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Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Neneh Cherry
#1. I've always worked with my partner, my husband, Cameron, since 'Raw Like Sushi,' and in a way, I feel very free with what I do, but he also has an amazing insight in having intuitions that tend to be right a lot of the time, about where we should go next. #Quote by Neneh Cherry
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Christina Lauren
#2. Totally serious. I want to be the only guy who fucks you against windows, and also the first person you see in the morning-from where you lie, having stolen my pillow. I'd also like to be the person who gets you lime Popsicles when you've had bad sushi. We only have a few months left where it's potentially complicated. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Melissa Jensen
#3. I don't like this," he complained. He'd been complaining since I'd scooted off the chaise ten minutes earlier, leaving him on it.
"Just a little longer.I know it's not your sofa, but it's not that bad."
He grimaced. "It smells like wet dog. But what I meant was that I don't think I like posing. How do I know you're not going to give me a beer gut or a third eye?"
"I've always thought a third eye would be pretty useful." I pictured the Indian miniature art Cat Vernon had introduced me to and imagined Alex blue, with multiple arms. It was, probably, just what he expected. "And in what universe would there be an even remotely compelling reason for me to give you any sort of gut whatsoever? You're gonna have to trust me, Sushi Boy. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Elle Fanning
#4. I'm a big fish eater. Salmon - I love salmon. My sister loves Chinese food and sushi and all that. I'm not as big of a fan, but she likes it so we eat it a lot. So I'm beginning to like it more. I don't like the raw sushi. I liked the cooked crab and lobster and everything. #Quote by Elle Fanning
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Yotam Ottolenghi
#5. Some days, just occasionally, when I've had just one too many chickpeas, drizzles of olive oil or chunks of feta, I crave a return to the sushi-filled joints of Tokyo. #Quote by Yotam Ottolenghi
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Chelsea Handler
#6. Paris Hilton is one of the hosts for Nicole Richie's baby shower, and they're serving sushi. Awesome, Paris - sushi, the one thing pregnant women are forbidden to eat. Thanks for the mercury. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Masa Takayama
#7. In Japanese sushi restaurants, a lot of sushi chefs talk too much. #Quote by Masa Takayama
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#8. It's a parade of flawless tuna deliciousness! But by far, the most dangerous piece... is the one that looks like a bomb of pure tuna goodness, the straw-grilled, seared noten sushi!
The noten- a cut of meat from the top of the tuna's head- is one of the priciest cuts. Extravagantly fatty, its richness melds with the fragrant searing into a powerful duo! Yet there isn't the first hint of fishiness! Searing it using aromatic straw burned it away, leaving only pure savory flavor behind to please both nose and palate!"
"His Trace was dead-on. Looks like it really will be his arrangements on that Gunkan Maki that decide this card."
"I can't even begin to guess what it tastes like."
What's this on top of the minced tuna and leeks?! Is it... meringue?!
"Aah! Now I see! I know what Subaru Mimasaka took out at that moment! It was the same smoked soy sauce he passed to Kuga!"
The mellow, full-bodied aroma of smoked soy sauce has seeped into every crevice of the minced tuna...
... while the differing textures of the meringue and the negitoro create deeper, more complex layers to the flavor!
If I were to name it, I would call it the "Ultimate Negitoro Eggs-over-Rice Gunkan Sushi"! Minced tuna rib meat mixed with leeks and smoked soy sauce, topped with quail-egg yolk #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Ree Drummond
#9. In the meantime, I tried my best to acclimate to my new life in the middle of nowhere. I had to get used to the fact that I lived twenty miles from the nearest grocery store. That I couldn't just run next door when I ran out of eggs. That there was no such thing as sushi. Not that it would matter, anyway. No cowboy on the ranch would touch it. That's bait, they'd say, laughing at any city person who would convince themselves that such a food was tasty. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Ryu Murakami
#10. People always talk about the health benefits of Japanese food,' he said, 'but I'm fascinated by other aspects of the Japanese dining experience. Like the whole system of serving food at a counter like this, with the customers all facing the same direction, instead of each other. It's strange when you think about it. At a sushi bar, for example, everyone's facing the itamae-san, and you discuss the things you're eating – what type of squid this is, and where they're caught, and how this is the season for them but they'll only be at their best for another couple of weeks, and so on. Discussing the food with the chef even as you eat it – that's a peculiar system.'

