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Memorable quotes by S.A. Tawks
#1. A misadventure is an act that has a safer, less self-detrimental, less interesting alternative. But you choose that act because you want to do something memorable and worthy of discussion. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Memorable quotes by Barack Obama
#2. By the end of this decade, a majority of our Navy and Air Force fleets will be based out of the Pacific, because the United States is and always will be a Pacific power. #Quote by Barack Obama
Memorable quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#3. We need only travel enough to give our intellects an airing. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Memorable quotes by Randy Jackson
#4. If you look at the charts every year, there may be five or ten memorable songs from each year. #Quote by Randy Jackson
Memorable quotes by David Chiles
#5. The internet makes every online action memorable. Practice proper Netiquette for good memories. #Quote by David Chiles
Memorable quotes by Jim Lee
#6. From 'The Sandman' and 'Black Orchid' to 'Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?,' Neil Gaiman has provided some of the most memorable stories of the comic book industry. #Quote by Jim Lee
Memorable quotes by Garrison Keillor
#7. Vodka is tasteless going down, but it is memorable coming up. #Quote by Garrison Keillor
Memorable quotes by Vivica A. Fox
#8. What I remember about that experience is that if you went to go see ' Born On The Fourth Of July' and you happened to take a bathroom break real quick or grab some popcorn, you probably missed me. It was short, but it was memorable. #Quote by Vivica A. Fox
Memorable quotes by Marissa Meyer
#9. Thing is, you were pretty memorable that night, too, what with being publicly humiliated, almost shot in the head, and ultimately arrested. So it strikes me as odd that you seem to be doing everything you can to figure out a way to go back there. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Memorable quotes by Eamon Dunphy
#10. They get to the quarter-finals, Bill, I'll show up with a dress on #Quote by Eamon Dunphy
Memorable quotes by Rhetta Hughes
#11. There are two kinds of directors in the theater. Those who think they are God and those who are certain of it. #Quote by Rhetta Hughes
Memorable quotes by Joan Rivers
#12. Russell Brand has announced that he plans to write a series of children's books. First up: 'Horton Hears a Heroin Dealer.' #Quote by Joan Rivers
Memorable quotes by Seth Godin
#13. If there isn't a good reason, go home. If there is, then do something ... loud, now, and memorable. #Quote by Seth Godin
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#14. What can the schools do to defend democracy? Should they preach a specific political doctrine? I believe they should not. If they are able to teach young people to have a critical mind and a socially oriented attitude, they will have done all that is necessary. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by Corey Taylor
#15. From depression to ceiling fans, I've been through it all. I've taken almost every step that life has to offer and invariably I've found several different endings to my Choose Your Own Adventure stories. I've lived, loved, sacrificed and scraped for this existence, this paltry little city state I call my time so far. And by God, I wouldn't change a single frame of this movie. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Memorable quotes by W.C. Sellar
#16. Memorable among the Saxon warriors were Hengist and his wife (? or horse), Horsa. Hengist made himself King in the South. Thus Hengist was the first English King and his wife (or horse), Horsa, the first English Queen (or horse). #Quote by W.C. Sellar
Memorable quotes by Helen Hayes
#17. Only the poet can look beyond the detail and see the whole picture. #Quote by Helen Hayes
Memorable quotes by William F. Buckley Jr.
#18. Halfway through the second term of Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal braintrusters began to worry about mounting popular concern over the national debt. In those days the size of the national debt was on everyone's mind. Indeed, Franklin Roosevelt had talked himself into office, in 1932, in part by promising to hack away at a debt which, even under the frugal Mr. Hoover, the people tended to think of as grown to menacing size. Mr. Roosevelt's wisemen worried deeply about the mounting tension ...

And then, suddenly, the academic community came to the rescue. Economists across the length and breadth of the land were electrified by a theory of debt introduced in England by John Maynard Keynes. The politicians wrung their hands in gratitude. Depicting the intoxicating political consequences of Lord Keynes's discovery, the wry cartoonist of the Washington Times Herald drew a memorable picture. In the center, sitting on a throne in front of a Maypole, was a jubilant FDR, cigarette tilted almost vertically, a grin on his face that stretched from ear to ear. Dancing about him in a circle, hands clasped together, their faces glowing with ecstasy, the braintrusters, vested in academic robes, sang the magical incantation, the great discovery of Lord Keynes: "We owe it to ourselves." With five talismanic words, the planners had disposed of the problem of deficit spending. Anyone thenceforward who worried about an increase in the national debt was just plain ignorant of the cent #Quote by William F. Buckley Jr.
Memorable quotes by Edward Snowden
#19. The 'music' is not an open court and a fair trial. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Memorable quotes by Robert Pinsky
#20. In the particular presence of memorable language we can find a reminder of our ability to know and retain knowledge itself: the brightness wherein all things come to see. #Quote by Robert Pinsky
Memorable quotes by Mimi Alford
#21. But I realize now that a pivotal moment isn't necessarily the most joyful or memorable one; it is often just the moment that reverberates most powerfully. #Quote by Mimi Alford
Memorable quotes by Barry Levinson
#22. The interesting thing about movies, it's not always - y'know, you have to have structure etc and all those things, but an audience responds, in many ways, we walk away and certain things stay in our heads that are memorable. #Quote by Barry Levinson
Memorable quotes by David Frost
#23. Over the last half century the television interview has given us some of TV's most heart-stopping and memorable moments. On the surface it is a simple format - two people sitting across from one another having a conversation. But underneath it is often a power struggle - a battle for the psychological advantage. #Quote by David Frost
Memorable quotes by Gertrude Stein
#24. When they are alone they want to be with others, and when they are with others they want to be alone. After all, human beings are like that. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#25. Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by John Green
#26. It's not a value judgment. I'm not saying you're good or generous or kind or whatever. I'm just saying you're memorable. #Quote by John Green
Memorable quotes by ASAP Ferg
#27. With 'Dope Walk,' I wanted to bring back kids dancing and having fun again. That's how it used to be in Harlem. I remember everybody Harlem-shaking and 'Chicken Noodle Soup'-ing. Those were some of the most fun and memorable times in my life. #Quote by ASAP Ferg
Memorable quotes by Cynthia Breazeal
#29. My most memorable science fiction experience was 'Star Wars' and seeing R2D2 and C3PO. I fell in love with those robots. #Quote by Cynthia Breazeal
Memorable quotes by John Irving
#30. Just when you begin thinking of yourself as memorable, you run into someone who can't even remember having met you #Quote by John Irving
Memorable quotes by Robert Lowell
#31. In it, he pushed the metric of typewriter spaces, and quoted from a poem, "The Catholic Bells," to show us Williams's "mature style at fifty"! This was a memorable phrase, and one that made maturity seem possible, but a long way off. I more or less memorized "The Catholic Bells," and spent months trying to console myself by detecting immaturities in whatever Williams had written before he was fifty. #Quote by Robert Lowell
Memorable quotes by Grace Hartigan
#32. I don't mind being miserable as long as I'm painting well. #Quote by Grace Hartigan
Memorable quotes by Yiyun Li
#33. Never would I have a more memorable time than the month I spent in the mountains, though I wonder, when I say this, if it appears so only because it is our nature to make a heaven out of places to which we can never return. #Quote by Yiyun Li
Memorable quotes by William Boyd
#34. But you have to admit there are great photographs,' I said.

