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Metabolism quotes by Susan Isaacs
#1. With my middle-class metabolism, the suburbs were where I always wanted to be. #Quote by Susan Isaacs
Metabolism quotes by Suzanne Somers
#2. All those spices and herbs in your spice rack can do more than provide calorie-free, natural flavorings to enhance and make food delicious. They're also an incredible source of antioxidants and help rev up your metabolism and improve your health at the same time. #Quote by Suzanne Somers
Metabolism quotes by Mark Hyman, M.D.
#3. Our body's natural detoxification system is designed to support our health by eliminating waste products from our metabolism and from environmental toxins. Like any other hardworking system, it needs periodic rest and support to continue functioning optimally. This program will teach you how to rest and restore your body's natural detoxification abilities. #Quote by Mark Hyman, M.D.
Metabolism quotes by Philip K. Dick
#4. Metabolism, he reflected, is a burning process, an active furnace. When it ceases to function, life is over. They must be wrong about hell, he said to himself. Hell is cold; everything there is cold. The body means weight and heat; now weight is a force which I am succumbing to, and heat, my heat, is slipping away. And, unless I become reborn, it will never return. This is the destiny of the universe. So at least I won't be alone. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Metabolism quotes by Janet Jackson
#5. There is a moment when you get older when your metabolism slows down and you don't feel like working out any more, so you don't want to keep yourself fit any more, but that's your decision. Why should you be judged for it? #Quote by Janet Jackson
Metabolism quotes by Ian K. Smith
#6. The idea behind diet confusion is, you have to keep your body off-kilter. So by changing the type of foods that you eat, the frequency of the foods that you eat, you can keep your metabolism revved up. #Quote by Ian K. Smith
Metabolism quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#7. Ocean Acidification is sometimes referred to as Global Warming's Equally Evil Twin. The irony is intentional and fair enough as far as it goes... No single mechanism explains all the mass extinctions in the record and yet changes in ocean chemistry seem to be a pretty good predictor. Ocean Acidification played a role in at least 2 of the Big Five Extinctions: the End-Permian and the End-Triassic. And quite possibly it was a major factor in a third, the End-Cretaceous. ...Why is ocean acidification so dangerous? The question is tough to answer only because the list of reasons is so long. Depending on how tightly organisms are able to regulate their internal chemistry, acidification may affect such basic processes as metabolism, enzyme activity, and protein function. Because it will change the makeup of microbial communities, it will alter the availability of key nutrients, like iron and nitrogen. For similar reasons, it will change the amount of light that passes through the water, and for somewhat different reasons, it will alter the way sound propagates. (In general, acidification is expected to make the seas noisier.) It seems likely to promote the growth of toxic algae. It will impact photosynthesis - many plant species are apt to benefit from elevated CO2 levels - and it will alter the compounds formed by dissolved metals, in some cases in ways that could be poisonous.

Of the myriad possible impacts, probably the most significant involves the group of creatures #Quote by Elizabeth Kolbert
Metabolism quotes by Donald Curtis
#8. Do you know how to digest your food? Do you know how to fill your lungs with air? Do you know how to establish, regulate and direct the metabolism of your body
the assimilation of foodstuff so that it builds muscles, bones and flesh? No, you don't know how consciously, but there is a wisdom within you that does know. #Quote by Donald Curtis
Metabolism quotes by Kelly Osbourne
#9. A trick I've learned is to eat just a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before you go to sleep because it keeps your metabolism going. #Quote by Kelly Osbourne
Metabolism quotes by R.S. Thomas
#10. The darkness is the deepening shadow of your presence; the silence a process in the metabolism of the being of love . #Quote by R.S. Thomas
Metabolism quotes by Frederick Gowland Hopkins
#11. My main thesis will be that in the study of the intermediate processes of metabolism we have to deal not with complex substances which elude ordinary chemical methods, but with the simple substances undergoing comprehensible reactions ... I intend also to emphasise the fact that it is not alone with the separation and identification of products from the animal that our present studies deal; but with their reactions in the body; with the dynamic side of biochemical phenomena. #Quote by Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Metabolism quotes by Suzanne Somers
#12. Around age 40 I put on twenty pounds. I had always had a perfect metabolism. But, my metabolism betrayed me as it does most people, except a very rare few who will always be thin. #Quote by Suzanne Somers
Metabolism quotes by Derek Hough
#13. Find small pockets of time.

I like to set aside five minutes in the morning to squeeze in some push-ups and crunches. Just starting the morning like that changes my whole day. If you can find at least five minutes to do something that helps your body, you will already start feeling stronger. It will get your metabolism in gear, and that will benefit you all day. If you're too busy, get creative by doing something active during your lunch break, taking the stairs, or lifting hand weights while you watch TV at night. Start living by this rule: a little of anything is better than nothing. #Quote by Derek Hough
Metabolism quotes by Dennis Quaid
#14. I'm lucky. I have a high metabolism, so I pretty much eat anything and everything. #Quote by Dennis Quaid
Metabolism quotes by Becky Albertalli
#15. I listen, and it's Taylor explaining to Martin that she wasn't necessarily trying to get a gap between her thighs, but it's her metabolism, and she didn't even realize that some girls try to get the gap on purpose. Martin nods and scratches his head and looks bored. "She can't help her metabolism, Simon," Abby says. "Apparently not," Taylor may be an undercover, bully-fighting ninja, but she's still kind of awful. #Quote by Becky Albertalli
Metabolism quotes by Susan Zwinger
#16. ... have poets write about you as if you are alive. Scientifically, it is absolutely true, you are alive. You have a pulse, the waves, and a metabolism, the food chain. A personality, a character, a consciousness, and a sense of purpose ... try this- turn into spray, spin rainbows ... wear down entire mountains and dump them in layers ... gently surround marina sea grass twice a day, protecting and feeding thousands of crabs, ducks, and geese ... fill human eyes with warm salt brine at least once a month ...
