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Mcduffie Marine quotes by Pete Dexter
#1. Spooner noticed another, smaller Marine Corps tattoo encircling Marlin's ankle: Semper Fi Forever. Everywhere he went these days, Spponer witnessed America's crying need for more copy editors. #Quote by Pete Dexter
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Callan McAuliffe
#2. I originally envisioned myself doing something with the suffix 'ology' at the end of it, like marine biology or entomology. But after I started to do some acting gigs, I thought it wasn't a bad thing ... I said to myself, 'I might as well keep riding this bus until the wheels fall off.' #Quote by Callan McAuliffe
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Robert Crais
#3. That dog is a Marine! #Quote by Robert Crais
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Jerry Jones
#4. Look, many of us here are regular marines ... I will die as a marine because that is my dream. #Quote by Jerry Jones
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Greg Matos
#5. Standing Post One that day was the scariest thing I've ever done. The one thing that got me through it was that I knew I was a Marine and, because of that, I knew I could do it. #Quote by Greg Matos
Mcduffie Marine quotes by George Carlin
#6. In the Navy, there is no wrong hole. In the Marines, there is always a hole. #Quote by George Carlin
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Enric Sala
#7. Fish banks are areas we set aside without fishing, reserves where we allow marine life to come back. #Quote by Enric Sala
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Jana Deleon
#8. Exactly," Gertie said. "This hot young stud claiming to be a marine stationed in the Middle East friended her on Facebook. Apparently, he sent her long letters and poetry and even a nude photo." "Doesn't sound like anything worth putting a bra on for," Ida Belle said. "Well," Gertie said, "in all fairness, that photo is probably the closest Beulah will ever get to male plumbing." "Are you kidding?" I said. "The Internet is full of male plumbing. It's like the Walmart of man parts. #Quote by Jana Deleon
Mcduffie Marine quotes by William Baldwin
#9. I always equate wrestling to having been in the Marine Corps. #Quote by William Baldwin
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Ann Kidd Taylor
#10. Assholes that commit crimes against marine life will commit them against people, too. #Quote by Ann Kidd Taylor
Mcduffie Marine quotes by David Zelder
#11. Rescuing Elena plunged him into the nightmare world of people trafficking and sex slavery.... but as an ex-Royal Marine, he could handle it #Quote by David Zelder
Mcduffie Marine quotes by George Nations
#12. The 5th Marine Division had suffered such severs casualties, they were able to bring our entire Division back to Hawaii in only 5 or 6 ships. We docked in Hilo and boarded a single train normally used to haul sugar cane to mill. These were open flat cars, the weather was beautiful, the scenery fantastic. As our train gets underway the Marines break out their Jap flags captured on Iwo Jima. There were hundreds of Jap flags flying from on end of the train to the other. This was a beautiful sight. The victors had returned home. I've never felt so proud to be a part of anything like this before in my life. There were no spectators, no one watching us, no crowd, no cheering, no band, only the remainder of a proud 5th Marine Division returning home. For some reason I preferred it this way, no one could understand our feelings at this time. #Quote by George Nations
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Henry Knox Sherrill
#13. O Eternal Father, we commend to Thy protection and care the members of the Marine Corps. Guide and direct them in the defense of our country and in the maintenance of justice among nations. Protect them in the hour of danger. Grant that wherever they serve they may be loyal to their high traditions and that at all times they may put their trust in Thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. #Quote by Henry Knox Sherrill
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Eric Kandel
#14. Rather than studying the most complex form of memory in a very complicated animal, we had to take the most simple form - an implicit form of memory - in a very simple animal. So I began to look around for very simple animals. And I focused in on the marine snail Aplysia. #Quote by Eric Kandel
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Catherine Bell
#15. I get letters from kids, teenagers and young girls who just want to be Mac. I've had quite a few people actually say that they're going to become a Marine or a JAG lawyer because of me ... the character. I think that's pretty cool! #Quote by Catherine Bell
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Dwayne McDuffie
#16. Johnny Quick: Did we save the world, then?

Batman: We did.

