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Mexican quotes by Enrique Pena Nieto
#1. I will maintain the presence of a Mexican Army, and the Navy and police in the states of the Mexican Republic, where the problem of crime has increased. #Quote by Enrique Pena Nieto
Mexican quotes by C.M. Mayo
#2. I was both charmed and moved by Midday with Buuel, Mexican filmmaker and writer Claudio Isaac's personal and very poetic recollection of his friendship with his mentor, the Spanish surrealist Luis Buuel. #Quote by C.M. Mayo
Mexican quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#3. The Ecuadorian, Mexican, Dominican and Salvadorian cooks I've worked with over the years make most CIA-educated white boys look like clumsy, sniveling little punks. In #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Mexican quotes by Joe Baca
#4. Cinco de Mayo has come to represent a celebration of the contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanics have made to America. #Quote by Joe Baca
Mexican quotes by Michelle Rowen
#5. No ... I ... I had this spicy Mexican food last night. It's only a bad case of heartburn. I don't need an exorcism. i need some Pepto-Bismo! #Quote by Michelle Rowen
Mexican quotes by Charles Soule
#6. Of all the things I've done, the first 'Strongman' story was one of the easiest things to write. It was almost fully formed from the get-go. It's almost a 'Dark Knight Returns' riff, except you have a battle-worn Mexican wrestler instead of Batman. #Quote by Charles Soule
Mexican quotes by Simone Elkeles
#7. Marry me, Kiara," he blurts out in front of everyone.
"Why?" she asks, challenging him.
"Because I love you," he says, walking up to her and bending down on one knee while he takes her hand in his, "and I want to go to sleep with you every night and wake up seein' your face every mornin', I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to fix cars with you and eat your crappy tofu tacos that you think are Mexican. I want to climb mountains with you and be challenged by you, I want to argue with you just so we can have crazy hot makeup sex. Marry me, because without you I'd be six feet under ... and because I love your family like they're my own ... and because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you." He starts tearing up, and it's shocking because I've never seen him cry. "Marry me, Kiara Westford, because when I got shot the only thing I was thinkin' about was comin' back here and makin' you my wife. Say yes, chica. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Mexican quotes by Stanislav Grof
#8. I have taken part in ceremonies with North American and Mexican shamans, as well as Brazilian ceremonies. #Quote by Stanislav Grof
Mexican quotes by Louis C.K.
#9. Race doesn't mean what it used to in America anymore. It just doesn't. Obama's black, but he's not black the way people used to define that. Is black your experience or the color of your skin? My experience is as a Mexican immigrant, more so than someone like George Lopez. He's from California. But he'll be treated as an immigrant. I am an outsider. My abuelita, my grandmother, didn't speak English. My whole family on my dad's side is in Mexico. I won't ever be called that or treated that way, but it was my experience. #Quote by Louis C.K.
Mexican quotes by Joy Covey
#10. The Mexican gray wolves are actually responsible for the spark of legendary environmentalists Aldo Leopold and Ernest Seton. In both cases, the men found their lives and souls forever changed after they killed Mexican gray wolves. #Quote by Joy Covey
Mexican quotes by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
#11. Maybe next year the government might impose some immigration rules on the academy. Two Mexicans in a row is suspicious. [On Mexican immigrants in the US] I hope they can be treated with respect of the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation. #Quote by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Mexican quotes by Becky G
#12. I still live in Inglewood and have a great relationship with my Mexican family. #Quote by Becky G
Mexican quotes by Victor Ortiz
#13. When you're growing up, it's always nice to have someone you can relate and look up to. I'm proud of how I conduct my business and how I have accomplished all that I have accomplished, and hope that I can be a positive influence on not only the Mexican community but also young boxers and people all around the world. #Quote by Victor Ortiz
Mexican quotes by Milton Berle
#14. My wife wants something foreign for Christmas - like a Mexican divorce. #Quote by Milton Berle
Mexican quotes by Craig Ferguson
#15. I don't drink anymore for Cinco de Mayo. I celebrate with Mexican food, or as it's known in Mexico: 'food.' #Quote by Craig Ferguson
Mexican quotes by Salma Hayek
#16. I had to endure the worst time of all in terms of racial discrimination in Hollywood when I first started out. It was inconcievable to American directors and producers that a Mexican woman could have a lead role. #Quote by Salma Hayek
Mexican quotes by Emiliano Salinas
#17. I think the biggest insult, the worst way you can offend a Mexican, is to insult their mother. A mother is the most sacred thing in life. #Quote by Emiliano Salinas
Mexican quotes by Marty Robbins
#18. Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl ... #Quote by Marty Robbins
Mexican quotes by Jenni Rivera
#19. I made a living out of singing Mexican music. #Quote by Jenni Rivera
Mexican quotes by Phil Collins
#20. There were 'big stars' at the Alamo! Bowie, Crockett! It is a huge political event because it, and the events at Goliad and San Jacinto, changed the look of a map of America. America would be a very different place if Texas had remained Mexican. #Quote by Phil Collins
Mexican quotes by Carlos Santana
#21. A lot of people said to me, 'Enough with the guest vocalists for a while. We want to hear the Mexican play the guitar!' #Quote by Carlos Santana
Mexican quotes by Subcomandante Marcos Laura Castellanos
#22. Don Quixote is the best book out there on political theory, followed by Hamlet and Macbeth. There is no better way to understand the tragedy and the comedy of the Mexican political system than Hamlet, Macbeth and Don Quixote. They're much better than any column of political analysis. #Quote by Subcomandante Marcos Laura Castellanos
Mexican quotes by Donella H. Meadows
#23. Carter also was trying to deal with a flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico. He suggested that nothing could be done about that immigration as long as there was a great gap in opportunity and living standards between the United States and Mexico. Rather than spending money on border guards and barriers, he said, we should spend money helping to build the Mexican economy, and we should continue to do so until the immigration stopped. #Quote by Donella H. Meadows
Mexican quotes by James Alexander Thom
#24. To read Lucia St. Clair Robson is to learn while being thoroughly entertained. Last Train from Cuernavaca puts us through the tragic violence and political treachery of the Mexican Revolution and its consequences so intimately that we feel hunger, lust, thirst, grief, and saddle sores, and admire anew the awesome durability and courage of the people of Mexico
especially the women. #Quote by James Alexander Thom
Mexican quotes by Bell Hooks
#25. Part of the racialized sexism wants everyone to think that a 15-year old Mexican is not a girl, she's a woman. We know she's a girl. We can never emphasize this enough, because this is the fate of colored girls globally right now: the denial of their girlhood, the denial of their childhood, and the constant state of risk and danger they are living in. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Mexican quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#26. Republican candidate Ben Carson told reporters he thinks American prisons might be too comfortable. As opposed to Mexican prisons that have personal showers with $5 million escape tunnels. #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Mexican quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#27. The Stadium

Have you ever entered an empty stadium? Try it. Stand in the middle of the field and listen. There is nothing less empty than an empty stadium. There is nothing less mute than stands bereft of spectators.