Becoming Water #Quote by Susan Zwinger
Metabolism quotes by Ilona Andrews
#17. I had the metabolism of a hummingbird on crack. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Metabolism quotes by R.W. Van Bemmelen
#18. An example of such emergent phenomena is the origin of life from non-living chemical compounds in the oldest, lifeless oceans of the earth. Here, aided by the radiation energy received from the sun, countless chemical materials were synthesized and accumulated in such a way that they constituted, as it were, a primeval "soup." In this primeval soup, by infinite variations of lifeless growth and decay of substances during some billions of years, the way of life was ultimately reached, with its metabolism characterized by selective assimilation and dissimilation as end stations of a sluiced and canalized flow of free chemical energy. #Quote by R.W. Van Bemmelen
Metabolism quotes by Stanley W. Jacob
#19. An analysis of nutritional and metabolic data by Jon Pangborn, Ph.D., a well-known nutritional biochemist affiliated with the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories in Asheville, North Carolina, found that the metabolism of methionine is the "most frequently impaired or disordered amino acid" among 1,500 individuals with food and chemical intolerances, degenerative diseases, neuromuscular dysfunction, and mental diseases. #Quote by Stanley W. Jacob
Metabolism quotes by H.G.Wells
#20. Language is the nourishment of the thought of man, that serves only as it undergoes metabolism, and becomes thought and lives, and in its very living passes away. You scientific people, with your fancy of a terrible exactitude in language, of indestructible foundations built, as that Wordsworthian doggerel on the title-page of Nature says, "for aye," are marvellously without imagination! #Quote by H.G.Wells
Metabolism quotes by Vidya Balan
#21. I am vegetarian. I have a sweet tooth, so I try and avoid desserts. I binge maybe once a month. I eat every two hours, whether it is a Marie biscuit or just a slice of apple. As a result, my metabolism has improved, and this is a huge contributor to weight loss. #Quote by Vidya Balan
Metabolism quotes by Kelly Clarkson
#22. I wish I had a better metabolism. But someone else probably wishes they could walk into a room and make friends with everyone like I can. You always want what someone else has. #Quote by Kelly Clarkson
Metabolism quotes by Paul D. Boyer
#23. The excitement of vitamins, nutrition and metabolism permeated the environment. #Quote by Paul D. Boyer
Metabolism quotes by Krafft Arnold Ehricke
#24. One of the most thoughtless statements, parroted ad nauseam ever since rational concern for our environment exploded into an emotional syndrome, calls Man the only animal that soils its own nest. Every animal soils its nest with the products of its metabolism if unable to move away. Space technology gives us for the first time the freedom to leave our nest, at least for certain functions, in order not to soil it. #Quote by Krafft Arnold Ehricke
Metabolism quotes by N.J. May
#25. Weight-loss drugs are intended to enable patients to lose weight more effectively than diet or exercise alone by: 1. suppressing appetite, 2. increasing feelings of fullness, 3. inhibiting the absorption of fat, or in some cases, 4. increasing the metabolism slightly #Quote by N.J. May
Metabolism quotes by Mads Mikkelsen
#26. I have an enormous metabolism, so I'm lucky. #Quote by Mads Mikkelsen
Metabolism quotes by Bertalanffy Ludwig Von
#27. The living organism is maintained in a continuous exchange of components; metabolism a a basic characteristic of living systems. We have, as it were, a machine composed of fuel spending itself continually and yet maintaining itself. Such machines do not exist today. #Quote by Bertalanffy Ludwig Von
Metabolism quotes by Sara Genn
#28. Every task is given equal importance - that way I can pick and choose my tasks based on the ebb and flow of my creative metabolism. #Quote by Sara Genn
Metabolism quotes by Joseph Shivan
#29. People with pitta energy are intelligent, aggressive achievers, fiery in temperament and fast-paced. Pitta-dominant people also enjoy a hearty appetite and an efficient metabolism. But, when this energy is out of balance, it can lead to inflammation, ulcers, anger, heartburn, digestive problems and arthritis. #Quote by Joseph Shivan
Metabolism quotes by Charles Fishman
#30. Wal-Mart is so large, its reach so great, that it has created an ecosystem in which its suppliers and competitors, and their suppliers and competitors, and their customers, all operate. Wal-Mart sets the metabolism, it sets the rules, of that ecosystem. Wal-Mart has inexorably changed our expectations as shoppers - and the Wal-Mart effect also extends to consumers who never shop at Wal-Mart. Likewise, Wal-Mart has reshaped the companies that supply it - and it has also reset the pace and the competitive landscape even for companies that try to do business outside the Wal-Mart ecosystem. #Quote by Charles Fishman
Metabolism quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#31. But she was my project - I must answer for her - " "No. She's a free woman now. She must answer for herself." "How free can she ever be, in that body, driven by that metabolism, that face - a freak's life - better to die painlessly, than to have all that suffering inflicted on her - " Miles spoke through his teeth. With emphasis. "No. It's. Not." Canaba stared at him, shaken out of the rutted circle of his unhappy reasoning at last. #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Metabolism quotes by Michael Pollan
#32. Plants are nature's alchemists, expert at transforming water, soil and sunlight into an array of precious substances, many of them beyond the ability of human beings to conceive, much less manufacture. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Metabolism quotes by Andrew Weil
#33. The usual justification for eating extra meals is that it keeps the metabolism 'revved up' so that weight loss is easier. There is, however, very little hard evidence that supports this idea, and a fair amount that disputes it. #Quote by Andrew Weil
Metabolism quotes by David Perlmutter
#34. The microbiome affects our mood, libido, metabolism, immunity, and even our perception of the world and the clarity of our thoughts. It helps determine whether we are fat or thin, energic or lethargic. Put simply, everything about our health-how we feel both emotionally and physically-hinges on the state of our microbiome. #Quote by David Perlmutter
Metabolism quotes by Emma Madison
#35. Green tea increases your metabolism and speeds up the process of weight loss, along with fighting cavities in your teeth, decreasing cholesterol and reducing the risk of cancer. #Quote by Emma Madison
Metabolism quotes by John J. Ratey
#36. Today, of course, there's no need to forage and hunt to survive. Yet our genes are coded for this activity, and our brains are meant to direct it. Take that activity away, and you're disrupting a delicate biological balance that has been fine-tuned over half a million years. Quite simply, we need to engage our endurance metabolism to keep our bodies and brains in optimum condition. The ancient rhythms of activity ingrained in our DNA translate roughly to the varied intensity of walking, jogging, running, and sprinting. In broad strokes, then, I think the best advice is to follow our ancestors' routine: walk or jog every day, run a couple of times a week, and then go for the kill every now and then by sprinting. #Quote by John J. Ratey
Metabolism quotes by Mark Sisson
#37. Our ancestors went for days without anything to eat, and carbohydrates were extremely scarce for two million years. The truth is, fat is the preferred fuel for human metabolism. #Quote by Mark Sisson
Metabolism quotes by Amit Ray
#38. Synaptic downscaling during the meditation leads to a reduced energy demand of the brain. Meditation can provide synaptic re-normalization. Meditation represents a reduced oxygen consumption of the brain and therefore lower energy metabolism requirements. #Quote by Amit Ray
Metabolism quotes by Jonathan Horton
