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Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Debbianne DeRose
#1. The gospel truth of our time-space reality is that you absolutely can do, be, have, create or experience whatever you want - as long as you first decide that you are worthy of it. And that decision is yours alone. #Quote by Debbianne DeRose
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Steven Redhead
#2. The legitimacy of your desires to exist is paramount to manifesting your desires within your reality. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Suzy Kassem
#3. We are taught to believe that the 'alienation' that we experience sometimes, when we withdraw from everything or feel alone, is a craving for something sexual, material, or in the physical - and can be cured by popping a pill in most cases. When in Truth, it's the circuitry within our souls and minds that is hinting to be connected - to real flowing energy - outside of our TVs and computer monitors. What many of us mistaken for depression is actually a need to be understood, or to see desires come to fruition. There is absolutely nothing abnormal about feeling disconnected. Your sensitivity only means you are more human than most. If you cry, you are alive. I'd be more worried if you didn't. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Bill McKibben
#4. There is no ideal Christmas; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions. #Quote by Bill McKibben
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Ranjani Ramachandran
#5. Heart; I named my lass sweetly;
She danced to the mundane tunes of daftness;
By nature she was midsummer madness;
Or rather a reckless, careless, devil-may-care colleen.

I pampered all her hefty desires;
Brain; my friend said treat her with caution;
For she is a child; doesn't ruminate her action;
You are mother, with deep devotion.

And one fine day came the tempest darling;
She named him love, besotted and infatuated;
Enchanted by his charms, smelled the roses;
Failed to see the thorns that pricked.

And drip-drip-drip, the blood it dripped;
When her beloved tossed and crushed her core;
She knew not how to stand up straight;
I opened my eyes and the driblets fell.

Don't nurse her; said my friend; my brain;
For she is a demented lass not worth the pain;
She will go away when her wounds are dried;
To her unmoved brutal hero, Love.

A mother cannot be unmoved, I cried;
For all this time, I held her high;
I knocked at your door, you flinty villain;
Not to hear, all that you said.

Call me a demon or a dragon;
For all I will say is don't nurse the brat;
Let her bleed and cry for some more time;
She will get up; for she is your child.

All he said was unerred truth;
She bled and nursed her own wounds;
She drove me to her hero's place; And said,

"This is where my poem stays. #Quote by Ranjani Ramachandran
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Dinesh Kumar
#6. There can be so many suggestions and opinions too; What matters is that you acknowledge at your depths and stand by it like a Rock ... #Quote by Dinesh Kumar
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Joshua Becker
#7. Teach your kids to reject blind conformity. Because when they do, rarely will they discover their heart desires more money, possessions, fame, or power. It will usually ask for something far more countercultural than those. #Quote by Joshua Becker
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Angie Karan
#8. Bliss is doing that which fulfills you. Action that touches you deeply and fully. Bliss is active. Bliss is...following your dreams, desires, or heart. Bliss is that deep, fulfilling, sustainable, driving need you have. That thing that is the true "you."Your bliss is your life's purpose. Your bliss gives your otherwise meaningless life meaning. When you are following your bliss you are powerful and empowered. You are focused and the universe is waiting to help you. #Quote by Angie Karan
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by James A. Owen
#9. I believe that every one of us has something that's very unique to us specifically. Something unique enough that no one else might really ever understand it - not our parents, or teachers, or best friends, or siblings.
It's our point of view.
Our point of view is what makes us unique, because no one else - no one else - has your particular combination of thoughts, and dreams, and hopes, and desires, and ambitions and memories, and experiences. No one. And I believe that every once in a while, the Universe opens itself up to you and you alone, and shows you something that no one else is going to understand. And you have to decide in that moment how much you believe in what you have seen - even if everyone else in the world tells you you're wrong. #Quote by James A. Owen
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Gagabriel
#10. i felt like i was wanting you more than ever..
I want to fall asleep with the pure sound of your heart beat,
wrapped around your warm arms, feeling your skin against mine
and wake up with the sound of your sweet voice and a beautiful smile
on a saturday morning.
I want to kiss you from head to toe and drown in your carefree laugh
I want the entirety of you and love you endlessly.....
when i wake up this morning and pondered of my wants
it break my heart to realise that my simple wants
are nowhere near achievable.... #Quote by Gagabriel
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Steven Redhead
#11. Change your life by following the desires of your heart, aiming to achieve your true bliss; creating your own part of heaven here on earth. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#12. There are moments of silence and smiles and breaths taken away from the chest, wherein you truly feel a deep understanding for your position in your life, in this world, and within the walls of yourself that you call bones and tissue. You madly understand yourself (your thoughts, your desires, what you want to be living for, really) and it's amazing because it is within those moments where you will come to see how very few people should actually be important to your heart and to your path: because your heart and your path are glorious and different and breathtaking and not everyone belongs there with you. We all often feel pangs of loneliness and we clamour to hold onto other people because it has not yet dawned on us, that not everyone we wish to hold onto will fit on our paths with us. If you could come to an understanding of your own space, and what it means to occupy that space, then you would come to know, and to feel, and to realise, that we are not lonely in our hearts because others do not occupy with us; rather, we are painfully lonely in our hearts because we do not occupy our own skin. We do not occupy our own souls. We do not occupy the space we've been given by our own dreams, desires, longings... what makes you cry? What makes you laugh? It doesn't matter if you're the only one who cries or who laughs! What matters is that you fill up your space so full that your soul rubs up against your bones and pushes up against just below the surface of your skin. You will #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Kristiane Backer
#13. You have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad (jihad alakbar)."

