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Mangy Define quotes by Torii Hunter
#1. Christ always had a passion for whatever He was doing. That's how I try to define myself as an athlete. That's the example I try to follow. #Quote by Torii Hunter
Mangy Define quotes by Biz Stone
#2. I'm convinced that there's a new way to define capitalism, and that the definition should include three ingredients - that we love our work, that we are building a traditionally successful business, and that we are having some positive impact in the world, whether it's local or global. #Quote by Biz Stone
Mangy Define quotes by Robert Breault
#3. How do you achieve success? Well, for one thing, you don't define it before you achieve it. #Quote by Robert Breault
Mangy Define quotes by Kathleen Y'Barbo
#4. She was truly beautiful, though that was not what drew him to want to know more about her. This woman of wealth and privilege had something else about her - and inner beauty - which he couldn't quite define. #Quote by Kathleen Y'Barbo
Mangy Define quotes by William Henry Bragg
#5. The chemist, whose science is immediately concerned with the combinations of atoms, has rarely found it necessary to discuss their shapes, and gives them no particular forms in his diagrams. That does not mean that the shapes are unimportant, but rather that the older methods could not define them. #Quote by William Henry Bragg
Mangy Define quotes by Debasish Mridha
#6. Not your appearance, but your humility and power of love define your beauty. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Mangy Define quotes by Brett McKay
#7. There are two ways to define manhood. One way is to say that manhood is the opposite of womanhood. The other way is is to say that manhood is the opposite of childhood. #Quote by Brett McKay
Mangy Define quotes by Thomas Szasz
#8. In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Mangy Define quotes by Percy Barnevik
#9. I would define globalization as the freedom for my group of companies to invest where it wants when it wants, to produce what it wants, to buy and sell where it wants, and support the fewest restrictions possible coming from labour laws and social conventions. #Quote by Percy Barnevik
Mangy Define quotes by John Graves
#10. If a man couldn't escape what he came from, we would most of us still be peasants in Old World hovels. But, if, having escaped or not, he wants in some way to know himself, define himself, and tries to do it without taking into account the thing he came from, he is writing without any ink in his pen. The provincial who cultivates only his roots is in peril, potato-like, of becoming more root than plant. The man who cuts his roots away and denies that they were ever connected with him withers into half a man. #Quote by John Graves
Mangy Define quotes by Flavil R. Yeakley Jr.
#11. One of the characteristics of sects is that they judge all other believers to be lost. What they claim, in effect is, "Unless you agree with me on all issues that I define as essential, you cannot be saved. #Quote by Flavil R. Yeakley Jr.
Mangy Define quotes by Jim Walden
#12. I can't define it, I can't tell someone who isn't a cougar what it's like. There's something that happens at Washington State; you quietly and subtly become infected...Washington State is a passion. Being a cougar is a passion #Quote by Jim Walden
Mangy Define quotes by Richard Louv
#13. Rather than accepting the drifting separation of the generations, we might begin to define a more complex and interesting set of life stages and parenting passages, each emphasizing the connections to the generations ahead and behind. As I grow older, for example, I might first see my role as a parent in need of older, mentoring parents, and then become a mentoring parent myself. When I become a grandparent, I might expect to seek out older mentoring grandparents, and then later become a mentoring grandparent. #Quote by Richard Louv
Mangy Define quotes by Melissa Jagears
#14. You shouldn't let the voices of your past or present define who you are. Let God do that. #Quote by Melissa Jagears
Mangy Define quotes by M.J. Rose
#15. I think the most important thing we as writers can do is figure out how we define what success will mean to us and focus on that. #Quote by M.J. Rose
Mangy Define quotes by Rene Guenon
#16. As to the esoteric character of early Christianity, of which later Christianity was only an exteriorization (i.e., no longer having anything initiatic about it); we have no doubt about that, all the more since the Islamic tradition asserts it explicitly, claiming that Christianity, in its origins, was tariqa [way] and not sharia [law]; and the absence of sharia is in fact evident from the moment that, later, it had to supply it through and adaption of Roman law (whence "canon law" was derived), therefore with the contribution of something that was completely unrelated to Christianity (and it is necessary to note in this regard that the word in Arabic qanun is still used today, in contrast to sharia, to define every law that is not integrated in the tradition).

