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Mbi Stock quotes by Vijay Kedia
#1. Chase the story behind the stock, not the money on the table. Money will make you rich, but the story will make you wealthy. #Quote by Vijay Kedia
Mbi Stock quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#2. And be it enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that when the said contributors shall have met and chosen their managers and treasurer, and shall have raised by their contributions a capital stock of - - value (the yearly interest of which is to be applied to the accommodating of the sick poor in the said hospital, free of charge for diet, attendance, advice, and medicines), and shall make the same appear to the satisfaction of the speaker of the Assembly for the time being, that then it shall and may be lawful for the said speaker, and he is hereby required, to sign an order on the provincial treasurer for the payment of two thousand pounds, in two yearly payments, to the treasurer of the said hospital, to be applied to the founding, building, and finishing of the same. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Mbi Stock quotes by David Malpass
#3. People's jobs are the biggest asset that they have. The net present value of your job is worth more than your house or your stock portfolio. As people decide whether they're going to buy a car, they're more concerned about whether they have a job and are likely to have a job next year. #Quote by David Malpass
Mbi Stock quotes by Julian Simon
#4. It is your mind that matters economically, as much or more than your mouth or hands. In the long run, the most important economic effect of population size and growth is the contribution of additional people to our stock of useful knowledge. And this contribution is large enough in the long run to overcome all the costs of population growth. #Quote by Julian Simon
Mbi Stock quotes by Margaret Atwood
#5. If the stock market exists, so must previous lives. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Mbi Stock quotes by Warren Buffett
#6. A hyperactive stock market is the pickpocket of enterprise. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Mbi Stock quotes by Niall Ferguson
#7. The Abyss. Globalization had many economic benefits but, as in our own times, the creation of a truly international economic network combined greater efficiency with greater fragility. In 1914 a highly optimized system crashed in what was, without doubt, the biggest financial collapse of all time. (Unlike in 1929 or in 2008, the world's major stock markets were forced to suspend trading for no less than five months.) #Quote by Niall Ferguson
Mbi Stock quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#9. Marx's original definition of "bourgeoisie" referred to ownership of the means of production. One of the characteristics of the modern world is that this form of property has become vastly democratized through stock ownership and pension plans. Even if one does not possess large amounts of capital, working in a managerial capacity or profession often grants one a very different kind of social status and outlook from a wage earner or low-skilled worker. #Quote by Francis Fukuyama
Mbi Stock quotes by Warren Buffett
#10. The (stock) market is there only as a reference point to see if anybody is offering to do anything foolish. When we invest in stocks, we invest in businesses. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Mbi Stock quotes by Deborah Meyler
#11. You know, what I've always done is take a look through a book, look at the paper stock, the printing, the publisher, the actual content, and, taking everything into account, I price it ... And now I can't. The fact that I can check this book ... - the fact that I can check this book on the Internet means that I have to check this book on the Internet. #Quote by Deborah Meyler
Mbi Stock quotes by Philip Roth
#12. You put too much stock in intelligence," Marcia teased him. "It doesn't annihilate human nature." "That's #Quote by Philip Roth
Mbi Stock quotes by H.G.Wells
#13. I believe that now and always the conscious selection of the best for reproduction will be impossible; that to propose it is to display a fundamental misunderstanding of what individuality implies. The way of nature has always been to slay the hindmost, and there is still no other way, unless we can prevent those who would become the hindmost being born. It is in the sterilization of failure, and not in the selection of successes for breeding, that the possibility of an improvement of the human stock lies. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Mbi Stock quotes by Jurgen Appelo
#14. Some people believe linking to Wikipedia is bad practice, but I disagree. I'd rather link directly to a topic that is continuously being improved than referring to part of a dead tree that is hard to obtain because it is either expensive or out of stock. #Quote by Jurgen Appelo
Mbi Stock quotes by Beth Brower
#15. Quincy and Fisher walked through all this in silence. Silence was the most common stock-in-trade between them, and the portfolio of their friendship was thick with it. So, without words, they stepped across the streets, their feet pressing the pavement with the same sounds, their toes turned just so; they knew what life was like at each other's side. Sometimes he would speak, or she would, small offerings on the altar of their joint survival. #Quote by Beth Brower
Mbi Stock quotes by Joshua Ferris
#16. He stood just inside the door and took stock. Everything in it had been taken for granted. How had that happened again? He had promised himself not to take anything for granted and now he couldn't recall the moment that promise had given way to the everyday. It was not likely one single moment. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Mbi Stock quotes by Jeff Bezos
#17. If you look at academic studies, you can see that stock prices are most closely correlated with cash flow. It's such a straightforward number. Cash flow is what will drive shareholder returns. #Quote by Jeff Bezos
Mbi Stock quotes by Benjamin Graham
#18. Although there are good and bad companies, there is no such thing as a good stock; there are only good stock prices, which come and go. #Quote by Benjamin Graham
Mbi Stock quotes by Suze Orman
#19. You want your diversified stock portfolio to include stocks from different industries, large companies, small companies, companies here in the United States, foreign companies, new companies, and old companies. #Quote by Suze Orman
Mbi Stock quotes by Kenneth Langone
#20. When then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sued me in 2003 over my stewardship as a director of the New York Stock Exchange, the NYSE's legal expenses were more than $100 million, which made it perhaps the priciest litigation in the state's history. #Quote by Kenneth Langone
Mbi Stock quotes by Peter Cundill
#21. The difference between the price we pay for a stock and its liquidation value gives us a margin of safety. This kind of investing is one of the most effective ways of achieving good long term results. #Quote by Peter Cundill
Mbi Stock quotes by Pierce Brown
#22. The Golden stock ... ," Mustang murmurs. "How can you be so cold?"
