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Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Stephen King
#1. Billy was walking up the hall, buckling his belt. His tanned face was now sallow and wet with sweat. He says there's a bulge in my aorta. Like a bubble in a car tire. Only car tires don't yell when you poke em. #Quote by Stephen King
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Ginny Aiken
#2. Maryanne paid for her purchases, and once everything was stuffed into the blue plastic bags, she headed toward the exit. That's when she spotted her tail again... not six feet away.

"Here," she said, thrusting her purchases at J.Z.'s middle. "Since you're sticking to me like used bubble gum to my shoes, you can make yourself useful. Carry these to my car, please."

She left him, arms full of bags, jaw agape, and wend to buy a soft pretzel and an icy drink. #Quote by Ginny Aiken
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by KRS-One
#3. I used to let the olde english 8- suds bubble in the last car of the Franklin Avenue shuttle #Quote by KRS-One
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Julian Clary
#4. I live in a kind of gay bubble. I live in a gay house, I drive a gay car. I eat gay food. #Quote by Julian Clary
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Robert Burton Robinson
#5. Some women like to treat a man like a piece of bubble gum. The poor sap thinks everything's fine. And it is - until the taste runs out. Then she'll just spit him out the car window of her life and never look back. #Quote by Robert Burton Robinson
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Pema Chodron
#6. Take three conscious breaths. Just pause. Let it be a contrast to being all caught up. Let it be like popping a bubble. Let it be just a moment in time, and then go on. Maybe you are on your way to whatever you need to do for the day. You are in your car, or on the bus, or standing in line. But you can still create that gap by taking three conscious breaths and being right there with the immediacy of your experience, right there with whatever you are seeing, with whatever you are doing, with whatever you are feeling. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Ellie Marney
#7. You survived.'
The look on his face is almost surprised. He blinks at me from somewhere deep in his mental bubble.
'Yeah,' he says. 'Yeah, I guess.'

But in that second, in his face, I see the whole world. I finally understand something crucial.
James Mycroft did die in that car crash seven years ago. Seeing what he saw, experiencing all that pain, that ten-year-old boy passed away. The person who returned was not the same. He was changed so completely, so physically and mentally transformed, it was as though a whole different individual was born. A different boy, living in a different place, with a guardian and no parents, a boy with no past and only one name...