'I suppose it is, isn't it? I don't go to sushi restaurants very often – they're so expensive – and I could probably count the number of times I've sat at the counter, but I know what you mean. There's something about that atmosphere.'

'At its worst, it's almost an atmosphere of collusion.'


'Everyone at the counter becomes a member of the group. In some sushi bars, all the customers are regulars and they all know each other. As an outsider, you need courage to walk into a place like that and take a seat. It's a tight-knit little community, and harmony is of the utmost importance. Nobody's confronting anyone else individually. The conversation all proceeds through the chef, who's like a moderator or a master of ceremonies. You couldn't spend some quiet time with a #Quote by Ryu Murakami
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Joel Stein
#11. I love sushi, but I'm not going to write a column about it. #Quote by Joel Stein
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Christine Teigen
#12. I love eating sushi and eating raw and clean - no pasta and bread. Low carbs is what works for me. #Quote by Christine Teigen
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#13. I've sat in sushi bars, really fine ones, and I know how hard this guy worked, how proud he is. I know you don't need sauce. I know he doesn't even want you to pour sauce. And I've seen customers come in and do that, and I've seen him, as stoic as he tries to remain, I've seen him die a little inside. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Terry Pratchett
#14. The Kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Masaharu Morimoto
#15. Right after I graduated high school, I joined a sushi restaurant to learn how to make Japanese food. And then spent seven years. Then that time - that's enough. Then sushi restaurant - butchering fish and they make your body smell like fishy. #Quote by Masaharu Morimoto
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Nobu Matsuhisa
#16. When I was 11 or 12 - a young boy in Japan - one of my older brothers took me to a sushi restaurant. I had never been to one, and it was very memorable. Back then, sushi was expensive and hard to come by, not like today, when there's a sushi restaurant on every street corner and you can buy it in supermarkets. #Quote by Nobu Matsuhisa
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Shawn Johnson
#17. I love lean meats like chicken, turkey. I'm obsessed with sushi and fish in general. I eat a lot of veggies and hummus. #Quote by Shawn Johnson
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#18. But more than that, what's up with this rice?! It's mellow and mild, without the first hint of any vinegary tang!
This isn't your normal sushi rice!"
"Exactly! For this recipe, I used red vinegar.
The vinegar used in sushi rice is typically rice vinegar made from a blend of rice and wheat or corn that is fermented. But red vinegar is made from fermented sake lees!
By the time Edomae sushi- sushi as we know it today- first became popular in the 1820s, red vinegar was already a condiment...
But since the brewing and aging process can take up to five or six years, it has become a luxury vinegar in the present day
Isn't that right, Senpai?!"
"You are correct!"
Oh, I get it! Because of how it's made, red vinegar has less sugar and a mellower flavor! Plus, mixing it with rice won't make the rice as tough, leaving the finished sushi rice soft and fluffy!
But that also makes balancing the flavors of the sushi rice and its toppings a much more delicate task. #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Neal Stephenson
#19. Hiro and Y.T. have eaten a lot of junk food together in different joints all
over L.A. -- doughnuts, burritos, pizza, sushi, you name it -- and all Y.T. ever
talks about is her mother and the terrible job that she has with the Feds. The
regimentation. The lie-detector tests. The fact that for all the work she
does, she really has no idea what it is that the government is really working
It's always been a mystery to Hiro, too, but then, that's how the government is.
It was invented to do stuff that private enterprise doesn't bother with, which
means that there's probably no reason for it; you never know what they're doing
or why. Hackers have traditionally looked upon the government's coding
sweatshops with horror and just tried to forget that all of that shit ever
But they have thousands of programmers. The programmers work twelve hours a day
out of some twisted sense of personal loyalty. Their software-engineering
techniques, while cruel and ugly, are very sophisticated. They must have been
up to something. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Ryan Adams
#20. You could eat sushi off my bookshelf. My cleaning regime is like a battleground. I'm Genghis Khan and my cleaning products are my Mongolian army and I take no prisoners. The rest of my life is an experiment in chaos so I like to keep my flat neat. #Quote by Ryan Adams
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by David Sax
#21. Think of the sushi trend that started in the '80s. It was as much about the Nintendo entertainment system in your living room as it was about the availability of good-quality raw fish. The Japanese food trend rose as the world of Japanese business and culture was becoming a bigger part of American life. #Quote by David Sax
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Dennis Crowley
#22. Asking Siri where the nearest sushi bar is - that's not interesting. What's interesting is asking your phone where one of your friends have last had dinner in the neighborhood, or having it recommend a cool paella place in Barcelona because it knows you eat paella all the time at home. #Quote by Dennis Crowley
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Graham Norton
#23. A good rule to remember for life is that when it comes to plastic surgery and sushi, never be attracted by a bargain. #Quote by Graham Norton
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Gordon Korman
#24. Hey, things like that happen at the Academy too," I insisted, almost triumphantly. "Last year the freezers failed so there was no ice for" - the wind went out of my sails as I realized how lame this was going to sound - "the sushi bar." He nodded sympathetically. "You guys should get T-shirts made. You know: I Survived the Sushi Crisis. #Quote by Gordon Korman
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Bella Hadid
#25. I literally order sushi, watch 'Law & Order,' and go to sleep at 9 o'clock every night. I'm a grandmother. #Quote by Bella Hadid
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Ree Drummond
#26. At times the differences concerned me. Could I ever be with a man who'd never, in his entire life, eaten sushi? Could I, a former vegetarian, conceivably spend the rest of my life with a man who ate red meat at every meal? I'd never thought about it before. And, most concerning, could I ever--in a million years--live so far out in the country that I'd have to traverse five miles of gravel road to reach my house?
The Magic 8-Ball in my head revealed its answer: OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Chelsea Handler
#27. It always freaks me out when I go to a sushi place and there's a Mexican. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Joe Bageant
#28. Somewhere in between are the rest of us natives, in whom such change revives long-buried anger at those faraway people who seem to govern the world: city people, educated city people who win and control while the rest of us work and lose. Snort at the proposition if you want, but that was the view I grew up with, and it still is quite prevalent, though not so open as in those days. These are the sentiments the fearful rich and the Republicans capitalize on in order to kick liberal asses in elections.

