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Mary Hatch quotes by Peter Grey
#1. The cult of the Virgin Mary enabled the worship of the Goddess to flourish, albeit in a cauterised form. As I keep repeating in a mantra, sex is power. The Virgin was a method of turning the sexual impulse of Christians back into the Church and onto the figure of the crucified Christ. I would describe this as a particularly unsavoury form of magick. This is the use of repression and misery as a spiritual battery. This enslavement of the worshipper's natural desires is the exact opposite of the natural and healthy lust for Babalon.

With the resolutely chaste Mary in position, churches had a surrogate Goddess back in the house. Christ knows, they needed one. To sell Christianity to the fans of the God who dies and is reborn (like the crops in the fields) the Church used statues of Mary and Jesus that were rather close to those of Isis and the Child Horus. This mother/son icon propaganda was like a Pepsi taste test for the wavering pagans. They failed.

It requires other women to keep women as slaves stripped of their sexual power. The BVM did that job. She was the only role model that you could fixate upon.

As a Goddess she is a clitoridectomy. If you lift her skirt you can see the coarse black thread where she has been snipped and stitched. The thread is plaited from the beard of Jehovah himself. This is not a woman anymore. Look under the hem and learn. #Quote by Peter Grey
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Higgins Clark
#2. was letting the cameras #Quote by Mary Higgins Clark
Mary Hatch quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
#3. Laura wanted Pa and Ma in the house. They seemed so far away outside.
Mary and Laura were good and lay still, but Carrie sat up and played by herself in the dark. In the dark Pa's arm came from behind the quilt in the doorway and quietly took away his gun. Out by the camp fire the tin plates rattled. Then a knife scraped the spider. Ma and Pa were talking together and Laura smelled tobacco smoke.
The house was safe, but it did not feel safe because Pa's gun was not over the door and there was no door; there was only the quilt. #Quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Pope Osborne
#4. With my writing, I can still play inside an enchanted castle or live inside an old fort. I can run from ghosts or ride dolphins any day of the week. #Quote by Mary Pope Osborne
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Oliver
#5. Maybe the desire to make something beautiful is the piece of God that is inside each of us. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Robertson
#6. My first impression was of handsome women wearing classic evening gowns and marvelous tiaras and necklaces. I imagined those heirloom diamonds and pearls coming out of the family vault or the bank safe-deposit box especially for this gala evening. The men looked dignified in tuxedos, tails, or uniforms with ribbons and medals--very English and very military. This was the British aristocracy as I'd always imagined it--the epitome of long-standing tradition, secure in its lineage and customs. #Quote by Mary Robertson
Mary Hatch quotes by Claire Tomalin
#7. I had forgotten until I looked up old notes that I sold the film rights of my first book, a life of Mary Wollstonecraft: there was a lunch, a contract, a small sum of money, then nothing. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Pipher
#8. She said, Let's face it, the world isn't exactly waiting for girls like me. #Quote by Mary Pipher
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#9. Of course there's something there; unfortunately, there's always something 'there.' Something you will one day be sorry you saw. #Quote by Mary Gaitskill
Mary Hatch quotes by Alice McDermott
#10. Mary lifted her own steno book. Only about six pages old, it still had its cool, slim heft and straight cardboard covers. By the end of the month, its pages would be bloated with the pencil strokes of her shorthand, its back would be cracked and its edges softened. And then she would begin another. The march of time. Pauline's eyes #Quote by Alice McDermott
Mary Hatch quotes by Celia Rivenbark
#11. It would be easier if they named jeans for celebrities so you'd know exactly what you were getting without even having to try them on. 'Mary-Kate' for itty-bitty jeans that come with a cartoonishly oversized caramel latte cup; 'Angelina Jolie' for jeans that are sold with two tiny Cambodian orphans stitched right into the back pockets; 'Katie Holmes', jeans which spell out 'help me!' in the fabric if you look very closesly; and 'Dina Lohan', self-promoting stage mom of Lindsay, for jeans that look OK from a distance, but when you get closer, are actually transparent.
For men, there could be 'David Hasselhoff' jeans, made entirely of cheese, and 'John Mayer' jeans which, when removed, become instantly bored and walk themselves to to the house of next 'it' girl in Hollywood. #Quote by Celia Rivenbark
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Rowlandson
#12. Before I knew what affliction meant, I was ready sometimes to wish for it #Quote by Mary Rowlandson
