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Mathematical Pattern quotes by Edmund Leach
#1. How can a modern anthropologist embark upon a generalization with any hope of arriving at a satisfactory conclusion? By thinking of the organizational ideas that are present in any society as a mathematical pattern. #Quote by Edmund Leach
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Mario Livio
#2. To claim that mathematics is purely a human invention and is successful in explaining nature only because of evolution and natural selection ignores some important facts in the nature of mathematics and in the history of theoretical models of the universe. First, while the mathematical rules (e.g., the axioms of geometry or of set theory) are indeed creations of the human mind, once those rules are specified, we lose our freedom. The definition of the Golden Ratio emerged originally from the axioms of Euclidean geometry; the definition of the Fibonacci sequence from the axioms of the theory of numbers. Yet the fact that the ratio of successive Fibonacci numbers converges to the Golden Ratio was imposed on us-humans had not choice in the matter. Therefore, mathematical objects, albeit imaginary, do have real properties. Second, the explanation of the unreasonable power of mathematics cannot be based entirely on evolution in the restricted sense. For example, when Newton proposed his theory of gravitation, the data that he was trying to explain were at best accurate to three significant figures. Yet his mathematical model for the force between any two masses in the universe achieved the incredible precision of better than one part in a million. Hence, that particular model was not forced on Newton by existing measurements of the motions of planets, nor did Newton force a natural phenomenon into a preexisting mathematical pattern. Furthermore, natural selection in the common int #Quote by Mario Livio
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#3. We should expect nothing less from the language that was originally given by God, to His human family. Hebrew was the method that God chose for mankind to speak to Him, and Him to them. Adam spoke Hebrew - and your Bible confirms this. Everyone who got off the ark spoke one language - Hebrew.
Even Abraham spoke Hebrew. Where did Abraham learn to speak Hebrew? Abraham was descended from Noah's son, Shem. (Ge 11:10-26) Shem's household was not affected by the later confusion of languages, at Babel. (Ge 11:5-9) To the contrary, Shem was blessed while the rest of Babel was cursed. (Ge 9:26) That is how Abraham retained Hebrew, despite residing in Babylon.
So, Shem's language can be traced back to Adam. (Ge 11:1) And, Shem (Noah's son) was still alive when Jacob and Esau was 30 years of age. Obviously, Hebrew (the original language) was clearly spoken by Jacob's sons. (Ge 14:13) #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#4. At Ge 1:1 God used a matrix of sevens: (1) Seven words. (2) 28 letters (28 ÷ 4 = 7). (3) First three words contain 14 letters (14 ÷ 2 = 7). (4) Last four words contain 14 letters (14 ÷ 2 = 7). (5) Fourth and fifth words have seven letters. (6) Sixth and seventh words have seven letters. (7) Key words (God, heaven, earth) contain 14 letters (14 ÷ 2 = 7). (8) Remaining words contain 14 letters (14 ÷ 2 = 7). (9) Numeric value of first, middle and last letters equal, 133 (133 ÷ 19 = 7). (10) Numeric value of the first and last letters of all seven words equal 1,393 (1,393 ÷ 199 = 7). (11) The book of Genesis has 78,064 letters (78,064 ÷ 11,152 = 7).
