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Meury Photography quotes by Sebastiao Salgado
#1. When I was just starting out, I met Cartier-Bresson. He wasn't young in age but, in his mind, he was the youngest person I'd ever met. He told me it was necessary to trust my instincts, be inside my work, and set aside my ego. In the end, my photography turned out very different to his, but I believe we were coming from the same place. #Quote by Sebastiao Salgado
Meury Photography quotes by Richard Misrach
#2. The one thing that seems to be consistent through all my work that I like, and I experimented a lot, is the viewer is allowed to meditate on something that normally we don't stop and stare at, whether it's people or a cactus. #Quote by Richard Misrach
Meury Photography quotes by Raoul Hausmann
#3. [Dada is] perfectly kindhearted malice, alongside exact photography the only legitimate pictorial form of communication and balance in shared experience. #Quote by Raoul Hausmann
Meury Photography quotes by Andreas Gursky
#4. Since the photographic medium has been digitized, a fixed definition of the term photography has become impossible. #Quote by Andreas Gursky
Meury Photography quotes by Helmut Gernsheim
#5. Considering that knowledge of the chemical as well as the optical principles of photography was fairly widespread following Schulze's experiment (in 1725) ... the circumstance that photography was not invented earlier remains the greatest mystery in its history ... It had apparently never occurred to any of the multitude of artists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries who were in the habit of using the camera obscura to try to fix its image permanently. #Quote by Helmut Gernsheim
Meury Photography quotes by J.R. Moehringer
#6. Also, Willie, I dig telling the truth. Words can be twisted but a photo never lies.
Sutton laughs.
What's funny? Photographer says.
Nothing. Except - that's pure horseshit kid. I can't think of anything that lies more than a photo. In fact every photo is a dirty stinking lie because it's a frozen moment - and time can't be frozen. Some of the biggest lies I've ever run across have been photos. Some of them were of me. #Quote by J.R. Moehringer
Meury Photography quotes by Mary Taylor Young
#7. Remember that even just watching animals has an impact. Intrusion into their living space can expose them to predation, keep them from feeding or other essential activities, or cause them to leave their young exposed to predation or the elements. No photo or viewing opportunity is worth harassing or stressing wildlife. In appreciating and watching them, we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the animals that share our state. #Quote by Mary Taylor Young
Meury Photography quotes by Oscar Wilde
#8. The camera, you know, will never capture you. Photography, in my experience, has the miraculous power of transferring wine into water. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Meury Photography quotes by Alain De Botton
#9. Taking photographs can assuage the itch for possession sparked by the beauty of a place; our anxiety over losing a precious scene can decline with every click of the shutter. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Meury Photography quotes by Ilyass Azaryouh
#10. Photography is a Passion Not a Hobby! #Quote by Ilyass Azaryouh
Meury Photography quotes by Joan Fontcuberta
#11. Every photograph is a fiction with pretensions to truth. Despite everything that we have been inculcated, all that we believe, photography always lies; it lies instinctively, lies because its nature does not allow it to do anything else. #Quote by Joan Fontcuberta
Meury Photography quotes by Elliott Erwitt
#12. Everybody's got to do something ... I'd been on my own since an early age and I thought I better find something to do to buy biscuits and stuff. From high school onwards I was earning my way with photography, one way or another, working in darkrooms and taking pictures of weddings, neighbors' children and so on. #Quote by Elliott Erwitt
Meury Photography quotes by Ren Ng
#13. Light-field photography is a transformational technology that needs a transformational product to introduce it. For the first time, we have a light-field camera that's going to be for everyone - not something in a huge room in a research facility. #Quote by Ren Ng
Meury Photography quotes by Diane Arbus
#14. I used to have a theory about photographing. It was a sense of getting in between two actions, or in between acton and repose. #Quote by Diane Arbus
Meury Photography quotes by Jessica Lange