#39. I changed my diet drastically. In college, I was a typical college guy who ate junk food all the time. When you're in college, your metabolism is through the roof. I felt like my body started to change when I was 22 or 23, so I started meeting with a nutritionist and it completely changed everything. #Quote by Jonathan Horton
Metabolism quotes by Kenny Smith
#40. Myth is the practical metabolism of our soulish life, the logic of our obsessions and oversights for which we have no language or code. Myth is the "morality" that the ineffable puts upon us, our unaccountable imperatives, our inexplicably selective clarity and obscurity, the mortal one-sidedness of our talents and wits, the passion and apathy that make such a transient passage through our hapless minds; that weave a pattern of fatality others will see before we do. Myth is distinctively human or sublime higher-order instinct, the "reason" in culture that reason knows not of. #Quote by Kenny Smith
Metabolism quotes by Richard J. Roberts
#41. During normal cell metabolism, RNA is constantly being made and broken down. The purine and pyrimidine residues are reused by several salvage pathways to make more genetic material. Purine is salvaged in the form of the corresponding nucleotide, whereas pyrimidine is salvaged as the nucleoside. #Quote by Richard J. Roberts
Metabolism quotes by Cara Castronuova
#42. I'm constantly feeding my metabolism. But at the same time if I want to go one night and have a nice dinner then I won't sweat it the next day. #Quote by Cara Castronuova
Metabolism quotes by Arjun Rampal
#43. I haven't acquired a taste for green tea, and I don't intend to. I like my coffee black with a little sugar, and it keeps my metabolism up! I don't mind the occasional Gatorade while I'm gymming. #Quote by Arjun Rampal
Metabolism quotes by James Morcan
#44. We have phosphate on our DNA. Aluminum attaches itself to it and messes up our genetic coding process. While the aluminum is inside a cell, some of its particles attach to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP is in charge of our cell's energy production. So, in this manner the aluminum can affect our energy level. We have enzymes (proteins) within our cells that depend on attaching themselves to calcium (Ca) or magnesium (Mg) to function properly. Once our enzymes have attached to the Ca and Mg, they can carry on with their functions. Because the aluminum has such a strong positive charge, it's able to break the bond between our enzymes and Ca or Mg. These enzymes are now no longer attached to Ca or Mg. They have become neutralized and are unable to carry out their responsibilities. We need these enzymes for efficient metabolism, but now the aluminum is attached to the enzymes instead. The protein molecules all look a little different because their shape reflects what they are designed to do. Aluminum disturbs their individual tasks and clumps them together so they are now misshapen and no longer functioning. Aluminum also messes with the cell surface, the membrane, the outer layer of the cell. With a dysfunctional cell membrane, everything inside the cell becomes compromised and it is no longer able to properly communicate with the environment surrounding the cell about what needs to be done[96]. #Quote by James Morcan
Metabolism quotes by Batman: R.I.P.
#45. Obvious variations aside, there's only one human body. 206 bones, five major organs, 60,000 miles of blood vessels. All it takes is time. Days. Months. Years, spent memorizing the finite ways there are to hurt and break a man. Preparing for all of them. I've escaped from every conceivable deathtrap. Ten times. A dozen times. I can slow my breathing and metabolism to control panic and conserve air. Straitjacket's kindergarten. Locks, too. Benchpressing a pine coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's filling your mouth, crushing your lungs flat, and shredding your dehydrated muscles? That's harder. But far from impossible. #Quote by Batman: R.I.P.
Metabolism quotes by Terence McKenna
#46. We are, in fact, hyper-dimentional objects of some sort which cast a shadow into matter, and the shadow in matter is the body. And at death, what happens basically, is that the shadow withdraws, or the thing which cast the shadow withdraws, and metabolism ceases, and matter which had been organized into a dissipative structure in a very localized area, sustaining itself against entropy by cycling material in and degrading it and expelling it, that whole phenomenon ceases, but the thing which ordered it is not affected by that. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Metabolism quotes by Mary Roach
#47. To the rocket scientist, you are a problem. You are the most irritating piece of machinery he or she will ever have to deal with. You and your fluctuating metabolism, your puny memory, your frame that comes in a million different configurations. You are unpredictable. You're inconstant. You take weeks to fix. The engineer must worry about the water and oxygen and food you'll need in space, about how much extra fuel it will take to launch your shrimp cocktail and irradiated beef tacos. A solar cell or a thruster nozzle is stable and undemanding. It does not excrete or panic or fall in love with the mission commander. It has no ego. Its structural elements don't start to break down without gravity, and it works just fine without sleep.
To me, you are the best thing to happen to rocket science. The human being is the machine that makes the whole endeavor so endlessly intriguing. #Quote by Mary Roach
Metabolism quotes by Andie MacDowell
#48. I eat healthy, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy myself. I eat ice cream and chocolate, as my metabolism is pretty fast because I work out so much. #Quote by Andie MacDowell
Metabolism quotes by John J. Ratey
#49. BORN TO RUN In his book Racing the Antelope: What Animals Can Teach Us about Running and Life, biologist Bernd Heinrich describes the human species as an endurance predator. The genes that govern our bodies today evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago, when we were in constant motion, either foraging for food or chasing antelope for hours and days across the plains. Heinrich describes how, even though antelope are among the fastest mammals, our ancestors were able to hunt them down by driving them to exhaustion - keeping on their tails until they had no energy left to escape. Antelope are sprinters, but their metabolism doesn't allow them to go and go and go. Ours does. And we have a fairly balanced distribution of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers, so even after ranging miles over the landscape we retain the metabolic capacity to sprint in short bursts to make the kill. #Quote by John J. Ratey
Metabolism quotes by Rob McElhenney
#50. Regardless of your metabolism, if you stop consuming so many calories, you will lose weight. #Quote by Rob McElhenney
Metabolism quotes by Deepak Chopra
#51. And what is breath? It is the carbon dioxide and oxygen that come from the metabolism of every cell in that stranger's body. That is what you are inhaling, just as other people are inhaling your breath. So we are all constantly exchanging bits of ourselves - physical, measurable molecules from our bodies. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Metabolism quotes by Alessandra Ambrosio
#52. Every woman has a different metabolism and different genetics, so rather than compete with one another, concentrate on yourself and be the best you can be. #Quote by Alessandra Ambrosio
Metabolism quotes by Roger Kimball
#53. In a remarkable book called Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age, the historian Modris Eksteins anatomizes the metabolism of the sentimentality that underwrites Keynes's embrace of guilt as an instrument of policy. Eksteins shows how sentimentality and a species of extravagant mythmaking mark the points of contact between avant-garde culture and burgeoning totalitarianism. This was especially true in Germany, the country that had advanced the radical program of the avant-garde most enthusiastically. England, by contrast, was a conservative power. Where Germany started the war to transform the world, England fought the war to preserve a world and the culture that defined it.
