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Famous Quotes About Memorability

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Memorability quotes by Kare Anderson
#1. • The stronger the signal you send yourself of your highest purpose, the more likely you are to notice ways to serve it
• Your specificity boosts your clarity, credibility and memorability.
• The specific detail proves the general conclusion, not the reverse yet we are most likely to write and speak first in generalizations.
• Your focus on interconnectedness increases your frequency of serendipitous encounters, unexpected insights and deeper friendships. #Quote by Kare Anderson
Memorability quotes by Rita Dove
#2. Don't think you can ever forget her
don't even try
she's not going to budge
no choice but to grant her space
crown her with sky
for she is one of the many
and she is each of us #Quote by Rita Dove
Memorability quotes by Clive Thompson
#3. Generating text yourself requires more cognitive effort than does reading, and effort increases memorability, #Quote by Clive Thompson
Memorability quotes by Feist
#4. And of course, pop music is all about memorability and simplicity and positive messages and a little dash of joy. #Quote by Feist
Memorability quotes by Kare Anderson
#5. Get specific sooner and reap many rewards. The specific detail or example proves the general conclusion, not the reverse. The more specific you are abut anything the more clear you become, for yourself and in telling others. Thus you reduce the chance of others misunderstanding you. And you become more compelling, credible and memorable. #Quote by Kare Anderson

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