So, what is the big deal about seven? Jesus is our Shiva (7), our Shabbat (7th day). (Lu 6:5) You couldn't see this messianic reference, however, unless you are reading in Hebrew. This book is the beginning of an amazing pilgrimage. #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Mathematical Pattern quotes by James Gleick
#5. It had been well known for twenty years that the distribution of large and small earthquakes followed a particular mathematical pattern, precisely the same scaling pattern that seemed to govern the distribution of personal incomes in a free-market economy. #Quote by James Gleick
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Mo Udall
#6. I've been through legislation creating a dozen national parks, and there's always the same pattern. When you first propose a park, and you visit the area and present the case to the local people, they threaten to hang you. You go back in five years and they think it's the greatest thing that ever happened. #Quote by Mo Udall
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Susan Wise Bauer
#7. The initial small step is simple: Rather than making a sweeping determination to tackle the Great Books (all of them), decide to begin on one of the reading lists in Part II. As you read each book, you'll follow the pattern of the trivium. First you'll try to understand the book's basic structure and argument; next, you'll evaluate the book's assertions; finally, you'll form an opinion about the book's ideas. You'll have to exercise these three skills of reading - understanding, analysis, and evaluation - differently for each kind of book. #Quote by Susan Wise Bauer
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Reuben Fine
#8. Combinations have always been the most intriguing aspect of Chess. The masters look for them, the public applauds them, the critics praise them. It is because combinations are possible that Chess is more than a lifeless mathematical exercise. They are the poetry of the game; they are to Chess what melody is to music. They represent the triumph of mind over matter #Quote by Reuben Fine
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Paul Watzlawick
#9. If we have dwelled on Godel's work at some length, is it because we see it in the mathematical analogy of what we would call the the ultimate paradox of man's existence. Man is ultimately subject and object of his quest. While the question whether the mind can be considered to be anything like a formalized system, as defined in the preceding paragraph, is probably unanswerable, his quest for an understanding of the meaning of his existence is an attempt at formalization. #Quote by Paul Watzlawick
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Peter Medawar
#10. The lives of scientists, considered as Lives, almost always make dull reading. For one thing, the careers of the famous and the merely ordinary fall into much the same pattern, give or take an honorary degree or two, or (in European countries) an honorific order. It could be hardly otherwise. Academics can only seldom lead lives that are spacious or exciting in a worldly sense. They need laboratories or libraries and the company of other academics. Their work is in no way made deeper or more cogent by privation, distress or worldly buffetings. Their private lives may be unhappy, strangely mixed up or comic, but not in ways that tell us anything special about the nature or direction of their work. Academics lie outside the devastation area of the literary convention according to which the lives of artists and men of letters are intrinsically interesting, a source of cultural insight in themselves. If a scientist were to cut his ear off, no one would take it as evidence of a heightened sensibility; if a historian were to fail (as Ruskin did) to consummate his marriage, we should not suppose that our understanding of historical scholarship had somehow been enriched. #Quote by Peter Medawar
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Lord Kelvin
#11. The life and soul of science is its practical application, and just as the great advances in mathematics have been made through the desire of discovering the solution of problems which were of a highly practical kind in mathematical science, so in physical science many of the greatest advances that have been made from the beginning of the world to the present time have been made in the earnest desire to turn the knowledge of the properties of matter to some purpose useful to mankind. #Quote by Lord Kelvin
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Morgan Llywelyn
#12. The Romans did not like kings. We needed them, however. Over many generations we had evolved the pattern of living that best suited Celtic natures. Kings led noble warriors in battle that defined tribal territory and gave men a shape for their pride. Less aggressive common people farmed the land and did the labor of the tribe. Druids were responsible for the intangible essentials upon which all else depended. Man and Earth and Otherworld were thus held in balance----until the coming of Caesar, who wanted to destroy our warriors and our druids so he could make the rest of us his slaves. #Quote by Morgan Llywelyn
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Margot Asquith
#13. Although I am not stupid, the mathematical side of my brain is like dumb notes upon a damaged piano. #Quote by Margot Asquith
