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Mark Decraw quotes by Tijan
#1. Mom!" he cried out. She shrugged. You're not a virgin, and I'm promoting her pleasure as well. The girl will enjoy it a lot more. They don't always, you know." She scanned the rest of the table. "I'm sure you two bucks think you're the stud for all those does," she remembered me and amended,"well maybe just you and Logan, but I'm telling you. Girls fake it eighty percent of the time."
That opened a whole new channel of adoration from Logan. He wanted to know it all.
The rest of the conversation was a question and answer forum from Logan while Mark looked ready to throw up. I even caught Mason listening intently to her. He told me later that he'd be stupid to pass up information like that. #Quote by Tijan
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Nepo
#2. Rather than finding heaven on earth, we are asked to release heaven by living on earth. #Quote by Mark Nepo
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark McKinnon
#3. Unfortunately, in American politics there are no standards for shame. #Quote by Mark McKinnon
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Burnett
#4. I learned in America that Americans are into results. Americans don't care where you came from, what your family did, what school you graduated from. They care about if you can deliver the results. That's what makes America the country it is. #Quote by Mark Burnett
Mark Decraw quotes by Dean Koontz
#5. The guy at the cash register is a redhead in his thirties with freckles and a two-inch-diameter birthmark, as pink as uncooked salmon, on his pale forehead. The mark is uncannily like the image of a fetus curled in a womb, as if a gestating twin had died early in the mother's pregnancy and left its fossilized image on the surviving brother's brow. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Mark Decraw quotes by David Alan Basche
#6. I watched Mark Rylance in the Broadway revival of 'La Bete,' and it knocked my socks off. The complete commitment, passion, and unbridled enjoyment in every moment of what he was doing was overwhelming. #Quote by David Alan Basche
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Richt
#7. The only thing that helps you win the game is preparation and getting your mind ready to go to battle. That's what you've got to do. #Quote by Mark Richt
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#8. Every time I read a Jane Austen novel, I feel like a bartender at the gates of heaven. #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#9. I am quite sure that (bar one) I have no race prejudices, and I think I have no color prejudices nor caste prejudices nor creed prejudices. Indeed, I know it. I can stand any society. All that I care to know is that a man is a human being-that is enough for me; he can't be any worse. I have no special regard for Satan; but I can at least claim that I have no prejudice against him. It may even be that I lean a little his way, on account of his not having a fair show. All religions issue bibles against him, and say the most injurious things about him, but we never hear his side. We have none but the evidence for the prosecution, and yet we have rendered the verdict. To my mind, this is irregular. It is un-English; it is un-American; it is French. Without #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Radclyffe
#10. Time is so subjective, its measure totally dependent upon the means by which we mark its passage. When we follow the conventional milestones, meting out our lives with birthdays and graduations and anniversaries and funerals, we are left with voids along the way-vast stretches of empty space lost forever, never to be filled. As time grows short, the significance of each moment increases, until finally every heartbeat is of monumental importance. Or so it seems at first. I have discovered, almost too late, that time is not just arbitrary, but of no great consequence after all. She has taught me that a touch is a lifetime, a kiss forever, and that passion will transcend the limitations of fragile existence to span eternity.

I no longer worry about the beat of my heart-I need only the memory of her to live on. My soul, my very being, pulses with wonder at the places within me that she has filled, with gratitude for the wounds she has healed, and with everlasting devotion for the love she has given. In her arms, I found passion and peace and a place to rest. No matter where I travel or what road I take to reach my detestation, I will always have the comfort of her hand in my and the soft whisper of her voice reminding me that I do not need to be afraid. This, this has always been my secret desire, and now I need search no further. I am Loved, and I am content, #Quote by Radclyffe
Mark Decraw quotes by Melissa Starr
#11. I pushed Ezra back for a second. He had taken the make out session up a notch upon Logan's arrival. I knew what he was doing, it was ticking me off. I wasn't just some territory he could mark. "Hike a leg and pee on me, why don't you?"
Logan snorted and practically choked on his coffee.
