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Materials quotes by Henry Ford
#1. I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one ... #Quote by Henry Ford
Materials quotes by Sivananda
#2. Money can help you to get medicines but not health. Money can help you to get soft pillows, but not sound sleep. Money can help you to get material comforts, but not eternal bliss. Money can help you to get ornaments, but not beauty. Money will help you to get an electric earphone, but not natural hearing. Attain the supreme wealth, wisdom; you will have everything. #Quote by Sivananda
Materials quotes by Martin Puryear
#3. I'm interested in vernacular cultures, where people lived a little closer to the source of materials and the making of objects for use. And for me, not to rely strictly on the history of art has always been an interesting process, to be looking into areas that we call craft and trades. #Quote by Martin Puryear
Materials quotes by Ann Voskamp
#4. We don't see the material world for what it is meant to be: the means to communion with God ... There is a belief missing, that God is good and that he gives good gifts. #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Materials quotes by David Adjaye
#5. In some conditions, the architecture of textile is more relevant than in other conditions or the opacity of the material form. Pattern in the world of scarce materiality and a hybridity becomes a way of creating a new authenticity. Sometimes there is a certain kind of nobility of a group of materials literally of the earth, which had a certain nobility of presence, but is very different from the materials we have now. #Quote by David Adjaye
Materials quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#6. The environmentalists say capitalism is killing our oceans, air, land, and forests. Capitalists argue that they provide food, fuel, and building materials for a growing world. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
Materials quotes by Henry Steele Commager
#7. To yearn for a single, and usually simple, explanation of the chaotic materials of the past, to search for a single thread in that most tangled of all skeins, is a sign of immaturity. #Quote by Henry Steele Commager
Materials quotes by Eric Mazur
#8. I thought I was a good teacher until I discovered my students were just memorizing information rather than learning to understand the material, #Quote by Eric Mazur
Materials quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
#9. Each material has its own message. #Quote by Frank Lloyd Wright
Materials quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#10. In books lies the soul of the whole Past Time: the articulate audible voice of the Past, when the body and material substance of it has altogether vanished like a dream. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Materials quotes by Mira Sorvino
#11. I'm doing things that are more artistic again, more close to the material that I love. I don't disparage those things that I did. They're just not as much reflective of who I am. #Quote by Mira Sorvino
Materials quotes by Charles Dance
#12. Because [writers] Dan Weiss and David Benioff have done such a great job in adapting them, that's what we work with. It serves no purpose to anybody for actors to come onto a set with a well-thumbed copy of the source material and start querying why this or that line has been left out of the script. It's probably been left out for a good reason. #Quote by Charles Dance
Materials quotes by Flavius Josephus
#13. Now Herod was an active man, and soon found proper materials for his active spirit to work upon. #Quote by Flavius Josephus
Materials quotes by Plutarch
#14. But if any man undertake to write a history, that has to be collected from materials gathered by observation and the reading of works not easy to be got in all places, nor written always in his own language, but many of them foreign and dispersed in other hands, for him, undoubtedly, it is in the first place and above all things most necessary, to reside in some city of good note, addicted to liberal arts, and populous; where he may have plenty of all sorts of books, and upon inquiry may hear and inform himself of such particulars as, having escaped the pens of writers, are more faithfully preserved in the memories of men, lest his work be deficient in many things, even those which it can least dispense with. #Quote by Plutarch
Materials quotes by Archie Shepp
#15. To some degree, yeah, because I have to play a certain number of originals that might be considered avant-garde material. I realize though, that only a few people in the audience actually know what that music is, or understand it. #Quote by Archie Shepp
Materials quotes by Mitch Albom
#16. You can't substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship #Quote by Mitch Albom
Materials quotes by Marianne Williamson
#17. Enchanted partnership begins with the conscious understanding, on the part of two people, that the purpose of their relationship is not so much material as spiritual, and the internal skills demanded by it are prodigious. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Materials quotes by Jerry Holkins
#18. Playing video games and making comics didn't look like raw materials for success. In fact, what we were doing looked very similar to fucking around. #Quote by Jerry Holkins
Materials quotes by Tracy Chapman
#19. Renounce all those material things that you gained by exploiting other human beings. #Quote by Tracy Chapman
Materials quotes by Wallace Stegner
#20. Any life will provide the material for writing, if it is attended to. #Quote by Wallace Stegner
Materials quotes by Thomas Struth
#21. If I look at my work from the beginning it is more the idea of trying to establish a kind of material that one can work with for the future, rather than making nostalgic images to record something that will later become lost. #Quote by Thomas Struth
Materials quotes by Taner Edis
#22. When confronted with a demand that the universe have a cause, infidels have usually pointed out that God was not much of an explanation. This is true enough, but not really a positive argument. After mechanistic explanation became popular, infidels liked to restrict causality to the chain of causes in an eternal material universe, pointing out that no supernatural cause was then necessary. Plausible, but still rather defensive. Today's skeptic can do better. In all likelihood, the universe is uncaused. It is random. It just is. #Quote by Taner Edis
Materials quotes by Dalai Lama
#23. Humans are not machines-we are something more. We have feeling and experience. Material comforts are not sufficient to satisfy us. We need something deeper-human affection. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Materials quotes by Sai Baba
#24. A college which does not confer the knowledge of the Spiritual Reality to the students who are engaged in the pursuit of various material studies, is as barren as the sky without the moon, or a heart without peace, or a nation without reference to law. #Quote by Sai Baba
Materials quotes by William Booth
#25. Good cookery is not an extravagance but an economy, and many a tasty dish is made by our Continental friends out of materials which would be discarded indignantly by the poorest tramp in Whitechapel. #Quote by William Booth
Materials quotes by Michael Spence
#26. One way to measure the size of a company, industry, or economy is to determine its output. But a better way is to determine its added value - namely, the difference between the value of its outputs, that is, the goods and services it produces, and the costs of its inputs, such as the raw materials and energy it consumes. #Quote by Michael Spence
Materials quotes by Jim Hodges
#27. It's as if I were collaborating with myself, revealing my relationship to the material. My hand would make the drawing. Then my mouth would transmit it. #Quote by Jim Hodges
Materials quotes by Dion Fortune
#28. To say that a thing is imaginary is not to dispose of it in the realm of mind, for the imagination, or the image making faculty, is a very important part of our mental functioning. An image formed by the imagination is a reality from the point of view of psychology; it is quite true that it has no physical existence, but are we going to limit reality to that which is material? We shall be far out of our reckoning if we do, for mental images are potent things, and although they do not actually exist on the physical plane, they influence it far more than most people suspect. #Quote by Dion Fortune
Materials quotes by Sam Worthington
#29. When you're working with friends, unless the material is right, our friendship could end. #Quote by Sam Worthington
Materials quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#30. My uncle used to let me pretend they were bricks," Linden says, startling me. He eases a thick hardcover from the shelf, hefts it in either hand, and then places it back. "I like to build houses out of them. They never came out exactly like I'd planned, but that's good. It taught me that there are three versions of things: the one I see in my mind, and the one that carries onto the paper, and then what it ultimately becomes."
