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Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Wayne Chirisa
#1. The power of beauty is that it encapsulates all the bitter sweet elements and mirrors them back as a breathtaking masterpiece. #Quote by Wayne Chirisa
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Victor Hugo
#2. The audacity of a fine death always affects men. As soon as Enjolras folded his arms and accepted his end, the din of strife ceased in the room, and this chaos suddenly stilled into a sort of sepulchral solemnity. The menacing majesty of Enjolras disarmed and motionless, appeared to oppress this tumult, and this young man, haughty, bloody, and charming, who alone had not a wound, who was as indifferent as an invulnerable being, seemed, by the authority of his tranquil glance, to constrain this sinister rabble to kill him respectfully. His beauty, at that moment augmented by his pride, was resplendent, and he was fresh and rosy after the fearful four and twenty hours which had just elapsed, as though he could no more be fatigued than wounded. It was of him, possibly, that a witness spoke afterwards, before the council of war: "There was an insurgent whom I heard called Apollo." A National Guardsman who had taken aim at Enjolras, lowered his gun, saying: "It seems to me that I am about to shoot a flower. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#3. Generally speaking, the greater a woman's beauty, the greater her modesty. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Victoria Erickson
#4. Although I deeply love oceans, deserts and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. They keep me continuously wanting to know more, feel more, see more. #Quote by Victoria Erickson
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Dean Koontz
#5. What makes humanity beautiful is our free will, our individuality, our endless striving in spite of our imperfection.
Chapter 27 Page 214 #Quote by Dean Koontz
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Gloria Estefan
#6. A woman's exterior beauty is a reflection of her internal peace and happiness. #Quote by Gloria Estefan
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#7. For a ghost story, the tale of Violet Saville Devohr was vague and underwhelming. She had lived, she was unhappy, and she died by her own hand somewhere in that vast house. If the house hadn't been a mansion, if the death hadn't been a suicide, if Violet Devohr's dark, refined beauty hadn't smouldered down from that massive oil portrait, it wouldn't have been a ghost story at all. Beauty and wealth, it seems, get you as far in the afterlife as they do here on earth. We can't all afford to be ghosts. #Quote by Rebecca Makkai
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by L.J.Smith
#8. You don't love a girl because of beauty. You love her because she sings a song only you can understand. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Ayi Kwei Armah
#9. The beauty was in the waking of the powerless. Is it always to be true that it is impossible to have things strong and at the same time beautiful? The famished men need not stay famished. But to gorge themselves in this heartbreaking way consuming, utterly destroying the common promise of their greed, was that ever necessary? #Quote by Ayi Kwei Armah
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Susan Cain
#10. They have difficulty when being observed (at work, say, or performing at a music recital) or judged for general worthiness (dating, job interviews). But there were also new insights. The highly sensitive tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive (just as Aron's husband had described her). They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions - sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments - both physical and emotional - unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss - another #Quote by Susan Cain
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Michael Cunningham
#11. The world is full of Guses
good-looking boys and girls who've been dealt the best possible genetic hand by parents and grandparents and great-grandparents who have been doing neither well nor badly for generations; who engender these decent kids and give them just enough to survive in the world but no more
no spectacular beauty, no uncontainable brilliance, no kingly, unstoppable ambition.
Isn't it the task of art to acclaim these people, to ennoble them? Consider Olympia. A girl of the streets becomes a deity. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Marty Rubin
#12. A sad day: when beauty became a commodity. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Francis Quarles
#13. Gaze not on beauty too much, lest it blast thee; nor too long, lest it blind thee; nor too near, lest it burn thee. If thou like it, it deceives thee; if thou love it, it disturbs thee; if thou hunt after it, it destroys thee. If virtue accompany it, it is the heart's paradise; if vice associate it, it is the soul's purgatory. It is the wise man's bonfire, and the fool's furnace. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#14. Beauty? Why is the dance beautiful? Answer: Because this is a non-free movement, because the whole deep meaning of dance is in absolute, aesthetic subordination, ideal unfreedom. #Quote by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
#15. Always expect that something beautiful and wonderful will happen to fill life with beauty. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Leslie Forsberg
#16. Hummingbirds certainly communicate important things to humankind about our world_including the power, grace and beauty that can be found in a very small being. #Quote by Leslie Forsberg
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Rumi
#17. Every moment a taste of that beauty in our mouths, another stashed in a pocket. Impossible to say what: no cypress so handsome, no sunlight, a lonely hiddenness. Other pleasure gathers a crowd, starts a fight, lots of noise there. But soul beauty stays quiet..his amazing whereabouts unknown inside my heart. #Quote by Rumi
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#18. Wisdom is always connected to beauty. When you see someone acting by their principles, their wisdom makes them beautiful. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Kamahl
#19. Anyone can admire creation. Only a barbarian sees the beauty in demolition. #Quote by Kamahl
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
#20. Every mother should be a true artist, who knows how to weave into her child's life images of grace and beauty, the true poet capable of writing on the soul of childhood the harmony of love and truth, and teaching it how to produce the grandest of all poems - the poetry of a true and noble life. #Quote by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
#21. When I escape from my cage of conformity, I grow wings to fly in search of truth and beauty. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#22. His office was a spider's lair of silver thread and tempting promises, a page out of Power Architecture Magazine. The dean copied the design from President Lyndon Johnson's old senate office. The room narrowed toward his desk, an architectural device that channeled all eyes toward the dean, and his chair was slightly elevated, forcing visitors to look up. The two visitors' chairs were both lowered and oversized, making each guest feel like a child, swimming in too much chair. His architect had assured him it was a subliminal masterpiece. #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Addison Moore
#23. Perfect knowledge is hallowed ground. It caresses you, cradles you with the barbed wire of truth. It grazes and tears at your flesh as though it ever really mattered- as if there were anything you could have done to stop it from penetrating you so completely.

