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Mcginn Elementary quotes by Calvin Miller
#1. The world is looking for answers. If you have some of them, for goodness' sake spit 'em out. The world is looking for servants of God whose yes is yes. How elementary, how refreshing. #Quote by Calvin Miller
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Dave Franco
#2. With these Funny or Die videos, I do everything for them. I write them, act in them, and co-direct them with my buddy Brian McGinn, who I grew up with. We also edit them together. We're working on a small scale of Internet videos, but we're slowly trying to make them become a bigger thing. #Quote by Dave Franco
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Herbert Read
#3. You cannot impose a culture from the top--it must come from under. It grows out of the soil, out of the people, out of their daily life and work. It is a spontaneous expression of their joy of life, of their joy in work, and if this does not exist, the culture will not exist. Joy is a spiritual quality, an impalpable quality: that too cannot be forced. It must be an inevitable state of mind, born of the elementary processes of life, a by-product of natural human growth. #Quote by Herbert Read
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Paul Smith
#4. Going back to the elementary school days, I was always drawing. I entered a Victory poster competition and won the top award that recognized my artistic instincts. #Quote by Paul Smith
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Geoff Mulgan
#5. There is a yearning for people to return to elementary moral virtues, such as integrity and commitment. We distrust people who have no centering of values. We greatly respect businessmen, for example, if they display those virtues, even if we don't necessarily agree with the people. #Quote by Geoff Mulgan
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Bong Joon-ho
#6. Until the end of elementary school, I lived in a suburban area, so the type of village I used to live in is borderline between village and the city, so I'm familiar with the rustic environment. #Quote by Bong Joon-ho
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Leonard Susskind
#7. Dick Feynman was a genius of visualization (he was also no slouch with equations): he made a mental picture of anything he was working on. While others were writing blackboard-filling formulas to express the laws of elementary particles, he would just draw a picture and figure out the answer. #Quote by Leonard Susskind
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Yuri Manin
#8. The goal of a definition is to introduce a mathematical object. The goal of a theorem is to state some of its properties, or interrelations between various objects. The goal of a proof is to make such a statement convincing by presenting a reasoning subdivided into small steps each of which is justified as an "elementary" convincing argument. #Quote by Yuri Manin
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Pat Cadigan
#9. My best friend Rosemarie and I had a very involved secret life when we were in elementary school. After we saw 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' on TV, we invented a whole secret life in which we were twins from the planet Venus, and we were in charge of the entire solar system as well as Earth. #Quote by Pat Cadigan
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Stockwell Day
#10. If the Liberals' law is passed, will sex education in the schools, including elementary grades, include the same portrayals of sexual activity which presently exist in heterosexual instruction? Will there be the same presentation of homosexual activity? Of course there will. #Quote by Stockwell Day
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Lane Garrison
#11. I'm originally from Dallas, Texas, where Bonnie and Clyde were from, so when I was a little kid, my grandfather used to drive me past the Barrow Filling Station. At my elementary school, there was a barn outside that they used to say was a Bonnie and Clyde hangout. #Quote by Lane Garrison
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#12. Ahimsa is nothing if not a well-balanced, exquisite consideration for one's neighbour, and an idle man is wanting in that elementary consideration. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#13. What happens to the faith healer and the shaman when any poor citizen can see the full effect of drugs or surgeries, administered without ceremonies or mystifications? Roughly the same thing as happens to the rainmaker when the climatologist turns up, or to the diviner from the heavens when schoolteachers get hold of elementary telescopes. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Mcginn Elementary quotes by H.G.Wells
#14. You have turned your back on common men, on their elementary needs and their restricted time and intelligence [ ... ] I ask: who the hell is this Joyce who demands so many waking hours of the few thousands I have still to live for a proper appreciation of his quirks and fancies and flashes of rendering? #Quote by H.G.Wells
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Ray Palla
#15. An elementary school student asked me the NOT "politically correct" question, "Is an idiot smarter than a moron?" I had to Google it because I was afraid to respond in today's PC society and didn't want to offend him, his parents, or anyone else. Here's what I found.

Technically, a moron is smarter than an idiot. An imbecile is also smarter than an idiot.

Although today the words are considered insulting and derogatory, prior to the 1960s they were widely used as actual psychology terms associated with intelligence on an IQ test.

