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Martha In The Bible quotes by Hudson Taylor
#1. The inconsistencies of Christian people, who while professing to believe their Bible were yet content to live just as they would if there were no such book, had been one of the strongest arguments of my skeptical companions; and I frequently felt at that time, and said, that if I pretended to believe the Bible I would at ay rate attempt to live by it, putting it fairly to the test, and if it failed to prove true and reliable, would throw it overboard altogether. These views I retained when the Lord was pleased to bring me to Himself; and I think I may say that since then I have put God's Word to the test. Certainly it has never failed me. I have never had reason to regret the confidence I have placed I its promises, or to deplore following the guidance I have found in its directions. #Quote by Hudson Taylor
Martha In The Bible quotes by L. Lionel Kendrick
#2. Some have suffered death to make it possible for us to have the scriptures today. Historically, the scriptures in the Bible were reserved for the clergy, with the reading of them by others being denounced. At times, laws even prohibited the public or private reading of them. #Quote by L. Lionel Kendrick
Martha In The Bible quotes by Lori Copeland
#3. The Bible says we're to be moderate in all things. It's good to help others but not at the expense of your own family. #Quote by Lori Copeland
Martha In The Bible quotes by John Adams
#4. I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world. #Quote by John Adams
Martha In The Bible quotes by John Adams
#5. The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity. #Quote by John Adams
Martha In The Bible quotes by D.J. MacHale
#6. This was like no library I had ever seen because, well, there were no books. Actually, I take that back. There was one book, but it was the lobby of the building, encased in a heavy glass box like a museum exhibit. I figured this was a book that was here to remind people of the past and the way things used to be. As I walked over to it, I wondered what would be one book chosen to take this place of honor. Was it a dictionary? A Bible? Maybe the complete works of Shakespeare or some famous poet.
"Green Eggs and Ham?" Gunny said with surprise. "What kind of doctor writes about green eggs and ham?"
"Dr. Seuss," I answered with a big smile on my face. "It's my favorite book of all time."
Patrick joined us and said, "We took a vote. It was pretty much everybody's favorite. Landslide victory. I'm partial to Horton Hears A Who, but this is okay too."
The people of Third Earth still had a sense of humor. #Quote by D.J. MacHale
Martha In The Bible quotes by Sam Harris
#7. As manuals for contemplative understanding, the Bible and the Koran are worse than useless. Whatever wisdom can be found in their pages is never best found there, and it is subverted, time and again, by ancient savagery and superstition. #Quote by Sam Harris
Martha In The Bible quotes by Martha McKiever
#8. He's a unique dog, Mr. Bell had said. There is no other in the world that looks or acts just like him. #Quote by Martha McKiever
Martha In The Bible quotes by Jonathan Sacks
#9. The market economy is deeply congruent with the values set out in the Hebrew Bible. Material prosperity is a divine blessing. Poverty crushes the spirit as well as the body, and its alleviation is a sacred task. Work is a noble calling. #Quote by Jonathan Sacks
Martha In The Bible quotes by Isaac Asimov
#10. The bible must be seen in a cultural context. It didn't just happen. These stories are retreads. But, tell a Christian that
No, No! What makes it doubly sad is that they hardly know the book, much less its origins. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Martha In The Bible quotes by Amy Tan
#11. I loved fairy tales when I was a kid. Grimm. The grimmer the better. I loved gruesome gothic tales and, in that respect, I liked Bible stories, because to me they were very gothic. #Quote by Amy Tan
Martha In The Bible quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#12. Historic figures have homes to visit for posterity; the Lord of history left no home. Luminaries leave libraries and write their memoirs; He left one book, penned by ordinary people. Deliverers speak of winning through might and conquest; He spoke of a place in the heart. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
Martha In The Bible quotes by Criss Jami
#13. It is neither judgment nor judgment according to the status quo with which we have a problem, but rather judgment according to God's Word. We sharply dress ourselves, go out into the world, shape ourselves, our personalities according to the world's standards and preferences, allow ourselves to be made dull by the world and its desires in order to appear successful and happy and attractive in the eyes of the world: we love the world's judgment but we hate God's judgment. Absurdly enough, the one which really matters, the one out of the purest of loves rather than that of a mere contract in hopes of mutual gain, is the one from which we so adamantly try to cut off, shut off, and distance ourselves. #Quote by Criss Jami
