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Makeup quotes by Norah Jones
#1. During my first photo shoot, I was unhappy because they put so much makeup on me and straightened my hair. I've been stubborn ever since. #Quote by Norah Jones
Makeup quotes by Nicola Roberts
#2. My top tip is to go for makeup that suits you, not what you want to look like. #Quote by Nicola Roberts
Makeup quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#3. Makeup supposed to look like no makeup or whatever, #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Makeup quotes by Sarah Shahi
#4. I'm a girl in boy's clothing. I like to get a little rough. I prefer mud to makeup. That's me in a nutshell. #Quote by Sarah Shahi
Makeup quotes by Michael Malone
#5. As Gloria Steinem said about Ginger Rogers: She was doing everything Fred Astaire was doing, just doing it backwards in high heels. Well, Southern women are doing and enduring what other women have to do and endure, but (at least until recently) they had to do it in heels and hats and white gloves and makeup and a sweet smile, with maybe a glass of bourbon and a cigarette to get them through the magnolia part of being a steel magnolia. #Quote by Michael Malone
Makeup quotes by Carine Roitfeld
#6. The hair and makeup is very important in a fashion picture. When I create a look for a girl, it starts with the makeup. Sometimes it takes an entire day to find the look. #Quote by Carine Roitfeld
Makeup quotes by Simone Elkeles
#7. Marry me, Kiara," he blurts out in front of everyone.
"Why?" she asks, challenging him.
"Because I love you," he says, walking up to her and bending down on one knee while he takes her hand in his, "and I want to go to sleep with you every night and wake up seein' your face every mornin', I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to fix cars with you and eat your crappy tofu tacos that you think are Mexican. I want to climb mountains with you and be challenged by you, I want to argue with you just so we can have crazy hot makeup sex. Marry me, because without you I'd be six feet under ... and because I love your family like they're my own ... and because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you." He starts tearing up, and it's shocking because I've never seen him cry. "Marry me, Kiara Westford, because when I got shot the only thing I was thinkin' about was comin' back here and makin' you my wife. Say yes, chica. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Makeup quotes by Camilla Gibb
#8. She kisses the children goodnight, leaving lipstick on their foreheads and a trail of Chanel No.5. #Quote by Camilla Gibb
Makeup quotes by Pope Francis
#9. Europe has discarded its children. A bit triumphantly. I remember that when I was studying in one country the clinics that did abortions then prepared everything to send it to cosmetic factories. Makeup made with the blood of innocents. And this was something to brag about, because it was progressive. #Quote by Pope Francis
Makeup quotes by Iris Apfel
#10. Aging gracefully is about no heavy makeup, and not too much powder because it gets into the wrinkles, and, you know, to not get turtle eyelids and to not try to look young. #Quote by Iris Apfel
Makeup quotes by Selenis Leyva
#11. I couldn't even imagine not being able to take long, hot showers or wear makeup whenever I wanted or shave my underarms. There are certain things people take for granted. #Quote by Selenis Leyva
Makeup quotes by Rachel Platten
#12. I refuse to dress 'hot' for Halloween, 'cause I always have to have makeup and hair and look cute for my job. So on Halloween, I either go gory or weird or funny. #Quote by Rachel Platten
Makeup quotes by J.M. Darhower
#13. But sometimes nightmares are simply fueled by fear ... fear of something we don't understand. A clown isn't scary when it takes off its makeup. A monster isn't so terrifying when you turn on the light. My enemy was my enemy until I looked inside of her and realized we weren't so different, after all. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Makeup quotes by Andy Biersack
#14. Three things it would be extremely difficult to play a show without: makeup, my vocal cords and pants. #Quote by Andy Biersack
Makeup quotes by Layne Staley
#15. I was in a band when I was 15. We were a glam band. Then I couldn't afford to buy makeup. At the time that was the thing. #Quote by Layne Staley
Makeup quotes by Diana Ross
#16. I don't like to have too many makeup artists around, so I always like to do my own. #Quote by Diana Ross
Makeup quotes by Ari Emanuel
#17. We define content very broadly. Representing chefs, designers, makeup artists - it's all important. #Quote by Ari Emanuel
Makeup quotes by Allie Larkin
#18. We checked ourselves in the mirror before we left. We were flushed and a little rumpled, but in a good way. We looked vibrant, wild, happy. The hair and the clothes and the makeup made me feel like someone new, but the happy is what made me unrecognizable. #Quote by Allie Larkin
Makeup quotes by Grace Gealey
#19. I find that when I put too much makeup on, or I use a certain brand, my skin will break out. I tend to gravitate towards water-based foundations because my skin absorbs them a little better and it doesn't break out as much. I use Hourglass Mineral Veil. It's so amazing. #Quote by Grace Gealey
Makeup quotes by Tamara Hoffa
#20. Meg was all natural. She didn't wear a lot of makeup, but her skin was so smooth, dotted with angel kisses, as his mother called freckles. He wanted to trace those freckles with his tongue, kiss each one and see if they covered her whole body or only parts kissed by the sun. #Quote by Tamara Hoffa
Makeup quotes by Jessica Alba
#21. For me, makeup is about being your best self. If I wake up in a foul mood and have to deal with temper tantrums and an exploding diaper
I know taking 10 minutes to get my game face on will reset my stress levels. It's a chance to check in and remind myself
you got this. #Quote by Jessica Alba
Makeup quotes by Jason Bateman
#22. Starting at age 10, my personality and my identity all stemmed from employment. I had a set to be at. I was a certain way with the cameraman, a certain way with the makeup lady - a normal, routine environment. #Quote by Jason Bateman
Makeup quotes by Elizabeth A. Matt
#23. Every girl has a reason for putting on makeup.
Don't let a guy be that reason. #Quote by Elizabeth A. Matt
Makeup quotes by Loretta Young
#24. Just because you want to be glamorous, don't be a sheep about your eye makeup. #Quote by Loretta Young
Makeup quotes by Mariana Zapata
#25. I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel as I looked around the empty lot. I wavered on getting out when a giant lightning bolt painted a jagged streak across the rainy lavender-gray sky. Minutes passed and still he didn't come out of the Three Hundreds' building.

Damn it. Before I could talk myself out of it, I jumped out of the car, cursing at myself for not carrying an umbrella for about the billionth time and for not having waterproof shoes, and ran through the parking lot, straight through the double doors. As I stomped my feet on the mat, I looked around the lobby for the big guy. A woman behind the front desk raised her eyebrows at me curiously. "Can I help you with something?" she asked.

"Have you seen Aiden?"


Were there really that many Aidens? "Graves."

"Can I ask what you need him for?"

I bit the inside of my cheek and smiled at the woman who didn't know me and, therefore, didn't have an idea that I knew Aiden. "I'm here to pick him up."