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Chip Heath
#14. The most basic way to get someone's attention is this: Break a pattern. #Quote by Chip Heath
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Shirley Jackson
#15. This house, which seemed somehow to have formed itself, flying together into its own powerful pattern under the hands of its builders, fitting itself into its own construction of lines and angles, reared its great head back against the sky without concession to humanity. It was a house without kindness, never meant to be lived in, not a fit place for people or for love or for hope. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Juliet Marillier
#16. We draw our strength from the great oaks of the forest. As they take their nourishment from the soil, and from the rains that feed the soil, so we find our courage in the pattern of living things around us. They stand through storm and tempest. They grow and renew themselves. Like a grove of young oaks, we remain strong. #Quote by Juliet Marillier
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Skeet Ulrich
#17. There's been a boiling down of real emotion into a set pattern instead of individualism. #Quote by Skeet Ulrich
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Edmund Husserl
#18. Without troublesome work, no one can have any concrete, full idea of what pure mathematical research is like or of the profusion of insights that can be obtained from it. #Quote by Edmund Husserl
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Dee Dee Myers
#19. It was what became something of a pattern in the first couple of years of the Clinton White House and maybe even longer, where information would drip, drip, drip, drip, drip out which would keep stories alive, alive, alive. #Quote by Dee Dee Myers
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Rene Dubos
#20. Gauss replied, when asked how soon he expected to reach certain mathematical conclusions, that he had them long ago, all he was worrying about was how to reach them! #Quote by Rene Dubos
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#21. What I fear from these reports is that the prevalent use of foul language has become an acceptable pattern in the schools, probably due in large part to the influence of TV and the general permissiveness in our society. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Carlos Santana
#22. When you fly to New York, sometimes they put you on hold and you just go round and around in a holding pattern. Sometimes in a concert, I feel other spirits in a holding pattern that they want to land through my heart and through my fingers. #Quote by Carlos Santana
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Paul Dirac
#23. The fundamental laws necessary for the mathematical treatment of a large part of physics and the whole of chemistry are thus completely known, and the difficulty lies only in the fact that application of these laws leads to equations that are too complex to be solved. #Quote by Paul Dirac
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Henri Poincare
#24. The aim of Mathematical Physics is not only to facilitate for the physicist the numerical calculation of certain constants or the integration of certain differential equations. It is besides, it is above all, to reveal to him the hidden harmony of things in making him see them in a new way. #Quote by Henri Poincare
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Nikola Tesla
#25. His [Thomas Edison] method was inefficient in the extreme, for an immense ground had to be covered to get anything at all unless blind chance intervened and, at first, I was almost a sorry witness of his doings, knowing that just a little theory and calculation would have saved him 90 per cent of the labor. But he had a veritable contempt for book learning and mathematical knowledge, trusting himself entirely to his inventor's instinct and practical American sense. In view of this, the truly prodigious amount of his actual accomplishments is little short of a miracle. #Quote by Nikola Tesla
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#26. You have reminded me of how alien I found the concept of acquaintances splitting the bill when I first arrived in your country. I had been raised to favour mutual generosity over mathematical precision in such matters; given time both work equally well to even a score. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Mathematical Pattern quotes by H.D. Anyone
#27. Crystals remind us of the structures upon which our universe is built. All matter, everything that is physical and solid, owes its existence to the organizing properties of crystals. Crystals are structures that are formed from a regular repeated pattern of connected atoms or molecules. #Quote by H.D. Anyone
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Laura Creedle