'All right..There are memorable photographs. Remarkable photographs.'

'So, what makes them memorable or remarkable? What criteria do you use to judge them? To make that decision?'

'I don't think about it. I just know. Instinct.'

'Then maybe you should think about it. You judge a great photo in the same way you judge a great painting or a film or a play or a statue. It's art mon ami #Quote by William Boyd
Memorable quotes by Ivan Goncharov
#35. A lover of comfort might shrug after looking at the whole apparent jumble of furniture, old paintings, statues with missing arms and legs, engravings that were sometimes bad but precious in memory, and bric-a-brac. Only the eye of a connoisseur would have blazed with eagerness at the sight of this painting or that, some book yellowed with age, a piece of old porcelain, or stones and coins.
But the furniture and paintings of different ages, the bric-a-brac that meant nothing to anyone but had been marked for them both by a happy hour or memorable moment, and the ocean of books and sheet music breathed a warm life that oddly stimulated the mind and aesthetic sense. Present everywhere was vigilant thought. The beauty of human effort shone here, just as the eternal beauty of nature shone all around.
pp. 492-493 #Quote by Ivan Goncharov
Memorable quotes by Jane Fonda
#36. Telling lies and showing off to get attention are mistakes I made that I don't want my kids to make. #Quote by Jane Fonda
Memorable quotes by Randy Powell
#37. He reminded Biff of a character in a book that he'd read last summer. It was one of the most memorable and wonderful books Biff had ever read, but, as often happened, he couldn't remember the title, author, or name of the character. And yet, at the time he read it, he felt the book had enriched his life as nothing had for a long time. #Quote by Randy Powell
Memorable quotes by Corey Taylor
#38. I didn't write my speech until the night before, and even then I refused to write it out like I would say it, preferring to keep cribbed notes I could come back to if necessary. I wanted this to feel like a conversation because it was what I wanted to say that mattered, not how it looked on paper. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Memorable quotes by Will Willingham
#39. There's much to be said for the circumstances of our experience, Will. The most simple and mundane things can take on deep and memorable dimensions depending on where we are, or with whom, or any number of things. ~ Joe #Quote by Will Willingham
Memorable quotes by John Fogerty
#40. I think at times the very strong feelings I have about my country coincide with my musical ability, and I'm able to actually turn it into music, a song or even hopefully a memorable song, sometimes. You may find it surprising, but I'm a very intense, proud American. I love being an American. #Quote by John Fogerty
Memorable quotes by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
#41. Virginity is supposed to be something a girl gives up only when she is ready and feels comfortable, something a girl discusses at length with her friends and flip-flops over a million times in her mind before actually doing it. A guy is expected to be born ready.