At Wembley, shouts from the 1966 World Cup, which England won, still resound, and if you listen very closely you can hear groans from 1953 when England fell to the Hungarians. Montevideo's Centenario Stadium sighs with nostalgia for the glory days of Uruguayan soccer. Maracanã is still crying over Brazil's 1950 World Cup defeat. At Bombonera in Buenos Aires, drums boom from half a century ago. From the depths of Azteca Stadium, you can hear the ceremonial chants of the ancient Mexican ball game. The concrete terraces of Camp Nou in Barcelona speak Catalan, and the stands of San Mamés in Bilbao talk in Basque. In Milan, the ghosts of Giuseppe Meazza scores goals that shake the stadium bearing his name. The final match of the 1974 World Cup, won by Germany, is played day after day and night after night at Munich's Olympic Stadium. King Fahd Stadium in Saudi Arabia has marble and gold boxes and carpeted stands, but it has no memory or much of anything to say. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Mexican quotes by Sandra Day O'Connor
#28. So how as a nation can we sit around and eat Mexican food, and drink beer and make friends? That's the question. If we can do that on a broader scale, I think we'll come out of it all right. #Quote by Sandra Day O'Connor
Mexican quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#29. I live in a town that's two and a half hours from the border. I know people who have lived in San Antonio for generations, sometimes seven generations, their families are from there, and they are of Mexican descent, and they've never gone farther than the border. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Mexican quotes by Daniel Younger
#30. If you're looking for good Mexican food in Vegas, you go to the Arts District. Jonesing for stupidly overpriced jeans or a rhine- stone T-shirt? The Fashion Show Mall has you covered. How about some quiet contemplation over that lost trust fund? Lake Mead's your man. Maybe getting stabbed, shot, or beaten to death is your thing, so head on up to North Vegas. But, if you're looking for a snapshot of city history, a reasonably affordable libation, and the rare sensation of getting squeezed through a kaleidoscope's poop chute, then you can't beat Fremont. #Quote by Daniel Younger
Mexican quotes by Alex Cox
#31. And Walker was made with a Mexican crew, although it was shot in Nicaragua. #Quote by Alex Cox
Mexican quotes by Timothy Murphy
#32. We must safely secure our border by investing in more law enforcement and technology, and receiving cooperation from the Mexican government. #Quote by Timothy Murphy
Mexican quotes by Rosecrans Baldwin
#33. Of course, there's no reason that Paris should have decent Mexican food. It's a silly expectation - there's a Mexican population in Paris, but they're not exactly traveling there from across the border. Paris also doesn't do Peruvian all that well, either. #Quote by Rosecrans Baldwin
Mexican quotes by Billy Connolly
#34. If Jesus was a Jew, how come he has a Mexican first name? #Quote by Billy Connolly
Mexican quotes by Alex Honnold
#35. My fantasy breakfast is just a really good egg scramble. Maybe I'll add a little feta, so, uh, obviously not totally dairy-free. Definitely some vegetables, maybe some really nice tortillas; something to make it like a Mexican-style breakfast. I just really love breakfast. #Quote by Alex Honnold
Mexican quotes by Neale Sourna
#36. My characters push the limits of the envelope when it comes to passion, love, and lust. They can be as elegant and distinguished as Lizzie's Darcy, or as wild and unrelenting as Cathy's Heathcliff; sometimes all in one bold personality. I also believe there is a wider universal mosaic on our planet than mere black and white. My contemporary healer/surgeon in the novel 'Hobble' is half Native American (Mayan Mexican + Peruvian, plus Scottish) and his lover is African American (African + European + American Indian). My people see the world differently; they're often mixed race or of a race, color, or nationality not normally associated with nor depicted in romantic and erotic novels or films as central, positively sexual, and realistic. #Quote by Neale Sourna
Mexican quotes by Christina Engela
#37. The Beetle's body, whether it be a '49 split or a '73 Jeans Bug, or an '03 Mexican, was originally conceived in the mid 1930's. This is evident in it's body styling which aside from it's rear engine layout and absence of front radiator (or radiator!) grille, is very similar to other cars of the same period. Believe it or not, in those days streamlining was a hot new concept, kind of like how wireless networking is today with computing.
The only problem was, in the beginning they didn't seem to realize that streamlining ought to be applied sideways as well as longitudinally! #Quote by Christina Engela
Mexican quotes by Juan Felipe Herrera
#38. As a boy, I felt ashamed of being Mexican. I'd say I was Hawaiian. #Quote by Juan Felipe Herrera
Mexican quotes by Ami Bera
#39. Our nation is built upon a history of immigration, dating back to our first pioneers, the Pilgrims. For more than three centuries, we have welcomed generations of immigrants to our melting pot of hyphenated America: British-Americans; Italian-Americans; Irish-Americans; Jewish-Americans; Mexican-Americans; Chinese-Americans; Indian-Americans. #Quote by Ami Bera
Mexican quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#40. Though it has no intrinsic value – you cannot eat or drink a dollar bill – trust in the dollar and in the wisdom of the Federal Reserve is so firm that it is shared even by Islamic fundamentalists, Mexican drug lords and North Korean tyrants. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Mexican quotes by Gustavo Arellano
#41. Your life depends on a random stranger who could kill you, will probably disrespect you, and will most likely pay you much less than you deserve. But even those prospects are better than the ones you used to have. This is the life of los jornaleros – the day laborers. #Quote by Gustavo Arellano
Mexican quotes by Enrique Pena Nieto
#42. You can't consider a president weak because he will have a Congress that Mexican voters have wanted to be co-responsible in the decisions to be taken ... It will be through the leadership that I will exercise that we will be able to build the agreements in Congress. #Quote by Enrique Pena Nieto
Mexican quotes by Bill Konigsberg
#43. With my white friends, I'm always half Mexican. They never say I'm half Irish. Never say I'm half white. Like I'm tainted halfway from the standard. It's like when I was a kid and I thought vanilla ice cream meant no flavor, like it was the base of all of the flavors. But vanilla is a bean. Like chocolate is a bean. Like cinnamon is a root. All roots and beans. All flavors. There is no base. No ice cream without a flavor. #Quote by Bill Konigsberg
Mexican quotes by Cheech Marin
#44. I'm the go-to guy for Mexican priests. I'm the new Barry Fitzgerald, except with a Mexican accent. #Quote by Cheech Marin
Mexican quotes by Richard Rodriguez
#45. In Sacramento, my brown was not halfway between black and white. On the leafy streets, on the east side of town, where my family lived, where Asians did not live, where Negroes did not live, my family's Mexican shades passed as various. #Quote by Richard Rodriguez
Mexican quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#46. Mexican food is far more varied than people think. It changes like dialects. I was brought up in Jalisco by the sea on a basic diet - tomatoes, chillis, peppers of every size and rice, which is a Mexican staple. The Pacific coast has a huge array of seafood. #Quote by Gael Garcia Bernal
Mexican quotes by Tammy Blackwell
#47. Not to alarm you or anything, but I think you just made a deal with a Mexican gang. I've read Simone Elkeles books. I know how this whole garage as a front thing works. #Quote by Tammy Blackwell
Mexican quotes by Donald Trump
#48. When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting. #Quote by Donald Trump
Mexican quotes by Cheech Marin
#49. To me, you have to declare yourself a Chicano in order to be a Chicano. That makes a Chicano a Mexican-American with a defiant political attitude that centers on his or her right to self-definition. I'm a Chicano because I say I am. #Quote by Cheech Marin
Mexican quotes by Willa Cather
#50. When the Cathedral bell tolled just after dark, the Mexican population of Santa Fe fell upon their knees, and all American Catholics as well. Many others who did not kneel prayed in their hearts. Eusabio and the Tesuque boys went quietly away to tell their people; and the next morning the old Archbishop lay before the high altar in the church he had built. #Quote by Willa Cather
Mexican quotes by Bushra Rehman
#51. I heard him only encourage my brother to date Mexican girls. They would be so grateful to go out with a gringo. #Quote by Bushra Rehman
Mexican quotes by Ricardo Salinas Pliego
#52. I hope to be remembered as someone who promoted positive change in Mexican business and society - even if this is not currently understood. #Quote by Ricardo Salinas Pliego
Mexican quotes by Brenda Song
#53. I'd like to have any sort of Mexican or Italian food any time of the day! #Quote by Brenda Song
Mexican quotes by H. Samy Alim
#54. As with outlaw figures, in diverse musical and oral cultures throughout the world- Mexican corridos and Egyptian shaabi music, for example- Hip Hop's irreverence toward dominant values and noncompliance with the status quo creates alternative, counterhegemonic spaces. #Quote by H. Samy Alim
