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Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Nils Aslak Valkeapaa
#1. in the heart's rain
in the eye's fog
in the winter's smoky snow
in whirling snow
in storms
wind which wants to tear my coat off
legends stories
the blood red dawn of the mind
the warm spring between your thighs
the only haven #Quote by Nils Aslak Valkeapaa
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Lama Anagarika Govinda
#2. Just as a white summer cloud, in harmony with heaven and earth freely floats in the blue sky from horizon to horizon following the breath of the atmosphere – in the same way the pilgrim abandons himself to the breath of the greater life that… leads him beyond the farthest horizons to an aim which is already present within him, though yet hidden from his sight. #Quote by Lama Anagarika Govinda
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Russell Banks
#3. The metabolic rate of history is too fast for us to observe it. It's as if, attending to the day-long life cycle of a single mayfly, we lose sight of the species and its fate. At the same time, the metabolic rate of geology is too slow for us to perceive it, so that, from birth to death, it seems to us who are caught in the beat of our own individual human hearts that everything happening on this planet is what happens to us, personally, privately, secretly. We can stand at night on a high, cold plain and look out toward the scrabbled, snow-covered mountains in the west, the same in a suburb of Denver as outside a village in Baluchistan in Pakistan, and even though beneath our feet continent-sized chunks of earth grind inexorably against one another, go on driving one or the other continent down so as to rise up and over it, as if desiring to replace it on the map, we poke with our tongue for a piece of meat caught between two back teeth and think of sarcastic remarks we should have made to our brother-in-law at dinner. #Quote by Russell Banks
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#4. In my work I have chosen the positive approach. I never think of myself as protesting against something, but rather as witnessing for harmonious living. Those who witness for, present solutions. Those who witness against, usually do not - they dwell on what is wrong, resorting to judgment and criticism and sometimes even name-calling. Naturally, the negative approach has a detrimental effect on the person who uses it, while the positive approach has a good effect #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#5. This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#6. Knowing that all things contrary to God's laws are transient, let us avoid despair and radiate hope for a warless world. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#7. All right prayer has good effect, but if you give your whole life to the prayer you multiply its power ... No one really knows the full power of prayer. Of course, there is a relationship between prayer and action. Receptive prayer result in an inner receiving, which motivates to right action. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Evelyn Underhill
#8. Three deep cravings of the self, three great expressions of man's restlessness, which only mystic truth can fully satisfy. The first is the craving which makes him a pilgrim and a wanderer. It is the longing to go out from his normal world in search of a lost home, a 'better country'; an Eldorado, a Sarras, a Heavenly Syon. The next is the craving of heart for heart, of the Soul for its perfect mate, which makes him a lover. The third is the craving for inward purity and perfection, which makes him an ascetic, and in the last resort a saint. #Quote by Evelyn Underhill
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Shelly Thacker
#9. As I have said, milady, I mean to keep you safe, not harm you. And it is not my habit to force myself on unwilling maidens."
"Aye, pilgrim?" she asked dubiously. "Next you will tell me you are as chaste as a monk." She backed toward the door.
A grin slowly eased the hard line of his mouth. "I did not say that. #Quote by Shelly Thacker
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Oscar Straus
#10. The Jew is neither a newcomer nor an alien in this country or on this continent; his Americanism is as original and ancient as that of any race or people with the exception of the American Indian and other aborigines. He came in the caravels of Columbus, and he knocked at the gates of New Amsterdam only thirty-five years after the Pilgrim Fathers stepped ashore on Plymouth Rock. #Quote by Oscar Straus
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Bryan Lee O'Malley
#11. I've had a weird couple of weeks, you know?"
"I completely know".
"But I- I mean, I'm not totally happy, but there's no way I'd go back to my old obvious self! I like it here. I like all the ... confusion and heartbreak".
"It wasn't that bad ... was it?"
"Scott ... yes, it was. But I feel like I've learned some stuff along the way. I know things now". #Quote by Bryan Lee O'Malley
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by W.B.Yeats
#12. How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true;
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face. #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#13. People have had to make up for their spiritual impoverishment by accumulating material things. When spiritual blessings come, material blessings seem unimportant. As long as we desire material things this is all we receive, and we remain spiritually impoverished. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#14. If any influential nation had the great spiritual strength to lay down its arms and appear with clean hands before the world, the world would be changed. I see no evidence that any influential nations has such great spiritual strength and courage. Therefore disarmament will be a slow process, motivated by the wish to survive. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Carl Sagan
#15. Compared to a star, we are like mayflies, fleeting ephemeral creatures who live out their whole lives in the course of a single day. From the point of view of a mayfly, human beings are stolid, boring, almost entirely immovable, offering hardly a hint that they ever do anything. From the point of view of a star, a human being is a tiny flash, one of billions of brief lives flickering tenuously on the surface of a strangely cold, anomalously solid, exotically remote sphere of silicate and iron. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Ted Cruz
#16. I looked at the pilgrims coming to America. In their first year, they decided to try a communist experiment. And the first year of the pilgrims, they established this socialistic concept: 'Well, we have all this land before us - let us all work it together.' Oh, how wonderful it sounded. 'Let us all work it together, and we will share in the produce of the land.' They almost starved to death! Almost half of them died, that very first year. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Sheldon B. Kopp
#17. So it is that God tugs at a pilgrim's sleeve telling him to remember that he is only human. He must be his own man, remain in exile, and belong to himself. He must pay attention to his own feelings and to the meaning of what he does, if he is to be for himself, and yet for others as well. #Quote by Sheldon B. Kopp
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#18. Think about all the good things of your life. Never think about your difficulties. Forget yourself, and concentrate on being of service as much as you can in this world, and then, having lost your lower self in a cause greater than yourself, you will find your higher self: your real self. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by William Shakespeare
#19. Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Charlyne Yi
#20. I actually don't read comic books. I did when I was a kid - I used to read a lot of 'X-Men' comic books. I read a couple 'Scott Pilgrim' this past year, and those are really good, but I don't read in general, unfortunately. #Quote by Charlyne Yi
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Paulo Coelho
#21. This is for you,' he (the Alchemist) said, holding one of the parts (of gold) out to the monk. 'It's for your generosity to the pilgrims.'
'But this payment goes well beyond my generosity,' the monk responded.
'Don't say that again. Life might be listening, and give you less the next time. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Anonymous