But what I realized after Tommy is that they're not. They're just as scared as their girlfriends, maybe even more so because the onus is on them to be gentle, make it last, make it memorable. And most of them haven't a clue. #Quote by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Memorable quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#42. I've never thought of writing as the mere arrangement of words on the page but the attempted embodiment of a vision; a complex of emotions; raw experience. The effort of memorable art is to evoke in the reader or spectator emotions appropriate to that effort. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Memorable quotes by Laura Resnick
#43. Poor Superman is about a married man who, much to his own surprise, enters into a passionate love affair - with another man. The experimental theatre which hosted the play here is a small place, and we happened to wind up sitting in the front row. Practically on the stage. The actors were often within a few feet of us. So, during the big love scene, when the two male leads start passionately stroking and kissing each other's stark naked bodies... and doing this so close to me that I could have touched them both with only a little effort... I sat there in mute panic, thinking, "Please don't either of you fellows get an erection. Just don't. Should I look away? Should I close my eyes? Should I just keep watching as if I'm not obsessing about your genitals? Aren't you done kissing and touching yet? Because if this goes on any longer, one of you could have an involuntary reaction, if you get my drift! And I am a total stranger sitting within four damn feet of you, in case you hadn't NOTICED!"
Though my seat wasn't as dark as usual, the writing lesson was very memorable: Don't ever pull your reader out of the frame.
Bad research. Anachronistic writing. Self-serving polemics and lectures barely disguised as narrative. Incongruity and lack of continuity. Weak characterization, leaden pacing, lack of motivation, stiff dialogue, lazy plotting... There are a thousand ways for novelist to wind up naked onstage while an appalled audience obsesses about her exposed genitals at a #Quote by Laura Resnick
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#44. The aim (of education) must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, see in the service to the community their highest life problem. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by Pope Francis
#45. Christmas is joy, religious joy, an inner joy of light and peace. #Quote by Pope Francis
Memorable quotes by Dr. Seuss
#46. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Memorable quotes by Agatha Christie
#47. I don't think necessity is the mother of invention. Invention ... arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness. To save oneself trouble. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Memorable quotes by Dorothy Parker
#48. Every year, back comes Spring, with nasty little birds yapping their fool heads off and the ground all mucked up with plants. #Quote by Dorothy Parker
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#49. A scientist is a mimosa when he himself has made a mistake, and a roaring lion when he discovers a mistake of others. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by W.B.Yeats
#50. What is clearest, most memorable and important about art is its coming into being, and the world's best works of art, while telling of very diverse matters, are really telling about their birth. #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#51. The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices
Make instruments to plague us. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Princess Margaret
#52. I have always had a dread of becoming a passenger in life. #Quote by Princess Margaret
Memorable quotes by Louis Pasteur
#53. In that memorable year, 1822: Oersted, a Danish physicist, held in his hands a piece of copper wire, joined by its extremities to the two poles of a Volta pile. On his table was a magnetized needle on its pivot, and he suddenly saw (by chance you will say, but chance only favours the mind which is prepared) the needle move and take up a position quite different from the one assigned to it by terrestrial magnetism. A wire carrying an electric current deviates a magnetized needle from its position. That, gentlemen, was the birth of the modern telegraph. #Quote by Louis Pasteur
Memorable quotes by Lorna Luft
#54. The most memorable night of The Judy Garland Show for me was the night my mother pulled me out of the audience and sang to me onstage. #Quote by Lorna Luft
Memorable quotes by Steven Morrissey
#55. He is pushing his face in all the time and telling us about his private life. Nobody's interested. He should just go away. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Memorable quotes by Kendare Blake
#56. Do you know what they do with the dead queens, Sister? [...] They throw them in the Breccia for the island to eat. And may I tell you a secret? [...] They are tired of it. #Quote by Kendare Blake
Memorable quotes by Alistair Cooke
#57. More than anything else, though, to anyone who would write about it, golf offers a four-hour drama in two acts, which becomes memorable even in the tape-recorded reminiscenses of old champs, and which - in the hands of someone like Herb Wind - can become a piece of war correspondence as artfully controlled as Alan Morehead's account of Gallipoli. #Quote by Alistair Cooke
Memorable quotes by Jane Jensen
#58. I love 'Gabriel Knight' and will always be proud of it. Despite the fact that I've done many other things, it seems to be the one thing that people remember. I hope 'Gray Matter' is as memorable. #Quote by Jane Jensen
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#59. We do not keep the outward form of order, where there is deep disorder in the mind. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Charles Kuralt
#60. I started out thinking of America as highways and state lines. As I got to know it better, I began to think of it as rivers. #Quote by Charles Kuralt
Memorable quotes by Britt Ekland
#61. I say I don't sleep with married men, but what I mean is that I don't sleep with happily married men. #Quote by Britt Ekland
Memorable quotes by Steven Morrissey
#62. It's the refuge for the mentally deficient. It's made by dull people for dull people. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Memorable quotes by Joshua Foer
#63. During the Middle Ages they understood that words accompanied by imagery are much more memorable. By making the margins of a book colorful and beautiful, illuminations help make the text unforgettable. It's unfortunate that we've lost the art of illumination. #Quote by Joshua Foer
Memorable quotes by Mitch McConnell
#64. You'll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think. #Quote by Mitch McConnell
Memorable quotes by Joshua Foer
#65. Evolution has programmed our brains to find two things particularly interesting, and therefore memorable: jokes and sex - and especially, it seems, jokes about sex. #Quote by Joshua Foer
Memorable quotes by Ronald Carter
#66. Beowulf stands out as a poem which makes extensive use of this kind of figurative language. There are over one thousand compounds in the poem, totalling one-third of all the words in the text. Many of these compounds are kennings. The word 'to ken' is still used in many Scottish and Northern English dialects, meaning 'to know'. Such language is a way of knowing and of expressing meanings in striking and memorable ways; it has continuities with the kinds of poetic compounding found in nearly all later poetry but especially in the Modernist texts of Gerard Manley Hopkins and James Joyce. #Quote by Ronald Carter
Memorable quotes by Dora Russell
#67. We want better reasons for having children than not knowing how to prevent them. #Quote by Dora Russell
Memorable quotes by Larry Hagman
#68. We did 356 'Dallas' episodes between 1978 and 1991. The most memorable moment for me happened in 1980 when I got shot at the end of the third series. The rest is a blur. #Quote by Larry Hagman
Memorable quotes by Shozo Tanaka
#69. The care of rivers is not a question of rivers but of the human heart. #Quote by Shozo Tanaka