Mexican quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#55. When confronted with a clear definition of what it is to be Mexican, we encounter ourselves in a never ending allegory of mixes and chaos. #Quote by Gael Garcia Bernal
Mexican quotes by Adolfo Aguilar Zinser
#56. Any Mexican, would recognise that Mexico was abused, undervalued and downgraded in international circles, most of all by the United States. #Quote by Adolfo Aguilar Zinser
Mexican quotes by Tyler Posey
#57. I mean, people don't know what race I am. They never know if I'm Hawaiian or Italian or Mexican or Spanish or white. I could play Jewish, I could play anything. #Quote by Tyler Posey
Mexican quotes by Simone Elkeles
#58. Tofu tacos are not Mexican. I think putting tofu on anything and calling it Mexican is an insult to my people. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Mexican quotes by John Yoo
#59. The United States has used force abroad more than 130 times, but has only declared war five times - the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, and World Wars I and II. #Quote by John Yoo
Mexican quotes by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
#60. The way America sees Mexico, if they have any sense of it, is like Taco Bell. Our countries are neighbors, and the only hard food to get in America is true Mexican. It's impossible to find, even in L.A. Why is that? #Quote by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Mexican quotes by Phil Klay
#61. Chaplain Vega's a tall Mexican guy with a mustache that looks like it's about to jump off his face and fuck the first rodent it finds. Kind of mustache only a chaps could get away with in the military. #Quote by Phil Klay
Mexican quotes by Jeff Dunham
#62. jose jaliopinio on a stick" do you like bmw's (big mexican weman) #Quote by Jeff Dunham
Mexican quotes by Paul Beatty
#63. Who was I kidding? I'm a farmer, and farmers are natural segregationists. We separate the wheat from the chaff. I'm not Rudolf Hess, P. W. Botha, Capitol Records, or present-day U.S. of A. Those motherfuckers segregate because they want to hold on to power. I'm a farmer: we segregate in an effort to give every tree, every plant, every poor Mexican, every poor nigger, a chance for equal access to sunlight and water; we make sure every living organism has room to breathe. #Quote by Paul Beatty
Mexican quotes by Linda Ronstadt
#64. I'll occasionally go and do an honor like the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund because it raises money for a very worthy organization. #Quote by Linda Ronstadt
Mexican quotes by Lee Trevino
#65. Sure, I've felt racism. I think everybody has prejudice. When I was growing up, the dark Mexican kids weren't allowed in the public swimming pool in Dallas. My light-skinned friend got in, and he laughed at us. It didn't seem like a big deal, because we didn't know any different. So I never ran into anything that actually scarred me. #Quote by Lee Trevino
Mexican quotes by Brian Eno
#66. I love the sort of ambivalence of this, the ambiguity of something being, for instance, in a quite busy Mexican restaurant with one of these very gentle tracks playing I remember as being particularly nice. #Quote by Brian Eno
Mexican quotes by Simone Elkeles
#67. A Mexican guy named Sam pushes Gary Frankel next to Isabel. "This guy can break your arm with one snap, asshole. Get out of my sight before I sic him on you," Sam says.
Gary, who's wearing a coral shirt and white pants, growls to look tough. It doesn't work. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Mexican quotes by Wentworth Miller
#68. I had a brief experience in the food industry. I was a bus boy in a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, scraping re-fried beans off people's plates. It teaches you a bit of humility and the importance of a good deodorant. #Quote by Wentworth Miller
Mexican quotes by Wolfman Jack
#69. I looked real Neanderthal. I could have been Mexican, I could have been black; I could have been anything. #Quote by Wolfman Jack
Mexican quotes by Donna Tartt
#70. I continue to be immensely moved by the impermanence of hotels: not in any mundane Travel-and-Leisure way but with a fervor bordering on the transcendent. Some time in October, right around Day of the Dead actually, I stayed in a Mexican seaside hotel where the halls flowed with blown curtains and all the rooms were named after flowers. The Azalea Room, the Camellia Room, the Oleander Room. Opulence and splendor, breezy corridors that swept into something like eternity and each room with its different colored door. Peony, Wisteria, Rose, Passion Flower. And who knows
but maybe that's what's waiting for us at the end of the journey, a majesty unimaginable until the very moment we find ourselves walking through the doors of it, what we find ourselves gazing at in astonishment when God finally takes His hands off our eyes and says: Look! #Quote by Donna Tartt
Mexican quotes by William Madsen
#71. ...the Virgin of Guadalupe was not a mere Christian front for the worship of a pagan goddess. The adoration of Guadalupe represented a profound change of Aztec religious belief...The pagan Tonantzin was a dual-natured earth goddess who fed her Mexican children and devoured their corpses. She wore a necklace of human hands and hearts with a human skull hanging over her flaccid breasts, which nursed both gods and men. her idol depicts her as a monster with two streams of blood shaped like serpents flowing from her neck. Like other major deities in the Aztec pantheon, Tonantzin was both a creator and destroyer...The Christian ideals of beauty, love, and mercy associated with the Virgin of Guadalupe were never attributed to the pagan deity."
William Madsen, "Religious Syncretism", Handbook of Middle American Indians, Vol. 6, p.378. #Quote by William Madsen
Mexican quotes by Octavio Paz
#72. One of the great creations of Mexican Catholicism was the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to a Mexican Indian, on the same hill where, before the Conquest, a pre-Hispanic goddess had been worshiped. Catholicism was able to take root in Mexico by transforming the ancient gods into the saints, virgins, and devils of the new religion. Nothing similar could occur in India with Muslim monotheism or Protestant Christianity, both of which saw the cult of images, of saints and virgins, as idolatry. The Christianity imported by the British was poor in rites and ceremonies, but full of moral and sexual rigidity. In other words: the exact opposite of popular Hinduism. Similarly, in Christian asceticism, the central concept is redemption; in India, it is liberation. These two words encompass opposite ideas of this world and the next, of the body and the soul. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Mexican quotes by Lewis Mumford
#73. This New World utopia, this promised land, was soon buried under the ashes and cinders that erupted over the Western World in the nineteenth century, thanks tot he resurrection and intensification of all the forces that had originally brought 'civilization' itself into existence. The rise of the centralized state, teh expansion of the bureaucracy and the conscript army, the regimentation of the factory system, the depredations of speculative finance, the spread of imperialism, as in the Mexican War, and the continued encroachment of slavery-all these negative movements not only sullied the New World dream but brought back on a larger scale than ever the Old World nightmares that the immigrants to America had risked their lives and forfeited their cultural treasures to escape. #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Mexican quotes by Donald Trump
#74. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. #Quote by Donald Trump
Mexican quotes by Shannyn Sossamon
#75. I did a film called The Jesuit, which was an independent film. I did that shortly after Mistresses. I was still feeling soft and I was nursing, but it was a character I'd never played before. That was a Paul Schrader script, with an up-and-coming Mexican director, named Alfonso Ulloa. That has Tim Roth and Paz Vega in it, and I enjoyed that, as well. #Quote by Shannyn Sossamon
Mexican quotes by Freddy Fender
#76. Hopefully I'll be the first Mexican-American going into Hillbilly Heaven. #Quote by Freddy Fender
Mexican quotes by Demetri Martin
#77. Sometimes if I really want to get someone's attention, I'll start a sentence with something like, "I'm not racist, but ... " I say, "I'm not racist, but you look great today." They say, "That wasn't racist at all." I said, "I know. I said I'm not racist. You never listen. Typical Mexican." #Quote by Demetri Martin
Mexican quotes by Robyn Peterman
#78. Jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean on crack. #Quote by Robyn Peterman
Mexican quotes by John D. MacDonald
#79. Siesta is sweet when the light is gold, and when the vivid, young face on the pillow looks into yours, beside her, inches away, and smiles the woman-smile older than time, her exhalations warm against your mouth, as with slow fingers she traces your brows, lips, and the shape of cheek and jaw. There is nothing more es-stock. It has all been unfastened, all turned loose, with a guile that was so sweetly planned it could not be denied, even had there been any thought of denying it. Elena, you are the Mexican afternoons forever. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Mexican quotes by William F. Buckley, Jr.
