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Mc Fiction quotes by James Frey
#1. I'm writing books. They're still a mix of fact and fiction and will continue to be. I think it's an interesting place to work. #Quote by James Frey
Mc Fiction quotes by Thrity Umrigar
#2. Why worry, if today be sweet'? #Quote by Thrity Umrigar
Mc Fiction quotes by Stephen Whitfield
#3. No one can stop death, Omari. It is normal and certain. And nothing should get in the way of a person's true destiny. #Quote by Stephen Whitfield
Mc Fiction quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#4. What a writer can do, what a fiction writer or a poet or an essay writer can do is re-engage people with their own humanity. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Mc Fiction quotes by Stephen King
#5. There's two kinds of evil that horror fiction always deals with. One kind is the sort of evil that comes from inside people, like in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The other kind of evil is predestined evil. It falls on you like a stroke of lightning. That's the scary stuff, but, in a way, it's the stuff you don't have to worry about. I gotta worry whether or not I'm getting cavities. I gotta worry about whether cigarettes are giving me cancer. Those are things I can change. Don't give me lightning out of a clear sky. If that hits me I just say, "That's probably the way God meant it to be." #Quote by Stephen King
Mc Fiction quotes by Keith Meldahl
#6. Push up some mountains. Cut them down. Drown the land under the sea. Push up some more mountains. Cut them down. Push up a third set of mountains, and let the river cut through them. "Unconformity" is the geologic term for an old, eroded land surface buried under younger rock layers. Put your outspread hand over the Carlin Canyon, Nevada unconformity and your fingers span roughly forty million years- the time that it took to bevel down the first set of mountains and deposit the younger layers on top. What is forty million years? Enough time for a small predatory dinosaur to evolve into a bird. Enough time for a four-legged, deer-like mammal to evolve into a whale. And far more than enough time to turn an ape-like creature in eastern Africa into a big-brained biped who can marvel at such things. The Grand Canyon's Great Unconformity divides 1.7 billion-year-old rock from 550 million-year-old rock, a gap of more than one billion years. One billion years. I earn my salary studying the Earth and teaching its history, but I admit utter helplessness in comprehending such a span. A billion pages like those of this book would stack up more than forty miles. I had lived one bullion seconds a few days before my thirty-second birthday. A tape measure one billion inches long would stretch two-thirds of the way around the Earth. Such analogies hint at what deep time means- but they don't get us there. "The human mind may not have evolved enough to be able to comprehend deep time," John Mc #Quote by Keith Meldahl
Mc Fiction quotes by Robert Leuci
#7. Jon Land writes great fiction, and Betrayal reads like the best of it. The fact that it's true makes the story all the more riveting ... A sobering indictment of our law enforcement system and one man's relentless quest to see justice done. #Quote by Robert Leuci
Mc Fiction quotes by J. Kenner
#8. I imagine you taste like honey," Tyler murmured. "And when I slide my tongue between your legs, I'll lose myself in the sweetness of you. I want to watch your face as the orgasm builds inside you. I want to feel you tremble beneath me. And when you finally explode, I want to hold you in my arms and let my kisses pull you back together. #Quote by J. Kenner
Mc Fiction quotes by MC Yogi
#9. The moment I remember to breathe and connect to what's real, connect to love, get grounded, get present, then everything has a way of sort of falling into place. #Quote by MC Yogi
Mc Fiction quotes by Patricia Duncker
#10. They were from different generations, culture, nations. But even these things did not divide them so much as their separate conceptions of what it meant to be a woman. #Quote by Patricia Duncker
Mc Fiction quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#11. But I understood, now, that we don't live only for ourselves. We're connected by millions of shared experiences and dreams and nightmares, all tied together with compassion.
I learned that even when we're going through our darkest winter, spring is waiting to appear. #Quote by Laura Anderson Kurk
Mc Fiction quotes by Christopher Zeischegg
#12. I've put myself in a corner, so all I've got for her is fiction. #Quote by Christopher Zeischegg
Mc Fiction quotes by Amy Hatvany
#13. No, I thought. No way. I love her too much. I would never do that. And then again, those two words, her voice, exploding inside my head: "Tyler, wait! #Quote by Amy Hatvany
Mc Fiction quotes by James Erich
#14. 'Are our gods better than Olaf's god?'

Alfdis laughed. 'That's a silly question. Gods are gods. Our gods have been with us since the beginning of the world. We sacrifice to them, and they aid us when they see fit. Other people have their own gods and their own ways of dealing with them. That's their concern.' #Quote by James Erich
Mc Fiction quotes by Sunshine Rodgers
#15. His real name is A.J., but he is known in Heaven as Armor because of how resilient he is in his faith and how persistent he is with his prayers. #Quote by Sunshine Rodgers
Mc Fiction quotes by Brian A. McBride
#16. Am I your weakness?"
