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Maurois Marriage quotes by Agatha Christie
#1. There is too much talk about sex, too much attention is paid to it. I do not mean that anything about sex is wrong. That is nonsense. But sex cannot take the place of love, it goes with love but it cannot succeed by itself. To love means the words of the marriage service. For better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. That is what you take on if you love and wish to marry. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Maurois Marriage quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#2. I remember one desolate Sunday night, wondering: Is this how I´m going to spend the rest of my life? Marrid to someone who is perpetually distracted and somewhat wistful, as though a marvelous party is going on in the next room, which but for me he could be attending? #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Maurois Marriage quotes by Sylvia Plath
#3. A man's world is different from a woman's world and a man's emotions are different from a woman's emotions and only marriage can bring the two different sets of emotions together properly. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Maurois Marriage quotes by Josie Litton
#5. What had she told the priest?
Hawk had said their holy man could not perform the wedding unless he was sure the bride was willing. Had there ever been one less so?
Her eyes were downcast, she would not meet his gaze no matter how fiercely he willed her to do so. But the priest was smiling. He nodded to Dragon even as he addressed Hawk.
"Ah,well,now that is taken care of. We will proceed as you wish, my lords."
"Immediately then," Hawk said. He did a decent enough job of hiding his relief but Dragon wasn't fooled. Until that moment, not even the Lord of Essex had been sure the marriage would take place.
Krysta appeared at Rycca's side. She spoke to her softly, distracting her as she guided her to a small room off the great hall. There the bride would wait while the guests, her scowling family, and one stern-faced groom assembled in the chapel. #Quote by Josie Litton
Maurois Marriage quotes by Becky Freeman
#6. Is there stop 'n' go counseling for couples on the run? #Quote by Becky Freeman
Maurois Marriage quotes by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
#7. Now, Woolf calls her fictional bastion of male privilege Oxbridge, so I'll call mine Yarvard. Even though she cannot attend Yarvard because she is a woman, Judith cheerfully applies for admission at, let's call it, Smithcliff, a prestigious women's college. She is denied admission on the grounds that
the dorms and classrooms can't
accommodate wheelchairs, that her speech pattern would interfere with her elocution lessons, and that her presence would upset the other students. There is also the suggestion that she is not good marriage material for the men at the elite college to which Smithcliff is a bride-supplying "sister school." The letter inquires as to why she hasn't been institutionalized.
When she goes to the administration building to protest the decision, she can't get up the flight of marble steps on the Greek Revival building. This edifice was designed to evoke a connection to the Classical world, which practiced infanticide of disabled newborns. #Quote by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Maurois Marriage quotes by Darrel Ray
#8. The younger a religious person is when she gets married, the less she understands and knows about her sexuality. Add to this the incredible fear of talking about sexual fantasies, masturbation, experimentation and pornography, and a young adult enters a marriage with a serious handicap that can inhibit sexual development for life.
Such people have no template for communication except through their guilt-based training. #Quote by Darrel Ray
Maurois Marriage quotes by Andrew Cuomo
#9. Marriage equality changed life for people. #Quote by Andrew Cuomo
Maurois Marriage quotes by Andre Maurois
#10. A great writer has a high respect for values. His essential function is to raise life to the dignity of thought, and this he does by giving it a shape. #Quote by Andre Maurois
Maurois Marriage quotes by Deeanne Gist
#11. Tillie studied her mother's face. The face which had seen thirty-seven years of life. Twenty-one years of marriage. The birth of ten babies. The death of one. #Quote by Deeanne Gist
Maurois Marriage quotes by Zsa Zsa Gabor
#12. I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house. #Quote by Zsa Zsa Gabor
Maurois Marriage quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#13. You bastard," she gasped.

"No, Mamá insists I am born of a marriage," he protested and claimed a hot, wet kiss, pulling her under his spell again. #Quote by Cherise Sinclair
Maurois Marriage quotes by Joseph Cook
#14. Until we have a natural, that is, a conscientious world, it cannot be known by experience what natural law will do for the gratification of a supreme affection; but, if you will give me that world, there will be in it very few not called to marriage, provided society allows proper opportunities for acquaintance between marriageable persons. #Quote by Joseph Cook
Maurois Marriage quotes by Iris Murdoch
#15. Writing is like getting married. One should never commit oneself until one is amazed at one's luck. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Maurois Marriage quotes by Sharon Lathan
#16. I always sleep well, dearest, except for when your hot body smothers me completely!"
