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Memoir Writing quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#1. Write them all down. The mistakes and the blessings and the places you cracked in two. Write the prayers and the tantrums. The sacred and the profane. The open roads and the closed doors. Nothing is permanent. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#2. Writing allows us to exploit the synergistic dynamics of the human brain including memory, the ability to engage in constructive research, visually scrutinize our private thoughts, and discuss and share an evolving linkwork of thoughts with other people. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#3. Creating a self-portrait sounds easy, but to describe oneself with bandages and all, a person must place their inspirational, mundane, vulgar, and dross experiences into a fitting perspective, which entails describing how encounters with other humanoids influenced him or her. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#4. Without language we have no past, the present is unquantifiable, and we lack a means to recognize and express the paradoxical future challenges of humanity. In absence of a shared language, we cannot understand prior generation's conflicts, desires, and achievements, nor can we communicate with future generations our essential values and the wisdom we garner through undergoing our own socioeconomic crises #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#5. Telling our personal story constitutes an act of consciousness that defines the ethical lining of a person's constitution. Recounting personal stories promotes personal growth, spurs the performance of selfless deeds, and in doing so enhances the ability of the equitable eye of humanity to scroll rearward and forward. Every person must become familiar with our communal history of struggle, loss, redemption, and meaningfully contemplate the meaning behind our personal existence in order to draft a proper and prosperous future for succeeding generations. Accordingly, every person is responsible for sharing their story using the language of thought that best expresses their sanguine reminiscences. Without a record of pastimes, we will never know what were, what we now are, or what we might become by steadfastly and honorably struggling with mortal chores. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#6. Humankind's perpetual affinity for telling stories that depict the weal of life shapes and reflects human consciousness. Stories are the most ancient form of art. All societies, from the tribes scratching the earliest cave drawings, employed the art of storytelling. We hunger to hear other people's stories and to tell our own stories to an appreciative audience. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#7. We write our life stories detailing our worldly experiences in order to expose the unconscious mind to the world of conscious appreciation. By extending our consciousness, we bring material insights to our emotional forefront. Words lay the foundation for truth telling. The music of our words allows us to train the lightness of language upon the darkness of our own humanity. The taxonomy of the human mind empowers us to employ the magic of language to share information, suggest action, speculate upon the future, reminisce about pastimes, lance our most ragged feelings, and pontificate, with a drunkard's sense of punchy assuredness, upon any topic that fits our fancy. We tell stories in order to mark our existence, to share both our triumphs and failures, and teach wisdom gained from our previous skirmishes in a convoluted world. In absence of our stories, we do not exist in our own minds or in the minds of our people. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#8. Some writers probe their quest for individuality; others explore loneliness, anxiety, and sense of alienation. Writers lament injustice, grief, and dejection. Some writers devote their efforts to an appraisal of ontological torment. Some writers seek to examine the implications of life and death by reflecting upon the restrictions and insufficiency of the human condition. Some writers survey the ramifications of fractured human consciousness in an industrial and scientific community undergoing rapid technological changes. Many writers attempt to release their inner tension and employ writing as a transformative process to effect personal change in their lives. If a person writes as they dream, they will encounter an inner world that assists them function in an awakened state. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#9. Deprived of all forms of memory, people would act only to satiate the immediacy of their base cravings. Without past memories acting as guidepost, humankind's dynamics diminish to the entropy of commission and reaction. The desire to achieve lastingness would be frivolous without appreciation of our joint history. In absence of historical awareness, there could be no culture dialogue or community inwardness. Absent historical awareness, there would be no evolving community consciousness and there would be no social engine capable of generating any communities' battery of self-determinacy. Self-improvement would be frivolous without forging an intimate relationship with our historiology as well as familiarity with the account of select people's exhibited character traits that we might wish to emulate. Notions of personal pliancy and individual lability would lose its root structure without the prongs of memory to provide the necessary griddle and supporting trusses to configure and provide cohesion for our developing sense of selfhood. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#10. Human beings innate complexities resist reduction into simple sentences and neat paragraphs. The stories that come nearest to expressing the ambivalent nature of people are textured and occasionally inconsistent and express waves of inner uncertainty. A simile and a metaphor are not literally true. A figure of speech, symbols, and allegories are mere expressions that when interlinked with other text assist explain facts, ideas, and emotions. Useful facts are elusive; we must look for them, and then express them using whatever mechanism proves most authoritative. We can never directly describe emotions; we resort to metaphors to describe emotions and other illusive thoughts. Ideas by virtue of their untested nature are often untrue or at best rough approximations of truth. Lyrical writing is equivocal; it is never exactly true or precisely false. Lyrical language attempts to express and connect sentiments through extrapolation and misdirection. The writer's task is to melt away durable facts, breakdown the symbolic depictions of solid reality, and discover the liquidity of a passionate inner life that provides the hot breath to our steamy humanness. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Judith Barrington
#11. One last characteristic of the memoir that is important to recognize is one which also applies to essays, and which Georg Lukacs described as "the process of judging." This may seem problematic to some, since...we connect it with 'judgmental,' often used nowadays as a derogatory word. But the kind of judgment necessary to the good personal essay, or to the memoir, is not that nasty tendency to oversimplify and dismiss other people out of hand but rather the willingness to form and express complex opinions, both positive and negative.

