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Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Mary Mapes Dodge
#1. [On The Netherlands:] ... the entire country is a kind of saturated sponge ... #Quote by Mary Mapes Dodge
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Mackenzie King
#2. I wonder" he wrote, "if the day will ever come that the loveliest of hymns, Silent Night, will come into the minds of the people throughout the world to express the German heart. I belive it is the expression of the heart of many Germans ... [and]of most people throughout the world. That is the appalling tragedy of all that we witness today" Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King in his diary during WWII during German occupation of the Netherlands. #Quote by Mackenzie King
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Paul C. Nagel
#3. When John Quincy Adams in the Netherlands was placed with elementary students and belittled because he did not speak Dutch, either the author or John Adams accuses school authorities of "littleness of soul". #Quote by Paul C. Nagel
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Petra Hermans
#4. - The one who parasitizes, suffers the most. -
Petra Hermans
Netherlands, 23-9-2016
God #Quote by Petra Hermans
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Petra Hermans
#5. A sensitive woman with a sensitive way of looking,
watching and thinking given and brings only
Sensitivity, Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
September 5, 2016
Netherlands #Quote by Petra Hermans
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Els Borst
#6. There are many nice, peaceful Muslims, but the Netherlands is far too tolerant regarding the statements of the radical wing of Islam. #Quote by Els Borst
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Anonymous
#7. Between 1950 and 2012, annual hours worked per worker fell significantly throughout Europe - by about 40 percent in Germany and the Netherlands - but by only 10 percent in the United States. Richer, college-educated Americans are working more than they did 30 years ago, particularly when you count time working and answering e-mail at home. #Quote by Anonymous
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by William Voegeli
#8. The United States, with the greatest ability and the weakest desire to finance a welfare state, winds up in the middle of the pack in terms of the absolute value of the resources devoted to it. By 2003 ... America's per capita Public Expenditures were greater than those in Japan, Spain, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, while lower than those in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark and Sweden. #Quote by William Voegeli
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Mark Rutte
#9. Free trade creates jobs and prosperity in the Netherlands at the port of Rotterdam or the airport at Schiphol. #Quote by Mark Rutte
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Russell Shorto
#10. Opinions differ on the question of whether a golden age is something you can experience while it's happening or whether it only comes into focus on reflection ... no matter how grand and prosperous and momentous the time in which you are living may be, its grandeur is inevitably stained by the incessant drabness of the present. #Quote by Russell Shorto
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#11. From Venice to Rome, Paris to Brussels, London to Edinburgh, the Ambassadors watched, long-eared and bright-eyed.

Charles of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor, fending off Islam at Prague and Lutherism in Germany and forcing recoil from the long, sticky fingers at the Vatican, cast a considering glance at heretic England.

Henry, new King of France, tenderly conscious of the Emperor's power and hostility, felt his way thoughtfully toward a small cabal between himself, the Venetians and the Pope, and wondered how to induce Charles to give up Savoy, how to evict England from Boulogne, and how best to serve his close friend and dear relative Scotland without throwing England into the arms or the lap of the Empire.

He observed Scotland, her baby Queen, her French and widowed Queen Mother, and her Governor Arran.

He observed England, ruled by the royal uncle Somerset for the boy King Edward, aged nine.

He watched with interest as the English dotingly pursued their most cherished policy: the marriage which should painlessly annex Scotland to England and end forever the long, dangerous romance between Scotland and England.