It was obvious she didn't know what to make of me. I didn't exactly look like pro-football player girlfriend material in that moment, much less anything else. I'd opted not to put on any makeup since I hadn't planned on leaving the house. Or real pants. Or even a shirt with the sleeves intact. I had cut-off shorts and a baggy T-shirt with sleeves that I'd taken scissors to. Plus the rain outside hadn't done my hair any justice. It looked like a #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Makeup quotes by Nick Hornby
#26. After Sophie had scraped the last of the makeup off her face, she was aware of the first sharp pangs of something that felt like homesickness. They'd already been told that the BBC wanted another series, but that was months away; and anyway, the last episode of the first series made her realize that one day there would be a last episode, and she didn't know whether she'd be able to bear it. And it didn't help, telling herself that when it was time for the last episode, she'd have had enough, because she couldn't bear that either. She wanted to stay like this forever. She changed her wish quickly: not like this, not exactly ... She wanted it to be the Monday just gone, with a whole week of rehearsals to look forward to, and then a recording. That's where she would like to stop. She was already afraid that she'd never be happier than now-then-and it was already over. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Makeup quotes by Tippi Hedren
#27. I was at the end of the studio system so when I walked into movies, I had a magnificent suite in which I had a living room and a kitchen and a complete makeup room. I had everything just for me. With the independents, you're kind of roughing it, literally. #Quote by Tippi Hedren
Makeup quotes by Mindy Kaling
#28. I worship makeup. The basics are always: Stila shadows, LeClerc powder for my crazy shiny skin, Bobbie brown liner pot, Chanel mascara, and Koh Gen Do for foundation, Nars for colors and sparkles. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Makeup quotes by David Brooks
#29. Many of these policies were proposed by wonks who are comfortable only with traits and correlations that can be measured and quantified. They were passed through legislative committees that are as capable of speaking about the deep wellsprings of human action as they are of speaking in ancient Aramaic. They were executed by officials that have only the most superficial grasp of what is immovable and bent about human beings. So of course they failed. And they will continue to fail unless the new knowledge about our true makeup is integrated more fully into the world of public policy, unless the enchanted story is told along with the prosaic one. #Quote by David Brooks
Makeup quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#30. Under her thick pancake makeup, her skin had been pockmarked, but he would stare at her adoringly from his cot at night and imagine her scars were constellations, a secret map to a far-off, happy place. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Makeup quotes by Sheila Jeffreys
#31. Both the veil and makeup are often seen as voluntary behaviours by women, taken up by choice and to express agency. But in both cases there is considerable evidence of the pressures arising from male dominance that cause the behaviours. For instance, the historian of commerce Kathy Peiss suggests that the beauty products industry took off in the USA in the 1920s/1930s because this was a time when women were entering the public world of offices and other workplaces (Peiss, 1998). She sees women as having made themselves up as a sign of their new freedom. But there is another explanation. Feminist commentators on the readoption of the veil by women in Muslim countries in the late twentieth century have suggested that women feel safer and freer to engage in occupations and movement in the public world through covering up (Abu-Odeh, 1995). It could be that the wearing of makeup signifies that women have no automatic right to venture out in public in the west on equal grounds with men. Makeup, like the veil, ensures that they are masked and not having the effrontery to show themselves as the real and equal citizens that they should be in theory. Makeup and the veil may both reveal women's lack of entitlement. #Quote by Sheila Jeffreys
Makeup quotes by Ree Drummond
#32. I headed to the church at five-thirty, wearing jeans, flip-flops, and brick red lipstick. My mom, calm and cool as a mountain lake, carried my white dress--plain and romantic, with a bodice that laced up corset-style in the back and delicate sheer sleeves. I carted in my shoes…my earrings…my makeup…and my exfoliating scrub, in case my face decided to pull a last-minute sloughing. I wasn't about to roll over and take a last-minute sloughing without a fight. Not on my wedding day. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Makeup quotes by Wendy Higgins
#33. I had let her dab a little makeup on my face, but she'd freaked out when I asked her to cover up the pesky freckle at the end of my upper lip. Are you crazy? Don't ever cover your beauty mark! Why did people call it that? A freckle was not beautiful. It was a small, dark attention grabber. I hated the way everyone's eyes went to it when they talked to me. #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Makeup quotes by Cameron Russell
#34. When you're looking through a magazine, you'd think every single person's a different person, but every third girl is actually the same girl in a different outfit and makeup. #Quote by Cameron Russell
Makeup quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#35. Makeup is usually used to fake good or better skin. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Makeup quotes by Steven Rodney McQueen
#36. I'm the kind of person who likes to create the environment and mindset - not because I do it deliberately, but because that's how I like to live - where, from catering to makeup to hair to wardrobe, electricians, camera department lighting, sound, you know, it's our movie; we're together, and we have that camaraderie and that closeness. #Quote by Steven Rodney McQueen
Makeup quotes by Jennette McCurdy
#37. Oh yeah, I'm definitely a tomboy! I love sports, hate dresses, don't own a single pair of high-heels, am not a fan of makeup, and I'm not afraid to get messy! #Quote by Jennette McCurdy
Makeup quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#38. Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty #Quote by Karl Lagerfeld
Makeup quotes by Cecil Castellucci
#39. Weekday morning routine:
Take shower.
Assemble perfect outfit.
Apply makeup.
Pull hair into bun. Secure with glitter pencils.
Accept twenty-dollar bill from Dad.
Pick up latte and creamy chocolate brioche from cafe.
Drive to school the long way.
Listen to sad music way too loud.
Nab choice parking spot under tree. #Quote by Cecil Castellucci
Makeup quotes by Robert Greene
#40. Some 2,600 years ago the ancient Greek poet Pindar wrote, "Become who you are by learning who you are." What he meant is the following: You are born with a particular makeup and tendencies that mark you as a piece of fate. It is who you are to the core. Some people never become who they are; they stop trusting in themselves; they conform to the tastes of others, and they end up wearing a mask that hides their true nature. If you allow yourself to learn who you really are by paying attention to that voice and force within you, then you can become what you were fated to become - an individual, a Master. #Quote by Robert Greene
Makeup quotes by Nancy Yuktonis Solak
#41. Totally contrary to my genetic makeup, contrary to my usual behavior and preferences, contrary to all logic, I fell madly in love with Italy, its people and its chaos. #Quote by Nancy Yuktonis Solak
Makeup quotes by Gabby Douglas
#42. I wear makeup pretty much every day. For training, I usually do a lighter base, a lighter blush and I used the mascara and a little bit of the lip gloss. #Quote by Gabby Douglas
Makeup quotes by Melissa Jensen
#43. The floor was full of crepe streamer seaweed and decomposing pirates. Or at least so it seemed. Half of the male population of Willing was out srutting its stuff in frilly shirts, head scarves, and gruesome makeup. Although, to be fair, some of the contorted faces had more to do with exertion than costume-store goop. Some boys need to concentrate really hard if they want to get their limbs to work with the music. It looked like "Thriller" meets Titanic.
Of course,the other half was blinding. As predicted, sequins reigned. Also as predicted, the costume of choice was some sort of skirt(the smaller the better) paired with a bikini top (ditto). As I watched from my seat at the edge of the gym,a mousy physics teacher dressed in a rotuned foam sea-horse suit had a brief, finger-waggling argument with a mermaid over the size ofher shells. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but the hand gestures said plenty. The teacher won; Shell Girl stalked off in a huff. She stopped halfway off the floor to do an angry, hokey-pokey leg shake to disentangle a length of paper seaweed from around her ankle. A group of mathletes watched her curiously. One,wearing what looked like a real antique diving suit, even tried an experimental shake of his own leg before another elbowed him into stillness. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Makeup quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
#44. I strangely feel better before I go through hair and makeup. Maybe that's just because I feel like me. #Quote by Sarah Jessica Parker
Makeup quotes by Betty Ford
#45. My makeup wasn't smeared, I wasn't disheveled, I behaved politely, and I never finished off a bottle, so how could I be alcoholic? #Quote by Betty Ford
Makeup quotes by Caroline Kaufman
#46. I am done being delicate.
As a girl, I was taught to be sweet,
to be dainty,
to fold into myself until I was nothing more than crumpled paper.
This is my unfolding.
I will use gunpowder to set my makeup and gasoline as my perfume.
Next time you try to burn me at the stake, I will burn back.
I will start a fire you cannot control. #Quote by Caroline Kaufman
Makeup quotes by John Shelby Spong
#47. When we unravel the theological tomes of the ages, the makeup of God becomes quite clear. God is a human being without human limitations who is read into the heavens. We disguised this process by suggesting that the reason God was so much like a human being was that the human beings were in fact created in God's image. However, we now recognize that if was the other way around. The God of theism came into being as a human creation. As such, this God, too, was mortal and is now dying. #Quote by John Shelby Spong
Makeup quotes by Neil Gaiman
#48. She haunted the makeup department until she was bored, then took a look around home furnishings. She wasn't ever going to get another dining room table, but really, there wasn't any harm in lookng ... #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Makeup quotes by Anthony Edwards
#49. Why is there such vanity about hair? I make a point to bathe. I worry about boogers in my nose, and I ask the makeup artist to cover up my pimples, but beyond that, I try not to be too vain. #Quote by Anthony Edwards
Makeup quotes by Bill Fagerbakke
#50. Your basic physical makeup does influence the parts you're offered. If you're big, they cast you either dumb or tough, although there are exceptions. Clint Eastwood and James Arness carved out niches for themselves in Westerns. I just hope I won't be faced with doing 'Li'l Abner' in dinner theater for the rest of my career. #Quote by Bill Fagerbakke
Makeup quotes by Stephen King
#51. She can't help it,' he said. 'She's got the soul of a poet and the emotional makeup of a junkyard dog. #Quote by Stephen King
Makeup quotes by Emma Chase
#52. On the third day after all hell broke loose, I come upstairs to the apartment, finished with my shift and so looking forward to a hot shower. Well, lukewarm - but I'll pretend it's hot.

