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Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Michelle Stacey
#1. In 1944-1945, Dr Ancel Keys, a specialist in nutrition and the inventor of the K-ration, led a carefully controlled yearlong study of starvation at the University of Minnesota Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene. It was hoped that the results would help relief workers in rehabilitating war refugees and concentration camp victims. The study participants were thirty-two conscientious objectors eager to contribute humanely to the war effort. By the experiment's end, much of their enthusiasm had vanished.
Over a six-month semi-starvation period, they were required to lose an average of twenty-five percent of their body weight." [...] p193

"...the men exhibited physical symptoms...their movements slowed, they felt weak and cold, their skin was dry, their hair fell out, they had edema. And the psychological changes were dramatic. "[...]
"The men became apathetic and depressed, and frustrated with their inability to concentrate or perform tasks in their usual manner. Six of the thirty-two were eventually diagnosed with severe "character neurosis," two of them bordering on psychosis. Socially, they ceased to care much about others; they grew intensely selfish and self-absorbed. Personal grooming and hygiene deteriorated, and the men were moody and irritable with one another. The lively and cooperative group spirit that had developed in the three-month control phase of the experiment evaporated. Most participants lost interest in group act #Quote by Michelle Stacey
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Margaret Halsey
#2. Prejudice will always exist. So will sickness and disease, but that scarcely seems sufficient reason for telling our medical scientists to put on their hats, close up their laboratories, and give the spirochetes, bacilli and viruses a free hand. #Quote by Margaret Halsey
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Twyla Tharp
#3. Whether it's a painter finding his way each morning to the easel, or a medical researcher returning daily to the laboratory, the routine is as much a part of the creative process as the lightning bolt of inspiration, maybe more. #Quote by Twyla Tharp
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Eoin Colfer
#4. The universe has certain rules. Among them are:
He who owns a sharp tool will eventually cut himself.
Laboratory accidents never result in super-hero-type powers.
And most applicable in this case:
He who laughs first gets caught.
The first rule could be, at a stretch, applied to Tony Stark and the Iron Man suit, considering recent events.
One notable exception to the second rule was currently swinging around New York City on a spider web, which did not bear thinking about. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Laurie Glimcher
#5. I think that the marriage of academic medical centers and academicians with the private sector is a very, is a marriage made in heaven because it's the best way to get basic discoveries from the laboratory into new therapeutics for our patients. #Quote by Laurie Glimcher
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Richard Preston
#6. One general theory for the origin of AIDS goes that, during the late nineteen-sixties, a new and lucrative business grew up in Africa, the export of primates to industrialized countries for use in medical research. Uganda was one of the biggest sources of these animals. As the monkey trade was established throughout central Africa, the native workers in the system, the monkey trappers and handlers, were exposed to large numbers of wild monkeys, some of which were carrying unusual viruses. These animals, in turn, were being jammed together in cages, exposed to one another, passing viruses back and forth. Furthermore, different species of monkeys were mixed together. It was a perfect setup for an outbreak of a virus that could jump species. It was also a natural laboratory for rapid virus evolution, and possibly it led to the creation of HIV. Did HIV crash into the human race as a result of the monkey trade? #Quote by Richard Preston
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Daniel Waters
#7. Adam's hot Pheebs! Admit it girl. That body is like some kind of happy experiment. It's like he was manufactured in a nympho scientist's secret laboratory #Quote by Daniel Waters
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Dave Barry
#8. What happens if a big asteroid hits Earth ? Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad. #Quote by Dave Barry
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Sydney Brenner
#9. I set up a laboratory in the Department of Physiology in the Medical School in South Africa and begin to try to find a bacteriophage system which we might use to solve the genetic code. #Quote by Sydney Brenner
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Russell M. Nelson
#10. ...[S]o many people look only to their bank balance for peace or to fellow human beings for models to follow. Clinicians, academicians, and politicians are often put to a test of faith. In pursuit of their goals, will their religion show or will it be hidden? Are they tied back to God or to man? I had such a test decades ago when one of my medical faculty colleagues chastised me for failing to separate my professional knowledge from my religious convictions. He demanded that I not combine the two. How could I do that? Truth is truth! It is not divisible, and any part of it cannot be set aside. Whether truth emerges from a scientific laboratory or through revelation, all truth emanates from God. #Quote by Russell M. Nelson
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by James L. Schaller
#11. researchers like Dr. Eva Sapi have shown Lyme is like some other spirochetes - it has biofilms. These are very tough biofilms to defeat unless caught in the "acute stage." A tough, "mature biofilm" allows organisms to "laugh at" many antibiotics. Some medical professionals interested in Lyme often ignore the immune suppressing Bartonella bacterium, which is more common than Lyme. Ignoring coinfections may increase the risk of fatality with Babesia and possibly FL1953. These healers also may not realize that the highly genetically complex Lyme spirochete appears to have a troublesome biofilm. Performing a simple direct test at laboratory companies whose testing kits have reduced sensitivity will probably result in more negatives for tick-borne diseases. The ultimate result is anti-science and anti-truth. Searching for tick infections with one test is like writing in "Lincoln" at the next presidential election. #Quote by James L. Schaller