If the charm of memoir is that we, the readers, see the author struggling to understand her past, then we must also see the author trying out opinions she may later shoot down, only to try out others as she takes a position about the meaning of her story. The memoirist need not necessarily know what she thinks about her subject but she must be trying to find out; she may never arrive at a definitive verdict, but she must be willing to share her intellectual and emotional quest for answers. Without this attempt to make a judgment, the voice lacks interest, the stories, becalmed in the doldrums of neutrality, become neither fiction nor memoir, and the reader loses respect for the writer who claims the privilege of being the hero in her own story without meeting her responsibility to pursue meaning. Self revelation without analysis or understanding becomes merely an embarrassment to both reader and writer. #Quote by Judith Barrington
Memoir Writing quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#12. On a spectrum of literary productions, memoir is just another form. If the person doing the reviewing or critiquing was ill-educated about literary forms, they could write something dunderheaded about the author or their life (I've seen these and barfed at them), but anyone who is well-practiced and educated in literature - why would they leave that at the door when entering memoir? #Quote by Lidia Yuknavitch
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#13. The analytical framework of this comprehensive field study of what it means to be an American examines how a person's personality, culture, technology, occupational and recreational activities affect a person's sense of purposefulness and happiness. The text evaluates the nature of human existence, formation of human social relations, and methods of communication from various philosophic and cultural perspectives. The ultimate goal is to employ the author's own mind and personal experiences as a filter to quantify what it means to live and die as a thinking and reflective person. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Davan Yahya Khalil
#14. Life is a book, one page a day but only memories are making chapters #Quote by Davan Yahya Khalil
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#15. Our emotional valence – positive or negative experiences – affects not only how we narrate childhood events, but also which memories we retain. The interplay between a person encountering environment experiences meshed with self-editing of various aspects of their complex memory system results in a person becoming more than a collection of memories: a person creates their personalized version of a self. A person integrates many experiences into creating their being. Personal encounters with other people as well as moments of personal solitude contemplating ideas and personal existence congeal to form the depiction of a self. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Tracy Kidder
#16. How to preside over your own internal disorder? Finding the "I" that can represent the pack of you is the first challenge of the memoirist. #Quote by Tracy Kidder
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#17. The thing I most fear when writing is my paucity of ideas and the thinness of my emotional lining. I audaciously resolve to write about my greatest fears in an effort to transcend what I most despise about myself – intellectual and emotional poverty. Perchance by making use of all my thoughts and matrix of emotions – both positive and negative – I can escape the labyrinth constructed of my terrible ignorance of the world and an appalling lack of self-awareness. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Robertson Davies
#18. Look at what I wrote at the beginning of this memoir. Have I caught anything at all of the extraordinary night when Paul Dempster was born? I am pretty sure that my little sketch of Percy Boyd Staunton is accurate, but what about myself? I have always sneered at autobiographies and memoirs in which the writer appears at the beginning as a charming, knowing little fellow, possessed of insights and perceptions beyond his years, yet offering these with false naivete to the reader, as though to say, 'What a little wonder I was, but All Boy.' Have the writers any notion or true collection of what a boy is?
I have and I have reinforced it by forty-five years of teaching boys. A boy is a man in miniature, and though he may sometimes exhibit notable virtue, as well as characteristics that seem to be charming because they are childlike, he is also schemer, self-seeker, traitor, Judas, crook, and villain - in short, a man. Oh these autobiographies in which the writer postures and simpers as a David Copperfield or a Huck Finn! False, false as harlots' oaths!
Can I write truly of my boyhood? Or will that disgusting self-love which so often attaches itself to a man's idea of his youth creep in and falsify the story? I can but try. And to begin I must give you some notion of the village in which Percy Boyd Staunton and Paul Dempster and I were born. #Quote by Robertson Davies
Memoir Writing quotes by Koren Zailckas
#19. I don't know where the idea originated that memoir writing is cathartic. For me, it's always felt like playing my own neurosurgeon, sans anesthesia. As a memoirist, you have to crack your head open and examine every uncomfortable thing in there. #Quote by Koren Zailckas
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#20. Silent remembering is a form of prayer. No fragrance is more enchanting to re-experience than the aromatic bouquet gleaned from inhaling the cherished memories of our pastimes. We regularly spot elderly citizens sitting alone gently rocking themselves while facing the glowing sun. Although these sun worshipers might appear lonely in their state of serene solitude, they are not alone at all, because they deeply enmesh themselves in recalling the glimmering memories of days gone by. Marcel Proust wrote "In Search of Time Lost," "As with the future, it is not all at once but grain by grain that one savors the past." Test tasting the honeycombed memories of their bygone years, a delicate smile play out on their rose thin lips. The mellow tang of sweet tea memories – childhood adventures, coming of age rituals, wedding rites, recreational jaunts, wilderness explorations, viewing and creating art, literature, music, and poetry, sharing in the mystical experiences of life, and time spent with family – is the brew of irresistible intoxicants that we all long to sip as we grow old. The nectar mashed from a collection of choice memories produces a tray of digestible vignettes that each of us lovingly roll our silky tongues over. On the eve of lying down for the last time in the stillness of our cradled deathbeds, we will swaddle ourselves with a blanket of heartfelt love and whisper a crowning chaplet of affection for all of humanity. After all, we been heaven blessed to take with us t #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#21. We do not demand perfection in logic or absence of subjective thinking from any writer. We read about other people's lives not because they possess the innate infallibility of judgment. We read other people's life stories to understand the history of their peculiarities and partialities. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
#22. How many pages will it take to tell your story? #Quote by Ashly Lorenzana
