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Medaris Gospel quotes by Daniel K Judd
#1. The ultimate replacement for any of the false gods that are a part of our lives is a deep and abiding love of God. We must also learn to exercise faith in Jesus Christ and the redemptive and enabling power of His atoning sacrifice. Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote that the atonement of Jesus Christ "is the most important single thing that has ever occurred in the entire history of created things; it is the rock foundation upon which the gospel and all other things rest." #Quote by Daniel K Judd
Medaris Gospel quotes by David Platt
#2. We need to know what the Bible says about abortion and marriage, poverty and slavery, and we need to see how all of these issues fundamentally relate to the gospel. #Quote by David Platt
Medaris Gospel quotes by Michael S. Horton
#3. The gospel is good news for losers, that in fact we are all losers if we measure ourselves by God's interpretation of reality rather than our own. The demand for glory, power, comfort, autonomy, health, and wealth creates a vicious cycle of craving and disillusionment. It even creates its own industry of therapists and exercise, style, and self-esteem gurus - and churches - to massage the egos wounded by this hedonism. When crisis hits, the soul is too effete to respond appropriately. We become prisoners of our own felt needs, which were inculcated in us in the first place by the very marketplace that promises a "fix." We become victims of our own shallow hopes. We are too easily disappointed because we are too easily persuaded that the marketplace always has something that can make us happy. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Medaris Gospel quotes by C.J. Mahaney
#4. All topics should be studied through the lens of the Gospel. #Quote by C.J. Mahaney
Medaris Gospel quotes by R.C. Sproul
#5. The gospel of Jesus Christ must be defended in every generation. It is always the center of attack by the forces of evil. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Medaris Gospel quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#6. I trust there are none here present, who profess to be followers of Christ who do not also practice prayer in their families. We may have no positive commandment for it, but we believe that it is so much in accord with the genius and spirit of the gospel, and that it is so commended by the example of the saints, that the neglect thereof is a strange inconsistency. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Medaris Gospel quotes by Nabeel T. Jabbour
#7. Their primary loyalty is not to America but to the expansion of the gospel among the nations to advance the kingdom of God. #Quote by Nabeel T. Jabbour
Medaris Gospel quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#8. The way of the gospel is a simple way. Some of the requirements may appear to you as elementary and unnecessary. Do not spurn them. Humble yourselves and walk in obedience. I promise that the results that follow will be marvelous to behold and satisfying to experience. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Medaris Gospel quotes by Timothy Keller
#9. The only way into a ministry that sees people's lives change, that brings joy and power and electricity without authoritarianism, is through preaching the gospel to deconstruct both legalism and relativism. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Medaris Gospel quotes by Mathew Roydon
#10. A sweet attractive kind of grace, A full assurance given by looks, Continual comfort in a face, The lineaments of Gospel books; I trow that countenance cannot lie, Where thoughts are legible in the eye. Was never eye, did see that face, Was never ear, did hear that tongue, Was never mind, did mind his grace, That ever thought the travel long- But eyes, and ears, and ev'ry thought, Were with his sweet perfections caught. [trow; believe or think] #Quote by Mathew Roydon
Medaris Gospel quotes by Frederick Buechner
#11. It is a world of magic and mystery, of deep darkness and flickering starlight. It is a world where terrible things happen and wonderful things too. It is a world where goodness is pitted against evil, love against hate, order against chaos, in a great struggle where often it is hard to be sure who belongs to which side because appearances are endlessly deceptive. Yet for all its confusion and wildness, it is a world where the battle goes ultimately to the good, who live happily ever after, and where in the long run everybody, good and evil alike, becomes known by his true name ... That is the fairy tale of the Gospel with, of course, one crucial difference from all other fairy tales, which is that the claim made for it is that it is true, that it not only happened once upon a time but has kept on happening ever since and is happening still. #Quote by Frederick Buechner
Medaris Gospel quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#12. Is there any greater news than the Good News? #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Medaris Gospel quotes by Alistair Begg
#13. I listen to some of you guys out there, hyper-reformed boys, you're concerned if you preach the gospel to the wrong person, the wrong person might get saved. So you don't want to preach it too good, 'well wait a minute, I don't think you should've been getting saved, I'm not sure you're in the group.' What do you mean in the group! If you breath you're in the group! If you have ears to hear you're in the group! And if you choose not to respond it's your own fault, not God's. #Quote by Alistair Begg
Medaris Gospel quotes by Timothy Keller
