave him behind. "Todd?"
"Manchee!" I scream.
Aaron brings his free hand towards my dog.
And Aaron wrenches his arms and there's a CRACK and a scream and a cut-off yelp that tears my heart in two forever and forever.
And the pain is too much it's too much it's too much and my hands are on my head and I'm rearing back and my mouth is open in a never-ending wordless wail of all the blackness that's inside of me. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Mhairi Black quotes by Joanne Greenberg
#36. They had shared much of their pasts, most of their fears, and all of their tenuous and fragile hopes, but Deborah had noticed over the years that whenever she mentioned her art, or something on which she was working, a subtle change would come over Carla. Her face would harden almost imperceptibly; her manner would edge toward coolness. Because it was a subtle emotion in a world of erratic oscillations of feeling, of violence, and of lies told by every sense of perception, Deborah had not noticed it in their sick times. But one day the world had cleared enough so that she realised that at any mention of her art, her friend drew back. In their new eagerness for experience and reality, the strange aloofness stood out clearly.
She had a dream.
In the dream it was winter and night. The sky was thick blue-black and the stars were frozen in it, so that they glimmered. Over the clean white and windswept hills the shadows of snowdrifts drew long. She was walking on the crust of snow, watching the star-glimmer and the snow-glimmer and the cold tear-glimmer in her own eyes. A deep voice said to her, "You know, don't you, that the stars are sound as well as light?"
She listened and heard a lullaby made by the voices of the stars, sounding so beautiful together that she began to cry with it.
The voice said, "Look out there."
She looked toward the horizon. "See, it is a sweep, a curve." Then the voice said, "This night is a curve of darkness and th #Quote by Joanne Greenberg
Mhairi Black quotes by Holly Black
#37. I have been Madoc's protégé and Dain's creature. I don't know how to win any other way but theirs. It is no recipe for being a hero, but it is a recipe for success. I know how to drive a knife through my own hand. I know how to hate and be hated. And I know how to win the day, provided I am willing to sacrifice everything good in me for it.

I said that if I couldn't be better than my enemies, then I would become worse. Much, much worse. #Quote by Holly Black
Mhairi Black quotes by Issa Rae
#38. My first web series, 'Dorm Diaries,' was a realistic mockumentary about what it was like to be black at Stanford University. I'm black and I went to Stanford. Boom. Easy. #Quote by Issa Rae
Mhairi Black quotes by Booth Tarkington
#39. All at once the anger ran out of John Harkless; he was a hard man for anger to tarry with. And in place of it a strong sense of home-coming began to take possession of him. He was going home. "Back to Plattville, where I belong," he had said; and he said it again without bitterness, for it was the truth. "Every man cometh to his own place in the end."

Yes, as one leaves a gay acquaintance of the playhouse lobby for some hard-handed, tried old friend, so he would wave the outer world God-speed and come back to the old ways of Carlow. What though the years were dusty, he had his friends and his memories and his old black brier pipe. He had a girl's picture that he should carry in his heart till his last day; and if his life was sadder, it was infinitely richer for it. His winter fireside should be not so lonely for her sake; and losing her, he lost not everything, for he had the rare blessing of having known her. And what man could wish to be healed of such a hurt? Far better to have had it than to trot a smug pace unscathed.

He had been a dullard; he had lain prostrate in the wretchedness of his loss. "A girl you could put in your hat - and there you have a strong man prone." He had been a sluggard, weary of himself, unfit to fight, a failure in life and a failure in love. That was ended; he was tired of failing, and it was time to succeed for a while. To accept the worst that Fate can deal, and to wring courage from it instead of despair, that is suc #Quote by Booth Tarkington
Mhairi Black quotes by Gene Wolfe
#40. The pool and the miniature vale that contained it, always dark, grew darker still. Looking up after countless kisses, he saw idling fish of mottled gold and silver, black, white, and red, hanging in air above the goddess's upraised hand, and for the first time noticed light streaming from a lamp of silver filigree in the branches of a stunted tree. "Where did they go?" he asked. #Quote by Gene Wolfe
Mhairi Black quotes by Nely Cab
#41. What were you guys doing in there?" Bill sounded perturbed.
"We've been waiting for you forever."
"William," David hung his arm over Bill's shoulder, "A man always waits patiently for his ladylove."
"Are you for real?" Bill's eyes narrowed. "What black and white movie did you pop out of? #Quote by Nely Cab
Mhairi Black quotes by J. Autherine
#42. She is a beautiful, powerful badass woman who sometimes falls apart inside after she drops her bags by the door and tosses her stilettos. Her vulnerability at night helps her to rise stronger in the morning. #Quote by J. Autherine
Mhairi Black quotes by Amanda Strong
#43. A Letter To Say, "I'll See You Later"

I remember just like it was yesterday the grapevine, clothesline, lilacs and peonies. I remember the secret hiding place for 50-cent pieces.
I remember just like it was yesterday the color wheel Christmas Tree, The Honeymooner's, The Dukes of Hazzard and Jeopardy!
I remember just like it was yesterday the house was full of children, but I was your only and your favorite. You always made time for me, even when I deserved the fly swatter.
I remember just like it was yesterday falling asleep to the scent of Dove soap on your pillow, you lying for me so I wouldn't be abused again.
I remember just like it was yesterday your big "Black Cat" and the late, dark nights driving to IFP and knowing there was "No Place Like Home."
I remember just like it was yesterday the "horns" in your 'do and the smell of Raffinee wafting through the house and Listerine in the bathroom. I remember your bows and polka dots and "just a few fries." I remember the green blanket.
I remember just like it was yesterday the way it felt to sit on your lap and have you sing "She's Grandma's Little Baby."
I remember just like it was yesterday the day you told me I could "Shit in the sugar bowl."
I remember just like it was yesterday telling you that you were going to be a great-grandma…for the first time.
I remember just like it was yesterday the 1st time you held him in your arms; you helped me raise him. Your house wa #Quote by Amanda Strong

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