Memorable quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#70. Memorable stories of every culture tell us what principles the citizenry saved their smiles for and shed their sorrowful tears lamenting. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memorable quotes by Sarah Manguso
#71. To write a diary is to make a series of choices about what to omit, what to forget.
A memorable sandwich, an unmemorable flight of stairs. A memorable bit of conversation surrounded by chatter that no one records. #Quote by Sarah Manguso
Memorable quotes by Edward Snowden
#72. What is right is not always the same as what is legal #Quote by Edward Snowden
Memorable quotes by Gough Whitlam
#73. Vincent Lingiari, I solemnly hand to you these deeds as proof, in Australian law, that these lands belong to the Gurindji people and I put into your hands this piece of the earth itself as a sign that we restore them to you and your children forever. #Quote by Gough Whitlam
Memorable quotes by Primo Angeli
#74. A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique. #Quote by Primo Angeli
Memorable quotes by Susan C. Young
#75. Give yourself and others the gift of your brilliance to deliver a more compelling and memorable presentation. #Quote by Susan C. Young
Memorable quotes by Lori Greiner
#76. Not only is a good name catchy and memorable, it should help people understand what your business does. If your name reflects your products or services you'll have a much better chance of being found [via Google search], so it's important to choose wisely. #Quote by Lori Greiner
Memorable quotes by Steven Morrissey
#77. Robert Smith is a whingebag. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Memorable quotes by Michael Jordan
#78. My most memorable dunk, that I think about very, very often, is the Patrick Ewing dunk. #Quote by Michael Jordan
Memorable quotes by Max Baucus
#79. I just see a huge train wreck coming down. You and I have discussed this many times, and I don't see any results yet. #Quote by Max Baucus
Memorable quotes by Rick Riordan
#80. GETTING KILLED BY TARTARUS didn't seem like much of an honor.
As Annabeth stared up at his dark whirlpool face, she decided she'd rather die in some less memorable way - maybe falling down the stairs, or going peacefully in her sleep at age eighty, after a nice quiet life with Percy. Yes, that sounded good. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Memorable quotes by Susan C. Young
#81. Whether it is in the way you walk, talk, dress, or behave, your personal brand impacts how people react and respond to you. It is the essence of what makes you likable, knowable, and trustworthy. And it is what can make you memorable and sought after in the marketplace. #Quote by Susan C. Young
Memorable quotes by Douglas Conant
#82. My most memorable meal is every Thanksgiving. I love the food: the turkey and stuffing; the sweet potatoes and rice, which come from my mother's Southern heritage; the mashed potatoes, which come from my wife's Midwestern roots; the Campbell's green-bean casserole; and of course, pumpkin pie. #Quote by Douglas Conant
Memorable quotes by Christian Louboutin
#83. The shiny red color of the soles has no function other than to identify to the public that they are mine. I selected the color because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the color of passion. #Quote by Christian Louboutin
Memorable quotes by Michael Caine
#84. Youre only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! #Quote by Michael Caine
Memorable quotes by Drew Magary
#85. I'm always amazed by people like David Simon or the people at The Simpsons or J.K. Rowling who can create dozens and dozens of memorable characters. It seems so effortless, and even people who have just three lines in the shows or in the book have a very distinct personality, and you can feel the richness of their personal history. #Quote by Drew Magary
Memorable quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#86. It strikes me as gruesome and comical that in our culture we have an expectation that man can always solve his problems ... This is so untrue that it makes me want to cry-or laugh. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Memorable quotes by Sylvia Plath
#87. When you give someone your whole heart and he doesn't want it, you cannot take it back. It's gone forever. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Memorable quotes by Eamon Dunphy
#88. If ever a player was out of his class that night it was me. #Quote by Eamon Dunphy
Memorable quotes by Stephen Malkmus
#89. Yeah, on the records, the guitars are made melodic, and I try to make it memorable. There's not much just wanking, to be honest - it's mostly melodic parts. I try not to play too many notes. It's just more instrumental music. It's a totally valid criticism if you don't like that kind of thing. It also is maybe a little anachronistic or unnecessary in a certain way. #Quote by Stephen Malkmus
Memorable quotes by Leo Burnett
#90. Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read. #Quote by Leo Burnett
Memorable quotes by George Henry Lewes
#91. To one man a stream is so much water-power, to another a rendezvous for lovers. #Quote by George Henry Lewes
Memorable quotes by Tony Robbins
#92. It's not how long you live, but how you live that's important. Therefore, don't make your life just livable, make it memorable. #Quote by Tony Robbins
Memorable quotes by Laura Mercier
#93. Beauty is not generic. Quite often, the thing that makes you memorable is the thing that makes you different. #Quote by Laura Mercier
Memorable quotes by Nobu Matsuhisa
#94. When I was 11 or 12 - a young boy in Japan - one of my older brothers took me to a sushi restaurant. I had never been to one, and it was very memorable. Back then, sushi was expensive and hard to come by, not like today, when there's a sushi restaurant on every street corner and you can buy it in supermarkets. #Quote by Nobu Matsuhisa
Memorable quotes by Jimmy Carter
#95. Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Memorable quotes by Andre Gide
#96. The young people who come to me in the hope of hearing me utter a few memorable maxims are quite disappointed. Aphorisms are not my forte, I say nothing but banalities ... I listen to them and they go away delighted. #Quote by Andre Gide
Memorable quotes by Dieter Rams
#97. Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful. #Quote by Dieter Rams
Memorable quotes by Alan Greenspan
#98. How do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values? #Quote by Alan Greenspan
Memorable quotes by J.A. DeRouen
#99. That one small touch is the beginning of the most memorable kiss of my life. It's hello and goodbye, I love you, I'll miss you, and everything in between. #Quote by J.A. DeRouen
Memorable quotes by Jan Jansen
#100. What we do Yesterday is done, believing in the things for Tomorrow is a maybe, what we do today hopefully we can remember it tomorrow as a memorable day. #Quote by Jan Jansen
Memorable quotes by Holt McCallany
#101. As an actor, you very rarely have the experience of picking up a script and getting a few pages into it and realizing that what you're holding in your hands is not just a role on a TV show, but it's one of those special parts that comes along, once or twice in a career. If you're lucky, you get an opportunity to do something really memorable and to be part of one of those rare shows that passes into that special category. #Quote by Holt McCallany
Memorable quotes by Robert Carrier
#102. I used to love the way everyone talked about food as if it were one of the most important things in life. And, of course, it is. Without it we would die. Each of us eats about one thousand meals each year. It is my belief that we should try and make as many of these meals as we can truly memorable. #Quote by Robert Carrier
Memorable quotes by Mark Forsyth
#103. The Three Musketeers had a cry of 'All for one and one for all'. The symmetry makes it memorable but also reflects the reciprocity. It is that great human symmetry: the deal. #Quote by Mark Forsyth
Memorable quotes by John Burnham Schwartz
#104. Anyone who loved Tuesdays with Morrie should delight in reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Mitch Albom has populated his larger-than-life tale with memorable characters and filled it with the abundant warmth and wisdom that we've come to expect from this gifted storyteller. #Quote by John Burnham Schwartz
Memorable quotes by Suetonius