But when I pass Ellie's room, I hear cursing - Linda Blair-Exorcist-head-spinning-around kind of cursing. I push open her door and spot my sister at her little desk, yelling at her laptop.

Even Bosco barks from the bed.

"What's going on?" I ask. "I just came up but Marty's down there on his own - he won't last longer than ten minutes."

"I know, I know." She waves her hand. "I'm in a flame war with a toxic bitch on Twitter. Let me just huff and puff and burn her motherfucking house down…and then I'll go sell some coffee."

"What happened?" I ask sarcastically. "Did she insult your makeup video?"

Ellie sighs, long and tortured. "That's Instagram, Liv - I seriously think you were born in the wrong century. And anyway, she didn't insult me - she insulted you."

Her words pour over me like the ice-bucket challenge.

"Me? I have like two followers on Twitter."

Ellie finishes typing. "Boo-ya. Take that, skank-a-licious!" Then she turns slowly my way. "You haven't been online lately, have you?"

This isn't going to end well, I know it. My stomach knows it too - it whines and grumbles.

"Ah, no?"

Ellie nods and stands, gesturing to her computer. "You might want to check it out. #Quote by Emma Chase
Makeup quotes by Lana Del Rey
#53. Off To The Races"

My old man is a bad man but
I can't deny the way he holds my hand
And he grabs me, he has me by my heart
He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past
He doesn't mind I have an LA crass way about me
He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart

Swimming pool glimmering darling
White bikini off with my red nail polish
Watch me in the swimming pool bright blue ripples you
Sitting sipping on your black Cristal
Oh yeah

Light of my life, fire of my loins
Be a good baby, do what I want
Light of my life, fire of my loins
Give me them gold coins, gimme them coins

And I'm off to the races, cases of Bacardi chasers
Chasing me all over town
Cause he knows I'm wasted, facing
Time again at Riker's Island and I won't get out
Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me
I'm your little scarlet, starlet singing in the garden
Kiss me on my open mouth
Ready for you

My old man is a tough man but
He's got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
And he shows me, he knows me
Every inch of my tar black soul
He doesn't mind I have a flat broke down life
In fact he says he thinks it's why he might like about me
Admires me, the way I roll like a Rolling Stone

