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Mental Illness quotes by Dorothea Dix
#1. Of all the calamities to which humanity is subject, none is so dreadful as insanity ... All experience shows that insanity seasonably treated is as certainly curable as a cold or a fever. #Quote by Dorothea Dix
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#2. Keep that in mind, and always remember that you have a choice to listen or to walk away because you are somebody special. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Nelson DeMille
#3. Basically, all women are nurturers and healers, and all men are mental patients to varying degrees. #Quote by Nelson DeMille
Mental Illness quotes by Julian Seifter
#4. You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle. #Quote by Julian Seifter
Mental Illness quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#5. I don't like psychiatrists," Alecto told her. "Not because they don't think I'm real, but because they have no idea what they're doing. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Mental Illness quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#6. The voices in my head that tell the other voices what to do are mean. #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Mental Illness quotes by George Michael
#7. It was like I had a curse on me. I couldn't believe how much God was piling on. There was so much death around me. #Quote by George Michael
Mental Illness quotes by Ben H. Winters
#8. A pool of melancholy blooms in my chest and rushes into my body like deep-blue blood. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Mental Illness quotes by Alison Singh Gee
#9. It was during those years that I discovered that loving [my father] was like sticking a blade into my own heart. It got me nowhere, except awake in the middle of the night, recalling the years when my father was the strongest, the smartest, the funniest, and I lay curled in my bed, wondering why I had been cheated out of a father who loved me, and one I could love in return. #Quote by Alison Singh Gee
Mental Illness quotes by Halo Scot
#10. I want to be a fly on the wall. Unseen. Unnoticed. But then I'd have to stop lighting things on fire. That's not going to happen. #Quote by Halo Scot
Mental Illness quotes by Ken Kesey
#11. They've still got their problems, just like all of us. They're still sick men in lots of ways. But at least there's that: they are sick men now. No more rabbits, Mack. Maybe they can be well men someday. I can't say. #Quote by Ken Kesey
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#12. I am trying my best to build a solid foundation. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Mary Alice Monroe
#13. I thought of my mother and her wise advice. She'd always been there for me. Even when I was at my worst. She made me want to be a better son. #Quote by Mary Alice Monroe
Mental Illness quotes by Kiera Van Gelder
#14. Accepting a psychiatric diagnosis is like a religious conversion. It's an adjustment in cosmology, with all its accompanying high priests, sacred texts, and stories of religion. And I am, for better or worse, an instant convert. #Quote by Kiera Van Gelder
Mental Illness quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#15. With a damp palm, I turned the knob and cracked open the door. She was asleep in her freshly made bed. I can't explain how relieved I felt for this simple mercy. She was here and safe on clean sheets. #Quote by Laura Anderson Kurk
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#16. I want to be myself, but how can I be myself when I do not know who to be? #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#17. Never say never. It is possible. I know it is because I didn't think I would have gotten this far. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#18. I compare myself with my former self, not with others. Not only that, I tend to compare my current self with the best I have been, which is when I have been midly manic. When I am my present "normal" self, I am far removed from when I have been my liveliest, most productive, most intense, most outgoing and effervescent. In sort, for myself, I am a hard act to follow. #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Mental Illness quotes by Catherine Lacey
#19. Every few minutes or so I would remember the look from the man who had wanted fifty cents, and I'd look at that framed memory hanging in myself and it meant I was here, back in this sick city, but in other ways I was not here at all and anyone who looked closely could see that I had nothing to give, that I was a junk drawer, a collection of things that may or may not have had a use. #Quote by Catherine Lacey
Mental Illness quotes by Anonymous
#20. You are a warrior in a dark forest, with no compass and are unable to tell who the actual enemy is, So you never feel safe .. #Quote by Anonymous
Mental Illness quotes by Joanna  Campbell
#21. The Bad-Moon Girls appear on days when Dad doesn't know what he is thinking, or even if he is thinking. Those days can weigh less than air or more than an ocean. He has blank thoughts without feelings, followed by heavy feelings without thoughts. Time means nothing. A minute ticks by in the same rhythm as an entire day. He can look at one thing for an hour without moving. He can see me or Victor without knowing we are in the room, peering at us as if we are underwater, moving in warped slow motion.

After the nothingness, he wades through a stagnant lake with the moon reflected in it, waiting for the daylight to rinse it away. He almost drowns while time ticks on. The sky is filled with black milk. No stars. Two days can pass before he surfaces.

Dad's brain-switch, the focusing thing the rest of us switch on to make things look better, is a bit buggered. Those are his words, not mine.

The Bad-Moon Girls whisper evil in Dad's ear, the sort of women who would set their own mother on fire if there were no other way to light their cigarettes. The trouble is, they can follow. Just as we were setting off to Clacton last autumn, they hunted him down. #Quote by Joanna Campbell
Mental Illness quotes by Michael F. Stewart
#22. I hear a siren and, if we weren't already in a hospital, I would have assumed they were coming for nearly everyone in this room. #Quote by Michael F. Stewart
Mental Illness quotes by Suzanne Collins
#23. Haymitch isn't thinking of arenas, but something else. "Johanna's back in the hospital."
I assumed Johanna was fine, had passed her exam, but simply wasn't assigned to a sharp shooters' unit. She's wicked with a throwing axe but about average with a gun. "Is she hurt? What happened?"
"It was while she was on the Block. They try to ferret out a soldier's potential weakness. So they flooded the street, " says Haymitch.
This doesn't help. Johanna can swim. At least, I seem to remember her swimming around some in the Quarter Quell. Not like Finnick, of course, but none of us are like Finnick. "So?"
"That's how they tortured her in the Capitol. Soaked her then used electric shocks," says Haymitch. "In the Block, she had some kind of flashback. Panicked, didn't know where she was. She's back under sedation."
Finnick and I just stand there as if we've lost the ability to respond.
I think of the way Johanna never showers. How she forced herself into the rain like it was acid that day. I had attributed her misery to morphling withdrawal.
"You two should go see her. You're as close to friends as she's got," says Haymitch.
That makes the whole thing worse. I don't really know what's between Johanna and Finnick, but I hardly know her. No family. No friends.Not so much as a token from District 7 to set beside her regulation clothes in her anonymous drawer.
Nothing. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Mental Illness quotes by Octave Mirbeau
#24. There is a diabolical streak in me, a troublesome and inexplicable perversity. #Quote by Octave Mirbeau
Mental Illness quotes by Juliann Garey
#25. The moment he leaves, the bees are back. Buzzing. I breathe in and feel their tiny feet in my bronchi. Buzz. Wings beeting in my alveoli. Flutterbuzz.
[ ... ]
Flutterflutterzzzzzzzzbuzzzzzz. I have to do something to make it stop. I have to feel something simple. This
is too complicated. Too confusing. I want to feel something about which there can be no argument or debate. Soemthing about which everything will be known. Here. Now. Something that will make all the rest stop.