#105. On reflecting at dinner that he had done nothing to help anybody all day, he uttered these memorable and praiseworthy words: Friends, I have lost a day. #Quote by Suetonius
Memorable quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#106. The worst thing: to give yourself away in exchange for not enough love. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Memorable quotes by Tom Clancy
#107. Success will ruin your life. #Quote by Tom Clancy
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#108. This England never did, nor never shall,
Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Clive James
#109. I try to be specific. One thought at a time. Clear. Articulate. And above all, memorable, if you can be. You'd like to write phrases that people can't forget as soon as they read them. #Quote by Clive James
Memorable quotes by Thelonious Monk
#110. Jazz is freedom. You think about that. #Quote by Thelonious Monk
Memorable quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#111. Your argument is as specious as it is fallacious. I do not give a damn that we have crossed a sea to be here. By your logic, if one was to circumnavigate the globe before being given the option of jumping off a cliff or not jumping off a cliff, you would fling yourself off immediately because - oh, my goodness - you've gone all that way and it would be a shame not to do something memorably stupid at the end. Not memorable to you, of course: you'd be dead. But everyone for miles around will always remember the day the idiot from afar threw himself to his death because, well, it would have been a shame not to. #Quote by Jonathan L. Howard
Memorable quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#113. I believe that all of these studies, activities and outings are memorable in their own way, and that they do have subtle effects on our lives. On a deep level, what we see as art, hear as music and learn as history touches us and we are moved. #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Memorable quotes by Phyllis George
#114. The most popular labor saving device is still money. #Quote by Phyllis George
Memorable quotes by Raymond J. Donovan
#115. Which office do I go to to get my reputation back? #Quote by Raymond J. Donovan
Memorable quotes by Kate  Stewart
#116. There had been boyfriends, a few of them memorable but never had I ever felt such an attraction to a man. I'd never in my life been inspired the way I was by Ian. His ability to make me feeling everything with a single look was unparalleled by any before him.
I was weeks away from thirty years old and had just found my first love.
And my soul mate.
But not my forever. #Quote by Kate Stewart
Memorable quotes by Christine Feehan
#117. Even so, the two of us look memorable in these clothes. And your shirt is transparent. I don't think I can take a bunch of men ogling you." He didn't look up as he took his rifle apart and carefully wrapped it around before putting it in his pack. The ammunition belt followed, along with every other visible weapon.
Dahlia gasped and crossed her arms over her breasts. "You could have said something."
"I didn't want to embarrassed you." This time he did look up, only a small glance.
She had the impression of a fleeting smile. She caught the shirt he threw her and hastily put it on. "Next time, I'm pushing you in," she vowed. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Memorable quotes by Louise Bogan
#118. Come, drunks and drug-takers; come perverts unnerved!
Receive the laurel, given, though late, on merit; to whom
and wherever deserved.
Parochial punks, trimmers, nice people, joiners true-blue,
Get the hell out of the way of the laurel. It is deathless
And it isn't for you. #Quote by Louise Bogan
Memorable quotes by Alexander Lukashenko
#119. Whoever was shouting about dictatorship there ... when I heard that, I thought: it's better to be a dictator than gay #Quote by Alexander Lukashenko
Memorable quotes by Bill Hayes
#120. I've lived in New York long enough to understand why some people hate it here: the crowds, the noise, the traffic, the expense, the rents; the messed-up sidewalks and pothole-pocked streets; the weather that brings hurricanes named after girls that break your heart and take away everything.
It requires a certain kind of unconditional love to love living here. But New York repays you in time in memorable encounters, at the very least. Just remember: ask first, don't grab, be fair, say please and thank you- even if you don't get something back right away. You will. #Quote by Bill Hayes
Memorable quotes by Phil Robertson
#121. A Note from Alan
Out of the many memorable lines and quotes I have heard from my dad through the years, the one that always seems to stand out the most is "Son, don't ever tell people how good or great you are at something; let them tell you." For a man who has achieved his own level of greatness in the eyes of so many, those words were both prophetic and wise. To be the best at anything, one has to have a lot of confidence and a certain amount of ego and drive. But one must also have humility to make a life-changing impact on people. I realize now that that is what Dad was teaching me all those years ago. Of course, to become a legend, one that other people admire and want to emulate, you also have to add faith and dedication to what you love. A good woman doesn't hurt either. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Memorable quotes by Lauren Bacall
#122. Losing Bogey was horrible, obviously. Because he was young. And because he gave me my life. I wouldn't have had a - I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn't met him. I would have had a completely different kind of life. He changed me, he gave me everything. And he was an extraordinary man. #Quote by Lauren Bacall
Memorable quotes by Steven Pinker
#123. The mind is more comfortable in reckoning probabilities in terms of the relative frequency of remembered or imagined events. That can make recent and memorable events - a plane crash, a shark attack, an anthrax infection - loom larger on one's worry list than more frequent and boring events, such as the car crashes and ladder falls that get printed beneath the fold on page B14. And it can lead risk experts to speak one language and ordinary people to hear another. In hearings for a proposed nuclear waste site, an expert might present a fault tree that lays out the conceivable sequences of events by which radioactivity might escape. For example, erosion, cracks in the bedrock, accidental drilling, or improper sealing might cause the release of radioactivity into groundwater. In turn, groundwater movement, volcanic activity, or an impact of a large meteorite might cause the release of radioactive wastes into the biosphere. Each train of events can be assigned a probability, and the aggregate probability of an accident from all the causes can be estimated. When people hear these analyses, however, the are not reassured but become more fearful than ever. They hadn't realized there are so many ways for something to go wrong! They mentally tabulate the number of disaster scenarios, rather than mentally aggregating the probabilities of the disaster scenarios. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Memorable quotes by Walter Kirn
#124. I love reference books, especially collections of memorable quotations, world almanacs, and atlases. Facts to me are like candy or popcorn, small, tasty delights, and I like to gorge on them now and then. #Quote by Walter Kirn
Memorable quotes by Santosh Avvannavar
#125. Career isn't about making money as everyone makes something. Rather it's a way of living that would create memorable memories to look back and smile #Quote by Santosh Avvannavar
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#126. If there be no great love in the beginning, yet heaven may decrease it upon better acquaintance, when we are married and have more occasion to know one another: I hope, upon familiarity will grow more contempt. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Calvin W. Allison
#127. Echoes of memorable emotions smiled at Tess reminding her of passed photos of scribbled pictures of drawn conclusions that had now
been unmasked to reveal the clear unconcluded overall view of a present tense scene that caused a stirring of wonderful contemplation on possible compatibilities that she wondered if could form into something more than mere sideline statistics from observational metaphors. #Quote by Calvin W. Allison
