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Mathematics quotes by Danica McKellar
#1. I had done quite a bit of research about math education when I spoke before Congress in 2000 about the importance of women in mathematics. The session of Congress was all about raising more scholarships for girls in college. I told them I felt that it's too late by college. #Quote by Danica McKellar
Mathematics quotes by Jim Blinn
#2. This ambiguity is another example of a growing problem with mathematical notation: There aren't enough squiggles to go around. #Quote by Jim Blinn
Mathematics quotes by Paul Lockhart
#3. The thing I want you especially to understand is this feeling of divine revelation. I feel that this structure was "out there" all along I just couldn't see it. And now I can! This is really what keeps me in the math game
the chance that I might glimpse some kind of secret underlying truth, some sort of message from the gods. #Quote by Paul Lockhart
Mathematics quotes by Henri Poincare
#4. How is it that there are so many minds that are incapable of understanding mathematics? ... the skeleton of our understanding, ... and actually they are the majority ... We have here a problem that is not easy of solution, but yet must engage the attention of all who wish to devote themselves to education. #Quote by Henri Poincare
Mathematics quotes by David S. Richeson
#5. In his life of seventy-six years, Euler created enough mathematics to fill seventy-four substantial volumes, the most total pages of any mathematician. By the time all of his work had been published (and new material continued to appear for seventy-nine years after his death) it amounted to a staggering 866 items, including articles and books on the most cutting-edge topics, elementary textbooks, books for the nonscientist, and technical manuals. These figures do not account for the projected fifteen volumes of correspondence and notebooks that are still being compiled. #Quote by David S. Richeson
Mathematics quotes by Claude Fayette Bragdon
#6. Mathematics is the handwriting on the human consciousness of the very Spirit of Life itself. #Quote by Claude Fayette Bragdon
Mathematics quotes by Eric Temple Bell
#7. Even stranger things have happened; and perhaps the strangest of all is the marvel that mathematics should be possible to a race akin to the apes. #Quote by Eric Temple Bell
Mathematics quotes by Alvin E. Roth
#8. My Ph.D. is in operations research. I was interested in making things work better and using mathematics to help do that. So operations research is what I studied as an undergraduate and graduate student. #Quote by Alvin E. Roth
Mathematics quotes by Alfred Korzybski
#9. Mathematics and logic have been proved to be one; a fact from which it seems to follow that mathematics may successfully deal with non-quantitative problems in a much broader sense than was suspected to be possible. #Quote by Alfred Korzybski
Mathematics quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#10. Mathematics is not just a language. Mathematics is a language plus reasoning. #Quote by Richard P. Feynman
Mathematics quotes by Matt Haig
#11. (Y)ou couldn't do mathematics with emotions. In protecting yourself from hurt you could create a new, subtler type of pain. It is a dilemma. #Quote by Matt Haig
Mathematics quotes by David Tall
#12. Instead of proving all possible theorems in an axiomatic system (which Kurt Gödel showed is not possible), professional mathematicians continue to use a formal presentation of mathematics to specify and prove many theorems that are amenable to the formalist paradigm. This has generated a vast corpus of formal theory.
Controversies continue unresolved. Some mathematicians continue to insist on giving explicit constructions of mathematical entities, and do not allow proof by contradiction. This is a valid approach in its own right with much to recommend it. In the end, however, the choice that is likely to lead to the greater conquests is the one that offers the greater power and at the moment, it is David Hilbert's formalism that continues to predominate, while steadily being expanded as mathematics expands."

-David Tall (2013, p. 246) thinks though Formalism (mathematics) may have Lost the Battle it Still may Win the War. #Quote by David Tall
Mathematics quotes by Michael Grant
#13. I had a polynomial once. My doctor removed it. #Quote by Michael Grant
Mathematics quotes by Georg Cantor
#14. In particular, in introducing new numbers, mathematics is only obliged to give definitions of them, by which such a definiteness and, circumstances permitting, such a relation to the older numbers are conferred upon them that in given cases they can definitely be distinguished from one another. As soon as a number satisfies all these conditions, it can and must be regarded as existent and real in mathematics. Here I perceive the reason why one has to regard the rational, irrational, and complex numbers as being just thoroughly existent as the finite positive integers. #Quote by Georg Cantor
Mathematics quotes by Mario Livio
#15. Supporters of the "modified Platonic view" of mathematics like to point out that, over the centuries, mathematicians have produced (or "discovered") numerous objects of pure mathematics with absolutely no application in mind. Decades later, these mathematical constructs and models were found to provide solutions to problems in physics. Penrose tilings and non-Euclidean geometries are beautiful testimonies to this process of mathematics unexpectedly feeding into physics, but there are many more. #Quote by Mario Livio
Mathematics quotes by Saunders Mac Lane
#16. The membership relation for sets can often be replaced by the composition operation for functions. This leads to an alternative foundation for Mathematics upon categories
specifically, on the category of all functions. Now much of Mathematics is dynamic, in that it deals with morphisms of an object into another object of the same kind. Such morphisms (like functions) form categories, and so the approach via categories fits well with the objective of organizing and understanding Mathematics. That, in truth, should be the goal of a proper philosophy of Mathematics. #Quote by Saunders Mac Lane
Mathematics quotes by Imre Lakatos
#17. Mathematics does not grow through a monotonous increase of the number of indubitably established theorems but through the incessant improvement of guesses by speculation and criticism, by the logic of proofs and refutations. #Quote by Imre Lakatos
Mathematics quotes by Hannah Fry
#18. An arguing couple spiraling into negativity and teetering on the brink of divorce is actually mathematically equivalent to the beginning of a nuclear war. #Quote by Hannah Fry
Mathematics quotes by Matt Haig
#19. To enjoy life, we might have to stop thinking about what we will never be able to read and watch and say and do, and start to think of how to enjoy the world within our boundaries. To live on a human scale. To focus on the few things we can do, rather than the millions of things we can't. To not crave parallel lives. To find a smaller mathematics. To be a proud and singular one. An indivisible prime. #Quote by Matt Haig
Mathematics quotes by Osho
#20. And of course in the long run, if there is a constant fight, the graceful is bound to be defeated and the efficient mind will win, because the world understands the language of mathematics, not of love. #Quote by Osho
Mathematics quotes by John Forbes Nash
#21. Nowadays we can do computer experiments using Mathematica, and even solve a system of 42 equations. This offers another route to knowledge, rather than mere ideas. #Quote by John Forbes Nash
Mathematics quotes by Ellen Kaplan
#22. A Puritan twist in our nature makes us think that anything good for us must be twice as good if it's hard to swallow. Learning Greek and Latin used to play the role of character builder, since they were considered to be as exhausting and unrewarding as digging a trench in the morning and filling it up in the afternoon. It was what made a man, or a woman -- or more likely a robot -- of you. Now math serves that purpose in many schools: your task is to try to follow rules that make sense, perhaps, to some higher beings; and in the end to accept your failure with humbled pride. As you limp off with your aching mind and bruised soul, you know that nothing in later life will ever be as difficult.