All the blood rushes out of my cheeks as that name falls off my lips. 'Mycroft... #Quote by Ellie Marney
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#8. Some things definitely work better on film than in books. Introspection is great in books but it doesn't work on film. Anything with high intensity, whether it's a love scene, a car chase, a fight scene - those things work so well on film and oftentimes they can tell a much broader part of the story. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by John Wes Townley
#9. I'd say it [success in NASCAR] is probably 50% car, 30% driver and 20% luck. When it comes to the driving, if the driver doesn't do his part, then it's just kind of like multiplying a negative times a positive: The end result is going to be a negative. #Quote by John Wes Townley
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Leland Orser
#10. My very first role was with James Earl Jones on 'Gabriel's Fire' on TV. He drove a Chevy Citation, which is the exact same car that I bought from a guy in San Francisco called Sandy Boone. I showed up on set, and James Earl Jones was driving the car I had bought from Sandy for $250. #Quote by Leland Orser
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Kid Rock
#11. Two of my grandparents died in a car crash. Sucks, 'cause they would have lived to a hundred. #Quote by Kid Rock
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by D.A. Rhine
#12. Hey lady." Sandy wrapped her arms around Darcy's neck and kissed her cheek quickly. "So, are we burning anything of his in some occult ritual that will curse him and all his unborn children till the end of their days, or are we just going to key his car? #Quote by D.A. Rhine
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by William Faulkner
#13. Nowadays he drove the car into town to fetch his grandfather from habit alone, and though he still considered forty five miles an hour merely cruising speed, he no longer took cold and fiendish pleasure in turning curves on two wheels or in detaching mules from wagons by striking the whiffle-trees with his bumper in passing. #Quote by William Faulkner
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Nick Kroll
#14. In L.A., you really are in your car all day alone, and there's very little public life. #Quote by Nick Kroll
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Ree Drummond
#15. You okay?" Marlboro Man called out. I didn't answer. I just kept on walking, determined to get the hell out of Dodge.
It took him about five seconds to catch up with me; I wasn't a very fast walker. "Hey," he said, grabbing me around the waist and whipping me around so I was facing him. "Aww, it's okay. It happens."
I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to hear it. I wanted him to let go of me and I wanted to keep on walking. I wanted to walk back down the hillside, start my car, and get out of there. I didn't know where I'd go, I just knew I wanted to go. I wanted away from all of it--riding horses, saddles, reins, bridles--I didn't want it anymore. I hated everything on that ranch. It was all stupid, dumb…and stupid.
Wriggling loose of his consoling embrace, I squealed, "I seriously can't do this!" My hands trembled wildly and my voice quivered. The tip of my nose began to sting, and tears welled up in my eyes. It wasn't like me to display such hysteria in the presence of a man. But being driven to the brink of death had brought me to this place. I felt like a wild animal. I was powerless to restrain myself. "I don't want to do this for the rest of my life!" I cried.
I turned to leave again but decided instead to give up, choosing to sit down on the ground and slump over in defeat. It was all so humiliating--not just my rigid, freakish riding style or my near collision with the ground, but also my crazy, emotional reaction after the fact. This wa #Quote by Ree Drummond
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Melissa Albert
#16. I walked a block on rubbery knees, feeling the way I did the time a van clipped my bike and sent me reeling into a line of parked cars. Ella had dropped her cigarette and jumped on the fallen bike, screaming at the top of her lungs as she sped after the car. Bleeding in three places, I watched her go, glad she knew I'd rather have retribution than comfort. #Quote by Melissa Albert
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Peter Beardsley
#17. I tell my kids in the Academy at Newcastle to watch Henry. He plays with such a swagger, not an arrogance, and that is a great quality. He always looks so comfortable. You talk about cars going from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds, and he is like that. He just explodes. I could sit there for hours and watch him. #Quote by Peter Beardsley
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Dan Chaon
#18. There is your car and the open road, the fabled lure of random adventure. You stand at the verge, and you could become anything. Your future shifts and warps with your smallest step, your shitty little whims. The man you will become is at your mercy. #Quote by Dan Chaon
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Paul Haggis
#19. I optioned the magazine article. That was end of 2003. It was a time when the war was incredibly popular here and everyone was driving around with flags on their car, if you remember not too long ago. #Quote by Paul Haggis
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#20. How hard is it to keep an eye on one woman? I take six months. And you take six months. That was our agreement.""Why is she still our responsibility?" "Because she's our sister and we love her and if we don't watch out for her, she will get involved with the wrong people , and destroy the world. Is that what you want?" "You always ask me that question, and you're always disappointed with my answer." Charlie sighed . "Well, we need to find her." "I know.""She's in as much danger as we are.""I know." "They sent trained military after us.""I know." "And I know this car is stolen.""Of course it's stolen. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Wiz Khalifa
#21. The Thrill"

Searching for the thrill of it, thrill of it,
Say that it's love, but to me it's looking counterfeit,
I get done with one and move on to another bitch
Yea college educated, she graduated
Any bill she can't front, her parents paid it
The show was far, you the only one with a car
And your girlfriends, bein that she's a big fan, of course she made it
Most girls wanna hide the fact that the thrill they chase it
But you, tonight you wanna get drunk and fuck someone famous
So I just name a time and a place and your game for it
Value player, hotel room, meet you there

{Walking on a dream
How can I explain
Talking to myself}
Just travelin' the world
{Will I see again}
Tryin' different drugs and girls

{We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down, I'm just in awe of what's in front of me}

And I'm addicted to champagne
Fuck the room we buy the hallway
Bitches I Taylor Gang that
They just wanna know where the planes at

Take the little one outta there
Or like, just turn it down
And then I'm um probably just gonna go back smoke another one in an hour
Just get real airy, fuckin' dreamy and shit