There is an exquisite and audible pop when the hooked tip of the center tine in the fish fork punctures the fat purple vein. #Quote by Juliann Garey
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#26. How much better is it going to get than this?" I do not know - but I cannot wait to find out! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#27. People would be so much more at ease if they acted on impulse rather than reason. That's why drugs are so effective in curing mental illness - because they impair our judgment. Don't try to think too much. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#28. I had to fake it until I made it, but sadly, I never made it until today. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Pat Conroy
#29. Craziness attacks the softest eyes and hamstrings the gentlest flanks. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#30. I have people who love me and who wouldn't give up on me - and that is a wonderful feeling. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Mira Bartok
#31. What will life be like without her? I am dreadfully sad she is leaving. What if she just disappears; gets tired of all this trouble at home? What if she leaves me too? How heavy is a dresser when you're the only one pushing it against the door? I feel truly on my own. #Quote by Mira Bartok
Mental Illness quotes by Mark Vonnegut
#32. As well as being one of the worst things that can happen to a human being, schizophrenia can also be one of the richest learning and humanizing experiences life offers. #Quote by Mark Vonnegut
Mental Illness quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#33. The world's religions, for all their parochialism, did supply a kind of consolation for this great ache ... This shattering recognition of our mortality is at the root of far more mental illness than I suspect even psychiatrists are aware. #Quote by Stanley Kubrick
Mental Illness quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#34. If every Genius has a touch of Madness, does every Normal person have a touch of Ignorance ? #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Mental Illness quotes by Sarah Kane
#35. the capture
the rapture
the rupture
of a soul
a solo symphony #Quote by Sarah Kane
Mental Illness quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#36. And I know, knew for sure, with an absolute certainty, that this is rock bottom, this what the worst possible thing feels like. It is not some grand, wretched emotional breakdown. It is, in fact, so very mundane: ... Rock Bottom is an inability to cope with the commonplace that is so extreme it makes even the grandest and loveliest things unbearable ... Rock bottom is feeling that the only thing that matters in all of life is the one bad moment ... Rock bottom is everything out of focus. It's a failure of vision, a failure to see the world how it is, to see the good in what it is, and only to wonder why the hell things look the way they do and not - and not some other way. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Mental Illness quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#37. I graciously survived depression, mental-illness and attempt of suicide. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Mental Illness quotes by Halo Scot
#38. A man with morals is a rarity at the end of the world. #Quote by Halo Scot
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#39. Nothing in life is easy. If it is, I don't think it is worth having. But if you work hard at it and never give in, once the doors open, it is rightfully yours because you've worked for it. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Tyler Hamilton
#40. We got through it. Haven made excuses for me to friends, and made an appointment with a terrific doctor, who put me on Effexor, 150 milligrams a day, enough to get my brain straightened out. #Quote by Tyler Hamilton
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#41. The process of healing is draining, but it has to be done because this time around I am not half-stepping - I am going all the way. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Bonnie Shimko
#42. My insides contract- bad. "who are you?" I ask right out loud. And he says what I've been afraid of since I killed Lester's father. Haven't you guessed? I'm you. The real you. #Quote by Bonnie Shimko
Mental Illness quotes by Carson Kressley
#43. It's really important to share the idea that being different might feel like a problem at the time, but ultimately diversity is a strength. #Quote by Carson Kressley
Mental Illness quotes by Marsha Linehan
#44. I honestly didn't realize at the time that I was dealing with myself. But I suppose it's true that I developed a therapy that provides the things I needed for so many years and never got. #Quote by Marsha Linehan
Mental Illness quotes by Tracy Thompson
#45. It seemed to me the basic definition of mental illness, this persistent, painful inability to simply be with someone else. It might be lifelong, or it might descend like a sudden catastrophe, this blankness between ourselves and the rest of the world. The blankness might not even be obvious to others. But on our side of that severed connection, it was hell, a life lived behind glass. The only difference between mild depression and severe schizophrenia was the amount of sound and air that seeped in. #Quote by Tracy Thompson
Mental Illness quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#46. When you have mental illness it's common to be shunned by your family or friends it wouldn't happen if they knew the pain you were in. #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Mental Illness quotes by Shannon Mullen
#48. Sleeping is much safer than the nightmare I'm living.
When I sleep I feel nothing and I do nothing and I see nothing and nothing matters and no one cares. There's no one to hurt or disappoint or notice when I'm low and I don't need to face anyone not anyone in the world or not even myself. #Quote by Shannon Mullen
Mental Illness quotes by Sarah Wilson
#49. One of the dear, dear things about getting older, is that it does eventually dawn on you that there is no guidebook. One day it suddenly emerges: No one bloody gets it! None of us knows what we're doing.
Thing is, we all put a lot of effort into looking like we did get the guide, that of course we know how to do this caper called life. We put on a smile rather than tell friends we are desperately lonely. And we make loud, verbose claims at dinner parties to make everyone certain of our certainty. We're funny like that. #Quote by Sarah Wilson
Mental Illness quotes by Robin Spielberg
#50. Sometime in high school it dawned on me that perhaps I was a little different...I realized music wasn't swirling in the minds of my friends drowning out conversations and making it difficult to concentrate in class. I concluded I had a some sort of mental illness and that it was best to keep it to myself. #Quote by Robin Spielberg
Mental Illness quotes by Ernest Becker
#51. It is all right to say, with Adler, that mental illness is due to "problems in living,"-but we must remember that life itself is the insurmountable problem. #Quote by Ernest Becker
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#52. I know mentally, I'm able to do whatever I put my mind to. It just takes time, love, dedication, strength, and the will to keep pushing forward. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Holly Bourne
#53. It was like I'd climbed Everest, had the summit in my sight, the flag in my hand, all ready to pierce it into the top of the mountain and say, "Whoopdedoo, I made it," and then an avalanche from out of nowhere swept me right back to the bottom of the mountain again. Was it worth bothering to try and climb it again? I was exhausted. I'd already climbed it. I didn't want to...but, then, what other choice was there? #Quote by Holly Bourne
Mental Illness quotes by Halo Scot
#54. Bring it all down, love. Let it all burn. #Quote by Halo Scot
Mental Illness quotes by John Darnielle
#55. Diagnoses exist to help get people services they need - but there's no such thing as mental illness. We're all mentally ill. #Quote by John Darnielle
Mental Illness quotes by Jonathan Michel Metzl
#56. Mental illness is a real thing. It has real material consequences for people who suffer from it and at the time even the most biological finding reflects social context in very important ways, and so I think psychiatry is better off looking both at biology and at social context and really trying to think of the relationship between these and I think doctors and patients are better off that way. #Quote by Jonathan Michel Metzl
Mental Illness quotes by Eric McCormack
#57. Mental illness is the last frontier. The gay thing is part of everyday life now on a show like 'Modern Family,' but mental illness is still full of stigma. Maybe it is time for that to change. #Quote by Eric McCormack
Mental Illness quotes by Adam Duritz
#58. Over and over again in my life, I find closeness to other people and proximity to other people really painful; that's part of my mental illness, social anxiety. Closeness to other people is really hard, but it's also a shame because it's all you want too. But it doesn't always work. #Quote by Adam Duritz
Mental Illness quotes by Joan Rivers
#59. I'm tired of dealing with crazies. When did it become my job to manage your mental illness? #Quote by Joan Rivers
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#60. I am light. I am not invisible when I look in the mirror - I am my own light that will shine, shine, and shine. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Melinda Gates
#61. I felt suicidal. I couldn't stop crying. I remember thinking, wouldn't it be great if the car crashed and I died? #Quote by Melinda Gates
Mental Illness quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#62. When you look directly at an insane man all you see is a reflection of your own knowledge that he's insane, which is not to see him at all. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Mental Illness quotes by Bryant McGill
#63. If you can sit with your pain, listen to your pain and respect your pain - in time you will move through your pain. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Mental Illness quotes by Vernon Howard
#64. Remember above all that mental stability comes by examining the contents of the mind, not by avoidence. #Quote by Vernon Howard
Mental Illness quotes by Kenneth Oppel
#65. The baby was warm against my chest. I knew I was broken too. I wasn't like other people. I was scared and weird and anxious and sad lots of the time, and I didn't know why. My parents thought I was abnormal, I was pretty sure. They said I wasn't, but you don't get sent to a therapist if you're normal.
Sometimes we really aren't supposed to be the way we are. It's not good for us. And people don't like it. You've got to change. You've got to try harder and do deep breathing and maybe one day take pills and learn tricks so you can pretend to be more like other people. Normal people. But maybe Vanessa was right, and all those other people were broken too in their own ways. Maybe we all spent too much time pretending we weren't. #Quote by Kenneth Oppel
Mental Illness quotes by Tamara Valentine
#66. Valentine reminds us that to be fully human is to be both a story teller and a story dweller."
--- Christina Meldrum, author of Madapple and Amaryllis in Blueberry #Quote by Tamara Valentine
Mental Illness quotes by Carrie Fisher
#67. Statistics say that a range of mental disorders affects more than one in four Americans in any given year. That means millions of Americans are totally batshit.
but having perused the various tests available that they use to determine whether you're manic depressive. OCD, schizo-affective, schizophrenic, or whatever, I'm surprised the number is that low. So I have gone through a bunch of the available tests, and I've taken questions from each of them, and assembled my own psychological evaluation screening which I thought I'd share with you.
