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Memories And Graduation quotes by Mary Engelbreit
#1. My mother always read to me as a child. I really believe that bonding time between a parent and child is so important and precious. I have lasting memories of those stories because the experience was special. #Quote by Mary Engelbreit
Memories And Graduation quotes by Cynthia Hand
#2. I was born with numbers on the brain. I think in equations. What I would do, if I could really put this pen to paper and produce something useful, is take my memories, these fleeting, painful moments of my life, and find some way to add and subtract and divide them, insert variables and move them, try to isolate them, to discover their elusive meanings, to translate them from possibilities to certainties. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Memories And Graduation quotes by Rob Sheffield
#3. The times you lived through, the people you shared those times with - nothing brings it all to life like an old mix tape. It does a better job of storing up memories than actual brain tissue can do. Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they can add up to the story of a life. #Quote by Rob Sheffield
Memories And Graduation quotes by David Levithan
#4. We are piercing through the rumbling tumbling crowd and our arms are like the most precarious bridge, held together by that single, pulling clasp. I think, If she lets go, it's all over. If I let go, it's all over. And because she is holding on so tight, I hold on so tight. I am being jostled from all sides - I know there will be bruises tomorrow - but somehow this hand-hold is immune. Somehow we stay together. We are graced, and we are together, and the twoliness is trumping the loneliness and the doubt and the fear. We are making it through. Thank you, music. Damn you, memories. Thank you, present. #Quote by David Levithan
Memories And Graduation quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#5. Develop your own compass, and trust it. Take risks, dare to fail, remember the first person through the wall always gets hurt. #Quote by Aaron Sorkin
Memories And Graduation quotes by Kevin Warwick
#6. When comparing human memory and computer memory it is clear that the human version has two distinct disadvantages. Firstly, as indeed I have experienced myself, due to aging, human memory can exhibit very poor short term recall. #Quote by Kevin Warwick
Memories And Graduation quotes by Iris Johansen
#7. In the end, we all have to decide what we're willing to give up for payback. We all have parents or grandparents or children who will need us. Agonizing decisions sometimes. You have to weigh the memories and debt against what's being taken from you. #Quote by Iris Johansen
Memories And Graduation quotes by Bertrand Russell
#8. I was told that The Chinese said they would bury me by the Western Lake and build a shrine to my memory. I have some slight regret that this did not happen, as I might have become a god, which would have been very chic for an atheist. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Memories And Graduation quotes by Ilsa Bick
#9. With no sense of smell, your memories dropped like pennies out of a ripped pocket, until the past was ashes and your parents were blanks: nothing more than the holes in Swiss cheese. #Quote by Ilsa Bick
Memories And Graduation quotes by Kresley Cole
#10. He studied the boulders, then pushed against one until it began to move.
When she gasped, he stopped. "Seems I could free you, after all."
She gave him a tentative touch on his chest. "What would it take to get you to finish moving those?"
"What are you offering?" he asked, his voice rougher.
"Money? Would you take money to push these free?"
"I've plenty of my own. More than enough for both of us."
She scowled at that. "What do you want, then?"
"I want" - he ran his hand over his face - "to . . . touch you. Not here, but tonight . . ."
"Not going to happen." She crossed her arms over her chest, and his gaze landed on her damp cleavage. As he had that night on the coast, he looked like he was considering throwing her over his shoulder and tracing her back to his bed. "I do so wish my breasts would stop staring at your eyes."
His head jerked up, and he had to clear his throat to rasp, "Kiss me. Kiss me, and I'll free you."
"The last time that happened you bit me, and you could do it again." Kissing Sebastian always seemed to lead to more. Last time, it had led to his taking her blood.
And possibly her memories.
"I never bit you. I grazed your skin. Accidently."
"Then tell me you haven't contemplated doing it again."
"I" –he exhaled heavily - "cannot. The pleasure was too intense to ignore. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Memories And Graduation quotes by Carolyn Bramhall
#11. It is now recognised that dissociation is a way of forgetting, for a time. The mind siphons off the bad memories into a separate part, and reclaiming those hidden-away memories us a complex process. So, when the memories resurface it does not feel as though they belong to you, it feels alien, more as if someone had told them to you, or you had seen the images in a film. #Quote by Carolyn Bramhall
Memories And Graduation quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#12. Okay, we didn't work, and all
memories to tell you the truth aren't good.
But sometimes there were good times.
Love was good. I loved your crooked sleep
beside me and never dreamed afraid.