Wake up drunk go to sleep fucked up
We #Quote by Wiz Khalifa
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by V.C. Andrews
#22. They saw me as someone who lived entirely within herself, like some creature who moved in an impenetrable bubble, emerging only when it was absolutely necessary to say anything to anyone or do anything with anyone. But family did matter to me. It always had, and always would. #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Lewis Pugh
#23. What I'm asking people to do is to look at their lives, wherever they may be. I mean, you may be a housewife or a mother in Gauteng and you're driving your kid to school, you know, and you've got one kid in the back and you're driving 30 kilometres to school and 30 kilometres back, so 60 kilometres in a day, to take one child to school. Is there a possibility that you can put a few more kids, some friends' kids in the car, and start saving on those types of things? #Quote by Lewis Pugh
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Michelle Abbott
#24. But you said you've never been shocked that many times in a row before." I grin at him. "I bet we can make that happen again. It probably works like a car battery. We'll have to try shocking you a few times in a row again."
He rolls over onto his back, puts his arms above his head and grins, his eyes sparkling. "I'm all yours gorgeous, make me yelp. #Quote by Michelle Abbott
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Hermann E. Ott
#25. Travel requires a great deal of energy - whether you go by car, by bus, by train or plane. We'll likely be using hydrogen as our main energy for transport. #Quote by Hermann E. Ott
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
#26. I wish that when we weren't filming, we could have full privacy. I wish I could live in a bubble and just be with my family. #Quote by Kourtney Kardashian
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
#27. It's okay, Jasper. I, above all, know what you are feeling now. But this will be different. We're stronger now. We will find her. Adam gave him a rough hug before he left the shop. The sound of a car outside signaled the arrival of his brothers. Time to kick ass and find his mate. #Quote by Carrie Ann Ryan
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#28. First thing's first: I've got to check on my car. She must be missing me!. #Quote by J.A. Redmerski
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Tracy Guzeman
#29. She pulled off the road when she was halfway there, parking the car in a spot where the grass had turned from supple green to crisp gold. The air in midafternoon was laced with the smell of things gone to ground. Beech leaves curled in on themselves, brushed with the dull finish of autumn; the shadbush blazed scarlet. #Quote by Tracy Guzeman
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by M.K. Schiller
#30. Why do you have a blanket in your car?"
"In case I need it."
"Have you ever had sex on it?" I asked, staring at the soft plush material with narrowing eyes.
Ethan laughed, "Of course I have."
"Oh, I said, holding the material further away.
"It's my sex blanket. Whenever I'm int he mood, I just lay it on the ground, take off my clothes, and the ladies line up. #Quote by M.K. Schiller
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Suzanne Wright
#31. Um, Roni, could you please tell me why there's an unconscious female in the trunk of your car?" Rubbing at his nape, Eli frowned down at the blonde. "When you said, 'Come see what I've got,' I thought you meant new sneakers or something. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Paula Hawkins
#32. I can't speak, can't move. The living room is hot, airless despite the open windows. I can hear noises from the street below: a police siren, young girls shouting and laughing, bass booming from a passing car. Normal life. But in here, the world is ending. For Scott, the world is ending, and I can't speak. I stand there, mute, helpless, useless. #Quote by Paula Hawkins
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Michael Herr
#33. Some people just wanted to blow it all to hell, animal, vegetable and mineral. They wanted a Vietnam they could fit into their car ashtrays. #Quote by Michael Herr
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Jay Woodman
#34. From the Prize winning poem - UNBORN in the book Terra Affirmative.
Under the surface / her body is curled, / seed of the one race, / shell of the world. // She is thw waterfall, / she is the womb, / she is the bubble, /she is the tomb. // Her hair flows upward, / blood red of the birth. / Her arms are folded / deep into the earth. // She is the fern, / she is the bark, / she is the lantern, / she is the dark. // Her eyes burn the flame / of the old and the young. / Her breath is the name / of each branch of each lung. // She is the ingredient. / She is the blend. / She is the beginning. / She is the end. #Quote by Jay Woodman
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Dave Barry
#35. The Ford Falcon holds the proud title of Slowest Car Ever Built. In certain areas of the country you can go to a stoplight and find Falcon drivers who pressed down on their accelerators in 1963 and are still waiting for their cars to move. #Quote by Dave Barry
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Kim Edwards
#36. He could hardly imagine anymore what his life would be without the weight of his hidden knowledge. He'd come to think of it as a kind of penance. It was self-destructive, he could see that, but that was the way things were. People smoked, they jumped out of airplanes, they drank too much and got into their cars and drove without seat belts. #Quote by Kim Edwards
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Kristine Carlson
#37. If you knew that you only had one day to live, what would you think about-your car or favorite pair of shoes or would it be the more everyday joys that occupy your mind? #Quote by Kristine Carlson
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Chris Bohjalian
#38. And just as there is random horror-murder,suicide,child abuse,car accidents.......there is also indiscriminate kindness.
Not merely miracles,though I have experienced them.But simple human connection,either brokered by an angel or sourced by one.
That is why I try to encourage people to be receptive to that new person who seems to have appeared in their life out of nowhere. #Quote by Chris Bohjalian
Messerschmitt Bubble Car quotes by Nikita Gill
#39. It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent. Almost as though no one, not even the universe itself could create a sound for such devastation. Almost as though silence is the only way the universe could pay its respect to the sound of a heart falling apart. #Quote by Nikita Gill

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