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Richard Roberts
#12. We all flinched as Ray flipped the breaker back on, but my laboratory again failed to erupt in flames. It must be a mad scientist record. #Quote by Richard Roberts
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Claude Bernard
#13. In a word, I consider hospitals only as the entrance to scientific medicine; they are the first field of observation which a physician enters; but the true sanctuary of medical science is a laboratory; only there can he seek explanations of life in the normal and pathological states by means of experimental analysis. #Quote by Claude Bernard
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by James D. Watson
#14. Here at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, we have genetically rearranged various viruses and bacteria as part of our medical research. In fact, we have been able to create entirely new types of DNA molecules by splicing together the genetic information from different organisms - recombinant DNA. #Quote by James D. Watson
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Ernest Lawrence
#15. In the Radiation Laboratory we count it a privilege to do everything we can to assist our medical colleagues in the application of these new tools to the problems of human suffering. #Quote by Ernest Lawrence
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Ayn Rand
#16. I think," said Dominique firmly, "that he is the most revolting person I've ever met." "Oh, now, really?" "Do you care for that sort of unbridled arrogance? I don't know what one could say for him, unless it's that he's terribly good-looking, if that matters." "Good-looking? Are you being funny, Dominique?" Kiki Holcombe saw Dominique being stupidly puzzled for once. And Dominique realized that what she saw in his face, what made it the face of a god to her, was not seen by others; that it could leave them indifferent; that what she had thought to be the most obvious, inconsequential remark was, instead, a confession of something within her, some quality not shared by others. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Deepak Chopra
#17. I feel genius in great works of art. I have seen medical cures that science can't explain, some seemingly triggered by faith. The same is true of millions of other people. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Jerry Coleman
#18. Hrabosky looks fierce in that Fu Manchu haircut. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Clive Tyldesley
#19. If you cut Jamie Carragher open, he'll bleed red. #Quote by Clive Tyldesley
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Adam Carolla
#20. That's an interesting philosophical question. When your boner goes away, is that one gone ... forever? #Quote by Adam Carolla
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Carson McCullers
#21. But now no music was in her mind. That was a funny thing. It was like she was shut out from the inside room. Sometimes a quick little tune would come and go - but she never went into the inside room with music like she used to do. It was like she was too tense. Or maybe because it was like the store took all her energy and time ... She wanted to stay in the inside room but she didn't know how. It was like the inside room was locked somewhere away from her. A very hard thing to understand. #Quote by Carson McCullers
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Oscar Wilde
#22. The General was essentially a man of peace, except in his domestic life. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Kaley Cuoco
#23. I love the studio audience. That's where I feel the most at home. You know right away if you're being funny or not. #Quote by Kaley Cuoco
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by George H. W. Bush
#24. I have opinions of my own - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them. #Quote by George H. W. Bush
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Chelsea Handler
#25. Vomit and feces are two reason I have decided not to procreate. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#26. When you pay a hospital bill, you're really paying two hospital bills - one bill for you because you have a job and/or insurance and can pay the hospital. and another bill, which is tacked onto your bill, to cover the medical expenses of someone who doesn't have a job and/or insurance and can't pay the hospital. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Brande Roderick
#27. That's why I wanted to be part of this AIDS Project Los Angeles party. We help raise funds for those who are having a tough time with some very basic necessities, like shelter, food, and medical care. #Quote by Brande Roderick
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Mark Jackman
#28. If a wizard should take up residence in your garden and requests food, you are obliged to feed him. #Quote by Mark Jackman
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Samuel Goldwyn
#29. Yes, but keep copies. #Quote by Samuel Goldwyn
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Daniel Tosh
#30. I'm actually all for gay marriage. Just the thought of having a man around the house ... #Quote by Daniel Tosh
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Anmol Gandhi
#31. Life gave me lemons, then I met you and you had Vodka. Now my life is a party. #Quote by Anmol Gandhi
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Mark Helprin
#32. Lonely people have enthusiasms which cannot always be explained. When something strikes them as funny, the intensity and length of their laughter mirrors the depth of their loneliness, and they are capable of laughing like hyenas. When something touches their emotions, it runs through them like Paul Revere, awakening feelings that gather into great armies. #Quote by Mark Helprin
Medical Laboratory Funny quotes by Alan Perlis
#33. When someone says, "I want a programming language in which I need only say what I want done," give him a lollipop. #Quote by Alan Perlis

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