There should be stars for great wars
like ours. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Memories And Graduation quotes by Chris Fabry
#13. You may forsake a person, a family, some location of the heart, but scars and memories cannot be discarded like used clothing. #Quote by Chris Fabry
Memories And Graduation quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#14. Machines can pool their resources, intelligence, and memories. Two machines - or one million machines - can join together to become one and then become separate again. Multiple machines can do both at the same time: become one and separate simultaneously. Humans call this falling in love, but our biological ability to do this is fleeting and unreliable. #Quote by Ray Kurzweil
Memories And Graduation quotes by James S.A. Corey
#15. In the artifacts that are conscious, memories of vanished lives still flicker. Tissues that were changed without dying hold the moment that a boy heard his sister was leaving home. They hold multiplication tables. They hold images of sexuality and violence and beauty. They hold the memories of flesh that no longer exists. They hold metaphors: mitochondria, starfish, Hitler's-brain-in-a-jar, hell realm. They dream. Structures that were neurons twitch and loop and burn and dream. Images and words and pain and fear, endless. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Memories And Graduation quotes by Julie Buxbaum
#16. That's the blessing and the curse of loss: You don't get to choose what falls within the inevitable dissolution of recollection or what lingers and haunts you late at night, your head heavy with memories, while your husband dreams of scaling walls in spandex tights.This is who I am: someone who simultaneously longs for and fears the commitment of remembering. There is the forgetting, the disintegration of memory, morsel by morsel; and there is the impossibility of forgetting, the scar tissue, with is insulated layers of padding. Both haunt me in their own way. #Quote by Julie Buxbaum
Memories And Graduation quotes by Alan Watts
#17. The power of memories and expectations is such that for most human beings, the past and the future are not as real, but rather more real than the present. #Quote by Alan Watts
Memories And Graduation quotes by Rosanne Moreland
#18. How can we hold onto those fleeting moments in our lives? Hold onto the moments that otherwise evaporate into the forgotten past? Or moments that become faded and morphed into our own version of reality as they sit in the corners of our memories, losing their truth and shifting focus? The only way to hold onto these moments and share them for years to come, in all their beauty and truth and glorious imperfections, without losing accuracy is through a photograph. #Quote by Rosanne Moreland
Memories And Graduation quotes by David Suzuki
#19. The human brain had a vast memory storage. It made us curious and very creative. Those were the characteristics that gave us an advantage - curiosity, creativity and memory. And that brain did something very special. It invented an idea called 'the future.' #Quote by David Suzuki
Memories And Graduation quotes by Eric Hiscock
#20. Judging from the way they sat and goggled at the drag on the stage it was obvious that they were indulging in delightful fantasies that brought to them substantial memories of the girls they had left behind in London or Manchester. As the Quartermaster Captain lisped after performing before a particularly rapt audience: 'I bet there were more standing pricks than snotty noses tonight'. Astonishingly, I suspect he was right. We probably helped to keep the home fires of passion burning. #Quote by Eric Hiscock
Memories And Graduation quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#21. The spirit of gratitude is always pleasant and satisfying because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others; it begets love and friendship, and engenders divine influence. Gratitude is said to be the memory of the heart. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Memories And Graduation quotes by Eden Butler
#22. Funny thing about love, ain't it? Sometimes it saves you and sometimes, like right then, even love isn't enough. #Quote by Eden Butler
Memories And Graduation quotes by Derrick Jensen
#23. There is a language older by far and deeper than words. It is the language of bodies, of body on body, wind on snow, rain on trees, wave on stone. It is the language of dream, gesture, symbol, memory. We have forgotten this language. We do not even remember that it exists ... #Quote by Derrick Jensen
Memories And Graduation quotes by F. Sionil Jose
#24. No man stops caring as long as he breathes. As long as he has a mind and memory, he will care. This is what separates us from the animals. We have feelings. #Quote by F. Sionil Jose
Memories And Graduation quotes by C. G. Jung
#25. I deliberately and consciously give preference to a dramatic, mythological way of thinking and speaking, because this is not only more expressive but also more exact than an abstract scientific terminology, which is wont to toy with the notion that its theoretic formulations may one fine day be resolved into algebraic equations. #Quote by C. G. Jung
Memories And Graduation quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#26. As soon as he had left the room and walked into the air, he knew that he would never return and for the first time his fears lifted. It was a spring morning, and when he walked into Severndale Park he felt the breeze bringing back memories of a much earlier life, and he was at peace. He sat beneath a tree and looked up at its leaves in amazement - where once he might have gazed at them and sensed there only the confusion of his own thoughts, now each leaf was so clear and distinct that he could see the lightly coloured veins which carried moisture and life. And he looked down at his own hand, which seemed translucent beside the bright grass. His head no longer ached, and as he lay upon the earth he could feel its warmth beneath him. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Memories And Graduation quotes by Shahida Arabi
#27. Dissociation leaves us disconnected from our memories, our identities and our emotions. It breaks the trauma into digestible components, so that different aspects of the trauma get stored in different compartments in our brain. What happens as a result is that the information from the trauma becomes disorganized and we are not able to integrate these pieces into a coherent narrative and process trauma fully until, hopefully, with the help of a validating, trauma-informed counselor who guides us to the appropriate therapies best suited to our needs, we confront the trauma and triggers in a safe place. #Quote by Shahida Arabi
Memories And Graduation quotes by Ivan Rusilko
#28. What is Destiny?