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#128. Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Steven Morrissey
#129. Yes I have had a tan, actually. I went to Los Angeles and got one there, but it didn't make it back to Britain. You're not allowed to come through customs with a tan. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Memorable quotes by Christina Rossetti
#130. Love is like a rose, the joy of all the earth. #Quote by Christina Rossetti
Memorable quotes by Jim Abbott
#131. I had an incredible experience living in New York, playing for the Yankees, to go through all of the things I did, including the no-hitter. It was a very memorable time. #Quote by Jim Abbott
Memorable quotes by Tista Ray
#132. What makes a book memorable is the message it etched in the readers' minds. #Quote by Tista Ray
Memorable quotes by Barack Obama
#133. I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. #Quote by Barack Obama
Memorable quotes by David McCullough
#134. The more Adams thought about the future of his country, the more convinced he became that it rested on education. Before any great things are accomplished, he wrote to a correspondent, a memorable change must be made in the system of education and knowledge must become so general as to raise the lower ranks of society nearer to the higher. The education of a nation instead of being confined to a few schools and universities for the instruction of the few, must become the national care and expense for the formation of the many. #Quote by David McCullough
Memorable quotes by Ron Kaufman
#135. When things go wrong, your best recovery effort is required. But don't just provide the missing piece (that's the recovery), also provide uniquely personal assistance (that's the memorable effort). #Quote by Ron Kaufman
Memorable quotes by Jean Kerr
#136. One of the most difficult things to contend with in a hospital is that assumption on the part of the staff that because you have lost your gall bladder you have also lost your mind. #Quote by Jean Kerr
Memorable quotes by Keith Donohue
#137. The Glittering World is a stunning phantasmagoria drawn from the world just beneath the surface, aswarm with great and memorable characters and a plot that twists and turns as it hurtles forward. A grand debut. One taste, and you'll be addicted. #Quote by Keith Donohue
Memorable quotes by Steven Morrissey
#138. [Sigmund Freud] just made people feel so neurotic about their lives. I mean, if you dreamt about a lampshade, it meant you wanted to be whipped by the local vicar or something. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Memorable quotes by J.R. Rim
#139. It's fun to think about what kind of car you want to have. You compare specifications and customize everything your way. More importantly than the type of vehicle you want to get, is where you want to go with it. Where will this car take you if you were to have it today. Perhaps it's already yours. Now where will you drive tomorrow, next month, next year, for the rest of your life? Make your journey memorable by looking ahead into the distance. The distance is where we find our ultimate destination. #Quote by J.R. Rim
Memorable quotes by Judith Crist
#140. All you'll get from strangers is surface pleasantry or indifference. Only someone who loves you will criticize you. #Quote by Judith Crist
Memorable quotes by Barack Obama
#141. This week I've travelled more than 15,000 miles from America to China to Burma to Australia. I have no idea what time it is right now. #Quote by Barack Obama
Memorable quotes by Mary Catherine Bateson
#142. Of any stopping place in life, it is good to ask whether it will be a good place from which to go on as well as a good place to remain. #Quote by Mary Catherine Bateson
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#143. Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by James Sallis
#144. You're an unpopular man. Memorable-but remarkably unpopular. You have no friends, for instance, in Brooklyn. Around Henry Street, say, where old women sit on the stoops in their aprons and men play dominoes on cardtables by the curb. #Quote by James Sallis
Memorable quotes by P.D. James
#145. The eyes were certainly memorable and beautiful, moist calves' eyes heavily lashed and with the same look of troubled pain at the unpredictability of the world's terrors. #Quote by P.D. James
Memorable quotes by Yotam Ottolenghi
#146. Hardly any of my most memorable meals have been eaten in a restaurant, and definitely none in one of those fancy marble-floored, polished-silver establishments. #Quote by Yotam Ottolenghi
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#147. His life was gentle; and the elements
So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up
And say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN! #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Hervey M. Cleckley
#148. They also bring to mind what sometimes seems to be a rapt predilection of small but influential cults of intellectuals or esthetes for what is generally regarded as perverse dispirited or distastefully unintelligible. The award of a Nobel Prize in literature to Andre Gide who in his work fervently and openly insists that pederasty is the superior and preferable way of life for adolescent boys furnishes a memorable example of such judgments. Renowned critics and some professors in our best universities reverently acclaim as the superlative expression of genius James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake a 628page collection of erudite gibberish indistinguishable to most people from the familiar word salad produced by hebephrenic patients on the back wards of any state hospital. #Quote by Hervey M. Cleckley
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#149. I am also convinced that one gains the purest joy from spirited things only when they are not tied in with earning one's livelihood. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#150. In the parlor was a huge camera on wheels like the ones used in public parks, and the backdrop of a marine twilight, painted with homemade paints, and the walls papered with pictures of children at memorable moments: the first Communion, the bunny costume, the happy birthday. Year after year, during contemplative pauses on afternoons of chess, Dr. Urbino had seen the gradual covering over of the walls, and he had often thought with a shudder of sorrow that in the gallery of casual portraits lay the germ of the future of the city, governed and corrupted by those unknown children, where note even the ashes of his glory would remain. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Memorable quotes by Zach Braff
#151. Probably the most memorable even of my life is when I was born. It really made me who I am. If I die, I hope to go out the same way I came in, but I don't think my mother would be into that. #Quote by Zach Braff
Memorable quotes by Roger C. Shank
#152. We can tell people abstract rules of thumb which we have derived from prior experiences, but it is very difficult for other people to learn from these. We have difficulty remembering such abstractions, but we can more easily remember a good story. Stories give life to past experience. Stories make the events in memory memorable to others and to ourselves. This is one of the reasons why people like to tell stories. #Quote by Roger C. Shank
Memorable quotes by Robert Pinsky
#153. A sentence is like a tune. A memorable sentence gives its emotion a melodic shape. You want to hear it again, say it - in a way, to hum it to yourself. You desire, if only in the sound studio of your imagination, to repeat the physical experience of that sentence. That craving, emotional and intellectual but beginning in the body with a certain gesture of sound, is near the heart of poetry. #Quote by Robert Pinsky
Memorable quotes by Natasza Waters
#154. Living - comes with a price, as does freedom. The sons and daughters, friends and soul mates surrounding us today, offer their lives as a shield against dark things, giving peace a fighting chance. There is no greater irony, and only those who protect a nation can understand the paradox. Whether by some crinkle of fate or man's eternal flaws, struggle is a part of life, but so is hope.