The Democrats' 2006 midterm gains should not fool anyone into thinking that these feelings are not still out here in this heartland that has so rapidly become suburbanized. It is still politically profitable to cast matters as a battle between the slick people, liberals all, and the regular Joes, people who like white bread and Hamburger Helper and "normal" beer. When you are looking around you in the big cities at all those people, it's hard to understand that there are just as many out here who never will taste sushi or, in all likelihood, fly on an airplane other than when we are flown to boot camp, compliments of Uncle Sam. Only 20 percent of Americans have ever owned a passport. To the working people I grew up with, sophistication of any and all types, and especially urbanity, is suspect. Hell, those city people have never even fired a gun. Then again, who would ever trust Jerry Seinfeld or Dennis Kucinich or Hillary Clinton with a gun? At least Dick Cheney hunts, #Quote by Joe Bageant
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Julie Klausner
#29. Women who work for escort agencies that assign them out to prostitution dates at sushi restaurants know how to eat with chopsticks, and beyond that they are in every other way identical to other prostitutes. They're not better looking; they're not smarter; they're not classier; they're not more charming. They probably give more blowjobs than any reasonable woman, right? And they are empty inside, but it's also society's fault. #Quote by Julie Klausner
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Nobu Matsuhisa
#30. With sushi, it is all about balance. Sometimes they cut the fish too thick, sometimes too thin. Often the rice is overcooked or undercooked. Not enough rice vinegar or too much. #Quote by Nobu Matsuhisa
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Francesca Zappia
#31. When we get to the restaurant, the glowing sign above the door says SUSHI.

"Is this minimalist, or could they not think of a name?"