So, here are some of the things that they ask to determine if you're mentally disordered
1. In the last week, have you been feeling irritable?
2. In the last week, have you gained a little weight?
3. In the last week, have you felt like not talking to people?
4. Do you no longer get as much pleasure doing certain things as you used to?
5. In the last week, have you felt fatigued?
6. Do you think about sex a lot?
If you don't say yes to any of these questions either you're lying, or you don't speak English, or you're illiterate, in which case, I have the distinct impression that I may have lost you a few chapters ago. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Mental Illness quotes by David Foster Wallace
#68. a manual for how to build a mentally ill child #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Mental Illness quotes by Andrew Solomon
#69. I have no ambitions. I only have obsessions. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Mental Illness quotes by Antonio R Damasio
#70. The distinction between diseases of "brain" and "mind," between "neurological" problems and "psychological" or "psychiatric" ones, is an unfortunate cultural inheritance that permeates society and medicine. It reflects a basic ignorance of the relation between brain and mind. Diseases of the brain are seen as tragedies visited on people who cannot be blamed for their condition, while diseases of the mind, especially those that affect conduct and emotion, are seen as social inconveniences for which sufferers have much to answer. Individuals are to be blamed for their character flaws, defective emotional modulation, and so on; lack of willpower is supposed to be the primary problem. #Quote by Antonio R Damasio
Mental Illness quotes by RoAnna Sylver
#71. I wish bad brain stuff was an actual guy I could punch in the face. PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, flashbacks, hallucinations, anything that gives you hell, could just send'em to me, I'd fight them all. [...] Stuff's a lot harder to fight when they're stuck in your own head."
"Yeah... didn't stop me from trying, though. #Quote by RoAnna Sylver
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Hannah Hart
#73. Our society is stuck between problem and solution when it comes to treating mental illness. We cannot find a solution until we agree on the problem. And it is my humble opinion that the problem is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the misunderstood. Instead, let us seek to pursue knowledge over fear. Let's find a way to save lives that can be saved. #Quote by Hannah Hart
Mental Illness quotes by Olga Trujillo
#74. I was shocked and terrified to hear Dr. Summer say I had what was formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Is that like Sybil? Am I like the woman in The Three Faces of Eve? My head began to spin. What do I have inside of me? Is there a crazy person in there? What am I? I felt like a freak. I was afraid to have anyone know. I have a mental illness. People make fun of people like me. Upon hearing my diagnosis, I stopped thinking of myself as smart, creative, or clever. Even though Dr. Summer had worked hard to help me understand that I had developed an amazingly adaptive survival technique, I no longer thought of it that way at all.

I was overwhelmed by fear and shame. The words multiple personality disorder echoed in my mind. I thought of all the ways people with multiple personalities were ridiculed and marginalized: They're locked away in mental institutions. They are really sick. I'm not going to be the subject of people's jokes. I am a lawyer. I work at the U.S. Department of Justice. The more I thought about it, the deeper my despair grew. #Quote by Olga Trujillo
Mental Illness quotes by Kara Petrovic
#75. I have a mind like a sieve,
where sadness sits
and happiness slips #Quote by Kara Petrovic
Mental Illness quotes by Jane Pauley
#76. My goal is to see that mental illness is treated like cancer. #Quote by Jane Pauley
Mental Illness quotes by Aimee Herman
#77. I never want to be known. I'd rather be alone than have everyone talk about me and bother about my life. That's why I want to be an astronaut. I just want to travel into space and stay there. Be somewhere where no one else goes. #Quote by Aimee Herman
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#78. I am exactly where I need to be - and that is in a better place mentally and physically. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Jack Newman
#79. Women should know the truth. They can take it; they are adults, not children. If a mother opts for formula rather than breastfeeding, there is good evidence that her baby will score lower on IQ tests and will have a higher risk of many illnesses including some cancers, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, diarrhea and ear infections. She should know that her own risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer will be higher, as well as her daughter's risk of breast cancer. The mother increases her own risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and becoming overweight by "choosing" formula feeding. There is accumulating evidence that the risk of mental illness (alcoholism, ADHD, schizophrenia) is increased by not breastfeeding. A recent study suggested that even behaviour problems in adolescents are more likely if the child was formula fed. The longer the child is breastfed, the lower the risk both for the child and the mother. #Quote by Jack Newman
Mental Illness quotes by Kathryn Perez
#80. We never know the battles others are facing. We don't know the demons they are hiding. Everyone you have ever met is fighting something. You may have thought no one could've had the kind of raw deal you were dealt in life, being ailed with a mental illness, yet the truth is, many have the same or worse problems than that of your own. #Quote by Kathryn Perez
Mental Illness quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#81. The clinical hallmark of manic-depressive illness is its recurrent, episodic nature. Byron had this in an almost textbook manner, showing frequent and pronounced fluctuations in mood, energy, sleep patterns, sexual behavior, alcohol and other drug use, and weight (Byron also exhibited extremes in dieting, obsession with his weight, eccentric eating patterns, and excessive use of epsom salts). Although these changes in mood and behavior were dramatic and disruptive when they occurred, it is important to note that Byron was clinically normal most of the time; this, too, is highly characteristic of manic-depressive illness. An inordinate amount of confusion about whether someone does or does not have manic-depressive illness stems from the popular misconception that irrationality of mood and reason are stable rather than fluctuating features of the disease. Some assume that because an individual such as Byron was sane and in impressive control of his reason most of the time, that he could not have been "mad" or have suffered from a major mental illness. Lucidity and normal functioning are, however, perfectly consistent with-indeed, characteristic of-the phasic nature of manic-depressive illness. This is in contrast to schizophrenia, which is usually a chronic and relatively unrelenting illness characterized by, among other things, an inability to reason clearly. #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Mental Illness quotes by Sady Doyle
#82. Not only is the actual word "hysteria" gendered - it once referred to an exclusively female disease, a mental illness thought to be caused by a malfunctioning uterus - there is a very long history of critics using accusations or innuendo about women's mental health or emotional stability in order to shut down their political voices. #Quote by Sady Doyle
Mental Illness quotes by Kellie Elmore
#83. You're surrounded by people and voices and noises, but there you are, alone and trembling inside. And you want to be invisible. (thinking) Please, don't notice me. #Quote by Kellie Elmore
Mental Illness quotes by William Styron
#84. The pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it, and it kills in many instances because its anguish can no longer be borne. The prevention of many suicides will continue to be hindered until there is a general awareness of the nature of this pain. #Quote by William Styron
Mental Illness quotes by Wildbow
#85. Popular culture has twisted it, but popular culture has twisted madness in general. They make it funny, they romanticize it, or they make it exaggerated. But true mental illness is nothing to laugh at. I stayed in the Birdcage for some time, I've seen scary things, and I've become numb to a great deal, but going mad is perhaps the scariest. #Quote by Wildbow
Mental Illness quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#86. Racism is a common delusion, a mental illness that can be cured with truthful education. #Quote by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Mental Illness quotes by Brittany Burgunder
#88. No two eating disorders are the same.
No two individuals are the same.
No two paths to recovery are the same.
But everyone's strength to reach recovery IS the same. #Quote by Brittany Burgunder
Mental Illness quotes by Forrest Carr
#89. John raised an eyebrow. "So you wouldn't date someone like you?"