Likes to watch me in the glass room bathroom, Chateau Marmont
Slippin' on my red dress, puttin' on my makeup
Glass film, per #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Makeup quotes by Tom Ford
#54. Fashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look - all those things go together to make a moment in time, and that's what excites me. #Quote by Tom Ford
Makeup quotes by Andrea Martin
#55. I think probably, the makeup artists don't really know how long it's going to take until they really work with your face and they kind of mold it and build it as they're going along. #Quote by Andrea Martin
Makeup quotes by Dita Von Teese
#56. I love glamour and artificial beauty. I love the idea of artifice and dressing up and makeup and hair. #Quote by Dita Von Teese
Makeup quotes by Kevyn Aucoin
#57. There are no rules when it comes to makeup! #Quote by Kevyn Aucoin
Makeup quotes by Isabella Rossellini
#58. If you look at most beauty advertisements, you would think that makeup is only for beautiful women in their early twenties. #Quote by Isabella Rossellini
Makeup quotes by Kristina Douglas.
#59. In truth I'd never been Outside Girl. My idea of roughing it was going without makeup. #Quote by Kristina Douglas.
Makeup quotes by Simon Baron-Cohen
#60. If we treat another person as essentially bad, we dehumanize him or her. If we take the view that every human being has some good in them, even if it is only 0.1 percent of their makeup, then by focusing on their good part, we humanize them. By acknowledging and attending to and rewarding their good part, we allow it to grow, like a small flower in a desert. #Quote by Simon Baron-Cohen
Makeup quotes by Jenny Han
#61. I try to do some eye makeup, but I end up washing everything off and starting over again. #Quote by Jenny Han
Makeup quotes by Ransom Riggs
#62. I was left with the choice of wearing the pants either around my ankles or hitched up to my bellybutton. I decided the latter was the lesser of evils, so I went downstairs to have what would likely be the strangest meal of my life while dressed like a clown without makeup. #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Makeup quotes by Garth Stein
#63. Growing old is a pathetic thing. It is full of limitations and reduction. It happens to us all, I know; but I think that it might not have to. I think it happens to those of us who request it. And in our current mind-set, our collective ennui, it is what we have chosen to do. But one day a mutant child will be born who refuses to age, who refuses to acknowledge the limitations of these bodies of ours, who lives in health until he is done with life, not until his body no longer supports him. He will live for hundreds of years, like Noah. Like Moses. This child's genes will be passed to his offspring, and more like him will follow. And their genetic makeup will supplant the genes of those of us who need to grow old and decay before we die. I believe that one day it will come to pass; however, such a world is beyond my purview. #Quote by Garth Stein
Makeup quotes by Halsey
#64. In 2016, makeup has become an incredible passion and hobby for men and women, but it hasn't become mainstream. #Quote by Halsey
Makeup quotes by Danica McKellar
#65. You can be obsessed with makeup and hair products and, you know, your appearance and still be absolutely making smart life decisions and work on your smarts, develop your smarts by studying something like math. Then you'll make much better decisions on the brands of clothing that you buy or whatever it is that you want. #Quote by Danica McKellar
Makeup quotes by Ingrid Michaelson
#66. There's something about having an artistic outlet that is so important to the human mind and development. It's as important as any other subject in school. I think it should be mandatory. It's part of our genetic makeup. #Quote by Ingrid Michaelson
Makeup quotes by Demi Lovato
#67. I can feel glamorous without makeup, especially on my lips. They're naturally reddish, so I often let them go. #Quote by Demi Lovato
Makeup quotes by James Cameron
#68. I always do makeup touch-ups myself, especially for blood, wounds, and dirt. It saves so much time. #Quote by James Cameron
Makeup quotes by Bella Thorne
#69. My makeup artist, Tonya Brewer, taught me the importance of moisturizing daily. Hydration is a must if you want pretty, dewy skin - which I love. #Quote by Bella Thorne
Makeup quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#70. Leave your hair natural. Let your beard grow out. Leave the makeup in the bag. Wear comfortable clothes. Stop worrying so much about your looks and start looking around you. You have missed so much beauty trying to become beautiful. You have missed your own worth trying to become worthy. Let the mask break open. Let it lie on the floor. Let yourself be seen. Let yourself see. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
Makeup quotes by Liz Goldwyn
#71. I spend a lot more time on my wardrobe than my makeup routine and usually have to be told to brush my hair! #Quote by Liz Goldwyn
Makeup quotes by Lilly Singh
#72. I love wearing makeup! It's just that if you choose not to wear it, that's OK. And if you choose to wear it, that's OK as well. #Quote by Lilly Singh
Makeup quotes by Sasha Cohen
#73. I love attention. I love going to events and photo shoots ... I enjoy it all; the clothing, the makeup, the excitement. #Quote by Sasha Cohen
Makeup quotes by Candice Accola
#74. For skincare, I'm a Clean and Clear girl. Especially with the humidity in Georgia, Clean and Clear has been pretty good to me with all of the makeup we have to wear. My skin really responds to that product. I'm also a big fan of Kiehl's under-eye avocado cream. #Quote by Candice Accola
Makeup quotes by Desiree M. Granger
#75. Atlanta is a city full of superficial fake video vixen women walking around with fake asses, fake hair, and breast. Makeup caked on their faces, and string from the tracks hanging in their weave. #Quote by Desiree M. Granger
Makeup quotes by Jessica Hart
#76. A normal modeling job consists of hair and makeup starting at 5:30 a.m. On location, we shoot until theres no light, then drive home. If were lucky, well have a hotel close to the location, which takes out the driving time. Otherwise, its pretty brutal, from airplane, to car, to job, and back again. #Quote by Jessica Hart
Makeup quotes by Marc Jacobs
#77. I love the entire ritual of getting dressed. When we do a fashion show, we try to send out a message; we couldn't do that without the hair and makeup. The whole is equal to the sum of its parts. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Makeup quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#78. Ocean Acidification is sometimes referred to as Global Warming's Equally Evil Twin. The irony is intentional and fair enough as far as it goes... No single mechanism explains all the mass extinctions in the record and yet changes in ocean chemistry seem to be a pretty good predictor. Ocean Acidification played a role in at least 2 of the Big Five Extinctions: the End-Permian and the End-Triassic. And quite possibly it was a major factor in a third, the End-Cretaceous. ...Why is ocean acidification so dangerous? The question is tough to answer only because the list of reasons is so long. Depending on how tightly organisms are able to regulate their internal chemistry, acidification may affect such basic processes as metabolism, enzyme activity, and protein function. Because it will change the makeup of microbial communities, it will alter the availability of key nutrients, like iron and nitrogen. For similar reasons, it will change the amount of light that passes through the water, and for somewhat different reasons, it will alter the way sound propagates. (In general, acidification is expected to make the seas noisier.) It seems likely to promote the growth of toxic algae. It will impact photosynthesis - many plant species are apt to benefit from elevated CO2 levels - and it will alter the compounds formed by dissolved metals, in some cases in ways that could be poisonous.