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#23. Autobiographical writing acts as a timeless testament to each person's epic record of adventure, heartache, road to perdition, and achievement of a spiritual life devoid of the consternation, trepidation, foreboding fear, and inconsolably hankering for what is unattainable for humankind. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Brenda Sutton Rose
#24. Write your story before it dies one single breath at time. Nobody cares if is the truth as long as it really happened. #Quote by Brenda Sutton Rose
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#25. Writing reflects life and life is a mystery. All any of us can do is press the fleet footed beauty of life close to our flesh and use whatever instruments are within our grasp to express the evanescent spark of mysticism that resides within us. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#26. We can read a book to learn how to live. Alternatively, akin to any weeping philosopher seeking self-realization, we can look inside ourselves to determine right from wrong. Ethics is not a matter of surveying scripture to determine what constitutes virtuous behavior. A person with high moral character must think about life and act in accordance with their conscientious conclusion(s). My faith is in free will and the ability of a moral person to discern good versus evil, not a person's ability to describe the intentions of whatever deity his or her faith chooses to worship. Simply put, the godhead exists inside me as a spiritual manifestation that embodies people's innate desire to go forth and multiply, dance in the Etesian wind, and make an artistic testament to the primacy of his or her existence by their honorable performance of worthy deeds. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#27. We must carefully cultivate the voice that speaks to us because an internal voice is the ultimate narrator of our charming and delightful personal story or the documentarian of our tragic and disgraceful plotlines. Stories that we tell ourselves become our functional reality, which format structures the concourse of the nested emotional control panel that guides and girds us through the din of the present. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#28. Art is not a metonym for truth telling. All art is a form of a falsifying; otherwise why would anyone need art to tell us what we already know? Art makes us stand back and see what lies outside the four corners of a canvas, it makes us look inside ourselves and realize the sublime truth that previously eluded us. Art makes us realize what already lies within ourselves waiting for the resolute seeker to discover. Art frequently concentrates on the blemishes of nature. When one sees nature disfigured, it reveals both sides of the same notion. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#29. The universal story is composed of segments of anxiety, disappointment, profanity, prayers, heartache, tragedy, and despair. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#30. Attempting to express a person's objective reality and subjective state of mind with the written word is an endless task because writing alters our perception of reality and amends our mental equilibrium. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Clark A. Lawrence
#31. A real garden is what I would call a parcel of land - any size, anywhere, with any plants or no plants - that is loved and nurtured. It's a personal place, probably enclosed in some way, and imbued with a person's spirit, a gardener's spirit. I'm sure many people think being a gardener sounds like a horrible job. I think it's one of the most rewarding occupations anyone could have – I mean to physically make gardens, not just sit down and design one (let's leave that to the designers), and not just take care of grass and plants (maintenance workers can do that). To dedicate your entire being and all the passion and time and knowledge you have to working with plants and shaping them into a living, personal artwork. That's what a real gardener does, and that's why "half-gardener" is already a compliment. #Quote by Clark A. Lawrence
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#32. A reader can tell if a transcribed story is true because it must contains elements of joy, pain, goodness, and malevolent thoughts. In a true story, not everything fits precisely together; a fortuitous conspiracy of events does resolve all loose ends. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#33. Personal essay writing, dialectic discourse with the self, is a process of taking ideas and crushing them like grapes to create a homemade wine. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#34. Writing is a cerebral journey where the writer molds experience into useful thought capsules and thoughtfully takes recitative inventory of their spiritual depot. The act of personal essay writing is a subtle search to track and discover how a contiguous chain of occurrences links the essayist's case history of rational and irrational behavior. Writing a person's life story fosters acceptance of their prior personal failures and serves to open a doorway to living modestly and harmoniously. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Jennifer S. Alderson
#35. The ride back to Kathmandu was comfortable and relaxing. There were more overturned trucks (the gas-powered ones seem to tip the most often, I'm surprised there weren't more explosions), goats being herded across the highway by ancient women, children playing games in traffic, private cars and buses alike pulling over in the most inconvenient places for a picnic or public bath, and best of all the suicidal overtaking maneuvers (or what we would call 'passing') by our bus and others while going downhill at incredible speeds or around hairpin turns uphill with absolutely no power left to actually get around the other vehicle. #Quote by Jennifer S. Alderson
Memoir Writing quotes by Joanna Gaines
#36. How many of us take the time to relive half a lifetime's worth of happy memories, cringeworthy failures, and unforgettable adventures together? How many of us get a chance to sit down and talk about the rough times we overcame in the past or to laugh about the stupid mistakes we made when we were young? #Quote by Joanna Gaines
Memoir Writing quotes by Jim Harrison
#37. I thought, frankly, that it would be more pleasant to write a memoir than it was. #Quote by Jim Harrison
Memoir Writing quotes by Maureen Murdock
#38. Memoirists are our contemporary mythmakers. #Quote by Maureen Murdock
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#39. Writing a memoir is a holistic method of learning and healing by placing responsibility for personal transformation on the spiritual authority of the self. Writing a person's life story is useful to gain a comprehensive understanding regarding a person's maturation, distinctive stages of personal development, and the influences provided by their family and society. The writing processes also serves as a catharsis for painful personal events that a person seeks to integrate into their transmuting being. Writing our personal story, we discover new dimensions of our being. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Viga Boland
#40. Unless you bring a beating heart into your message, it is dead' (Author unknown)