A key difference lies in the aestheticization of life: treating life, that is to say, as if it were a work of art devoid of human reality. On the continent, as the historian Carl Schorske put it in his classic study offin-de-siècle Vienna, "the usual moralistic culture of the European bourgeoisie was . . . both overlaid and undermined by an amoral Gef ühlskultur [sentimental culture]." This revolution in sensibility amounted to a crisis of morality - what the novelist Hermann Broch called a "value vacuum" - that quickly precipitated a crisis in liberal cultural and political life. "Narcissism and a hypertrophy of the life of feeling were the consequence," Schorske wrote. #Quote by Roger Kimball
Metabolism quotes by Mike Moreno
#54. 'The 17 Day Diet' keeps your body and metabolism guessing. I call this 'body confusion.' #Quote by Mike Moreno
Metabolism quotes by Marjory Stephenson
#55. [In research on bacteria metabolism] we have indeed much the same position as an observer trying to gain an idea of the life of a household by careful scrutiny of the persons and material arriving or leaving the house; we keep accurate records of the foods and commodities left at the door and patiently examine the contents of the dust-bin and endeavour to deduce from such data the events occurring within the closed doors. #Quote by Marjory Stephenson
Metabolism quotes by Douglas Adams
#56. After a fairly shaky start to the day, Arthur's mind was beginning to reassemble itself from the shell-shocked fragments the previous day had left him with.
He had found a Nutri-Matic machine which had provided him with a plastic cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.
The way it functioned was very interesting. When the Drink button was pressed it made an instant but highly detailed examination of the subject's taste buds, a spectroscopic analysis of the subject's metabolism and then sent tiny experimental signals down the neural pathways to the taste centers of the subject's brain to see what was likely to go down well. However, no one knew quite why it did this because it invariably delivered a cupful of liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Metabolism quotes by Michael Pollan
#57. Organic Oreos are not a health food. When Coca-Cola begins selling organic Coke, as it surely will, the company will have struck a blow for the environment perhaps, but not for our health. Most consumers automatically assume that the word "organic" is synomymous with health, but it makes no difference to your insulin metabolism if the high-fructose corn syrup in your soda is organic. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Metabolism quotes by Mark Hyman
#58. Tricking your brain into thinking you are getting something sweet plays dirty tricks on your metabolism. #Quote by Mark Hyman
Metabolism quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#59. Last night I undressed for bed. But instead of crawling between the sheets I decided to stand, naked, in front of the large full-length mirror that is propped against the wall next to my bed. ⠀

I turned off the bright lights, and found a song that spoke to the energy I could feel under my skin. For a while I just stood there. And I looked at myself. Bare skin. Open Heart. Clear truth. ⠀

It's a wonder, after 42 years on earth, to allow it to fully land, this knowing that I can stop, and look at myself and think things other than unkind words. ⠀

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to paint you a pretty social media picture that doesn't play out in real life. I'm not suddenly completely fine with all that is. I'm human and I'm a woman in the midst of this particular culture, and so of course I'd love to be tighter and firmer and lifted. I'd love to have the skin and metabolism I did in my twenties. I wish, often, that my stomach were flatter. I wear makeup and I dye away my gray hair. I worry about these things too, of course I do. ⠀

But finally, and fully - I can stand and look at myself and be filled, completely, with love. I can look at myself entirely bare and think, yes, I like myself now. Just as I am. Even if nothing changes. This me. She is good. And she is beautiful. ⠀

And even in the space of allowing myself to be human, and annoyed with those things I view as imperfections, I honor and celebrate this shift. ⠀
#Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Metabolism quotes by William Zinsser
#60. It requires writers to do two things that by their metabolism are impossible. They must relax, and they must have confidence. #Quote by William Zinsser
Metabolism quotes by Loren Eiseley
#61. Of all the unexpected qualities of an unexpected universe, the sheer organizing power of animal and plant metabolism is one of the most remarkable ... Where it reaches its highest development, in the human mind, we forget it completely ... So important does nature regard this unseen combustion ... that a starving man's brain will be protected to the last while his body is steadily consumed. #Quote by Loren Eiseley
Metabolism quotes by Ross Bridgeford
#62. Being hydrated can change everything. Just the simple act of drinking enough water on a daily basis can have a profound effect on your life. It certainly will help you to lose weight, as the water clears acid toxins from your system and boosts your metabolism (weight is an acid problem, by the way, I've got the results to prove it from over 500 people on my Alkaline Weight Loss Programme!). #Quote by Ross Bridgeford
Metabolism quotes by John Durant
#63. Eating a Paleolithic diet is not about historical re-enactment; it is about mimicking the effect of such a diet on the metabolism with foods available at the supermarket. There was no one diet eaten throughout the entire Paleolithic, nor is there a single diet eaten by contemporary hunter-gatherers. Hunter-gatherer diets can vary substantially depending on the geography, season, and culture. Even so, the commonalities among hunter-gatherer diets provide useful parameters for a healthy modern diet. #Quote by John Durant
Metabolism quotes by Shana Alexander
#64. The metabolism of a consumer society requires it continually to eat and excrete, every day throwing itself away in plastic bags. #Quote by Shana Alexander
Metabolism quotes by Peter Andre
#65. I heard once that I'm considering having liposuction. And the reason I find that so ridiculous is I've gone out of my way to train really hard the last eight months. I want to prove you don't need surgery, you don't need steroids and you don't even need to diet. I've lost over a stone and that's all been down to good old-fashioned exercise. Once your metabolism gets going you can enjoy your life. #Quote by Peter Andre
Metabolism quotes by Marc David
