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Mentoring quotes by Mindy Kaling
#1. Have you ever used your neighbor's Wi-Fi when it wasn't on a password? If you have the opportunity to observe someone at work, you are getting mentoring out of them even if they are unaware or resistant. Make a list of the people you think would make the greatest mentors and try to get close enough to steal their Wi-Fi. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Mentoring quotes by Alexandra Robbins
#2. If there is a single factor that spells out the difference between the cafeteria fringe headed for greatness and those doomed for low self-worth, even more than a caring teacher or a group of friends, it is supportive, accepting parents who not only love their children unconditionally, but also don't make them feel as if their idiosyncrasies qualify as "conditions" in the first place. #Quote by Alexandra Robbins
Mentoring quotes by Thomas Hughes
#3. A student was given a mentoring opportunity, in the hope that when you had somebody to lean on you, you would begin to stand a little steadier yourself, and get manliness and thoughtfulness. #Quote by Thomas Hughes
Mentoring quotes by Marcia Conner
#4. In what is known as the 70/20/10 learning concept, Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo, in collaboration with Morgan McCall of the Center for Creative Leadership, explain that 70 percent of learning and development takes place from real-life and on-the-job experiences, tasks, and problem solving; 20 percent of the time development comes from other people through informal or formal feedback, mentoring, or coaching; and 10 percent of learning and development comes from formal training. #Quote by Marcia Conner
Mentoring quotes by Lou Holtz
#5. It's always better to face the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, than to continue coddling a lie. #Quote by Lou Holtz
Mentoring quotes by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
#6. My husband and I have been involved with foster youth since our early 20s. Right out of college and not yet married, we spent weekends mentoring a family of young girls. #Quote by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Mentoring quotes by Jamie O'Neill
#7. - Help these boys build a nation their own. Ransack the histories for clues to their past. Plunder the literatures for words they can speak. And should you encounter an ancient tribe whose customs, however dimly, cast light on their hearts, tell them that tale; and you shall name the unspeakable names of your kind, and in that naming, in each such telling, they will falter a step to the light.
- For only with pride may a man prosper. With pride, all things follow. Without he have pride he is a shadowy skulk whose season is night. #Quote by Jamie O'Neill
Mentoring quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#8. As I join with you, our destination is the same. However, the rationale for that destination is entirely different. Your rationale is the fact that this destination is your calling, while my calling is to get you to your destination. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Mentoring quotes by Carson McCullers
#9. A person can't pick up they children and just squeeze them to which-a-way they wants them to be. #Quote by Carson McCullers
Mentoring quotes by John Kasich
#10. Formative commendation to the author as an altar boy: "You're the only one we've got to anticipates what's coming. #Quote by John Kasich
Mentoring quotes by Robert Moss
#11. What if you could reach back to your four-year old or 14-year-old who's having a difficult time and reassure them, saying it is all going to be okay. What if you could go into her mind and give her courage and mentoring and counseling that she really needs. I believe we can do this for our younger souls. I know I've done it for mine, and I know a lot of others have done it. #Quote by Robert Moss
Mentoring quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#12. Great teachers are great mentors. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Mentoring quotes by Sidney Sheinberg
#13. I had the benefit of being guided by Lew Wasserman. I think part of being a mentor is you have to have confidence in the people you're guiding and mentoring. #Quote by Sidney Sheinberg
Mentoring quotes by Marina Keegan
#14. Most firms are looking for people who will stay up until three A.M. seven nights a week making slides for a partner who goes home to Wellesley for dinner every night at five P.M. - and who will do so thinking that they're 'winning.' Look at it this way: most firms assume that you'll leave for law school or business school within three years, and they invest in your training accordingly. Quality mentoring when you're young is worth whatever you pay for it. Sometimes that means less money, sometimes that means less of a life beyond work. But quality mentoring is not going to be delivered by someone who is twenty-six, and just one tidal cycle ahead of you. #Quote by Marina Keegan
Mentoring quotes by H.L. Mencken
#15. The best teacher is not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Mentoring quotes by Prem Jagyasi
#16. At some point in their lives, each one of us requires mentoring, guidance and counsel to get better clarity on our vision, passions, goals, and life in general. #Quote by Prem Jagyasi
Mentoring quotes by George W. Bush
#17. People say, how can I help on this war against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a child; by going into a shut-in's house and say I love you. #Quote by George W. Bush
Mentoring quotes by Paulo Coelho
#18. What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Mentoring quotes by J.R. Moehringer
#19. To be a man, a boy must see a man. #Quote by J.R. Moehringer
Mentoring quotes by Warren G. Bennis
#20. Recognize the skills and traits you don't possess, and hire the people who have them. #Quote by Warren G. Bennis
Mentoring quotes by J.A. Perez
#21. Mentoring is motivated by love. #Quote by J.A. Perez
Mentoring quotes by Leonard Sax
#22. Quoting an experienced school counselor: "You can't change a bully into a flower child, but you can change him into a knight. #Quote by Leonard Sax
Mentoring quotes by David Halberstam
#23. He saw the pleasure you took from your job every day of his life, and THAT was what he wanted. #Quote by David Halberstam
Mentoring quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#24. Let us do our best whilst we live for another tomorrow is coming when whilst we are long gone, another group of people shall come to either suffer from our worst or enjoy and build upon our best. Let us run whole heatedly today with all alacrity for another generation shall come for the baton from our hands to either blame us or congratulate us on how we lived the dream and journeyed in life through the good and the bad times; another generation shall come to ponder over our footprints as a good or a bad lesson for them! Let us run with all necessary zeal such that when we hand over the baton, our next generation will have no reason but to soldier on with courage, enthusiasm and absolute commitment to get to the finishing line with a great accomplishment and a noble story worth pondering over and over! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Mentoring quotes by Timothy Keller
#25. The only way your child will grow out of their dependency into self-sufficient adults is for you to essentially abandon your own independence for 20 years or so. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Mentoring quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#26. Personal connections lead to assignments and promotions, so it needs to be okay for men and women to spend informal time together the same way men can. A senior man and a junior man at a bar is seen as mentoring. A senior man and a junior woman at a bar can also be mentoring ... but is looks like dating. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Mentoring quotes by Romesh Wadhwani
#27. We have a mentoring and angel investing programme. We are also talking to the government to help create a VC industry. #Quote by Romesh Wadhwani
Mentoring quotes by Bob Goshen
#28. Leaders..should influence such a way that it builds people up, encourages and edifies them so they can duplicate this attitude in others. #Quote by Bob Goshen
Mentoring quotes by Sanford I. Weill
#29. I remember the mentoring experiences of some teachers that I had, like a second term home room teacher in public school that really was very helpful to me. #Quote by Sanford I. Weill
Mentoring quotes by Dan Hill
#30. If we don't invest now in so-called priority neighbourhoods with music classes, athletic facilities, and skills training and mentoring, we will all pay more in the long run. #Quote by Dan Hill
Mentoring quotes by Nana Awere Damoah
#31. Loss taught me about the frailty and transient nature of man. It taught me humility. It taught me about the urgency of service, of touching lives, of mentoring, of legacy. Of making hay while there is still sunshine and life. #Quote by Nana Awere Damoah
Mentoring quotes by Melissa Jensen
#32. She peeked inside the box,then slapped the top back down and glared at me. For a second I wondered if I'd broken some rule of business or cultural propriety. "Homemade?" she demanded.