#28. I've been thinking about what you told me Friday night, about having a broken brain, not a broken spirit. And I've been thinking about what it means to be broken, and how we call things broken that aren't - fractured. It made me think about fractals. Do you know what a Mandelbrot Set is? [...] So, a Mandelbrot Set is one kind of fractal. All fractals are self similar, which means they have a pattern that repeats at different levels of magnification. Fractals are infinitely recursive and orderly, but they appear to be chaotic. [...] Mathematicians use fractals to model things that appear to be chaotic but are really accumulations of complex patterns. Fractured things - not broken, because broken implies that there is a normal, when mathematically there isn't. Normal would simply mean easily predictable, like a salt crystal. Fractured things like snowflakes and mountain ranges are more geometrically interesting and require more complex modeling. [...] You are a fractured snowflake, a pattern, repeated in infinite detail in a world full of salt crystals. You're not broken, you're perfect. #Quote by Laura Creedle
Mathematical Pattern quotes by K. Bromberg
#29. You're developing a pattern of wanting me right after I know you've been with another. That's a habit you're going to need to break or nothing else is going to happen here, #Quote by K. Bromberg
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Anne Chapman
#30. It is hard for fish to be aware of water. It is hard for us to notice something that's an ingrained pattern shaping our habitual thought. #Quote by Anne Chapman
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Gerald Durrell
#31. As I watched the pulsing fire among the trees and heard the beat of the drum merge and tremble with the voices, forming an intricate pattern of sound, I knew that someday I would have to return or be haunted forever by the beauty and mystery that is Africa. #Quote by Gerald Durrell
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Kenneth Schwarz
#32. If breaking a habit has been hard for you to do, hard for you even to face, then a helping hand is in order. #Quote by Kenneth Schwarz
Mathematical Pattern quotes by David Hilbert
#33. I have tried to avoid long numerical computations, thereby following Riemann's postulate that proofs should be given through ideas and not voluminous computations. #Quote by David Hilbert
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Ashleigh Brilliant
#34. My life shows a clear pattern of total unpredictability. #Quote by Ashleigh Brilliant
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Hilary Mantel
#35. He saw that it was the gaps that were important, the spaces between the threads which made the pattern, and not the threads themselves. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Dana Gould
#36. My daughter will say she's hungry, and I'm like, 'Buddy, you're just bored. Do you understand? And you're already starting a pattern of satisfying an internal disconnect with an external stimulation, and that's a dead-end road, sweetie. Courtney Love lives on that road; you don't want to live on that road. #Quote by Dana Gould
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Freya Stark
#37. One can only really travel if one lets oneself go and takes what every place brings without trying to turn it into a healthy private pattern of one's own and I suppose that is the difference between travel and tourism. #Quote by Freya Stark
Mathematical Pattern quotes by D. Patrick Miller
#38. Forgiveness feels most dramatic when some ancient pattern of self-punishment collapses in a torrent of tears. But it is just as effective when practiced daily in tiny doses - relinquishing a pointless worry, getting wise to a self-destructive habit, serving notice on a cruel notion about yourself that has previously seemed justified. The beginning of forgiveness is alertness to false ideas. #Quote by D. Patrick Miller
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Jodi Picoult
#39. When you love someone, there's a pattern to the way you come together. You might not even realize it, but your bodies are choreographed: a touch on the hip, a stroke of the hair. A staccato kiss, break away, a longer one. It's a routine, but not in the boring sense of the word. It's just the way you've learned to fit. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Ryan Murphy
#40. I think I have a pattern of nice and lovely and then dark and twisted. #Quote by Ryan Murphy
Mathematical Pattern quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#41. I truly am %100 convinced that, if you want to raise knights and noble women, you must teach your children the philosophies of old. I have been teaching my son ancient philosophies since he was nine years old. It becomes a thought pattern, a way of life, an ingrained character. The philosophy of old is the stuff of knights and queens! If I can one day, I will put up a school dedicated to raising young children in the ways of old, from a fresh young age! #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#42. The most beautiful lives, to my mind,are those that conform to the common human pattern, with order, but without miracle, and without eccentricity. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Monty Roberts
#43. I had been riding horses before my memory kicked in, so my life with horses had no beginning. It simply appeared from the fog of infancy. I survived a difficult childhood by traveling on the backs of horses, and in adulthood the pattern didn't change. #Quote by Monty Roberts
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Dan Millman
#44. Dad, once an aspiring architect, drove his own catering truck to feed factory workers in downtown Los Angeles, and mom, with a Mensa IQ and mathematical gifts, served as a bookkeeper and worked in a grocery store while pursuing her calling in music: playing piano and composing songs. Perhaps in a way, part of my drive was to complete their unfulfilled ambitions and dreams, but in my own way. #Quote by Dan Millman