#66. Any guilt about food, shame about the body, or judgment about health are considered stressors by the brain and are immediately transduced into their electrochemical equivalents in the body. You could eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you're thinking toxic thoughts the digestion of your food goes down and your fat storage metabolism can go up. Likewise, you could be eating a nutritionally challenged meal, but if your head and heart are in the right place, the nutritive power of your food will be increased. #Quote by Marc David
Metabolism quotes by Harun Yahya
#67. Of all the metals there is none more essential to life than iron. It is the
accumulation of iron in the center of a star which triggers a supernova
explosion and the subsequent scattering of the vital atoms of life
throughout the cosmos. It was the drawing by gravity of iron atoms to
the center of the primeval earth that generated the heat which caused the
initial chemical differentiation of the earth, the outgassing of the early
atmosphere, and ultimately the formation of the hydrosphere. It is molten
iron in the center of the earth which, acting like a gigantic dynamo, generates
the earth's magnetic field, which in turn creates the Van Allen radiation
belts that shield the earth's surface from destructive high-energypenetrating
cosmic radiation and preserve the crucial ozone layer from
cosmic ray destruction…
Without the iron atom, there would be no carbon-based life in the cosmos;
no supernovae, no heating of the primitive earth, no atmosphere or
hydrosphere. There would be no protective magnetic field, no Van Allen
radiation belts, no ozone layer, no metal to make hemoglobin [in human
blood], no metal to tame the reactivity of oxygen, and no oxidative
The intriguing and intimate relationship between life and iron, between
the red color of blood and the dying of some distant star, not only indicates
the relevance of metals to biology but also the biocentricity of #Quote by Harun Yahya
Metabolism quotes by Robert M. Sapolsky
#68. Gerontologists studying the aging process find increasing evidence that most of us will age with a fair degree of success. There's far less institutionalization and disability than one might have guessed. While the size of social networks shrink with age, the quality of the relationships improves. There are types of cognitive skills that improve in old age (these are related to social intelligence and to making good strategic use of facts, rather than merely remembering them easily). The average elderly individual thinks his or her health is above average, and takes pleasure from that. And most important, the average level of happiness increases in old age; fewer negative emotions occur and, when they do, they don't persist as long. Connected to this, brain-imaging studies show that negative images have less of an impact, and positive images have more of an impact on brain metabolism in older people, as compared to young. #Quote by Robert M. Sapolsky
Metabolism quotes by Marianne Williamson
#69. When you look at obesity in the United States, clearly it is not a bunch of stupid people. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Sometimes people who are dealing with issues of obesity and compulsive eating know more than I will ever know about nutrition, metabolism, and exercise, because they have studied it. But clearly the real problem, and therefore the real solution, is on another level of consciousness, and that is where the spiritual work comes in. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Metabolism quotes by George Wald
#70. We living things are a late outgrowth of the metabolism of our galaxy. The carbon that enters into our composition was cooked in a remote past in a dying star. The waters of ancient seas set the pattern of ions in our blood. The ancient atmospheres moulded our metabolism. #Quote by George Wald
Metabolism quotes by Mark Hyman
#71. In addition to single-gene genetic disorders, there are just five causes of all disease: poor diet, chronic stress, microbes, toxins, and allergens, all of which wash over our DNA causing changes in our gene expression, and turning off or on different genes and messages that affect our metabolism. #Quote by Mark Hyman
Metabolism quotes by Paul Kalanithi
#72. Diseases are molecules misbehaving; the basic requirement of life is metabolism, and death its cessation. #Quote by Paul Kalanithi
Metabolism quotes by Dov Davidoff
#73. The downside of aging is a slower metabolism and achy joints.The upside is a knowledge of self that prevents one from behaving like a baboon. #Quote by Dov Davidoff
Metabolism quotes by Patrick Quillin
#74. Since cancer is an anaerobic growth, enhancing aerobic metabolism in a cancer patient is like shining daylight on a vampire. #Quote by Patrick Quillin
Metabolism quotes by Suzanne Somers
#75. When it comes to losing weight, balancing your hormones is absolutely crucial. Not only will it help you lose weight by correcting a sluggish metabolism, but you'll look more rested and vibrant, your mood will improve, and you'll get your libido back! #Quote by Suzanne Somers
Metabolism quotes by Mario Acevedo
#76. The stakeout. The least glamorous and yet often the most valuable activity in investigations. To endure the agonizing boredom and forestall restlessness, I slowed my metabolism into near rigor mortis until I was nothing more than a pair of eyeballs fixed #Quote by Mario Acevedo
Metabolism quotes by Ransom Riggs
#77. metabolism-wrecking medications #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Metabolism quotes by Sam Kean
#78. If certain bacteria, fungi, or algae inch across something made of copper, they absorb copper atoms, which disrupt their metabolism (human cells are unaffected). The microbes choke and die after a few hours. #Quote by Sam Kean
Metabolism quotes by David Perlmutter
#79. The human brain is at particularly high risk for damage by free radicals because of its high degree of metabolism compared to other tissues, while lacking the levels of antioxidant protection found elsewhere in the body. #Quote by David Perlmutter
Metabolism quotes by John E. Walker
#80. Biological energy comes from the sun. Light energy harvested by photosynthesis in chloroplasts and phototropic bacteria becomes stored in carbohydrates and fats. This stored energy can be released by oxidative metabolism in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and used as fuel for other biological processes. #Quote by John E. Walker
Metabolism quotes by Henrik Dam
#81. The discovery of vitamin K arose from some studies on the cholesterol metabolism of chicks carried out during the years 1928-1930 in the Biochemical Institute of the University of Copenhagen. #Quote by Henrik Dam
Metabolism quotes by Mark Hyman
#82. My advice is to give up stevia, aspartame, sucralose, sugar alcohols like xylitol and malitol, and all of the other heavily-used and marketed sweeteners unless you want to slow down your metabolism, gain weight, and become an addict. #Quote by Mark Hyman
Metabolism quotes by Katie Reus
#83. If you're going to be my Valentine then I expect chocolates. Lots of them."