"My grandmother."
She peeked again,and groaned softly. "I don't know whether I love you or hate you right at this moment." She closed the box firmly. "Of course I'll supervise your article."
"The cannoli weren't meant to be a bribe.I just...thought you might like them."
"I'm sure I will," she sid crisply, "a great deal.Just as much as I will not like the extra twelve hours on the treadmill." Then her face softened. "Thank you.What a treat. What I started to say about mentoring is that I don't normally do it. Apparently I scare students. But I would be happy to help you however I can."
It was my turn to thank her. I added, "You don't scare me."
"Really?" She stared at me over the sharp frame of her glasses.
"Well,maybe a little," I admitted. "Sometimes."
"Excellent. Now skedaddle. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Mentoring quotes by Larry Sparks
#33. Do not be afraid or timid about mentoring young people. Take them into your homes and into your offices. Have small groups with them. Go to Starbucks. It does not matter what it looks like. Simply steward your testimony by telling a new generation about what your eyes have seen God do. They do not want anecdotes. Sermons are okay, but they are not enough to fuel their passion. You have something that a generation craves. You can make the final era of your life incredibly fruitful by recognizing the power of looking forward beyond yourself - your generation, your church, or your ministry - and sowing into an entire generation who will actually see the glory of God manifested on earth. #Quote by Larry Sparks
Mentoring quotes by T Jay Taylor
#34. Leadership: Converting dreams into goals and goals into success. #Quote by T Jay Taylor
Mentoring quotes by Steven Spielberg
#35. The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. #Quote by Steven Spielberg
Mentoring quotes by J.M. Barrie
#36. He was so much the humblest one that Wendy was especially gentle with him. #Quote by J.M. Barrie
Mentoring quotes by William Shakespeare
#37. Deal mildly with his youth; for young hot colts, being rag's, do rage the more. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Mentoring quotes by Scott Farris
#38. They (Reagan and Kennedy) had some combination of cheerfulness and vulnerability that made them seem like boys on adventure who had become lost in needed a small kindness to get them back on the right path. #Quote by Scott Farris
Mentoring quotes by Jeffrey Kluger
#39. Older siblings get more total-immersion mentoring with their parents before younger siblings come along. As a result, they get an IQ and linguistic advantage because they are the exclusive focus of their parents' attention. #Quote by Jeffrey Kluger
Mentoring quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#40. Real mentoring is less of neither the candid smile nor the amicable friendship that exists between the mentor and the mentee and much more of the impacts. The indelible great footprints the mentor live on the mind of the mentee in a life changing way. How the mentor changes the mentee from ordinariness to extra-ordinariness; the seed of purposefulness that is planted and nurtured for great fruits; the payer from afar from the mentor to the mentee; and the great inspirations the mentee takes from the mentor to dare unrelentingly to face the storms regardless of how arduous the errand may be with or without the presence of the mentor. #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Mentoring quotes by Carol Friedman
#41. I think mentoring is essential in life, both being a mentor to someone and being mentored, and I think that when you are mentored it inspires a generosity in you to mentor others and that I know is what happened with me, so for instance, the people that come through my studio to work for me, it's not good enough for me to just give them a paycheck. #Quote by Carol Friedman
Mentoring quotes by Steve Knox
#42. Great mentors don't just tell you what you want to hear, they share from personal experience what you need to hear in light of your current situation and future goals. #Quote by Steve Knox
Mentoring quotes by Naomi Campbell
#43. I love mentoring young girls. I've always been like that. #Quote by Naomi Campbell
Mentoring quotes by Richard Bach
#44. There is
no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you
in its hands. #Quote by Richard Bach
Mentoring quotes by Renée Watson
#45. I write my resolution in black Sharpie marker on top of a background made out of cut-up scriptures, words from newspaper headlines, and numbers from last year's calendar.
Be bold.
Be brave.
Be beautiful.
Be brilliant.
Be (your) best. #Quote by Renée Watson
Mentoring quotes by Davis Miller
#46. Children are angels in exile, so close to God. They haven't had time to separate from Him.