#15. I never shot on sets, but if I was traveling somewhere or on location, I would always have my camera, and I'd always be - it's that kind of fly on the wall approach to photography, though. I don't engage the subject. I like to sneak around, skulk about in the dark. #Quote by Jessica Lange
Meury Photography quotes by David Hockney
#16. Modernism in a way, early modernism, for instance, in pictures, was turning against perspective and Europe . And all early modernism is actually from out of Europe, when you think of cubism is African, is looking at Africa, Matisse is looking at the arabesque, Oceania. Europe was the optical projection that had become photography, that had become film, that became television and it conquered the world. #Quote by David Hockney
Meury Photography quotes by Joan Fontcuberta
#17. Photography mirrored the [nineteenth century] will towards rigor, towards defining details, the need for miniscule description, the long-distance optics, for technology at the service of truth, for concepts of credibility, of objectivity, the need to archive, for the consolidation of institutions like the museum, in short, towards a need to control memory ... #Quote by Joan Fontcuberta
Meury Photography quotes by Tom Carter
#18. The snapshots in CHINA: Portrait of a People are not meant to be works of art. I was too preoccupied with participating, with reveling in the moment, to worry about their perfection. Their purpose, then, is to form a candid portrait of China exactly as China presented itself to me. #Quote by Tom Carter
Meury Photography quotes by Anonymous
#19. An artist's job is to inspire, from the Latin inspirare: to breathe into. The primary function of art is to inspire new thought shaped by emotions using the creative mediums we master - be it painting, music, design, craft, or photography. #Quote by Anonymous
Meury Photography quotes by Susie Bright
#20. Seeing lesbian photography is just the tip of my radicalized clitoris. I have modeled for, commissioned, published, and fought for these pictures, and answered threats against them. I've seen the feminist movement bring these pictures to life, and I've seen that same movement try to suppress the liberating results. #Quote by Susie Bright
Meury Photography quotes by John Sexton
#21. There is a considerable amount of manipulation in the printmaking from the straight photograph to the finished print. If I do my job correctly that shouldn't be visible at all, it should be transparent. #Quote by John Sexton
Meury Photography quotes by John Szarkowski
#22. Most of Tina Modotti's work that is known to the photography world was done in Mexico in the years 1923 through 1926, when she lived and worked with Edward Weston. #Quote by John Szarkowski
Meury Photography quotes by Andreas Feininger
#23. The difference in 'seeing' between the eye and the lens should make it obvious that a photographer who merely points his camera at an appealing subject and expects to get an appealing picture in return, may be headed for a disappointment. #Quote by Andreas Feininger
Meury Photography quotes by John Berger
#24. The camera relieves us of the burden of memory. It surveys us like God, and it surveys for us. Yet no other god has been so cynical, for the camera records in order to forget. #Quote by John Berger
Meury Photography quotes by Frida Kahlo
#25. I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best. #Quote by Frida Kahlo
Meury Photography quotes by Stewart Butterfield
#26. I think there's a deep impulse in most humans to do creative stuff, whether that's music or art, photography or writing. Most people at some point in their life say they want to do something creative - they want to be an actor, a director, a writer, a poet, a painter or whatever. #Quote by Stewart Butterfield
Meury Photography quotes by Donald Rumsfeld
#27. Oh my goodness gracious, what you can buy off the Internet in terms of overhead photography. A trained ape can know an awful lot of what is going on in this world, just by punching on his mouse, for a relatively modest cost. #Quote by Donald Rumsfeld
Meury Photography quotes by Lee Friedlander
#28. I suspect it is for one's self-interest that one looks at one's surroundings and one's self. This search is personally born and is indeed my reason and motive for making photographs. The camera is not merely a reflecting pool and the photographs are not exactly the mirror, mirror on the wall that speaks with a twisted tongue. Witness is borne and puzzles come together at the photographic moment which is very simple and complete. The mind-finger presses the release on the silly machine and it stops time and holds what its jaws can encompass and what the light will stain. #Quote by Lee Friedlander
Meury Photography quotes by Sebastiao Salgado