He'd already planned to get her some considering how much the female ate chocolate. She was tall and slender and her high shifter metabolism meant she was often eating something sweet. He wondered if she'd taste sweet when he kissed her. #Quote by Katie Reus
Metabolism quotes by Gabriel Iglesias
#84. Believe it or not, I've got a really bad metabolism. One burger and I'm done. I'm not a guy that puts away 10 burgers. #Quote by Gabriel Iglesias
Metabolism quotes by Sarah Darer Littman
#85. Okay, back to business." Billy grins, leaning back against the cushions. "Give me two more characteristics of living things. I'll give you a hint: you left out the most fun one."
Fun one? Im picturing the textbook, responsiveness, growth, complex organizations, metabolism, responsiveness ... Oh!
I hit Billy. "You are such a perv!"
"Who me? What are you talking about?"
"The most fun one? Reproduction?"
"Hey, even microorganisms gotta have fun, right? #Quote by Sarah Darer Littman
Metabolism quotes by Lynn Margulis
#86. Body concentrates order. It continuously self-repairs. Every five days you get a new stomach lining. You get a new liver every two months. Your skin replaces itself every six weeks. Every year, 98 percent of the atoms of your body are replaced. This non-stop chemical replacement, metabolism, is a sure sign of life. #Quote by Lynn Margulis
Metabolism quotes by Kate Walsh
#87. I used to skip breakfast, but eating gets my metabolism going, so I burn more calories all day. #Quote by Kate Walsh
Metabolism quotes by Susie Orbach
#88. If you continually diet, you are putting your body in a quasi-famine situation. It slows your metabolism down and breaks the thermostat. Diets don't work. They don't help you understand why you're eating more than your body wanted in the first place. #Quote by Susie Orbach
Metabolism quotes by Miesha Tate
#89. I train twice a day and I make sure I eat right. I'm an avid tea drinker and I enjoy the benefits of drinking MateFit. It gives me energy, speeds up my metabolism and helps me shed excess water weight. I also do everything from MMA sparring to strength and conditioning. I make sure to do a combination of different things with my training. #Quote by Miesha Tate
Metabolism quotes by Sam Harris
#90. Forces of digestion and metabolism are at work within me that are utterly beyond my perception or control. Most of my internal organs may as well not exist for all I know of them directly, and yet I can be reasonably certain that I have them, arranged much as any medical textbook would suggest. The taste of the coffee, my satisfaction at its flavor, the feeling of the warm cup in my hand - while these are immediate facts with which I am acquainted, they reach back into a dark wilderness of facts that I will never come to know... Where am I, that I have such a poor view of things? And what sort of thing am I that both my outside and my inside are so obscure? #Quote by Sam Harris
Metabolism quotes by Satyananda Saraswati
#91. Yogasanas have often been thought of as a form of exercise. They are not exercises, but techniques which place the physical body in positions that cultivate awareness, relaxation, concentration and meditation. Part of this process is the development of good physical health by stretching, massaging and stimulating the pranic channels and internal organs.

When yogasanas are performed, respiration and metabolic rates slow down, the consumption of oxygen and the body temperature drop. During exercise,
however, the breath and metabolism speed up, oxygen consumption rises, and the body gets hot. In addition, asanas are designed to have specific effects on the glands and internal organs, and to alter electrochemical activity in the nervous system. #Quote by Satyananda Saraswati
Metabolism quotes by Jasmine Tookes
#92. I hate to say this, but I'm one of those people with an extremely fast metabolism. I eat, eat, eat, and yet I can't seem to gain any weight. #Quote by Jasmine Tookes
Metabolism quotes by Arjun Rampal
#93. I am blessed with a good metabolism, and as long as I work out, carbs don't add to my weight. If I need a leaner, meaner look for a film, I go off carbs for a bit. #Quote by Arjun Rampal
Metabolism quotes by Esther Blum
#94. Think of your metabolic system as a network of highly specialized channels of communication. (It's like the Wi-Fi your body runs on.) Give your metabolism the right information - no spam - and the communication comes through clearly and effectively. #Quote by Esther Blum
Metabolism quotes by Richard C. Armitage
#95. I'm a late developer in everything. I have a fast mind and fast metabolism, and I'm an intense worker, but in terms of life development, I'm way behind. #Quote by Richard C. Armitage
Metabolism quotes by Groucho Marx
#96. In studying your basic metabolism, we first listen to your heart's beat, and if your hearts beat anything but diamonds and clubs, it's because your partner is cheating, or your wife. #Quote by Groucho Marx
Metabolism quotes by David Perlmutter
#97. A fundamental premise in cancer therapy is trying to identify how the metabolism of cancer cells differs from normal tissue. When differences are identified, it often paves the way for treatments that will disrupt the cancer's metabolism while sparing normal tissue. #Quote by David Perlmutter
Metabolism quotes by Jason Fung
#98. Hormones are central to understanding obesity. Everything about human metabolism, including the body set weight, is hormonally regulated. A critical physiological variable such as body fatness is not left up to the vagaries of daily caloric intake and exercise. Instead, hormones precisely and tightly regulate body fat. We don't consciously control our body weight any more than we control our heart rates, our basal metabolic rates, our body temperatures or our breathing. These are all automatically regulated, and so is our weight. Hormones tell us when we are hungry (ghrelin). Hormones tell us we are full (peptide YY, cholecystokinin). Hormones increase energy expenditure (adrenalin). Hormones shut down energy expenditure (thyroid hormone). Obesity is a hormonal dysregulation of fat accumulation. Calories are nothing more than a proximate cause of obesity. #Quote by Jason Fung
Metabolism quotes by Henepola Gunaratana
#99. Prayer and contemplation are both exercises in concentration. The normal deluge of conscious thought is restricted and the mind is brought to one conscious area of operation. The results are those you find in any concentrative practice: deep calm, a physiological slowing of the metabolism and a sense of peace and wellbeing #Quote by Henepola Gunaratana
Metabolism quotes by Thomas E. Levy
#100. Man's body was designed to function best with high blood and cellular levels of vitamin C - synthesised as needed by the liver. Due to an inborn error of metabolism, the vast majority of us no longer have the ability to make it, but that does not lessen our need for vitamin C or the benefits derived form it. #Quote by Thomas E. Levy
Metabolism quotes by Luis Federico Leloir
#101. This is only one step in a much larger project. I discovered (no, not me: my team) the function of sugar nucleotides in cell metabolism. I want others to understood this, but it is not easy to explain: this is not a very noteworthy deed, and we hardly know even a little. #Quote by Luis Federico Leloir
Metabolism quotes by Steven Johnson
#102. But Engels and Dickens suggested a new twist: that the advance of civilization produced barbarity as an unavoidable waste product, as essential to its metabolism as the gleaming spires and cultivated thought of polite society. The barbarians weren't storming the gates. #Quote by Steven Johnson
Metabolism quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#103. When you eat a carrot that is nothing but carrot it zooms through your system as a carrot. When you eat a piece of mass-produced carrot cake that contains 32 ingredients, your metabolism screeches to a halt while your body tries to figure out what all those things are that you just swallowed, and what it is supposed to do with them. Therefore, the problem isn't "fat", its piles of excess ingredients your body's stacked on shelves and vowed to sort out later. #Quote by Cathy Guisewite
Metabolism quotes by Nick Land
#104. The great educational value of the war against Christendom lies in the absolute truthlessness of the priest. Such purity is rare enough. The 'man of God' is entirely incapable of honesty, and only arises at the point where truth is defaced beyond all legibility. Lies are his entire metabolism, the air he breathes, his bread and his wine. He cannot comment upon the weather without a secret agenda of deceit. No word, gesture, or perception is slight enough to escape his extravagant reflex of falsification, and of the lies in circulation he will instinctively seize on the grossest, the most obscene and oppressive travesty. Any proposition passing the lips of a priest is necessarily totally false, excepting only insidiouses whose message is momentarily misunderstood. It is impossible to deny him without discovering some buried fragment or reality. #Quote by Nick Land