Listen to me, O friend.

Be thou a yogi, a monk, a priest,
A devout lover of God,
A pilgrim searching for Happiness, Bathing in holy rivers,
Visiting sacred shrines,
The occasional worshipper of a day,
A great reader of books, Or a builder of many temples -
My love aches for thee.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved.

This vain struggle,
This long toil,
This ceaseless sorrow,
This changing pleasure,
This burning doubt,
This burden of life,
All these will cease, O friend -
My love aches for thee.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved.

Have I pilgrimage the earth,
Have I loved the reflections,
Have I chanted, singing in ecstasy,
Have I donned the robe,
Have I put on ashes,
Have I listened to the temple bells,
Have I grown old with study,
Have I searched,
Was I lost?
Yea, much have I known -
My love aches for thee.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved,

O friend,
Wouldst thou love the reflection,
If I can give thee the reality?
Throw away thy bells, thine incense,
Thy fears and thy gods,
Set aside thy systems, thy philosophies.
Put aside all these.
I know the way to the heart of the Beloved.

O friend,
The simple union is the best.

This is the way to the heart of the Beloved. #Quote by Anonymous
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Ruskin Bond
#23. Tungnath's lonely eminence gives it a magic of its own. To get there (or beyond), one passes through some of the most delightful temperate forest in the Garhwal Himalaya. Pilgrim, or trekker, or just plain rambler such as myself, one comes away a better person, forest-refreshed, and more aware of what the world was really like before mankind began to strip it bare. Duiri #Quote by Ruskin Bond
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by John Henry Newman
#24. The Pilgrim Queen
(A Song)

There sat a Lady
all on the ground,
Rays of the morning
circled her round,
Save thee, and hail to thee,
Gracious and Fair,
In the chill twilight
what wouldst thou there?

'Here I sit desolate,'
sweetly said she,
'Though I'm a queen,
and my name is Marie:
Robbers have rifled
my garden and store,
Foes they have stolen
my heir from my bower.

'They said they could keep Him
far better than I,
In a palace all His,
planted deep and raised high.
'Twas a palace of ice,
hard and cold as were they,
And when summer came,
it all melted away.

'Next would they barter Him,
Him the Supreme,
For the spice of the desert,
and gold of the stream;
And me they bid wander
in weeds and alone,
In this green merry land
which once was my own.'

I look'd on that Lady,
and out from her eyes
Came the deep glowing blue
of Italy's skies;
And she raised up her head
and she smiled, as a Queen
On the day of her crowning,
so bland and serene.