Darcy grinned. "Forgive me. Even sub- consciously I must be near you. I have no control over the matter. Tea and a scone?"
"Yes, please." She sat, tucking her feet under her. "No need to apologize, William. I simply elbow you hard and you roll away, temporarily at least. Come winter you can re- pay the treatment when I slip my frozen feet between your thighs. #Quote by Sharon Lathan
Maurois Marriage quotes by Gary L. Thomas
#17. Contempt is born when we fixate on our spouse's weaknesses. Every spouse has these sore points. If you want to find them, without a doubt you will. If you want to obsess about them, they'll grow – but you won't!

Jesus provides a remedy that is stunning in its simplicity yet foreboding in its difficulty. He tells us to take the plank out of our own eye before we try to remove the speck from our neighbor's eye (see Matthew 7:3–5).

If you're thinking "but my spouse is the one who has the plank," allow me to let you in on a secret: You're exactly the type of person Jesus is talking to. You're the one He wanted to challenge with these words. Jesus isn't helping us resolve legal matters here; He's urging us to adopt humble spirits. He wants us to cast off the contempt – to have contempt for the contempt – and learn the spiritual secret of respect.

Consider the type of people Jesus loved in the days He walked on earth – Judas (the betrayer); the woman at the well (a sexual libertine); Zacchaeus (the conniving financial cheat); and many others like them. In spite of the fact that Jesus was without sin and these people were very much steeped in sin, Jesus still honored them. He washed Judas's feet; He spent time talking respectfully to the woman at the well; He went to Zacchaeus's house for dinner. Jesus, the only perfect human being to live on this earth, moved toward sinful people; He asks us to do the same, beginning with the one closest to us – our #Quote by Gary L. Thomas
Maurois Marriage quotes by Lynn Coady
#18. No matter how committed a marriage, there will always be other people - those we have chemistry with and those we don't, those we are attracted to, and those who shop for functional outdoors wear. The sooner a couple can accept the existence of the former and exchange a few basic reassurances concerning them, the easier life gets. #Quote by Lynn Coady
Maurois Marriage quotes by Anonymous
#19. In what might come as a surprise to religious conservatives and other proponents of early marriage, Mintz reports that apart from the period following World War II, most Americans did not wed until their mid- or even late 20s or early 30s. #Quote by Anonymous
Maurois Marriage quotes by Caitlin Moran
#20. Or perhaps we should just junk the whole idea of getting
married in the first place. I'm generally against anything where
you're supposed to change your name. When else do you get
named something else? On joining a nunnery, or becoming a porn
star. As an ostensibly joyful celebration of love, that's bad company
to be in. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Maurois Marriage quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#21. Listen well," he said when he could finally trust himself to speak. "Before this conversation began, I was fully determined to make her my wife. But were it possible to increase my resolve, your words just now would have done it. Do not doubt me when I say that Lillian Bowman is the only woman on this earth whom I would ever consider marrying. Her children will be my heirs, or else the Marsden line stops with me. From now on my overriding concern is her well-being. Any word, gesture, or action that threatens her happiness will meet with the worst consequences imaginable. You will never give her cause to believe that you are anything but pleased by our marriage. The first word I hear to the contrary will earn you a very long carriage ride away from the estate. Away from England. Permanently. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Maurois Marriage quotes by John Webster
#22. If all my royal kindred
Lay in my way unto this marriage,
I'ld make them my low foot-steps #Quote by John Webster
Maurois Marriage quotes by Colin Powell
#23. In terms of the legal matter of creating a contract between two people that's called marriage, and allowing them to live together with the protection of law, it seems to me is the way we should be moving in this country. #Quote by Colin Powell
Maurois Marriage quotes by Tori Amos
#24. A key to keeping your husband is getting him to miss you. That keeps a marriage fresh. #Quote by Tori Amos
Maurois Marriage quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
#25. Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. #Quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Maurois Marriage quotes by Harold Bell Wright
