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Meriter Jobs quotes by Ray Allen
#1. Everyone has to do their job. Everyone has to buy into it and believe in what we're trying to do regardless of who's playing and who's not. #Quote by Ray Allen
Meriter Jobs quotes by Herbert Hoover
#2. Unemployment in the sense of distress is widely disappearing ... We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of any land. The poor-house is vanishing from among us. We have not yet reached the goal, but given a change to go forward with the policies of the last eight years, and we shall soon with he help of God be in sight of the day when poverty will be banished from this nation. There is no guarantee against poverty equal to a job for every man. That is the primary purpose of the economic policies we advocate #Quote by Herbert Hoover
Meriter Jobs quotes by Alfred P. Sloan
#3. The greatest real thrill that life offers is to create, to construct, to develop something useful. Too often we fail to recognize and pay tribute to the creative spirit. It is that spirit that creates our jobs. #Quote by Alfred P. Sloan
Meriter Jobs quotes by Martha Wainwright
#4. You know, people always ask me how I describe my music. First of all I tell them that's their job and then that also one day I hope to have things referred to as Martha Wainwright -esque. #Quote by Martha Wainwright
Meriter Jobs quotes by Dalai Lama
#5. If you're looking for work and have a choice of a job, choose a job that allows the opportunity for some creativity, and for spending time with your family. Even if it means less pay ... #Quote by Dalai Lama
Meriter Jobs quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#6. Guards, Miles now realized, had to stay in prison all day long too. Indeed, as a guard, one of his jobs was now to keep himself in. #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Meriter Jobs quotes by Victoria Wilson
#7. I would say she [Barbara Stanwyck] did her job as best she could; an honest day's work for an honest day's pay - and when it was over, it was over. #Quote by Victoria Wilson
Meriter Jobs quotes by John Denver
#8. I would make my job a work of art. I would like whatever it is that I'm doing - everyone's experience of me, everyone's interaction with me, everyone's discussion, conversation, relationship with me - [to be] an event within which they get to see who they are. I would make of my life a work of art. #Quote by John Denver
Meriter Jobs quotes by Annie Leonard
#9. The assumptions that "pollution is the price of progress" or that "we must choose between jobs and the environment" have long limited our creative thinking about innovative solutions that can be good for the environment, the workers, and a healthy economy. #Quote by Annie Leonard
Meriter Jobs quotes by Barack Obama
#10. My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect. #Quote by Barack Obama
Meriter Jobs quotes by James P. Hoffa
#11. And some of those people that voted Republican are now going to say, what a mistake I made because I didn't know they were going to take my job away. I didn't know they were going to take collective bargaining away. #Quote by James P. Hoffa
Meriter Jobs quotes by Gavin Newsom
#12. The jobs in the greatest demand in the future don't yet exist and will require workers to use technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems that we don't yet even know are problems. #Quote by Gavin Newsom
Meriter Jobs quotes by Betty Friedan
#13. Economic equity is an enormous empowerment of women. Having jobs that provide income means that women can be a more effective force, a more equal force, in the political process. Women with income take themselves more seriously and they are taken more seriously. #Quote by Betty Friedan
Meriter Jobs quotes by Jay Leno
#14. President Obama will be going to Disney World where he'll unveil his new plan to create jobs. And what better place for the president to talk about his jobs plan than Fantasyland? #Quote by Jay Leno
Meriter Jobs quotes by John Hope Bryant
#15. Without financial literacy, divorce rates soar, families rupture, and women stay with abusive men for financial security. A lack of jobs contributes to riots and illegal activity. Name any situation and it goes back to money. We need to focus on poverty eradication. #Quote by John Hope Bryant
Meriter Jobs quotes by Carlos Zambrano
#16. I enjoy when I strike someone out. I enjoy when I do my job. #Quote by Carlos Zambrano
Meriter Jobs quotes by John Boehner
#17. The American people are screaming at the top of their lungs to Washington, 'Stop! Stop the spending, stop the job-killing policies.' And yet, Democrats in Washington refuse to listen to the American people. #Quote by John Boehner
Meriter Jobs quotes by Bill Watterson
#18. I was offered a job at the Cincinnati Post as their editorial cartoonist in a trial six month arrangement. The agreement was that they could fire me or I could quit with no questions asked if things didn't work out during the first few months. Sure enough, things didn't work out, and they fired me, no questions asked. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Meriter Jobs quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#19. Many of the young aspire to happy marriages and dot-com fortunes but end up in guarded love and okay-for-now jobs. #Quote by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Meriter Jobs quotes by Brad Lidge
#20. I'm not going to be a guy who does dances after he strikes somebody out. I'm not like that. I just want to secure a win. That's my job. #Quote by Brad Lidge
Meriter Jobs quotes by Stephen Hawking
#21. The "Powers That Be" are not smart enough to engineer Armageddon, but they may yet be stupid enough. If governments are involved in covering up the knowledge of aliens, then they are doing a much better job of it than they seem to do at anything else. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Meriter Jobs quotes by John F. Kerry