His followers asked him what that greater jihad was. "The struggle against your passionate soul," he replied.

'So what does this greater jihad entail?' I asked him.

'It is the effort to practise our faith,' Gai replied. 'To pray five times every day is an effort, to veil one's selfish desires and conduct life in accordance with Islamic ethics and laws. The greatest "spiritual warriors" are the saints armed not with weapons but with prayer and prayer beads.' While it all made sense I wanted to know more about the idea that we needed to go out and fight jihad. #Quote by Kristiane Backer
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Stephen Richards
#14. To will is to put your emotion into your desire. Simply wanting is not desire, it is merely an undirected thought with no purpose but to pass the time. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#15. The more attention you give to the past, the more you energize it, and the more likely you are to make a "self" out of it. Don't misunderstand: Attention is essential, but not to the past as past. Give attention to the present; give attention to your behavior, to your reactions, moods, thoughts, emotions, fears, and desires as they occur in the present. There's the past in you. If you can be present enough to watch all those things, not critically or analytically but nonjudgmentally, then you are dealing with the past and dissolving it through the power of your presence. You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You find yourself by coming into the present. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Debbie Ford
#16. Often, psychological laziness will have you switch your life over to autopilot and fall asleep at the wheel rather than stay awake to what will fulfill your heart's deepest desires and your soul's purpose. #Quote by Debbie Ford
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#17. Whatever you want, you can create with your imagination. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Frederick Lenz
#18. A great deal of energy is lost in the study by people who interact with non-physical beings. They get into your mind and your body by approaching you in the dream plane, promising you powers, playing on your desires. They sap your life force. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Ryszard Kapuscinski
#19. A population weakened and exhausted by battling against so many obstacles - whose needs are never satisfied and desires never fulfilled - is vulnerable to manipulation and regimentation. The struggle for survival is, above all, an exercise that is hugely time-consuming, absorbing and debilitating. If you create these 'anti-conditions,' your rule is guaranteed for a hundred years. #Quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#20. You have only one life, don't waste your life, fulfilling others dream. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#21. Well, your perfect erotic object remains only in recognition memory); and his absolute absence from reconstruction memory becomes the yearning that is, finally, desire. That socially surrounded absence, when you're young, masks a lot of things in the real world; when you're older and a few thousand sexual encounters have begun to clear what desire is about (or perhaps what really lies about desire) and you have begun to perceive desire's edges, its effect is not so much that of an obliterator any more as it is that of a distorting lens. If you can smile at what you see through, it's sometimes illuminating. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Dan Millman
#22. You are rich if you have enough money to satisfy all your desires. So there are two ways to be rich: You earn, inherit, borrow, beg, or steal enough money to meet all your desires; or, you cultivate a simple lifestyle of few desires; that way you always have enough money. "A peaceful warrior has the insight and discipline to choose the simple way - to know the difference between needs and wants. We have few basic needs but endless wants. Full attention to every moment is my pleasure. Attention costs no money; your only investment is training. That's another advantage of being a warrior, Dan - it's cheaper! The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less." I #Quote by Dan Millman
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Jim George
#23. When you submit yourself to God and obey Him, you allow Him to do what He desires in your life. You make it possible for Him to lead you wherever He wants to use you. #Quote by Jim George
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Miley Cyrus
#24. The dreams that you hold for your future are what you dream about at night. They're always at the back of your mind. They're what your heart desires. They keep you going. Accept reality and have a backup plan, but always follow your dreams no matter what. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Ralph Marston