Johnny Quick: And all that rubbish about me being faster than Flash? You knew this was gonna happen. Good one, mate. #Quote by Dwayne McDuffie
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Daniel Pinkwater
#17. I mean
no offense, Leonard, but you really don't like to climb ropes, and get into the Marine Corps, and kill your countriy's enemies, do you?"
I said that it wasn't one of the big goals of my life.
"Well, maybe you'd like me to get you into this corrective gym class, where you can study toe dancing, and grow up to be a little Commie, sissy boy," Mr. Jerris said.
I told him I would like that just fine ... #Quote by Daniel Pinkwater
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#18. Too bad I don't want to be an actress. Or a reality TV-star or something,'Quinn said. 'This would be such a great opportunity.'
'Yes,' Mom said, regaining herself. ' It's a terrible shame you only want to be a marine biologist. I suppose it would be much more useful to have been asked out to dinner by a whale. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Fred Krupp
#19. Ocean energy can contribute a great deal toward the protection or our atmosphere - without damaging marine ecosystems that are equally vital to the planet's future. #Quote by Fred Krupp
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Charles Lyell
#20. It has long been a fact familiar to geologists, that, both on the east and west coasts of the central part of Scotland, there are lines of raised beaches, containing marine shells of the same species as those now inhabiting the neighbouring sea. #Quote by Charles Lyell
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Munia Khan
#21. Into the sea I'd love to sink
When with both eyes a shark can blink
Is he a brave fish or a marine man?
Through those closed eyelids my heart will he scan? #Quote by Munia Khan
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Nelson Mandela
#22. Isimangaliso must be the only place on the globe where the oldest land mammal (rhinoceros) and the world biggest terrestrial mammal (elephant) share an ecosystem with the world's oldest fish (coelacanth) and the world's biggest marine mammal (whale) #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Dwayne McDuffie
#23. I'm conscious of race whenever I'm writing, just as I'm conscious of class, religion, human psychology, politics - everything that makes up the human experience. I don't think I can do a good job if I'm not paying attention to what's meaningful to people, and in American culture, there isn't anything that informs human interaction more than the idea of race. #Quote by Dwayne McDuffie
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Diana Mankin Phelps
#24. I became a marine mom with the signing of a paper, but it would take a phone call, late one night, for me to fully absorb the impact this new title would have on my life. #Quote by Diana Mankin Phelps
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Michael Hudson
#25. We go forward with our heads held high, but look back and remember where we come from. #Quote by Michael Hudson
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Whitlow W.L. Au
#26. The slang "you ain't seen nothing yet" is completely apropos in regards to instrumentation for marine bioacoustics research. #Quote by Whitlow W.L. Au
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Phil Klay
#27. I ended up going to Dartmouth, and I did Marine Officer Candidate School during my junior summer. #Quote by Phil Klay
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Robert Harris
#28. I like to take people you wouldn't really think people would write novels about: an aqueduct engineer, a code-breaker, a hedge-fund manager. It's in those sorts of lives that I find more fascination than in a CIA operative or a Marine or something like that. #Quote by Robert Harris
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#29. The first time I ever played the trumpet in public, I played the Marine Hymn. I sounded terrible. #Quote by Wynton Marsalis
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Tom Holt
#30. All computers expect to be yelled at. There's not a single computer in the whole world that hasn't been sworn at. Even the discreet little VDU with the crossed keys monogram on the keyboard that sits on the Pope's desk in his office in the Vatican has in its time heard language that'd make a Marine blush. #Quote by Tom Holt
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Karen Russell
#31. Turn the lights of please, Ava, she whispered, and I remember her breath hot and rummy on our cheeks. To this day I think of rum as a marine smell; the scent of it on an adult's breath turned the world as small and dark as a boat hold. #Quote by Karen Russell
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Skeet Ulrich
#32. I had gone to school to study marine biology. #Quote by Skeet Ulrich
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#33. I've seen a Marine outfit storm a fortified hill in Korea with fewer men and less fire power than the mayor sent out to prevent this anticipated riot. Some 300 policemen blocked off roads leading to the campus and took up stations along the campus fence ... the crowd was orderly enough as the students started toward their dormitories. But the sight of the cops, with shotguns, carbines, tear gas and searchlights at the ready, seemed to enrage them. They started yelling "hey, boy," and other insulting things at the cops and a few rocks began to fly, and the cops, who were tense and jumpy, started shooting into the air. And this set off another barrage of bricks, rocks and bottles and the cops started shooting in earnest, at running figures on the campus, into the shadows and toward the rooftops of the buildings. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#34. The newspapers are the ruling power. Any other government is reduced to a few marines at Fort Independence. If a man neglects to read the Daily Times, government will go down on its knees to him, for this is the only treason these days. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Mcduffie Marine quotes by Jim Beaver
#35. While I was drying off Maddie after her bath tonight, she said, 'I love you' to me for the first time. It sounded like 'All lub boo,' but I didn't care. To reciprocate, I showed her what an ex-Marine looks like when he cries. #Quote by Jim Beaver

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