'A moment,' she said,
'and the dead shall revive;
The giants are failing,
the Saints are alive;
I am coming to rescue
my home and my reign,
And Peter and Philip
are close in my train. #Quote by John Henry Newman
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#25. The world is like a mirror; if you smile at it, it smiles at you. I love to smile, and so in general, I definitely receive smiles in return. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#26. I'm going to lose weight for you," she [Valencia Merble] said.
"I'm going to go on a diet. I'm going to become beautiful for you."
"I like you just the way you are."
"Do you really?"
"Really," said Billy Pilgrim. He had already seen a lot of their marriage, thanks to time-travel, and knew that it was going to be at least bearable all the way. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Wilma Mankiller
#27. A significant number of people believe tribal people still live and dress as they did 300 years ago. During my tenure as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, national news agencies requesting interviews sometimes asked if they could film a tribal dance or if I would wear traditional tribal clothing for the interview. I doubt they asked the president of the United States to dress like a pilgrim for an interview. #Quote by Wilma Mankiller
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#28. I deal with spiritual truth which should never be sold and need never be bought. When you are ready it will be given. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#29. May God bless and guide us on path of light in Jesus Name. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#30. I have never met anyone who built a bomb shelter and felt protected by it. I have never met a modern military man who did not realize that military victory is a concept which became obsolete with the coming of the nuclear age, and most civilians realize this also. Wisdom demands that we stop preparing to wage a war which would eliminate mankind - and start preparing to eliminate the seeds of war. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#31. People allow themselves to be slaves of their bad habits and society's bad habits - but they have free will, and if they wish to be free they can. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#32. I also made two very important discoveries as time went on. In the first place, I discovered that making money was easy. I had been led to believe that money and possessions would insure me a life of happiness and peace of mind. So that was the path I pursued. In the second place, I discovered that making money and spending it foolishly was completely meaningless. I knew that this was not what I was here for, but at that time I didn't know exactly what I was here for. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#33. If you are harboring the slightest bitterness toward anyone, or any unkind thoughts of any sort whatever, you must get rid of them quickly. They are not hurting anyone but you. It isn't enough just to do right things and say right things - you must also think right things before your life can come into harmony. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#34. The pain and suffering that comes to us has a purpose in our lives-it is trying to teach us something. We should look for its lesson. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Matthew Neill Null
#35. {W}hy did she go into the field? A twinge of pleasure, of knowledge. Her dad would pull over to the side of a bridge, and they would watch from above, before he slipped down the bank to catch them. She was charmed by the motions of trout. How they take their forms from the pressures of another world, the cold forge of water. Their drift, their mystery, the way they turn and let the current take them, take them, with passive grace. They turn again, tumbling like leaves, then straighten with mouths pointing upstream, to better sip a mayfly, to root up nymphs, to watch for the flash of a heron's bill. The current always trues them, like compass needles. When she watches them, she feels wise. #Quote by Matthew Neill Null
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Margaret Feinberg
#36. As we come to the end of ourselves, we open the door to discovering the One who created us anew. The One who can whisper to us who we really are as we pilgrim toward our truest and deepest selves. #Quote by Margaret Feinberg
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Augustus Washington
#37. I know this was the soil on which I was born: but I have nothing to glorify this as my country. I have no pride of ancestry to point back to. Our forefathers did not come here as did the Pilgrim fathers, in search of a place where they could enjoy civil and religious liberties. #Quote by Augustus Washington
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Ismail Kadare
#38. His suspicion that he was not going in the right direction tortmented him more and more. At last he had the conviction that he would never go anywhere but in the wrong direction, to the very end of the handful of days that was left to him, unhappy moonstruck pilgrim, whose April was to be cut off short. #Quote by Ismail Kadare
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#39. In this manner the Church proceeds on its pilgrim way in this world, in these evil days. Its troubled course began not merely in the time of the bodily presence of Christ and the time of his apostles; it started with Abel himself, the first righteous man slain by an ungodly brother; and the pilgrimage goes on from that time right up to the end of history, with the persecutions of the world on one side, and on the other the consolations of God. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Edith Sitwell
#40. The busy chatter of the heat Shrilled like a parakeet; And shuddering at the noonday light The dust lay dead and white As powder on a mummy's face, Or fawned with simian grace Round booths with many a hard bright toy And wooden brittle joy: The cap and bells of Time the Clown That, jangling, whistled down Young cherubs hidden in the guise Of every bird that flies; And star-bright masks for youth to wear, Lest any dream that fare Bright pilgrim past our ken, should see Hints of Reality. #Quote by Edith Sitwell
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#41. Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#42. I feel a complete protection on my pilgrimage. God is my shield. There are no accidents in the Divine Plan nor does God leave us unattended. No one walks so safely as those who walk humbly and harmlessly with great love and great faith. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Mayfly And Pilgrim quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#43. HERE IS HOW Billy Pilgrim lost his wife, Valencia. He was unconscious in the hospital in Vermont, after the airplane crashed on Sugarbush Mountain, and Valencia, having heard about the crash, was driving from Ilium to the hospital in the family Cadillac El Dorado Coupe de Ville. Valencia was hysterical, because she had been told frankly that Billy might die, #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut

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