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Mediators quotes by Nehemiah Adams
#1. A certain joyful, though humble, confidence becomes us when we pray in the Mediator's name. It is due to Him; when we pray in His name it should be without wavering. Remember His merits, and how prevalent they must be. "Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace." #Quote by Nehemiah Adams
Mediators quotes by Eden Robinson
#2. The First Nations Financial Transparency Act insulted the integrity of the very people in our communities who guide our economic policy and act as our mediators with provincial and federal governments. #Quote by Eden Robinson
Mediators quotes by Robert Duvall
#3. The cultural contrast I saw between religions ... Catholics have a lot of mediators, going through saints and Mary or whatever. Protestants in general say things to God directly. #Quote by Robert Duvall
Mediators quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#4. In the world of journalism, the personal Web site ("blog") was hailed as the killer of the traditional media. In fact it has become hailed as the killer of the traditional media. In fact it has become something quite different. Far from replacing newspapers and magazines, the best blogs-and the best are very clever- have become guides to them, pointing to unusual sources and commenting on familiar ones. They have become mediators for the informed public. #Quote by Fareed Zakaria
Mediators quotes by William H. McNeill
#5. In agricultural communities, male leadership in the hunt ceased to be of much importance. As the discipline of the hunting band decayed, the political institutions of the earliest village settlements perhaps approximated the anarchism which has remained ever since the ideal of peaceful peasantries all round the earth. Probably religious functionaries, mediators between helpless mankind and the uncertain fertility of the earth, provided an important form of social leadership. The strong hunter and man of prowess, his occupation gone or relegated to the margins of social life, lost the umambiguous primacy which had once been his; while the comparatively tight personal subordination to a leader necessary to the success of a hunting party could be relaxed in proportion as grain fields became the center around which life revolved.

Among predominantly pastoral peoples, however, religious-political institutions took a quite different turn. To protect the flocks from animal predators required the same courage and social discipline which hunters had always needed. Among pastoralists, likewise, the principal economic activity- focused, as among the earliest hunters, on a parasitic relation to animals- continued to be the special preserve of menfolk. Hence a system of patrilineal families, united into kinship groups under the authority of a chieftain responsible for daily decisions as to where to seek pasture, best fitted the conditions of pastoral life. In addition, pastoral #Quote by William H. McNeill
Mediators quotes by Erwin W. Lutzer
#6. Don't ever think that there are many ways to the Divine. Jesus is the one qualified mediator, the only qualified sacrifice, and the only qualified savior. #Quote by Erwin W. Lutzer
Mediators quotes by Robert D. Hales
#7. Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil #Quote by Robert D. Hales
Mediators quotes by Pope Francis
#8. As religious leaders, we are called to be true "people of dialogue," to cooperate in building peace not as intermediaries but as authentic mediators. Intermediaries seek to give everyone a discount ultimately in order to gain something for themselves. However, the mediator is one who retains nothing for himself but rather spends himself generously until he is consumed, knowing that the only gain is peace. Each one of us is called to be an artisan of peace, by uniting and not dividing, by extinguishing hatred and not holding on to it, by opening paths to dialogue and not by constructing new walls! Let us dialogue and meet one another in order to establish a culture of dialogue in the world, a culture of encounter. #Quote by Pope Francis
Mediators quotes by Karl Barth
#9. Thus in this oneness Jesus Christ is the Mediator, the Reconciler, between God and man. Thus He comes forward to MAN on behalf of GOD calling for and awakening faith, love and hope, and to GOD on behalf of MAN, representing man, making satisfaction and interceding. Thus He attests and guarantees to God's free GRACE and at the same time attests and guarantees to God man's free GRATITUDE. #Quote by Karl Barth
Mediators quotes by Carlos Castaneda
#10. Within these premises, the only thing one can be is an impeccable mediator. One is not the player in this cosmic match of chess, one is simply a pawn on the chessboard. What decides everything is a conscious impersonal energy that sorcerers call intent or the Spirit. #Quote by Carlos Castaneda
Mediators quotes by George S. Robinson
#11. Our cultural interpretations, our scientific and psychosocial beliefs and points of view, should be open to growth and change. Our viewpoints are not designed to be coveted. They are not property to be defended and maintained. They are only interpretations, mediators of our experience. #Quote by George S. Robinson
Mediators quotes by J.C. Ryle