"Oh, hell, no. I'm insane, but that would be nuts. #Quote by Forrest Carr
Mental Illness quotes by Carl Elliott
#90. The very use of the term "mental illness" (rather than, say, "neurosis", "insanity", "nervous breakdown", or other euphemisms) can be seen as an effort to move certain kinds of psychological distress into the biomedical realm. #Quote by Carl Elliott
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#91. I needed you. I was trying to keep my head above water but you were the person who insisted on letting me drown because your words and action were weighing me down. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Shannon Mullen
#92. The west coast is a mecca for wild hearts, wild minds, wild spirits and I'm a WMD - I've got so much energy I'm about to explode. #Quote by Shannon Mullen
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#93. I am not going to keep yearning for the wrong kind of attention. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Rob Delaney
#94. We can and should complain about certain horrors of the modern world, but when it comes to the treatment of mental illness, the advances made in the last hundred years have been far more significant than the space program, nuclear fission, or even The Wire, for so many fortunate people. #Quote by Rob Delaney
Mental Illness quotes by Kiera Van Gelder
#95. I need them to be aware and present with me in the midst of the storm, not just tell me what to do. #Quote by Kiera Van Gelder
Mental Illness quotes by Uma Thurman
#96. Nobody seemed to have any perspective any longer. Those were low points. But we got through it. #Quote by Uma Thurman
Mental Illness quotes by Craig Davidson
#97. You might think my chosen career would lend me insight…. But while I can tell you about the brain as a physical object…, beyond that I am a glorified techie. I know the nuts and bolts and can diagnose flaws within the mainframe. While I can identify and sometimes fix structural maladies within that organ, I do not remotely understand it. That is an impossible task, like trying to guess the path rainwater will take down a windowpane. There is simply no way to know with any accuracy what is happening inside someone else's head. I only faintly comprehend what is going on inside my own. #Quote by Craig Davidson
Mental Illness quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#98. God only knew what ran underneath the fierce self-discipline and emotional control that had come with my upbringing. But the cracks were there, I knew it, and they frightened me. #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Mental Illness quotes by Jazalyn
#99. I am strange;
I show different things;
So please
Don't think I don't love you
Because the truth
Is the opposite #Quote by Jazalyn
Mental Illness quotes by Priya Parmar
#100. It is a terrible thing to grieve for someone who is not dead, not in love with someone else, but just no longer there. #Quote by Priya Parmar
Mental Illness quotes by S.R. Crawford
#101. There's nothing worse than bottling something up inside and letting it eat at you. It's like being shot, and leaving the bullet inside our bodies. The wound would never heal. Instead, we need to let it out. #Quote by S.R. Crawford
Mental Illness quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#102. I'm living under water. Everything seems slow and far away. I know there's a world up there, a sunlit quick world where time runs like dry sand through an hourglass, but down here, where I am, air and sound and time and feeling are thick and dense. #Quote by Audrey Niffenegger
Mental Illness quotes by Jess Neal Woods
#103. This is the very reason that some lives end seemingly early and by their own hands because Mother Nature doesn't understand that a personage can out-age a body. It is the reason that someone unwell can look so very vibrant on the outside, giving no indication that death lurks around the corner. Souls saturated in sickness, negativity, and ill-thoughts cannot weather the years well. #Quote by Jess Neal Woods
Mental Illness quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#105. Every time the DSM prepares for a new edition, there are countless groups lobbying to get their particular mental illness recognized by the diagnostic manual. Surely, this is a social and cultural phenomenon. #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Mental Illness quotes by David Finnegan-Hosey
#106. If we want to talk about violence as form of illness, a form of dis-ease, that's fine. Let's talk about it. It's just that mental illness, which deals with an individual's struggle with experiences that prevent them from functioning the way they want to function, is exactly the wrong category for such a naming. Rather, violence represents a systemic un-health, an interaction between an individual and larger forces that are harmful, that are in-and-of-themselves violent. Paul called them "the powers and principalities. #Quote by David Finnegan-Hosey
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#107. I wanted you to rescue me but you were the raging storm that hindered me from seeing and knowing my worth. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#108. There is no turning back. It is all or nothing. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Osamu Dazai
#109. He could only consider me as the living corpse of a would-be suicide, a person dead to shame, an idiot ghost. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#110. I am in love with myself. I am healthy. I am loving and loved. I am determined to take a step towards recovery. I am alive. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Brian Lindstrom
#111. I think that most of us instinctively avoid people with mental illness. #Quote by Brian Lindstrom
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#112. You are such an amazing person who has been through a lot, yet you still look at the good in everything. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Deborah Bray Haddock
#113. DID is about survival! As more people begin to appreciate this concept, individuals with DID will start to feel less as though they have to hide in shame. DID develops as a response to extreme trauma that occurs at an early age and usually over an extended period of time. #Quote by Deborah Bray Haddock
Mental Illness quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#114. If this was mental illness, or even just a particularly clinical case of adolescence, I was bearing up pretty well. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Mental Illness quotes by Neel Burton
#115. Facing up to non-being enables us to put our life into perspective, see it in its entirety, and thereby lend it a sense of direction and unity. If the ultimate source of anxiety is fear of the future, the future ends in death; and if the ultimate source of anxiety is uncertainty, death is the only certainty. It is only by facing up to death, accepting its inevitability, and integrating it into life that we can escape from the pettiness and paralysis of anxiety, and, in so doing, free ourselves to make the most out of our lives and out of ourselves. #Quote by Neel Burton
Mental Illness quotes by Nicole Curtis
#116. Unfortunately, mental health is so misunderstood that some people think you have to be crazy to need to speak to a therapist. #Quote by Nicole Curtis
Mental Illness quotes by Christy Lefteri
#117. It takes bravery to cry out, to release what is in your heart. #Quote by Christy Lefteri
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#118. I am renewed and I feel like a brand-new person that has a new, clean slate. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Malcolm X
#119. Eventually my mother suffered a complete breakdown, and the court orders were finally signed. They took her to the State Mental Hospital at Kalamazoo. My mother remained in the same hospital at Kalamazoo for about 26 years.
My last visit, when I knew I would never come to see her again-there-was in 1952. I was twenty-seven. My brother Philbert had told me that on his last visit, she had recognized him somewhat. "In spots" he said.
But she didn't recognize me at all.
She stared at me. She didn't know who I was.
Her mind, when I tried to talk, to reach her, was somewhere else. I asked, "Mama, do you know what day it is?"
She said, staring, "All the people have gone."
I can't describe how I felt. The woman who had brought me into the world, and nursed me, and advised me, and chastised me, and loved me, didn't know me.
It was as if I was trying to walk up the side of a hill of feathers."
-Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X #Quote by Malcolm X
Mental Illness quotes by Herman Melville
#120. One trembles to think of that mysterious thing in the soul, which seems to acknowledge no human jurisdiction, but in spite of the individual's own innocence self, will still dream horrid dreams, and mutter unmentionable thoughts. #Quote by Herman Melville
Mental Illness quotes by Sinead O'Connor
#121. You have to hide what you are and it's really stressful and very bad for your self esteem. Because it's not obvious to people that you are ill, they treat you as if you're a pain in the ass, then you beat yourself up and you are already beating yourself up as a part of mental illness. #Quote by Sinead O'Connor
Mental Illness quotes by American Psychiatric Association
#122. the essential feature of the Dissociative Disorders is a disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity,or perception #Quote by American Psychiatric Association
Mental Illness quotes by Debbie Nathan
#123. ... very few people know that porn has not been shown to cause mental illness or crime... there is no evidence for this cause-effect relationship, according to many researchers who have tested this claim with studies. #Quote by Debbie Nathan
Mental Illness quotes by Ashleigh Brilliant
#124. It's good to know that if I behave strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me. #Quote by Ashleigh Brilliant
Mental Illness quotes by Viraj J. Mahajan
#125. There are so many moments in our life which we cannot describe with mere words. There are not enough adjectives to justify the emotions behind such moments. Those moments are your life- they define who you truly are #Quote by Viraj J. Mahajan
Mental Illness quotes by William Styron
#126. My brain had begun to endure its familiar siege: panic and dislocation, and a sense that my thought processes were being engulfed by a toxic and unnameable tide that obliterated any enjoyable response to the living world. #Quote by William Styron
Mental Illness quotes by Teresa Toten
#127. Thing was, after the hurricane, life went on. You had to buy milk, fix the broken windows, play some Warhammer, discuss some girls. Wow! #Quote by Teresa Toten
Mental Illness quotes by Maggie Nelson
#128. Like many self-help books, The Deepest Blue is full of horrifyingly simplistic language and some admittedly good advice. Somehow the women in the book learn to say: That's my depression talking. It's not "me."