For some reason I'm finding it difficult to meet his eyes. I nod at one of the lower shelves and say, "Maybe it's because in your mind you don't have to worry about building materials. So you're not as limited."
"That's astute," he says. He pauses. "You've always been astute about things. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Materials quotes by Matthew Zapruder
#31. That is a horrible thing in a way, but it is the one thing poets can bring back to experience, this intense focus on language, which activates words as a portal back into experience. It's a mysterious process that's very hard to articulate, because it's focused entirely on the material of language in a way, but in the interests not just of language itself whatever that would mean - that's the mistake, by the way, that so many so-called "experimental" poets make - but in service to human experience. #Quote by Matthew Zapruder
Materials quotes by Sam Harris
#32. In the year 2006, a person can have sufficient intellectual and material resources to build a nuclear bomb and still believe that he will get seventy-two virgins in Paradise. #Quote by Sam Harris
Materials quotes by Maud Hart Lovelace
#33. We have to build our lives out of what materials we have. It's as though we were given a heap of blocks and told to build a house. #Quote by Maud Hart Lovelace
Materials quotes by Carl Sagan
#34. Demon mean knowledge in Greek, especially about the material world. Science means knowledge in Latin. A jurisdictional dispute is exposed, even if we look no further #Quote by Carl Sagan
Materials quotes by Odysseus Elytis
#35. And yet from what is to what could be you cross a bridge that takes you, no more, no less, from Hell to Paradise. And more bizarre: a Paradise composed of the exact same material as Hell. The only difference is our perception of the material's arrangement – more easily understood by imagining it applied to ethical and emotional architectures – yet it's enough to pinpoint the immeasurable difference. If the reality created by people whose half-mast emotions and sensations disallow, now and perhaps forever, the other architecture or, in other words, the revolutionary re-synthesis, then, to my thinking, only the spirit is free and able to take it on. #Quote by Odysseus Elytis
Materials quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#36. You will go far beyond what I have done - you can create - I can only build with the materials others have made. But we builders have our place - we can make temples for our gods and goddesses if nothing else. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Materials quotes by Jack Valenti
#37. A huge parasite in the marketplace, feeding and fattening itself off of local television stations and copyright owners of copyrighted material. We do not like it because we think it wrong and unfair. #Quote by Jack Valenti
Materials quotes by Lionel Trilling
#38. What marks the artist is his power to shape the material of pain we all have. #Quote by Lionel Trilling
Materials quotes by Ole Hallesby
#39. The purpose of fasting is to loosen to some degree the ties which bind us to the world of material things and our surroundings as a whole, in order that we may concentrate all our spiritual powers upon the unseen and eternal things. #Quote by Ole Hallesby
Materials quotes by Peter Straub
#40. The materials of genre - specifically the paired genres of horror and the fantastic - in no way require the constrictions of formulaic treatment, and in fact naturally extend and evolve into the methods and concerns of its wider context, general literature. #Quote by Peter Straub
Materials quotes by Napoleon Hill
#41. Every individual has the power to change his or her material or financial status by first changing the nature of his or her beliefs. #Quote by Napoleon Hill
Materials quotes by Richard G. Wilkinson
#42. Instead of exposures to toxic materials and mechanical dangers, we are discovering the toxicity of social circumstances and patterns of social organization. #Quote by Richard G. Wilkinson
Materials quotes by Jonathan Ive
#43. In our quest to quickly make three-dimensional objects, we can miss out on the experience of making something that helps give us our first understandings of form and material, of the way a material behaves
'I press too hard here, and it breaks here' and so on. Some of the digital rendering tools are impressive, but it's important that people still really try and figure out a way of gaining direct experience with the materials. #Quote by Jonathan Ive
Materials quotes by Mother Teresa
#44. I am only a little pencil in the hand of our Lord. He may cut or sharpen the pencil. He may write or draw whatever and whenever he wants. If the writing or drawing is good, we do not honor the pencil or the material that is used, but rather the one who used it. #Quote by Mother Teresa
Materials quotes by Eric Greitens
#45. But it's also a human tendency - and a pronounced tendency in America - to become enamored of our tools and lose sight of their place. Think about a couple of the basic functions of any community: educating children and policing the streets. Today we spend huge effort and millions of dollars to bring more technology into the classroom, when the great majority of students in the great majority of circumstances can learn almost all of what they need to know with a supportive family, a pencil, some paper, good books, and a great teacher. The schools that produced Shakespeare and Jefferson and Darwin had some writing materials, some printed books - and that was it. #Quote by Eric Greitens
Materials quotes by Aristotle.
#46. The life which is best for men, both separately, as individuals, and in the mass, as states, is the life which has virtue sufficiently supported by material resources to facilitate participation in the actions that virtue calls for. #Quote by Aristotle.
Materials quotes by Andy Goldsworthy
#47. Movement, change, light, growth and decay are the lifeblood of nature, the energies that I I try to tap through my work. I need the shock of touch, the resistance of place, materials and weather, the earth as my source. Nature is in a state of change and that change is the key to understanding. I want my art to be sensitive and alert to changes in material, season and weather. Each work grows, stays, decays. Process and decay are implicit. Transience in my work reflects what I find in nature. #Quote by Andy Goldsworthy
Materials quotes by Steve Albini
#48. The band cannot sign to another label or even put out its own material unless they are released from their agreement, which never happens. #Quote by Steve Albini
Materials quotes by David Packard
#49. People, materials, facilities, money, and time are the resources available to us for conducting our business. By applying our skills, we turn these resources into useful products and services. If we do a good job, customers pay us more for our products than the sum of our costs in producing and distributing them. This difference, our profit, represents the value we add to the resources we utilize. #Quote by David Packard
Materials quotes by Isabel Allende
#50. I think the spirit survives when we die, and nothing is wasted in nature and just as our material body disintegrates and becomes something else in the soil. The spirit becomes something else, reunites with a spiritual force that is out there in the universe. Not as individuals but as part of this spirituality. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Materials quotes by Doug Ose
#51. Currently under FCC policy, indecency determinations hinge on two factors. First, material must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. Second, the material must be patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium. #Quote by Doug Ose
Materials quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#52. If we will admit time into our thoughts at all, the mythologies, those vestiges of ancient poems, wrecks of poems, so to speak, the world's inheritance, ... these are the materials and hints for a history of the rise and progress of the race; how, from the condition of ants, it arrived at the condition of men, and arts were gradually invented. Let a thousand surmises shed some light on this story. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Materials quotes by Claude Bernard
#53. Real science exists, then, only from the moment when a phenomenon is accurately defined as to its nature and rigorously determined in relation to its material conditions, that is, when its law is known. Before that, we have only groping and empiricism. #Quote by Claude Bernard
Materials quotes by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
#54. This (the tendency to revive the old, and just stay with the old) is true not just of Habad but of Hassidim in generally, whether they are in Williamsburg or Mea She'arim. They are pouring all their energies into reliving an anachronism, so much so that there is no energy left over to live in the present. This attempt at living out an anachronism prevents them, not only from interchanging with the world around them, but even from praying properly, or studying, let alone from perceiving the presence of their children or their wives." (SS: understanding what they need in the presence time and generation).