That's why I wrote my how-to book, "Don't Write your MEmoir without ME". If there's no "this is me" in your memoir, it won't resonate with your readers the way you hope it will. #Quote by Viga Boland
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#41. A community of writers forges civilization. Future writers hold at their fingertips the psychic energy needed to propel us forward in the pursuit of universal justice. Writers' meticulous observation of their surroundings spurs us to appreciate the impelling bouquets of beauty that rally us to declare the crispness of each day. Writers' studious contemplation of their place in the world allows us to join them in admitting to the stochastic whimsy of a fateful life. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Neil Simon
#42. I find that the writing of a memoir has two functions. One is to pass on, as much as you're willing to tell, the fact's and deeds of your life to those who might be at all interested. The other function is to discover a truth about yourself that you never had either the time or the courage to face before. You will never investigate yourself as vehemently as you do when you put one word after another, one thought after another, one revelation after another, in the pages that make up your memoirs, and you will suddenly realize the person you are instead of the person you thought you were. To force memory is to open yourself up to that which you have chosen to forget. It's your RASHOMON. You begin to see all the different sides of your own story. #Quote by Neil Simon
Memoir Writing quotes by Elissa Altman
#43. What are the memory triggers that bend our hearts?
What are the ones that break them? #Quote by Elissa Altman
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#44. Language is our identity tool and by using experience, observation, and imagination, we each discover the words that give voice to our lives. To tell our stories is the human method of perforating our isolation tanks, the means to encapsulate what we previously learned, and the mechanism that allows us to enter the universal dialogue of compassion. Sharing the pandemonium of our life's stories full of grime, love, noise, and steeped in emotional chaos is the act that ultimately binds us to our family, friends, and community. All lovers know each other stories. Farmers, villagers, big city hobnobs, and the citizens from all nations share a conjoined thread through storytelling that seriously investigates the collective human condition. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#45. We create our sense of self by merging our fragmented thoughts in a coherent conception of our being. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#46. The writer's obsessions are twofold. First, communicate their thoughts onto paper with a great degree of precision in order accurately to express everything that they know. Secondly, to gain a better understanding regarding concepts such as truth, beauty, love, friendship, loyalty, freedom, and the reason for existence by attempting to express in words what these ideas mean to them. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Maureen Murdock
#47. When you write your memoir you will understand, perhaps for the first time, the significance of your life through the language, images and emotions you craft from the memory. #Quote by Maureen Murdock
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#48. Nostalgia is a bittersweet emotion; it entails the act of recalling complicated memories of bygone days. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#49. I wish to create a piece of work that produces a permanent mark in the record book of human existence. I also write to insulate myself from leading a meaningless life. Awareness of an inescapable mortality urges me to write at a frantic pace, in a hysterical attempt to assign a purpose to my life by creating something external that endures. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#50. To know our own self is bliss. To see themselves clearly, a person must plunge themselves into the world they inhabit. We enhance our personal perspective by acquiring knowledge of the world. The more one knows about living through vivid personal encounters in the world that they occupy, the more that a person will come to understand him or herself. Self-knowledge requires an honest accounting of a person's experiences, frank admission of their furtive desires, and gracious acceptance of reality without surrendering their willingness to work to improve oneself and comfort other people. By attaching images to their real life experiences and secret dreams, a person learns rightly about the world. By writing about what adversities they experienced, a person can consciously go about integrating new ideas into their way of living. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Lara Lillibridge
#51. It seems like there is no way to just write your story without becoming someone's poster child. You are not just your own voice, your own history--rather you carry the expectations of both extremes. #Quote by Lara Lillibridge
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#52. Every human being carries with them the stories of their ancestors, the story of their generation, and the rudiments of pliable clay to build future storylines that will shape their community of kindred souls. Storytelling unites us as a species and supplies texture to our lives. By listening to other people's stories and by sharing our personal story, we deftly weave the threads that compose the sacred hoop of the tribe. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Mitch Albom
#53. I had a very high-grade publisher tell me I was incapable of writing a memoir. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#54. We write our personal story as intermittent authors; the narrator is always searching for a unitive point of view. We strive to perceive oneself from a unified perspective, but it is virtually impossible to do so. Human perception of the self is an illusion. We constantly sift through shifting memories. We experience the present under the fragrance cast by the past and under the illusionary aura of the future. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#55. An artistic life is closely associated with a spiritual life as both represent an attempt to withdraw into enforced solitude in order to experience a person's innermost self and to imbue the personal spirit with will and energy, virtue and purity. Both an artist and a spiritual seeker must possess an appreciation for beauty, the courage to confront personal demons, intellectual integrity to express truth, the self-discipline to labor endlessly, and the capacity to endure hardships that might break or destroy other people. Through protracted self-examination of and extensive contemplation of the gifts of nature an artistic and spiritual person overcomes their sense of desperation and feelings of isolation and aloneness, realizes oneness with the universe, becomes enlightened and free, lives humbly in a state of grace, and faces the future with curiosity and optimism. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#56. In the space of solitude, a writer attempts to remember how they became whom they are but nobody's memory is up to this demanding task. No matter how much a person harrows the fertile lanes of memory, some memories are lost by the passage of time, psychological defense mechanisms screen other memories from detection, the ephemeral character of other memories are invariably to elusive to arrest with reciprocal language. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#57. All writers want to a place their mark upon human consciousness by creating a physical record of their distinctive thoughts and an index of their cherished emotional memories. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Donald Miller