#14. To let the gospel of Jesus shape how we work means to heed the influence of both the psychological idols within our hearts as well as the sociological idols in our culture and profession. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Medaris Gospel quotes by Jerry Bridges
#15. The gospel invitation is wide-open to all: "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13). "Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take of the free gift of the water of life" (Revelation 22:17). And yet when we come, we discover that we were chosen in Christ before the creation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). That is grace. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Medaris Gospel quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#16. The gospel has but a forced alliance with war. Its doctrine of human brotherhood would ring strangely between the opposed ranks. The bellowing speech of cartoon and the baptism of blood mock its liturgies and sacraments. Its gentle beatitudes would hardly serve as mottoes for defiant banners, nor its list of graces as names for ships-of-the-line. #Quote by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Medaris Gospel quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#17. The things that are essential to salvation are so exceedingly simple that no child need sit down in despair of understanding the things which make for his peace. Christ crucified is not a riddle for sages, but a plain truth for plain people. True it is meat for men, but it is also milk for babes. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Medaris Gospel quotes by Timothy Keller
#18. Jesus does not divide the world into the moral "good guys" and the immoral "bad guys." He shows us that everyone is dedicated to a project of self-salvation, to using God and others in order to get power and control for themselves. We are just going about it in different ways. Even though both sons are wrong, however, the father cares for them and invites them both back into his love and feast. This means that Jesus's message, which is "the gospel," is a completely different spirituality. The gospel of Jesus is not religion or irreligion, morality or immorality, moralism or relativism, conservatism or liberalism. Nor is it something halfway along a spectrum between two poles - it is something else altogether. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Medaris Gospel quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#19. The mystery of the gospel is inexpressible. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Medaris Gospel quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#20. If you have seen one of the temples at night, fully lighted, you know what an impressive sight that can be. The house of the Lord, bathed in light, standing out in the darkness, becomes symbolic of the power and the inspiration of the gospel of Jesus Christ standing as a beacon in a world that sinks ever further into spiritual darkness. #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Medaris Gospel quotes by Alysa VanderWeerd
#21. I am a broken vessel housing the treasure of the gospel. #Quote by Alysa VanderWeerd
Medaris Gospel quotes by Frances Ridley Havergal
#22. Might we never be the helpers of the great hinderer, Satan! Let us ask that the Lord Jesus would so perfectly tune our spirits to the keynote of His exceeding great love, that all our unconscious influence may breathe only of that love, and help all with whom we come in contact to obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. #Quote by Frances Ridley Havergal
Medaris Gospel quotes by Matthew Henry
#23. By the light of nature we see God as a God above us, by the light of the law we see Him as a God against us, but by the light of the gospel we see Him as Emmanuel, God with us. #Quote by Matthew Henry
Medaris Gospel quotes by Anonymous
#24. Obedience is impossible apart from the gospel, but inevitable with it. #Quote by Anonymous
Medaris Gospel quotes by Carolyn Custis James
#25. Never talk about submission without talking about Jesus, and in particular of the cross. Jesus' version of submission is thoughtful, strong, purposeful, and sacrificial. It involves the full and determined embrace of his Father's will (which governs everything Jesus does)3 and the voluntary pouring out of his life to rescue a lost world.4 Submission is both. It is redemptive. It is the gospel. It is a way of showing Jesus to the world. #Quote by Carolyn Custis James
Medaris Gospel quotes by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
#26. If your preaching of the gospel of God's free grace in Jesus Christ does not provoke the charge from some of antinomianism, you're not preaching the gospel of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ. #Quote by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Medaris Gospel quotes by Martin Luther
#27. Like the early Christians, we must move into a sometime hostile world armed with the revolutionary gospel of Jesus Christ. With this powerful gospel we shall boldly challenge the status quo. #Quote by Martin Luther
Medaris Gospel quotes by Arno C. Gaebelein
#28. If sound doctrine is given up, the real Gospel of redemption by the blood of the Son of God is denied, worldliness follows. #Quote by Arno C. Gaebelein
Medaris Gospel quotes by Saint Patrick
#29. I am not ignorant of what is said of my Lord in the Psalm: "You destroy those who speak a lie." And again: "A lying mouth deals death to the soul." And likewise the Lord says in the Gospel: "On the day of judgment men shall render account for every idle word they utter." #Quote by Saint Patrick
Medaris Gospel quotes by Mahalia Jackson
#30. Blues are the songs of despair, but gospel songs are the songs of hope. #Quote by Mahalia Jackson

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