Of the myriad possible impacts, probably the most significant involves the group of creatures #Quote by Elizabeth Kolbert
Makeup quotes by Seth Klarman
#79. Here's how to know if you have the makeup to be an investor. How would you handle the following situation? Let's say you own a Procter & Gamble in your portfolio and the stock price goes down by half. Do you like it better? If it falls in half, do you reinvest dividends? Do you take cash out of savings to buy more? If you have the confidence to do that, then you're an investor. If you don't, you're not an investor, you're a speculator, and you shouldn't be in the stock market in the first place. #Quote by Seth Klarman
Makeup quotes by A.S. King
#80. Your Cat Has More Self Esteem Than I Do
There are no billboards for cats
advertising feline plastic surgery
feline acne gels
feline gastric bands
feline face-lifts.
There are no commercials about
feline makeup
feline sex toys
feline fashion.
There are porn movies with cats,
but no cats watch them. #Quote by A.S. King
Makeup quotes by Rachel Zoe
#81. I think in spring, we don't want to wear makeup, we don't want to wear a ton of clothes, we just want everything to be easier. #Quote by Rachel Zoe
Makeup quotes by Diahann Carroll
#82. In the beginning, I found myself dealing with a show business dictated by male white supremacists and chauvinists. As a black female, I had to learn how to tap dance around the situation. I had to ... find a way to present my point of view without being pushy or aggressive. In the old days, the only women I saw in this business were in makeup, hairdressing, and wardrobe departments. Now I'm surrounded by women executives, writers, directors, producers, and even women stagehands. #Quote by Diahann Carroll
Makeup quotes by Kirby Howell
#83. Our group pressed west on what was left of Highway 93, toward the pass leading to Las Vegas. Sand covered the road in loose drifts so deep the horses' hooves sank into them. The metal highway signs were bent low by the strong wind, and above us, billboards that once screamed ads for the casinos were now stripped of their promises of penny slots and large jackpots. The raw boards underneath were exposed, like showgirls without their makeup. Some signs had been blown over completely and lay half-buried under mounds of sand, like sleeping animals.
Cars dotted the highway, their paint scoured off and dead tumbleweeds caught underneath them. Their windows were fogged with death, and despite my effort not to look, my eyes were drawn to the blurred images of the still forms inside. I tried to concentrate on the dark road ahead of us instead. #Quote by Kirby Howell
Makeup quotes by Dianna Agron
#84. I used to wear more makeup, but I've learned to enjoy being natural. #Quote by Dianna Agron
Makeup quotes by Gigi Hadid
#85. I pay attention to how every makeup artist does everything. #Quote by Gigi Hadid
Makeup quotes by Paris Hilton
#86. When I'm working, I don't wear any makeup at all. Unless I am doing an event, I love to wear no makeup at all, which is hardly ever as I am working every day! #Quote by Paris Hilton
Makeup quotes by Diriye Osman
#87. I wear makeup and I don dramatic attire because I like control. I'm not interested in controlling others but I'm invested in strict self-governance. This is why I don't do many face-to-face interviews. I don't like being caught off-guard. It all goes back to that attempt to create order amidst disorder. One of the most frightening things about losing your mind is that you feel like your body, your brain, every part of your essence is being invaded. There is such a palpable helplessness to that narrative and I hate the sense of victimhood that it implies. Certainly, this is how I felt during my moments of psychological disquiet. I felt like my personhood was under attack. Performativity is important to me because I'm the teller of my own stories. I have been performing these multiple roles for so long that they have bled into my identity. I have become the man that I always wanted to be. #Quote by Diriye Osman
Makeup quotes by Jennie Finch
#88. I may be wearing makeup, but I can throw a fastball by you at the same time. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Makeup quotes by Amanda M. Lyons
#89. As he sat up, he heard soft dripping sounds from the bathroom, little plips like water slipping over the edges of the tub and into the floor. The hairs on the back of his neck rose as he realized where he‟d last heard that sound. His muscles tight with strain from his earlier exertions, he stood and walked warily toward the half open bathroom door and the tub beyond it. Slipping quietly past the door, he saw that the curtain was drawn, and again the shadowed figure lay behind it. One long, slim, leg dangled from the end of the tub, beads of water gliding down its length and off the polished toes. At the other end he saw a mass of auburn curls, matted deep red near the porcelain of the tub. It was the dream and the vision again, more real now, too strong to deny. Shaking, he moved toward the curtain, gagging on the sickly smell of rust and roses, feeling the thin nylon glide between thumb and palm as he pulled it back to reveal his darkest nightmare and deepest regret. He could see the crimson water now, blood bubbles gliding over its surface and clinging to the legs dangling over the tub‟s edge. When he‟d pulled the curtain completely away from the tub and around to its opposite side, he saw her face. Her eyes were closed and he saw that her lids were bruised and purple against the translucent paleness of her face, drained completely dead white under the makeup she‟d brushed on before she‟d died. Staggering by the sight of her, he knelt by the tub and extended one shaking han #Quote by Amanda M. Lyons
Makeup quotes by Helen Mirren
#90. The French always seemed to be so chic. The food was better, the clothes were better, the makeup was better, the hair was better. Everything was better in France. #Quote by Helen Mirren
Makeup quotes by Victoria Justice
#91. I think there's a perception out there that people know me based on these glamorous photos they see of me in magazines, but I have about two hours of hair and makeup and then people to dress me, to make me look even better, in those pictures. #Quote by Victoria Justice
Makeup quotes by Gabby Douglas
#92. I think I was about 14 when I did my first makeup. I was like, 'Wow, I really like this what do you call it? Makeup thing?' #Quote by Gabby Douglas
Makeup quotes by Emmanuelle Alt
#93. French girls still have the Jane Birkin culture. You can go just like that, without makeup, without managing your hair. #Quote by Emmanuelle Alt
Makeup quotes by Ashley Jeffery
#94. The scars weren't overly red, but faded, some just light lines on my skin. Some of them I could cover with makeup, while others would never truly disappear. I felt like they completed me. A reflection of the way I felt inside.
Lo The Wild Hunt #Quote by Ashley Jeffery
Makeup quotes by Jeremy Begbie
#95. One of the primary services the arts can render to theology is their integrative power, their ability to interrelate the intellect with the other facets of our human makeup. #Quote by Jeremy Begbie
Makeup quotes by Peggy Orenstein
#96. To bring home the point, she compared New Years resolutions of girls at the end of the nineteenth centyry with those at the end of the twentieth. Heres what a young woman of yore wrote:
Resolved: to think before speaking. To work seriously. To be self-restrained in conversations and actions. Not to let my thoughts wander. To be dignified. Interest myself more in others.
And the contemporary girl:
I will try to make myself better in any way i possibly can.... I will lose weight, get new lenses, already got new haircut, good makeup, new clothes and accessories. #Quote by Peggy Orenstein
Makeup quotes by Claire McCaskill
#97. When you work in the United States Senate, and you are around people of all different ideas and beliefs, you realize that what our Founding Fathers did that was so genius, is that they made the Senate the place where compromises are supposed to happen because of the makeup of the Senate. #Quote by Claire McCaskill
Makeup quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#98. I like to maintain a certain sense of fantasy in my life. I am kind of like that at home. Do I have the full hair and makeup? No. But I might have the nice dress on. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Makeup quotes by Elizabeth George