Martha In The Bible quotes by Hebrews 9 26
#15. Once in the end of the world hath he [Jesus] appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. #Quote by Hebrews 9 26
Martha In The Bible quotes by Martha Stewart
#16. Giving information that will help everybody live better. That's a teacher's dream-to accumulate information and disperse it in a form that allows people to choose the way they're going to use it. That's what I think I do best. #Quote by Martha Stewart
Martha In The Bible quotes by David Jeremiah
#17. What comes to mind when you think of heaven? Heaven is referred to in fifty-four of the Bible's sixty-six books, and the final two chapters of the Bible are a virtual travelogue of our heavenly home. To visualize heaven accurately, study the Bible continually. #Quote by David Jeremiah
Martha In The Bible quotes by Tess Gerritsen
#18. There's a whole history that never appears in the Bible, Detective. A secret history you can only find in Canaanite or Hebrew legends. They talk about the marriage between Adam and a free-spirited woman, a cunning temptress who refused to obey her husband, or to lie beneath him as a docile wife should. Instead she demanded wild sex in every position and taunted him when he couldn't satisfy her. She was the world's first truly liberated female, and she wasn't afraid to seek the pleasures of the flesh. #Quote by Tess Gerritsen
Martha In The Bible quotes by Rick Warren
#19. As so many people in the Bible did, tell God exactly how you feel. #Quote by Rick Warren
Martha In The Bible quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#20. But caveat lector: we do not read the Bible in order to reduce our lives to what is convenient to us or manageable by us - we want to get in on the great invisibles of the Trinity, the soaring adorations of the angels, the quirky cragginess of the prophets, and ... Jesus. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Martha In The Bible quotes by Willie Aames
#21. I spent six years in Bible study because I needed to get grounded. People really need to spend time in the Bible getting to know the God they claim to love. #Quote by Willie Aames
Martha In The Bible quotes by Marilyn Manson
#22. Whether you interpret the Bible as literature or as the final word of whatever God may be, Christianity has given us an image of death and sexuality that we have based our culture around. A half-naked dead man hangs in most homes and around our necks, and we have just taken that for granted all of our lives. #Quote by Marilyn Manson
Martha In The Bible quotes by Francis A. Schaeffer
#23. We should realize that if something untrue or immoral is stated in great art, it can be far more devastating than if it is expressed in poor art. The greater the artistic expression, the more important it is to consciously bring it and it's worldview under the judgment of Christ and the Bible. The common reaction among many however, is just the opposite. Ordinarily, many seem to feel that the greater the art, the less we ought to be critical of its worldview. This we must reverse. #Quote by Francis A. Schaeffer
Martha In The Bible quotes by Phoebe Damrosch
#24. Our restaurant fostered a sense of camaraderie in a number of ways besides sharing the same nickname of 'chef.' Initially, we bonded through training. Once we opened, we worked in teams each night, meaning that we not only knew our colleagues well, we depended on them. Most importantly, we all had 'family meal' together every night, just like President Bush recommended to all families so that their children would have good values and grow up to be gun-toting, pro-life, pro-death, gas-guzzling, warmongering, monolingual, homophobic, wiretapped, Bible-thumping, genetically engineered, stem-cell harboring, abstinent creationists. Oops, I think I just lost all of my red state readers. To make up for it, I'll let you lose my ballot. #Quote by Phoebe Damrosch
Martha In The Bible quotes by N. T. Wright
#25. though the Western tradition and particularly the Protestant and evangelical traditions have claimed to be based on the Bible and rooted in scripture, they have by and large developed long-lasting and subtle strategies for not listening to what the Bible is in fact saying. We must stop giving nineteenth-century answers to sixteenth-century questions and try to give twenty-first-century answers to first-century questions. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Martha In The Bible quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#26. Without the Holy Bible, how can we believe in God? #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Martha In The Bible quotes by Gene Edward Veith Jr.
#27. Secular humanists of every type may ridicule the Bible, but they cannot escape it; and in their obsession with change, calls for reform, doomsday warnings, and utopian visions, they continue to steal from it. #Quote by Gene Edward Veith Jr.
Martha In The Bible quotes by Grady Hendrix
#28. Brother Lemon and Abby looked at each other, eyes gleaming in the shadows, and then he stood up. Rummaging in one of his duffle bags, he pulled out an athletic cup and slid it down the front of his pants. He caught Abby staring.