#58. The reason I like writing a memoir is because it isn't preachy. #Quote by Donald Miller
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#59. The poetry of music composes each generation of Americans' autobiographical memories. Language and music represent two rotaries of the revolving and evolving wheels that we employ to internalize the axis of identification. Music plays a profound role in the definitive stages of most people's lives. Reminiscent of the sounds and smells that flavored our youth, musical intonations organize our personal memories into temporal time sequence. Modulation of musical memories comprises an important quotient in people's autographical memory system. If we listen to enough music, its pitch, tone, timbre, and cadence eventually seeps into our unconsciousness. The lilt of music becomes a portal through which we perceive, feel, and experience worldly inflections and how we synthesize swirling emotions. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#60. Emotional exhaustion follows fast on the footsteps of physical and mental depletion. I feel my lifeblood draining away in an oily spigot of inner turmoil. Questions abound and personal survival hinges upon sorting through possible solutions and selecting the most fitting answers. Is my pain real or simply an illusion of a frustrated ego? What do I believe in? What is my purpose? I aspire to discover a means to live in congruence with the trinity of the mind, body, and spirit. Can I discover a noble path that frees me from the shallowness of decadent physical and emotional desires? Can I surrender any desire to seek fame and fortune? Can I terminate a craving to punish other persons for their perceived wrongs? Can I recognize that forgiving persons whom offended me is a self-initiated, transformative act? Can I conquer an irrational fear of the future? Can I accept the inevitable chaos that accompanies life? Can I find a means to achieve inner harmony by steadfastly resolving to live in the moment free of angst? Can I purge egotisms that mar an equitable perception of life by renunciation of the self and all worldly endeavors? Can I live a harmonious existence devoid the panache of vanities? #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Anne Sexton
#61. Pain engraves a deeper memory. #Quote by Anne Sexton
Memoir Writing quotes by Koren Zailckas
#62. I'd written Smashed not because I was ambitious and not because writing down my feelings was cathartic (it felt more like playing one's own neurosurgeon sans anesthesia). No. I'd made a habit
and eventually a profession
of memoir because I hail from one of those families where shows of emotions are discouraged. #Quote by Koren Zailckas
Memoir Writing quotes by Nancy Horan
#63. It has always been on the written page that the world has come into focus for me. If I can piece all these bits of memory together with the diaries and letters and the scribbled thoughts that clutter my mind and bookshelves, then maybe I can explain what happened. Maybe the worlds I have inhabited for the past seven years will assume order and logic and wholeness on paper. Maybe I can tell my story in a way that is useful to someone else. #Quote by Nancy Horan
Memoir Writing quotes by Anna White
#64. I think this is the essence of life: to be willing circle back, to fall in deeper, to relearn what I thought I already knew. #Quote by Anna White
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#65. In mythology, the transformative acts of people who seek self-knowledge by pursuing an epic adventure always seem too activate from some sort of dying to the world. Following this origination formula, I shall enter the unground labyrinth to confront my malevolent self, and wage a battle seeking to annihilate the demonic core of my being. We can only destroy those demons that we take personal ownership of and responsibility for creating. Can I use writing as a sorcerers tool to descend into the crooked lanes of my spiritual labyrinth to confront the warlock of an egotistical self? Can I use writing as an intentional mechanism to attempt undergoing a spiritual purification? #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kiran Manral
#66. The most difficult thing to do after a life well lived is to sit down and type it all out. To start with, your fingers are old and gnarled. You can see the skin crinkled up like paper, the knobby knuckles, the veins standing up blue and aggressive and you wonder, when did your hands change, when did they stop being young and firm and definite, when did the hesitancy creep in, when did the trembling begin. Your mind sieves through memories as thick as molasses and as bitterly sweet. The words trip on your tongue but hesitate to make their way onto the page because you debate endlessly in your head about which of them you should put down in print, terrified of the permanency of the written word. Memories are the kind of elusiveness that shift, change form, and remodel themselves by the second. It is a challenge to wrestle with them, to get them to agree to be analysed, to be put down in words and encapsulated into sentences, moulded into paragraphs. As long as they are shifting, morphing into different things as the moment suits them, they aren't bound by one person's recollection of how things were, of how they happened. These are my memories.
And this was my life. And so I try to write this. I am already half way through what I am trying to put down. I have no idea who would want to read the story of my life. But I write it out, more for myself, than for anyone else who would care to read. #Quote by Kiran Manral
Memoir Writing quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#67. Our children are an integral component of our stories as we are of theirs and, therefore, each child acts as the knighted messengers to carry their forebears' stories into the future. To deprive our children of the narrative cells regarding the formation of the ozone layer that rims the atmosphere of our ancestors' saga and parental determination of selfhood is to deny them of the sacred right to claim the sanctity of their heritage. Accordingly, all wrinkled brow natives are chargeable with the sacrosanct obligation of telling their kith and kin the memorable story of the scenic days they spent as children of nature splashing about in their naked innocence in the brook of infinite time and space. We must scrupulous document our family's history as well as scrawl out our personal story. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Memoir Writing quotes by Kate Zambreno
#68. She [Mary Maclane] is almost always referred to as "confessional." She has been referred to, several times, as the first blogger. Whereas her writing does not confess much - it is much more spiritual memoir than anything, or perhaps something akin to a mystic's courtly love, directed at the self. I am wondering what distinguishes writing as confessional…