Revenge in the hand of your enemies is a loaded gun. You can beg them for mercy, wave the white flag of surrender, but the only true elixir for the vitriol they bestow is a measure of hatred dispensed of you own. Never lie down for the enemy. Never hand them the knife with which to slaughter you.

The truth is a labyrinth. Secrets are the truths as sharp as razors ready to spread like a virus- ready to saw your existence in half.

My truths came to light. They took shape in the form of my enemies until all of the color bled out from my world. It lacked the beauty and majesty of a black and white portrait. The landscape had glazed over in rusted tones of sepia-rancid-tarnished- with urine colored sky.

My world glittered from the fragmented glass it had become.

This is what I know.

These are my truths. #Quote by Addison Moore
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Demi Lovato
#24. When I look back, it saddens me to think that I was so hard on myself - when I was younger, I thought I had to look like everyone else, but I learned that beauty comes from how you feel about yourself. Once I started taking care of my mind, body, and soul, I realized that I didn't need to conform to what's "normal" and started to love myself. #Quote by Demi Lovato
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by David McCullough
#25. The bicycle was proclaimed a boon to all mankind, a thing of beauty, good for the spirits, good for health and vitality, indeed one's whole outlook on life. Doctors enthusiastically approved. One Philadelphia physician, writing in The American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, concluded from his observations that for physical exercise for both men and women, the bicycle is one of the greatest inventions of the nineteenth century. #Quote by David McCullough
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#26. Actually, when I look at my old notebooks, I think I have been a bit self-indulgent and have given myself too much time to meander in my discursive thoughts. I could have cut through sooner. Yet it is good to know about our terrible selves, not laud or criticize them, just acknowledge them. Then, out of this knowledge, we are better equipped to make a choice for beauty, kind consideration and clear truth. We make this choice with our feet firmly on the ground. We are not running wildly after beauty with fear at our backs. #Quote by Natalie Goldberg
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#27. There was the union of his soul with Gloria's, whose radiant fire and freshness was the living material of which the dead beauty of books was made. #Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Paulo Coelho
#28. No one is a prophet in his own land. We always tend to value what comes from afar, never recognizing the beauty around us. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Tom Robbins
#29. Our society gives its economy priority over health, love, truth, beauty, sex and salvation; over life itself. Whatsoever is given precedence over life will take precedence over life, and will end in eliminating life. Since economics, at its most abstract level, is the religion of our people, no noneconomic happening, not even one as potentially spectacular as the Second Coming, can radically alter the souls of our people. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Jamie Durie
#30. Today's gardens have become far more than things of beauty. And today's generation is fast finding out that backyards can be an extremely resourceful and powerful tool in not just providing food for the family but also a brilliant way of connecting children with the natural world. #Quote by Jamie Durie
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#31. His life had already touched upon the age when everything that breathes of impulse shrinks in a man, when a powerful bow has a fainter effect on his soul and no longer twines piercing music around his heart, when the touch of beauty no longer transforms virginal powers into fire and flame, but all the burnt-out feelings become more accessible to the sound of gold, listen more attentively to its alluring music, and little by little allow it imperceptibly to lull them completely. Fame cannot give pleasure to one who did not merit it but stole it; it produces a constant tremor only in one who is worthy of it. And therefore all his feelings and longings turn toward gold. #Quote by Nikolai Gogol
