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Master Raymond quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#1. Snapped abruptly to a realization of how rudely I had been staring, I blushed and said without thinking, "I was just wondering if you've ever been kissed by a beautiful young girl?"
I went still redder as he shouted with laughter. With a broad grin, he said "Many times, madonna. But alas, it does not help. As you see. Ribbit. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond Chandler
#2. then Malloy took the gun away from whoever did it. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond Aron
#3. Peace is impossible, war is improbable. #Quote by Raymond Aron
Master Raymond quotes by Sharyan Alleyne
#4. You are the master of your emotions and you and only you have the power to control them external and internal. #Quote by Sharyan Alleyne
Master Raymond quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#5. If you fail at something, it means you have not mastered the art. With persistence practice, you will be master and eventually succeed. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Master Raymond quotes by Ted Dekker
#6. If enslaved to the desire for wealth, let this go. If enslaved by grievance, turn the cheek. If your significance is in being mother or father or wife or husband or child or in having any of these - indeed, if you cling even to your own life - these too let go. Have instead a new mind set upon the kingdom. Do not be anxious, but rather repent - see beyond your old mind, you see? Only have eyes to see what is true beyond what you think. Trust the Father. Then you will master this world with pleasure rather than be mastered by it. Then you will find the power to command any storm. #Quote by Ted Dekker
Master Raymond quotes by Maxim Gorky
#7. All that is called Destiny or Fate is none other than the result of our thoughtlessness and our mistrust of ourselves; we should know that all that is created on earth is created by its sole Master and Laborer
Man. #Quote by Maxim Gorky
Master Raymond quotes by Gautama Buddha
#8. If one is the master of oneself, one is the resort one can depend on; therefore, one should control oneself of all. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Master Raymond quotes by Adam Johnson
#9. She was a believer, you know," the Captain said. "My wife. She thought socialism was the only thing that would make us strong again. There would be a difficult period, she always said, some sacrifices. And then things would be better. I didn't think I would miss that, you know. I didn't realize how much I needed someone to keep telling me why. #Quote by Adam Johnson
Master Raymond quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#10. Though I never scruple a lie to serve my Master, it hurts one's conscience to be found out! #Quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Master Raymond quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#11. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob ... [The organized moneyed people] are unanimous in their hate for me and I welcome their hatred ... I should like to have it said of my second administration that these forces met their master. #Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Master Raymond quotes by Lettie B. Cowman
#12. The cross that my Lord calls me to carry may assume many different shapes. I may have to be content with mundane tasks in a limited area of service, when I may balieve my abilities are suited for much greater work. I may be required to continually cultivate the same field year after year, even though it yields no harvest whatsoever. I may be asked of God to nurture kind and loving thoughts about the very person who has wronged me and to speak gently to him, take his side when others oppose him, and bestow sympathy and comfort to him. I may have to openly testify of my Master before those who do not want to be reminded of Him or His claims. And I may be called to walk through this world with a bright, smiling face while my heart is breaking... "I grow under the load." -Alexander Smellie #Quote by Lettie B. Cowman
Master Raymond quotes by Mika Waltari
#13. And what will be their fate?" he asked. "Forgive me master, but I am curious to know, so that my heart may prepare itself."
"Flesh without spirit," I said. "Life without hope, the slavery of mankind-a bondage so hopeless that slaves will no longer know they are slaves. Wealth without happiness, abundance without the power to enjoy it. The death of the spirit. #Quote by Mika Waltari
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond Roussel
#14. My fame will outshine that of Victor Hugo or Napoleon. #Quote by Raymond Roussel
Master Raymond quotes by Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
#15. Do not value money for any more nor any less than its worth; it is a good servant but a bad master. #Quote by Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
Master Raymond quotes by Margaret Morse Nice
#16. Research is a passion with me; it drives me; it is my relentless master. #Quote by Margaret Morse Nice
Master Raymond quotes by Felicity Brandon
#17. You gently lift my chin with one finger and stare deep into my eyes. Automatically I drop my gaze to avoid eye contact with you, but not before I see the debauchery loaded in your expression.
"Whose slut are you?" you ask, "and you have permission to look at me whilst you reply."
I glance up at you quickly and take a moment to absorb your beautiful face before you deprive me of it again.
"I am your slut, Master – only yours."
Your eyes burn into mine and you too pause to relish your utter possession of me. #Quote by Felicity Brandon
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#18. Dolgan: 'Tis a wise thing to know what is wanted, and wiser still to know when 'tis achieved.
Rhuagh: True. And still wiser to know when it is unachievable, for then striving is folly. #Quote by Raymond E. Feist
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond D. Longoria Jr.
#19. As I count my blessings, I feel God's Loving Hands touching each of them. #Quote by Raymond D. Longoria Jr.