"I'm not anti-tradition. On the contrary, I'll use anything that will help me get off. I've got a great deal invested in the materials of civilization, like language and vocabulary - booba, zeida, cholent, tallis - they're deeply embedded in the core of my brain, attached to my thalamus, not to the cortex. It would be foolish to deny that they're not part of my make-up. But, if someone says that I must believe in the God who was active at the time of Moses, or Yohannan ben Zakai, or the Baal Shem Tov, my answer is no. #Quote by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Materials quotes by Meher Baba
#55. The life of the spirit is the expression of Infinity and, as such, knows no artificial limits. True spirituality is not to be mistaken for an exclusive enthusiasm for some fad. It is not concerned with any "ism." When people seek spirituality apart from life, as if it had nothing to do with the material world, their search is futile. #Quote by Meher Baba
Materials quotes by Craig Mundie
#56. Data are becoming the new raw material of business. #Quote by Craig Mundie
Materials quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#57. For where did Dante take the material of his hell but from our actual world? And yet he made a very proper hell of it. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Materials quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#58. Forgiveness allows us to develop self-discipline and helps us to let go of toxic attachments to people, places, materials things, or even ourselves. It helps us to inherit and visualize how to focus on the effort. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Materials quotes by Thomas Merton
#59. Your idea of me is fabricated with materials you have borrowed from other people and from yourself. What you think of me depends on what you think of yourself. Perhaps you create your idea of me out of material that you would like to eliminate from your own idea of yourself. Perhaps your idea of me is a reflection of what other people think of you. Or perhaps what you think of me is simply what you think I think of you. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Materials quotes by Christian Nestell Bovee
#60. Perhaps the heroic element in our natures is exhibited to the best advantage, not in going from success to success, and so on through a series of triumphs, but in gathering, on the very field of defeat itself, the materials for renewed efforts, and in proceeding, with no abatement of heart or energy, to form fresh designs upon the very ruins and ashes of blasted hopes. Yes, it is this indomitable persistence in a purpose, continued alike through defeat and success, that makes, more than aught else, the hero. #Quote by Christian Nestell Bovee
Materials quotes by Janet Fitch
#61. Anytime you work with materials that are deep parts of yourself, you feel revulsion at showing things about yourself that you don't want people to know. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Materials quotes by Franz Grillparzer
#62. If only it were God's will that printed and written materials have as much influence on the people as the princes and their censors fear! Considering the countless good books we have, the world would have changed for the better a long time ago. #Quote by Franz Grillparzer
Materials quotes by William James
#63. 'Pure experience' is the name I gave to the immediate flux of life which furnishes the material to our later reflection with its conceptual categories. #Quote by William James
Materials quotes by Cathy Rigby
#64. In high school I never went to the prom because I was too consumed with gymnastics. Also, with my hair in pigtails and looking about 10, I wasn't exactly date material. #Quote by Cathy Rigby
Materials quotes by Ian Bogost
#65. Play isn't doing what we want, but doing what we can with the materials we find along the way. #Quote by Ian Bogost
Materials quotes by Bertrand Russell
#66. The mind is a strange machine which can combine the materials offered to it in the most astonishing ways. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Materials quotes by African Spir
#67. Outward, thanks to the knowledge of physical laws, man could subdue (or subjugate ... ) nature, but inwardly, he remained a slave to it. For, when all is said and done, at what is aiming all this display (or deployment) of activity, if not to realized outward profits, to provide material pleasure (or enjoyment). It is not the first time that men sell their birth right for a dish of lentils, and thus disown (or repudiate or deny) the best of thmeselves. #Quote by African Spir
Materials quotes by Norman Borlaug
#68. Even if you could use all the organic material that you have
the animal manures, the human waste, the plant residues
and get them back on the soil, you couldn't feed more than 4 billion people. In addition, if all agriculture were organic, you would have to increase cropland area dramatically, spreading out into marginal areas and cutting down millions of acres of forests. #Quote by Norman Borlaug
Materials quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#69. There is no prosperity, trade, art, city, or great material wealth of any kind, but if you trace it home, you will find it rooted in a thought of some individual man. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Materials quotes by Kenneth Lay
#70. If there is anything material and we're not reporting it, we'll be breaking the law. We don't break the law. #Quote by Kenneth Lay
Materials quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#71. In daily life what distinguishes the master is the using those materials he has, instead of looking about for what are more renowned, or what others have used well. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Materials quotes by Jean Dubuffet
#72. Art should be born from the materials. #Quote by Jean Dubuffet
Materials quotes by Maurice Strong
#73. A citizen of an advanced industrialized nation consumes in six months the energy and raw materials that have to last the citizen of a developing country his entire lifetime. #Quote by Maurice Strong
Materials quotes by Phil Schiller
#74. What makes iPhone 5 so unique is how it feels in your hand. The materials ... the remarkable precision. Never before have we built a product with this extraordinarily level of fit and finish. #Quote by Phil Schiller
Materials quotes by Willis R. Whitney
#75. Necessity is not the mother of invention. Knowledge and experiment are its parents. It sometimes happens that successful search is made for unknown materials to fill well-recognized and predetermined requirements. It more often happens that the acquirement of knowledge of the previously unknown properties of a material suggests its trial for some new use. These facts strongly indicate the value of knowledge of properties of materials and indicate a way for research. #Quote by Willis R. Whitney
Materials quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#76. For the structure that we raise,
Time is with materials filled;
Our to-days and yesterdays
Are the blocks with which we build. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Materials quotes by Jessica Stockholder
#77. There's something about materials like copper, woods, stone, trees, shells. You walk outside and these materials are part of the world before we touched anything. There's a feeling of pleasure that many of us have in materials that have some presence before us, like clay and wood and copper. #Quote by Jessica Stockholder
Materials quotes by Maya Angelou
#78. The sisters and brothers that you meet give you the materials which your character uses to build itself. It is said that some people are born great, others achieve it, some have it thrust upon them. In truth, the ways in which your character is built have to do with all three of those. Those around you, those you choose, and those who choose you. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Materials quotes by Winona Ryder
#79. It's also a question of finding good material and interesting roles. I'm not the only actress out there, and good parts just don't fall into your lap that easily. But I like most of the films I've made recently and so I'm pretty positive about the future. #Quote by Winona Ryder
Materials quotes by Aldo Leopold
#80. Science contributes moral as well as material blessings to the world. Its great moral contribution is objectivity, or the scientific point of view. This means doubting everything except facts; it means hewing to the facts, let the chips fall where they may. #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Materials quotes by Rae Spoon