There are things crushingly certain in this world. The warmth of blood and tears will always chill as it blankets soil and gravestones. In the silent but healing breath seized between war and peace, there will always be memorable moments. The ones that keep life worth living. You just need to recognize them, and hold onto them as long as you can. Today - belongs to all of us. #Quote by Natasza Waters
Memorable quotes by Storm Constantine
#155. He had the compassion of a vivisectionist. #Quote by Storm Constantine
Memorable quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#156. Nations! What are nations? Tartars! and Huns! and Chinamen! Like insects they swarm. The historian strives in vain to make them memorable. It is for want of a man that there are so many men. It is individuals that populate the world. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Memorable quotes by John Stein
#157. Great leaders create memorable journeys #Quote by John Stein
Memorable quotes by Kim Harrison
#158. Chubi, rhymes with booby, which you don't have, or doodie, which your face looks like, she said smugly, leaning back and making her chair squeak. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Memorable quotes by N. T. Wright
#159. The Psalms are the steady, sustained subcurrent of healthy Christian living. They shaped the praying and vocation even of Jesus himself. They can and will do the same for us. The Psalms do this, to begin with, simply because they are poetry set to music: a classic double art form. To write or read a poem is already to enter into a different kind of thought world from our normal patterns. A poem is not merely ordinary thought with a few turns and twiddles added on to make it pretty or memorable. A poem (a good poem, at least) uses its poetic form to probe deeper into human experience than ordinary speech or writing is usually able to do, to pull back a veil and allow the hearer or reader to sense other dimensions. Sometimes #Quote by N. T. Wright
Memorable quotes by Steve King
#160. For everyone who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds - and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. Those people would be legalized with the same act. #Quote by Steve King
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#161. Mysticism is in fact the only criticism people cannot level against my theory. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by Joshua Foer
#162. When the point of reading is, as it was for Peter of Ravenna, remembering, you approach a text very differently than most of us do today. Now we put a premium on reading quickly and widely, and that breeds a kind of superficiality in our reading, and in what we seek to get out of books. You can't read a page a minute, the rate at which you're probably reading this book, and expect to remember what you've read for any considerable length of time. If something is going to be made memorable, it has to be dwelled upon, repeated. #Quote by Joshua Foer
Memorable quotes by Davan Yahya Khalil
#163. Life is a book, one page a day but only memories are making chapters #Quote by Davan Yahya Khalil
Memorable quotes by Jack Ma
#164. Intelligent people need a fool to lead them. When the team's all a bunch of scientists, it is best to have a peasant lead the way. His way of thinking is different. It's easier to win if you have people seeing things from different perspectives. #Quote by Jack Ma
Memorable quotes by J.D. Salinger
#165. Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it's a game all right – I'll admit that. But if you get on the other side, where there aren't any hot-shots, then what's a game about it? #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Memorable quotes by Cassandra Clare
#166. Catarina hooked her hand around Magnus's elbow and hauled him away, like a schoolteacher with a misbehaving student. They entered a narrow alcove around the corner, where the music and noise of the party was muffled. She rounded on him.
"I recently treated Tessa for wounds she said were inflicted on her by members of a demon-worshipping cult," Catarina said. "She told me you were, and I quote, 'handling' the cult. What's going on? Explain."
Magnus made a face. "I may have had a hand in founding it."
"How much of a hand?"
"Well, both."
Catarina bristled. "I specifically told you not to do that!"
"You did?" Magnus said. A bubble of hope grew within him. "You remember what happened?"
She gave him a look of distress. "You don't?"
"Someone took all my memories around the subject of this cult," said Magnus. "I don't know who, or why."
He sounded more desperate than he would've liked, more desperate than he wanted to be. His old friend's face was full of sympathy.
"I don't know anything about it," she said. "I met up with you and Ragnor for a brief vacation. You seemed troubled, but you were trying to laugh it off, the way you always do. You and Ragnor said you had a brilliant idea to start a joke cult. I told you not to do it. That's it."
He, Catarina, and Ragnor had taken many trips together, over the centuries. One memorable trip had gotten Magnus banished from Peru. He had always enjoyed those adventures more than any others #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Memorable quotes by Mary Webb
#167. If you stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your path. #Quote by Mary Webb
Memorable quotes by Midwest Book Review August 2013
#168. An elegantly crafted novel, "The Reluctant First Lady" clearly documents author Venita Ellick as an exceptionally accomplished writer able to skillfully weave memorable characters into a riveting story line from beginning to end. As engaging as it is entertaining, "The Reluctant First Lady" is highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library contemporary fiction collections. #Quote by Midwest Book Review August 2013
Memorable quotes by Julia Glass
#169. I do gravitate toward 19th century writers, and I never mind being compared with some of the most memorable writers from that era. I mean, George Eliot is my absolute heroine. #Quote by Julia Glass
Memorable quotes by Olivia Cunning
#170. The best day of my life used to be the day I asked you to marry me onstage in Pittsburgh, but as memorable as that was, today has been even better. #Quote by Olivia Cunning
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#171. He hath eaten me out of house and home. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Susan C. Young
#172. Discover an interest, a passion, a preference or need your client has, and take the time to give them some small item related to it. By making the extra effort to learn about the person and their business, you become very appealing and much more memorable. #Quote by Susan C. Young
Memorable quotes by Cameron Crowe
#173. If you try to write something that's memorable, you'll never get it. Sometimes it's the way the actor says the words that make it memorable. #Quote by Cameron Crowe
Memorable quotes by Bradley Joseph
#174. I am a composer first and foremost, and have always believed that being able to write memorable melodies is what sets musicians apart. My songs bring images to the listener's mind. The object is to transport my listeners to another place, some place sacred and spiritual that will make them glad they took the ride. #Quote by Bradley Joseph
Memorable quotes by Sarah Vowell
#175. Never have I enjoyed such swearing, before or since. Sir, on that memorable day, he swore like an angel from Heaven. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#176. But nature did not deem it her business to make the discovery of her laws easy for us. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by Herodotus
#177. The Lacedaemonians fought a memorable battle; they made it quite clear that they were the experts, and that they were fighting against amateurs. #Quote by Herodotus
Memorable quotes by Kevin Wilson
#178. Art, if you loved it, was worth any amount of unhappiness and pain. If you had to hurt someone to achieve those ends, so be it. If the outcome was beautiful enough, strange enough, memorable enough, it did not matter. It was worth it. #Quote by Kevin Wilson
Memorable quotes by Gough Whitlam
#179. I was profoundly embarrassed by it (the White Australia Policy) and did all I could to change it. #Quote by Gough Whitlam
Memorable quotes by Mary McLeod Bethune
#180. I never stop to plan. I take things step by step. #Quote by Mary McLeod Bethune
Memorable quotes by Rachel Gibson
#181. Luc scored forty and slapped the darts in her palm. "The light sucks in here."
"No." She smiles and took great pleasure in announcing, "You suck."
His gaze narrowed.
Weeks of anger and hurt poured out of her and she said, louder than she'd intended, "And worse – you're a whiner."
A collective intake of breath caught their attention and she and Luc turned and looked at the guys watching a few feet away.
"Lucky's gonna kill Sharky," Sutter predicted from the sidelines.
By taut agreement they both went to their respective corners. Jane shot and scored sixty-five. Luc scored thirty-four.
"Now remind me. Why do they call you Lucky?" she asked as she reached for the darts.
He pulled them back out of her reach as a slow, purely licentious smile curved his mouth. A smile that told her he was remembering her on her knees kissing his tattoo. "I'm sure if you think long and hard, you'll remember the answer to that."
"No." She shook her head. "Some things just aren't that memorable. #Quote by Rachel Gibson
Memorable quotes by Gloria Steinem
#182. I am terminally sentimental about graduations. They are more individual than weddings, more conscious than christenings, or bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs. They are almost as much a step into the unknown as funerals-though I assure you, there is life after graduation. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Memorable quotes by Robin Williams
#183. Stand-up is the place where you can do things that you could never do in public. Once you step on stage you're licensed to do that. It's an understood relationship. You walk on stage - it's your job. #Quote by Robin Williams
Memorable quotes by Martha Ostenso
#184. There was nothing so real on the prairie as winter, nothing so memorable. #Quote by Martha Ostenso
Memorable quotes by Eve Babitz
#185. By the time I'd grown up, I naturally supposed that I'd grown up #Quote by Eve Babitz
Memorable quotes by Anna Quindlen
#186. The most memorable books from our childhoods are those that make us feel less alone, convince us that our own foibles and quirks are both as individual as a finger-print and as universal as an open hand. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Memorable quotes by Cornell Capa
#187. I am not an artist, and I never intended to be one. I hope I have made some good photographs, but what I really hope is that I have done some good photo stories with memorable images that make a point, and, perhaps, even make a difference. #Quote by Cornell Capa
Memorable quotes by Heather Moehn
#188. Ideas for Journal Entries