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Ruben Papian
#32. Discomfort is a pain. Boredom is a pain. A perfect piece of music can reduce us to tears. Every one of these pains is essential to the growth of the soul. Pain is part of the beauty of life. It enriches us. #Quote by Ruben Papian
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by James W. Scott
#33. My eyes gravitated to her nails again. Seriously, how hard is it to not chew your nails? I knew many of the old beauty supplies, including the nail polishes that many movie stars wore in old films were illegal, but this was gross. She continued to read. I started chastising myself silently for my previous denigrating thoughts. After what felt like a lifetime, the papers came away from her eyes. #Quote by James W. Scott
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by A. Hart
#34. She is the Sun and I am the northern star
Different stars made for one purpose
So much alike yet never able to be present at the same time
Missing each other... by only a days time
No I will never forget this sight. Yes her beauty will surely haunt my dreams
~ Cal #Quote by A. Hart
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Hafez
#35. The Body will again become restless Until your soul paints all its beauty Upon the Sky ... For when the heart tastes its glorious destiny And you awake ... #Quote by Hafez
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Marie Lu
#36. I've never thought of describing her beauty as delicate, because delicate just isn't a word that fits June ... but here, now that she's sick, I realize just how fragile she can be. #Quote by Marie Lu
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#37. The world is full of beauty; you are the greatest proof of this. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Auliq Ice
#38. When you look good, you feel good. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Jim Henson
#39. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. #Quote by Jim Henson
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Felicity Huffman
#40. I look OK. I look better in person than I do on film, which is bad because it's how I make my living, but I am not a beauty and on balance I am glad. #Quote by Felicity Huffman
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Brittany Burgunder
#41. Life is not a puzzle to be solved. Life is a masterpiece that you create. #Quote by Brittany Burgunder
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Scott Sanders
#42. I'm never more aware of the limitations of language than when I try to describe beauty. Language can create its own loveliness, of course, but it cannot deliver to us the radiance we apprehend in the world, any more than a photograph can capture the stunning swiftness of a hawk or the withering power of a supernova ... All that pictures or words can do is gesture beyond themselves toward the fleeting glory that stirs our hearts. So I keep gesturing. #Quote by Scott Sanders
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Nora Roberts
#43. This'll do it. Can you see Tereza and Maddy over there getting pedicures and arguing."
"Mmm," Sophia mused. "They disagree about the name for the beauty products we don't even have
yet. I don't know if it's Maddy or the concept, but it's boosted Nonna's morale. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Guy Gavriel Kay
#44. It's the simple truth that mortal men cannot understand why the gods shape events as they do. Why some men and women are cut off in fullest flower, while others live to dwindle into shadows of themselves. Why virtue must sometimes be trampled and evil flourish amidst the beauty of a country garden. Why chance, sheer random chance, plays such an overwhelming role in the life lines and fate lines of men. #Quote by Guy Gavriel Kay
Masterpiece Beauty quotes by Martijn Benders
#45. I have always said that whomever has limited preferences cannot be a critic, for the same reason some guy who only likes blondes cant be a jury in a beauty contest, for his idea of beauty is predefined and not based on dynamic reality. Thus, what people call 'preferences' are in fact exactly what makes them blind. For this reason being a writer also means you essentially cannot have the same markup as ordinary people, because getting rid of the precomposed is a too essential part of the whole dynamics of writing. #Quote by Martijn Benders

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