#81. I still use the pronoun she for my publicity materials, and for mainstream media stuff, for two reasons: the first is that I do a lot of work in public schools, and I want those young women and girls to see every kind of she there can be. I want them to see my biceps and my shorn hair and shirt and tie and for some of them to see me as a possibilityI want them to see me living outside of the boxes, because they might be asphyxiating in their own box and need to see there is air out here for them to breathe, that all they have to do is lift the lid a little. #Quote by Rae Spoon
Materials quotes by Frederick William Robertson
#82. Only what coronation is in an earthly way, baptism is in a heavenly way; God's authoritative declaration in material form of a spiritual reality. #Quote by Frederick William Robertson
Materials quotes by Sylvia Earle
#83. Santa Monica Bay is less polluted today than when I first moved to the area in the 1970s, because actions have been taken to avoid putting some of the noxious materials into the sea. I think people are more aware than they once were, the air is cleaner, water generally is, in spite of the fact that there are more people. #Quote by Sylvia Earle
Materials quotes by Michael Chabon
#84. What's going to be hard for me is to try to divorce myself as much as possible from what I wrote. I'll have to approach it simply as raw material and try to craft a film script out of it. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Materials quotes by Sarah Silverman
#85. I learned pretty early is I never defend my material; it's for other people to if someone is offended. It's so subjective, and if you don't find it funny, it's definitely going to be offensive. #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Materials quotes by Hans Bethe
#86. Stars have a life cycle much like animals. They get born, they grow, they go through a definite internal development, and finally they die, to give back the material of which they are made so that new stars may live #Quote by Hans Bethe
Materials quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#87. Every word which is used to express a moral or intellectual fact, if traced to its root, is found to be borrowed from some material appearance. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Materials quotes by Eliot Noyes
#88. A design may be called organic when there is an harmonious organization of the parts within the whole, according to structure, material, and purpose. Within this definition there can be no vain ornamentation or superfluity, but the part of beauty is nonetheless great-in ideal choice of material, in visual refinement, and in the rational elegance of things intended for use. #Quote by Eliot Noyes
Materials quotes by Paul Strand
#89. The documentary photographer aims his camera at the real world to record truthfulness. At the same time, he must strive for form, to devise effective ways of organizing and using the material. For content and form are interrelated. The problems presented by content and form must be so developed that the result is fundimentally [sic] true to the realities of life as we know it. The chief problem is to find a form that adequately represents the reality. #Quote by Paul Strand
Materials quotes by Hiroshi Sugimoto
#90. The Seascapes are before human beings and after human beings. The Seascapes were there before our presence, and when our civilization is over, seascapes will still exist. Our presence is temporary. Civilization is only 5,000 to 6,000 years. The history of ours, the material history of consciousness, is rather short. #Quote by Hiroshi Sugimoto
Materials quotes by Randy Alcorn
#91. God doesn't make us rich so we can indulge ourselves and spoil our children, or so we can insulate ourselves form needing God's provision. God gives us abundant material blessing so that we can give it away, and give it generously. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Materials quotes by Oscar Wilde
#92. The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Materials quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#93. Happiness is much more equally divided than some of us imagine. One man shall possess most of the materials, but little of the thing; another may possess much of the thing, but very few of the material. In this particular view of it, happiness had been beautifully compared to the man in the desert
he that gathered much had nothing over, and he that gathered little had no lack. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Materials quotes by Sarah Silverman
#94. I never want to be in a position where I have to defend my material. It's too subjective. It's for other people to defend or not defend. #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Materials quotes by Quentin L. Cook
#95. Some have immersed themselves in internet materials that magnify, exaggerate, and in some cases invent shortcomings of early Church leaders. Then they draw incorrect conclusions that can affect testimony. Any who have made these choices can repent and be spiritually renewed. #Quote by Quentin L. Cook
Materials quotes by James A. Moore
#96. Life is pain. War is change. The raw materials of life hammered and shaped into something with a purpose. #Quote by James A. Moore
Materials quotes by John C. Reilly
#97. I don't mind doing scripted material. It's actually kind of a relief, because improvising is a little bit like screenwriting on your feet. #Quote by John C. Reilly
Materials quotes by Wim Wenders
#98. It's very hard to find critics or a magazine today that will publish material that is genuinely independent and written without any concern about being cut off some distributor's list or not be invited or flown into screenings. #Quote by Wim Wenders
Materials quotes by Kathy Griffin
#99. If you see me on Friday, you'll see different material on Saturday night. #Quote by Kathy Griffin
Materials quotes by John Ruskin
#100. There is material enough in a single flower for the ornament of a score of cathedrals. #Quote by John Ruskin
Materials quotes by William H. Prescott
#101. The history of literature is the history of the human mind. It is, as compared with other histories, the intellectual as distinguished from the material, the informing spirit as compared with the outward and visible. #Quote by William H. Prescott
Materials quotes by Patrick Dempsey
#102. I don't necessarily want to direct because it's too much work and I don't have the attention span to stay with it that long. But I think getting everyone together on something that appeals to me and developing the material is something that I like to do. #Quote by Patrick Dempsey
Materials quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#103. Infinite power of the spirit, brought to bear upon matter evolves material development, made to act upon thought evolves intellectuality, and made to act upon itself makes of man a God. First, let us be Gods, and then help other to be GOds. Be and Make. Let this be our motto. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Materials quotes by Joe Scarborough
#104. I see it all the time in politics. If a candidate gets caught in a lie, he quickly tries to change the subject by throwing more mud at his opponent. The mud keeps flying until some of the slanderous material sticks. #Quote by Joe Scarborough
Materials quotes by Molly Sims
#105. So a lot of people are like, "What are you thinking? Why are you buying size 10?" Well, I'm 5 feet 9 1/2 inches and a size 4. Even though that's what I wear, between a 4 and a 6, a 10 sometimes hangs better on me. Especially the not-as-good materials. #Quote by Molly Sims
Materials quotes by Rachel Laudan
#106. With cooking, plants and animals became the raw materials for food, not food itself. #Quote by Rachel Laudan
Materials quotes by David Chipperfield
#107. If you look at a building by Mies van der Rohe, it might look very simple, but up close, the sheer quality of construction, materials and thought are inspirational. #Quote by David Chipperfield
Materials quotes by Wendell Berry
#108. For the 4 percent of our population that is left on the farm does not, by any stretch of imagination, feed the rest. That 4 percent is only a small part, and the worst-paid part, of a food production network that includes purchasers, wholesalers, retailers, processors, packagers, transporters, and the manufacturers and salesmen of machines, building materials, feeds, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medicines, and fuel. All these producers are at once in competition with each other and dependent on each other, and all are dependent on the petroleum industry. As #Quote by Wendell Berry
Materials quotes by J.I. Packer
#109. I'm saying that an editorial process that is preparing the material for publication counts as part of the inspiring process whereby God, in his sovereignty, gave every word. #Quote by J.I. Packer