You may find the following ideas useful in beginning your journal or keeping the entries varied. If you are not used to expressing your thoughts on paper, it may seem awkward at first. The longer you do it, the easier it will become. You'll be amazed at the insight you gain into your life.

-Write about your most memorable experience with social anxiety. How did you feel? What did you think? How did others react? Why do you think the event happened?

-Write about situations that make you anxious every day. Record your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You may want to divide the page into columns with the headings: situation or event; negative thoughts; physical reactions; and actions. Following is an example of how this may look:

Situation or Event
Should I attend the first art class after school.

Negative Thoughts
I thought about skipping out. I was afraid of what people would think. I wanted to do a good job.

Physical Reactions
I felt a shortness of breath. In general, I was nervous and in a bad mood.

I took some deep breaths and visualized the class going well. Later, I became engrossed in my drawing.

-Write about a time when you were pleased with how you acted in a social situation.

-Identify times when anxiety symptoms kept you from doing something that you really wanted to do. How did you feel? What might have happen #Quote by Heather Moehn
Memorable quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#189. I have long believed that it is only right and appropriate that before one sleeps with someone, one should be able - if called upon to do so - to make them a proper omelet in the morning. Surely that kind of civility and selflessness would be both good manners and good for the world. Perhaps omelet skills should be learned at the same time you learn to fuck. Perhaps there should be an unspoken agreement that in the event of loss of virginity, the more experienced of the partners should, afterward, make the other an omelet - passing along the skill at an important and presumably memorable moment. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Memorable quotes by Tom Peters
#190. Excellence comes from human beings doing things of value that customers find memorable. #Quote by Tom Peters
Memorable quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#191. My most memorable adventure was investigating the chalk cliffs in Yorkshire. While clambering over kelp-covered boulders half-covered by the sea, I fell and smashed my tail bone on one of them. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Memorable quotes by Lester Bowie
#192. Jazz is neither specific repertoire, nor academic exercise ... but a way of life. #Quote by Lester Bowie
Memorable quotes by William Bernbach
#193. Rules are what the artist breaks; the memorable never emerged from a formula. #Quote by William Bernbach
Memorable quotes by Jodie Foster
#194. I made, like, five movies while I was in college. I think they just weren't memorable movies. I've taken breaks as the years have gone on - I burn out every once in a while. #Quote by Jodie Foster
Memorable quotes by Steven Morrissey
#195. Bob Geldof is a nauseating character. Band Aid was the most self-righteous platform ever in the history of popular music. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#196. Good acts are like good poems. One may easily get their drift, but they are not rationally understood. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Memorable quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#197. One piece of good sense would be more memorable than a monument as high as the moon. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#198. He is winding the watch of his wit; by and by it will strike. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Memorable quotes by Peter Ho Davies
#199. A psychologically engrossing novel about the homes we make-in our houses, in our neighborhoods, and in the hearts of our loved ones. Laken takes on that great unspoken American subject-class-and does so with frankness, acuity and surpassing feeling. DREAM HOUSE is a memorable debut novel from a fully mature talent. #Quote by Peter Ho Davies
Memorable quotes by Robert Grudin
#200. we proceed to higher and higher levels of expertise, and as the stakes get higher and higher, the agonies of excellence reappear in new and frightening ways. A tiny minority gets through to the top, to memorable excellence or profound understanding. The rest of us stop at stages along the way, perhaps for a temporary rest, perhaps for a period of reassessment. But once we stop, we are unlikely to start up again. Security is suddenly far sweeter than enterprise. The sufferings of the ascent, so long endured by insuppressible aspiration, suddenly seem pointless. #Quote by Robert Grudin

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