Ali #Quote by Davis Miller
Mentoring quotes by Oliver DeMille
#47. What the great mentor is always looking for is a person who is willing to tap his genius, to put it through the refiner's fire, to do the hard work to develop it. Indeed, mentoring is the medieval art of alchemy-turning plain old human steel into hearts and minds of gold. #Quote by Oliver DeMille
Mentoring quotes by Richelle Mead
#48. You should make her call you 'Miss Georgina,'" added Hugh with a mocking southern drawl. "Or at least 'ma'am.'"
Niphon's presence and Jerome's lecture had put me in a grouchy mood. "I'm not doing any mentoring. She's so gungho to take on the world's male population, she doesn't even need me."
The three men exchanged more smirks. Cody made some hissing and meowing sounds, scratching at the air.
"This isn't funny," I said.
"Sure it is," said Cody. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Mentoring quotes by Karen Mills
#49. Small businesses, you can give them capital, but what they often need as much is mentoring, advice and help with their business plan. #Quote by Karen Mills
Mentoring quotes by Steve Knox
#50. Great mentors don't solve your problems, they guide you to make your best decision and encourage you to take personal ownership of the next steps for success. #Quote by Steve Knox
Mentoring quotes by Dason Evans
#51. Mentoring is increasingly viewed as a key factor contributing to a successful career in medicine' Dimitriadis et al., 2012 Some famous mentoring relationships: Socrates to Plato John Stevens Henslow (academic and clergyman) to Charles Darwin Mariah Carey to Christina Aguilera Elmore Leonard (crime writer) to Quentin Tarantino Maya Angelou to Oprah Winfrey Dadabhai Naoroji (Indian leader) to Gandhi. #Quote by Dason Evans
Mentoring quotes by Thomas Hughes
#52. We listened, as all boys in their better moods will listen (ay, and men too for the matter of that), to a man whom we felt to be, with all his heart and soul and strength, striving against whatever was mean and unmanly and unrighteous in our little world. It was not the cold, clear voice of one giving advice and warning from serene heights to those who were struggling and sinning below, but the warm, living voice of one who was fighting for us and by our sides, and calling on us to help him and ourselves and one another. #Quote by Thomas Hughes
Mentoring quotes by Roxane Gay
#53. A new black faculty member came to campus a couple years in, and I asked why she didn't work with the black students. She said, 'That's not my job.' That person said, 'They are unchangeable.' I hate when people say something is not their job or that something isn't possible. When it comes to showing young black students there are teachers who look like them, when it comes to mentoring and being there to support students, I feel it's everyone's job (regardless of ethnicity). I will keep writing about these intersections as a writer and a teacher, as a black woman, as a bad feminist, until I no longer feel like what I want is impossible. I no longer want to believe these problems are too complex for us to make sense of them. #Quote by Roxane Gay
Mentoring quotes by Mark W. Boyer
#54. The best help we can offer the youth of today is to prepare them for tomorrow. #Quote by Mark W. Boyer
Mentoring quotes by Thomas Hughes
#55. While he was conscious of improving at every stroke, he did not feel that the other was asserting any superiority over him; and so, though more humble than at the most disastrous period of his downward voyage, he was getting into a better temper every minute. #Quote by Thomas Hughes
Mentoring quotes by Michael S. Horton
#56. Patient dedication to the ordinary and often tedious disciplines of corporate and family worship, teaching, prayer, modeling, and mentoring have been eroded by successive waves of enthusiasm. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Mentoring quotes by Jeffrey Pfeffer
#57. Your most important task as a leader is to teach people how to think and ask the right questions so that the world doesn't go to hell if you take a day off. #Quote by Jeffrey Pfeffer
Mentoring quotes by Richard Louv
#58. Rather than accepting the drifting separation of the generations, we might begin to define a more complex and interesting set of life stages and parenting passages, each emphasizing the connections to the generations ahead and behind. As I grow older, for example, I might first see my role as a parent in need of older, mentoring parents, and then become a mentoring parent myself. When I become a grandparent, I might expect to seek out older mentoring grandparents, and then later become a mentoring grandparent. #Quote by Richard Louv
Mentoring quotes by Michael Meade
#59. Mentoring is an archetypal activity that has timeless elements which can connect us to the universal ground where nature renews itself and culture becomes reimagined. Youth and elder meet where the pressure of the future meets the presence of the past. Old and young are opposites that secretly identify with each other; for neither fits well into the mainstream of life. #Quote by Michael Meade
Mentoring quotes by Tayari Jones
#60. I take mentoring very seriously and I am on the board of an organization called Girls Write Now, where we match teen girls and writing mentors because it changes their lives. #Quote by Tayari Jones
Mentoring quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#61. Nikhilananda's birthday. Maybe we'd Morris dance, naked, around the base of an old-growth California redwood, its branches lavishly festooned with the soiled hammocks and poop buckets of crunchy-granola tree sitters mentoring spotted owls in passive-resistance protest techniques. You get the picture. In place of Santa Claus, my mom and dad said Maya Angelou kept tabs on whether little children were naughty or nice. Dr. Angelou, they warned me, did her accounting on a long hemp scroll of names, and if I failed to turn my compost I'd be sent to bed with no algae. Me, I just wanted to know that someone wise and carbon neutral - Dr. Maya or Shirley Chisholm or Sean Penn - was paying attention. But none of that was really Christmas. And none of that Earth First! baloney helps out once you're dead and you discover that the snake-handling, #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Mentoring quotes by Brooke Hauser
#62. The mother was conflicted between what she knows that what's possible. #Quote by Brooke Hauser
Mentoring quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#63. God did not create you to be alone. He deposited skills, knowledge, and talents in someone out there who is expected to mentor you, teach you and encourage you to go high. Go, get a mentor! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Mentoring quotes by Walter Dean Myers
#64. So many organizations have a mentoring arm, but they don't really do it. Their idea of mentoring a kid is giving them general advice. But what they need to do is read with children. #Quote by Walter Dean Myers
Mentoring quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#65. We have to make these young people (of the Depression) feel that they are necessary. (They should be given) "certain things for which youth craves – the chance for self-sacrifice for an ideal. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Mentoring quotes by Antonio J. Mendez
#66. I liked to put young and old in the same room, because they would certainly have different takes on the same problem. #Quote by Antonio J. Mendez
Mentoring quotes by Peter F. Drucker
#67. No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it. #Quote by Peter F. Drucker
Mentoring quotes by Sidney Jourard
#68. We encourage people to believe that there is only one identity, one role, one way for them to be, one value for them to fulfill, rather than a host of possible 'incarnations' to be lived in a lifetime. #Quote by Sidney Jourard
Mentoring quotes by Rob Nilsson
#69. I don't think film schools are mentoring kids. I think they just send them through the curriculum, so now you know how to hold a camera, how to use a Dx3 menu. You can learn that in five minutes from somebody that doesn't even know anything. But what do you know if you haven't read anything - studied art and studied literature - what do you have to contribute? #Quote by Rob Nilsson
Mentoring quotes by John C. Crosby
#70. Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. #Quote by John C. Crosby
Mentoring quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#71. Mentoring is passion for skills and knowledge-transfer to young people #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Mentoring quotes by Julie Klassen
#72. I would never believe it of you, my boy, regardless of the schemers your mother and sister turned out to be. You may not be the most clever boy, nor the most prudent, nor the most gentlemanlike, nor ... "
Edward cleared his throat.