To Evola - 18 April 1949
Cairo, Egypt #Quote by Rene Guenon
Mangy Define quotes by Kristen Bell
#17. I think people who struggle to define themselves might never be satisfied because there is no definition. Living with responsibility is important, but I don't really think you have to grow up. #Quote by Kristen Bell
Mangy Define quotes by Wole Soyinka
#18. Well, the first thing is that truth and power for me form an antithesis, an antagonism, which will hardly ever be resolved. I can define in fact, can simplify the history of human society, the evolution of human society, as a contest between power and freedom. #Quote by Wole Soyinka
Mangy Define quotes by Alejandro Jodorowsky
#19. I realized once again that what I believed myself to be was an arbitrary deformation, a rational mask floating in the infinite unexplored internal shadows. Later, I understood that diseases do not actually sicken us; they sicken what we believe ourselves to be. Health is achieved by overcoming prohibitions, quitting paths that are not right for us, ceasing to pursue imposed ideals, and becoming ourselves: the impersonal consciousness that does not define itself. #Quote by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Mangy Define quotes by George Lakoff
#20. One of the things cognitive science teaches us is that when people define their very identity by a worldview, or a narrative, or a mode of thought, they are unlikely to change-for the simple reason that it is physically part of their brain, and so many other aspects of their brain structure would also have to change; that change is highly unlikely. #Quote by George Lakoff
Mangy Define quotes by Solange Knowles
#21. For me, I always have looked at 'indie' as a term of 'independence.' Never associated a sonic gesture with that in the same way that pop music has always meant 'popular' to me; you know, it didn't define a sound. #Quote by Solange Knowles
Mangy Define quotes by Josh Blatter
#22. Define the perimeter of your life. Set it beyond the realm of possibility. Then from there begin to paint in between the lines. Use many colors and get into every possible nook and cranny. Don't erase a single thing. #Quote by Josh Blatter
Mangy Define quotes by Charlene Li
#23. I see women going anywhere they want to. And I do mean want to. Because a lot of people measure success merely by position, title and salary. I think women feel comfortable enough in their own skin to put that secondary to what they want. They don't have to define success by the measure of society. #Quote by Charlene Li
Mangy Define quotes by John Welwood
#24. I would define love very simply: as a potent blend of openness and warmth, which allows us to make real contact, to take delight in and appreciate, and to be at one with
our selves, others, and life itself. Openness
the heart's pure, unconditional yes
is love's essence. And warmth is love's basic expression, arising as a natural extension of this yes
the desire to reach out and touch, connect with, and nourish what we love. #Quote by John Welwood
Mangy Define quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#25. Religions, to a large extent, became divisive rather than unifying forces. Instead of bringing about an ending of violence and hatred through a realization of the fundamental oneness of all life, they brought more violence and hatred, more divisions between people as well as between different religions and even within the same religion. They became ideologies; belief systems people could identify with and so use them to enhance their false sense of self. Through them they could make themselves "right" and others "wrong" and thus define their identity through their enemies, the "others", the "nonbelievers" or "wrong believers" who not infrequently they saw themselves justified in the killing. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Mangy Define quotes by Lisa Locke
#26. If we lack either self-awareness or confidence in who we are, we run the risk of allowing others to define who we are or who we should be. #Quote by Lisa Locke
Mangy Define quotes by Denis Waitley
#27. The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them. #Quote by Denis Waitley
Mangy Define quotes by Angelique Kidjo
#28. Don't let anyone define you from what you live through and everything that they think you stand for. Just be proud of who you are. #Quote by Angelique Kidjo
Mangy Define quotes by Jan Phillips
#29. To be an aritst is not to wait for others to define us, but to define ourselves, claim our lives ... #Quote by Jan Phillips
Mangy Define quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#30. It was almost Christmas, and a Santa Claus in a vacant lot was offering to appear in pictures for five dollars. The trim on his suit was mangy, as if it had been dug out of a dumpster, yet young mothers queued ten deep on the sidewalk, holding the hands of kids waiting to get in. #Quote by Garth Risk Hallberg
Mangy Define quotes by Anita Roddick
#31. There is no scientific answer for success. You can't define it. You've simply got to live it and do it. #Quote by Anita Roddick
Mangy Define quotes by Anonymous
#32. Socrates' dialectic was a Greek, rational version of the Indian brahmodya, the competition that attempted to formulate absolute truth but always ended in silence. For the Indian sages, the moment of insight came when they realized the inadequacy of their words, and thus intuited the ineffable. In that final moment of silence, they had sensed the brahman, even though they could not define it coherently. Socrates was also trying to elicit a moment of truth, when his interlocutors appreciated the creative profundity of human ignorance. #Quote by Anonymous
Mangy Define quotes by Lebo Grand
#33. Mystery is a very deep and elusive concept to define. I honestly cannot tell you what it is, but I can only provide you with tools to help point you in the direction of discovering it for yourself. What I know about mystery for sure is this: it is what's responsible for creating adventure, novelty, surprise, edge, risk, rewards, passion, desire, depth, joy, excitement, seduction, faith, trust, conviction, aliveness, sensuality. Without mystery, life will be utterly boring, dull and depressing. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Mangy Define quotes by Jennifer Weiner
#34. Instead of hoping that some day the boys' club will open its doors, we can form our own clubs, define 'worthy' our own way, and celebrate the books and voices that we decide deserve celebration. #Quote by Jennifer Weiner

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