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Marks
#13. hold of it. I'd also confront her about preying on poor old Morty. I took the Venice Boulevard exit #Quote by Mary Marks
Mary Hatch quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
#14. She heard a chirp and a twitter, and when she looked at the bare flower-bed at her left side there he was hopping about and pretending to peck things out of the earth to persuade her that he had not followed her. But she knew he had followed her and the surprise so filled her with delight that she almost trembled a little.
"You do remember me!" she cried out. "You do! You are prettier than anything else in the world!"
She chirped, and talked, and coaxed and he hopped, and flirted his tail and twittered. It was as if he were talking. His red waistcoat was like satin and he puffed his tiny breast out and was so fine and so grand and so pretty that it was really as if he were showing her how important and like a human person a robin could be. Mistress Mary forgot that she had ever been contrary in her life when he allowed her to draw closer and closer to him, and bend down and talk and try to make something like robin sounds.
Oh! to think that he should actually let her come as near to him as that! He knew nothing in the world would make her put out her hand toward him or startle him in the least tiniest way. He knew it because he was a real person - only nicer than any other person in the world. She was so happy that she scarcely dared to breathe. #Quote by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Harron
#15. There's no need to be tragic or destroy yourself or jump off a cliff. That's no longer the paradigm I wish to follow, or that anyone should follow. It is not necessary to be tragic. It's bullshit that women can't have it all. Why not? Other people do. #Quote by Mary Harron
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Roberts Rinehart
#16. My family, although it keeps its hair, turns gray early - a business asset but a social handicap. #Quote by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Mary Hatch quotes by Mother Mary Francis P.C.C.
#17. A woman's greatest and most perduring failure will be her failure to love. It is certainly not without significance that so many women presently pressing for power on the political, sociological or ecclesial scene are unbeautiful in their unsmilling press for dominance. Contorted faces and clenched fists are particularly repellant in woman, who is gifted with unique powers to radiate love and extend healing hands. #Quote by Mother Mary Francis P.C.C.
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Lindsey
#18. Bogeymen or not, I was in love with Alden Thomas, regardless of what name I went by or what demon wanted me dead. #Quote by Mary Lindsey
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Renault
#19. A man is at his youngest when he thinks he is a man, not yet realizing that his actions must show it. #Quote by Mary Renault
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Baker Eddy
#20. Sorrow has its reward. It never leaves us where it found us. #Quote by Mary Baker Eddy
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Kenny
#21. (On the abdication of Edward VIII) My mother, then a woman of 34 with three young children, thought it was simply the most romantic story in the world: she also saw it as a tribute to women in general that a woman could wield such power over a king. it meant much more to her - in terms of female empowerment - than carrying placards and placing bombs in letterboxes, as the suffragettes had done. #Quote by Mary Kenny
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Higgins Clark
#22. and starting to stay even with #Quote by Mary Higgins Clark
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Roach
#23. I used to do my best thinking while staring out airplane windows. The seat-back video system put a stop to that. Now I sit and watch old' Friends' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond' episodes. Walking is good, but here again, technology has interfered. I like to listen to iTunes while I walk home. I guess I don't think anymore. #Quote by Mary Roach
Mary Hatch quotes by George Eliot
#24. There were intervals in which she could sit perfectly still, enjoying the outer stillness and the subdued light. The red fire with its gently audible movement seemed like a solemn existence calmly independent of the petty passions, the imbecile desires, the straining after worthless uncertainties, which were daily moving her contempt. Mary was fond of her own thoughts, and could amuse herself well sitting in the twilight with her hands in her lap; for, having early had strong reason to believe that things were not likely to be arranged for her peculiar satisfaction, she wasted no time in astonishment and annoyance at that fact. And she had already come to take life very much as a comedy in which she had a proud, nay, a generous resolution not to act the mean or treacherous part. Mary might have become cynical if she had not had parents whom she honoured, and a well of affectionate gratitude within her, which was all the fuller because she had learned to make no unreasonable claims.