Metabolism quotes by Erin Heatherton
#105. Rest is the best thing for your body rather than working out or dieting. Sleep can change your whole metabolism, so it's my number one priority when it comes to looking good. #Quote by Erin Heatherton
Metabolism quotes by David Ludwig
#106. Turn off the starvation response by eating whenever you're hungry and until fully satisfied. 2. Tame your fat cells with a diet that lowers insulin levels, reduces inflammation (insulin's troublemaker twin), and redirects calories to the rest of your body. 3. Follow a simple lifestyle prescription focused on enjoyable physical activities, sleep, and stress relief to improve metabolism and support permanent behavior change. #Quote by David Ludwig
Metabolism quotes by Bernard Brodie
#107. Various species of animals react differently to the same drug. Not only do the variations in the metabolism of a drug make it difficult to extrapolate results of animal experiments to man but they create a serious obstacle to the development of new therapeutic drugs. #Quote by Bernard Brodie
Metabolism quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#108. The supernova is enabling a deeper revolution that is just beginning, spurred by learning platforms such as Udacity, edX, and Coursera, that will change the very metabolism and shape of higher education and, one hopes, lift the adaptability line in the way that #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Metabolism quotes by Leslie Orgel
#109. There is no agreement on the extent to which metabolism could develop independently of a genetic material. In my opinion, there is no basis in known chemistry for the belief that long sequences of reactions can organize spontaneously
and every reason to believe that they cannot. The problem of achieving sufficient specificity, whether in aqueous solution or on the surface of a mineral, is so severe that the chance of closing a cycle of reactions as complex as the reverse citric acid cycle, for example, is negligible. #Quote by Leslie Orgel
Metabolism quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#110. I get up at 7:30 and work four hours a day. Nine to twelve in the morning, five to six in the evening. Businessmen would achieve better results if they studied human metabolism. No one works well eight hours a day. No one ought to work more than four hours. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Metabolism quotes by Dana Spiotta
#111. It smells not of decay but of disappearing, of disintegration. An invisible eating away. But that's not how it works, it doesn't eat away like acid. It gets into the metabolism of things and overstimulates them until they die. It hyper-accelerates growth until the organism is undone. Herbicide, he thinks, is a better word than defoliant, but neither conveys the endless insinuation of the stuff, the occupation. He breathes the dank spray
it's heavy, oily, metallic. It almost doesn't smell, but it clings to you, gets between you and your sweat then sinks into your skin. #Quote by Dana Spiotta
Metabolism quotes by Vasily Grossman
#112. When a person dies, they cross over from the realm of freedom to the realm of slavery. Life is freedom, and dying is a gradual denial of freedom. Consciousness first weakens and then disappears. The life-processes – respiration, the metabolism, the circulation – continue for some time, but an irrevocable move has been made towards slavery; consciousness, the flame of freedom, has died out.
The stars have disappeared from the night sky; the Milky Way has vanished; the sun has gone out; Venus, Mars and Jupiter have been extinguished; millions of leaves have died; the wind and the oceans have faded away; flowers have lost their colour and fragrance; bread has vanished; water has vanished; even the air itself, the sometimes cool, sometimes sultry air, has vanished. The universe inside a person has ceased to exist. This universe is astonishingly similar to the universe that exists outside people. It is astonishingly similar to the universes still reflected within the skulls of millions of living people. But still more astonishing is the fact that this universe had something in it that distinguished the sound of its ocean, the smell of its flowers, the rustle of its leaves, the hues of its granite and the sadness of its autumn fields both from those of every other universe that exists and ever has existed within people, and from those of the universe that exists eternally outside people. What constitutes the freedom, the soul of an individual life, is its uniqueness. The refle #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Metabolism quotes by Chris Evans
#113. I have a pretty fast metabolism, so I don't really have to worry about getting pudgy. What I try to do when I'm working out is taking in a lot of heavy protein - clean chicken, clean meats. #Quote by Chris Evans
Metabolism quotes by Marc Wallice
#114. I could never gain much weight. I've always had a fast metabolism. #Quote by Marc Wallice
Metabolism quotes by David Perlmutter
#115. Antioxidants are chemicals that break down or neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals - chemicals produced as a byproduct of normal cellular metabolism. #Quote by David Perlmutter
Metabolism quotes by Marian Keyes
#116. I know forty-one is the new eighteen, but tell that to my metabolism. #Quote by Marian Keyes
Metabolism quotes by Al Roker
#117. I know I need to exercise. For some people, exercise is like breathing; for others, like me, it takes effort. Exercising is what I need for my metabolism and for a better sense of well-being. #Quote by Al Roker
Metabolism quotes by Ransom Riggs
#118. The last act was to infect me with nightmares and paranoid delusions that would take years of therapy and metabolism-wrecking medications to rout out. #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Metabolism quotes by Isaiah Berlin
#119. The history of society is the history of the inventive labors that man alter man, alter his desires, habits, outlook, relationships both to other men and to physical nature, with which man is in perpetual physical and technological metabolism. #Quote by Isaiah Berlin
Metabolism quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#120. The question of place and climate is most closely related to the question of nutrition. Nobody is free to live everywhere; and whoever has to solve great problems that challenge all his strength actually has a very restricted choice in this matter. The influence of climate on our metabolism, its retardation, its acceleration, goes so far that a mistaken choice of place and climate can not only estrange a man from his task but can actually keep it from him: he never gets to see it. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Metabolism quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#121. When provoked, the itsy-bitsy invertebrates known as tardigrades can suspend their metabolism. In that state, they can survive temperatures of ... 73 K for days on end, making them hardy enough to endure being stranded on Neptune. So the next time you need space travelers with the right stuff, you might want to choose yeast and tardigrades, and leave your astronauts, cosmonauts, and taikonauts at home. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Metabolism quotes by Lewis Mumford
#122. Richter compares the conditions of rat domestication with those now provided by the 'Welfare State'-ample food, no danger, no stress, uniform environment and climate, and so forth. But he notes that, under these seemingly favorable conditions, organic deterioration has taken place: a decrease in the size of the adrenal glands, which help the organism meet stress or fatigue and forfend certain diseases: while the thyroid gland, the regulator of metabolism, becomes less active. Not strangely, perhaps, the brains of the domestic rat, and perhaps their mental ability, are smaller. At the same time, the sex glands mature earlier, become bigger, show more activity, and result in a higher rate of fertility. How human! #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Metabolism quotes by Derek Hough
#123. I see how dance transforms the bodies of the stars on the show. I need to lose weight--can it do the same for me? I'm so unmotivated!