What a perverse fate for one of our kind's greatest triumphs! Think how absurd it would be were music treated this way (for math and music are both excursions into sensuous structure): suffer through playing your scales, and when you're an adult you'll never have to listen to music again. And this is mathematics we're talking about, the language in which, Galileo said, the Book of the World is written. This is mathematics, which reaches down into our deepest intuitions and outward toward the nature of the universe -- mathematics, which explains the atoms as well as the stars in their courses, and lets us see into the ways that rivers and arteries branch. For mathematics itself is the study of connections: how things ideally must and, in fact, do sort together -- beyond, around, #Quote by Ellen Kaplan
Mathematics quotes by Charles Seife
#23. As mathematicians were uncovering the connection between zero and infinity, physicists began to encounter zeros in the natural world; zero crossed over from mathematics to physics. In thermodynamics a zero became an uncrossable barrier: the coldest temperature possible. In Einstein's theory of general relativity, a zero became a black hole, a monstrous star that swallows entire suns. In quantum mechanics, a zero is responsible for a bizarre source of energy-infinite and ubiquitous, present even in the deepest vacuum-and a phantom force exerted by nothing at all. #Quote by Charles Seife
Mathematics quotes by Phil Hine
#24. Henceforth, whilst there are a great many theories and models proposed as to how, or why, magic works (based on subtle energies, animal magnetism, psychological concepts, quantum theory, mathematics or the so-called anthropomorphic principle) it is not a case that one of them is more 'true' than others, but a case of which theory or model you choose to believe in, or which theory you find most attractive. Indeed, from a Chaos Magic perspective, you can selectively believe that a particular theory or model of magical action is true only for the duration of a particular ritual or phase of work. #Quote by Phil Hine
Mathematics quotes by Bertrand Russell
#25. In adolescence, I hated life and was continually on the verge of suicide, from which, however, I was restrained by the desire to know more mathematics. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Mathematics quotes by Brand Blanshard
#26. Thinking in art and morals and even mathematics is neither the reflection in consciousness of a mechanical order in the brain nor the tracing with the mind's eye of some empirical order in its object, but an endeavour to realize in thought an ideal order which would satisfy an inner demand. The nearer thought comes to its goal, the more it finds itself under constraint by that goal, and dominated in its creative effort by aesthetic or moral or logical relevance. These relations of relevance are not physical or psychological relations. They are normative relations that can enter into the mental current because that current is ... teleological. Their operation marks the presence of a different type of law, which supervenes upon physical and psychological laws when purpose takes control. #Quote by Brand Blanshard
Mathematics quotes by Henry John Stephen Smith
#27. Pure mathematics, may it never be of any use to anyone. #Quote by Henry John Stephen Smith
Mathematics quotes by Alison Charlotte Primrose
#28. The Great Pyramid was a fractal resonator for the entire Earth. It is designed according to the proportions of the cosmic temple, the natural pattern that blends the two fundamental principles of creation. The pyramid has golden ratio, pi, the base of natural logarithms, the precise length of the year and the dimensions of the Earth built into its geometry. It demonstrates.... As John Michell has pointed out in his wonderful little book, City of Revelation, 'Above all, the Great Pyramid is a monument to the art of 'squaring the circle'. #Quote by Alison Charlotte Primrose
Mathematics quotes by Dan Brown
#29. PHI is one H of a lot cooler than PI! #Quote by Dan Brown
Mathematics quotes by Vasco Ronchi
#30. It is perplexing to see the flexibility of the so-called 'exact sciences' which by cast-iron laws of logic and by the infallible help of mathematics can lead to conclusions which are diametrically opposite to one another. #Quote by Vasco Ronchi
Mathematics quotes by Frederick Seitz
#31. Essentially all civilizations that rose to the level of possessing an urban culture had need for two forms of science-related technology, namely, mathematics for land measurements and commerce and astronomy for time-keeping in agriculture and aspects of religious rituals. #Quote by Frederick Seitz
Mathematics quotes by Gabriel Marcel
#32. But however measurable, there is much more life in music than mathematics or logic ever dreamed of. #Quote by Gabriel Marcel
Mathematics quotes by Frank Luntz
#33. THE TRUTH ABOUT PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION • American fifteen-year-olds rank thirty-fifth out of fifty-seven developed countries in math and literacy. • 30 percent of public school students don't graduate from high school. • Every day, 7,000 kids drop out of high school. • Of the 50 million children currently in public school, 15 million of them will drop out. • 25 percent of all public school math teachers did not major in mathematics or a math-related subject at a college or university. • Less than two-thirds of high school graduates are accepted to college every year. • One half... #Quote by Frank Luntz
Mathematics quotes by Albert Einstein
#34. As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Mathematics quotes by Simon Singh
#35. This special was followed one month later by "Bart the Genius." This was the first genuine episode of The Simpsons , inasmuch as it premiered the famous trademark opening sequence and included the debut of Bart's notorious catchphrase "Eat my shorts." Most noteworthy of all, "Bart the Genius" contains a serious dose of mathematics. In many ways, this episode set the tone for what was to follow over the next two decades, namely a relentless series of numerical references and nods to geometry that would earn The Simpsons a special place in the hearts of mathematicians. #Quote by Simon Singh
Mathematics quotes by Lysander Spooner
#36. Let me then remind you that justice is an immutable, natural principle; and not anything that can be made, unmade, or altered by any human power. It is also a subject of science, and is to be learned, like mathematics, or any other science. It does not derive its authority from the commands, will, pleasure, or discretion of any possible combination of men, whether calling themselves a government, or by any other name. It is also, at all times, and in all places, the supreme law. And being
everywhere and always the supreme law, it is necessarily everywhere and always the only law. #Quote by Lysander Spooner
Mathematics quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#37. Mathematics is not just a "numbers game", it is a way of thinking. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Mathematics quotes by Conrad Wolfram
#38. Calculating does not equal mathematics. It's a subsection of it. In years gone by it was the limiting factor, but computers now allow you to make the whole of mathematics more intellectual. #Quote by Conrad Wolfram
Mathematics quotes by Mario Livio
#39. The properties that define a group are:

1. Closure. The offspring of any two members combined by the operation must itself be a member. In the group of integers, the sum of any two integers is also an integer (e.g., 3 + 5 = 8).

2. Associativity. The operation must be associative-when combining (by the operation) three ordered members, you may combine any two of them first, and the result is the same, unaffected by the way they are bracketed. Addition, for instance, is associative: (5 + 7) + 13 = 25 and 5 + (7 + 13) = 25, where the parentheses, the "punctuation marks" of mathematics, indicate which pair you add first.

3. Identity element. The group has to contain an identity element such that when combined with any member, it leaves the member unchanged. In the group of integers, the identity element is the number zero. For example, 0 + 3 = 3 + 0 = 3.

4. Inverse. For every member in the group there must exist an inverse. When a member is combined with its inverse, it gives the identity element. For the integers, the inverse of any number is the number of the same absolute value, but with the opposite sign: e.g., the inverse of 4 is -4 and the inverse of -4 is 4; 4 + (-4) = 0 and (-4) + 4 = 0.