"Right! But you have a good heart, and I have every hope that with the proper education and mentoring you will be credit to the family yet. #Quote by Julie Klassen
Mentoring quotes by Martin Zwilling
#73. If you are 'too busy' most of the time, or locked behind closed doors, no mentoring relationship can work. #Quote by Martin Zwilling
Mentoring quotes by Steve Harvey
#74. Other than my foundation - mentoring programs - everything I do is for money. #Quote by Steve Harvey
Mentoring quotes by Erica Jong
#75. The problem with feminism in the second wave was that we fought so much among ourselves, and I think we did so much damage to the movement ... and I think the next wave, the third wave, is women mentoring younger women and women helping younger women to enter the political process and the writing world. #Quote by Erica Jong
Mentoring quotes by Paul C. Nagel
#76. Adams looks forward to teaching his granddaughters about planting trees, noting that they already show inclination toward this and need only be encouraged in the naturalist pursuits he has found so healthy. #Quote by Paul C. Nagel
Mentoring quotes by Richard Brookhiser
#77. She noticed, as an exceptional woman would, that her stepson was exceptional. #Quote by Richard Brookhiser
Mentoring quotes by Myles Munroe
#78. The greatest act of leadership is mentoring. No matter how much you may learn, achieve, accumulate, or accomplish, if it all dies with you, then you are a generational failure. #Quote by Myles Munroe
Mentoring quotes by Robert A. Caro
#79. He not only had the gift of "reading" men and women, of seeing into their hearts, he also had the gift of putting himself in their place, of not just seeing what they felt but of feeling what they felt, almost as if what had happened to them had happened to him, too. #Quote by Robert A. Caro
Mentoring quotes by Steve Goodier
#80. Just about ANY personality trait or skill can be learned: simply find it in someone you know and copy it. Then watch what happens. #Quote by Steve Goodier
Mentoring quotes by Craig Newmark
#81. We want to offer job training and mentoring and build the site with more robust, reliable and flexible technology. #Quote by Craig Newmark
Mentoring quotes by Josh Hatcher
#82. Mentorship happens organically, and you can't just force it. Many men don't even know HOW to mentor, and often mentor others by accident. It's not a mentor's responsibility to mentor, it's the responsibility of the mentee to seek mentorship and appropriate it. #Quote by Josh Hatcher
Mentoring quotes by E. M. Forster
#83. I rather mistrust young men who slip into life gracefully. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Mentoring quotes by John Rowland
#84. If you feel your school is failing you, the question is why. Is it a lack of parental involvement, large classes, school violence, poor learning environment? Are there any standards to determine where problems are? Are there tutoring or mentoring programs? If the school is still failing after 3 years then what are your options? #Quote by John Rowland
Mentoring quotes by Stacey Radin
#85. A woman with a strong sense of personal power, is self confident enough to accurately identify her strengths as well as her blind spots, which she is continually working to improve. #Quote by Stacey Radin
Mentoring quotes by Richie Norton
#86. Bring your best to your mentors and expect nothing in return, then true value will be created. #Quote by Richie Norton
Mentoring quotes by Gabor Mate
#87. As children become increasingly less connected to adults, they rely more and more on each other; the whole natural order of things change. In the natural order of all mammalian cultures, animals or humans, the young stay under the wings of adults until they themselves reach adulthood. Immature creatures were never meant to bring one another to maturity. They were never meant to look to one another for primary nurturing, modelling, cue giving or mentoring. They are not equipped to give one another a sense of direction or values. As a result of today`s shift to this peer orientation, we are seeing the increasing immaturity, alienation, violence and precocious sexualization of North American Youth. The disruption of family life, rapid economic and social changes to human culture and relationships, and the erosion of stable communities are at the core of this shift. #Quote by Gabor Mate
Mentoring quotes by Jose A. Aviles
#88. It became my mission to work with young people to help show them the way, not save them! But help them understand that there are choices that can be made that will make the difference for the rest of their lives. #Quote by Jose A. Aviles
Mentoring quotes by Thomas Hughes
#89. That is the Proctor. He is our Cerberus; he has to keep all undergraduates in good order." "What a task! He ought to have three heads. #Quote by Thomas Hughes
Mentoring quotes by Tyler Perry
#90. What I've found about it is that there are some folks you can talk to until you're blue in the face
they're never going to get it and they're never going to change. But every once in a while, you'll run into someone who is eager to listen, eager to learn, and willing to try new things. Those are the people we need to reach. We have a responsibility as parents, older people, teachers, people in the neighborhood to recognize that. #Quote by Tyler Perry
Mentoring quotes by Sarah Silverman
#91. After fifteen years of making my living in stand-up, The Sarah Silverman Program has been a lesson in collaboration. Rob, Dan, and I live by the mantra "Whoever is most passionate." If I was mentoring someone, that's the Shandling-esque advice I would proffer: Find people you really respect and trust, and then at each decision, heed the most passionate voice. I love that because it eliminates nearly all struggle. And when you're doing a show that's mostly about farts, penises, and vaginas, there should be as little struggle as possible. #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Mentoring quotes by Filo Tiatia
#92. I'm the granddaddy of this side. I'm the oldest person playing in the team, so I've got a mentoring role. I've been around the tracks and achieved a few things. I try to make sure that the younger players reach their full potential, and stay on the right track. #Quote by Filo Tiatia
Mentoring quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#93. There is trust, love, and understanding in freedom #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Mentoring quotes by Plato
#94. Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each. #Quote by Plato
Mentoring quotes by Robin Caldwell
#95. History is so comprehensive and detailed. I couldn't be a history student. I thought there was a time when I couldn't be a history maker, because of my limited understanding of what that meant. Today, thinking about the passing of Julian Bond and a wonderful conversation with a woman who has influenced so much, I think we all are history makers. All of our names will not be as known as Mr. Bond's or in books, but our names will be on someone's tongue and our memories will be in someone's heart, and we will all be a part of someone's personal story. We have a unique opportunity at this very second to change how we affect someone's life as living history and historians. Flaws and all. Yep. #Quote by Robin Caldwell
