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Malisis Door quotes by J.K. Rowling
#1. He had never told any of his children that before, and he saw the wonder in Albus's face when he said it. But now the doors were slamming all along the scarlet train, and the blurred outlines of parents were swarming forward for final kisses, last-minute reminders. Albus jumped into the carriage and Ginny closed the door behind him. Students were hanging from the windows nearest them. A great number of faces, both on the train and off, seemed to be turned toward Harry. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Malisis Door quotes by J.R. Ward
#2. Wrath shut the door. "Let's do it," he said to George. And the dog knew right where to go, leading him to the entrance - which Wrath opened with his mind. "Hi, honey, I'm home!" he hollered. "Did you bring flowers?" Lassiter shouted back. "Not for you." "Damn it. Well, I'm on deck tonight with Tohr, so can we get moving? There's a full list of appointments, but I want to get back for Hell's Kitchen." "Don't you DVR that shit?" Wrath groused as he and George went into the old dining room. "Yeah, but I have poor impulse control. It was on at nine, okay? And I hate waiting. I put George's fresh water down by your chair, b.t.dub." "At least you're a dog lover. That's the only thing that saves you." "Ha! I have wings and a halo, you cranky son of a bitch. I'm already perma-saved." "Just our luck. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Malisis Door quotes by John D. MacDonald
#3. I am not suited to the role of going around selling the life-can-be-beautiful idea. It can be, indeed. But you don't buy the concept from your friendly door-to-door lecture salesman. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Malisis Door quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#4. Five minutes.
Around seventy-two steps later... I was in front of Saylor's door.
It was just a door.
But beyond that door?
Was not just a girl. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Malisis Door quotes by Colleen Houck
#5. He shut the door softly behind him, and I threw a pillow at it just to prove a point. I stewed for an hour until I was finally able to drift off again, this time with a smile on my face as I imagined using the Scarf to dangle Ren in front of the kraken, but then in my dream I became the kraken and wrapped my tentacles around him, pulled him into my eternal purple embrace, and stole away with him to a murky cavern in the depths of the ocean.
Tigers Voyage (Book 3)
Pg. 404 #Quote by Colleen Houck
Malisis Door quotes by Joel Osteen
#6. Nothing in life has happened to you. It's happened for you. Every disappointment. Every wrong. Even every closed door has helped make you into who you are. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Malisis Door quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#7. I came out alone on my way to my tryst. But who is this that follows me in the silent dark?

I move aside to avoid his presence but I escape him not.

He makes the dust rise from the earth with his swagger; he adds his loud voice to every word that I utter.