#80. They [Theodore White and Lou Harris] took turns weeping, and finally concluded that Rockefeller got the votes of everyone in California who is a Negro, a Jew, a Mexican, and a college graduate, while Goldwater got the votes of every millionaire. Which certainly makes California the land of opportunity. #Quote by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Mexican quotes by Gilbert Hernandez
#81. I always felt I was living in two worlds. One was the Mexican world, because nearly everybody I knew, relatives and cousins and kids in the neighbourhood, were Mexican. Then school was a different world. It was ethnically mixed. #Quote by Gilbert Hernandez
Mexican quotes by Danny Wallace
#82. At first I assumed he was a Mexican, but slowly began to realise that a real Mexican probably wouldn't be wearing a sombrero in a London nightclub. And he'd probably have a real moustache, not a stick-on one. A Mexican with a stick-on moustache would be like a Super-Mexican, because he'd have two moustaches, and that'd be cool, because a Super-Mexican could probably use his poncho as a cape, and then I realised I was saying all this to the man's face. #Quote by Danny Wallace
Mexican quotes by Mary Doria Russell
#83. When we were 15, my girlfriend Ruth Kaplan and I applied to the Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City. We were accepted into a program that placed us with a lovely Mexican family. We lived with them for six weeks while studying Spanish poetry and Mexican anthropology. #Quote by Mary Doria Russell
Mexican quotes by Rodolfo Gonzalez Lebrero
#84. Where are we going? We're going to try and fulfill Dr. Martin Luther King's dream, and if we Mexican Americans march to Washington, it is to tell this country that poverty is not a Negro problem. Poverty is a Mexican-American problem; poverty is an American-Indian problem; poverty is a Puerto Rican problem; poverty is an Appalachian problem. #Quote by Rodolfo Gonzalez Lebrero
Mexican quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#85. Well, when you're an immigrant writer, or an immigrant, you're not always welcome to this country unless you're the right immigrant. If you have a Mexican accent, people look at you like, you know, where do you come from and why don't you go back to where you came from? So, even though I was born in the United States, I never felt at home in the United States. I never felt at home until I moved to the Southwest, where, you know, there's a mix of my culture with the U.S. culture, and that was why I lived in Texas for 25 years. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Mexican quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#86. Today you are thirteen weeks old and already controversial. You should know that the mention of the name Pablo is alarming to a very few, highly insignificant people. From this palsied paction there is occasionally the slightest pause, and then, 'Oh, really. Pablo.' Then with a small, self-depreciating chuckle, they might tilt their heads playfully and say something like 'Aren't you afraid people will think he's Mexican?'
... I find it amusing when they balk at Pablo, as though we were naming you Jesus H. Christ and jamming our nails into your hands. They seem to feel your name is up for general discussion, like naming a local bridge or a stray cat.
Hmmm. Mr. Whiskers? I don't like Mr. Whiskers. I like the name Blackie.'
Aren't you afraid people will think he's black? #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Mexican quotes by Russell Means
#87. You see the one thing I've always maintained is that I'm an American Indian. I'm not a Native American. I'm not politically correct. Everyone who's born in the Western Hemisphere is a Native American. We are all Native Americans. And if you notice, I put American before my ethnicity. I'm not a hyphenated African-American or Irish-American or Jewish-American or Mexican-American. #Quote by Russell Means
Mexican quotes by Eva Longoria
#88. Anytime there is Mexican food around, you can bet I'll be eating it, #Quote by Eva Longoria
Mexican quotes by Chelsea Handler
#89. It always freaks me out when I go to a sushi place and there's a Mexican. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Mexican quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#90. Generally if you're a daughter in a Mexican family, no one wants to tell you anything; they tell you the healthy lies about your family. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Mexican quotes by Mexican Proverb
#91. They tried to bury us; they did not know we were seeds #Quote by Mexican Proverb
Mexican quotes by Conor Oberst
#92. I have many friends who are both Mexican and Mexican-American and others who, I guess you would say, are somewhere in between. The ironic thing is that all three of those categories often exist inside of the same family. #Quote by Conor Oberst
Mexican quotes by Eula Biss
#93. When the last nationwide smallpox epidemic began in 1898, some people believed that whites were not susceptible to the disease. It was called "Nigger itch," or, where it was associated with immigrants, "Italian itch" or "Mexican bump." When #Quote by Eula Biss
Mexican quotes by Moshe Arens
#94. How do you reconcile the lifestyle between the United States and Mexico? One is a very prosperous country, the other one is somewhat backwards. I mean, I don't want to denigrate them. And people want to go from Mexico into the US because it's much better there. Mexicans also have a grudge against the US. Most of the Western US was Mexican territory once, but they prefer to being in the US, not Mexico. #Quote by Moshe Arens
Mexican quotes by David McCullough
#95. By the time he went to work for James J. Hill in 1889, he had survived Mexican fevers, Indian attack, Upper Michigan mosquitoes, and Canadian blizzards. He had been treed by wolves on one occasion; he #Quote by David McCullough
Mexican quotes by Carol Storm
#96. Mary didn't know much about Mexican law, but she felt quite certain she could hold out in the crumbling village jail for a long, long time. She knew how strong she was. And she knew the difference between right and wrong. Above all, she knew how to defy the man she hated for making love to her until she let down all her defenses. Deceitful, dishonest, devastatingly seductive Max would never get her to give in again! #Quote by Carol Storm
Mexican quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
#97. And so once again peace reigned in his kitchen cabinet. The voices he'd been hearing as he lie in bed stopped. His doctor took him off the Lithium. Tho every now and again he'd hear what seemed to be the sounds of love making emanating from the kitchen ... and the muffled sobs of a can of refried beans. Probably just the Mexican couple in the apartment upstairs. (From "Kitchen Cabinet Confidential") #Quote by Quentin R. Bufogle
Mexican quotes by Jay Leno
#98. Congratulations to Mexico. They upset Brazil to win a gold medal in men's soccer. And after the Olympics ended, the Mexican soccer team, of course, returned home to their houses here in Los Angeles. #Quote by Jay Leno
Mexican quotes by Luis J Rodriguez
#99. I don't mind paying for my mistakes but it seems like we're paying for everyone else's mistakes too. Sometimes we pay even when there's been no mistake. Just for being who we are, you know what I mean? Just for being Mexican. That's all the wrong I have to do. #Quote by Luis J Rodriguez
Mexican quotes by Richard Rodriguez
#100. My grandmother would always tell me that I was hers, that I was Mexican. That was her role. It was not my teacher's role to tell me I was Mexican. It was my teacher's role to tell me I was an American. #Quote by Richard Rodriguez
Mexican quotes by H. Rap Brown
#101. In terms of the revolution, I believe that the revolution will be a revolution of dispossessed people in this country: that's the Mexican American, the Puerto Rican American, the American Indian, and black people. #Quote by H. Rap Brown
Mexican quotes by Winston Churchill
#102. On 17th July there came to us at Potsdam the eagerly-awaited news of the trial of the atomic bomb in the [New] Mexican desert. Success beyond all dreams crowded this sombre, magnificent venture of our American allies. The detailed reports ... could leave no doubt in the minds of the very few who were informed, that we were in the presence of a new factor in human affairs, and possessed of powers which were irresistible. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Mexican quotes by Becky G
#103. I want a guy who's going to be accepting of - one, my big 'ol, loud Mexican family - and also my career, because it's a lot. I don't want someone who's like ... 'Oh, you don't have time for me'. Like, I want somebody who's sure of himself and gonna be like, 'Okay, you go do your thing, and when you come back, we're good.' #Quote by Becky G