Is it a doctrine formulated by aristocrats and philosophers arguing that there is some unseen driving force predicting the outcomes of every minuscule and life altering moment in one's life? Or is it the artistry illustrated by those under-qualifed and over-eager to give their future meaning and their ambitions hope?

Is it a declaration by those who refuse to accept that we are alone in this universe, spinning randomly through a matrix of accidental coincidences? Or is it the assumptions made by those who concede that there is a divine plan or pre-ordained path for each human being,regardless of their current station?

I think destiny is a bit of a tease....

It's syndical taunts and teases mock those naive enough to believe in its black jack dealing of inevitable futures. Its evolution from puppy dogs and ice cream to razor blades and broken mirrors characterizes the fickle nature of its sordid underbelly. Those relying on its decisive measures will fracture under its harsh rules. Those embracing the fact that life happens at a million miles a minute will flourish in its random grace.

Destiny has afforded me the most magical memories and unbelievably tragic experiences that have molded and shaped my life into what it is today...beautiful.
I fully accept the mirage that destiny promises and the reality it can produce. Without the invisible momentum carried with its sincere fabrication of coming attra #Quote by Ivan Rusilko
Memories And Graduation quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#29. I'll never stop loving you hard. It'll only get harder because every day that passes we create more memories. Memories I'll treasure, not memories I want to forget. My mind if being filled with beautiful images of us, and they are replacing a history that lingers. They're chasing away my past, Ava. I need them. I need you. #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Memories And Graduation quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#30. I relive that year often in my mind, bringing it back to life, and I realize that when I do, I always feel a strange combination of sadness and joy. There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well. So I take the memories as they come, accepting them all, letting them guide me whenever I can. This happens more often than I let on. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Memories And Graduation quotes by Mark Van Doren
#31. Memory performs the impossible for man; holds together past and present, gives continuity and dignity to human life. #Quote by Mark Van Doren
Memories And Graduation quotes by Scarlett Thomas
#32. Even if you did drop into someone's consciousness, you'd have all their memories and desires and hang-ups right there in front of you. And as you say, in an eternity you'd get the chance to know everything once enough time had passed. You'd become unable to judge anyone.' 'You'd end up being completely compassionate,' I said. 'You wouldn't be able to judge someone once you understood them and their motivations. You'd become them, like Rowan said, and so it would be like judging yourself. #Quote by Scarlett Thomas
Memories And Graduation quotes by Karen Jones Gowen
#33. These memories are part of my heritage, the fabric of my personality, and as real to me as the land itself. #Quote by Karen Jones Gowen
Memories And Graduation quotes by Sara Teasdale
#34. Only In Sleep
Only in sleep I see their faces,
Children I played with when I was a child,
Louise comes back with her brown hair braided,
Annie with ringlets warm and wild.
Only in sleep Time is forgotten
What may have come to them, who can know?
Yet we played last night as long ago,
And the doll-house stood at the turn of the stair.
The years had not sharpened their smooth round faces,
I met their eyes and found them mild
Do they, too, dream of me, I wonder,
And for them am I too a child? #Quote by Sara Teasdale
Memories And Graduation quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#35. The borrowing is often honest enough, and comes of magnanimity and stoutness. A great man quotes bravely and will not draw on his invention when his memory serves him with a word as good. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Memories And Graduation quotes by Lucy Wood
#36. Memories drifting and piling up quietly, like letters on the doormat of an empty house. #Quote by Lucy Wood
Memories And Graduation quotes by Sean Lemass
#37. In later years, it was common, and I was guilty in this respect, to question the motives of those who joined the new British armies at the outbreak of the Great War, but it must, in their honour and fairness to their memories, be said that they were motivated by the highest purpose, and died in their tens of thousands in Flanders and Gallipoli, believing that they were giving their lives in the cause of human liberty everywhere, including Ireland. #Quote by Sean Lemass
Memories And Graduation quotes by John A. Ashley
#38. It seems sometimes that we get so caught up in missing the past, or looking forward to the future, that we forget that this, right here and now, was once the days we longed for and will soon be the ones we miss. #Quote by John A. Ashley
Memories And Graduation quotes by C. G. Jung
#39. Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. To perform this difficult office it is sometimes necessary for him to sacrifice happiness and everything that makes life worth living for the ordinary human being. #Quote by C. G. Jung