#99. The people in makeup would buff away the shine on the face of anyone in front of the camera, and the sound blokes would clip a microphone onto the lapel of a jacket so it looked like something other than an insect about to crawl onto the presenter's chin, but Steven Spielberg this group was not. This was a low-budget operation, thank you very much. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Makeup quotes by Rick Riordan
#100. New dress, new makeup, glowing pink aura, and boom: suddenly people liked her. Jason felt like he understood that. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Makeup quotes by Mandy Hubbard
#101. I'm only halfway through with my makeup when Angela strolls out of the bathroom in a miniskirt and backless top.
"Wow," Mindy says. I wonder if it's the same wow I was thinking. As in, Wow, skanky much? I decide not to ask. #Quote by Mandy Hubbard
Makeup quotes by Kelly Moran
#102. Peachy. Alrighty, then. She'd just get in her car, run home to check her clothes, hair, and makeup, walk across the street to Jason's apartment, knock on his door, stare at his masculine hotness in stupid adoration, probably insert her foot into her mouth fifty-five times in under five minutes, then go back to her place and relive the embarrassment all night long while replaying what she should've done or said had she been a sophisticated woman, instead of a blundering moron.
Done and done. Piece of cake. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Makeup quotes by Trent Reznor
#103. I'd never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going to work. #Quote by Trent Reznor
Makeup quotes by Elizabeth Rodriguez
#104. I love being super-tough, but if I need to put on a dress and do my hair and makeup, I can do that, too. #Quote by Elizabeth Rodriguez
Makeup quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#105. Most of the time I'm in khakis and a white T-shirt. I'm a total Gap girl. Super casual, hair in a pony tail and no makeup. #Quote by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Makeup quotes by Charlotte Tilbury
#106. Beauty is not an exclusive club - there are no unattractive women, just some that don't know understand the power of makeup. #Quote by Charlotte Tilbury
Makeup quotes by Hubert Selby Jr.
#107. Georgette was a hip queer. She (he) didn't try to disguise or conceal it with marriage and mans talk, satisfying her homosexuality with the keeping of a secret scrapbook of pictures of favorite male actors or athletes or by supervising activities of young boys or visiting turkish baths or mens locker rooms, leering sidely while seeking protection behind a carefully guarded guise of virility (fearing that moment at a cocktail party or in a bar when this front may start crumbling from alcohol and be completely disintegrated with an attempted kiss or groping of an attractive young man and being repelled with a punch and - rotten fairy - followed with hysteria and incoherent apologies and excuses and running from the room) but, took a pride in being a homosexual by feeling intellectually and esthetically superior to those (especially women) who weren't gay (look at all the great artists who were fairies!); and with the wearing of womens panties, lipstick, eye makeup (this including occasionally gold and silver - stardust - on the lids),long marcelled hair, manicured and polished fingernails, the wearing of womens clothes complete with a padded bra, high heels and wig (one of her biggest thrills was going to BOP CITY dressed as a tall stately blond ( she was 6'4 in heels) in the company of a negro (he was a big beautiful black bastard and when he floated in all the cats in the place jumped and the squares bugged. We were at crazy pad before going and were blasting like crazy, and #Quote by Hubert Selby Jr.
Makeup quotes by Annette Bening
#108. There's so much of our psychological makeup which is impermissible for us to explore because it's inappropriate or perverse or scary. I'm interested in exploring that in myself. I try to be honest with myself about everything that I feel. I'm not saying I'm able to do that all the time, but it's something I'm interested in. #Quote by Annette Bening
Makeup quotes by Douglas Coupland
#109. With Jason I thought I'd finally played my cards right, and now I'm just one more of those
broken, sad people out there, figuring out a year in advance where they can have Easter and
Christmas dinner without feeling like a burden or duty to others, cursing the quality of modern
movies because it's so hard to fill weeknights with movies when they're all crap, and waiting, just
waiting, for those three drinks a night to turn into four - and then, well, then I'll be applying my
makeup in the morning, combing my hair, washing my clothes, but it's not really for anyone. I'm
alive, but so what. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Makeup quotes by Asa Don Brown
#110. While we view technological addiction with a different set of lenses; technological addiction has the same makeup of other known addictions. #Quote by Asa Don Brown
Makeup quotes by Toni Morrison
#111. Anything that happens after this party breaks up is nothing. Everything is now. It's like war. Everyone is handsome, shining, just thinking about other people's blood. As though the red was flying from veins not theirs is facial makeup patented for its glow. Inspiriting. Glamorous. Afterward there will be some chatter and recapitulation of what went on; nothing though like the action itself and the beat that pumps the heart. In war or at a party everyone is wily, intriguing; goals are set and altered, alliances rearranged. Partners and rivals devastated; new pairings triumphant. The knockout possibilities knock Dorcas out because here
with grown-ups and as in war
people play for keeps. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Makeup quotes by Coco Chanel
#112. Caring about beauty, it is necessary to start with the heart and soul, otherwise no makeup will not help. #Quote by Coco Chanel
Makeup quotes by Colleen Hoover
#113. Back up. Let's assess the last thirty seconds, shall we? She hates purses. That means she didn't bring makeup. Which means she won't constantly be reapplying that shit like Val does. It also means she's not hiding a gallon of perfume anywhere on her person. And it also means she had no plans at all to offer to pay for her half of dinner, which seems a little old-fashioned, but for some reason I like it. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Makeup quotes by Mary Woronov
#114. When she sat, she crossed her hands and ankles perfectly. Yes, yes, everything was in the classroom. We chatted, bonded, as Brandy flopped around on the silver concrete floor with the silver hook still in her bloody mouth. Both of us were excited. Celinas tried to climb in her purse, which was filled with dirty broken makeup, the true sign of a queen. I was thrilled she had let me look, even slip my hand into it for a moment. I let her huddle near me, but when she tried to clutch my hand I had to recoil. I hated being touched by anything in the human-skin package. #Quote by Mary Woronov
Makeup quotes by Eva Mendes
#115. A shimmery bronzer is the perfect way to look alive. If you don't want to wear makeup, mix some with moisturizer. You'll look pretty but not made-up. #Quote by Eva Mendes
Makeup quotes by Diane Kruger
#116. But quite honestly, personally, I was much more concerned - I mean, there's not much I can do about my appearance obviously other than spending four hours in hair and makeup. #Quote by Diane Kruger
Makeup quotes by Khloe Kardashian
#117. All the makeup in the world won't make a difference without great skincare. #Quote by Khloe Kardashian
Makeup quotes by David Foster Wallace
#118. She keeps her fingers on Faye's face. Faye closes her eyes against tears. When she opens them Julie is still looking at her. She's smiling a wonderful smile. Way past twenty. She takes Faye's hands."'Then tell them to look closely at men's faces. Tell them to stand perfectly still, for time, and to look into the face of a man. A man's face has nothing on it. Look closely. Tell them to look. And not at what the faces do–men's faces never stop moving–they're like antennae. But all the faces do is move through different configurations of blankness.'