I keep on feeling I prefer the latter-day MacLane, the diary she wrote while convalescing from scarlet fever back home in Butte, Montana, I, Mary MacLane, that Melville House is only publishing as an ebook. Mary MacLane melancholy, totally isolated. Feeling intense disquiet. Now in her early thirties, meditating on her whirlwind celebrity, in cities, feeling distanced from all that, but longing for it too. Obsessed with the Mary MacLane who stopped writing, or stopped publishing books, who was involved with the anarchist/bohemian crowd in Chicago, with the Dill Pickle, who died in poverty and obscurity on the South Side at the age of 48. I want to write about her, but I don't know how or why yet. #Quote by Kate Zambreno
Memoir Writing quotes by Candace Bushnell
#69. I'm looking forward to writing more novels for young adults. #Quote by Candace Bushnell
Memoir Writing quotes by Mason Currey
#70. One can be very fertile without having to work too much. Three hours in the morning. Three hours in the evening. This is my only rule. - Jean-Paul Sartre #Quote by Mason Currey
Memoir Writing quotes by W.P. Kinsella
#71. I have no interest in non-fiction. I don't read it and don't watch it and don't write it, other than a little journalistic column. #Quote by W.P. Kinsella
Memoir Writing quotes by Beryl Dov
#72. Feckless Fixation [10w]
Poets worry too much about other poets instead of writing. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Memoir Writing quotes by Julia Quinn
#73. I can't imagine a romance novel published today where the hero rapes the heroine and she falls in love with him. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Memoir Writing quotes by Robert Frost
#74. Writing a poem is discovering. #Quote by Robert Frost
Memoir Writing quotes by Hugh Howey
#75. I'm such a huge fan of fan fiction, to me it's a great way for readers to become writers. It's like putting the training wheels on for writing. #Quote by Hugh Howey
Memoir Writing quotes by David Almond
#76. The best tip for writing is just to write; to sit down and write, to begin doing it and not to be scared by the blank page. #Quote by David Almond
Memoir Writing quotes by Nicholas Haslam
#77. Sunday afternoon is for papers and writing. #Quote by Nicholas Haslam
Memoir Writing quotes by John Neffinger
#78. Beauty has a kind of blinding effect on our judgment. For instance, research shows we judge writing more favorably if we find the author attractive. This could be because of the halo effect we discussed earlier, where someone with one positive quality - beauty, in this case - is assumed also to have others. Or in some cases people may rate beautiful people highly on other attributes just to curry favor with them. #Quote by John Neffinger
Memoir Writing quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#79. No matter how long your've been at it, you always start from scratch. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Memoir Writing quotes by China Mieville
#80. Dismissing fantasy writing because some of it is bad is exactly like saying I'm not reading Jane Eyre because it is a romance and I know romance is crap. #Quote by China Mieville
Memoir Writing quotes by Julia Cameron
#81. I do not put in long hours at the keys - or very seldom. Instead, I snatch time. I write in the crannies of my life. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Memoir Writing quotes by Ammiel Josiah Osia Monterde
#82. I write because she exists - the epitome of elegance in every breath she takes. #Quote by Ammiel Josiah Osia Monterde
Memoir Writing quotes by Ha Jin
#83. Writing is not a great profession as a lot of writers proclaim. I write because this is something I can do. Another thing - very often I think a lot of writers write because they have failed to do other things. How many writers can't drive? A lot. They're not practical. They are not capable in everyday life. #Quote by Ha Jin
Memoir Writing quotes by Jarod Kintz
#84. The Chair