#22. As I have said for two years now, when Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda were cornered in the mountains of Tora Bora, it was wrong to outsource the job of capturing them to Afghan warlords who a week earlier were fighting against us. #Quote by John F. Kerry
Meriter Jobs quotes by Susan Sontag
#23. A capitalist society requires a culture based on images. It needs to furnish vast amounts of entertainment in order to stimulate buying and anesthetise the injuries of class, race, and sex. And it needs to gather unlimited amounts of information, the better to exploit natural resources, increase productivity, keep order, make war, give jobs to bureaucrats. The camera's twin capacities, to subjectivise reality and to objectify it, ideally serve these needs as strengthen them. Cameras define reality in the two ways essential to the workings of an advanced industrial society: as a spectacle (for masses) and as an object of surveillance (for rulers). The production of images also furnishes a ruling ideology. Social change is replaced by a change in images. The freedom to consume a plurality of images and goods is equated with freedom itself. The narrowing of free political choice to free economic consumption requires the unlimited production and consumption of images. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Meriter Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#24. Almost everything ... all external expectations ... all pride ... all fear of embarrassment or failure ... these things just fall away in the face of death ... leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose. You are already naked ... there is no reason not to follow your heart. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Meriter Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#25. Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Meriter Jobs quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#26. My whole life is about for­get­ting. It's my most valu­able job skill. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Meriter Jobs quotes by Eva Longoria
#27. We face a choice this election. President Obama is fighting for changes that grow the economy from the middle out and help all Americans succeed - jobs, education, health reform, the DREAM Act, equal pay for women. He is moving us forward with opportunity today for prosperity tomorrow. Mitt Romney wants to take us back to yesterday. #Quote by Eva Longoria
Meriter Jobs quotes by Dominik Garcia-Lorido
#28. Both my parents came with their parents during the revolution in Cuba. Both my parents were born in Cuba. They left everything over there. My family got stripped of everything - of their land, of their jobs, everything. #Quote by Dominik Garcia-Lorido
Meriter Jobs quotes by Robert B. Reich
#29. It is no great feat for an economy to create a large number of very-low-wage jobs. Slavery, after all, was a full employment system. #Quote by Robert B. Reich
Meriter Jobs quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#30. Our number one responsibility is to protect Americans from terrorism, that's our job, so being tough on terrorism is enormously important. #Quote by Elizabeth Warren
Meriter Jobs quotes by Mark Edward
#31. I realized that I could have been in galleries much sooner. I just needed to get past the fear of rejection. I still feel nervous when I approach a new gallery, although it has become more like a job now. The first step on this long road was getting past that initial fear. #Quote by Mark Edward
Meriter Jobs quotes by Chip Kelly
#32. When I took the job in Philadelphia, we had a chance to hire a personnel guy and I hired Tom [Gamble], really from my relationship in college. When you're in college, you get to see scouts on a daily basis, and the ones you kind of hit it off with. I thought he had a great eye. #Quote by Chip Kelly
Meriter Jobs quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#33. And that's how we build the economy of the future. An economy with more jobs and less debt, we root it in fairness. We grow it with opportunity. And we build it together. #Quote by Elizabeth Warren
Meriter Jobs quotes by Antonia Novello
#34. I want to be able to look back someday and say, "I did make a difference." Whether is was to open the minds of people to think that a woman can do a good job, or whether it's the fact that so many kids out there think that they could be like me. #Quote by Antonia Novello
Meriter Jobs quotes by Andres Neuman
#35. (Places are constantly changing, haven't you noticed the branches, the river?) No one notices those things, ... everyone walks around without seeing, they become accustomed, accustomed to their houses, their jobs, their loved ones, and in the end they convince themselves that this is their life, there can be no other, it's just a habit. #Quote by Andres Neuman
Meriter Jobs quotes by Ronald Reagan
#36. I believe the best social program is a job. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Meriter Jobs quotes by Toi Derricotte
#37. Poetry asks people to have values, form opinions, care about some other part of experience besides making money and being successful on the job. #Quote by Toi Derricotte
Meriter Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#38. I think we're having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And we're always trying to do better. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Meriter Jobs quotes by Jettie Woodruff
#39. It's a compliment. Say thank you. I rather like the connotations to the blow jobs you give. It's like you enjoy it as much as me. #Quote by Jettie Woodruff
Meriter Jobs quotes by Alan Sokal
#40. And I'm a stodgy old scientist who believes, naively, that there exists an external world, that there exist objective truths about that world, and that my job is to discover some of them. #Quote by Alan Sokal
Meriter Jobs quotes by Sheena Easton
#41. Even if your job is a professional singer, we still dork out at home. #Quote by Sheena Easton

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