Faye looks for Julie's eyes in the mirror.

Julie says, 'Tell them there are no holes for your fingers in the masks of men. Tell them how could you ever even hope to have what you can't grab onto.'

Julie turns her makeup chair and looks up at Faye. 'That's when I love you, if I love you,' she whispers, running a finger down her white powdered cheek, reaching to trace an angled line of white onto Faye's own face. 'Is when your face moves into expression. Try to look out from yourself, different, all the time. Tell people that you know your face is at least pretty at rest.'

'You asked me once how poems informed me,' she says. Almost a whisper–her microphone voice. 'And you asked whether we, us, depended on the game, to even be. Baby?'–lifting Faye's face with one finger under the chin–'Remember? Remember the ocean? Our dawn ocean, that we loved? We loved it because it was like us, Faye. That w #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Makeup quotes by Michael Shannon
#119. When you put your costume on and you get your hair and your makeup done [for a role] and you stare in the mirror you feel like a different person. #Quote by Michael Shannon
Makeup quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#120. Come on, Park," his dad said sharply, "get dressed and put your makeup on." Like #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Makeup quotes by Rivers Cuomo
#121. Rock and Roll Over' was the first Kiss album I heard, but I was totally oblivious to their whole image and the makeup and all that. I was so out of touch with the wider world. #Quote by Rivers Cuomo
Makeup quotes by D. A. Carson
#122. GOD IS SO WONDERFULLY GENEROUS in his self-disclosure. He has not revealed himself to this race of rebels in some stinting way, but in nature, by his Spirit, in his Word, in great events in redemptive history, in institutions that he ordained to unveil his purposes and his nature, even in our very makeup. (We bear the imago Dei.) #Quote by D. A. Carson
Makeup quotes by Debby Ryan
#123. For me, shoe-wise, platforms give me the same height that I need, but they're not as taxing on my feet. #Quote by Debby Ryan
Makeup quotes by Jamie Farr
#124. Even in the days when they did Othello, you didn't necessarily have to be black to play Othello. You wore the makeup. #Quote by Jamie Farr
Makeup quotes by Jane Kaczmarek
#125. If I have makeup, I use a cleanser, but otherwise, I just use a hot cloth at the end of the day to keep moisture in my skin without stripping it off. I do splurge on La Mer, but other than that, I use just use Nivea from the drugstore! #Quote by Jane Kaczmarek
Makeup quotes by John Grisham
#126. In 1960, in Blackburn v. Alabama, the Court said, "Coercion can be mental as well as physical." In reviewing whether a confession was psychologically coerced by the police, the following factors are crucial: (1) the length of the interrogation, (2) whether it was prolonged in nature, (3) when it took place, day or night, with a strong suspicion around nighttime confessions, and (4) the psychological makeup - intelligence, sophistication, education, and so on - of the suspect. #Quote by John Grisham
Makeup quotes by Christian Serratos
#127. I know a lot of people who don't wash their makeup off of their face at night, and I think that's the worst thing ever. So my thing is, if you ever have a day that you get dolled up, you have to wash all of that makeup off. #Quote by Christian Serratos
Makeup quotes by McKayla Maroney
#128. In gymnastics, everything is a competition. You want to have your hair look the best and your makeup look the best. You want to be the best, and you want to have the prettiest leotard. #Quote by McKayla Maroney
Makeup quotes by Sarah Ockler
#129. No powdery residue. But definitely suspicious. Smell." He slides a makeup catalog from beneath a microscope made out of a plate, a toilet paper roll, and an intricate arrangement of pipe cleaners. "Any ideas?"
I take a scientific whiff. "Gardenia. Looks like those Mary Kay terrorists are at it again. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
Makeup quotes by Gregory Peck
#130. Inside of all the makeup and the character and makeup, it's you, and I think that's what the audience is really interested in ... you, how you're going to cope with the situation, the obstacles, the troubles that the writer put in front of you. #Quote by Gregory Peck
Makeup quotes by Cherie Colyer
#131. I didn't spend an afternoon doing my hair and makeup to go on demon-duty. #Quote by Cherie Colyer
Makeup quotes by Marc Jacobs
#132. To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Makeup quotes by Ishmael Reed
#133. In the middle of the next century, when the literary establishment will reflect the multicultural makeup of this country and not be dominated by assimiliationists with similar tastes, from similar backgrounds, and of similar pretensions, Langston Hughes will be to the twentieth century what Walt Whitman was to the nineteenth. #Quote by Ishmael Reed
Makeup quotes by Michelle Phan
#134. I always secretly loved the art of makeup as a child. I would come up with stories and characters and try on my mom's Maybelline eyeliner when she wasn't home. It was a very old-school pencil - you had to burn the tip to make it smudgy enough to use. #Quote by Michelle Phan
Makeup quotes by Teri Polo
#135. I once said to someone, 'If I could shave my head and wear no makeup and get a part just on my talent, I would be the happiest person in the world.' #Quote by Teri Polo
Makeup quotes by Jane Birkin
#136. I colour my hair mousy brown and I wear makeup only on stage. I use Laura Mercier - something called Biscuit, I think. I run one tiny sponge over my face and cover the red blotches. If I've got some rouge, I'll bung it on my mouth and cheeks. #Quote by Jane Birkin
Makeup quotes by Kylie Jenner
#137. I'll usually wash my face with a face wash, then I'll go to my makeup. I like to use Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Serum. It's moisturizing and also a great primer for your makeup. And, I try to use sunscreen every day. #Quote by Kylie Jenner
Makeup quotes by Mary Karr
#138. The first night he slept with her, he took a washrag and a jug of wood alcohol to get rid of her makeup, saying he wanted to know what he was getting into. #Quote by Mary Karr
Makeup quotes by Monica  Murphy
#139. Wanna have mkeup sex?"
"I would love to have makeup sex. #Quote by Monica Murphy
Makeup quotes by Maddie Ziegler
#140. For filming, we have to wear a lot more makeup than we usually would. At night, I have to go home and take off all the makeup and take my hair out from my bun and just get out of the dancewear and everything. #Quote by Maddie Ziegler
Makeup quotes by Zendaya
#141. I'm very proud of my skin and my face, and I have no problem not wearing makeup. I don't wear makeup because I feel like I need to cover myself up or because I don't feel confident. I wear makeup because it's fun; it's like painting on my face. #Quote by Zendaya
Makeup quotes by Lauren Conrad
#142. I think that makeup can be challenging, especially when you are younger. #Quote by Lauren Conrad
Makeup quotes by Stephen Covey
#143. You're not a product of your nature. That is your genetic makeup or your nurture, the things that have happened to you. Of course those things affect you powerfully, but they do not determine you. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Makeup quotes by Roberta Pearce
#144. The only way to tell off an asshole was face-to-face and to look fantastic doing it. So, here she was, with perfect makeup, hair done in a riot of waves that had taken a ridiculously long time to create, and a brand new screw you and the horse you rode in on dress laid out on her bed. #Quote by Roberta Pearce
Makeup quotes by Jessica Biel
#145. I don't feel very glowing, especially after wearing makeup - and not necessarily my choice of makeup - for 12 hours straight on a movie set. When I'm playing a character, her look is sometimes different from my own. #Quote by Jessica Biel
Makeup quotes by Marshall Thornton
#146. It was simply against his makeup. #Quote by Marshall Thornton
Makeup quotes by Lou Doillon
#147. I'm a bit of a contrarian, so I like the idea of going on stage without makeup, without the hair being done, in the jeans and shirt I've been wearing all day. At first that was an issue, because I didn't want to be disrespectful. #Quote by Lou Doillon
Makeup quotes by Jandy Nelson
#148. I'd been making desicions for days.
I picked out the dress Bailey would wear forever-
a black slinky one- innapropriate- that she loved.
I chose a sweater to go over it, earrings, bracelet, necklace,
her most beloved strappy sandals.
I collected her makeup to give to the funeral director with a recent photo-
I thought it would be me that would dress her;
I didn't think a strange man should see her naked
touch her body
shave her legs
apply her lipstick
but that's what happened all the same.
I helped Gram pick out the casket,
the plot at the cemetery.