The fact that this simple definition can lead to a theory that embraces and unifies all the symmetries of our world continues to amaze even mathematicians. #Quote by Mario Livio
Mathematics quotes by Felix Klein
#40. Everyone knows what a curve is, until he has studied enough mathematics to become confused through the countless number of possible exceptions. #Quote by Felix Klein
Mathematics quotes by Israel Gelfand
#41. I used to say: "Everything is Representation Theory". Now I say: "Nothing is Representation Theory". #Quote by Israel Gelfand
Mathematics quotes by Charles Sorel
#42. Music and Dancing, not only give great pleasure but have the honour of depending on Mathematics, for they consist in number and in measure.....Therefore, whatever the old doctors may say, to employ oneself at all this is to be a Philosopher and a Mathematician. #Quote by Charles Sorel
Mathematics quotes by Ernst Mach
#43. Mathematics may be defined as the economy of counting. There is no problem in the whole of mathematics which cannot be solved by direct counting. #Quote by Ernst Mach
Mathematics quotes by Yuri Manin
#44. Of the properties of mathematics, as a language, the most peculiar one is that by playing formal games with an input mathematical text, one can get an output text which seemingly carries new knowledge. The basic examples are furnished by scientific or technological calculations: general laws plus initial conditions produce predictions, often only after time-consuming and computer-aided work. One can say that the input contains an implicit knowledge which is thereby made explicit. #Quote by Yuri Manin
Mathematics quotes by Paul Lockhart
#45. In any case, do you really think kids even want something that is relevant to their daily lives? You think something practical like compound interest is going to get them excited? People enjoy fantasy, and that is just what mathematics can provide
a relief from daily life, an anodyne to the practical workaday world. #Quote by Paul Lockhart
Mathematics quotes by Brian Greene
#46. We might be the holographic image of a two-dimensional structure. #Quote by Brian Greene
Mathematics quotes by Hugh Nibley
#47. Meteorology ... is quite as "scientific" as geology and far more so than archaeology - it actually makes more use of scientific instruments, computers, and higher mathematics ... Yet we laugh at the weatherman every other day; we are not overawed by his impressive paraphernalia, because we can check up on him any time we feel like it: he makes his learned pronouncements - and then it rains or it doesn't rain.
No scientific conclusion is to be trusted without testing - to the extent to which exact sciences are exact they are also experimental sciences; it is in the laboratory that the oracle must be consulted. But the archaeologist is denied access to the oracle. For him there is no neat and definitive demonstration; he is doomed to plod along, everlastingly protesting and fumbling through a laborious, often rancorous running debate that never ends. #Quote by Hugh Nibley
Mathematics quotes by Frederick Soddy
#48. Four circles to the kissing come, The smaller are the benter. The bend is just the inverse of The distance from the centre. Though their intrigue left Euclid dumb There's now no need for rule of thumb. Since zero bend's a dead straight line And concave bends have minus sign, The sum of squares of all four bends Is half the square of their sum. #Quote by Frederick Soddy
Mathematics quotes by Keith Devlin
#49. The increased abstraction in mathematics that took place during the early part of this century was paralleled by a similar trend in the arts. In both cases, the increased level of abstraction demands greater effort on the part of anyone who wants to understand the work. #Quote by Keith Devlin
Mathematics quotes by Rene Descartes
#50. With me, everything turns into mathematics. #Quote by Rene Descartes
Mathematics quotes by Keith Devlin
#51. The completion of a rigorous course in mathematics - it is not even necessary that the student does well in such a course - appears to be an excellent means of sharpening the mind and developing mental skills that are of general benefit. #Quote by Keith Devlin
Mathematics quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#52. I had a chat with May and I had a sweet talk with April but the lovely conversation that left me to ponder was the long talk I had with June. Mathematics came to tell me that May is 3, June is 4 and April is 5. ' This should have been the counting order' Mathematics said to me, and added, if you add 3 and 5 you shall surely get 8 and if you find the mid of 8 you will get 4 which is June. Ask June why the disorder! So I quickly called June and asked, why have you change the order? June said, 'my brother, in this era, you should least give men things which are in order. Let them ponder and put things in order and they will learn something better'. I had to ponder and wonder. Then June added, those who will ponder to know why I have change the order to be at the mid of the other shall get to the mid of the other and wonder why they are at the mid of the other and end the other in wonder but, those who would never see why they must ponder when they get to the mid of the other to know why I am there shall end the other in disorder. They shall end the other and wander in the end! I was quick to ask June, which other? June calmly said, the twelve disciples of the year. Disciples'? I asked. June quickly said, I mean months! In your journey of life, take a break as you journey and ponder over the journey; June concluded! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Mathematics quotes by Bertrand Russell
#53. a priori knowledge such as mathematics or logic is general, whereas all experience is particular. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Mathematics quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#54. When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books. You will be reading meanings. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
Mathematics quotes by Stuart Rojstaczer
#55. There is a well-known joke - at least well known in mathematics - about how mathematicians work. A mathematician and a Starbucks barista are each placed in front of a stove with a kettle and a nearby faucet and told to make boiling water. Both do the same thing. They fill the kettle with water from the faucet, light the stove with a match, and place the water-filled kettle on the stove. Mission accomplished. The mathematician and the Starbucks barista are next placed in front of a stove with a kettle that they are told is filled with clean water and told to make boiling water yet again. The barista lifts the kettle off the stove for a moment, lights the stove, and puts the kettle back on. The mathematician lifts the kettle off the stove, pours out the water into a sink, puts the newly emptied kettle back on the stove and says, "The problem has been reduced to the previously solved case. Q.E.D. #Quote by Stuart Rojstaczer
Mathematics quotes by Milan Kundera
#56. When I described Madame de T's night, I recalled the well-known equation from one of the first chapters of the textbook of existential mathematics: the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting. From that equation we can deduce various corrollaries, for instance this one: our period is given over to the demon of speed, and that is the reason it so easily forgets its own self. Now I would reverse that statement and say: our period is obsessed by the desire to forget, and it is to fulfill that desire that it gives over to the demon of speed; it picks up the pace to show us that it no longer wishes to be remembered; that it is tired of itself; sick of itself; that it wants to blow out the tiny trembling flame of memory. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Mathematics quotes by Kenneth R. Miller
#57. The piano's world encompasses glass-nerved virtuos and stomping barrel-housers in fedoras; it is a world of pasture and storm, of perfumed smoke, of liquid mathematics. #Quote by Kenneth R. Miller
Mathematics quotes by David Berlinski
#58. At the beginning of the new millennium, we still do not know why mathematics is true and whether it is certain. But we know what we do not know in an immeasurably richer way than we did. And learning this has been a remarkable achievement-among the greatest and least-known of the modern era. #Quote by David Berlinski
Mathematics quotes by Tobias Dantzig
#59. And so matching by itself is incapable of creating an art of reckoning. Without our ability to arrange things in ordered succession little progress could have been made. Correspondence and succession, the two principles that permeate all mathematics - nay, all realms of exact thought - are woven into the very fabric of our number system. #Quote by Tobias Dantzig
Mathematics quotes by Gerolamo Cardano
#60. Mathematics, however, is, as it were, its own explanation; this, although it may seem hard to accept, is nevertheless true, for the recognition that a fact is so is the cause upon which we base the proof. #Quote by Gerolamo Cardano
Mathematics quotes by James Heckman
#61. I went to a liberal arts college, and as part of my background, I was majoring in mathematics and physics. #Quote by James Heckman
Mathematics quotes by Tony Abbott
#62. The sky is where mathematics and magic become one. #Quote by Tony Abbott
Mathematics quotes by Adolf Von Schell
#63. We know that psychology is tremendously important in war. It is a field unlimited in extent, to which every conscientious soldier should give much time and study. Yet it cannot be learned as one learns mathematics. It must be sensed. Unfortunately we cannot formulate a set of psychological rules; human reactions can never be reduced to an exact science. War is governed by the uncertain and the unknown and the least known factor of all is the human element. #Quote by Adolf Von Schell
Mathematics quotes by Joseph Auslander
#64. This is an extremely ambitious book. In addition to science and mathematics, Byers brings to bear insights from literature, philosophy, religion, history, anthropology, medicine, and psychology. The Blind Spot breaks new ground, and represents a major step forward in the philosophy of science. The book is also a page-turner, which is rare for this topic. #Quote by Joseph Auslander
Mathematics quotes by Yoko Ogawa
#65. I was impressed by the delicate weaving of the numbers. No matter how carefully you unraveled a thread, a single moment of inattention could leave you stranded, with no clue what to do next. In all his years of study, the Professor had managed to glimpse several pieces of the lace. I could only hope that some part of him remembered the exquisite pattern. #Quote by Yoko Ogawa
Mathematics quotes by Ibn Khaldun
#66. Geometry enlightens the intellect and sets one's mind right. All of its proofs are very clear and orderly. It is hardly possible for errors to enter into geometrical reasoning, because it is well arranged and orderly. Thus, the mind that constantly applies itself to geometry is not likely to fall into error. In this convenient way, the person who knows geometry acquires intelligence. #Quote by Ibn Khaldun
Mathematics quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#67. Harriet grinned at Betty Armstrong, hearing the familiar academic wrangle begin. Before ten minutes had passed, somebody had introduced the word "values." An hour later they were still at it. Finally the Bursar was heard to quote: "God made the integers; all else is the work of man." "Oh, bother!" cried the Dean. "Do let's keep mathematics out of it. And physics. I cannot cope with them. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Mathematics quotes by Alexander Dewdney
#68. "The most powerful single idea in mathematics is the notion of a variable." #Quote by Alexander Dewdney
Mathematics quotes by Alain Badiou
#69. I would say, if you like, that the party is like an out-moded mathematics ... that is to say, the mathematics of Euclid. We need to invent a non-Euclidian mathematics with respect to political discipline. #Quote by Alain Badiou
Mathematics quotes by Graham Flegg
#70. The Pythagoreans... were fascinated by certain specific ratios, ...The Greeks knew these as the 'golden' proportion and the 'perfect' proportion respectively. They may well have been learned from the Babylonians by Pythagoras himself after having been taken prisoner in Egypt. Ratios lay at the heart of the Pythagorean theory of music. #Quote by Graham Flegg
Mathematics quotes by David Auburn
#71. Spending time with math people is a lot of fun. As a result of the play, I've had semi-drunken dinners with mathematicians all over the country. I recommend the experience. #Quote by David Auburn
Mathematics quotes by Eugene Wigner
#72. The unreasonable efficiency of mathematics in science is a gift we neither understand nor deserve. #Quote by Eugene Wigner
Mathematics quotes by John A. Van De Walle
#73. Mathematics is much more than computation with pencil and a paper and getting answers to routine exercises. In fact, it can easily be argued that computation, such as doing long division, is not mathematics at all. Calculators can do the same thing and calculators can only calculate they cannot do mathematics. #Quote by John A. Van De Walle
Mathematics quotes by Greg Pincus
#74. For the first time in his life, he decided to focus on his math homework. #Quote by Greg Pincus
Mathematics quotes by David Foster Wallace
#75. One of the great Greek contributions to the very concept of mathematics was the conscious recognition and emphasis of the fact that mathematical entities are abstractions, ideas entertained by the mind and sharply distinguished from physical objects or pictures. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Mathematics quotes by Bertrand Russell
#76. Of these austerer virtues the love of truth is the chief, and in mathematics, more than elsewhere, the love of truth may find encouragement for waning faith. Every great study is not only an end in itself, but also a means of creating and sustaining a lofty habit of mind; and this purpose should be kept always in view throughout the teaching and learning of mathematics. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Mathematics quotes by George Boole
#77. There was yet another disadvantage attaching to the whole of Newton's physical inquiries, ... the want of an appropriate notation for expressing the conditions of a dynamical problem, and the general principles by which its solution must be obtained. By the labours of LaGrange, the motions of a disturbed planet are reduced with all their complication and variety to a purely mathematical question. It then ceases to be a physical problem; the disturbed and disturbing planet are alike vanished: the ideas of time and force are at an end; the very elements of the orbit have disappeared, or only exist as arbitrary characters in a mathematical formula. #Quote by George Boole
Mathematics quotes by Roger Penrose
#78. The thrust of Godel's argument for our purposes is that it shows us how to go beyond any given set of computational rules that we believe to be sound, and obtain a further rule, not contained in those rules, that we must believe to be sound also, namely the rule asserting the consistency of the original rules. The essential point, for our purposes, is:

belief in soundness implies belief in consistency.

We have no right to use the rules of a formal system F, and to believe that the results that we derive from it are actually true, unless we also believe in the consistency of that formal system. (For example, if F were inconsistent, then we could deduce, as TRUE, the statement '1=2', which is certainly not true!) Thus, if we believe that we are actually doing mathematics when we use some formal system F, then we must also be prepared to accept reasoning that goes beyond the limitations of the system F, whatever that system F may be. #Quote by Roger Penrose
Mathematics quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#79. I didn't want to do my mathematics homework back home. Or mend the fence or mind the chickens. But I did it anyway. Just because a person doesn't want to do a thing doesn't mean they ought to shirk. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Mathematics quotes by Chen-Ning Yang
#80. Nature seems to take advantage of the simple mathematical representations of the symmetry laws. When one pauses to consider the elegance and the beautiful perfection of the mathematical reasoning involved and contrast it with the complex and far-reaching physical consequences, a deep sense of respect for the power of the symmetry laws never fails to develop. #Quote by Chen-Ning Yang
Mathematics quotes by Stephen Hawking
#81. It is generally recognised that women are better than men at languages, personal relations and multi-tasking, but less good at map-reading and spatial awareness. It is therefore not unreasonable to suppose that women might be less good at mathematics and physics. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Mathematics quotes by James Gleick
#82. A good part of 'The Information' is about the transition from an oral to a literary culture. Books effected such a great transformation in the way we think about the world, our history, our logic, mathematics, you name it. I think we would be greatly diminished as a people and as a culture if the book became obsolete. #Quote by James Gleick
Mathematics quotes by Stendhal
#83. Mathematics allows for no hypocrisy and no vagueness. #Quote by Stendhal
Mathematics quotes by Ada Lovelace
#84. Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around us, the worlds of Science. #Quote by Ada Lovelace
Mathematics quotes by Paul Erdos
#85. Mathematics is not yet ready for such problems. #Quote by Paul Erdos
Mathematics quotes by Max Tegmark
#86. Our physical world not only is described by mathematics, but that it is mathematics, making us self-aware parts of a giant mathematical object. #Quote by Max Tegmark
Mathematics quotes by Peter Hilton
#87. Computation involves going from a question to an answer. Mathematics involves going from an answer to a question. #Quote by Peter Hilton
Mathematics quotes by John Edensor Littlewood
#88. The surprising thing about this paper is that a man who could write it would. #Quote by John Edensor Littlewood
Mathematics quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#89. The law of gravity and gravity itself did not exist before Isaac Newton." ...and what that means is that that law of gravity exists nowhere except in people's heads! It 's a ghost!"
Mind has no matter or energy but they can't escape its predominance over everything they do. Logic exists in the mind. numbers exist only in the mind. I don't get upset when scientists say that ghosts exist in the mind. it's that only that gets me. science is only in your mind too, it's just that that doesn't make it bad. or ghosts either."
Laws of nature are human inventions, like ghosts. Law of logic, of mathematics are also human inventions, like ghosts."
...we see what we see because these ghosts show it to us, ghosts of Moses and Christ and the Buddha, and Plato, and Descartes, and Rousseau and Jefferson and Lincoln, on and on and on. Isaac Newton is a very good ghost. One of the best. Your common sense is nothing more than the voices of thousands and thousands of these ghosts from the past. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Mathematics quotes by Greg Pincus
#90. Really, there was only one problem with Mr. Davis, as far as Gregory was concerned; He taught math. #Quote by Greg Pincus
Mathematics quotes by Stanislaw Ulam
#91. Even the simplest calculation in the purest mathematics can have terrible consequences. Without the invention of the infinitesimal calculus most of our technology would have been impossible. Should we say therefore that calculus is bad? #Quote by Stanislaw Ulam
Mathematics quotes by Will Durant
#92. The qualities of character can be arranged in triads, in each of which the first and last qualities will be extremes and vices, and the middle quality a virtue or an excellence. So between cowardice and rashness is courage; between stinginess and extravagance is liberality; between sloth and greed is ambition; between humility and pride is modesty; between secrecy and loquacity, honesty; between moroseness and buffoonery, good humor; between quarrelsomeness and flattery, friendship; between Hamlet's indecisiveness and Quixote's impulsiveness is self-control.49 "Right," then, in ethics or conduct, is not different from "right" in mathematics or engineering; it means correct, fit, what works best to the best result. The #Quote by Will Durant
Mathematics quotes by Dashiell Hammett
#93. I guess I can put two and two together."
"Sometimes the answer's four," I said, "and sometimes it's twenty-two ... #Quote by Dashiell Hammett
Mathematics quotes by Henry Adams
#94. Laplace would have found it child's-play to fix a ratio of progression in mathematical science between Descartes, Leibnitz, Newton and himself #Quote by Henry Adams
Mathematics quotes by Thomas Reid
#95. We find sects and parties in most branches of science; and disputes which are carried on from age to age, without being brought to an issue. Sophistry has been more effectually excluded from mathematics and natural philosophy than from other sciences. In mathematics it had no place from the beginning; mathematicians having had the wisdom to define accurately the terms they use, and to lay down, as axioms, the first principles on which their reasoning is grounded. Accordingly, we find no parties among mathematicians, and hardly any disputes. #Quote by Thomas Reid
Mathematics quotes by Noga Alon
#96. In highschool I was very excited that alog(b)=blog(a), and still find it useful today. #Quote by Noga Alon
Mathematics quotes by Christopher Wren
#97. Mathematical demonstrations being built upon the impregnable Foundations of Geometry and Arithmetick are the only truths that can sink into the Mind of Man, void of all Uncertainty; and all other Discourses participate more or less of Truth according as their Subjects are more or less capable of Mathematical Demonstration. #Quote by Christopher Wren
Mathematics quotes by Stephen Smale
#98. An announcement of [Christopher] Zeeman's lecture at Northwestern University in the spring of 1977 contains a quote describing catastrophe theory as the most important development in mathematics since the invention of calculus 300 years ago. #Quote by Stephen Smale
Mathematics quotes by John D. Barrow
#99. All our surest statements about the nature of the world are mathematical statements, yet we do not know what mathematics "is" ... and so we find that we have adapted a religion strikingly similar to many traditional faiths. Change "mathematics" to "God" and little else might seem to change. The problem of human contact with some spiritual realm, of timelessness, of our inability to capture all with language and symbol-all have their counterparts in the quest for the nature of Platonic mathematics. #Quote by John D. Barrow
Mathematics quotes by Keith Devlin
#100. Mathematical thinking is not the same as doing mathematics - at least not as mathematics is typically presented in our school system. School math typically focuses on learning procedures to solve highly stereotyped problems. Professional mathematicians think a certain way to solve real problems, problems that can arise from the everyday world, or from science, or from within mathematics itself. The key to success in school math is to learn to think inside-the-box. In contrast, a key feature of mathematical thinking is thinking outside-the-box - a valuable ability in today's world. #Quote by Keith Devlin
Mathematics quotes by Jack London
#101. Infinite ambition and infinite loneliness, receiving neither help nor sympathy, I did it all for myself
navigation, mathematics, science, literature and what not. And history tells of opportunity that came to the slaves who rose to the purple. No man makes opportunity. All the great men ever did was to know it when it came to them. #Quote by Jack London
Mathematics quotes by Paul Halmos
#102. The student skit at Christmas contained a plaintive line: "Give us Master's exams that our faculty can pass, or give us a faculty that can pass our Master's exams." #Quote by Paul Halmos
Mathematics quotes by Virginia Woolf
#103. She would not have cared to confess how infinitely she preferred the exactitude, the star-like impersonality, of figures to the confusion, agitation, and vagueness of the finest prose. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Mathematics quotes by Yoko Ogawa
#104. So, a great Indian teacher of mathematics discovered the zero written in God's notebook, and, thanks to him, we can now read many more pages in the notebook. Is that it? #Quote by Yoko Ogawa
Mathematics quotes by Paul Isaacs
#105. People often said to me what I couldn't do things when I was younger such as sports, writing, mathematics, geography, science etc - I pathway can always be tailored can change and that change itself is possible what did I excel in well art was one of those things of have gone BACK to to move FORWARD and have taken up poetry and creativity something that occupies my mind in way that creates happy thoughts, happy feelings, and happiness all round really.