#25. One of the greatest motivators is desire. If the desire is strong enough you will do whatever it takes to achieve. Just connect your actions with your true desires. #Quote by Ralph Marston
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Naoyuki Ochiai
#26. You wanted to show everyone you could write about the black heart of a killer. And all the while pretending you don't even have your own dark desires. #Quote by Naoyuki Ochiai
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#27. If you follow your heart, you will find harmony. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Truth Devour
#28. Water your dreams with the essence of love so it may nurture and grow beyond your vision and desires. #Quote by Truth Devour
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#29. She swallowed, watching as the servants and Harry and Bert trooped out of the room. Lad, apparently not the brightest dog in the world, sat down next to Mickey O'Connor and leaned against his leg.
Mr. O'Connor looked at the dog, looked at the damp spot growing on his breeches where the dog was leaning, and sighed. "I find me life is not as quiet as it used to be afore ye came to me palace, Mrs. Hollingbrook."
Silence lifted her chin. "You're a pirate, Mr. O'Connor. I cannot believe your life was ever very quiet."
He gave her an ironic look. "Aye, amazin', isn't it? Yet since yer arrival me servants no longer obey me and I return home to find me kitchen flooded." He crossed to a cupboard and took down a china teapot, a tin of tea, and a teacup. "And me dog smells like a whorehouse."
Silence glanced guiltily at Lad. "The only soap we could find was rose scented. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#30. God desires your increase in your leadership, stewardship, relationship, and business #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Toure
#31. Two lines in "If I Was Your Girlfriend" stand out after talking with people close to Prince. When he's imagining himself as her girlfriend he sings, "Would u let me wash your hair?" And later as a man he says, "Would u let me give u a bath?" Those desires I'm told are part of his real life. Someone who was intimate with him and knows others who were, too, says Prince was not doing exactly as much screwing as he'd have you believe. I was told by someone who knows that Prince loves to bathe women. And brush their hair. And sometimes he did these things in lieu of intercourse. It was not part of trying to get laid or deepen the sexual experience, but as a worshipful appreciation of femininity. A person who was close to Prince said, "One girl told me that she got frustrated because he'd rather bathe her." A woman who was in a relationship with Prince years ago told me that when he gave women baths he took total control. "He ran the bath, he put the bubbles in, he took your clothes off, he washed you, he washed your hair, it was a whole procedure and process. He put lotion on you after. He'd give you a robe. I don't know if it was worshipful or if it was sweet and sensitive. #Quote by Toure
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#32. You don't have to be young. You don't have to be thin. You don't have to be "hot" in a way that some dumbfuckedly narrow mindset has construed that word. You don't have to have taut flesh or a tight ass or an eternally upright set of tits. You have to find a way to inhabit your body while enacting your deepest desires. You have to be brave enough to build the intimacy you deserve. You have to take off all of your clothes and say, "I'm right here." There are so many tiny revolutions in a life, a million ways we have to circle around ourselves to grow and change and be okay. And perhaps the body is our final frontier. It's the one place we can't leave. We're there till it goes. Most women and some men spend their lives trying to alter it, hide it, prettify it, make it what it isn't, or conceal it for what it is. But what if we didn't do that? That's the question you need to answer, #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Nick Bunick
#33. And when you provide love and compassion to your brothers and sisters, you yourself, are manifesting God. When you come to understand that our bodies are nurtured by food and rest, but our spirits and souls are nurtured by experiencing love and compassion, then you come to understand and know God. #Quote by Nick Bunick
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by William Paul Young
#34. He doesn't stop a lot of things that cause him pain. Your world is severely broken. You demanded your independence, and now you are angry with the one who loved you enough to give it to you. Nothing is as it should be, as Papa desires it to be, and as it will be one day. Right now your world is lost in darkness and chaos, and horrible things happen to those that he is especially fond of… Papa has never needed evil to accomplish his good purposes. It is you humans who have embraced evil and Papa has responded with goodness. What happened to Missy was the work of evil and no one in your world is immune from it."
~Sophia #Quote by William Paul Young