He is my own little self, my lord, he knows no shame; but I am ashamed to come to thy door in his company. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Malisis Door quotes by Jennifer Lane
#8. Do I have to give you hair torture to get it out of you?"
What is that? From the light in her eyes and the jaunty uptick of her mouth, I had a sense it would be pleasurable. "Do what you must."
In a dash, she pinned my wrists above my head. Her head dipped and her thick hair engulfed me, sweeping across my face and filling my mouth. "Nooo!" I half-heartedly pressed against her hold.
"Give it up, Dane." I could hear the laughter in her voice.
"Never!" I thrashed my head from side to side, trying to breathe through the black curtain blinding and drowning me. "You're killing me!"
"Jeez, you take this even worse than Matty."
I groaned. "With a sister like you, I feel sorry for him."
There was a sharp rap on the door. "Are you okay in there?" China asked.
Lucia glanced at me, and we both cracked up. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Malisis Door quotes by Jodi Picoult
#9. And then he remembered that in the outside world, no one had to unlock a door before he entered #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Malisis Door quotes by Sophie Jordan
#10. The way I feel about you, Jacinda...I know you feel it, too."
He stares at me so starkly, so hungrily that I can only nod. Agree. Of course, I feel it. "I do," I admit.
But I don't understand him. Don't get why he should feel this way about me. Why should he want me so much? What do I offer him? Why did he save me that day in the mountains? And why does he pursue me now? When no girl spiked his interest before?
"Good," he says. "Then how about a date?"
"A date?" I repeat, like I've never heard the word.
"Yeah. A real date. Something official. You. Me. Tonight. We're long overdue." His smile deepens, revealing the deep grooves on the sides of his cheeks. "Dinner. Movie. Popcorn."
"Yes." The word slips past.
For a moment I forget. Forget that I'm not an ordinary girl. That he's not an ordinary boy.
For the first time, I understand Tamra. And the appeal of normal.
"Yes." It feels good to say it. To pretend. To drink in the sight of him and forget there's an ulterior reason I need to go out with him. A reason that's going to tear us apart forever.
Stupid. Did you think you might have a future with him? Mom's right. Time to grow up.
He smiles. Then he's gone. Out the door. For a second, I'm confused. Then he's at my door, opening it, helping me out.
Together we walk through the parking lot. Side by side. We move only a few feet before he slips his hand around mine. As we near the front of the building, I see several kids #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Malisis Door quotes by Tana French
#11. As I closed the door I caught a last glimpse of her through the round window, still sitting straight-backed and motionless with her hands folded in her lap: a queen in a fairy tale, left alone in her tower to mourn her lost, witch-stolen princess. #Quote by Tana French
Malisis Door quotes by Pete Magill
#12. Figs: Bananas and apples may win the popularity contest, but figs are like the quiet girl next door who turns out to be a salsa-dancing neurosurgeon. And dried figs are even more remarkable. Figs have a tremendous amount of fiber, a thousand times more calcium than other common fruits (by weight), 80 percent more potassium than bananas, more iron than most other fruits, and a potent blast of magnesium - all for around 30 calories a fig. #Quote by Pete Magill
Malisis Door quotes by Rowan Speedwell
#13. You love my art?"
Adam laughed. "Jesus, I tell you I love you and you're more interested with the fact that I love your fucking art? Yeah, Miles, I love your art. I love your smelly paints and weird concoctions and the way you run your hands throught your hair so it stands on end. I love your crazy-ass bird. I love the way you completely lose yourself so deeply in what you're doing that an atom bomb could go off next door and you wouldn't even notice. I love how you look when we've just made love, and I love when you're all pissy and cranky and yelling. I love this cottage and this resort and I love this room and I love your room. I love you." He took a deep breath and forced himself to meet Mile's eyes. "I love you. Do you ... can you ... "
"Moron," Miles said with a grin. He took Adam's hand and dragged him to Miles' own room.
There had to be six-no-eight-no, eleven portraits of Adam hanging on the walls of Miles' bedroom. #Quote by Rowan Speedwell
Malisis Door quotes by Laura Kaye
#14. He crowded right up into her space, pressed his body against hers - trapping her against the glass of the door behind her, plunged his hands into her hair until he was cupping the nape of her neck, and devoured her lips with his. #Quote by Laura Kaye
Malisis Door quotes by Jordan Castillo Price
#15. I put them near the cellar door in case you want to store them down there."
"Yeah. I, uh ... I'm not big on going down into this basement."
"But you said this place only had one ghost in it, and she left."
I had. But I never claimed that ,y loathing of basements was entirely rational. "I had a bizarre fabric softener incident once," I told her. "It scarred me for life. #Quote by Jordan Castillo Price
Malisis Door quotes by Rod Serling
#16. You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into ... the Twilight Zone. #Quote by Rod Serling
Malisis Door quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#18. She's Awakening,' Aiden said, voice tight.
'But the blood ... ' I heard Marcus move closer. 'Why is she bleeding?'
I eased onto my side. 'I'm being tattooed by a giant, mother fu-' Another strangled scream cut of my words as a different type of pain settled in, moving under my skin. It was like lighting racing through my veins, frying every nerve ending.
'This is ... wow,' Deacon said, and I pried my eyes open. There was a whole audience by the door.
'Get them out of here!' I screamed, jackknifing on the floor. 'Gods, this sucks!'
'Whoa,' I heard Deacon murmur. 'This is like watching a chick give birth or something.'
'Oh my gods, I'm going to kill him.' I could feel the beads of blood breaking out under my jeans. 'I'm going to punch him-'
'Everyone leave,' Aiden ground out. 'This isn't a godsdamn show.'