- RUHK'S RISING; Phoenix Elite Book 2 #Quote by Melissa Starr
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#12. Death is the starlit strip between the companionship of yesterday and the reunion of tomorrow. #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Helprin
#13. His name was Peter Lake, and he said to himself out loud, You're in bad shape when a horse takes pity on you, you stupid bastard, #Quote by Mark Helprin
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark W. Boyer
#14. If you cannot find it within you to withstand the negative in your life, you'll never manage to recognize the good #Quote by Mark W. Boyer
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Batterson
#15. You are only one prayer away from a dream fulfilled, a promise kept, or a miracle performed. #Quote by Mark Batterson
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Indelicato
#16. I've been doing a lot of stuff that has to do with charity and giving. I'm trying to give and not take as much. #Quote by Mark Indelicato
Mark Decraw quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#17. Time isn't just a fleeting thing. It never moves forward without engraving its mark upon the heart. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Lawrence
#18. Single combat? We're leaving. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Driscoll
#19. The truths of Christianity are constant, unchanging, and meant for all people, times, and places. But the methods by which truth is articulated and practiced must be culturally appropriated, and therefore constantly translated ... if doctrine is constant and practice is constantly changing, the result is living orthodoxy. #Quote by Mark Driscoll
Mark Decraw quotes by Howard Hodgkin
#20. Passion lies between one mark and the next, and also within all of them. #Quote by Howard Hodgkin
Mark Decraw quotes by Viola Davis
#21. I did want to mark the fact that it was the first African-American to win the Lead Actress category.I thought it was so progressive. #Quote by Viola Davis
Mark Decraw quotes by Lawrence Lessig
#22. We are a cut-and-paste culture. The aim of the protectionists is to argue that a cut-and-paste culture is criminal. Well, it's only criminal if there's nothing out there that you can freely cut and paste. If we increasingly mark material as available for these non-commercial uses, then people will have the opportunity to see its importance. #Quote by Lawrence Lessig
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark W. Boyer
#23. Our lives are a novel being written. We are its author. Every action we encounter and every person we meet has a role and a place in our ultimate story. It is in our control to decide the level of how, who and what impacts us and how large a role we decide to assign each. #Quote by Mark W. Boyer
Mark Decraw quotes by James R. Benn
#24. They do not comprehend where they are going," Kaz said, whispering his words to the wind.
I knew he didn't mean a particular place. There were no map coordinates to mark the location. He meant that point in time and space where bullet meets bone, where grown men cry rivers of tears; the point you can never return from, even if you live to be ninety. #Quote by James R. Benn
Mark Decraw quotes by Mary Ellen Mark
#25. I'm a documentary photographer. That's what I've always wanted to be; that's where my heart and soul is. #Quote by Mary Ellen Mark
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Sisson
#26. Plants and animals are much more nutritionally dense than processed carbohydrate foods, which comprise a large percentage of calories in the Standard American Diet. #Quote by Mark Sisson
Mark Decraw quotes by Richard Petty
#27. Never put a question mark where God puts a Period #Quote by Richard Petty
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Skousen
#28. Most of Marx's predictions have failed to materialize, and his labor theory of value and other ideas have been proven wrong. Marx failed to recognize the incentive system built into the capitalist model - consumer choice and the profit motive of the entrepreneur. The irony is that capitalism, not socialism or Marxism, that has liberated the worker from the chains of poverty, monopoly, war, and oppression, and has better achieved Marx's vision of a millennium of hope, peace, abundance, leisure, and aesthetic expression for the 'full' human being. #Quote by Mark Skousen
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Cuban
#29. Nothing can kill the future dreams and goals of a new graduate than 50k of debt like an anvil over your head. I got to Indiana University not because I visited the campus and loved everything about it. I picked Indiana University because I saw a list of the top 10 business schools and it was the cheapest. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Hanna
#30. Other factors affecting the '109 as a combat plane include the small cramped cockpit. This is quite a tiring working environment, although the view out (in flight) is better than you might expect; the profuseion of canopy struts is not particularly a problem. In addition to the above the small cockpit makes you feel more a part of the aeroplane. #Quote by Mark Hanna
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Nepo
#31. Each of us is born with an incorruptible spot of grace. #Quote by Mark Nepo
Mark Decraw quotes by Ernest King
#32. The mark of a great shiphandler is never getting into situations that require great shiphandling. #Quote by Ernest King
Mark Decraw quotes by Sergio Chejfec
#33. Nostalgia for people, cultures, everything. There's an ability to use these marks to note things that are erased, deleted. Traces are a species of history, of evidence. It's a way for the way the narrator to construct a semblance of self, even though all of this creates a deception, a way to think of one's traces as a real way to define oneself. The trace is fallible, impermanent. It's one of the motives I had in mind throughout the text. #Quote by Sergio Chejfec
Mark Decraw quotes by Pat Cadigan
#34. [Gina] I got them Bad Old Cosmic C-Word Blues Again.