To invest in your strengths and understand but not over-define yourself by your deficits is something that has worked for me over the years and this year in particular (the ethos was always there instilled that I am human being first like anyone else by my parents and family but it has been tenderly and quite rightly reaffirmed by a friend also) it has made me a more balanced person whom has healthy acknowledgment of my autism who but also wants to be known as a person first - see me first, see that I have a personality first.

I say this not in anger or bitterness but as a healthy optimistic realisation and as a message of hope for people out there. #Quote by Paul Isaacs
Mathematics quotes by Noam Chomsky
#106. In my own professional work I have touched on a variety of different fields. I've done work in mathematical linguistics, for example, without any professional credentials in mathematics; in this subject I am completely self-taught, and not very well taught. But I've often been invited by universities to speak on mathematical linguistics at mathematics seminars and colloquia. No one has ever asked me whether I have the appropriate credentials to speak on these subjects; the mathematicians couldn't care less. What they want to know is what I have to say. No one has ever objected to my right to speak, asking whether I have a doctor's degree in mathematics, or whether I have taken advanced courses in the subject. That would never have entered their minds. They want to know whether I am right or wrong, whether the subject is interesting or not, whether better approaches are possible… the discussion dealt with the subject, not with my right to discuss it.
But on the other hand, in discussion or debate concerning social issues or American foreign policy…. The issue is constantly raised, often with considerable venom. I've repeatedly been challenged on grounds of credentials, or asked, what special training do I have that entitles you to speak on these matters. The assumption is that people like me, who are outsiders from a professional viewpoint, are not entitled to speak on such things.
Compare mathematics and the political sciences… it's quite striking. In mathematics, #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Mathematics quotes by Katie Hafner
#107. Doing a geographic" is a term alcoholics often use for acting on the impulse to start over by moving to a new town, or state, instead of making any internal changes. It's the anywhere-but-here part of the disease that says, "Remove yourself from this, go someplace new, and everything will be better." Two years into our Florida stint, my mother pulled a geographic as radical as the move from Rochester. The new plan was to head for California.

She enrolled in the mathematics graduate program at the University of California's shiny new campus in San Diego, and as soon as our elementary school let out for the summer, she put us into a new Buick station wagon – a gift from her parents – and drove us across the country.