'And I think he's like the father,' Luke said.
Aiden rose to his feet. 'Get. Out. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Malisis Door quotes by Oscar Wilde
#19. Poor? What does that matter? When poverty creeps in at the door, love flies in through the window. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Malisis Door quotes by Douglas Coupland
#20. After my brush with the suicidal impulse, I listen with new ears to others when they
speak on the subject. I think there are people who were born with that little door open, and they
have to go through life knowing that they might jump through it at any moment. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Malisis Door quotes by Jamie McGuire
#21. Hello?" he said, waiting out the shrill stream on the other end of the line. He smiled, "Because I'm her husband. I can answer her phone, now." He glanced at me, and then shoved open the cab door, offering his hand. "We're at the airport, America. Why don't you and Shep pick us up and you can yell at us both on the way home? Yes, the whole way home. We should arrive around three. All right, Mare. See you then." He winced with her sharp words and then handed me the phone. "You weren't kidding. She's pissed. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Malisis Door quotes by Nicolas Cage
#22. Shock is still fun. I won't ever shut the door on it. #Quote by Nicolas Cage
Malisis Door quotes by Luanne Rice
#23. You fall in love with the girl next door
but married her sister. #Quote by Luanne Rice
Malisis Door quotes by Veronica Roth
#24. THE SERUM WEARS off five hours later, when the sun is just beginning to set. Tobias shut me in my room for the rest of the day, checking on me every hour. This time when he comes in, I am sitting on the bed, glaring at the wall. "Thank God," he says, pressing his forehead to the door. "I was beginning to think it would never wear off and I would have to leave you here to ... smell flowers, or whatever you wanted to do while you were on that stuff. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Malisis Door quotes by Bill Murray
#25. People think because they employed you they're allowed to treat you like a dictator, or whatever the worse word for dictator is. And that's always been a problem for me. Opening the door for someone behind you is as important as designing a building. #Quote by Bill Murray
Malisis Door quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#26. I think that the process of giving your true love to someone, mainly surrounds the act of opening a door inside that's all locked up. Behind that door lives the small child that is the real you. The small child who hurts too much and feels too much and laughs too loud and always believes... true love involves unlocking the many padlocks on that door, taking her by the hand, and guiding her to the arms of the one you've chosen to love. And I think this is why some people change forever... because they loved someone in this way, but it only hurt too much. The little one was wounded. So this is why you take her back and tell her she's better off staying inside. It is a poetic, lyrical tragedy. Some people die this way, before they ever are dead. Or maybe we don't die; maybe we live on, behind that door. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Malisis Door quotes by Khalia Hades
#27. How charming. The king and his little princess knocking on my covens door." Ursula sighed dramatically. "What do you insolent merfolks want with me now? I swear I haven't eaten any of your children."
-Ursula #Quote by Khalia Hades
Malisis Door quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#28. Miss Edith Clay brightened the room with her presence. Just from walking through the door, she'd made the room a happier place. This was true despite his having spent the last several months assuring himself his recollection of her had to be incorrect. His recollection was not incorrect. It was appallingly accurate. #Quote by Carolyn Jewel
Malisis Door quotes by Rumi
#29. Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you ... This turning toward what you deeply love saves you. #Quote by Rumi
Malisis Door quotes by J.G. Ballard
#30. Trying to exhaust himself, Vaughan devised an endless almanac of terrifying wounds and insane collisions: The lungs of elderly men punctured by door-handles; the chests of young women impaled on steering-columns; the cheek of handsome youths torn on the chromium latches of quarter-lights. To Vaughan, these wounds formed the key to a new sexuality, born from a perverse technology. The images of these wounds hung in the gallery of his mind, like exhibits in the museum of a slaughterhouse. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Malisis Door quotes by Kelly Creagh
#31. Demons ... they don't just waltz into your life and take over for no reason," she said, her voice going soft again. "They might knock on the door, but ultimately, you have to be the one to invite them in. #Quote by Kelly Creagh
Malisis Door quotes by Giselle Ellis
#32. Aaron's mouth dropped open when he entered the "room;" it was more like a huge open loft … no walls, huge floor to ceiling windows, shiny hardwood floors … perfect for a studio. He had no idea how Jake had acquired such a huge space in Manhattan.
As if reading his mind, Alyson leaned over and whispered, "He bought the place next door and tore down the walls."
"Perfect," replied Aaron, "and did he happen to find a treasure chest hidden in one of the walls as well?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, how the holy hell does he afford this place? He looks like he's twelve."
"He's twenty-​two, and he happens to be quite successful."
"At twenty-​fucking-​two?"
"He was born with talent?" Alyson said questioningly.
"He's a lucky wanker who blew the right people?" suggested Aaron.
Alyson tried to scowl but grinned instead, "A child prodigy?"
"A deal with the devil?"
"Naturally gifted?"
"An indulgent sugar daddy?"
"How about 'c) All of the above'?" asked a third voice from behind the partition at the far corner of the studio. #Quote by Giselle Ellis
Malisis Door quotes by Richelle Mead
#33. He burst in the door like he'd expected to find us, and in that horrible moment, with him raging like a storm, I knew why Mason had called him a god.