Materials quotes by Paul Kriwaczek
#110. Those societies in which seriousness, tradition, conformity and adherence to long-established - often god-prescribed - ways of doing things are the strictly enforced rule, have always been the majority across time and throughout the world. Such people are not known for their sense of humour and lightness of touch; they rarely break a smile. To them, change is always suspect and usually damnable, and they hardly ever contribute to human development. By contrast, social, artistic and scientific progress as well as technological advance are most evident where the ruling culture and ideology give men and women permission to play, whether with ideas, beliefs, principles or materials. And where playful science changes people's understanding of the way the physical world works, political change, even revolution, is rarely far behind. #Quote by Paul Kriwaczek
Materials quotes by Lester B. Pearson
#111. A great gulf, however, has been opened between man's material advance and his social and moral progress, a gulf in which he may one day be lost if it is not closed or narrowed. #Quote by Lester B. Pearson
Materials quotes by Jason Mraz
#112. I write a lot of material you've never heard that live inside my sadness. You'll hear a song that lasts six to seven minutes of just beautiful sadness. But I can't just go out on the stage to ask five thousand people to be sad with me for seven straight minutes, #Quote by Jason Mraz
Materials quotes by David Sedaris
#113. When you read comic material and people aren't laughing how do you know they're listening. #Quote by David Sedaris
Materials quotes by Aziz Ansari
#114. After you do a joke a few times, you have material that you know works. Although sometimes I have a joke that has worked a bunch of times and then one night it'll flop. And that's when I really take a hard look at myself and say: 'Well, that crowd is obviously wrong. That crowd has absolutely no idea what it's talking about.' #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Materials quotes by Stephen Nachmanovitch
#115. Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of ones chosen form. #Quote by Stephen Nachmanovitch
Materials quotes by Guy Deutscher
#116. The cultural significance of blue, on the other hand, is very limited. As noted earlier, blue is extremely rare as a color of materials in nature, and blue dyes are exceedingly difficult to produce. People in simple cultures might spend a lifetime without seeing objects that are truly blue. Of course, blue is the color of the sky (and, for some of us, the sea). But in the absence of blue materials with any practical significance, the need to find a special name for this great stretch of nothingness is particularly non-pressing. #Quote by Guy Deutscher
Materials quotes by Winston Churchill
#117. The Dark Ages may return-the Stone Age may return on the gleaming wings of Science; and what might now shower immeasureable material blessings upon mankind may even bring about its total destruction. Beware! I say. Time may be short.
Referring to the discovery of atomic energy. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Materials quotes by Charles Henry Parkhurst
#118. Faith is a kind of winged intellect. The great workmen of history have been men who believed like giants. #Quote by Charles Henry Parkhurst
Materials quotes by Aldo Leopold
#119. Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization. #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Materials quotes by Krista Tippett
#120. The thing about the raw materials of the life of the spirit is that they are always changing. What you see in the past is dependent on what you are able to see now. I've #Quote by Krista Tippett
Materials quotes by Alan Bradley
#121. I always knew that I wanted to work on my own material - something that would be more long-lasting than short-lived electronic transmissions. #Quote by Alan Bradley
Materials quotes by Hugo Ball
#122. Everywhere, the ethical predicament of our time imposes itself with an urgency which suggests that even the question Have we anything to eat? will be answered not in material but in ethical terms. #Quote by Hugo Ball
Materials quotes by B.C. Forbes
#123. An idea, like a machine, must have power applied to it before it can accomplish anything. #Quote by B.C. Forbes
Materials quotes by Sylvia Libow Martinez
#124. Students engaged in direct experience with materials, unforeseen obstacles, and serendipitous discoveries may result in understanding never anticipated by the teacher. #Quote by Sylvia Libow Martinez
Materials quotes by Naomi Klein
#125. Renewables are, in fact, much more reliable than power based on extraction, since those energy models require continuous new inputs to avoid a crash, whereas once the initial investment has been made in renewable energy infrastructure, nature provides the raw materials for free. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Materials quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#126. When you're faced with a choice, remember this: Everything else will pass away. Your family. Your friends. Your material possessions. Your beauty. Your youth. Your life. And there is only one thing that remains. Ask yourself: Which are you chasing? #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Materials quotes by Salvatore Ferragamo
#127. There is no limit to beauty, no saturation point in design, no end to the material ... #Quote by Salvatore Ferragamo
Materials quotes by Al Yankovic
#128. One of the hardest things I've had to deal with in my career is keeping my material topical even though I only release albums every three or four years. #Quote by Al Yankovic
Materials quotes by Frank Herbert
#129. Order generally was a product of human activity. Chaos existed as a raw material from which to create order. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Materials quotes by John Michael Greer
#130. One the one hand, our economists treat human beings as rational actors making choices to maximize their own economic benefit. On the other hand, the same companies that hire those economists also pay for advertising campaigns that use the raw materials of myth and magic to encourage people to act against their own best interests, whether it's a matter of buying overpriced fizzy sugar water or the much more serious matter of continuing to support the unthinking pursuit of business as usual in the teeth of approaching disaster. #Quote by John Michael Greer
Materials quotes by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
#131. We must remember that everything depends on how we use a material, not on the material itself ... New materials are not necessarily superior. Each material is only what we make it. #Quote by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
Materials quotes by E. M. Forster
#132. Our life on earth is, and ought to be, material and carnal. But we have not yet learned to manage our materialism and carnality properly; they are still entangled with the desire for ownership. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Materials quotes by Thor Heyerdahl
#133. Civilization grew in the beginning from the minute that we had communication - particularly communication by sea that enabled people to get inspiration and ideas from each other and to exchange basic raw materials. #Quote by Thor Heyerdahl
Materials quotes by Charles E. Allen
#134. One of our gravest concerns is the entry of a nuclear device or materials into the U.S. #Quote by Charles E. Allen
Materials quotes by John Holt
#135. No use to shout at them to pay attention. If the situations, the materials, the problems before the child do not interest him, his attention will slip off to what does interest him, and no amount of exhortation of threats will bring it back. #Quote by John Holt
Materials quotes by Delwar Hossain Sayeedi
#136. Why should we feel sad when the Hindu brothers choose to leave our country? Do we mourn when we have indigestion and materials leave our bodies? #Quote by Delwar Hossain Sayeedi
Materials quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#137. The beast is the modern world that we live in! The material world. The physical world. The world of illusion that we think is real. We live for it; we're enslaved by it. And it will ultimately be our undoing. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Materials quotes by James W. Loewen
#138. Textbooks in American history stand in sharp contrast to other teaching materials. Why are history textbooks so bad? Nationalism is one of the culprits. Textbooks are often muddled by the conflicting desires to promote inquiry and to indoctrinate blind patriotism. "Take a look in your history book, and you'll see why we should be proud" goes an anthem often sung by high school glee clubs. But we need not even look inside. #Quote by James W. Loewen