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Wayne Dyer
#35. Once you put your attention, your thoughts, your energy, your consciousness on a new intention, that's what you begin manifesting into your life. The word "intention," I believe, is really important, because it doesn't leave any room for doubt or maneuvering: "I intend to create this in my life out of the circumstances that I'm now experiencing." #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Nicolas Winding Refn
#36. In a way, art is a great way to release your love, fantasy, and desires. It's like a fetish. It's a comfortable way of excising a lot of your conscience. #Quote by Nicolas Winding Refn
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by S. Jae-Jones
#37. Trapped and tormented by your own wishes. I knew intimately how that felt; I was often strangled by the tyranny of my desires. #Quote by S. Jae-Jones
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Steven Redhead
#38. Start living by taking back the control of your life now! Create a life more in tune with your true desires. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Joy Page
#39. To manifest your hearts desires you must be what your heart desires. #Quote by Joy Page
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Rajneesh
#40. If you have desires, try to look - are those desires the cause of your misery? Nobody wants misery, but nobody is willing to drop the desires - and they are together, they cannot be separated. This is one of the greatest insights that has come from all the enlightened people in the world - that desire is the root of all misery, and desirelessness is the cause of all that is beautiful and blissful. #Quote by Rajneesh
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Richard Baxter
#41. O that Christians would learn to live with one eye on Christ crucified and the other on his coming in glory! If everlasting joys were more in your thoughts, spiritual joys would abound more in your hearts. No wonder you are comfortless when heaven is forgotten. When Christians let fall their heavenly expectations but heighten their earthly desires, they are preparing themselves for fear and trouble. Who has met with a distressed, complaining soul where either a low expectation of heavenly blessings, or too high a hope for joy on earth is not present? What keeps us under trouble is either we do not expect what God has promised, or we expect what he did not promise. #Quote by Richard Baxter
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
#42. Once you say 'I want to find Truth', all your life will be deeply affected by it. All your mental and physical habits, feelings and emotions, desires and fears, plans and decisions will undergo a most radical transformation. #Quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Gerard Depardieu
#43. At twenty you have many desires which hide the truth, but beyond forty there are only real and fragile truths - your abilities and your failings. #Quote by Gerard Depardieu
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Matthew Bellamy
#44. I want to reconcile the violence in your heart.
I want to recognize your beauty's not just a mask.
I want to exorcise the demons from your past.
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart. #Quote by Matthew Bellamy
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Francois Fenelon
#45. Commit yourself then to God! He will be your guide. He Himself will travel with you, as we are told He did with the Israelites, to bring them step by step across the desert to the promised land. Ah! what will be your blessedness, if you will but surrender yourself into the hands of God, permitting Him to do whatever He will, not according to your desires, but according to His own good pleasure? #Quote by Francois Fenelon
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Frederick Lenz
#46. If you are just spaced out and you have no purpose in life, you pick everything up. Everybody else's thoughts will come into your mind, everyone else's desires. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by Adrian Rogers
#47. You can live with victory over the desires of your flesh. Habits, attitudes, desires, worries, and dissipation must yield as you exercise authority over your mind, emotions, and will. #Quote by Adrian Rogers
Manifesting Your Desires quotes by William B. Irvine
#48. Suppose you woke up one morning to discover that you were the last person on earth. [...] In the situation described, you could satisfy many material desires that you can't satisfy in our actual world. You could have the car of your dreams. You could even have a showroom full of expensive cars. You could have the house of your dreams - or live in a palace. You could wear very expensive clothes. You could acquire not just a big diamond ring but the Hope Diamond itself. The interesting question is this: without people around, would you still want these things? #Quote by William B. Irvine

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