She sat to-night revolving, as she was wont, the scenes of the day, her lips often curling with amusement at the oddities to which her fancy added fresh drollery: people were so ridiculous with their illusions, carrying their fools' caps unawares, thinking their own lies opaque while everybody else's were transparent, making themselves exceptions to everything, as if when all the world looked yellow under a lamp they alone were rosy. #Quote by George Eliot
Mary Hatch quotes by Joseph Mary Plunkett
#25. When all the Stars become a Memory'

When all the stars become a memory
Hid in the heart of Heaven : when the sun
At last is resting from his weary run,
Sinking to glorious silence in the sea
Of God's own glory : when the immensity
Of Nature's universe its fate has won
And its reward : when Death to death is done
And deathless Being's all that is to be-

Your praise shall 'scape the grinding of the mills:
My songs shall live to drive their blinding cars
Through fiery apocalypse to Heaven's bars!
When God's loosed might the prophet's word fulfils,
My songs shall see the ruin of the hills,
My songs shall sing the dirges of the stars #Quote by Joseph Mary Plunkett
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Moreno
#26. This book is written for the professional writer who is making a living, but just barely. It is also for the aspiring writer who is looking for a niche. And for all the writers-in-between who would like to get paid well for writing. Entering the world of corporate communications is not selling out - it is an opportunity to sharpen your skills, practice your craft, and pay the rent, all at the same time! #Quote by Mary Moreno
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Balogh
#27. He thought the library door would never open again, but that he would be left to live out the rest of his life rooted to the spot on the library carpet, afraid to move a muscle lest the house fall upon his shoulders. He deliberately shrugged them and shuffled his feel just to prove to himself that it could be done. #Quote by Mary Balogh
Mary Hatch quotes by Saint John Chrysostom
#28. It is impossible to be saved without the help of the Most Blessed Virgin, because those who are not saved by the justice of God are saved by the intercession of Mary. #Quote by Saint John Chrysostom
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Higgins Clark
#29. Sometimes it's enough just to know that if you believe hard enough and long enough, your wishes can come true. #Quote by Mary Higgins Clark
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Laura Philpott
#30. When you internalize what you believe to be someone else's opinion of you, it becomes your opinion of you. #Quote by Mary Laura Philpott
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Astell
#31. If a Woman can neither Love nor Honour, she does ill in promising to Obey. #Quote by Mary Astell
Mary Hatch quotes by Casey McQuiston
#32. I don't know what kind of sexual crisis you're having right now, like, four years after it would have been useful, but, well. I'm not saying what we did in high school makes you gay or bi or whatever, but I can tell you I'm gay, and that even though I acted like what we were doing wasn't gay back then, it super was." He sighs. "Does that help, Alex? My Bloody Mary is here, and I need it to talk about this phone call. #Quote by Casey McQuiston
Mary Hatch quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#33. We are transformed--magically--into the literary society each time we pass a book along, each time we ask a question about it, each time we say, 'If you liked that, I bet you'd like this.' Whenever we are willing to be delighted and share our delight, as Mary Ann [Shaffer] did, we are part of the ongoing story of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.
~Annie Barrows (niece of Mary Ann Shaffer, afterword The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society) #Quote by Mary Ann Shaffer
Mary Hatch quotes by Roy Bourgeois
#34. It is important to note that when Mary Magdalene and other women were chosen by Jesus to bring the important news to the men, the men did not believe the women. Today 2,000 years later men still don't believe women when they say "We are also chosen by Jesus to be leaders in the church. #Quote by Roy Bourgeois

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