"First place they go for," he explained. He adjusted himself and picked up a well worn bible. #Quote by Grady Hendrix
Martha In The Bible quotes by Michael Eric Dyson
#29. When you have closed the Bible, you have neither closed God's mind nor shut God's mouth. God continues to speak, live and exist. I think we should consult the living God for the living word for living people dealing with death, destruction and despair in the midst of our hurt humanity. I believe love will conquer all. #Quote by Michael Eric Dyson
Martha In The Bible quotes by Werner Gitt
#30. The truth is a powerful thing: it does not allow a person to remain undisturbed. Some embrace and follow the truth. Some reject it outright. Others prefer to ignore it. employing what might be termed 'intentional ignorance'. How a person reacts to the truth is a willful decision that produces unavoidable consequences in that person't life.
If Materialism is embraced, then we invent our own standards of tight and wrong and are accountable to no one for our decisions. If, however, the Bible is right, then there is an absolute standard of right and wrong and we are to be held accountable for not only our decision, but our attitudes and actions as well. In Paul's letter to the Romans he states:
For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
(Romans 1:20) #Quote by Werner Gitt
Martha In The Bible quotes by Shane Claiborne
#31. Karl Barth said it well: "We have to read the Bible in one hand ... and the newspaper in the other." Our faith should not cause us to escape this world but to engage it. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Martha In The Bible quotes by Michael S. Horton
#32. We do not read the Bible somewhere off by ourselves in a corner; we read it as a community of faith, together with the whole church in all times and places. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Martha In The Bible quotes by Paul Kalanithi
#33. There is a tension in the Bible between justice and mercy, between the Old Testament and the New Testament. And the New Testament says you can never be good enough: goodness is the thing, and you can never live up to it. The main message of Jesus, I believed, is that mercy trumps justice every time. #Quote by Paul Kalanithi
Martha In The Bible quotes by Eric H. Cline
#34. Unfortunately, identifying Ramses II as the pharaoh of the Exodus, which is the identification most frequently found in both scholarly and popular books, does not work if one also wishes to follow the chronology presented in the Bible. #Quote by Eric H. Cline
Martha In The Bible quotes by Gary Patton
#35. The "Word of God" is not simply the Christian Bible but exists in a threefold form: "The Word" incarnate (Jesus Followers' King), the word prophesied and proclaimed (Prophets), and the word in scripture (Bible). All three are the self-disclosure of God, The One & Only ... in three, distinct & unique Persons, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. #Quote by Gary Patton
Martha In The Bible quotes by Joe Coleman
#36. Look around. The hantavirus is waiting for you. Ebola and the tropical rainforest is cooking up all kinds of brews to make sure that the population is kept in control. All these things are necessary. Why is there an increase in sexual deviance right now? Because it goes against procreative sex. Mother Nature does not want more children. This is not a time of birth. It is not a time to give birth, it's a time to die. The Bible says all things under heaven and that includes death as well as life. You out there, you comfortable ones, you point the finger. You say the junkie is the problem, you say the sexual deviant, serial killer, racist, and the man who hates his fellow man is the problem. But they ain't the problem. You're the problem. The sexual deviant, the murderer, the serial killer, the taker of human life is the cure, you're the problem. #Quote by Joe Coleman
Martha In The Bible quotes by Martha Woodroof
#37. Sometimes, when it feels as if life has veered irrevocably off track, the track shifts in ways we never could have imagined. #Quote by Martha Woodroof
Martha In The Bible quotes by Charles Caldwell Ryrie
#38. Jesus accepted the plenary [i.e., complete, extending to all its parts] inspiration of the Bible; when first approached by the devil to turn stones into bread, our Lord replied that man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matt. 4:4 quoting Deut. 8:3). He did not say, "some words" but "every word." If Scripture is breathed out from God (2 Tim. 3:16), then Scripture must be included in what sustains man, not only parts of Scripture but all of it. #Quote by Charles Caldwell Ryrie
Martha In The Bible quotes by Martha Plimpton
#39. Very often a job will come along that speaks to the place you're in as a person at that very moment. And usually once I've done it I feel like that part is over. #Quote by Martha Plimpton
Martha In The Bible quotes by Charles Darwin
#40. I liked the thought of being a country clergyman. Accordingly I read with care Pearson on the Creed and a few other books on divinity; and as I did not then in the least doubt the strict and literal truth of every word in the Bible, I soon persuaded myself that our Creed must be fully accepted. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Martha In The Bible quotes by Greg Laurie