As if we could scrape the color off the iris and still see. #Quote by Maggie Nelson
Mental Illness quotes by Tamara Hill
#129. A lot of people believe that mental illness does not affect our children within the school system. But the truth is that a lot of bullying stems from untreated or poorly treated mental and behavioral health problems. #Quote by Tamara Hill
Mental Illness quotes by Lily Bailey
#130. I'd love to learn everything all over again, but learn it right this time. I'd love to return my brain to factory settings. #Quote by Lily Bailey
Mental Illness quotes by Irving Stone
#131. I do not know a better cure for mental illness than a book. #Quote by Irving Stone
Mental Illness quotes by M. Scott Peck
#132. It has been further suggested that the absence of love is the major cause of mental illness and that the presence of love is consequently the essential healing element in psychotherapy. This #Quote by M. Scott Peck
Mental Illness quotes by Nathanael Johnson
#133. Many of the people who regularly feed and cultivate relationships with pigeons are themselves on the fringes of society. They are disconnected from other people due to poverty, limited language skills, or mental illness, but they form deep emotional connections with the birds. #Quote by Nathanael Johnson
Mental Illness quotes by Deborah Danner
#134. Is it a delusion, I ask myself, my belief that I am worth of respect and a "normal" happy life? #Quote by Deborah Danner
Mental Illness quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#135. I'm Bipolar but as normal as you except for the times my mind thinks like two #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Mental Illness quotes by ~Theresa Griffin Kennedy~
#136. I was bent over, my dress hiked up, my pale bottom sticking out, bluish in the dim light and Bryon behind me, lost in another world. His face was pressed into my shoulder and his profile visible. As his features were screwed up in the release of pleasure, his eyes shut tight and his mouth hanging open, I once again struggled not to laugh. There was something so comical and pathetic about his unabashed sincerity and tedious adoration. I hated to admit it, but it made me want to slap him and watch him weep with a smile on my face as I told him it was all over and he would never see me again. #Quote by ~Theresa Griffin Kennedy~
Mental Illness quotes by Andy Behrman
#137. As no one knew much about my mental illness, a lot of people had the attitude that I had the capability to 'kick it' and get better instantly. This was the most frustrating attitude for me. #Quote by Andy Behrman
Mental Illness quotes by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
#138. Though my mental illness is more likened to a big, nasty green monster than something heart-wrenchingly beautiful, I think I have learned many wonderful lessons from my many afflictions. #Quote by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#139. am happy. I am healthy. I am a miracle. I am renewing my strength. I helped someone today, and if I crawl into my shell, I have to remind myself, how can I help someone else without helping myself? Life is great, why not enjoy it while you can? #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Brian Spellman
#140. If the mind fits, shrink it. #Quote by Brian Spellman
Mental Illness quotes by Jenny Lawson
#141. There was no way to explain to this stranger how my mental illness had just gifted me with a magical moment. I realized it would have sounded a bit crazy, but that made sense. After all, I was a bit crazy. And I didn't even have to pretend to be good at it. I was a damn natural. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Mental Illness quotes by Sonali Dev
#142. The ever-present tangle of lies tightened around her like a hunter's net. The more she pushed it away, the more it clung to her like sticky, spindly spiderwebs. But the truth had to remain hidden inside the godforsaken asylum and inside the one of silence that was Uma, Vijay, and her, and tragically enough, Vikram's mother. #Quote by Sonali Dev
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#143. Instead of passing the torch I am going to soar. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Stephanie Ware
#144. My heart keeps begging me for a reason to keep beating, but I'm running out of lies to tell it #Quote by Stephanie Ware
Mental Illness quotes by Osamu Dazai
#145. Even now it comes as a shock if by chance I notice in the street a face resembling someone I know however slightly, and I am at once seized by a shivering violent enough to make me dizzy. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Kristin Scott Thomas
#147. You know those drugstore kits that tell you when you're pregnant? They should have one that tells you when you're sane. #Quote by Kristin Scott Thomas
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#148. What I've learned from the hell I've been through is that I am my own remedy. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Ronald Allen Schulz
#149. Fear of breaking family loyalty is one of the greatest stumbling blockages to recovery. Yet, until we admit certain things we would rather excuse or deny, we cannot truly begin to put the past in the past, and leave it there once and for all. Unless we do that, we cannot even begin to think of having a future that is fully ours, untethered to the past, and we will be destined to repeat it. #Quote by Ronald Allen Schulz
Mental Illness quotes by Frank Zappa
#150. Don't go to bed with any woman crazier than you are. #Quote by Frank Zappa
Mental Illness quotes by Bertrand Russell
#151. I have come to realize that an early symptom of approaching mental illness is the belief that one's work is terribly important. If you consider your work very important you should take a day off. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Mental Illness quotes by Maria Elena
#152. I sleep and sleep and sleep, yet I still have an unquenchable thirst for it. #Quote by Maria Elena
Mental Illness quotes by Matt Haig
#153. There is no standard normal. Normal is subjective. There are seven billion versions of normal on this planet. #Quote by Matt Haig
Mental Illness quotes by Han Nolan
#154. If only his mind were as easy to fix as his body. #Quote by Han Nolan
Mental Illness quotes by Nenia Campbell
#155. Being depressed and suicidal doesn't mean wanting to kill yourself every moment of every day. It may be a fixed obsession, but sometimes it gets relegated to the back of your head. Rather, it means the world takes on the very cut and dry, black and white, unilateral aspect of a flowchart. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#156. It's none of our faults. People's actions made us think it was our fault. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#157. Fear, you have to pack your shit and move the fuck out. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Tamara Ireland Stone
#158. If you could read my mind, you wouldn't be smiling. #Quote by Tamara Ireland Stone
Mental Illness quotes by Jack Deveny
#159. Depression is a phobia of happiness. #Quote by Jack Deveny
Mental Illness quotes by Morag Joss
#160. My father was a psychiatrist, the medical director of a mental hospital in Scotland, and when I was a student, I took vacation jobs there as a nursing assistant. So I did get to see mental illness, but I don't remember conversations about mental conditions. My father was a cheerful man with a robust attitude to such things. #Quote by Morag Joss
Mental Illness quotes by Becky Wade
#161. He wanted desperately to stay, just a little while longer. But he couldn't be here, in this place, with her. It was calm here. She was innocent and beautiful and perfect.
He was not. He didn't want his mess or his mental illness or his past anywhere near her. He wanted to protect her from a lot of things, but most of all from himself. #Quote by Becky Wade
Mental Illness quotes by Charlie Brooker
#162. If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that "says something" about your personality, don't bother. You don't have a personality. A mental illness, maybe - but not a personality. #Quote by Charlie Brooker
Mental Illness quotes by Tamara Hill
#163. The presuming social view that mental health is not as serious as the media says it is, blocks progress. This too is political. #Quote by Tamara Hill
Mental Illness quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#164. They made us participate in their own madness,
because we couldn't help but retrace their steps, rethink their thoughts, and see that none of them led to us. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Mental Illness quotes by Brittany Gibbons
#165. First things first, I'm going to tell you why I'm fat, because I actually get this question a lot, much in the way people are asked how they got into live-action role playing or funeral home cosmetology. The answer I'd like to give to people who ask me that question is that God made us all different, and she made some people round-shaped, like me, and some people asshole-shaped, like you. Too direct? Fine, here's the deal.