Master Raymond quotes by Amanda Lovelace
#20. fuck the idea / that there is / such a thing / as destiny, / that there exists / some kind of / mysterious master plan, / that there is a god who / simply / does not / give us anything / we cannot / handle.
the pain / did not / make me / a better person. / it did not / teach me not to / take anything / for granted. / it did not / teach me anything / except how / to be afraid / to love anyone.
i am / far too / young / to be so / goddman/ broken / & / if i could go back / in time / & give / myself / her childhood / back, / i would
- what was the point? #Quote by Amanda Lovelace
Master Raymond quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#21. If there were a place that we didn't know of, and there,
on some unsayable carpet, lovers displayed
what they never could bring to mastery here – the bold
exploits of their high-flying hearts,
their towers of pleasure, their ladders
that have long since been standing where there was no ground, leaning
just on each other, trembling, - and could master all this,
before the surrounding spectators, the innumerable soundless dead:
Would these, then, throw down their final, forever saved-up,
forever hidden, unknown to us, eternally valid
coins of happiness before the at last
genuinely smiling pair on the gratified carpet? #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Master Raymond quotes by David Jeremiah
#22. Do not expect to master the Bible in a day, or a month, or a year. Rather expect often to be puzzled by its contents. It is not all equally clear. Great men of God often feel like absolute novices when they read the Word. The apostle Peter said that there were some things hard to understand in the epistles of Paul (2 #Quote by David Jeremiah
Master Raymond quotes by Howard W. Hunter
#23. The real spirit of Christmas lies in the life and mission of the Master. #Quote by Howard W. Hunter
Master Raymond quotes by Lucian Bane
#24. I'll be right there, Master," she yelled back. "Lord Ass," she muttered, #Quote by Lucian Bane
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond D. Longoria Jr.
#25. I tend to judge most harshly in others that which I most despise in myself. If only I could truly forgive them their weaknesses, I might finally be able to forgive myself for mine. In the judgement of others, ALL errors revealed are my own. #Quote by Raymond D. Longoria Jr.
Master Raymond quotes by Kristen Callihan
#26. I've seen your temper, Master Talent. You haven't been privy to mine." With lazy perusal, [Mary's] gaze took in his heightened color and narrowed eyes. "While you'll be shouting about like a tot who's lost his lolly, I'll be the lash you never saw coming. #Quote by Kristen Callihan
Master Raymond quotes by John Scalzi
#27. This is my rife. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rife is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I have master my life. My rife, without me, is useless. Without my rife, I am useless. I must fire my rife true. I must shoot before he shoots me. And I will. - Marine Rife Creed #Quote by John Scalzi
Master Raymond quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#28. For a great master, everyone is a master, because he learns from everyone! For a great master, everything is a master, because he learns from everything! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Master Raymond quotes by Matthew B. Crawford
#29. Spiritedness, then, may be allied with a spirit of inquiry , through a desire to be master of one's own stuff. It is the prideful basis of self-reliance. #Quote by Matthew B. Crawford
Master Raymond quotes by Bahaullah
#30. The Word is the master key for the whole world, inasmuch as through its potency the doors of the hearts of men, which in reality are the doors of heaven, are unlocked. #Quote by Bahaullah
Master Raymond quotes by Alastair Reynolds
#31. Everything ends,' the Master said. 'That's the beauty of it. #Quote by Alastair Reynolds
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond Coppinger
#32. More importantly, modern dogs simply don't behave like modern wolves. Popular dog "experts" like Cesar Millan may tell you that a good dog owner needs to play the role of the alpha wolf, the dominant pack leader. But the fact is that dogs don't live in hierarchically organized packs. Indeed it's doubtful that most wolves live this way. #Quote by Raymond Coppinger
Master Raymond quotes by Raymond Chandler
#33. I'm not sneering at sex. It's necessary and it doesn't have to be ugly. But it always has to be managed. Making it glamorous is a billion-dollar industry and it costs every cent of it. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Master Raymond quotes by J.C. Ryle
#34. The early Christians made it a part of their religion to look for his return. They looked backward to the cross and the atonement for sin, and rejoiced in Christ crucified. They looked upward to Christ at the right hand of God, and rejoiced in Christ interceding. They looked forward to the promised return of their Master, and rejoiced in the thought that they would see him again. And we ought to do the same #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Master Raymond quotes by King Khan
#35. In the end when you get your master back, you realize it's got absolutely nothing to do with what you thought it was going to be when you started. #Quote by King Khan
Master Raymond quotes by John Frederick Demartini
#36. Dedicate your life to a cause that inspires you and also greatly serves others. Master plan your life. If you don't fill your day with high priorities, it will automatically become filled with low priorities. #Quote by John Frederick Demartini
Master Raymond quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#37. It is better to go near the truth and be imprisoned than to stay with the wrong and roam about freely, master Galilei. In fact, getting attached to falsity is terrible slavery, and real freedom is only next to the right. #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Master Raymond quotes by Mark Twain
#38. Honor is a harder master than the law. #Quote by Mark Twain
Master Raymond quotes by Mathias Malzieu
#39. Firstly: don't touch the hands of your cuckoo-clock heart. Secondly: master your anger. Thirdly: never, ever fall in love. For if you do, the hour hand will poke through your skin, your bones will shatter, and your heart will break once more. #Quote by Mathias Malzieu
Master Raymond quotes by Robert Genn
#40. The studio is an extension of the sandbox and the kindergarten playroom. It has a dynamic unlike any office or factory. It's a room at the service of a dreamer on her way to becoming a master. #Quote by Robert Genn

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