#12. Whatever men please to think or say, the Romish doctrine of the real presence if pursued to its legitimate consequences obscures every leading doctrine of the gospel and damages and interferes with the whole system of Christ's truth. Grant for a moment that the Lord's Supper is a sacrifice and not a Sacrament, grant that every time the words of consecration are used the natural body and blood of Christ are present on the communion table under the forms of bread and wine, grant that everyone who eats that consecrated bread and drinks that consecrated wine does really eat and drink the natural body and blood of Christ, grant for a moment these things and then see what momentous consequences result from these premises. You spoil the blessed doctrine of Christ's finished work when He died on the cross. A sacrifice that needs to be repeated is not a perfect or complete thing. You spoil the priestly office of Christ. If there are priests that can offer an acceptable sacrifice to God besides Him, the great High Priest is robbed of His glory. You spoil the scriptural doctrine of the Christian ministry. You exalt sinful men into the position of mediators between God and man. You give to the sacramental elements of bread and wine an honor and veneration they were never meant to receive. You produce an idolatry to be abhorred by faithful Christians. Last but not least, you overthrow the true doctrine of Christ's human nature. If the body born of the Virgin Mary can be in more places tha #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Mediators quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#13. The whole life-effort of man is to get his life into direct contact with the elemental life of the cosmos, mountain life, cloud life, thunder life, air life, earth life, sun life. To come into immediate felt contact, and so derive energy, power and a dark sort of joy. This effort into sheer naked contact, without an intermediary or mediator is the root meaning of religion. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Mediators quotes by Peter T. Coleman
#14. See the system. When you find yourself stuck in an oversimplified polarized conflict, a useful first step is to try to become more aware of the system as a whole: to provide more context to your understanding of the terrain in which the stakeholders are embedded, whether they are disputants, mediators, negotiators, lawyers, or other third parties. This can help you to see the forest and the trees; it is a critical step toward regaining some sense of accuracy, agency, possibility, and control in the situation. #Quote by Peter T. Coleman
Mediators quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#15. Let me admonish you, first of all, to go alone; to refuse the good models, even those most sacred in the imagination of men, and dare to love God without mediator or veil. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mediators quotes by Fritz Lang
#16. There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator. #Quote by Fritz Lang
Mediators quotes by Bashar Al-Assad
#17. If you are going to be a mediator or arbitrator you have to be in the middle between the two sides; you cannot take sides only with one party. #Quote by Bashar Al-Assad
Mediators quotes by Joan Blades
#18. I'm a mediator by training and inclination. #Quote by Joan Blades
Mediators quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#19. Death is a mighty mediator. There all the flames of rage are extinguished, hatred is appeased, and angelic pity, like a weeping sister, bends with gentle and close embrace over the funeral urn. #Quote by Friedrich Schiller
Mediators quotes by Johann Georg Hamann
#20. The product of paper and printed ink, that we commonly call the book, is one of the great visible mediators between spirit and time, and, reflecting zeitgeist, lasts as long as ore and stone. #Quote by Johann Georg Hamann
Mediators quotes by Sandra Day O'Connor
#21. The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried. #Quote by Sandra Day O'Connor
Mediators quotes by Gail Sheehy
#22. It is Hillary's [Clinton] star power that radiates to every corner of the ballroom. New York bigwigs, such as financial-media impresario Michael Bloomberg, attorney and labor mediator Theodore Kheel, and District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, crane to see her. #Quote by Gail Sheehy
Mediators quotes by Meg Cabot
#23. If all people became ghosts my social life would be so over
- Suze Simon in the Mediator #Quote by Meg Cabot
Mediators quotes by Marcus Borg
#24. The image I have sketched views Jesus differently: rather than being the exclusive revelation of God, he is one of many mediators of the sacred. #Quote by Marcus Borg
Mediators quotes by Jacques Derrida
#25. We are all mediators, translators. #Quote by Jacques Derrida
Mediators quotes by Okey Ndibe
#26. In a society where people are obsessed with personal space, dogs have come to serve as welcome, neo-human mediators of loneliness and solitude. #Quote by Okey Ndibe
Mediators quotes by Jean-Louis Vincent
#27. Acute pain is triggered by stimulation of peripheral nociceptors in the skin or deeper structures and is a complex process involving multiple mediators at various levels of the neuraxis (Figure 3-2). #Quote by Jean-Louis Vincent
Mediators quotes by Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
#28. An artist is he who has his center within himself. He who lacks this must choose a particular leader and mediator outside of himself, not forever, however, but only at first. For man cannot exist without a living center, and if he does not have it within himself, he may seek it only in a human being. Only a human being and his center can stimulate and awaken that of another. #Quote by Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Mediators quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
#29. Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit. #Quote by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Mediators quotes by John Piper
#30. That's who Jesus Christ is. He became the final Priest and the final Sacrifice. Sinless, he did not offer sacrifices for himself. Immortal, he never has to be replaced. Human, he could bear human sins. Therefore he did not offer sacrifices for himself; he offered himself as the final sacrifice. There will never be the need for another. There is one mediator between us and God. One priest. We need no other. Oh, how happy are those who draw near to God through Christ alone. #Quote by John Piper
Mediators quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
#31. Music is the mediator between
the spiritual and the sensual life. #Quote by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Mediators quotes by Martti Ahtisaari
#32. The task of the mediator is to help the parties to open difficult issues and nudge them forward in the peace process. The mediator's role combines those of a ship's pilot, consulting medical doctor, midwife and teacher. #Quote by Martti Ahtisaari

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