Mexican quotes by John Rechy
#104. I'm Mexican-American, but for a long time I was pushed out of any references to Mexican-American writers. It was easier to come out as a gay man than it was to come out as a Mexican-American. #Quote by John Rechy
Mexican quotes by Anthony Quinn
#105. Bob Taylor and I playing brothers. And I was a Mexican bandit. And he was the sheriff of the town. And we loved each other. We loved each other very much. #Quote by Anthony Quinn
Mexican quotes by Rudolfo Anaya
#106. I was drinking beer to kill time, the erotic and sensitive Mexican time which is so different from the clean-packaged, well-kept time of the Americanos. Time in Mexico is at times cruel and punishing, but it is never indifferent. It permeates everything, changes reality. Einstein would have loved Mexico because there time and space are one. I stare more often into empty space when I'm in Mexico. #Quote by Rudolfo Anaya
Mexican quotes by Michael Oppenheimer
#107. Mexican police will round up illegal American migrants surging into Mexico seeking work as field hands. #Quote by Michael Oppenheimer
Mexican quotes by Felipe Esparza
#108. I also had a stuttering problem. In a Mexican home they don't give you speech therapy; they don't even know what speech therapy is. They just get the belt. If there's a parrot in the house, you better talk better than the parrot. #Quote by Felipe Esparza
Mexican quotes by Carlos Fuentes
#109. Marco Polo had been to China; Vasco de Gama had discovered the route to the Cape. The continent was in ferment, in movement, whereas the Mexican world was ... absolutely hermetically closed. The arrival of the Spaniards must have been like the arrival of people from Mars ... totally unsuspected aliens. The shock must have been profound ... I think it's one of the reasons behind the downfall of the Aztec Empire. In a sense, I think the Aztec Empire died of astonishment, more than anything else. #Quote by Carlos Fuentes
Mexican quotes by Ezra Koenig
#110. I don't like to generalize but I've had nothing but bad experiences with Mexican food in Europe. #Quote by Ezra Koenig
Mexican quotes by Eric Holder
#111. Well, I think the American people have to understand that the Mexican government is committed, in a very substantial way, to eradicating the effect of the impact of the cartels on Mexico. We have - what are called vetted units down there. Units that have been vetted by our law enforcement people there, the people with whom we deal - primarily. #Quote by Eric Holder
Mexican quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#112. When you meet a man in the doorway of a Mexican restaurant who later kisses you while explaining that this kiss doesn't "mean anything" because, much as he likes you, he is not interested in having a relationship with you or anyone right now, just laugh and kiss him back. Your daughter will have his sense of humor. Your son will have his eyes. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Mexican quotes by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
#113. I understand when there's no money for the arts in the government, but it should maybe pressure private companies to support more filmmakers. These exhibition and distribution companies are huge, and there might be incentives for them to invest more in Mexican cinema. #Quote by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Mexican quotes by Kate Clinton
#114. After the Reagan years, there were only three people of color in the Republican Party. Their slogan was 'Republicans - the Other White Meat.' George [H.] Bush tried to dispel the 'whites only' image of his party, often referring to his Mexican-American grandkids as 'the little brown ones over there,' and nominated Clarence Uncle Thomas to the Supreme Court. #Quote by Kate Clinton
Mexican quotes by Cesar Millan
#115. I am a Mexican that has been lucky enough to travel the world, speaking English, but with a heart that speaks a universal language. #Quote by Cesar Millan
Mexican quotes by George Lopez
#116. You know how Mexican restaurants always have "border" in the name: Border Grill, Border Cafe. You wouldn't do that to black people: Kunta's Kitchen or Shackles. They don't do it to white people. You don't see the Honkey Grill, the Cracker Barrel ... oh, nevermind. #Quote by George Lopez
Mexican quotes by Rudolfo Anaya
#117. To me, the fact that the Mexican came North in search of a better life is a tremendous epic that hasn't been written. It's an odyssey that we know nothing about. And they came with a dream for a better life. #Quote by Rudolfo Anaya
Mexican quotes by Erika L. Sánchez
#118. But not Olga. Saint Olga, the perfect Mexican daughter. Sometimes I wanted to scream at her until something switched on in her brain. But the only time I ever asked her why she didn't move out or go to a real college, she told me to leave her alone in a voice so weak and brittle, I never wanted to ask her again. Now I'll never know what Olga would have become. Maybe she would have surprised us all. #Quote by Erika L. Sánchez
Mexican quotes by Susan Reinhardt
#119. It took an entire month for Miranda's jaundice to clear up, and three more months for her skin to lighten from brownish orange to olive and for her black hair to fade to a softer brown. I will admit she did, indeed, appear to be Mexican. But that's no reason for a husband to accuse a woman of cheating. He ruined the birth. Up and ruined it. #Quote by Susan Reinhardt
Mexican quotes by William Gibson
#120. THEY ATE LUNCH in a Mexican place called Dirty Is God. #Quote by William Gibson
Mexican quotes by Steven Erikson
#121. The closest I ever got to Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms was when I bought the box game set for the latter (I think this was before the novels came out). I well recall this - we were living in James Bay, in Victoria. We opened the box up and took out the maps while sitting in a Mexican restaurant. Ten minutes later I was as close as I have ever been to publicly burning someone else's creation…What bothered us was the reworking of every fantasy cliché imaginable, all in one package now, and none of it made sense. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Mexican quotes by Joy Covey
#122. I didn't know much about the Mexican gray wolf before January 2011, when we contributed a flight in our Pilatus PC12 to the effort to re-establish the wolf in the forests of Arizona and New Mexico. #Quote by Joy Covey
Mexican quotes by Amanda Schull
#123. I'm a really good cook. I bake a lot. I cook dinner most nights. I cook everything from Italian food to Mexican food. But if I'm going to some place and it's a potluck, I'm always the one to bring dessert! #Quote by Amanda Schull
Mexican quotes by Mark Teixeira
#124. I'm half-Italian and my name is Portuguese. Michael Young is half-Mexican. There are players from the United States that have heritage elsewhere and it's a great thing to have a world cup to celebrate the whole world. It shows the world that baseball is important and how great the game is. #Quote by Mark Teixeira
Mexican quotes by David Harvey
#125. Beyond the speculative and often fraudulent froth that characterizes much of neoliberal financial manipulation, there lies a deeper process that entails the springing of 'the debt trap' as a primary means of accumulation by dispossession. Crisis creation, management, and manipulation on the world stage has evolved into the fine art of deliberative redistribution of wealth from poor countries to the rich. I documented the impact of Volcker's interest rate increase on Mexico earlier. While proclaiming its role as a noble leader organizing 'bail-outs' to keep global capital accumulation on track, the US paved the way to pillage the Mexican economy. This was what the US Treasury–Wall Street–IMF complex became expert at doing everywhere. Greenspan at the Federal Reserve deployed the same Volcker tactic several times in the 1990s. Debt crises in individual countries, uncommon during the 1960s, became very frequent during the 1980s and 1990s. Hardly any developing country remained untouched, and in some cases, as in Latin America, such crises became endemic. These debt crises were orchestrated, managed, and controlled both to rationalize the system and to redistribute assets. Since 1980, it has been calculated, 'over fifty Marshall Plans (over $4.6 trillion) have been sent by the peoples at the Periphery to their creditors in the Center'. 'What a peculiar world', sighs Stiglitz, 'in which the poor countries are in effect subsidizing the richest. #Quote by David Harvey
Mexican quotes by Penny Reid
#126. I had no intention of drinking tequila with Quinn.