Most kids inherit their best qualities from their parents. I inherited mental illness and fat thighs. Oh, and astigmatism and course body hair. #Quote by Brittany Gibbons
Mental Illness quotes by Mark Fisher
#166. Capitalist realism insists on treating mental health as if it were a natural fact, like weather (but, then again, weather is no longer a natural fact so much as a political-economic effect). In the 1960s and 1970s, radical theory and politics (Laing, Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, etc.) coalesced around extreme mental conditions such as schizophrenia, arguing, for instance, that madness was not a natural, but a political, category. But what is needed now is a politicization of much more common disorders. Indeed, it is their very commonness which is the issue: in Britain, depression is now the condition that is most treated by the NHS. In his book The Selfish Capitalist, Oliver James has convincingly posited a correlation between rising rates of mental distress and the neoliberal mode of capitalism practiced in countries like Britain, the USA and Australia. In line with James's claims, I want to argue that it is necessary to reframe the growing problem of stress (and distress) in capitalist societies. Instead of treating it as incumbent on individuals to resolve their own psychological distress, instead, that is, of accepting the vast privatization of stress that has taken place over the last thirty years, we need to ask: how has it become acceptable that so many people, and especially so many young people, are ill? #Quote by Mark Fisher
Mental Illness quotes by Gaia B. Amman
#167. Depression is a physical illness, like bleeding from a wound that won't close. You cannot fix it, it doesn't heal. #Quote by Gaia B. Amman
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#168. Your love is so cold, it frostbit my heart. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by John Green
#169. Thoughts are only thoughts. They are not you. You do belong to yourself, even when your thoughts don't. #Quote by John Green
Mental Illness quotes by Mark Vonnegut
#170. For me to have sat around calling the crazy stuff "crazy" would have been the most wasteful, unimaginative thing I could have done. There were so many much better things to do with it. #Quote by Mark Vonnegut
Mental Illness quotes by Pam Godwin
#171. They both carried a million cracks beneath the skin. Even under the stark light of the fluorescents, it was hard to see which of them was more broken. But for the first time, she felt like she had to vanquish her mental illness not for herself but for someone else. Because she was broken with him, and if she fixed herself, maybe she could make him a little less broken, too. #Quote by Pam Godwin
Mental Illness quotes by Nicholas Trandahl
#172. I primarily use poetry as a purge, a self-medication device when I'm in the depths of loneliness, anxiety or in the throes of depression. When I'm lost in the darkness of mental illness, I spill forth a deluge of words and prose that are oftentimes grim, dark and depressive. And when my poems are spilled forth into one of my poetry journals, I feel a weight has been indeed been lifted from me, and my mind can rest just a bit easier. #Quote by Nicholas Trandahl
Mental Illness quotes by Forrest Carr
#173. Sanity is over-rated. It lacks color. #Quote by Forrest Carr
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#174. am cleaning fear out of my system. It isn't easy, but it is possible. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Caitlin R. Kiernan
#175. I began to imagine orchestration where before I heard only the cacophony of randomness. Crazy people do that all the time, unless you buy into the notion that we have the ability to perceive order and connotation in ways closed off to the minds of "sane" people. I don't. Subscribe to that notion, I mean. We are not gifted. We are not magical. We are slightly or profoundly broken. #Quote by Caitlin R. Kiernan
Mental Illness quotes by Thomas Szasz
#176. The ethics of psychiatric therapy is the very negation of the ethics of political liberty. The former embraces absolute power, provided it is used to protect and promote the patient's mental health. The latter rejects absolute power, regardless of its aim or use. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#177. We have a divine purpose - and life is good! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Sherman Alexie
#178. Office Peone looked at John and wondered what mental illness he had. The Seattle streets were filled with the mostly-crazy, half-crazy, nearly crazy, and soon-to-be crazy. Indian, white, Chicano, Asian, men, women, children. The social workers did not have anywhere near enough money, training, or time to help them. The city government hated the crazies because they were a threat to the public image of the urban core. Private citizens ignored them at all times of the year except the few charitable days leading up to and following Christmas. In the end, the police had to do most of the work. Police did crisis counseling, transporting them howling to detox, the dangerous to jail, racing the sick to the hospitals, to a safer place. At the academy, Officer Peone figured he would be fighting bad guys. He did not imagine he would spend most of his time taking care of the refuse of the world. Peone found it easier when the refuse were all nuts or dumb-ass drunks, harder when they were just regular folks struggling to find their way off the streets. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Mental Illness quotes by Heather Armstrong
#179. People often write me and ask how I keep my wood floors so clean when I live with a child and a dog, and my answer is that I use a technique called Suffering From a Mental Illness. #Quote by Heather Armstrong
Mental Illness quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#180. It took me far too long to realize that lost years and relationships cannot be recovered. That damage done to oneself and others cannot always be put right again. #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Mental Illness quotes by John Corey Whaley
#181. Dealing with chronic anxiety has taught me to better understand the nuances of mental illness and the very individual nature of it. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
Mental Illness quotes by Bethany Pierce
#182. If you put the wrong foods in your body, you are contaminated and dirty and your stomach swells. Then the voice says, Why did you do that? Don't you know better? Ugly and wicked, you are disgusting to me. #Quote by Bethany Pierce
Mental Illness quotes by Jennifer Givhan
#183. The balding headstones
of the others - quarantined

from their own mothers & sisters & daughters -
I wondered if they, like us, were strange

alloys of sadness & forgetting
the words to the songs. #Quote by Jennifer Givhan
Mental Illness quotes by Shepherd Hoodwin
#184. A significant number of people diagnosed with mental illness have psychic abilities not yet under control. They may have true mental illness as well, including faulty neurological wiring and chemical imbalance. However, some people have mental breaks because of psychic abilities they don't know how to handle. #Quote by Shepherd Hoodwin
Mental Illness quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#185. But the strange thing, the thing that you can never explain to anyone, except another nut, or, if you're lucky, a doctor who has an unusual amount of sense-stranger than the hallucinations, or the voices, or the anxiety-is the way you begin to experience the edges of the mind itself ... in a way other people just can't. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Mental Illness quotes by C. Lynn Schneider
#186. Only a mental illness is not like a disease of the body, where there's something wrong with your lungs or there's something wrong with your diet, and you are just a reasonable person with a defect. When you're mentally ill, you are the defect; you are broken, fundamentally flawed, and you cannot be trusted with anything, not even your own treatment. You need a support system to make sure you don't fuck it all up. #Quote by C. Lynn Schneider
Mental Illness quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#187. One of them hasn't got a uniform on or plainclothes either like the rest. He has on the white coat that is my nightmare and my horror. And in the crotch of one arm he is upending two long poles intertwined with canvas.
The long-drawn-out death within life. The burial-alive of the mind, covering it over with fresh graveyard earth each time it tries to struggle through to the light. In this kind of death you never finish dying.
("New York Blues") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Mental Illness quotes by Anton Chekhov
#188. A man who under the influence of mental pain or unbearably oppressive suffering sends a bullet through his own head is called a suicide; but for those who give freedom to their pitiful, soul-debasing passions in the holy days of spring and youth there is no name in man's vocabulary. After the bullet follows the peace of the grave: ruined youth is followed by years of grief and painful recollections. He who has profaned his spring will understand the present condition of my soul. I am not yet old, or grey, but I no longer live. Psychiaters tell us that a solider, who was wounded at Waterloo, went mad, and afterwards assured everybody - and believed it himself - that he had died at Waterloo, and that what was now considered to be him was only his shadow, a reflection of the past. I am now experiencing something resembling this semi-death.. #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Mental Illness quotes by Joseph Conrad
#190. This is glorious!' I cried, and then i looked at the sinner by my side. He sat with his head sunk on his breast and said 'Yes', without raising his eyes, as if afraid to see writ large on the clear sky of the offing the reproach of his romantic conscience. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Mental Illness quotes by Halo Scot
#191. For once, I'd love if someone reacted unpredictably to death. Chant or somersault or fucking yodel to show me you have a mind of your own. #Quote by Halo Scot
Mental Illness quotes by Hilary Mantel
#192. Once you're labeled as mentally ill, and that's in your medical notes, then anything you say can be discounted as an artifact of your mental illness. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Mental Illness quotes by Joan Frances Casey
#193. The Flock have come a long way in their acceptance of this, and when a professional refused to deal with them in a straightforward manner and, in fact, manipulated and deceived them in return-they rebelled fiercely but self-protectively. #Quote by Joan Frances Casey
Mental Illness quotes by Thomas Szasz
#194. The term 'deinstitutionalization' conceals some simple truths, namely, that old, unwanted persons, formerly housed in state hospitals, are now housed in nursing homes; that young, unwanted persons, formerly also housed in state hospitals, are now housed in prisons or parapsychiatric facilities; and that both groups of inmates are systematically drugged with psychiatric medications. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Mental Illness quotes by Glenn Close
#195. It is an odd paradox that a society, which can now speak openly and unabashedly about topics that were once unspeakable, still remains largely silent when it comes to mental illness #Quote by Glenn Close
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#196. I've been looking deep within myself. I realize that I am always crashing because I was trying to fly with one wing. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by Maya Schenwar
#197. As massive numbers of homeless, hungry, unemployed, drug-addicted, illiterate, and mentally ill people vanish behind its walls, the social problems of extreme poverty, homelessness, hunger, unemployment, drug addiction, illiteracy, and mental illness become more ignorable, too. #Quote by Maya Schenwar
Mental Illness quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#198. Why am I always apologizing? They should be apologizing to me! I didn't do anything wrong! I just wanted their love!