Mathematical Pattern quotes by James Jeans
#45. Kant, discussing the various modes of perception by which the human mind apprehends nature, concluded that it is specially prone to see nature through mathematical spectacles. Just as a man wearing blue spectacles would see only a blue world, so Kant thought that, with our mental bias, we tend to see only a mathematical world. #Quote by James Jeans
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Tracy Malone
#46. On social media facebombing is common – this means constant attention. Beware if your boyfriend or girlfriend stalks you. That is not a healthy pattern and is abuse. Be strong and walk away, do not take abuse. It never gets better. #Quote by Tracy Malone
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Benoit B Mandelbrot
#47. No one is alone in this world. No act is without consequences for others. It is a tenet of chaos theory that, in dynamical systems, the outcome of any process is sensitive to its starting point-or, in the famous cliche, the flap of a butterfly's wings in the Amazon can cause a tornado in Texas. I do not assert markets are chaotic, though my fractal geometry is one of the primary mathematical tools of "chaology." But clearly, the global economy is an unfathomably complicated machine. To all the complexity of the physical world of weather, crops, ores, and factories, you add the psychological complexity of men acting on their fleeting expectations of what may or may not happen-sheer phantasms. Companies and stock prices, trade flows and currency rates, crop yields and commodity futures-all are inter-related to one degree or another, in ways we have barely begun to understand. In such a world, it is common sense that events in the distant past continue to echo in the present. #Quote by Benoit B Mandelbrot
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Neil Strauss
#48. He was telling the students about the hypnotic technique of using quotes in a conversation. An idea is more palatable ... if it comes from someone else. The unconscious thinks in terms of content and structure. If you introduce a pattern with the words, 'My friend was telling me,' the critical part of her mind shuts off. #Quote by Neil Strauss
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Kiran Shaikh
#49. Like every star in the Universe, like every tip of your finger, like every pattern of a snowflake, you are "You-nique". Cherish that gift. #Quote by Kiran Shaikh
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#50. Sometimes it's hard because I don't like to hurt people's feelings. So there have been times when a friend will get a haircut and I will see it and my initial reaction is "Oh my God, you look like a streetwalker who got caught in a wind tunnel." But I obviously can't say that because that would be an insult to streetwalkers. So I have to say, "I love it! It looks great!" But when I say it my voice goes up about three octaves. "It looks greee-aaattt!" So I'm certain they know I'm lying.
How come when we lie our voices go up so many octaves? It's a dead giveaway. It happens when we dole out compliments we don't mean and it happens when we say things like "You didn't have to get my anything!" or "What do you mean you weren't invited to my party? You're always invited!" Everyone knows what those mean. "You definitely had to get me something" and "You haven't been invited back to the house since the urn incident of '04." And it's a mathematical fact: the higher the octave, the bigger the lie. "I didn't even hear my phone ring!" is usually like a four on the scale. "You think I'm sleeping with someone else?" is off the charts.
I can tell when people are lying to me when they start their sentence with "I have to be honest with you." They may as well say, "Listen, I'm about to lie straight to your face." Why do people need to clarify when they're being honest? Does that mean everything else they've ever said has been a lie? Yesterday they said they liked my sweater but they #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#51. Our entire pattern of socio-sexual interaction is nonexistent here. They cannot play the game. They do not see one another as men or women. This is almost impossible for our imagination to accept. What is the first question we ask about a newborn baby? #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Mathematical Pattern quotes by John Milton
#52. Chaos umpire sits And by decision more embroils the fray by which he reigns: next him high arbiter Chance governs all. #Quote by John Milton
Mathematical Pattern quotes by Isaac Newton
#53. Our design, not respecting arts, but philosophy, and our subject, not manual, but natural powers, we consider chiefly those things which relate to gravity, levity, elastic force, the resistance of fluids, and the like forces, whether attractive or impulsive; and therefore we offer this work as mathematical principles of philosophy; for all the difficulty of philosophy seems to consist in this from the phenomena of motions to investigate the forces of nature, and then from these forces to demonstrate the other phenomena ... #Quote by Isaac Newton

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