You'd think we'd have protested at yet another move. After all, having been duped before, we were in no position to believe that the next move would be any different. But I have no memory of being unhappy about the news. Because that's what often happens when an alcoholic parent is doing a geographic. She pulls you in and, before you know it, you, too, believe in the promise of the new place. #Quote by Katie Hafner
Mathematics quotes by Jon Elster
#108. In anger, my hostility is directed toward another's action and can be extinguished by getting even - an action that reestablishes the equilibrium ... #Quote by Jon Elster
Mathematics quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#109. I don't know which is worse - to have a bad teacher or no teacher at all. In any case, I believe the teacher's work should be largely negative. He can't put the gift into you, but if he finds it there, he can try to keep it from going in an obviously wrong direction. We can learn how not to write, but this is a discipline that does not simply concern writing itself but concerns the whole intellectual life. A mind cleared of false emotion and false sentiment and egocentricity is going to have at least those roadblocks removed from its path. If you don't think cheaply, then there at least won't be the quality of cheapness in your writing, even though you may not be able to write well. The teacher can try to weed out what is positively bad, and this should be the aim of the whole college. Any discipline can help your writing: logic, mathematics, theology, and of course and particularly drawing. Anything that helps you to see, anything that makes you look. The writer should never be ashamed of staring. There is nothing that doesn't require his attention. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Mathematics quotes by Charles Seife
#110. See appendix A for a proof that Winston Churchill was a carrot. #Quote by Charles Seife
Mathematics quotes by Brajesh Kumar
#111. ZERO and Infinity both are very difficult to understand and explain but at the same time both are key assumption of Mathematics... #Quote by Brajesh Kumar
Mathematics quotes by Persi Diaconis
#112. Daniel Bernoulli: "Then this distinguished scholar informed me that the celebrated mathematician, Cramer, had developed a theory on the same subject several years before I produced my paper. Indeed I have found his theory so similar to mine that it seems miraculous that we independently reached sch close agreement on this sort of subject. #Quote by Persi Diaconis
Mathematics quotes by Anonymous
#113. First of all, when we are all finished, and we have a mathematical theory by which we can compute consequences, what can we do? It really is an amazing thing. In order to figure out what an atom is going to do in a given situation we make up rules with marks on paper, carry them into a machine which has switches that open and close in some complicated way, and the result will tell us what the atom is going to do! If the way that these switches open and close were some kind of model of the atom, if we thought that the atom had switches in it, then I would say that I understood more or less what is going on. I find it quite amazing that it is possible to predict what will happen by mathematics, which is simply following rules which really have nothing to do with what is going on in the original thing. The closing and opening of switches in a computer is quite different from what is happening in nature. #Quote by Anonymous
Mathematics quotes by Augustus De Morgan
#114. Mathematicians care no more for logic than logicians for mathematics. #Quote by Augustus De Morgan
Mathematics quotes by Jordan Ellenberg
#115. This is a collaboration between a complex analyst, a dynamical system expert, and an arithmetical algebraic geometer. It sounds like a joke, a complex analyst, a dynamical system expert, and an arithmetical algebraic geometer walk into a bar ... #Quote by Jordan Ellenberg
Mathematics quotes by Darrin Crescenzi
#116. Golden Ratio is a powerful mathematical constant woven into the very fabric of biology. It is the unique visual tension between comforting symmetry and compelling asymmetry, and its thoughtful application can bring beauty and harmony and intrigue to all manner of designed things. #Quote by Darrin Crescenzi
Mathematics quotes by Peter Thiel
#117. If you think about basic science or coming up with new theories of mathematics, these are not the kinds of things which are necessarily a well-defined market to pay people. #Quote by Peter Thiel
Mathematics quotes by James C. Maxwell
#118. In a few years, all great physical constants will have been approximately estimated, and that the only occupation which will be left to men of science will be to carry these measurements to another place of decimals. #Quote by James C. Maxwell
Mathematics quotes by R.M. ArceJaeger
#119. Some people believe in imaginary friends. I believe in imaginary numbers. #Quote by R.M. ArceJaeger
Mathematics quotes by Nicholas Murray Butler
#120. The analytical geometry of Descartes and the calculus of Newton and Leibniz have expanded into the marvelous mathematical method-more daring than anything that the history of philosophy records-of Lobachevsky and Riemann, Gauss and Sylvester. Indeed, mathematics, the indispensable tool of the sciences, defying the senses to follow its splendid flights, is demonstrating today, as it never has been demonstrated before, the supremacy of the pure reason. #Quote by Nicholas Murray Butler
Mathematics quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#121. Whoever despises the high wisdom of mathematics nourishes himself on delusion and will never still the sophistic sciences whose only product is an eternal uproar. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Mathematics quotes by Milan Kundera
#122. (existential mathematics...) the degree of slowness is directly proportional to the intensity of memory; the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting." –p. 39 #Quote by Milan Kundera
Mathematics quotes by Kai Nielsen
#123. There is no "religious language" or "scientific language". There is rather the international notation of mathematics and logic; and English, French, Spanish and the like. In short, "religious discourse" and "scientific discourse" are part of the same overall conceptual structure. Moreover, in that conceptual structure there is a large amount of discourse, which is neither religious nor scientific, that is constantly being utilized by both the religious man and the scientist when they make religious and scientific claims. In short, they share a number of key categories. #Quote by Kai Nielsen
Mathematics quotes by Kevin Phillips
#124. ....young people unskilled in mathematics, addled by credit cards, and weaned on so-called intelligent design...will somehow retool American science for another generation of world industrial leadership. #Quote by Kevin Phillips
Mathematics quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#125. So far, we have no good answer to this problem. Already thousands of years ago philosophers realised that there is no way to prove conclusively that anyone other than oneself has a mind. Indeed, even in the case of other humans, we just assume they have consciousness – we cannot know that for certain. Perhaps I am the only being in the entire universe who feels anything, and all other humans and animals are just mindless robots? Perhaps I am dreaming, and everyone I meet is just a character in my dream? Perhaps I am trapped inside a virtual world, and all the beings I see are merely simulations?
According to current scientific dogma, everything I experience is the result of electrical activity in my brain, and it should therefore be theoretically feasible to simulate an entire virtual world that I could not possibly distinguish from the 'real' world. Some brain scientists believe that in the not too distant future, we shall actually do such things. Well, maybe it has already been done – to you? For all you know, the year might be 2216 and you are a bored teenager immersed inside a 'virtual world' game that simulates the primitive and exciting world of the early twenty-first century. Once you acknowledge the mere feasibility of this scenario, mathematics leads you to a very scary conclusion: since there is only one real world, whereas the number of potential virtual worlds is infinite, the probability that you happen to inhabit the sole real world is almost zero. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Mathematics quotes by Michael C. Reed
#126. Sex is the mathematics urge sublimated. #Quote by Michael C. Reed
Mathematics quotes by G.H. Hardy
#127. Pure mathematics is on the whole distinctly more useful than applied. For what is useful above all is technique, and mathematical technique is taught mainly through pure mathematics. #Quote by G.H. Hardy
Mathematics quotes by Johannes Kepler
#128. Geometry has two great treasures; one is the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel. #Quote by Johannes Kepler
Mathematics quotes by Michael Atiyah
#129. I'm not the sort of person who does my mathematics writing on paper. I do that at the last stage of the game. I do my mathematics in my head. I sit down for a hard day's work and I write nothing all day. I just think. And I walk up and down because that helps keep me awake, it keeps the blood circulating, and I think and think. #Quote by Michael Atiyah
Mathematics quotes by John Von Neumann
#130. When we talk mathematics, we may be discussing a secondary language built on the primary language of the nervous system. #Quote by John Von Neumann
Mathematics quotes by David Byrne
#131. There's a biological basis for music, and that biological basis is the similarity between music and speech," said Purves. "That's the reason we like music. Music is far more complex than [the ratios of] Pythagoras. The reason doesn't have to do with mathematics, it has to do with biology. #Quote by David Byrne
Mathematics quotes by Ian Lamont
#132. In the online math class, there was almost no meaningful student/teacher or student/student interaction. To equate this type of online learning with a real-world classroom experience is a major stretch. #Quote by Ian Lamont
Mathematics quotes by Edsger Dijkstra
#133. The traditional mathematician recognizes and appreciates mathematical elegance when he sees it. I propose to go one step further, and to consider elegance an essential ingredient of mathematics: if it is clumsy, it is not mathematics. #Quote by Edsger Dijkstra
Mathematics quotes by Camille Flammarion
#134. Always preoccupied with his profound researches, the great Newton showed in the ordinary-affairs of life an absence of mind which has become proverbial. It is related that one day, wishing to find the number of seconds necessary for the boiling of an egg, he perceived, after waiting a minute, that he held the egg in his hand, and had placed his seconds watch (an instrument of great value on account of its mathematical precision) to boil!
This absence of mind reminds one of the mathematician Ampere, who one day, as he was going to his course of lectures, noticed a little pebble on the road; he picked it up, and examined with admiration the mottled veins. All at once the lecture which he ought to be attending to returned to his mind; he drew out his watch; perceiving that the hour approached, he hastily doubled his pace, carefully placed the pebble in his pocket, and threw his watch over the parapet of the Pont des Arts. #Quote by Camille Flammarion
Mathematics quotes by Carl Sagan
#135. The progress and perfection of mathematics are linked closely with the prosperity of the state. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Mathematics quotes by C.V. Wedgwood
#136. Historical research of the truly scholastic kind is not connected with human beings at all. It is a pure study, like higher mathematics. #Quote by C.V. Wedgwood
Mathematics quotes by Laura Z. Hobson
#137. He who could write so easily, who could spend a thousand words down along his plunging fingers on the green-rubber keyboard of his machine, had stumbled like a first-grader over this single paragraph. A dozen times he had begun it and written into it a naked desperation; a dozen times he had begun it and written into it the frosted mathematics of logic. Finally he'd written out quickly the sentences that kept cropping up in all the versions. Those must be, to whatever censor there was in him, the most acceptable ones. He sealed it without rereading it and went out to mail it. An hour later he despised himself for having sent it. #Quote by Laura Z. Hobson
Mathematics quotes by Joseph-Louis Lagrange
#138. If I had inherited a fortune I should probably not have cast my lot with mathematics. #Quote by Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Mathematics quotes by Karlheinz Stockhausen
#139. Music is mathematics, the mathematics of listening, mathematics for the ears. #Quote by Karlheinz Stockhausen
Mathematics quotes by Leopoldo Gout
#140. To Learn is to create. Learning- whether it is programming, mathematics, art, music, poetry, biology, or chemistry- is all about breaking down walls and freeing the one thing that kept us alive: knowledge.