#26. And it was no shame to her that she so dreamed. It was no shame that she called before her, one by one, those who had asked her to cross with them the threshold (of marriage) and those who might still ask her. It was no shame that, while her heart said always, "no," she still waited - waited for one whom she knew not, but only knew that she would know him when he came. And it was no shame to her that, even while this was so, she saw herself in the years to come a wife and mother. #Quote by Harold Bell Wright
Maurois Marriage quotes by Mae West
#27. Marriage is like a book. The whole story takes place between the covers. #Quote by Mae West
Maurois Marriage quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#28. Husband and wives are never completely honest with each other - no marriage could survive it. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Maurois Marriage quotes by R.A. Mathis
#29. The difference between the right spouse and the wrong spouse is the difference between a soul mate and a cell mate. #Quote by R.A. Mathis
Maurois Marriage quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#30. As she slipped back into the house, Travis mumbled, "It's about time." Everett Hayes had the gall to wink at him. "Better get used to it, Archer. Things are never the same after you install a woman in your house." "That is true," the parson said as he pushed up out of his chair, his expression slightly censorious as he glanced at Everett. "But if the Lord is installed, as well, the changes can bring blessing to a man." He shifted his attention and peered at Travis. "Marriage is a sacred union, son, and not something to dread. As Ecclesiastes says, 'Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. . . . A threefold cord is not quickly broken.' Keep God woven into your relationship and this union will make you stronger. But if you treat it as a burden, it will become one. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Maurois Marriage quotes by Jennifer Ashley
#31. Why is she so stubborn? And disobedient?" Cameron barked a laugh. "Because Mackenzies always choose headstrong women. You didn't really expect her to obey you, did you? No matter what the marriage vows say? #Quote by Jennifer Ashley
Maurois Marriage quotes by Barack Obama
#32. Who cares if it's a campaign strategy, and who are other people to say it's ridiculous? I'm not gay, but I strongly support gay marriage. What if someone told you you couldn't marry the one you love? I think it's about time! Let people who love each other that are the same sex get married. They deserve the right to be happy also. #Quote by Barack Obama
Maurois Marriage quotes by Jennifer Echols
#33. Everett Walsh!" Chloe exclaimed. I fell off the bed laughing.
Liz folded her arms and tried to scowl at us, but I could tell she was having a hard time keeping a straight face. "What's wrong with Everett Walsh?" she sputtered."I didn't know when she wrote this in seventh grade that Hayden would hook up with him later.I saw him first."
"He's so straitlaced," Chloe said. "Not exactly the ideal hero of a romance."
"Watch out for his mama," I advised Liz.
"I was answering the question you asked," Liz told Chloe self-righteously. "If your family threatened you with an arranged marriage in the 1800s,you'd want someone on your side who was very mature and organized,who could approach the situation logically and help you out of it.In the 1800s, Everett Walsh would have been a barrister.He'd be perfect for the job."
"I'd rather have the evil viscount," I said. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Maurois Marriage quotes by Sherry Thomas
#34. With your penchant for diminishing a man to little more than a shell of his former manhood, it never ceases to amaze me that you managed to receive all the proposals you did."
"It's my décolletage - when gentlemen stare at my bosom, they don't hear a word I say. I strongly believe that if trees sprouted breasts tomorrow, they would soon be wearing wedding rings. #Quote by Sherry Thomas
Maurois Marriage quotes by Georgette Heyer
#35. Has no one ever told you that it is the height of impropriety to kiss any gentleman, unless you have the intention of accompanying him immediately to the altar? #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Maurois Marriage quotes by David Whyte
#36. Jane Austen never did marry. Why doesthat statement call for such reflexive pity? It carries a diferent meaning if we follow it up: Jane Austen never did marry, and therefore she was given the time and perspective to produce books as well-written as those by anyone who ever lived.
-David Whyte #Quote by David Whyte
Maurois Marriage quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#37. Marriage.
Aliens in Vegas.
The freaking world was coming to an end. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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