Quinn plus tequila equaled Quinquelia and that sounded like something that happens in Mexican jails. #Quote by Penny Reid
Mexican quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#127. There is a certain pride in work and in your body throbbing beyond any boundaries you imagined you could endure. You identify with those who come home with pieces of pork fat wedged into their boots, with gashes on their arms and legs from their tools and machines, and with black grime etched into the folds of their dark skin.
Too often this country has turned its back on the working class and the working poor, not to mention the undocumented workers who harvest the food for American tables and build our houses. #Quote by Sergio Troncoso
Mexican quotes by Michael Bible
#128. Satan was seen buying a cafe au lait of Friday the thirteenth in the year of the dog. He was wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and a monocle on a gold chain the color of the sun. The lights of the casino filled his good eye. Our days are numbered, our weeks are fading away. #Quote by Michael Bible
Mexican quotes by Ricardo Salinas Pliego
#129. Free trade has been one of the tenets of the modern Mexican economy, and it's through competition and free trade that we will continue to advance. #Quote by Ricardo Salinas Pliego
Mexican quotes by Marco Rubio
#130. I can tell you what I believe, particularly about Mexican-Americans: they are a community that has contributed greatly to this country, they work extremely hard, they've been very productive citizens of our country, and I think that's true of many ethnic groups in this country. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Mexican quotes by Mitt Romney
#131. My dad had been born in Mexico and his family had to leave during the Mexican revolution. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Mexican quotes by Jenn Bennett
#132. Churros are like long Mexican doughnut sticks that have been fried and dipped in cinnamon or, as the sign tells me, strawberry sugar. They smell like God's footprints. I've never had a real churro, but halfway down the promenade, I make a decision to give up on everything: finding Alex, finding another job, the meaning of life. Just give me that sweet fried dough. #Quote by Jenn Bennett
Mexican quotes by Christopher McDougall
#133. The Tarahumara would party like this all night, then rouse themselves the next morning to face off in a running race that could last not two miles, not two hours, but two full days. According to the Mexican historian Francisco Almada, a Tarahumara champion once ran 435 miles, the equivalent of setting out for a jog in New York City and not stopping till you were closing in on Detroit. #Quote by Christopher McDougall
Mexican quotes by Adam Richman
#134. Super polished signage is not always a good sign. I'm always looking for places that you have to know about to find. Also, just food-wise, if I'm eating ethnic cuisine - I hate that phrase, but still - If I'm eating Mexican food, I'm looking to see that there are Mexicans in the restaurant. They know if the food is being made right. #Quote by Adam Richman
Mexican quotes by Karina Halle
#135. Luisa was on her knees on the bed, naked, my 9mm in her hands and aimed right at me. I automatically had my gun pointed back at her. The sexiest Mexican standoff I'd ever been involved in. "What are you doing?" I asked, taking a cautious step toward her, not lowering my gun for a second. "Leaving," she answered, her eyes hard. She was distracting as all hell, her tits and pussy and that gun. I don't think I'd ever been so turned on so quick and in such an untimely situation. "It doesn't look like it." "I'm going to ask you nicely to let me leave, and if you don't, I'll shoot you." A grin broke out across my face. My god, she couldn't be more perfect. "If you shot me, you'd kill me," I said, taking another step. "Then who would make you come all the time? #Quote by Karina Halle
Mexican quotes by David Spade
#136. It wasn't a cutdown to call someone a Mexican. It would kill my career to refer to someone as Mexican today. It's like calling me an American. #Quote by David Spade
Mexican quotes by Jose N Harris
#137. When I was growing up, every Mexican boy dreamed of being a famous Lucha Libre wrestler or a Mariachi or a bull fighter.
I dreamt of being all three. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Mexican quotes by Donald Trump
#138. Our politicians are stupid. And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning. And they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them. They don't want to take care of them. Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them? #Quote by Donald Trump
Mexican quotes by Alan Rickman
#139. Certainly as actors, and maybe as directors, you've got to hang on to something childlike. You've got to know what play is. I haven't worked with Mike Leigh, but I know him very well and there's something open in his eyes about what's in front of him. And the same is true of Alfonso in a Mexican, mad way. There's an enthusiastic response to something. Neil Jordan, the same, when he gets excited . You just want to know there's a human being in there. #Quote by Alan Rickman
Mexican quotes by Emiliano Salinas
#140. I was born in 1976. I grew up in a traditional Mexican family. As a child, I had a pretty normal life: I would go to school, play with my friends and cousins. But then my father became President of Mexico, and my life changed. #Quote by Emiliano Salinas
Mexican quotes by Roberto Bolano
#141. Charly Cruz asked him if he liked Spike Lee. Yes, said Fate, although he didn't really.
"He seems Mexican," said Charly Cruz.
"Maybe," said Fate. "That's an interesting way to look at it."
"And what about Woody Allen?"
"I like him," said Fate.
"He seems Mexican too ... #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Mexican quotes by Felipe Esparza
#142. Whenever another Latino tells me they're more Mexican than me I stop working and let them do the work for me. #Quote by Felipe Esparza
Mexican quotes by Octavio Paz
#143. The Mexican ... is familiar with death. [He] jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it. It is one of his favorite toys and his most steadfast love. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Mexican quotes by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
#144. In her spare time, she looked to books or the stars for company. #Quote by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Mexican quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#145. True love in Mexico isn't between lovers; it's between a parent and a child. Mexico is a very intense culture of sons adoring their mothers, and this is why I claim that Mexican culture is matriarchal. Because the one constant, faithful, inviolable, holy love of loves - the love of your life - is not your wife or your lover; it's your mother. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Mexican quotes by Tupac Shakur
#146. A lot of people, black, white, mexican, young or old, fat or skinny have a problem being true to they self. They have a problem looking in the mirror and looking directly into their own souls. Only reason I am who I am today is because I can look directly into my face and find my soul #Quote by Tupac Shakur
Mexican quotes by Vince Kramer
#147. FIESTA OR DEATH!!! #Quote by Vince Kramer
Mexican quotes by Matt De La Pena
#148. He'd give anything to be out there playing instead of standing here watching. Trying to maintain this smile out of respect. He digs into his wrists some more with his nails. Breaks previously broken skin and pulls away. A smear of blood he wipes away with his other hand, rubs off across his dark jeans. Back home his mom is always on him to stop digging, but that only makes him want to dig more."
-exerpt from "Mexican White Boy #Quote by Matt De La Pena
Mexican quotes by Rick Riordan
#149. Yes, Horus said. I remember this place.
It's El Paso, I told him. Unless you went out for Mexican Food, you've never been here. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Mexican quotes by Scott Bowden
#150. Because all men are but reflections of their upbringing, education, and experiences, we also expend considerable effort scrutinizing both the man and the general who led the Army of Northern Virginia north that summer. Robert E. Lee was trained as an engineer at West Point, studied extensively the campaigns of the Great Captains of military history, and learned the art of command and maneuver at the elbow of General Winfield Scott during the Mexican War. The aggregate of these experiences had a profound and demonstrable influence on his generalship. It is against this backdrop of education and experience that Lee's decisions during the Gettysburg Campaign must be examined, understood, and judged. #Quote by Scott Bowden
Mexican quotes by Judy Schachner
#151. My name is Skippito Friskito. (clap-clap)
I fear not a single bandito. (clap-clap)
My manners are mellow,
I'm sweet like the Jell-o,
I get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap-clap) #Quote by Judy Schachner
Mexican quotes by Malka Drucker
#152. During one of these arguments, Diego picked up one of his paintings of the Mexican desert and shouted, "I don't want to go back to that!" He had spent fifteen years in Paris and the life of an expatriate suited him. It was easier to be a passionate Mexican nationalist when he wasn't living there #Quote by Malka Drucker
Mexican quotes by Daniel James Brown
#153. They emblazoned the cotton with the words "California Republic." Above that they drew a star and what they intended to be the figure of a grizzly bear. Then they ran the flag up the pole. The Mexican Californians who had gathered around, suddenly foreigners in their own land, looked up, pondered it silently, and wondered why the Americans had chosen a pig as the symbol of their ascension to power. The #Quote by Daniel James Brown
Mexican quotes by Louis Theroux
#154. I suppose there won't be any Mexican food in the whites-only homeland,' I said.