"Of course you are. #Quote by Brian A. McBride
Mc Fiction quotes by Andrew Cormier
#17. With timid curiosity, I asked, what do you mean the old bodies get reused? #Quote by Andrew Cormier
Mc Fiction quotes by Neal Stephenson
#18. The opening screen of T'Rain was a frank rip-off of what you saw when you booted up Google Earth. Richard felt no guilt about this since he had heard that Google Earth in turn was based on an idea from some old science fiction novel #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Mc Fiction quotes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
#19. As a mistress, death seemed lacking in many essentials. Therefore, I decided not to die. #Quote by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Mc Fiction quotes by Paul Theroux
#20. Everything is fiction. You only have your own life to work with in the way that a biographer only has the letters and journals to work with. #Quote by Paul Theroux
Mc Fiction quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#21. Many of the early greats of sf - Hugo Gernsback (publisher of Amazing Stories) in particular - saw themselves as educators. The didactic thrust of science fiction got the genre initially pegged as children's fare. It was seen, at its best, as an extension of school and, at its worst, as teenage wish fulfillment. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Mc Fiction quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#22. Evans made himself their spokesman. "Charlie and Joe," he offered. "Remember us? We brought a friend back with us this time." Girls evidently didn't count in this little subdivision of the underworld; a miscalculation many a shady character has made. #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Mc Fiction quotes by F. Sionil Jose
#23. Poetry, fiction as novels or short stories - these are autonomous as created by their authors. They should stand on their own, like pieces of furniture that should be judged as to their usefulness, elegance. #Quote by F. Sionil Jose
Mc Fiction quotes by Chaz Thompson
#24. Listen: Common sense doesn't mean what it used to mean.
-Matthias Chalmers, STAIRWAY2 HEAVEN #Quote by Chaz Thompson
Mc Fiction quotes by John Hockenberry
#25. The idea that humiliation is some capital crime of the spirit is a fiction. The sentences we hand down for losing control and succumbing to physical limits in life are arbitrary acts of self-loathing. All human beings have bodies that define their existence and which can veto the best-laid plans of the mind and soul. #Quote by John Hockenberry
Mc Fiction quotes by Jael McHenry
#26. There is something intriguing about knowing how things are going to turn out, but being constantly surprised about how they'll get there. #Quote by Jael McHenry
Mc Fiction quotes by Adrienne Maree Brown
#27. I believe that all organizing is science fiction - that we are shaping the future we long for and have not yet experienced. #Quote by Adrienne Maree Brown
Mc Fiction quotes by Carol K. Carr
#28. It is amazing what a woman can do if only she ignores what men tell her she can't. #Quote by Carol K. Carr
Mc Fiction quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#29. Seconds ebb and wane. She's not afraid of her voice anymore, but she's not entirely sure she trusts it. She's seen the damage caused with a single word. Right now, each one is a weapon, a conduit of war, and she won't just throw them out there all willy-nilly. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Mc Fiction quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#30. Whachoo want, white boy? Burn cream? A Band-Aid?
Then he raised his own enormous palms to me, brought them up real close so I could see them properly; the hideous constellation of water-filled blisters, angry red welts from grill marks, the old scars, the raw flesh where steam or hot fat had made the skin simply roll off. They looked like the claws of some monstrous science-fiction crustacean, knobby and calloused under wounds old and new. I watched, transfixed, as Tyrone - his eyes never leaving mine - reached slowly under the broiler and, with one naked hand, picked up a glowing-hot sizzle-platter, moved it over to the cutting board, and set it down in front of me.
He never flinched. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Mc Fiction quotes by Trevor Alan Foris
#31. ... aware that her hair is also bouncing... she too must have ringlets... struggling to control the movement of her crinoline petticoat under the heavy fabric of her skirts as it, too, bobs in time with her hair... #Quote by Trevor Alan Foris
Mc Fiction quotes by David Foster Wallace
#32. Of course, the fact that Dostoevsky can tell a juicy story isn't enough to make him great. If it were, Judith Krantz and John Grisham would be great fiction writers, and by any but the most commercial standards they're not even very good. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Mc Fiction quotes by Haruki Murakami
#33. Please do, however, allow me to deliver one very personal message. It is something that I always keep in mind while I am writing fiction. I have never gone so far as to write it on a piece of paper and paste it to the wall: Rather, it is carved into the wall of my mind, and it goes something like this:
"Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks against it, I will always stand on the side of the egg."
Yes, no matter how right the wall may be and how wrong the egg, I will stand with the egg. Someone else will have to decide what is right and what is wrong; perhaps time or history will decide. If there were a novelist who, for whatever reason, wrote works standing with the wall, of what value would such works be? #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Mc Fiction quotes by Robert Lutz
#34. Imminent GM bankruptcy was always fiction, created by Wall Street and the media. #Quote by Robert Lutz
Mc Fiction quotes by Nancy B. Brewer
#35. Like the magnolia tree,
She bends with the wind,
Trials and tribulation may weather her,
Yet, after the storm her beauty blooms,
See her standing there, like steel,
With her roots forever buried,
Deep in her Southern soil. #Quote by Nancy B. Brewer
Mc Fiction quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#36. They ordered punch. They drank it. It was hot rum punch. The pen falters when it attempts to treat of the excellence thereof; the sober vocabulary, the sparse epithet of this narrative, are inadequate to the task; and pompous term, jewelled, exotic phrases rise to the excited fancy. It warmed the blood and cleared the head; it filled the soul with well-being; it disposed the mind at once to utter wit, and to appreciate the wit of others; it had the vagueness of music and the precision of mathematics. Only one of its qualities was comparable to anything else; it had the warmth of a good heart; but its taste, its smell, its feel, were not to be described in words. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Mc Fiction quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#37. Unfortunately, to try to disconnect faith from vision is to do violence to the whole personality, and the whole personality participates in the act of writing. The tensions of being a Catholic novelist are probably never balanced for the writer until the Church becomes so much a part of his personality that he can forget about her - in the same sense that when he writes, he forgets about himself. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor

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