Absolutely. Dancing you enjoy, so you forget that you're working out. We associate working out with work and with pain. But dancing is fun and you should go for it if it motivates you to move. All consistent movement helps your metabolism. But I'm not going to say don't change anything else in your life. You have to be consistent with how often you move, and you need to eat healthily. You can't dance in the morning and eat cheeseburgers and fries for lunch. What you see on DWTS is a combination of people dancing and changing their habits and their whole lives. In order to do the show, they need to be stronger and they need to be fueled. Your body is your machine; you've got to make sure it's well-oiled. #Quote by Derek Hough
Metabolism quotes by Don Kardong
#124. The body responds to a calorie deficit by slowing down the metabolism and burning muscle tissue. That leads to weakness, sluggishness, slow times. In girls, it can also result in cessation of menstrual periods, which in turn leads to loss of bone density and frequent stress fractures. #Quote by Don Kardong
Metabolism quotes by Erwin Schrodinger
#125. How does the living organism avoid decay? The obvious answer is: By eating, drinking, breathing and (in the case of plants) assimilating. The technical term is metabolism. The Greek word () means change or exchange. Exchange of what? #Quote by Erwin Schrodinger
Metabolism quotes by Hilde Bruch
#126. Looking at obesity without preconceived ideas, one would assume that the main trend of research should be directed toward an examination of abnormalities of the fat metabolism, since by definition excessive accumulation of fat is the underlying abnormality. It so happens that this is the least work has been done. #Quote by Hilde Bruch
Metabolism quotes by Haruki Murakami
#127. In our broad sweep, the city looks like a single gigantic creature - or more like a single collective entity created by many intertwining organism. Countless arteries stretch to the ends of its elusive body, circulating a continuous supply of fresh blood cells, sending out new data and collecting the old, sending out new consumables and collecting the old, sending out new contradictions and collecting the old. To the rhythm of its pulsing, all parts of the body flicker and flare up and squirm. Midnight is approaching, and while the peak of activity has passed, the basal metabolism that maintains life continues undiminished, producing the basso continuo of the city's moan, a monotonous sound that neither rises nor falls but is pregnant with foreboding. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Metabolism quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#128. The most general formula on which every religion and morality is founded is: "Do this and that, refrain from this and that - and then you will be happy! And if you don't..." Every morality, every religion, is based on this imperative; I call it the original sin of reason, the immortal unreason. In my mouth, this formula is changed into its opposite - the first example of my "revaluation of all values." An admirable human being, a "happy one," instinctively must perform certain actions and avoid other actions; he carries these impulses in his body, and they determine his
relations with the world and other human beings. In a formula: his virtue is the effect of his happiness. A long life, many descendants - these are not the rewards of virtue: instead, virtue itself is that slowing down of the metabolism which leads, among other things, to a long life, many descendants - in short, to Cornaro's virtue. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Metabolism quotes by April Rose
#129. My metabolism - I bring snacks with me all the time. My friends make fun of me, but I just run on very tight fuel or something. #Quote by April Rose
Metabolism quotes by Lauren Kate
#130. I'm sorry."
"Don't worry, dear," the woman said brightly. "The day I encounter Sophia again, I'll grab the nearest heavy object and bludgeon her myself."
Arriane flung out a hand to help Luce up, pulling her so hard her feet shot off the ground. "Dee's an old friend. And a first-class party animal, might I add. Got the metabolism of a donkey. She almost brought the Crusades to a grinding halt the night she seduced Saladin."
"Oh, nonsense!" Dee said, flapping a hand dismissively.
"She's the best storyteller, too," Annabelle added. "Or she was before she dropped off the face of the earth. Where've you been hiding, woman?"
The woman drew a deep breath and her golden eyes dampened. "Actually, I fell in love."
"Oh, Dee!" Annabelle crooned, clasping the woman's hand. "How wonderful."
"Otto Z. Otto." The woman sniffed. "May he rest ... "
"Dr. Otto," Daniel said, stepping out of the doorway. "You knew Dr. Otto?"
"Backwards and forwards. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Metabolism quotes by Isaiah Berlin
#131. What is Life?
(1) Tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
(2) Dictionary definition in biology (chemical process within organic entities involving metabolism etc.)
(3) Mrs Woolf: 'Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.'
(4) Series of actual and hypothetical behavioural data which differ in certain assignable ways from data defining dead or inanimate entities.
(5) That which the Lord infused into Adam. See Genesis 1. 4 [sc. 2. 7].
Mental Cramp. #Quote by Isaiah Berlin
Metabolism quotes by Claire Foy
#132. I'm lucky I have a fast metabolism ... my whole family does ... everyone's got a lot of nervous energy so we burn it off. #Quote by Claire Foy

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