Hm, I'd never thought of that possibility' Jerry said. He paused. 'They wouldn't be allowed to vote but they could cook and clean for us. Afterall, we're not extremists. #Quote by Louis Theroux
Mexican quotes by Jenni Rivera
#155. There was not just one American dream, in a nation of immigrants, there are countless versions of the dream; the Mexican American dream, the African American dream, the Cuban American dream, etc. I've always thught that was such a beautiful lesson and I've carried it with me throughout my life. #Quote by Jenni Rivera
Mexican quotes by Dean Ambrose
#156. I spent two months in a jail once. In a Mexican border town. #Quote by Dean Ambrose
Mexican quotes by Adam Carolla
#157. I cook a little bit. I make a Hungarian dish called chicken paprikash that's out of this world. I'll give a heads-up to all of your readers that it doesn't have to be between Thai and Mexican every night. Toss some Hungarian in every once in a while. You will not be sorry. Good, solid peasant food. #Quote by Adam Carolla
Mexican quotes by Rick Bayless
#158. In the Mexican repertoire there's a lot of super delicious things you can do with vegetables and beans and grains and all that sort of stuff. So I can do this thing. #Quote by Rick Bayless
Mexican quotes by Herb Alpert
#159. Mexican Shuffle was a turning point of the Brass. #Quote by Herb Alpert
Mexican quotes by H.L. Mencken
#160. Where is the graveyard of dead gods? What lingering mourner waters their mounds? There was a time when Jupiter was the king of the gods, and any man who doubted his puissance was ipso facto a barbarian and an ignoramus. But where in all the world is there a man who worships Jupiter today? And who of Huitzilopochtli? In one year - and it is no more than five hundred years ago - 50,000 youths and maidens were slain in sacrifice to him. Today, if he is remembered at all, it is only by some vagrant savage in the depths of the Mexican forest. Huitzilopochtli, like many other gods, had no human father; his mother was a virtuous widow; he was born of an apparently innocent flirtation that she carried out with the sun.

When he frowned, his father, the sun, stood still. When he roared with rage, earthquakes engulfed whole cities. When he thirsted he was watered with 10,000 gallons of human blood. But today Huitzilopochtli is as magnificently forgotten as Allen G. Thurman. Once the peer of Allah, Buddha and Wotan, he is now the peer of Richmond P. Hobson, Alton B. Parker, Adelina Patti, General Weyler and Tom Sharkey.

Speaking of Huitzilopochtli recalls his brother Tezcatlipoca. Tezcatlipoca was almost as powerful; he consumed 25,000 virgins a year.

Lead me to his tomb: I would weep, and hang a couronne des perles. But who knows where it is? Or where the grave of Quetzalcoatl is? Or Xiuhtecuhtli? Or Centeotl, that sweet one? Or Tlazolteotl, the goddess #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Mexican quotes by Ailyn Perez
#161. My family background is Mexican, and I was born in Chicago. It's pretty much family tradition every time we get together for Christmas and major holidays to sing. Our family time is centered around the food and a little bit of performing for one another. #Quote by Ailyn Perez
Mexican quotes by Felix Morley
#162. In other words, the problem of empire-building is essentially mystical. It must somehow foster the impression that a man is great in the degree that his nation is great; that a German as such is superior to a Belgian as such; an Englishman, to an Irishman; an American, to a Mexican: merely because the first-named countries are in each case more powerful than their comparatives. And people who have no individual stature whatever are willing to accept this poisonous nonsense because it gives them a sense of importance without the trouble of any personal effort. #Quote by Felix Morley
Mexican quotes by David Duke
#163. The Russian Federation has a growing Muslim minority, which is causing cultural and religious clashes. This is similar to mass immigration of Mexicans to America, and certain presidential candidates are tailoring their campaigns to get Mexican votes. #Quote by David Duke
Mexican quotes by Vicente Fox
#164. If we can put together a Mexican businessman and a U.S. businessman, they will find a way to do more business. #Quote by Vicente Fox
Mexican quotes by Timothy Murphy
#165. There needs to be more pressure on the Mexican government to stop the drugs and illegal immigrants on their side of the border instead of exporting them to the U.S. #Quote by Timothy Murphy
Mexican quotes by Frida Kahlo
#166. I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best. #Quote by Frida Kahlo
Mexican quotes by Erika L. Sánchez
#167. As much as I get sick of eating Mexican food every single day of my life, if heaven existed, I know it would smell like fried tortillas. #Quote by Erika L. Sánchez
Mexican quotes by Joe Biden
#168. What's four years in our long American history? Remember when I asked that wheelchair-bound politician to "stand up." It turns me off when people say Donald Trump is authentic. Just because he says "Mexican rapists." What about me? I am the real deal. #Quote by Joe Biden
Mexican quotes by John Culberson
#169. This is not the first time that Mexican authorities have handed over an Arab from a country with known Al Qaeda connections to a local sheriff across the border. FBI picks them up and disappears. #Quote by John Culberson
Mexican quotes by Peter Ferry
#170. I would go to parties and say I was an editor, and people, especially women – and that was important to me back then – would say, "Oh, really?" and raise their eyebrows and look at me a little more carefully. I remember the first party I went to after I became a teacher, someone asked me what I did for a living, and I said, "Well, I teach high school." He looked over my shoulder, nodded his head, said, "I went to high school," and walked away.

Once I repeated this anecdote around a big table full of Mexican food in the garden at a place called La Choza in Chicago, and Becky Mueller, another teacher at the school, said that I was a "storyteller." I liked that. I was looking for something to be other than "just" a teacher, and "storyteller" felt about right. I am a teacher and a storyteller in that order. I have made my living and my real contribution to my community as a teacher, and I have been very lucky to have found that calling, but all through the years I have entertained myself and occasionally other people by telling stories. #Quote by Peter Ferry
Mexican quotes by Ann Coulter
#171. If we're so cruel to minorities, why do they keep coming here? Why aren't they sneaking across the Mexican border to make their way to the Taliban? #Quote by Ann Coulter
Mexican quotes by Subcomandante Marcos
#172. Question the images. Take them by the hand and don't let the sweet distancing they offer you vanquish you; do away with the distance's comfort or the soft indifference you derive from concentrating on the quality of the framing, the use of light and shadows, the successful composition. Force these images to bring you to the Mexican Southeast, to history, to the struggle, to this taking sides, to choose a faction. #Quote by Subcomandante Marcos
Mexican quotes by Erika L. Sánchez
#173. I'd rather live in the streets than be a submissive Mexican wife who spends all day cooking and cleaning. #Quote by Erika L. Sánchez
Mexican quotes by Madeline Downs
#174. You can tell he's mexican because of his chinese eyes. #Quote by Madeline Downs
Mexican quotes by Anonymous
#175. tactical refusal of confrontation is itself only a stratagem of warfare. It's easy to understand, for example, why the Oaxaca Commune immediately declared itself peaceful. It wasn't a matter of refuting war, but of refusing to be defeated in a confrontation with the Mexican state and its henchmen. As some Cairo comrades explained it, "One mustn't mistake the tactic we employ when we chant 'nonviolence' for a fetishizing of non-violence #Quote by Anonymous
Mexican quotes by Rick Bayless
#176. I cook all the time, and I cook all different kinds of things, but never Mexican at home. That's my work. #Quote by Rick Bayless
Mexican quotes by Jeannette Walls
#177. The baby went without a name for weeks. Mom said she wanted to study it first, the way she would the subject of a painting. We had a lot of arguments over what the name should be. I wanted to call her Rosita, after the prettiest girl in my class, but Mom said the name was too Mexican.