Mentoring quotes by Dean Koontz
#96. I've since discovered that many human beings need no supernatural mentoring to commit acts of savagery; some people are devils in their own right, their telltale horns having grown inward to facilitate their disguise. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Mentoring quotes by Satchel Paige
#97. You win a few, you lose a few. Some get rained out. But you got to dress for all of them. #Quote by Satchel Paige
Mentoring quotes by Jeff Myers
#98. Mentoring is the cultivation of young adults, the tender caring for and nurturing of them so that they will grow, flourish, and be fruitful. #Quote by Jeff Myers
Mentoring quotes by Leonard Brown
#99. Outside of the musical knowledge and exposure, Coltrane also apprenticed in the daily struggles of black musicians on the road. Segregation was a dominant factor in the majority of performance venues, as well as the surrounding geographical area. This determined where one could eat, use the bathroom, get gasoline, rent a hotel room, or even get a drink of water. And there was always the threat of racist police encounters. These cultural experiences were a part of his mentoring on the road and influenced the evolution of his conscious intent to use music as a force for goodness. #Quote by Leonard Brown
Mentoring quotes by John Updike
#100. I was made to feel I could do things. If you get this feeling early and can hold it until you're 15, you tend to never lose it. #Quote by John Updike
Mentoring quotes by Jason Calacanis
#101. I think you need to have a very strong angel community that is committed to mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs. #Quote by Jason Calacanis
Mentoring quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#102. Mentorship is simply learning from the mistakes and mastery of a successful person in his/her field. #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Mentoring quotes by Vivek Wadhwa
#103. What the tech industry often forgets is that with age comes wisdom. Older workers are usually better at following direction, mentoring, and leading. #Quote by Vivek Wadhwa
Mentoring quotes by Charles Bronfman
#104. I have often spoken about the importance of intentionality in philanthropy: that it has to stir the soul. This is true whether you are feeding the homeless, mentoring a child or working on climate change. #Quote by Charles Bronfman
Mentoring quotes by Vince Lombardi
#105. It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men. Men respond to leadership in a most remarkable way and once you have won his heart, he will follow you anywhere. #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Mentoring quotes by George Lucas
#106. Mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults that we would like. It's the only way we grow. #Quote by George Lucas
Mentoring quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#107. Decide in your heart to be at peace with all men. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Mentoring quotes by Alexandra Robbins
#108. Imagine what it must be like for teenagers who don't feel they have room to breathe in their own homes. If you are a parent reading this book, you care about your child. If she is quirky, unusual, or nonconformist, ask yourself whether you are doing everything you can to nurture her unusual interests, style, or skills, or whether instead you are directly or subtly pushing her to hide them. #Quote by Alexandra Robbins
Mentoring quotes by Don Wilton
#109. The author charted the importance of human examples on his spiritual journey, confessing that when harsh and domineering people based their bullying on Christ's authority, he rebelled. But when his wife represented the gracefulness of Christ's character, he was drawn back to know Christ more fully. #Quote by Don Wilton
Mentoring quotes by Kresley Cole
#110. My husband, a.k.a. Swede, and I both come from athletic backgrounds, so once we identified the goal - get book published - we attacked it. At any given time, I would have my writing out in 25 various forms - either contests, mentoring critiques, agent/publisher queries, etc. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Mentoring quotes by David Skinner
#111. I wanted to explain so much to him at that moment, but you can't give a six-year-old the perspective of a 40-year-old, not really, so I gave him the short course. #Quote by David Skinner
Mentoring quotes by John Wooden
#112. What it comes down to, I believe, is that mentoring often involves telling people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. When you are able to be humbly honest with someone about a situation with which you have personal experience - even if you risk angering or hurting that person - you are offering the most valuable gift of all. #Quote by John Wooden
Mentoring quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#113. When you are placed in a position of leadership. The position is about you, but is about empowering and helping others.Is not only about making money, but is about making a difference. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Mentoring quotes by Tony Dungy
#114. Remember that mentor leadership is all about serving. Jesus said, "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). #Quote by Tony Dungy
Mentoring quotes by Ram Shriram
#115. I've trained my people in mentoring entrepreneurs and made myself obsolete. #Quote by Ram Shriram
Mentoring quotes by Richard Brookhiser
#116. Since we never get everything we want or need from our families, we look for sufficiency in surrogates. #Quote by Richard Brookhiser
Mentoring quotes by Melanne Verveer
#117. The role of business in advancing women's rights is growing, particularly in the area of economic opportunity including opening access to training, mentoring, networks, markets, technology and even to capital in some circumstances. #Quote by Melanne Verveer
Mentoring quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#118. True Mentors, don't make their mentees a clone of themselves #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Mentoring quotes by Richie Norton
#119. Mentors change lives, but students change mentors' lives more. #Quote by Richie Norton
Mentoring quotes by Myles Munroe
#120. The highest manifestation of true leadership is to identify one's replacement and to begin mentoring him or her. #Quote by Myles Munroe
Mentoring quotes by Steve Stockman
#121. If you ask an Irishman for directions, he might be quick to answer, Well if I were going there, I would not start here. #Quote by Steve Stockman
Mentoring quotes by Ron Suskind