Memories And Graduation quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#40. Though I am sometimes reluctant to admit it, there really is something 'timeless' in the Tyndale/King James synthesis. For generations, it provided a common stock of references and allusions, rivalled only by Shakespeare in this respect. It resounded in the minds and memories of literate people, as well as of those who acquired it only by listening. From the stricken beach of Dunkirk in 1940, faced with a devil's choice between annihilation and surrender, a British officer sent a cable back home. It contained the three words 'but if not…' All of those who received it were at once aware of what it signified. In the Book of Daniel, the Babylonian tyrant Nebuchadnezzar tells the three Jewish heretics Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego that, if they refuse to bow to his sacred idol, they will be flung into a 'burning fiery furnace.' They made him an answer: 'If it be so, our god whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thy hand, o King. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.' A culture that does not possess this common store of image and allegory will be a perilously thin one. To seek restlessly to update it or make it 'relevant' is to miss the point, like yearning for a hip-hop Shakespeare. 'Man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward,' says the Book of Job. Want to try to improve that for Twitter? #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Memories And Graduation quotes by Terry Pratchett
#41. Whence came it, that ethereal music, from what hidden grot or secret cell? From what dark
cave? From what window into paradise? We watched the tiny figure under the spotlight and
the music poured over us, sometimes soothing, sometimes blessing, sometimes accusing.
Every one of us confronting ghosts, demons and old memories. The recital by Tears of the
Mushroom, a young lady of the goblin persuasion, took but half an hour or, perhaps, it took a lifetime, and then it was over, to a silence which spread and grew and expanded until at last it exploded. Every single patron standing and clapping their hands raw, tears running down our faces. We had been taken somewhere and brought back and we were different people, longing for another journey into paradise, no matter what hell we had to atone for on the way. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Memories And Graduation quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#42. The faculty of memory cannot be separated from the imagination. They go hand in hand. To one degree or another, we all invent our personal pasts. And for most of us those pasts are built from emotionally colored memories. #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Memories And Graduation quotes by Eric Overby
#43. I'm walking out in the rain again
Pains the same as it's always been
Lungs full of smoke from my cigarette
And my heart breaks with every step,
But only a little bit
Walking away from myself, not getting far
Wondering if it's you I see in each passing car #Quote by Eric Overby
Memories And Graduation quotes by Lois Lowry
#44. Things could change Gabe. Things could be different. I don't know how, but there must be some way for things to be different. There could be colors. And grandparents. And everybody would have memories. You know about memories ... Gabe, there could be love. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Memories And Graduation quotes by Halsey
#45. My mom is awesome. She's really young. My mom is 40, and she raised me listening to Nirvana and Courtney Love and Coldplay, Gin Blossoms, The Cranberries, and stuff. Like, my early, early memories are of being a little kid running around in floral skirts and Doc Martens when I was, like, three. #Quote by Halsey
Memories And Graduation quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#46. Had I known only tells us the regretful stories of yesterday better #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Memories And Graduation quotes by Alexander Chee
#47. Something new is made from my memories and yours as you read this. It is not my memory, not yours, and it is born and walks the bridges and roads of your mind, as long as it can. After it has left mine.

All my life I've been told this isn't important, that it doesn't matter. And yet I think it does. I think it is the real reason the people who would take everything from us say this. I think it's the same reason that when fascists come to power, writers are among the first to go to jail. And that is the point of writing. #Quote by Alexander Chee
Memories And Graduation quotes by Karan Johar
#48. My mother was keen that I complete my graduation and never ever wanted me to be in the movies, as my father had made five films that lost money. One of the films he made was 'Agneepath,' which was hugely hyped but underwhelming at the box office, and I remember that my dad had to sell my grandmother's flat to pay off the loan. #Quote by Karan Johar
Memories And Graduation quotes by Kiera Goodwin
#49. Buddhists Believe In Reincarnation Buddhists don't believe reincarnation but they believe in rebirth. Reincarnation is about endless and set identity that moves from life to another, having the same emotions and memories with it. While rebirth on the other hand doesn't carry any memories or emotions you had in your past life, it is simply a small inscription of them in what's we called karma. Reincarnation and rebirth are rationally different concepts. Reincarnation is a belief that every person has a soul, and the soul travels to another body once their previous body dies. Rebirth explains that there's no permanent thing in the world. Every living creature is a nonstop accumulation of changing conditions that establish the body and mind. #Quote by Kiera Goodwin

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