#41. I have never received a heavenly dispatch. Rather, I have found that divine guidance often comes as a result of taking steps of faith. And God not only has His will, but He also has His timing for each and every situation. The Bible tells us, 'He has made everything beautiful in its time' #Quote by Greg Laurie
Martha In The Bible quotes by Luis Marques
#42. Predator and prey move in silent gestures, on the seductive dance of death, in the shadows cast by the vultures of the night. #Quote by Luis Marques
Martha In The Bible quotes by David Lynch
#43. The idea tells you everything. Lots of times I get ideas, I fall in love with them. Those ones you fall in love with are really special ideas. And, in some ways, I always say, when something's abstract, the abstractions are hard to put into words unless you're a poet. These ideas you somehow know. And cinema is a language that can say abstractions. I love stories, but I love stories that hold abstractions--that can hold abstractions. And cinema can say these difficult-to-say-in-words things. A lot of times, I don't know the meaning of the idea, and it drives me crazy. I think we should know the meaning of the idea. I think about them, and I tell this story about my first feature Eraserhead. I did not know what these things meant to me--really meant. And on that particular film, I started reading the Bible. And I'm reading the Bible, going along, and suddenly--there was a sentence. And I said, forget it! That's it. That's this thing. And so, I should know the meaning for me, but when things get abstract, it does me no good to say what it is. All viewers on the surface are all different. And we see something, and that's another place where intuition kicks in: an inner-knowingness. And so, you see a thing, you think about it, and you feel it, and you go and you sort of know something inside. And you can rely on that. Another thing I say is, if you go--after a film, withholding abstractions--to a coffee place--having coffee with your friends, someone will say something, and immed #Quote by David Lynch
Martha In The Bible quotes by James R. White
#44. How one views Scripture will determine the rest of one's theology. There is no more basic issue: Every system of thought that takes seriously the claims of the Bible to be the inspired, authoritative Word of God will share a commitment to particular central truths, and that without compromise. Those systems that do not begin with this belief in Scripture will exhibit a wide range of beliefs that will shift over time in light of the ever-changing whims and views of culture. Almost every single collapse involving denominations and churches in regard to historic Christian beliefs can be traced back to a degradation in that group's view of the Bible as the inspired and inerrant revelation of God's truth. Once this foundation is lost, the house that was built upon it cannot long stand #Quote by James R. White
Martha In The Bible quotes by F.B. Meyer
#45. No other style of preaching can so completely guarantee immunity from an indulgence in special crochets and fads. The Bible is an exceedingly broad book in its treatment of life and, he who successfully preaches through, even one small section of it, will find a variety of subjects and principles and lessons
so great a variety that if he is fair with all he will be saved from the error of over-emphasis and of neglecting certain broad tracts of truth. #Quote by F.B. Meyer
Martha In The Bible quotes by Henry Hon
#46. Believers who come to know the Scripture in a living way, in both knowledge and Spirit, can in turn, use this Word to minister to people around them. #Quote by Henry Hon
Martha In The Bible quotes by Robin Jones Gunn
#47. There are 365 "fear nots" in the Bible. One for every day of the year. Today I will fear not. #Quote by Robin Jones Gunn
Martha In The Bible quotes by Bill Bryson
#48. Although there was no reliable way of dating periods, there was no shortage of people willing to try. The most well known early attempt30 was made in 1650, when Archbishop James Ussher of the Church of Ireland made a careful study of the Bible and other historical sources and concluded, in a hefty tome called Annals of the Old Testament, that the Earth had been created at midday on 23 October 4004 BC, an assertion that has amused historians and textbook writers ever since. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Martha In The Bible quotes by Martha N. Beck
#49. you've learned to align your consciousness with your inner Watcher and perch there, observing your physical and emotional feelings. Just one step remains in your contemplation training - the step that's most profoundly healing and most difficult for a person raised in the rationalist tradition. You must learn to watch any or all of your thoughts without believing them. This is a skill that allows you to break away from any psychological conditioning that predisposes you to weight gain. #Quote by Martha N. Beck

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