Knowledge expands freedom in all its forms. Knowledge breaks down walls. It liberates the oppressed. We are committed to knowledge. Knowledge as a hammer against classism, against sexism, against racism, against gender discrimination, against slavery, against bigotry, against war, against hatred. If there is darkness in the world, we will light it up. #Quote by Leopoldo Gout
Mathematics quotes by Ted Chiang
#141. In the Principia Mathematica, Bertrand Russell and Alfred Whitehead attempted to give a rigorous foundation to mathematics using formal logic as their basis. They began with what they considered to be axioms, and used those to derive theorems of increasing complexity. By page 362, they had established enough to prove 1 + 1 = 2. #Quote by Ted Chiang
Mathematics quotes by John Edensor Littlewood
#142. A good mathematical joke is better, and better mathematics, than a dozen mediocre papers. #Quote by John Edensor Littlewood
Mathematics quotes by Noga Alon
#143. Computers are here to stay. It is a major challenge for the future to use computers efficiently in combinatorics without losing its special appeal. #Quote by Noga Alon
Mathematics quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#144. Mathematics has the completely false reputation of yielding infallible conclusions. Its infallibility is nothing but identity. Two times two is not four, but it is just two times two, and that is what we call four for short. But four is nothing new at all. And thus it goes on and on in its conclusions, except that in the higher formulas the identity fades out of sight. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Mathematics quotes by H.G.Wells
#145. The new mathematics is a sort of supplement to language, affording a means of thought about form and quantity and a means of expression,more exact,compact, and ready than ordinary language. The great body of physical science, a great deal of the essential facts of financial science, and endless social and political problems are only accessible and thinkable to those who have had a sound training in mathematical analysis, and the time may not be very remote when it will be understood that for complete initiation as an efficient citizen of one of the new great complex world wide states that are now developing, it is as necessary to be able to compute, to think in averages and maxima and minima, as it is now to be able to read and write. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Mathematics quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#146. I mean that they (students) should not play life, or study it merely, while the community supports them at this expensive game, but earnestly live it from beginning to end. How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living? Methinks this would exercise their minds as much as mathematics. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Mathematics quotes by Paul Halmos
#147. Mathematics - this may surprise or shock some - is never deductive in creation. #Quote by Paul Halmos
Mathematics quotes by Nikolai Lobachevsky
#148. There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not some day be applied to phenomena of the real world. #Quote by Nikolai Lobachevsky
Mathematics quotes by Paul Lockhart
#149. Mathematics is the music of reason. To do mathematics is to engage in an act of discovery and conjecture, intuition and inspiration; to be in a state of confusion - not because it makes no sense to you, but because you gave it sense and you still don't understand what your creation is up to; to have a break-through idea; to be frustrated as an artist; to be awed and overwhelmed by an almost painful beauty; to be alive, damn it. #Quote by Paul Lockhart
Mathematics quotes by Scarlett Thomas
#150. But I quite like the way you can talk about science without necessarily using mathematics, but using metaphors instead. #Quote by Scarlett Thomas
Mathematics quotes by Richard Rhodes
#151. was slow to speak, but he was not, as legend has it, slow in his studies; he consistently earned the highest or next-highest marks in mathematics and Latin in school and Gymnasium. At four or five the "miracle" of a compass his father showed him excited him so much, he remembered, that he "trembled and grew cold." It seemed to him then that "there had to be something behind objects that lay deeply hidden."624 #Quote by Richard Rhodes
Mathematics quotes by John Pople
#152. I abandoned chemistry to concentrate on mathematics and physics. In 1942, I travelled to Cambridge to take the scholarship examination at Trinity College, received an award and entered the university in October 1943. #Quote by John Pople
Mathematics quotes by Francis Bacon
#153. If a man's wit be wandering, let him study the mathematics. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Mathematics quotes by Hannah Arendt
#154. Mathematics, the non-empirical science par excellence ... the science of sciences, delivering the key to those laws of nature and the universe which are concealed by appearances. #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Mathematics quotes by Ben Orlin
#155. Paradox is the grain of sand that helps form the pearl of theory. #Quote by Ben Orlin
Mathematics quotes by Salman Rushdie
#156. Why do we care about singers? Wherein lies the power of songs? Maybe it derives from the sheer strangeness of there being singing in the world. The note, the scale, the chord; melodies, harmonies, arrangements; symphonies, ragas, chinese operas,jazz, the blues: that such things should exist, that we should have discovered the magical intervals and distances that yield the poor cluster of notes, all within the span of a human hand from which we can build our cathedrals of sound, is alchemical a mystery as mathematics, or wine, or love. Maybe the birds taught us. Maybe not. Maybe we are just creatures in search of exaltation. We don't have much of it. Our lives are not what we deserve; they are, let us agree, in many painful ways deficient. Song turns them into something else. Song shows us a world that is worthy of our yearning, it shows us our selves as they might be, if we were worthy of the world. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Mathematics quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#157. The truth is that you can divide your heart in all sorts of interesting ways - a little here, a little there, most banked at home, some of it coined out for a flutter. But love cleaves through the mind's mathematics. Love's lengthways splits the heart in two - the heart where you are, the heart where you want to be. How will you heal your heart when love has split it in two? #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Mathematics quotes by G.H. Hardy
#158. What is the proper justification of a mathematician's life? My answers will be, for the most part, such as are expected from a mathematician: I think that it is worthwhile, that there is ample justification. But I should say at once that my defense of mathematics will be a defense of myself, and that my apology is bound to be to some extent egotistical. I should not think it worth while to apologize for my subject if I regarded myself as one of its failures. Some egotism of this sort is inevitable, and I do not feel that it really needs justification. Good work is no done by "humble" men. It is one of the first duties of a professor, for example, in any subject, to exaggerate a little both the importance of his subject and his own importance in it. A man who is always asking "Is what I do worth while?" and "Am I the right person to do it?" will always be ineffective himself and a discouragement to others. He must shut his eyes a little and think a little more of his subject and himself than they deserve. This is not too difficult: it is harder not to make his subject and himself ridiculous by shutting his eyes too tightly. #Quote by G.H. Hardy
Mathematics quotes by Carl B. Boyer
#159. Berkeley was unable to appreciate that mathematics was not concerned with a world of "real" sense impressions. In much the same manner today some philosophers criticize the mathematical conceptions of infinity and continuum, failing to realize that since mathematics deals with relations rather than with physical existence, its criterion of truth is inner consistency rather than plausibility in the light of sense perception of intuition. #Quote by Carl B. Boyer
Mathematics quotes by Lynne Barasch
#160. Do not worry about your problems with mathematics, I assure you mine are far greater. Albert Einstein. #Quote by Lynne Barasch
Mathematics quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#161. Mechanics is the paradise of the mathematical sciences because by means of it one comes to the fruits of mathematics. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Mathematics quotes by Philippe Starck
#162. In our civilization, there are permanent forms which are part of every epoch and every culture. They are not especially difficult to detect. A minimal knowledge of physics, astrophysics, and perhaps mathematics, brings to light certain patterns that make these subjects easier to understand. It is striking to see the extreme similarity between these scientific propositions and the forms that recur in all times, places and civilizations. #Quote by Philippe Starck
Mathematics quotes by Edward Frenkel
#163. The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics. Math is a way to describe reality and figure out how the world works, a universal language that has become the gold standard of truth. In our world, increasingly driven by science and technology, mathematics is becoming, ever more, the source of power, wealth, and progress. Hence those who are fluent in this new language will be on the cutting edge of progress. #Quote by Edward Frenkel
Mathematics quotes by Paul Erdos
#164. When I was a child, the Earth was said to be two billion years old. Now scientists say it's four and a half billion. So that makes me two and a half billion. #Quote by Paul Erdos
Mathematics quotes by John William Strutt
#165. Examples ... which might be multiplied ad libitum, show how difficult it often is for an experimenter to interpret his results without the aid of mathematics. #Quote by John William Strutt
Mathematics quotes by Ben Orlin