#29. I tell a little bit of my life to them, and they tell a little of theirs to me. The picture itself is just the tip of the iceberg. #Quote by Sebastiao Salgado
Meury Photography quotes by Todd Hido
#30. One of the most magical things about photography happens when you place one picture next to another picture to create new meanings. When you see a picture of a person and another of a place, your mind automatically fills in the gaps as if they're connected. #Quote by Todd Hido
Meury Photography quotes by Richard Avedon
#31. Photography has always reminded me of the second child.. trying to prove itself. The fact that it wasn't really considered an art.. that it was considered a craft.. has trapped almost every serious photographer. #Quote by Richard Avedon
Meury Photography quotes by Mel Bochner
#32. Photography Cannot Record Abstract Ideas (Title of a 16x20 inch photograph depicting an index card on which that phrase is handwritten.) #Quote by Mel Bochner
Meury Photography quotes by Simon Mawer
#33. The shutter of the photographer's camera makes that repeated mechanical sound. That unlocking and locking of the doors of light to send momentary images of the present into the light trap of the past. #Quote by Simon Mawer
Meury Photography quotes by Susan Sontag
#34. While a painting, even one that meets photographic standards of resemblance, is never more than the stating of an interpretation, a photograph is never less than the registering of an emanation (light waves reflected by objects)- a material vestigate of its subject in a way that no painting can be ... Having a photograph of Shakespeare would be like having a nail from the True Cross. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Meury Photography quotes by Eliza Doolittle
#35. I don't like how women's bodies are Page 3 news. I just don't think that's big news. Women's bodies are women's bodies, and that's that. And I love to see beautiful - the female form in great art and great photography. #Quote by Eliza Doolittle
Meury Photography quotes by Ivanka Trump
#36. In both business and personal life, I've always found that travel inspires me more than anything else I do. Evidence of the languages, cultures, scenery, food, and design sensibilities that I discover all over the world can be found in every piece of my jewelry. #Quote by Ivanka Trump
Meury Photography quotes by Henry R. Luce
#37. To see life. To see the world. To watch the faces of the poor, and the gestures of the proud. To see strange things. Machines, armies, multitudes, and shadows in the jungle. To see, and to take pleasure in seeing. To see and be instructed. To see and be amazed. (Describing the powers of photography; written for the launch of LIFE Magazine, 1936.) #Quote by Henry R. Luce
Meury Photography quotes by Roland Barthes
#38. A photograph is always invisible, it is not it that we see. #Quote by Roland Barthes
Meury Photography quotes by Joel Meyerowitz
#39. I believe that street photography is central to the issue of photography - that it is purely photographic, whereas the other genres, such as landscape and portrait photography, are a little more applied, more mixed in the with the history of painting and other art forms. #Quote by Joel Meyerowitz
Meury Photography quotes by Karla Telega
#40. 1.Ghost hunting
2.Target practice: rifles and handguns
3.Rock collecting
4.Photography-south Carolina wildlife
5.Soap making
7.Belly dancing
8.Tie dying
9.Dog agility course training
10.Crawdad racing
11.Bull riding
12.Worm collecting #Quote by Karla Telega
Meury Photography quotes by Sally Mann
#41. Some of my pictures are poem-like in the sense that they are very condensed, haiku-lik. There are others that, if they were poetry, would be more like Ezra Pound. There is a lot of information in most of my pictures, but not the kind of information you see in documentary photography. There is emotional information in my photographs. #Quote by Sally Mann
Meury Photography quotes by Adrian Leslie Lobo
#42. It's all about taming the light. #Quote by Adrian Leslie Lobo
Meury Photography quotes by Elliott Erwitt
#43. You must have a visual sense if you want to be a photographer. It is a very subtle thing, this visual business. #Quote by Elliott Erwitt
Meury Photography quotes by Chuck Close
#44. You know, the way art history is taught, often there's nothing that tells you why the painting is great. The description of a lousy painting and the description of a great painting will very much sound the same. #Quote by Chuck Close
Meury Photography quotes by Matt Hardy
#45. Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. #Quote by Matt Hardy

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