"Little girl," Antonia sighs, "Gold is a cold metal. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Mbi Stock quotes by Isaac Asimov
#23. However much the creationist leaders might hammer away at their scientific and philosophical points, they would be helpless and a laughing-stock if that were all they had. It is religion that recruits their squadrons. Tens of millions of Americans, who neither know nor understand the actual arguments for - of even against - evolution, march in the army of the night, their Bibles held high. And they are a strong and frightening force, impervious to, and immunized against, the feeble lance of mere reason. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Mbi Stock quotes by Italo Calvino
#24. Now the situation is different, I admit: I have a wristwatch, I compare the angle of its hands with the angle of all the hands I see; I have an engagement book where the hours of my business appointments are marked down; I have a chequebook on whose stubs I add and subtract numbers. At Penn Station I get off the train, I take the subway, I stand and grasp the strap with one hand to keep my balance while I hold the newspaper up in the other, folded so I can glance over the figures of the stock market quotations: I play the game, in other words, the game of pretending there's an order in the dust, a regularity in the system, or an interpretation of different systems, incongruous but still measurable, so that every graininess of disorder coincides with the faceting of an order which promptly crumbles. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Mbi Stock quotes by Mara Wilson
#25. If you're worried you have a psychosis, you probably don't, but even if you do, there's help for it. Fighting with anxiety makes it worse; instead, accept the anxiety, and it will become less scary. Take a moment to breathe and take stock of your surroundings. Remember what's real. Say, "This sucks, but it will pass." We aren't responsible for our thoughts, we are only responsible for what we do with them. Mental health care can and should be taken as seriously as physical health care. A diagnosis is not a bad thing. #Quote by Mara Wilson
Mbi Stock quotes by Benjamin Graham
#26. A great company is not a great investment if you pay too much for the stock. #Quote by Benjamin Graham
Mbi Stock quotes by Karl Marx
#27. On the basis of capitalist production, a new swindle with the wages of management develops in connection with joint-stock companies, in that, over and above the actual managing director, a number of governing and supervisory boards arise, for which management and supervision are in fact a mere pretext for the robbery of shareholders and their own enrichment. #Quote by Karl Marx
Mbi Stock quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#28. Poetry's task is to increase the available stock of reality, R P Blackmur said. #Quote by Jane Hirshfield
Mbi Stock quotes by Yanis Varoufakis
#29. By year's end, on 31 December, the New York stock exchange has lost more than 31 per cent of its total value since 1 January 2008. #Quote by Yanis Varoufakis
Mbi Stock quotes by William Voegeli
#30. Does affirmative action place minority students in colleges where they're likely to fail while depriving other applicants of the chance to attend the most challenging schools where they are capable of succeeding? Does rent control drive up the cost of housing, depriving property owners of the same opportunity to profit as any other investor while driving down the quality and quantity of the housing stock? Do minimum wage laws reduce the number of entry-level jobs, making it harder to escape from poverty? Because compassion, by its nature, subordinates doing good to feeling good, these are questions the warm-hearted rarely pursue. #Quote by William Voegeli
Mbi Stock quotes by Miranda Liasson
#31. she was a little on the loony side. She was a compulsive worrier, overprotective of her son to the nth degree, and should probably purchase stock in hand sanitizer companies for how often she used it. #Quote by Miranda Liasson
Mbi Stock quotes by Gregory Stock
#32. There is a pent-up demand from people who want to clone their dead children. #Quote by Gregory Stock
Mbi Stock quotes by Burton Malkiel
#33. Historically, the stock market is like a gambling casino with the odds in your favor. Over the long pull, stocks are given something like nine and a half to ten percent compounded per year. The banks have probably given you something in the order of four to five. #Quote by Burton Malkiel
Mbi Stock quotes by Sara Suleri
#34. Shahid has grown increasingly committed to the art of indignation, waking up in the morning with an expression of incipient disgust already in stock for all the affronts he will surely encounter during the course of the day. #Quote by Sara Suleri
Mbi Stock quotes by Margaret Case Harriman
#35. Here was a corporation behaving like a monster though the individuals who owned its stock were human cultivated men. A corporation has no soul. #Quote by Margaret Case Harriman
Mbi Stock quotes by Suze Orman
#36. I have a million dollars in the stock market, because if I lose a million dollars, I don't personally care. #Quote by Suze Orman
Mbi Stock quotes by Chief Joseph
#37. We gathered all the stock we could find, and made an attempt to move. We left many of our horses and cattle in Wallowa. We lost several hundred in crossing the river. #Quote by Chief Joseph
Mbi Stock quotes by William Shakespeare
#38. You should not have believ'd me, for virtue cannot so
inoculate our old stock but we shall relish of it. I lov'd you not. #Quote by William Shakespeare

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