I'm writing to you, who made the archaic wooden chair
look like a throne while you sat on it.

Amidst your absence, I choose to sit on the floor,
which is dusty as a dry Kansas day.

I am stoic as a statue of Buddha,
not wanting to bother the old wooden chair,

which has been silent now for months.
In this sunlit moment I think of you.

I can still picture you sitting there--
your forehead wrinkled like an un-ironed shirt,

the light splashed on your face,
like holy water from St. Joseph's.

The chair, with rounded curves
like that of a full-figured woman,

seems as mellow as a monk in prayer.
The breeze blows from beyond the curtains,

as if your spirit has come back to rest.
Now a cloud passes overhead,

and I hush, waiting to hear what rests
so heavily on the chair's lumbering mind.

Do not interrupt, even if the wind offers to carry
your raspy voice like a wispy cloud. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Memoir Writing quotes by Maureen Dowd
#85. Don't write anything down, but save everything that anyone else writes down. #Quote by Maureen Dowd
Memoir Writing quotes by Oscar Patton
#86. Because reading is a selfish activity, writing must be unselfish, a gift to the reader. #Quote by Oscar Patton
Memoir Writing quotes by Stephen King
#87. We see her go through dangerous mood-swings, but I tried never to come right out and say "Annie was depressed and possibly suicidal that day" or "Annie seemed particularly happy that day."If I have to tell you, I lose. If, on the other hand, I can show you a silent, dirty-haired woman who compulsively gobbles cake and candy, then have you draw the conclusion that Annie is in the depressive part of a manic-depressive cycle, I win. #Quote by Stephen King
Memoir Writing quotes by Viola Davis
#88. I just hope this [Emmy] is now a part of the status quo that women of color are included in the narratives that continue to write lead roles for us. #Quote by Viola Davis
Memoir Writing quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#89. And it's a necessity [for journalists] to pretend to be competent on every subject, some of which they really do not understand. They are under that necessity, I regret; I'm sorry for them. But to pretend to understand all the things you write about, and habitually to write about things you do not understand, is a very corrupting thing. #Quote by Friedrich August Von Hayek
Memoir Writing quotes by August Wilson
#90. There's no idea in the world that is not contained by black life. I could write forever about the black experience in America. #Quote by August Wilson
Memoir Writing quotes by Lynn Coady
#91. When writing sex scenes, there is often no pleasing anyone, except perhaps the writer herself. #Quote by Lynn Coady
Memoir Writing quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#92. Learning to write is learning to think. You don't know anything clearly unless you can state it in writing. #Quote by S.I. Hayakawa
Memoir Writing quotes by Harvey Pekar
#93. I don't write about certain arguments I have with my wife. I'd get my head torn off if wrote about certain things. #Quote by Harvey Pekar
Memoir Writing quotes by Alysha Speer
#94. I choose to write because it's perfect for me. It's an escape, a place I can go to hide. It's a friend, when I feel out casted from everyone else. It's a journal, when the only story I can tell is my own. It's a book, when I need to be somewhere else. It's control, when I feel so out of control. It's healing, when everything seems pretty messed up.
And it's fun, when life is just flat-out boring. #Quote by Alysha Speer
Memoir Writing quotes by William Faulkner
#95. Writing is one-third imagination, one-third experience, and one third observation. #Quote by William Faulkner
Memoir Writing quotes by Octavia E. Butler
#96. I began writing about power because I had so little. #Quote by Octavia E. Butler
Memoir Writing quotes by Amy Tan
#97. I feel I've always been writing about self-identity. How do we become who we are? So I'm just writing from experience what's concerned me. #Quote by Amy Tan