An IQ between:
00-25 = Idiot
26-50 = Imbecile
51-70 = Moron

Explaining all of this to a nine year old with an IQ of 130 made me feel like society has turned all adults into one of the above, myself included.

When I told him that I'm afraid to openly say it, the nine year old said, "Adults are idiots! #Quote by Ray Palla
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Thomas Sowell
#16. I think we're raising whole generations who regard facts as more or less optional.
We have kids in elementary school who are being urged to take stands on political issues, to write letters to congressmen and presidents about nuclear energy.
They're not a decade old, and they're being thrown these kinds of questions that can absorb the lifetime of a very brilliant and learned man. And they're being taught that it's important to have views, and they're not being taught that it's important to know what you're talking about.
It's important to hear the opposite viewpoint, and more important to learn how to distinguish why viewpoint A and viewpoint B are different, and which one has the most evidence or logic behind it. They disregard that. They hear something, they hear some rhetoric, and they run with it. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Lee Daniels
#17. I had trained myself not to go to the bathroom throughout my elementary and junior high school years because I was bullied. And you don't understand why you're being bullied, so you just suppress it. #Quote by Lee Daniels
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Terry Pratchett
#18. Study was never a one-way thing. A man might spend his life peering at the private life of elementary particles and then find he either knew who he was or where he was, but not both. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Sinqua Walls
#19. I took a drama class in elementary school, and I just remember having so much fun with it. From there, I just studied, got better as I went along, and continued to grow. #Quote by Sinqua Walls
Mcginn Elementary quotes by David Bentley Hart
#20. [I]n every theology or system, every tradition or discursive practice, a story is being told whose peculiar force should be allowed priority over the abstract categories by which the critic might seek to reduce all narrative to the same bare framework of elementary functions. #Quote by David Bentley Hart
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Issa Rae
#21. Growing up as a young black girl in Potomac, Maryland was easy. I had a Rainbow Coalition of friends of all ethnicities, and we would carelessly skip around our elementary school like the powerless version of Captain Planet's Planeteers. #Quote by Issa Rae
Mcginn Elementary quotes by David Albert
#22. The particular, eternally persisting, elementary physical stuff of the world, according to the standard presentations of relativistic quantum field theories, consists (unsurprisingly) of relativistic quantum fields ... they have nothing whatsoever to say on the subject of where those fields came from, or of why the world should have consisted of the particular kinds of fields it does, or of why it should have consisted of fields at all, or of why there should have been a world in the first place. Period. Case closed. End of story. #Quote by David Albert
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Loren Eiseley
#23. The creative element in the mind of man ... emerges in as mysterious a fashion as those elementary particles which leap into momentary existence in great cyclotrons, only to vanish again like infinitesimal ghosts. #Quote by Loren Eiseley
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Patty Schemel
#24. I always wanted to play music, and always loved it. I saw a band come to school, when I was in elementary school, and wanted to play drums. I started playing drums at 11, and that's where it all started. #Quote by Patty Schemel
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Verghese Kurien
#25. It made the sheer incompetence of my colleagues at the research creamery in Anand even more intolerable to me. I could see that they had no interest in doing anything, not even the most elementary of jobs. They employed twenty people to run two small roller-dryers when in any other country twenty such roller-dryers were run by one man. I was the new dairy engineer to the Government of India Research Creamery and I realised very soon that I had no work at all. My frustration at this deadening job began rising and I started to write to the Ministry of Agriculture in Delhi every month, submitting my resignation, saying that I was drawing a salary of Rs 350 for doing no work and instead of wasting government money I should be allowed to go. After some eight months of this they must have felt that I was becoming a nuisance and they finally wrote back accepting my resignation. #Quote by Verghese Kurien
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Kevin Richardson
#26. I sang in church choir all my life, through elementary school, junior high and high school. #Quote by Kevin Richardson
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Oscar Hertwig
#27. The cell, this elementary keystone of living nature, is far from being a peculiar chemical giant molecule or even a living protein and as such is not likely to fall prey to the field of an advanced chemistry. The cell is itself an organism, constituted of many small units of life. #Quote by Oscar Hertwig
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Philip D. Reed
#28. We must life the level of understanding both at home and abroad of what the free enterprise system is, what it is not, and how it benefits the people who live under it. We must somehow get these elementary truths across, not only to the people of other lands but to millions here at home who do not understand it, if we are to generate a powerful demand and desire for its retention. #Quote by Philip D. Reed