I won't compromise or apologize for something I didn't know. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Mental Illness quotes by R.L. Martinez
#199. How does a person exist after their world has been torn to pieces? It must be possible. People do it all the time. After all the floods and tornadoes and wars that have hit the world with inexorable violence, people somehow scrape up their lives and begin again. #Quote by R.L. Martinez
Mental Illness quotes by Shawn Colvin
#200. Physically, I'm healthy as a horse, always held up. But in the mental illness department, I got my share. It's just what I got. #Quote by Shawn Colvin
Mental Illness quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#201. I am very happy, Jane; and when you hear that I am dead, you must be sure and not grieve: there is nothing to grieve about. We all must die one day, and the illness which is removing me is not painful; it is gentle and gradual: my mind is at rest. I leave no one to regret me much: I have only a father; and he is lately married, and will not miss me. By dying young, I shall escape great sufferings. I had not qualities or talents to make my way very well in the world: I should have been continually at fault. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Mental Illness quotes by Tanith Lee
#202. There is no necessity for nervousness," said the turbaned man, the light catching like sequins in the moon craters of his cheeks. "Your hand shows a calm and sanguine life. You will never want. You will never suffer any serious illness or misfortune. You will marry where you wish and where it is auspicious. You will have one child, a boy, easily and without peril. You will live into a long and comfortable old age." He released her hand and, rather astonishing her, it dropped down limp and cold. "You will," he said, "Be very unhappy. #Quote by Tanith Lee
Mental Illness quotes by Atul Gawande
#203. People with serious illness have priorities besides simply prolonging their lives. Surveys find that their top concerns include avoiding suffering, strengthening relationships with family and friends, being mentally aware, not being a burden on others, and achieving a sense that their life is complete. #Quote by Atul Gawande
Mental Illness quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#204. In either case, ugly or beautiful, people derive a significant part of their identity, be it negative or positive, from their body. To be more precise, they derive their identity from the I-thought that they erroneously attach to the mental image or concept of their body.
Equating the physical sense-perceived body that is destined to grow old, wither and die with 'I' always leads to suffering sooner or later. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Mental Illness quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#205. Resentment is the emotion that goes with complaining and the mental labeling of people and adds even more energy to the ego. Resentment means to feel bitter, indignant, aggrieved, or offended. You resent other people's greed, their dishonesty, their lack of integrity, what they are doing, what they did in the past, what they said, what they failed to do, what they should or shouldn't have done. The ego loves it. Instead of overlooking unconsciousness in others, you make it into their identity. Who is doing that? The unconsciousness in you, the ego. Sometimes the "fault" that you perceive in another isn't even there. It is a total misinterpretation, a projection by a mind conditioned to see enemies and to make itself right or superior. At other times, the fault may be there, but by focusing on it, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else, you amplify it. And what you react to in another, you strengthen in yourself. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Mental Illness quotes by Hermann Von Helmholtz
#206. Not that I wish by any means to deny, that the mental life of individuals and peoples is also in conformity with law, as is the object of philosophical, philological, historical, moral, and social sciences to establish. #Quote by Hermann Von Helmholtz
Mental Illness quotes by A. Louise Robertson
#207. The first person I knew who died was Beth March. I cried for three days. #Quote by A. Louise Robertson
Mental Illness quotes by Neil Gaiman
#208. I want to go home. Then he mentally underlined the last sentence three times, rewrote it in huge letters in red ink, and circled it before putting a number of exclamation marks next to it in his mental margin. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Mental Illness quotes by Zig Ziglar
#209. We are Physical, Mental and Spiritual beings. If you don't deal with ALL OF LIFE you're not going to get all that life has to offer. #Quote by Zig Ziglar
Mental Illness quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#210. I can sometimes sit for two hours in a room with almost no thought. Just complete stillness. Sometimes when I go for walks, there's also complete stillness; there's no mental labeling of sense perceptions. There's simply a sense of awe or wonder or openness, and that's beautiful. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Mental Illness quotes by Ilona Andrews
#211. Had I known you were going to pull a pretty ribbon out of your sleeve like some two-bit magician, tie me up with it, and indulge your mental torture fetish in your basement, I would've shot you. Many times."
"Two-bit magician?"
"Men like you enjoy being flattered. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Mental Illness quotes by B.J. Harvey
#212. Bring it on, Legs."
"Still don't get the legs thing," she mutters.
"Because every time I see them I imagine them wrapped around my head."
She chokes down the phone, and then the line goes eerily quiet.
"I'm here. Just hitting pause on that mental image and saving it for later."
"Jesus, woman. Warn a guy before you throw out the Viagra lines."
"What?" she says, with a knowing giggle.
"Those kind of words take a man from floppy to stabby in zero-point-five seconds. #Quote by B.J. Harvey
Mental Illness quotes by Dogen
Mental Illness quotes by Myke Cole
#214. That love is worth it. It is worth any hardship, it is worth illness. It is worth injury. It is worth isolation. It is even worth death. For life without love is only a shadow of life. #Quote by Myke Cole
Mental Illness quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#215. The whole universe is composed of name and form. Whatever we see is either a compound of name and form, or simply name with form which is a mental image. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Mental Illness quotes by Radhanath Swami
#216. If you love God, you can't hate anything or anyone. If the love one offers is met with hate, it doesn't die, rather it manifests in the form of compassion. That is universal love. It is not just a sentiment. It cannot be manifested merely by a shift in mental disposition. It can only come from inner cleaning, an inner awakening. #Quote by Radhanath Swami
Mental Illness quotes by Sebastian Mallaby
#217. Years later, (Paul) Jones described the mental gymnastics that went into writing these scripts. "Every evening I would close my eyes in a quiet place in my apartment ... I would visualize the opening and walk myself through the day and imagine the different emotional states the market would go through... Then when you get there, you are ready for it. You have been there before. You are in a mental state to take advantage of emotional extremes because you have already lived through them. #Quote by Sebastian Mallaby
Mental Illness quotes by Frank Zappa
#218. I detest love lyrics. I think one of the causes of bad mental health in the United States is that people have been raised on 'love lyrics'.

You're a young kid and you hear all those 'love lyrics', right? Your parents aren't telling you the truth about love, and you can't really learn about it in school. You're getting the bulk of your 'behaviour norms' mapped out for you in the lyrics to some dumb fucking love song. It's a subconscious training that creates desire for an imaginary situation which will never exist for you. People who buy into that mythology go through life feeling that they got cheated out of something.

What I think is very cynical about some rock and roll songs -- especially today -- is the way they say: "Let's make love." What the fuck kind of wussy says shit like that in the real world? You ought to be able to say "Let's go fuck", or at least "Let's go fill-in-the-blank" -- but you gotta say "Let's make love" in order to get on the radio. This creates a semantic corruption, by changing the context in which the word 'love' is used in the song.

When they get into drooling about love as a 'romantic concept' -- especially in the lyrics of sensitive singer/songwriter types -- that's another shove in the direction of bad mental health.

Fortunately, lyrics over the last five or six years have gotten to be less and less important, with 'art rock groups' and new wavers specializing in 'nonjudgemental' or 'purposely inconse #Quote by Frank Zappa
Mental Illness quotes by Matt Haig
#219. Travel makes one modest" said Gustave Flaubert. "You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." Such a perspective can be liberating. Especially when you have an illness that may on one hand lower self-esteem but on the other intensifies the trivial. #Quote by Matt Haig
Mental Illness quotes by Jeff Foster
#220. Oh yes, for sure, there will be heartbreak! And you will learn to get out of your head and into your immediate embodied experience, coming out of mental stories and conclusions, and contacting the raw energy of the here and now, directly feeling the devastation of your dreams rather than intellectualizing everything away, letting the grief, anger, and sorrow of millennia surge through your pores, rather than dismissing it all as an "illusion," or distracting yourself with fresh dreams. All #Quote by Jeff Foster
Mental Illness quotes by Marian Keyes
#221. People get sick and sometimes they get better and sometimes they don't. And it doesn't matter if the sickness is cancer or if it's depression. Sometimes the drugs work and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the drugs work for a while and then they stop. Sometimes the alternative stuff works and sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes you wonder if no outside interference makes any difference at all; if an illness is like a storm, if it simply has to run its course and, at the end of it, depending on how robust you are, you will be alive. Or you will be dead. #Quote by Marian Keyes
Mental Illness quotes by Kyuzo Mifune
#222. To master an actual technique, mental culture should come first.