Materials quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#139. But in every constitution some large degree of animal vigor is necessary as material foundation for the higher qualities of the art. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Materials quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#140. Soul, no heart, no mind; nothing, as I have already said, but instincts; and yet, withal, so cunningly had the few materials of his character been put together that there was no painful perception of deficiency, #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Materials quotes by Helmut Jahn
#141. We prefer synthetic rather than natural materials. Natural products are almost too valuable. Wood is much harder to produce than metal. And metal is recyclable, while wood isn't. #Quote by Helmut Jahn
Materials quotes by Peter Drucker
#142. Production is not the application of tools to materials, but logic to work. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Materials quotes by Elsa Hart
#143. For those in power, facts were merely materials that could be used, modified, or ignored for the purpose of maintaining control. #Quote by Elsa Hart
Materials quotes by J.G. Ballard
#144. It is random discharges of this type, set off by the creation of anti-galaxies in space, which have led to the depletion of the time store available to the materials of our own solar system. Just as a super-saturated solution will discharge itself into a crystalline mass, so the super-saturation of our solar system leads to its appearance in a parallel spatial matrix. As more and more time leaks away, the process of super-saturation continues, the original atoms and molecules producing spatial replicas of themselves, substance without mass, in an attempt to increase their foothold upon existence. The process is theoretically without end, and it may be possible for a single atom to produce an infinite number of duplicates of itself, and so fill the entire universe, from which simultaneously all time is expired, an ultimate macrocosmic zero beyond the wildest dreams of Plato and Democritus. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Materials quotes by Novalis
#145. The true reader must be an extension of the author. He is the higher court that receives the case already prepared by the lower court. The feeling by means of which the author has separated out the materials of his work, during reading separates out again the unformed and the formed aspects of the book - and if the reader were to work through the book according to his own idea, a second reader would refine it still more, with the result that, since the mass that had been worked through would constantly be poured into fresh vessels, the mass would finally become an essential component - a part of the active spirit.

Through impartial rereading of his book the author can refine his book himself. With strangers the particular character is usually lost, because the talent of fully entering into another person's idea is so rare. Often even in the author himself. It is not a sign of superior education and greater powers to justifiably find fault with a book. When receiving new impressions, greater sharpness of mind is quite natural. #Quote by Novalis
Materials quotes by Electro Flux
#146. Mobile Crane Magnet
Mobile Crane magnet designed and manufactured by M/S Electro Flux Equipments Pvt Ltd., Chennai India.

scrap lifting electromagnet fitted in J C P, HITACHI or in cranes used to lift metal scraps, MS plates and ferrous materials loading, unloading and material handling purpose.

easy cost effective way of material handling in open scrap yards by mobile crane electromagnets.

power source: generators/ alternators (fixed in crane). #Quote by Electro Flux
Materials quotes by H.W. Charles
#147. Whose acts are greater, man's or God's?" Rabbi Akiva answered that man's acts are greater. Turnus Rufus responded that the heavens and earth are God's creations which man cannot equal. Rabbi Akiva then brings sheaves of wheat and cakes and says to Turnus Rufus, "The sheaves of wheat were made by God while these cakes were made by man." He explains that man is not meant to eat wheat as it grows from the ground but rather to process and develop it into a complete product. Rabbi Akiva then says, "Why does a child come out with an umbilical cord until the mother cuts it?" Rabbi Akiva is trying to communicate to Turnus Rufus that natural, God-created states are not necessarily perfect. Judaism does not believe in taking the natural world as it is; humans are meant to take the materials God provided and improve on them. There are imperfections in the world, and we need to perfect them. Successful #Quote by H.W. Charles
Materials quotes by Desmond Tutu
#148. You have to understand that the Bible is really a library of books and it has different categories of material. There are certain parts which you have to say no to. The Bible accepted slavery. St Paul said women should not speak in church at all and there are people who have used that to say women should not be ordained. There are many things that you shouldn't accept. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Materials quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
#149. I don't think there's anything really wrong with influence because I think that one can use another man's art as material either literally or just implying that they're doing that, without it representing a lack of a point of view. #Quote by Robert Rauschenberg
Materials quotes by Ernst Haeckel
#150. We are compelled by reflection to recognize that God is not to be placed against the material world [as in Christianity], but must be placed as a 'divine power' or 'moving spirit' within the cosmos itself ... All the wonderful phenomena of nature around us, organic as well as inorganic, are only various products of one and the same original force. #Quote by Ernst Haeckel
Materials quotes by Taylor Momsen
#151. I'm always writing. It's kind of a curse: You never stop. But I need isolation to write. So the real meat of the material comes when I'm off the road. #Quote by Taylor Momsen
Materials quotes by Richard Whately
#152. Falsehood is difficult to be maintained. When the materials of a building are solid blocks of stone, very rude architecture will suffice; but a structure of rotten materials needs the most careful adjustment to make it stand at all. #Quote by Richard Whately
Materials quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#153. I think a theater show is a pure version of me doing my material. The theater crowd is a bit more polite, there really aren't hecklers, and there are a lot of people there to see me, and they're excited about the jokes and hanging out with me for a show. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
Materials quotes by Anais Nin
#154. Poetry is the alchemy which teaches us to convert ordinary materials into gold. #Quote by Anais Nin
Materials quotes by Jerry Saltz
#155. Our culture now wonderfully, alchemically transforms images and history into artistic material. The possibilities seem endless and wide open. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Materials quotes by Fred Kavli
#156. As we gain more knowledge about materials and processes in the universe, that could open up benefits that we can't even imagine. But you have to be willing to fund science without knowledge of the benefits. #Quote by Fred Kavli
Materials quotes by James Madison
#157. I, sir, have always conceived - I believe those who proposed the constitution conceived,and it is still more fully known, and more material to observe, those who ratified the constitution conceived, that this is not an indefinite government deriving its powers from the general terms prefixed to the specified powers - but, a limited government tied down to the specified powers, which explain and define the general terms. #Quote by James Madison
Materials quotes by L. S. Lowry
#158. I am a simple man and I use simple materials: Ivory Black, Vermilion, Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre, Flake White and no medium. That's all I've ever used in my paintings. #Quote by L. S. Lowry
Materials quotes by Edward Thorndike
#159. Human education is concerned with certain changes in the intellects, characters and behavior of men, its problems being roughly included under these four topics: Aims, materials, means and methods. #Quote by Edward Thorndike
Materials quotes by Scott Anderson
#160. As Lawrence would later write in Seven Pillars, Sykes was the imaginative advocate of unconvincing world movements ... a bundle of prejudices, intuitions, half-sciences. His ideas were of the outside, and he lacked patience to test his materials before choosing his style of building. He would take an aspect of the truth, detach it from its circumstances, inflate it, twist and model it. #Quote by Scott Anderson