[Mark] What does 'c-word' mean?
[Gina] It means continuing to believe even when you don't feel it. Not letting go even when you can't find squat to hold onto. Going all the way from the beginning to the end. #Quote by Pat Cadigan
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Strand
#35. If every head of state and every government official spent an hour a day reading poetry we'd live in a much more humane and decent world. #Quote by Mark Strand
Mark Decraw quotes by Gautama Buddha
#36. Therefore, do not eat meat which will cause terror among people, because it hinders the truth of emancipation; not to eat meat? this is the mark of the wise. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Mark Decraw quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#37. Like the sun that sets at the end of the day, so too will Ramadan come and go, leaving only it's mark on our heart's sky. #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Steyn
#38. Unchecked, government social programs are a security threat because they weaken the ultimate line of defense: the free-born citizen whose responsibilities are not subcontracted to the government. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#39. Hackathons are these things where just all of the Facebook engineers get together and stay up all night building things. And, I mean, usually at these hackathons, I code too, just alongside everyone. #Quote by Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Shapiro
#40. Summer is the sweet spot of the movie-going season
and it's also peak season for Six Flags theme parks. #Quote by Mark Shapiro
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#41. Satan!" "Oh, it's true. I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and its beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes wrong; but no matter, the crowd follows it. The vast majority of the race, whether savage or civilized, are secretly kind-hearted and shrink from inflicting pain, but in the presence of the aggressive and pitiless minority they don't dare to assert themselves. #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Nalini Singh
#42. Llium snorted. "I look like a damned duck." His words weren't far off the mark. The feathers that had grown over the injured section were soft, white, and delicately ... fluffy. "I hope to hell these baby feathers fall off and get replaced by real ones. They will, won't they?" He sounded worried. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Mark Decraw quotes by Laurene Powell Jobs
#43. To do what you wanna do, to leave a mark - in a way that you think is important and lasting - that's a life well-lived. #Quote by Laurene Powell Jobs
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#44. One must travel, to learn. Every day, now, old Scriptural phrases that never possessed any significance for me before, take to themselves a meaning. #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#45. The Indian may seem poor to we rich Westerners but in matters of the spirit it is we who are the paupers and they who are millionaires. #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Lawrence
#46. Snow makes a soft bed, but no man wakes from it. That was the wisdom of the North. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Williams
#47. Start living right here, in each present moment. When we stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, we're open to rich sources of information we've been missing out on - information that can keep us out of the downward spiral and poised for a richer life. #Quote by Mark Williams
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Twain
#48. Nature makes the locust with an appetite for crops; man would have made him with an appetite for sand #Quote by Mark Twain
Mark Decraw quotes by Hannah More
#49. Nothing is more common than to mistake the sign for the thing itself; nor is any practice more frequent than that of endeavoring to acquire the exterior mark, without once thinking to labor after the interior grace. #Quote by Hannah More
Mark Decraw quotes by Mark Pagel
#50. No wonder the creationists don't believe the darwinian account. #Quote by Mark Pagel

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