Acquiring a technique requires a careful, modest, non-mean, free and attentive mind. In other words a player should do his utmost and nothing less. #Quote by Kyuzo Mifune
Mental Illness quotes by Kristiane Backer
#223. According to Islam, whenever we are struck by illness or misfortune or someone hurts us, there is a higher purpose behind it, which we may not understand at the time,' one of them said to me. 'That's where trust comes in. Through suffering, God helps us to better ourselves and make good our mistakes. It is a form of purification and also God's way of testing the strength of our faith and the goodness of our character.' Another lady suggested I look on the bright side.

'Suffering draws us closer to God and that is our aim in life,' she said. Then she quoted Rumi who had said, 'It is pain that draws man to his Lord, because when he is well, he doesn't remember the Lord.' I tried to look at the positive and believe that there was a higher, spiritual perspective on what I had just been through, and all the advice I was given helped me a lot. But it took quite a while for my heart to catch up with my mind. #Quote by Kristiane Backer
Mental Illness quotes by John Lancaster Spalding
#224. The world is chiefly a mental fact. From mind it receives the forms of time and space, the principle of casuality[sic], color, warmth, and beauty. Were there no mind, there would be no world. #Quote by John Lancaster Spalding
Mental Illness quotes by Geoff Shepherd
#225. 'Recovery' is an idea whose time has come. At its heart is a set of values about a person's right to build a meaningful life for themselves, with or without the continuing presence of mental health symptoms. #Quote by Geoff Shepherd
Mental Illness quotes by J.C. Kearns
#226. Though we are confident that Blessed Martin had no serious sins with which to reproach himself, though his contemporaries assure us that they had moral certitude that he had ever preserved his baptismal innocence, he regarded himself, like St. Paul, as the least of all men and unworthy of the habit he wore. Martin never lost an opportunity of being humiliated; he gladly received any personal insults and injuries as an ordinary person would receive favors. Indeed, he evidenced clear signs of gratitude to those who humbled him - he looked upon them as his real benefactors, and nothing caused him so much affliction of the soul and mental anguish as hearing himself the object of praise. When he found himself thus honored, especially by those distinguished by their good sense and their position of dignity in the community, he promptly sought out the most hidden place and there mercilessly inflicted upon himself a penance, usually in the form of the discipline. When it was impossible for him to retire, he had the habit of striking his breast unobtrusively and humbling himself before Almighty God. Even at times, especially when he was not conscious of the fact that he was being observed, strange words of self-deprecation fell from his lips. We are assured that he often repeated epithets of scorn, that he would mutter: 'What real merit have you? Remember that you ought to be nothing but a slave. Only through the mercy of God are you tolerated by these holy religious. #Quote by J.C. Kearns
Mental Illness quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#227. You have more issues than Reader's Digest. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Mental Illness quotes by Kim Cormack
#228. I should have danced more when I had no fear of falling. #Quote by Kim Cormack
Mental Illness quotes by Yogi Berra
#229. Half the game is 90% mental. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Mental Illness quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#230. Two people with mental issues in a relationship does not work. It's like sitting in a boat and neither one has an oar to row the other to shore. You can meet your mirror image in life, but that doesn't mean you should marry him. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Mental Illness quotes by Pete Carroll
#231. Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program, so you can't put anything above that, ... But it wouldn't matter who you had here if you didn't have the right mental attitude and work ethic. You need all those elements to come together to do something like we are doing. #Quote by Pete Carroll
Mental Illness quotes by Arthur Koestler
#232. Our Press and our schools cultivate Chauvinism, militarism, dogmatism, conformism and ignorance. The arbitrary power of the Government is unlimited, and unexampled in history; freedom of the Press, of opinion and of movement are as thoroughly exterminated as though the proclamation of the Rights of Man had never been. We have built up the most gigantic police apparatus, with informers made a national institution, and the most refined scientific system of political and mental torture. We whip the groaning masses of the country towards a theoretical future happiness, which only we can. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Mental Illness quotes by Walter M. Miller Jr.
#233. The monk's ultimate goal is direct union with the Godhead. But to aim at that goal is to miss it altogether. His task is to rid himself of ego so that consciousness, once its usual discordant mental content is dumped out of it through ritual prayer and meditation, may experience nonself as a living formlessness and emptiness into which God may come, if it please Him to come. #Quote by Walter M. Miller Jr.
Mental Illness quotes by Jay Michaelson
#234. For the Buddha of the Pali Canon, the goal is liberation: the cessation of suffering, the end of the endless hamster-wheel of dependent origination, of mental formations leading to desire leading to clinging leading to suffering and so on. Nibbana, or nirvana, was not originally conceived as some magical heavenly world, or even a permanent altered state of consciousness. It is usually described, in the early texts, negatively: as a candle being snuffed out. #Quote by Jay Michaelson
Mental Illness quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#235. One of our most serious challenges is that we mature sexually way before we do mentally. And what's worse is that mental maturity is not even guaranteed. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Mental Illness quotes by Peter Gay
#236. The ego is continuously, zealously, in search of the world. Compelled to navigate among beacons emitting conflicting and fragmentary signals and exposed to internal pressures of its own, it seeks to extract as much information from its sensations and perceptions as it can. It works to ward off dangers and to repeat pleasures. It organizes, with impressive efficiency, the individual's capacities for response and his encounters with men and things. It reasons, calculates, remembers, compares, thus equipping men to grope their way toward the future. Its appraisals are never beyond suspicion; they are bound to be distorted by conflicts and compromised by traumas. Thus the outside world never really enters the mind unscathed; the impressions with which the individual must work are so many mental representations of the real thing. But the ego, obeying its appetite for experience, bravely continues to determine what is and more difficult, what can be. #Quote by Peter Gay
Mental Illness quotes by Constantin Stanislavski
#237. Talent is nothing but a prolonged period of attention and a shortened period of mental assimilation. #Quote by Constantin Stanislavski
Mental Illness quotes by Gabor Mate
#238. Physiological stress, then, is the link between personality traits and disease. Certain traits - otherwise known as coping styles - magnify the risk for illness by increasing the likelihood of chronic stress. Common to them all is a diminished capacity for emotional communication. Emotional experiences are translated into potentially damaging biological events when human beings are prevented from learning how to express their feelings effectively. That learning occurs - or fails to occur - during childhood. The way people grow up shapes their relationship with their own bodies and psyches. The emotional contexts of childhood interact with inborn temperament to give rise to personality traits. Much of what we call personality is not a fixed set of traits, only coping mechanisms a person acquired in childhood.

There is an important distinction between an inherent characteristic, rooted in an individual without regard to his environment, and a response to the environment, a pattern of behaviours developed to ensure survival. What we see as indelible traits may be no more than habitual defensive techniques, unconsciously adopted. People often identify with these habituated patterns, believing them to be an indispensable part of the self. They may even harbour self-loathing for certain traits - for example, when a person describes herself as "a control freak." In reality, there is no innate human inclination to be controlling. What there is in a "controlling" #Quote by Gabor Mate
Mental Illness quotes by Suzanne Stroh
#239. What I thought we might have a conversation about, is basically I do math, sir, not clandestine operations that severely deplete my mental resources. #Quote by Suzanne Stroh
Mental Illness quotes by Smedley Butler
#240. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military. #Quote by Smedley Butler
Mental Illness quotes by Armin Navabi
#241. A study of heart patients in 6 separate hospitals sought to determine whether prayers from strangers would have any effect on a person's recovery (1). After carefully following the recovery of 1,800 heart surgery patients for 30 days after the surgery, researchers found absolutely no link between prayer and recovery. However, there was a significant difference between those who were aware of the fact that they were being prayed for and those who did not know. Those who knew ended up suffering more complications, possibly due to the additional stress it caused. Being told that a high number of people are praying for your recovery might increase how severe you would perceive your illness to be and thus negatively affect your recovery. To date, there have been no reputable scientific studies showing any clear link between prayer and healing. #Quote by Armin Navabi

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