Materials quotes by Don DeLillo
#161. Marriage is something we make from available materials. In this sense, it's improvised, it's almost offhand. Maybe this is why we know so little about it. It's too inspired and quicksilver a thing to be clearly understood. Two people make a blur. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Materials quotes by Edmund Burke
#162. A man full of warm, speculative benevolence may wish his society otherwise constituted than he finds it; but a good patriot, and a true politician, always considers how he shall make the most of the existing materials of his country. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Materials quotes by John Maeda
#163. Skill in the digital age is confused with mastery of digital tools, masking the importance of understanding materials and mastering the elements of form. #Quote by John Maeda
Materials quotes by Wolfgang Ostwald
#164. The chemists work with inaccurate and poor measuring services, but they employ very good materials. The physicists, on the other hand, use excellent methods and accurate instruments, but they apply these to very inferior materials. The physical chemists combine both these characteristics in that they apply imprecise methods to impure materials. #Quote by Wolfgang Ostwald
Materials quotes by Charles Yu
#165. Maybe I'd absorbed the capacity to hurt someone by listening to my parents every night, who were under the impression that turning the volume on the television all the way up somehow drowned out the voices, when the truth was and is (and my father, of all people, should have known this about the physical properties of materials, about what goes through walls, what moves through houses, what is muffled and what makes it through): everything gets transmitted. Call it the law of conservation of parental anger. It may change forms, may appear to dissipate, but draw a big box around the whole space, and add up everything inside the box, and when you've accounted for everything you find that it's all there, in one phase or another, bouncing around, some of it reflected, some of it absorbed by the smaller bodies in the house. The edge in their voices and turning up the TV only meant that I listened to them destroy each other to a sound track of Fantasy Island or The Incredible Hulk or The Love Boat. #Quote by Charles Yu
Materials quotes by Stuart Ewen
#166. The ever-mounting glut of waste materials is characteristic by-product of modern consumer society. It might even be argued that capitalism's continual need to find of generate markets means that disposibility and waste have become the spine of the system. To consume means, literally, to destroy or expend, and in the garbage crisis we confront the underlying truth of a society in which enormous productive capacities and market forces have harnessed human needs and desires, without regard to the long or even short-term future of life on the planet. #Quote by Stuart Ewen
Materials quotes by Colleen Hoover
#167. She just wanted to know where we got the materials for your costume so she can be a hemorrhoid next year. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Materials quotes by Marcel Proust
#168. I would revisit them all in the long course of my waking dream: rooms in winter, where on going to bed I would at once bury my head in a nest, built up out of the most diverse materials, the corner of my pillow, the top of my blankets, a piece of a shawl, the edge of my bed, and a copy of an evening paper, all of which things I would contrive, with the infinite patience of birds building their nests, to cement into one whole; rooms where, in a keen frost, I would feel the satisfaction of being shut in from the outer world (like the sea-swallow which builds at the end of a dark tunnel and is kept warm by the surrounding earth), and where, the fire keeping in all night, I would sleep wrapped up. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Materials quotes by Lewis Dartnell
#169. Correct scientific understanding and ingenious designs aren't sufficient: you also need a matching level of sophistication in construction materials with the necessary properties and available power sources. #Quote by Lewis Dartnell
Materials quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#170. You spent so much time explaining yourself, your work to others - what it meant, what you were trying to accomplish, why you had chosen the colors and subject matter and materials and application and technique that you had - that it was a relief to simply be with another person to whom you didn't have to explain anything. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Materials quotes by Patricia Highsmith
#171. But when they kissed goodnight in bed, Therese felt their sudden release, that leap of response in both of them, as if their bodies were of some materials which put together inevitably created desire. #Quote by Patricia Highsmith
Materials quotes by Flora Thompson
#172. It was still the custom of the countryside to build with local materials produced as close to the selected site as possible, for transport was difficult, even the best of country roads being more fitted for horseback traffic rather than heavy loads. #Quote by Flora Thompson
Materials quotes by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
#173. No, I most certainly do not think advertising people are wonderful. I think they are horrible, and the worst menace to mankind, next to war; perhaps ahead of war. They stand for the material viewpoint, for the importance of possessions, of desire, of envy, of greed. And war comes from these things. #Quote by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Materials quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#174. Sometime look at a novice workman or a bad workman and compare his expression with that of a craftsman whose work you know is excellent and you'll see the difference. The craftsman isn't ever following a single line of instruction. He's making decisions as he goes along. For that reason he'll be absorbed and attentive to what he's doing even though he doesn't deliberately contrive this. His motions and the machine are in a kind of harmony. He isn't following any set of written instructions because the nature of the material at hand determines his thoughts and motions, which simultaneously change the nature of the material at hand. The material and his thoughts are changing together in a progression of changes until his mind's at rest at the same time the material's right. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Materials quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#175. What experience cannot teach you now, mentors and books can foretell! To take the lead in whatever you do, be willing to learn and educate yourself regularly! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Materials quotes by Michelle Stuart
#176. In order to execute the idea, you need a certain material that is going to allow you to do what you're challenged to do in your imagination. You should use whatever you can and it's amazing how even if you change the medium, your work is still yours. #Quote by Michelle Stuart
Materials quotes by Amiri Baraka
#177. To be sure, rock n' roll is usually a flagrant commercialization of rhythm & blues, but the music in many cases depends on materials that are so alien to the general middle-class, middle-brow American culture as to remain interesting. Many of the same kinds of cheap American dilutions that had disfigured popular swing have tended to disfigure the new music, but the source, the exciting and "vulgar" urban blues of the forties, is still sufficiently removed from the mainstream to be vital. For this reason, rock n' roll has not become as emotionally meaningless as commercial swing. It is sill raw enough to stand the dilution and in some cases, to even be made attractive by the very fact of its commercialization. Even its "alienation" remains conspicuous; it is often used to characterize white adolescents as "youthful offenders." (Rock n' roll also is popular with another "underprivileged" minority, e.g., Puerto Rican youths. There are now even quite popular rock n' roll songs, at least around New York, that have some of the lyrics in Spanish.) Rock n' roll is the blues form of the classes of Americans who lack the "sophistication" to be middle brows, or are too naïve to get in on the mainstream American taste; those who think that somehow Melachrino, Kostelanetz, etc., are too lifeless #Quote by Amiri Baraka
Materials quotes by Hiroshi Sakurazaka
#178. Is cooking dangerous?"