In the blink of an eye, he crossed the room and jerked Jesse up by his shirt, nearly holding the Moroi off the ground.

"What's your name?" barked Dimitri.

"J-Jesse, sir. Jesse Zeklos, sir."

"Mr. Zeklos, do you have permission to be in this part of the dorm?"

"No, sir."

"Do you know the rules about male and female interactions around here?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then I suggest you get out of here as fast as you can before I turn you over to someone who will punish you accordingly. If I ever see you like this again -" Dimitri pointed to where I cowered, half dressed, on the couch. - "I will be the one to punish you. And it will hurt. A lot. Do you understand me?"

Jesse swallowed, eyes wide. None of the bravado he usually showed was there. I guess there was 'usually' and then there was being held in the grip of a really ripped, really tall, and really pissed-off Russian guy. "Yes, sir."

"Then go." Dimitri released him, and, if possible, Jesse got out of there faster than Dimitri had burst in. My mentor then turned to me, a dangerous glint in his eyes. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Malisis Door quotes by Christoph Spielberg
#34. have to wait for hours in the admitting room when you come in at night. They've learned that problem cases will be seen by five different specialists, that they'll get a real ECG and a pile of lab results, and even get X-rayed as a bonus - all within an hour or two of walking in the door. In private practice, such a rigorous battery of tests would take several stressful weeks, dozens of annoying phone calls, and countless hours reading dull magazines #Quote by Christoph Spielberg
Malisis Door quotes by Robert Bly
#35. AGAPE Today no one has come to inquire, nor have they wanted anything from me this afternoon. I have not seen a single cemetery flower in so happy a procession of lights. Forgive me, Lord! I have died so little! This afternoon everyone, everyone goes by without asking or begging me anything. And I do not know what it is they forget, and it is heavy in my hands like something stolen. I have come to the door, and I want to shout at everyone: - If you miss something, here it is! Because in all the afternoons of this life, I do not know how many doors are slammed on a face, and my soul takes something that belongs to another. Today nobody has come ; and today I have died so little in the afternoon! Translated by John Knoepfle #Quote by Robert Bly
Malisis Door quotes by Gerald Kersh
#36. He opened the door and led me through a corridor into a dark green lounge curiously paneled with pale green glass behind which, at cunningly measured distances, lay exquisitely painted panoramas of strange seas and beautiful landfalls. Standing in the center of the room, and slowly turning, a man might imagine that Satan had taken him to the top of a high mountain, and was showing him all the kingdoms of the earth... until he put out his hand to touch the middle distance, and felt a window, and saw through it to the heart of the illusion. #Quote by Gerald Kersh
Malisis Door quotes by Sara Humphreys
#37. What's up?" Doug asked with a loud whisper as he swung the door open. His short blond hair was in a state of disarray and the pajama pants he wore were horribly wrinkled. The poor guy looked like a disheveled mess. Pressing his finger to his lips, he stepped back and gestured for Sadie to come in. "Emily is finally asleep, and if she wakes up, I might actually cry. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Malisis Door quotes by George Washington Sears
#38. When the mountain streams are frozen and the Nor'land winds are out; when the winter winds are drifting the bitter sleet and snow; when winter rains are making out-of-door life unendurable; when season, weather and law combine to make it "close time" for beast, bird and man, it is well that a few congenial spirits should, at some favorite trysting place, gather around the glowing stove and exchange yarns, opinions and experiences. #Quote by George Washington Sears
Malisis Door quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#39. And then just as suddenly, I felt absolutely nothing. It was like a door quickly opened, showing me what horrible feelings I had inside, and then slammed shut again so I wouldn't have to actually face them. In many ways I felt I was living the life of a doctor in the ER. I was learning to block out all emotions in order to deal with the situation. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Malisis Door quotes by Sarah Young