Pensively, France marshalled its fleet and set about cultivating the Netherlands, whose harbours might be kind to storm-driven galleys. The Emperor, fretted by Scottish piracy and less busy than he had been, watched the northern skies narrowly. Europe, poised delicately over a brand-new board, waiting for th #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Sarah Prager
#12. The Netherlands became the first country ever to legalize marriage equality in 2001. #Quote by Sarah Prager
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by James M. Scott
#13. The Japanese Navy not only outgunned American forces in the Pacific but proved more powerful in that ocean than the combined navies of the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. #Quote by James M. Scott
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Maureen Johnson
#14. Early the next morning, they were on a tram out to the far edge of Amsterdam. Ginny liked the tram. It was like an overgrown toy train that had gotten loose on the streets. She looked out and saw the Netherlands wobbling by - its ancient houses and constant canals and people in practical shoes. #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Els Borst
#15. My feeling is that if all Catholics or Reformed Christians had been deported to Germany, the Dutch government in London would have instructed the population in the occupied Netherlands to help them. #Quote by Els Borst
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Peter Stuyvesant
#16. Praise the Lord, O England's Jerusalem: and Netherland's Zion, praise ye the Lord! He hath secured your gates, and blessed your possessions with peace, even here, where the threatened torch of war was lighted. #Quote by Peter Stuyvesant
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Anita B. Sulser PhD
#17. Islam will aim to establish itself as the majority in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Any country, in which they successfully establish themselves will serve as their primary base for the invasion of neighbouring countries (such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Hungary and the Mediterranean) #Quote by Anita B. Sulser PhD
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Daniel J. Mitchell
#18. Both individuals and companies are using the Netherlands as a haven for productive activity ... This is good news for all taxpayers. The rich directly benefit, since greedy politicians are unable to seize as much of their money. And the rest of us benefit, since this puts downward pressure on tax rates as governments try to keep the geese that lay the golden eggs from flying away. #Quote by Daniel J. Mitchell
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Paul F. Dell
#19. The thesis that DID is merely a North American phenomenon has been refuted in the past decade by research reports based on standardized assessment from diverse countries, such as from The Netherlands, Turkey, and Germany (Boon & Draijer, 1993; Gast, Rodewald, Nickel, & Emrich, 2001; S ̧ar et al, 1996). Clinicians and researchers should be careful to avoid categorizing a universal human condition as culture-bound. #Quote by Paul F. Dell
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Chris Beales
#20. The importance of the Caja Laboral cannot be overstated. It started as a credit union but grew into something much bigger and more extensive - as have the Netherlands' Rabobank and France's Credit Agricole, both having started as savings co-ops for farmers. #Quote by Chris Beales
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Fiona MacDonald
#21. Differences between Catholic and Protestant countries did not incite rivalries between European states, or cause the growing sense of national identity and, sometimes, isolationism that was developing among the countries of Europe. These were happening anyway, for a complex variety of political and economic reasons. But religious differences did, at times, contribute to them - for example in Spain, where the inward-looking institutions of the Counter-Reformation seemed aimed at creating a nation of soldiers and ecclesiastics in great contrast to the outgoing, trade-based, profit-minded society of the Calvinist Netherlands. These generalizations hide many local variations - there were busy Spanish merchants, and contemplative, spiritual, people in many Protestant lands. But travelers across Europe remarked on the increasingly striking differences between nations. #Quote by Fiona MacDonald
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Mark Rutte
#22. Our national prosperity is built on our open borders. However, the reality is that if a points system is introduced in the UK it would be unavoidable for us in the Netherlands to implement similar proposals - and inevitable that many other EU countries would follow suit. #Quote by Mark Rutte
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Mark Rutte
#23. The Netherlands has been severely hit by the debt crisis, and the solution is to lower taxes, get government finances in order, and make room for investment. #Quote by Mark Rutte
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by R.E. Elson
#24. Snouck could speak of the region of Aceh, on the nnorthern tip of Sumatra, as 'that country ... that old pirate-state', and the American traveller Eliza Scidmore of ' the brave, liberty-loving Achinese'. Within a decade Aceh, however unwillyngly, was finally subjugated, its focus recalibrated from the Malay world and the Indian Ocean to Java, and its future rendered unmistakably as part of the Netherlands Indies #Quote by R.E. Elson
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#25. It is interesting to speculate whether commercial capitalism was thereby smothered in its crib in Egypt, just at a moment when it was beginning to take off in other places such as Italy, the Netherlands, and England.24 On #Quote by Francis Fukuyama
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Theo Jansen
#26. I think the Netherlands will become one big city at a point. It is inevitable when you live in a country with so many people. You cannot afford to leave nature as it is. Some people believe that the dunes should be left in their original state, but I think it's strange to let things become how they were 500 years ago. #Quote by Theo Jansen
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Greg Graffin
#27. Countries with a high percentage of nonbelievers are among the freest, most stable, best-educated, and healthiest nations on earth. When nations are ranked according to a human-development index, which measures such factors as life expectancy, literacy rates, and educational attainment, the five highest-ranked countries
Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands
all have high degrees of nonbelief. Of the fifty countires at the bottom of the index, all are intensly religious. The nations with the highest homicide rates tend to be more religious; those with the greatest levels of gender equality are the least religious. These associations say nothing about whether atheism leads to positive social indicators or the other way around. But the idea that atheists are somehow less moral, honest, or trustworthy have been disproven by study after study. #Quote by Greg Graffin
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Robert Ludlum
#28. there was no television in the Netherlands during the afternoons! #Quote by Robert Ludlum
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by John Entwistle
#29. The Netherlands are wet, flat and full of stoned people. #Quote by John Entwistle
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Rob Schultheis
#30. There's a silent voice in the wilderness that we hear only when no one else is around. When you go far, far beyond, out across the netherlands of the Known, the din of human static slowly fades away, over and out. #Quote by Rob Schultheis
Meijburg Netherlands quotes by Beatrix Of The Netherlands
#31. The problems of this world are so gigantic that some are paralysed by their own uncertainty. Courage and wisdom are needed to reach out above this sense of helplessness. Desire for vengeance against deeds of hatred offers no solution. An eye for an eye makes the world blind. If we wish to choose the other path, we will have to search for ways to break the spiral of animosity. To fight evil one must also recognize one's own responsibility. The values for which we stand must be expressed in the way we think of, and how we deal with, our fellow humans. #Quote by Beatrix Of The Netherlands

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