"I thought we weren't supposed to be prejudiced," I said.
"It's not being prejudiced," Mom said. "It's a matter of accuracy in labeling. #Quote by Jeannette Walls
Mexican quotes by Samuel P. Huntington
#178. Mexican immigration poses challenges to our policies and to our identity in a way nothing else has in the past. #Quote by Samuel P. Huntington
Mexican quotes by Raymond Chandler
#179. There is nothing tougher than a tough Mexican, just as there is nothing gentler than a gentle Mexican, nothing more honest than an honest Mexican, and above all nothing sadder than a sad Mexican. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Mexican quotes by Ilona Andrews
#180. I thought of telling him that if it wasn't for Oklahoman cowboys and Mexican whores having a bit of fun, there would've been no Texans, but that would be counterproductive. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Mexican quotes by Tyler Posey
#181. On my mom's side I'm Mexican, and my dad is a white dude. #Quote by Tyler Posey
Mexican quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#182. In transition? What kind of a Mexican mother are you?" "I'm an educated woman. That doesn't un-Mexicanize me, Ari. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Mexican quotes by Erik Larson
#183. It instructed Germany's ambassador in Mexico to offer Mexican president Venustiano Carranza an alliance, to take effect if the new submarine campaign drew America into the war. "Make war together," Zimmermann proposed. "Make peace together." In return, Germany would take measures to help Mexico seize previously held lands - "lost territory" - in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. #Quote by Erik Larson
Mexican quotes by Bill Condon
#184. First of all, just knowing people who grew up in the movie business at that time, no one had Mexican maids. #Quote by Bill Condon
Mexican quotes by George W. Bush
#185. One of the most meaningful things that's happened to me since I've been the governor - the president - governor - president. Oops. Ex-governor. I went to Bethesda Naval Hospital to give a fellow a Purple Heart, and at the same moment I watched him-get a Purple Heart for action in Iraq - and at that same - right after I gave him the Purple Heart, he was sworn in as a citizen of the United States - a Mexican citizen, now a United States citizen. #Quote by George W. Bush
Mexican quotes by Alfonso Herrera
#186. The positive thing is that today we can realize that a Mexican film it is positioned in the top 5 of the box office during more than one month and that Mexicans are taking into consideration that Mexican films can be enjoyed with the family, instead of going to see Transformers and that our films looks like something that are necessary to support. #Quote by Alfonso Herrera
Mexican quotes by Geronimo
#187. Late one afternoon when returning from town we were met by a few women and children who told us that Mexican troops from some other town had attacked our camp, killed all the warriors of the guard, captured all our ponies, secured our arms, destroyed our supplies, and killed many of our women and children.. when all were counted, I found that my aged mother, my young wife, and my three small children were among the slain. #Quote by Geronimo
Mexican quotes by Karla Souza
#188. I've done about 15 movies and four television series in Mexico. My last two movies were the highest grossing in Mexican-cinema history - 'Nosotros los Nobles' and 'Instructions Not Included.' #Quote by Karla Souza
Mexican quotes by James A. Baldwin
#189. Ask any Mexican, any Puerto Rican, any black man, any poor person - ask the wretched how they fare in the halls of justice, and then you will know, not whether or not the country is just, but whether or not it has any love for justice, or any concept of it. It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. #Quote by James A. Baldwin
Mexican quotes by Euripides
#190. It is better to die on your feet than be called for offensive pass interference. #Quote by Euripides
Mexican quotes by Vanilla Ice
#191. All my friends were black and Mexican. I was the only white kid in our group and had to work hard to be accepted. Year after year, we'd breakdance and we all became close and they labeled me "Vanilla" - like "Hey, Vanilla" and they knew I hated it, so of course they kept calling me it. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
Mexican quotes by David Samuel Torres-Rouff
#192. I understand Los Angeles as a space where "real and imagined narratives overlap" in ways that disrupt both either/or dichotomies (Spanish or Indian, Mexican or American, Brown or White) and "linear historical understandings of this place and its people."22 #Quote by David Samuel Torres-Rouff
Mexican quotes by Mark Shields
#193. This is America, where a white Catholic male Republican judge was murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year old Mexican-American gay college student, and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon, all eulogized by our African American President. #Quote by Mark Shields
Mexican quotes by Henry Bonilla
#194. Well, I think when you come here and wave a Mexican flag in our face in a country that's giving a lot of these people an opportunity that they've never had before, I think a lot of Americans are insulted, whether they're first-, second-, third-, fourth- or fifth-generation Americans. #Quote by Henry Bonilla
Mexican quotes by Jaime Camil
#195. The real mariachis in Mexico are singers like Agustin Lara and Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete - the Golden Era of Mexican Filmmaking. Mariachis sing very soft and very beautiful. That's old-school mariachi. They are caressing the songs. #Quote by Jaime Camil
Mexican quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#196. In 1848, Thoreau went to jail for refusing, as a protest against the Mexican war, to pay his poll tax. When RW Emerson came to bail him out, Emerson said, 'Henry, what are you doing in there?' Thoreau quietly replied, 'Ralph, what are you doing out there?' #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Mexican quotes by Don Winslow
#197. the Times says there's a heroin epidemic, Malone thinks, which is only an epidemic of course because now white people are dying. Whites started to get opium-based pills from their physicians: oxycodone, vicodin... But, it was expensive and doctors were reluctant to prescribe too much for exactly the fear of addiction. So the white folks went to the open market and the pills became a street drug. It was all very nice and civilized until the Sinoloa cartel down in Mexico made a corporate decision that it could undersell the big American pharmaceutical companies by raising production of its heroin thereby reducing price. As an incentive, they also increased its potency. The addicted white Americans found that Mexican ... heroin was cheaper and stronger than the pills, and started shooting it into their veins and overdosing.

Malone literally saw it happening. He and his team busted more bridge-and-tunnel junkies, suburban housewives and upper Eastside madonnas than they could count.... #Quote by Don Winslow
Mexican quotes by Ken O'Neill
#198. Why do Jesus and Mary only appear on Mexican food? Huh? Answer me that? Nobody ever sees the face of God in a California roll. #Quote by Ken O'Neill
Mexican quotes by Jose N Harris
#199. At Angelita's, my favorite food was a plain bean burrito in a flour tortilla. It was simple, but tasty! I loved bean burritos. They were my comfort food. They were my "little friends!" For my first day at school, my aunt made me three of them. She wrapped them up tightly in aluminum foil and then packed them in a brown paper sack.
At lunchtime, in the cafeteria, I got ready to greet my little friends. I was nervous, as it was my first day of school, but I knew the burritos would soon warm my stomach and comfort me. I looked around the lunch room and saw other kids with their cafeteria trays and their perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust neatly trimmed off and their bottle of juices and bags of Fritos and then . . . I pulled out a burrito.
"Hey! What's that?" A gringa girl shouted at me, pointing at my burrito.
"Uh . . . nothing! Nada!" I replied as I quickly shoved it back into the sack.
I was hungry, but every time I got ready to pull one out, it seemed as if there was another kid ready to stare and point at me. I was embarrassed! I loved my burritos, but in that cafeteria, I was ashamed of them. They suddenly felt very heavy and cold. They suddenly felt very Mexican. I was ashamed of my little friends and so . . . I went hungry. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Mexican quotes by Henry Bonilla
#200. Well, we have a crisis along the Mexican border right now, a state of emergency as declared by a bipartisan group of Texas House members just last fall. You know, we've had almost 200,000 OTMs - the government categorizes OT 'other, other than Mexicans' - along the Mexican border. #Quote by Henry Bonilla

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