Memoir Writing quotes by Zadie Smith
#98. Tell the truth through whichever veil comes to hand - but tell it. Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never being satisfied. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Memoir Writing quotes by Paul McCartney
#99. There are two things John and I always do when we're going to sit down and write a song. First of all we sit down. Then we think about writing a song. #Quote by Paul McCartney
Memoir Writing quotes by Natasha Pulley
#100. The safest way to success is to write according to the capacity of the stupidest member of the audience. #Quote by Natasha Pulley
Memoir Writing quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#101. Books in the YA genre, in particular, should use proper grammar because they're more of an example to young people than adults books are. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Memoir Writing quotes by David Macinnis Gill
#102. Writing a log line helps you define - for yourself - the essential elements of the plot. It will also let you know immediately if major components of the plot are missing. #Quote by David Macinnis Gill
Memoir Writing quotes by Michael Showalter
#103. You really have no idea whether or not what you're writing is funny. In stand-up and sketch comedy, you know right away and you can make your changes accordingly. #Quote by Michael Showalter
Memoir Writing quotes by Erica Jong
#104. A woman's ability to achieve depends on childlessness or childcare. In America, where we don't believe in an underclass to do 'women's work', women themselves become the underclass. For love. Nobody doubts the love is real. It's for our children. But we are supposed to do it invisibly and never mention it. Alfred North Whitehead, who wasn't a woman after all, said that the truth of a society is what cannot be said. And women's work still cannot be said. It's called whining -- even by other women. It's called self-indulgence -- even by other women. Perhaps women writer are hated because abstraction makes oppression possible and we refuse to be abstract. How can we be? Our struggles are concrete: food, fire, babies, a room of one's own. These basics are rare -- even for the privileged. It is nothing short of a miracle every time a woman with a child finishes a book.
Our lives -- from the baby to the writing desk -- are the lives of the majority of humanity: never enough time to think, eternal exhaustion. The cared-for male elite, with female slaves to tend their bodily needs, can hardly credit our difficulties as 'real'. 'Real' is the deficit, oil wars in the Middle East, or how much of our children's milk the Pentagon shall get.
This is the true division in the world today: between those who carelessly say 'Third World' believing themselves part of the '¨First', and those who know they are the Third World -- wherever they live.
Women everywhere are the 'Third Wo #Quote by Erica Jong
Memoir Writing quotes by Hilaire Belloc
#105. I am writing a book about the Crusades so dull that I can scarcely write it. #Quote by Hilaire Belloc
Memoir Writing quotes by William, Saroyan
#106. I don't have a name and I don't have a plot. I have the typewriter and I have white paper and I have me, and that should add up to a novel.
(- Saroyan, when once asked the name of his next book.) #Quote by William, Saroyan
Memoir Writing quotes by Neil Gaiman
#107. I've been blogging since February of 2001. When I started blogging, it was a dinosaur blog. It was me and a handful of tyrannosaurs. We'd be writing blog entries like, 'The tyrannosaurus is getting grumpy.' #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Memoir Writing quotes by Michael Chabon
#108. Louis Pasteur said, 'Chance favors the prepared mind.' If you're really engaged in the writing, you'll work yourself out of whatever jam you find yourself in. #Quote by Michael Chabon

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