#122. A boy, if he's lucky, discovers his limitations across a leisurely passage of years, with a self-awareness arriving slowly. That way, at least he has plenty of time to heroically imagine himself first. Most boys unfold in this natural, measured way, growing up with at least one adult on the scene who can convincingly fake being all-powerful, omniscient, and unfailingly protective for a kid's first decade or so, providing an invaluable canopy of reachable stars and monsters that are comfortably make-believe. #Quote by Ron Suskind
Mentoring quotes by Anonymous
#123. Mentoring, for some, is going back in time, sharing experiences and providing professional insight that has been learned through years of experience #Quote by Anonymous
Mentoring quotes by Pat Conroy
#124. Teach them the quiet words of kindness, to live beyond themselves. Urge them toward excellence, drive them toward gentleness, pull them deep into yourself, pull them upward toward manhood, but softly like an angel arranging clouds. Let your spirit move through them softly. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Mentoring quotes by Jeffrey Kluger
#125. If you're an older sibling and you have a younger sibling who needs mentoring or is afraid of the dark, you develop nurturing and empathic skills that you wouldn't otherwise have. #Quote by Jeffrey Kluger
Mentoring quotes by Cordelia Jensen
#126. I think the most important quality of a mentor is that they are open to following students where they want to go. Not always pushing their own agenda. #Quote by Cordelia Jensen
Mentoring quotes by Jim Bakker
#127. As I see with Lori's testimony, you say what good could come out of all these abortions and all what she's been through? But she has been a part of a new Bible for women, a mentoring Bible. #Quote by Jim Bakker
Mentoring quotes by Rebecca Goldstein
#128. This is the pedagogical paradox. The person and the teacher is required precisely because the knowledge itself is nontransferable from teacher to student. #Quote by Rebecca Goldstein
Mentoring quotes by Bill Murray
#129. People think because they employed you they're allowed to treat you like a dictator, or whatever the worse word for dictator is. And that's always been a problem for me. Opening the door for someone behind you is as important as designing a building. #Quote by Bill Murray
Mentoring quotes by Prem Jagyasi
#130. Self-mentoring, thus, is advisable for individuals who love the idea of growing, nurturing and building their life without any outside influence. #Quote by Prem Jagyasi
Mentoring quotes by Stefan Fatsis
#131. How you coach them is how they're going to play. #Quote by Stefan Fatsis
Mentoring quotes by Charles Dickens
#132. I never heard that it had been anybody's business to find out what his natural bent was, or where his failings lay, or to adapt any kind of knowledge to him. He had been adapted to the verses and had learnt the art of making them to such perfection. I did doubt whether Richard would not have profited by some one studying him a little, instead of his studying them quite so much. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Mentoring quotes by Alexandra Robbins
#133. If teachers are uncomfortable at their own school, they will pass on their uncertainties or negative attitude to students. #Quote by Alexandra Robbins
Mentoring quotes by David McCullough
#134. Rather than literally burning the midnight oil, which he judged to be unhealthy, John Adams advised his son to make the most of college by developing an inquisitive outlook that would prompt him to get to know the most exceptional scholars and question them closely. Ask them about their tutors, manner of teaching. Observe what books lie on their tables. Fall into questions of literature, science, or what you will. #Quote by David McCullough
Mentoring quotes by David Brooks
#135. Some children lack tools to see their course in the world in far-sighted ways. Just introducing school vouchers won't change that. You have to have nurse-home partnerships, early childhood education, mentoring programs and so on. People learn from people they love. #Quote by David Brooks
Mentoring quotes by Evelyn Hibbert
#136. Jesus' approach to training was primarily as a mentor, and his mentoring method was relational, informal, oral, and mobile. #Quote by Evelyn Hibbert
Mentoring quotes by Paul Rankin
#137. Sometimes someone coming in doesn't have the natural passion for it, but they find it through the coaching or mentoring I give them. I'm sort of opening curtains or blinds and all of a sudden they see it, they get it. #Quote by Paul Rankin
Mentoring quotes by John Wooden
#138. While I made my living as a coach, I have lived my life to be a mentor-and to be mentored!-constantly.Everything in the world has been passed down. Every piece of knowledge is something that has been shared by someone else. If you understand it as I do, mentoring becomes your true legacy. It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others. It is why you get up every day-to teach and be taught. #Quote by John Wooden
Mentoring quotes by Kristen Day
#139. I'm considered something like a graduate student and we get credits for mentoring incoming students. I definitely got lucky with my first assignment #Quote by Kristen Day
Mentoring quotes by Jonathan Raymond
#140. Great employee development is focused far more on who people are and how they relate to others, and far less on overseeing projects, tasks, and deadlines. It's a conversation that can't wait for quarterly reviews - and oftentimes even weekly reviews are too far past the moment when things are ripe and ready for change. Ideally it starts in a person's first week on the job, and it doesn't end for as long as they're on your team. Your goal is to create a world where mentoring, accountability, and support are the norm. #Quote by Jonathan Raymond
Mentoring quotes by Indra Nooyi
#141. If I hadn't had mentors, I wouldn't be here today. I'm a product of great mentoring, great coaching ... Coaches or mentors are very important. They could be anyone-your husband, other family members, or your boss. #Quote by Indra Nooyi
Mentoring quotes by Meredith Brooks
#142. My mentoring program is pretty specific, it's about self-empowerment, about being able to find solutions through teamwork. That's one of my first goals. #Quote by Meredith Brooks
Mentoring quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#143. The strong spirit empowers others to be stronger souls. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Mentoring quotes by Simon Mainwaring
#144. Brands must empower their community to be change agents in their own right. To that end, they need to take on a mentoring role. This means the brand provides the tools, techniques and strategies for their customers to become more effective marketers in achieving their own goals. #Quote by Simon Mainwaring
Mentoring quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#145. A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Mentoring quotes by Ed Catmull