#166. Mathematics can instruct us on how to optimize. But what to optimize - that remains a question for humans. #Quote by Ben Orlin
Mathematics quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#167. A mathematical proof must be perspicuous. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Mathematics quotes by Edward Everett Hale
#168. In the pure mathematics we contemplate absolute truths which existed in the divine mind before the morning stars sang together, and which will continue to exist there when the last of their radiant host shall have fallen from heaven. #Quote by Edward Everett Hale
Mathematics quotes by Bill Bryson
#169. As a student, frustrated by the limitations of conventional mathematics, he invented an entirely new form, the calculus, but then told no-one about it for twenty-seven years5. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Mathematics quotes by John Pipkin
#170. Her calculations have always held the utmost accuracy, but mathematics alone will not be enough to guide her; she must learn to trust in chance and, if need be, in accident. #Quote by John Pipkin
Mathematics quotes by Paul Erdos
#171. It will be another million years, at least, before we understand the primes. #Quote by Paul Erdos
Mathematics quotes by G.H. Hardy
#172. The mathematician's patterns, like the painter's or the poet's must be beautiful; the ideas like the colours or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics. #Quote by G.H. Hardy
Mathematics quotes by Paul Dirac
#173. I learnt to distrust all physical concepts as the basis for a theory. Instead one should put one's trust in a mathematical scheme, even if the scheme does not appear at first sight to be connected with physics. One should concentrate on getting interesting mathematics. #Quote by Paul Dirac
Mathematics quotes by Eric Temple Bell
#174. Abstractness, sometimes hurled as a reproach at mathematics, is its chief glory and its surest title to practical usefulness. It is also the source of such beauty as may spring from mathematics. #Quote by Eric Temple Bell
Mathematics quotes by Arthur Mattuck
#175. Mathematics is the art of accurate reasoning on inaccurately-drawn figures ... let that be our motto. #Quote by Arthur Mattuck
Mathematics quotes by Rene Descartes
#176. Mathematics is a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency. #Quote by Rene Descartes
Mathematics quotes by Keith Devlin
#177. What is mathematics? Ask this question of person chosen at random, and you are likely to receive the answer "Mathematics is the study of number." With a bit of prodding as to what kind of study they mean, you may be able to induce them to come up with the description "the science of numbers." But that is about as far as you will get. And with that you will have obtained a description of mathematics that ceased to be accurate some two and a half thousand years ago! #Quote by Keith Devlin
Mathematics quotes by Jordan Ellenberg
#178. We tend to teach mathematics as a long list of rules.You learn them in order and you have to obey them, because if you don't obey them you get a C-.This is not mathematics. Mathematics is the study if things that come out a certain way because there is no other way they could possibly be. #Quote by Jordan Ellenberg
Mathematics quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#179. We sometimes think of being good at mathematics as an innate ability. You either have "it" or you don't. But to Schoenfeld, it's not so much ability as attitude. You master mathematics if you are willing to try. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Mathematics quotes by Herbert Turnbull
#180. The usefulness of mathematics in furthering the sciences is commonly acknowledged: but outside the ranks of the experts there is little inquiry into its nature and purpose as a deliberate human activity. Doubtless this is due to the inevitable drawback that mathematical study is saturated with technicalities from beginning to end. #Quote by Herbert Turnbull
Mathematics quotes by Lipman Bers
#181. Mathematics is a collection of cheap tricks and dirty jokes. #Quote by Lipman Bers
Mathematics quotes by Baron De Montesquieu
#182. There is a very good saying that if triangles invented a god, they would make him three-sided. #Quote by Baron De Montesquieu
Mathematics quotes by Pierre-Simon Laplace
#183. Man follows only phantoms. #Quote by Pierre-Simon Laplace
Mathematics quotes by Richard Ford
#184. The longer they stayed on, and the better they knew each other, the better she at least could see their mistake, and the more misguided their lives became - like a long proof in mathematics in which the first calculation is wrong, following which all other calculations move you further away from how things were when they made sense. #Quote by Richard Ford
Mathematics quotes by Stephen Hawking
#185. It is generally recognized that women are better than men at languages, personal relations and multitasking, but less good at map-reading and spatial awareness. It is therefore not unreasonable to suppose that women might be less good at mathematics and physics. It is not politically correct to say such things ... But it cannot be denied that there are differences between men and women. Of course, these are differences between the averages only. There are wide variations about the mean. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Mathematics quotes by Francis A. Schaeffer
#186. Leonardo da Vinci had foreseen that beginning humanistically with mathematics one has only particulars and will never come to universals or meaning, but will end only with mechanics. It #Quote by Francis A. Schaeffer
Mathematics quotes by Arnold Sommerfeld
#187. Mathematics is like childhood diseases. The younger you get it, the better. #Quote by Arnold Sommerfeld
Mathematics quotes by John Von Neumann
#188. It is exceptional that one should be able to acquire the understanding of a process without having previously acquired a deep familiarity with running it, with using it, before one has assimilated it in an instinctive and empirical way ... Thus any discussion of the nature of intellectual effort in any field is difficult, unless it presupposes an easy, routine familiarity with that field. In mathematics this limitation becomes very severe. #Quote by John Von Neumann
Mathematics quotes by Shakuntala Devi
#189. Without mathematics, there's nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers. #Quote by Shakuntala Devi
Mathematics quotes by Paul Signac
#190. The art of the colorist has in some ways elements of mathematics and music. #Quote by Paul Signac
Mathematics quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#191. In our household doubts more troubling than these were suffered in silence. The spiritual void I have seen in so many of Istanbul's rich, Westernised, secularist families is evident in these silences. Everyone talks openly about mathematics, success at school, football and having fun, but they grapple with the most basic questions of existence - love,compassion, religion, the meaning of life, jealousy, hatred - in trembling confusion and painful solitude. They light a cigarette, give their attention to the music on the radio, return wordlessly to their inner worlds. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Mathematics quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#192. The merit of painting lies in the exactness of reproduction. Painting is a science and all sciences are based on mathematics. No human inquiry can be a science unless it pursues its path through mathematical exposition and demonstration. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Mathematics quotes by Steven Pinker
#193. Because much of the content of education is not cognitively natural, the process of mastering it may not always be easy and pleasant, notwithstanding the mantra that learning is fun. Children may be innately motivated to make friends, acquire status, hone motor skills, and explore the physical world, but they are not necessarily motivated to adapt their cognitive faculties to unnatural tasks like formal mathematics. A family, peer group, and culture that ascribe high status to school achievement may be needed to give a child the motive to persevere toward effortful feats of learning whose rewards are apparent only over the long term. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Mathematics quotes by Shaughan Lavine
#194. The modern theory of the infinite evolved in a contiguous way out of the mathematics that preceded it. #Quote by Shaughan Lavine
Mathematics quotes by Edmund Leach
#195. How can a modern anthropologist embark upon a generalization with any hope of arriving at a satisfactory conclusion? By thinking of the organizational ideas that are present in any society as a mathematical pattern. #Quote by Edmund Leach
Mathematics quotes by Izaak Walton
#196. Angling may be said to be so like the mathematics that it can never be fully learned. #Quote by Izaak Walton
Mathematics quotes by Robert Turnbull
#197. There is a largeness about mathematics that transcends race and time; mathematics may humbly help in the market-place, but it also reaches to the stars. #Quote by Robert Turnbull
Mathematics quotes by Shakuntala Devi
#198. Why do children dread mathematics? Because of the wrong approach. Because it is looked at as a subject. #Quote by Shakuntala Devi
Mathematics quotes by Diane Ravitch
#199. NAEP data show beyond question that test scores in reading and math have improved for almost every group of students over the past two decades; slowly and steadily in the case of reading, dramatically in the case of mathematics. Students know more and can do more in these two basic skills subjects now than they could twenty or forty years ago... So the next time you hear someone say that the system is "broken," that American students aren't as well educated as they used to be, that our schools are failing, tell that person the facts. #Quote by Diane Ravitch
Mathematics quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#200. The difference between the poet and the mathematician is that the poet tries to get his head into the heavens while the mathematician tries to get the heavens into his head. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton

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