"I . . . don't know," Wallace admits. It's nice to hear his voice again. "Honestly, it could be either one. #Quote by Francesca Zappia
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Michael Grant
#32. And yes, we do have some food. Maybe you'd like to join us? Unless you want to stick with your sheep sushi. #Quote by Michael Grant
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Carly Rae Jepsen
#33. One of my favorite things to make is homemade sushi. I know how to make the rolls and it's really fun to do. #Quote by Carly Rae Jepsen
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Billy Horschel
#34. I don't discriminate against sushi. It's all good in my book. #Quote by Billy Horschel
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#35. Jiro Ono serves Edo-style traditional sushi, the same 20 or 30 pieces he's been making his whole life, and he's still unsatisfied with the quality and every day wakes up and trains to make the best. And that is as close to a religious experience in food as one is likely to get. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Neil Gaiman
#36. The best thing about doing a signing tour is that numbers become faces. I got to sign books for six or seven thousand people, all of whom were dreadfully nice. Everything else, the interviews, the hotels, the plane travel, the best-seller lists, even the sushi, gets old awfully fast. Well, maybe not the sushi. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Ree Drummond
#37. But before my eyes, in a matter of a few short months, sushi had metamorphosed into steak, and nightclubs had changed into the front porch of Marlboro Man's quiet house in the country. I hadn't felt the reverb of a thumping club beat in months and months. My nervous system had never known such calm.
That is, until Marlboro Man called one morning that August with his simple request: "My cousin Kim is getting married next weekend," he said. "Can you come?"
An uncomfortable wave washed over my body.
"You there?" he asked. I'd paused longer than I'd intended.
"Yeah…I'm here," I replied. "But, um…will I…will I have to meet anyone?"
Marlboro Man laughed. The answer, obviously, was yes. Yes, I'd have to meet "anyone." In fact, I'd have to meet everyone: everyone in his extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends; and his family, by all accounts, was large. We'd talked about our families before, and he knew good and well that I had all of three cousins. Three. He, on the other hand, had fifty. He knew how intimidating a family wedding would be to an outsider, especially when the family is as large as his. He knew this would be way out of my comfort zone. And he was right. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Peter Thiel
#38. In 2001, my co-workers at PayPal and I would often get lunch on Castro Street in Mountain View. We had our pick of restaurants, starting with obvious categories like Indian, sushi, and burgers. There were more options once we settled on a type: North Indian or South Indian, cheaper or fancier, and so on. In contrast to the competitive local restaurant market, PayPal was at that time the only email-based payments company in the world. We employed fewer people than the restaurants on Castro Street did, but our business was much more valuable than all of those restaurants combined. Starting a new South Indian restaurant is a really hard way to make money. If you lose sight of competitive reality and focus on trivial differentiating factors - maybe you think your naan is superior because of your great-grandmother's recipe - your business is unlikely to survive. #Quote by Peter Thiel
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#39. Nobody believes in racial profiling until they get a red-haired sushi chef with a southern accent. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Drake
#40. I love your sushi roll, hotter than wasabi. I race for your love, Shake-n-Bake, Ricky Bobby #Quote by Drake
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Scott Wolf
#41. Although, I didn't really like sushi until I moved out to L.A. #Quote by Scott Wolf
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Jacqueline Obradors
#42. I love sushi, though I just read something about how you shouldn't eat sushi more than once a week. #Quote by Jacqueline Obradors
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Doug Solter
#43. Yes! Yes! There's the attitude. Where was that girl during the race? Off getting sushi? #Quote by Doug Solter
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#44. Sushi rocks my world as no other food can! #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Matsunoya Sushi quotes by Terry Pratchett
#45. He takes the view that mornings happen to other people. I think I once saw him at breakfast, although possibly it was just someone who looked a bit like him who was lying with their head in the plate of baked beans. He likes good sushi, and quite likes people, too, although not raw; he is kind to fans who are not total jerks, and enjoys talking to people who know how to talk. He doesn't look as though he's forty; that may have happened to someone else, too. Or perhaps there's special picture locked in his attic. #Quote by Terry Pratchett

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