#146. a mentoring program that pairs new managers with experienced ones. A key facet of this program is that mentors and mentees work together for an extended period of time - eight months. They meet about all aspects of leadership, from career development and confidence building to managing personnel challenges and building healthy team environments. #Quote by Ed Catmull
Mentoring quotes by John Wooden
#147. Everything we know, we learned from someone else! #Quote by John Wooden
Mentoring quotes by Hilda Solis
#148. In my teens, I worked as an aide in my community supervising and mentoring youth in various programs and delivering lunches to needy students. #Quote by Hilda Solis
Mentoring quotes by Daniel Burrus
#149. The move from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking, from zero-sum competition to one-hundred-sum collaboration, is not just a "nice" or "moral" idea. In the twenty-first century, it's plain good sense. Scarcity says, "I'm going to keep all my ideas to myself and sell more than anyone else." Abundance says, "By mentoring, coaching, and sharing all our best ideas, we're going to create a powerful tide that raises all our ships-and we'll all sell more as a result. #Quote by Daniel Burrus
Mentoring quotes by Janet Thompson
#150. Mentoring is: Sharing Life's Experiences and God's Faithfulness #Quote by Janet Thompson
Mentoring quotes by Ziauddin Yousafzai
#151. When people hear my daughter and when they know about her wisdom and maturity, they think that her father must have been sitting with her and mentoring her. They think he would have spent a lot of time in bringing her up. They think he would have constructed her. #Quote by Ziauddin Yousafzai
Mentoring quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#152. Mentorships, similar to other important relationships, usually end. Ideological differences and a need to chart a personal path might preclude parties from maintaining the original balance that stabilized a mentoring relationship. Conflict between an apprentice and his master is not always bad; in fact, it is almost inevitable, if the apprentice's destiny is to exceed the accomplishments of the master. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Mentoring quotes by Andrena Sawyer
#153. A smart business owner learns from the mistakes of others. #Quote by Andrena Sawyer
Mentoring quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#154. We need to talk more openly about mentorships and sponsorships. Women don't get the mentoring, and particularly the sponsors, they need to succeed as much as men. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Mentoring quotes by Gary Patton
#155. The mediocre leader tells. The good leader explains. The superior leader demonstrates. The great leader inspires. #Quote by Gary Patton
Mentoring quotes by Phil Collins
#156. In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. #Quote by Phil Collins
Mentoring quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#157. Men of all ages must commit to changing the leadership ratios. They can start by actively seeking out qualified female candidates to hire and promote. And if qualified candidates cannot be found, then we need to invest in more recruiting, mentoring, and sponsoring so women can get the necessary experience. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Mentoring quotes by J. Loren Norris
#158. If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before. #Quote by J. Loren Norris
Mentoring quotes by Jose A. Aviles Ed. D.
#159. It became by mission to work with young people to help show them the way, not save them! But help them understand that there are choices that can be made today that will make the difference for their rest of their lives. #Quote by Jose A. Aviles Ed. D.
Mentoring quotes by Maya Angelou
#160. In order to be a mentor, and an effective one, one must care. You must care. You don't have to know how many square miles are in Idaho, you don't need to know what is the chemical makeup of chemistry, or of blood or water. Know what you know and care about the person, care about what you know and care about the person you're sharing with. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Mentoring quotes by Sugata Mitra
#161. My wish is to help design the future of learning by supporting children all over the world to tap into their innate sense of wonder and work together. Help me build the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can embark on intellectual adventures by engaging and connecting with information and mentoring online. I also invite you, wherever you are, to create your own miniature child-driven learning environments and share your discoveries. #Quote by Sugata Mitra
Mentoring quotes by Phil Jackson
#162. Love is the force that ignites the spirit and binds teams together. #Quote by Phil Jackson
Mentoring quotes by Jeff Benedict
#163. Part of the genius of (Nick) Sabin's system was that he understood that no matter the skill set, he was inheriting vulnerable kids from various backgrounds. For those times when they made poor decisions, as they invariably did, the safety net must be strong as far and wide as possible. #Quote by Jeff Benedict
Mentoring quotes by Earl R. Smith II
#164. The true tragedy in most people's lives is that they are far better than they imagine themselves to be and, as a result, end up being much less than they might be. #Quote by Earl R. Smith II
Mentoring quotes by Darrell Green
#165. I think real true success is when, yes, you have reached the goal, reached yours, but it's how many others you have helped along the way. #Quote by Darrell Green
Mentoring quotes by Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
#166. I think there is too much attention on mentoring. If people want to be scientists, they will figure out how to do it. They need to figure it out by themselves. #Quote by Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
Mentoring quotes by Ron Suskind
#167. Once they arrive, affirmative action kids are generally left to sink or swim academically. Brown (University) offers plenty of counseling and tutoring to struggling students, but, as any academic Dean will tell you, it's up to the students to seek it out, something that a drowning minority student will seek to avoid at all costs, fearing it will trumpet a second-class status. #Quote by Ron Suskind
Mentoring quotes by Michaelson Williams
#168. Pessimistic thoughts will only yield trees unwilling to bear edible fruit. Optimistic thinking will always feed those who are willing to sit at your table". #Quote by Michaelson Williams
Mentoring quotes by Tom Douglas
#169. There's natural mentoring that goes on in my life every day. #Quote by Tom Douglas
Mentoring quotes by Richelle Mead
#170. I sprang toward him with the stake, hoping to catch him by surprise. But Dimitri was hard to catch by surprise. And he was fast. Oh, so fast. It was like he knew what I was going to do before I did it. He halted my attack with a glancing blow to the side of my head. I knew it would hurt later, but my adrenaline was running too strong for me to pay attention to it now.