Most would answer no. But what is a gas range but a short - range flame thrower? Any number of flammable materials might lie waiting beneath the average kitchen sink. Shelves lined with pots could weaken and fall in an avalanche of iron and steel. A butcher's knife could kill as easily as a dagger.
Yet few people would consider cooking a dangerous profession, and indeed, the actual danger is remote. Anyone who has spent any time in a kitchen is familiar with the inherent risks, such as they are, and knows what can be done safely and what can't. Never throw water on an oil fire, keep the knife pointed away from your carotid artery, don't use rat poison when the recipe calls for
parmesan cheese. #Quote by Hiroshi Sakurazaka
Materials quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#179. A bench in the street can be a good writer because all kind of material comes onto it like a heavy rain! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Materials quotes by Graham King
#180. It [moviemaking] is not really done on a yearly basis. It's about how the material, and when the material comes in. If you develop your material and the script comes in great and you can attach a director and a cast and go off and make it, then I could make, I don't know, six [movies] a year. Or I could make one. It really depends. #Quote by Graham King
Materials quotes by Maria Bamford
#181. I find it creatively satisfying to write material and say it out loud in a public place, whether or not anyone's listening. #Quote by Maria Bamford
Materials quotes by Godfrey
#182. I can always create new material. That's something I can control. #Quote by Godfrey
Materials quotes by Augusto De Luca
#183. An incipient Mother Man has always inhabited my deeper self; creativity has always been my companion ... I have tried to express myself in a very definite style but by means of all kinds of materials and formats. I wish to discover how my own creativity unfolds under different circumstances ... Naples is a dilemma that fatally elicits an oneiric interpretation and I love it and feel grateful because it has nurtured my fantasy. #Quote by Augusto De Luca
Materials quotes by Sergei Eisenstein
#184. For example, in painting the form arises from abstract elements of line and color, while in cinema the material concreteness of the image within the frame presents - as an element - the greatest difficulty in manipulation. #Quote by Sergei Eisenstein
Materials quotes by Mark Strand
#185. And yet, in a culture like ours, which is given to material comforts, and addicted to forms of entertainment that offer immediate gratification, it is surprising that so much poetry is written. #Quote by Mark Strand
Materials quotes by Seungri
#186. I told myself I'd do well by using the experience I gained during my seven years as Big Bang. In my mind, the executive producer is the person that is in charge of everything up to the point that the album comes out. So not just the music but also the music video, album artwork, photographs, and even the material the album itself would be made out of. #Quote by Seungri
Materials quotes by Tom Ford
#187. We live in a material world. I'm not saying that beautiful things don't enhance our lives. But, in our culture, we're never happy. #Quote by Tom Ford
Materials quotes by Errol Morris
#188. Did you know that Nuremberg courtroom was designed so that the Allies could project movies during the trial? And, also so that they could film the trial? The first movies that were shown were prepared by John Ford - a compilation of material from the liberation of Bergen-Belsen and Dachau. But here comes an interesting part. Did you know they lit (using fluorescent tubes) the defendants so they could be filmed watching the films that were shown during the trial? #Quote by Errol Morris
Materials quotes by Jake Gyllenhaal
#189. We were talking about the kissing in the movie just recently. Clearly, it's pretty challenging material, but Ang said two men herding sheep was far more sexual than two men having sex on screen. #Quote by Jake Gyllenhaal
Materials quotes by George Saintsbury
#190. The transition state of manners and language cannot be too often insisted upon: for this affected the process at both ends, giving the artist in fictitious life an uncertain model to copy and unstable materials to work in. #Quote by George Saintsbury
Materials quotes by Alexander Payne
#191. I definitely in filmmaking more and more find writing and directing a means to harvest material for editing. It's all about editing. #Quote by Alexander Payne
Materials quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#192. Cuba," he said in his resounding defense plea, "continues to be a producer of raw materials. We exhort sugar to import candy, we export hides to import shoes, we export iron to import plows. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Materials quotes by Dave Eggers
#193. And there was a wonderful thing that tended to happen, something that felt like poetic justice: every time someone started shouting about the supposed monopoly of the Circle, or the Circle's unfair monetization of the personal data of its users, or some other paranoid and demonstrably false claim, soon enough it was revealed that that person was a criminal or deviant of the highest order. One was connected to a terror network in Iran. One was a buyer of child porn. Every time, it seemed, they would end up on the news, footage of investigators leaving their homes with computers, on which any number of unspeakable searches had been executed and where reams of illegal and inappropriate materials were stored. And it made sense. Who but a fringe character would try to impede the unimpeachable improvement of the world? #Quote by Dave Eggers
Materials quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#194. When I sit down to write, which is the essential moment in my life, I am completely alone. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Materials quotes by John M. McKeller
#195. JIT is a technique used to eliminate the waste of excess inventory. Parts and materials are "pulled" through the production process only as needed, rather than "pushed" out onto the production floor in large quantities. Accountants justifiably see inventory as an asset because it represents an investment by the company. From a JIT perspective, however, it is an avoidable cost that must be minimized. Any costs that do not contribute to the value of the output are to be eliminated. #Quote by John M. McKeller
Materials quotes by Lea Salonga
#196. I think I will always be performing; I don't think I can take that away. Because I really just enjoy it. I like getting up to sing; I like the challenge of learning new material and singing it in front of an audience. #Quote by Lea Salonga
Materials quotes by Steve Coogan
#197. I use improvisation as a writing tool to help produce material that goes into a script, but a well-crafted script shouldn't sound scripted, and oftentimes people confuse something that looks like improvisation for what is actually a very well-written script that is well-acted. #Quote by Steve Coogan
Materials quotes by Francine Prose
#198. With so much reading ahead of you, the temptation might be to speed up. But in fact it's essential to slow down and read every word. Because one important thing that can be learned by reading slowly is the seemingly obvious but oddly underappreciated fact that language is the medium we use in much the same way a composer uses notes, the way a painter uses paint. I realize it may seem obvious, but it's surprising how easily we lose sight of the fact that words are the raw material out of which literature is crafted. #Quote by Francine Prose
Materials quotes by Lucy Irvine
#199. In the first weeks I had occasionally worn clothes in the morning before the sun began its ascent, but very soon I abandoned this habit, and the only bit of material I ever wore was the strip of sari cloth around my hips, which was so useful for making into a bag to collect coconuts on walks. #Quote by Lucy Irvine
Materials quotes by Radhika Mukherjee
#200. All my life's work will drain away without ever being realized. For a sculptor, working with their hands is crucial and hands must be supported by a strong and supple back. And I work with sturdy materials that need dexterity and strength to handle - metal and stone and sometimes even bricks! How do I do any of it now? #Quote by Radhika Mukherjee

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