Mcginn Elementary quotes by James Henry Breasted
#29. [ ... ] we have in our treatise a series of fifty-seven examinations, almost exclusively of injuries of the human body forming a group of observations furnishing us with the earliest known nucleus of fact regarding the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body. Crude and elementary as they are, the method by which they were collected was scientific, and these observations, together with the diagnoses and the explanatory commentary in the ancient glosses, form the oldest body of science now extant. #Quote by James Henry Breasted
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Katja Millay
#30. The teacher, Mrs. Jennings...makes us sit in a circle. An elementary school, duck-duck-goose-style circle. This affords each of us the best possible vantage point for studying, and subsequently dissecting one another. Oh, and getting to know one another,of course. That too. #Quote by Katja Millay
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Ian McEwan
#31. What was it with men, that they found elementary logic so difficult? #Quote by Ian McEwan
Mcginn Elementary quotes by William Z. Foster
#32. Among the elementary measures the American government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are the following: the schools, colleges, and universities will be coordinated and grouped under a National Department of Education and its state and local branches. The studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of bourgeois ideology. #Quote by William Z. Foster
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Andrei Sakharov
#33. My present work concerns the problems connected with the theory of elementary particles, the theory of gravitation and cosmology and I shall be glad if I can manage to make some contribution to these important branches of science. #Quote by Andrei Sakharov
Mcginn Elementary quotes by G. Tarde
#34. Instead of explaining everything by the supposed supremacy of a law of evolution, which compels collective phenomena to reproduce and repeat themselves indefinitely in a certain order, - instead of thus explaining lesser facts by greater, and the part by the whole, - I explain collective resemblances of the whole by the massing together of minute elementary acts - the greater by the lesser and the whole by the part. #Quote by G. Tarde
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Theodora Goss
#35. Always ask at the pub, Miss Jekyll. Elementary investigation - the pub always knows. #Quote by Theodora Goss
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Fredrik Backman
#36. Ove was, well, Ove was Ove. Something the people around her also kept telling Sonja.
He'd been a grumpy old man since he started elementary school, they insisted. And she could have someone so much better.
Maybe he
didn't write her poems or serenade her with songs or come home with expensive gifts. But he believed so strongly in things: justice and fair play and hard
work and a world where right just had to be right. Not so one could get a medal or a diploma or a slap on the back for it, but just because that was
how it was supposed to be. Not many men of his kind were made anymore, Sonja had understood. So she was holding on to this one. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Abigail Washburn
#37. I was born in Evanston, Illinois. I spent my elementary and part of my junior high school years in a D.C. suburb. And then I spent my high school years in Minnesota. And then I spent my college years in Colorado. And then I spent some time living in China. And then I spent three years in Vermont before moving down to Nashville. #Quote by Abigail Washburn
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Wendy Kopp
#38. Research confirms that great teachers change lives. Students with one highly effective elementary school teacher are more likely to go to college, less likely to become pregnant as teens, and earn tens of thousands more over their lifetimes. #Quote by Wendy Kopp
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Joseph B. Wirthlin
#39. We are all busy. It's easy to find excuses for not reaching out to others, but I imagine they will sound as hollow to our Heavenly Father as the elementary school boy who gave his teacher a note asking that he be excused from school March 30th through the 34th. #Quote by Joseph B. Wirthlin
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Leanne Payne
#40. Desire is a mighty force, one of your most divine attributes! Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye have received them and ye shall have them! See the Godlike quality of desire. For it is part of the Atomic energy of the soul. The Kingdom of Heaven within you is operated through desire. Do not quench it or crush
it or suppress it. Rather offer it to Me. Offer Me your most elementary desires, your craving for happiness, for love, for self-expression, for well-being, for success, for joy, on any level of your being-offer these freely and without shame to Me and I will transmute them so that you shall achieve release and fulfillment and complete freedom from frustration.2 #Quote by Leanne Payne
Mcginn Elementary quotes by Thomas Chalmers
#41. It is not scholarship alone, but scholarship impregnated with religion, that tells on the great mass of society. We have no faith in the efficacy of mechanic's institutes, or even of primary and elementary schools, for building up a virtuous and well conditioned peasantry, so long as they stand dissevered from the lessons of Christian piety. #Quote by Thomas Chalmers

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