Distantly, I realized some other people had come to watch us. Dimitri and I were celebrities in different ways around here, and our mentoring relationship added to the drama. This was prime-time entertainment.

My eyes were only on Dimitri, though. As we tested each other, attacking and blocking, I tried to remember everything he'd taught me. I also tried to remember everything I knew about him. I'd practiced with him for months. I knew him, knew his moves, just as he knew mine. I could anticipate him the same way. Once I started using that knowledge, the fight grew tricky. We were too well matched, both of us too fast. My heart thumped in my chest, and sweat coated my skin.

Then Dimitri finally got through. He moved in for an attack, coming at me with the full force of his body. I blocked the worst of it, but he was so strong that I was the one who stumbled from the impact. He didn't waste the opportunity and dragged me to the ground, trying to pin me. Being trapped like that by a Strigoi would likely result in the neck being bitten or broken. I couldn't let that happen.

#Quote by Richelle Mead
Mentoring quotes by David Halberstam
#171. It was the responsibility of a senior fireman to teach as well as to do. #Quote by David Halberstam
Mentoring quotes by Rajasaraswathii
#172. We have to become vast, only then we can succeed;but we confine our thinking ability most of the times #Quote by Rajasaraswathii
Mentoring quotes by Michael Dirda
#173. Mentoring is the last refuge of the older artist. With luck, disciples will keep one's books in print, one's reputation alive. #Quote by Michael Dirda
Mentoring quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#174. Let's have an honest conversation about what's going on. A man and a man at a bar looks like mentoring. A man and a woman at a bar looks like dating. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Mentoring quotes by Ruth J. Simmons
#175. There is strong mentoring of women in the academy. Corporations appear more willing to resist affirmative action to advance women, and boards and shareholders are more tolerant of this approach. #Quote by Ruth J. Simmons
Mentoring quotes by Jordan Scott
#176. This book would not have been made without the tireless mentoring and rare friendship of Christian Bok, Steven Collis and Nicole Markotic. #Quote by Jordan Scott
Mentoring quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#177. At the least, bear patiently, if thou canst not joyfully. And although thou be very unwilling to hear it, and feel indignation, yet check thyself, and suffer no unadvised word to come forth from thy lips, whereby the little ones may be offended. Soon the storm which hath been raised shall be stilled, and inward grief shall be sweetened by returning grace. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Mentoring quotes by William Zinsser
#178. Writing can be taught or learned in the vacuum. We must say to students in every area of knowledge: "This is a how other people have written about this subject. Read it; study it; think about it. You can do it too. #Quote by William Zinsser
Mentoring quotes by Walter Dean Myers
#179. I am very much interested in getting parents to read to children, and trying to get people mentoring children. If I can do both I'll be happy. #Quote by Walter Dean Myers
Mentoring quotes by Adam M. Grant
#180. adopted an approach that resembled Geller's. She started doing group mentoring sessions instead of only one-on-ones: I asked myself, "Am I really the only person who can help in this particular instance?" I tried not to think about myself as the only resource I was optimizing, and started connecting people to help each other. #Quote by Adam M. Grant
Mentoring quotes by Vineet Raj Kapoor
#181. Do Not Dictate a Child through Someone, it Ruins the Child's Experience. #Quote by Vineet Raj Kapoor
Mentoring quotes by David Kahn
#182. I can't say I ever remember getting less than a whole child in my 29 years here.
They come in whole and I teach 'em that way. #Quote by David Kahn
Mentoring quotes by Margaret Mead
#183. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. #Quote by Margaret Mead
Mentoring quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#184. Mentoring is a mutuality that requires more than meeting the right teacher: the teacher must meet the right student. #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Mentoring quotes by Farshad Asl
#185. Millennials don't want to be managed, they like to be led, coached and mentored. This generation is on fire and ready to go. Are you ready to change the world? #Quote by Farshad Asl
Mentoring quotes by Chris Jirika
#186. Try not to be in a hurry to get older because youth happens once in your life. Thereafter, old age stays with you forever. #Quote by Chris Jirika
Mentoring quotes by Jerry Yang
#187. I'm not sure at all that I'm any good at this mentoring/investing business - that's why I'm using my own money, and that's why it's not a career. #Quote by Jerry Yang
Mentoring quotes by Sally Ride
#188. There are lots of opportunities out there for women to work in these fields, ... Girls just need support, encouragement and mentoring to follow through with the sciences. #Quote by Sally Ride
Mentoring quotes by David O. McKay
#189. True education does not consist merely in the acquiring of a few facts of science, history, literature, or art, but in the development of character. #Quote by David O. McKay

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