#40. Living with ADHD is like being locked in a room with 100 Televisions and 100 Radios all playing. None of them have power buttons so you can turn them off and the door is locked from the outside. #Quote by Sarah Young
Malisis Door quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#41. Xander saw him to the door. It wasn't awkward per se, but it was a…charged goodbye. They were both aware everything had changed. That they'd cracked into something good, but scary. Fragile. Something to be treated with care.
He vowed to not mess this friendship up, to not muddy it or screw with it in any way. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Malisis Door quotes by Patricia Leever
#42. After finishing my breakfast, I puttered around for the next hour and tried not to think about Daniel. I glared at the chair in the middle of the back room as if he were still perched in it, shirtless with that shit-eating grin plastered across his goddamned face. Once, I almost sat in the chair - after carefully locking the door, of course, so no one would accidentally wander in and find me with my nose pressed to the leather, trying to see if it still smelled like him. And then came the self-inflicted chiding and browbeating for even thinking about doing something as ridiculous and lame and downright girlie." ~Evelyn #Quote by Patricia Leever
Malisis Door quotes by Amber Smith
#43. Pulling me in and closing the door behind us. I barely have time to look around before she's kissing me, her hands finding my waist. I kiss her back, running my fingers through her hair, my favorite part the soft downy fuzz that's growing in from when she shaved it before school started. #Quote by Amber Smith
Malisis Door quotes by Lady Gaga
#44. I work very hard, but when God opens that door for you - when life opens that door for you, I should say - I think it's important to be giving, to return the love back. #Quote by Lady Gaga
Malisis Door quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#45. Whilst ladies persist in maintaining the strictly defensive condition, men must naturally, as it were, take the oppposite line, that of attack; otherwise, if both parties held aloof, there would be no more marriages; and the two hosts would die in their respective inaction, without ever coming to a battle. Thus it is evident that as the ladies will not, the men must take the offensive ... Is it not time that the ladies should take an innings? Let us widowers and bachelors form an association to declare that for the next hundred years we will make love no longer. Let the young women come and make love to us; let them write us verses; let them ask us to dance, get us ices and cups of tea, and help us on with our cloaks at the hall-door; and if they are eligible, we may perhaps be induced to yield and say, 'La, Miss Hopkins - I really never - I am so agitated - Ask papa! #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Malisis Door quotes by Mandy Hale
#46. Realize that if a door closed, it's because what was behind it wasn't meant for you. #Quote by Mandy Hale
Malisis Door quotes by Carolyn  Parkhurst
#47. We never know, do we, what our neighbors might be doing behind their fences, what love affairs and bloody rituals might be taking place right next door? The world is a more interesting place that we ever think. #Quote by Carolyn Parkhurst
Malisis Door quotes by Rachel Caine
#48. It's a sad day when Myrnin is the safe choice, she thought. Apparently, he thought so, too, because he gave her a long, troubled look before pressing his thumb to a glass plate inside the room and opening the door. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Malisis Door quotes by K.M. Shea
#49. Keep that hairy mutt outside the great hall," Merlin ordered as they made their way to the treasury door. "No." "You are acting like a child." "I am a woman masquerading as a 15 year old boy king who makes no decisions about his own kingdom. The least you will allow me to do is to make decisions regarding my pets." "Fine. #Quote by K.M. Shea

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