I changed a few lines
in the obituary that Big composed.
I wrote on a piece of paper what I thought
should go on the headstone.
I did all this without uttering a word.
Not one word, for days,
until I saw Bailey before the funeral
and lost my mind.
I hadn't realized that when people say so-and-so
that's what actually happens-
I started shaking her-
I thought I could wake her up
and get her the hell out of that box.
When she didn't wake,
I screamed: Talk to me.
Big swooped me up in his arms,
carried me out of the room, the church,
into the slamming rain,
and down to the creek
where we sobbed together
under the black coat he held over our heads
to protect us from the weather. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Makeup quotes by Tim Quinn
#149. It's best to lay out your makeup as you would when planning your outfit. If you're using a brightening primer, then be judicious with your use of shimmer and sparkly things. I like to play with texture a bit, so you can always find a balance. #Quote by Tim Quinn
Makeup quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#150. Um....I love your accent, and your cock is magnificent, and if you don't put it in me soon I will cry and it'll ruin my makeup and it'll be all your fault, so please fuck me now, right now, this second, or I swear to God I will forget I'm the submissive in this relationship. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Makeup quotes by Daniel Anderson
#151. I come from the heart land of New Zealand. A place where men are men and there is no such thing as a latte. Where a day's work is only done one way. THE HARD WAY. Where the vehicle you drive doesn't symbolize who you are. A place where a beer is a beer and it comes only one way, ICE COLD. Yes the great land I like to call home the Waikato but yes all this beauty comes at a price obviously where men actually act like men not knob head; makeup wearing, tight jean wearing homos there will always be a shortage of real women. So just as the last generation of real men, almost every weekend we head into every bar, club, party or music festival we can in the hopes of finding a real women. Don't get me wrong, bars clubs a music fests are the best fun ever. And I drink alcohol like it's going out of fashion not that we care about fashion round here. See you in the heart land #Quote by Daniel Anderson
Makeup quotes by Debbie Macomber
#152. To her hair and makeup. This #Quote by Debbie Macomber
Makeup quotes by Becky G
#153. For my everyday look, I don't like going anywhere without eye makeup. #Quote by Becky G
Makeup quotes by Jillian Stone
#154. If love is a battlefield, makeup sex is the best part of the ceasefire. #Quote by Jillian Stone
Makeup quotes by Liane Moriarty
#155. Jane had tried that with Mothers Group and failed. She just couldn't relate to those bright, chatty women and their bubbly conversations about husbands who weren't "stepping up" and renovations that weren't finished before the baby was born and that hilarious time they were so busy and tired they left the house without putting on any makeup! (Jane, who was wearing no makeup at the time, and never wore makeup, had kept her face blank and benign, while she inwardly shouted: What the fuck?) #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Makeup quotes by Sophia Amoruso
#156. When I put on makeup, I'm not doing it to pander to antiquated patriarchal ideas of feminine beauty. I'm doing it because it makes me feel good. #Quote by Sophia Amoruso
Makeup quotes by Jolene Perry
#157. A thin, polished woman walks in. She sticks out immediately in her expensive looking navy dress, shiny bag and shoes that probably cost more than I make in a month. My breath leaves me when I see that her arm is draped around a younger version of herself. That hair, it's pulled back way too tight now, but I'd run my hands through it a thousand times before. That face, now in layer of makeup that makes her look older than I remember, I'd held it in my calloused hands and kissed those lips goodbye over a year ago. She said she'd never see me again and I learned to accept that. She destroyed me, and I'd moved on.
No. Not her. She's not from here anymore. I don't know who that person is anymore. #Quote by Jolene Perry
Makeup quotes by Julia Child
#158. Tears mess up your makeup. #Quote by Julia Child
Makeup quotes by Jessica Alba
#159. Makeup can be pure fantasy
it can transform you into any kind of magical creature, whether that's a superhero or a retro Hollywood icon or just a more fun, fresher version of yourself. Looking like a stress-free, well-rested working mom? That's some kind of magic to me. #Quote by Jessica Alba
Makeup quotes by Melissa Albert
#160. Usually when I looked at people too long I started seeing them as component parts: Bony noses. Eyeballs in sockets. Odd cartilage curve of ears and fingers so strange and overevolved and makeup floating just over the skin and what the hell was with pants, and knees, and how did we walk around like all of this was normal? #Quote by Melissa Albert
Makeup quotes by Heidi Klum
#161. Keep it simple. You don't want to overdo it with too much makeup or crazy, over-the-top hairstyles. Let your natural beauty show through. #Quote by Heidi Klum
Makeup quotes by Steven Levenkron
#162. Fat bitch," Kessa murmured as the door scraped closed behind Mrs. Stone.
"She meant well, Francesca. And you see, everyone thinks you're too thin."
"Since when is Mrs. Stone an authority on appearance. I've heard you say a thousand times that she looks like an old hooker."
"I never said anything of the sort. What I said was that she wears too much makeup and her clothes are indiscreet."
"Which means she looks like an old hooker. Well, if that's the way a woman is supposed to look, I'd rather be too skinny." Kessa felt a flash of pleasure at the argument. Just let her mother try to push food into her now. #Quote by Steven Levenkron
Makeup quotes by Cheryl Ladd
#163. Don't overdo it. Don't over-diet, over-exercise, overeat, overdo the makeup, and don't stress out. #Quote by Cheryl Ladd
Makeup quotes by Behati Prinsloo
#164. Like my makeup, I keep my hair simple. It's either down or in a ponytail. #Quote by Behati Prinsloo
Makeup quotes by Hannah Storm
#165. As I got older, I became so self conscious about my birthmark that I was very hesitant about going to a pool party, because I didn't want my makeup to rub off. #Quote by Hannah Storm
Makeup quotes by Michael Cunningham
#166. And when somebody comes up to me with big hair and gobs of makeup on and says, 'Can I help you,' it's all I can do not to scream, 'Bitch, you can't even help yourself. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Makeup quotes by Amy Adams
#167. Perfect isn't normal, nor is it interesting. I have no features without makeup. I am pale. I have blond lashes. You could just paint my face - it's like a blank canvas. It can be great for what I do. #Quote by Amy Adams
Makeup quotes by Misty Copeland
#168. I definitely like to be natural and more relaxed and not wear a lot of makeup. #Quote by Misty Copeland
Makeup quotes by Marc Jacobs
#169. Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Makeup quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#170. If she likes makeup, let her wear it. If she likes fashion, let her dress up. But if she doesn't like either, let her be. Don't think that raising her feminist means forcing her to reject femininity. Feminism and femininity are not mutually exclusive. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Makeup quotes by Erin Wasson
#171. Your skin is your largest organ, and it wants to breathe. There are so many times, like Fashion Week, when you [need to] think about all the stuff your skin and body have absorbed through makeup and products and all this stuff. #Quote by Erin Wasson
Makeup quotes by Angelina Jolie
#172. It's all or nothing with my makeup. If I get dressed up, I'll go to an extreme. I'll wear foundation, bright blue or bright red lipstick with one of my weird purple wigs. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
Makeup quotes by Johnny Depp
#173. When I played Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger' and was playing the older Tonto, I would just leave the makeup on and go to sleep because it was a four or five hour job; it was, from the waist up, all over me. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Makeup quotes by Selenis Leyva
#174. My favorite thing is just sitting in a makeup chair and letting makeup artists do their thing. #Quote by Selenis Leyva
Makeup quotes by Courteney Cox
#175. One trick I swear by: I pour a little neroli or lavender oil onto a hot towel and use it to wipe off my makeup. It opens up my pores, and then my face cream sinks in better. #Quote by Courteney Cox
Makeup quotes by Sasha Grey
#176. As a woman, and as somebody in the public eye, we always have to be ready for the red carpet and have the nicest outfit, work with the best makeup artist. While all that's nice, we're also human beings. #Quote by Sasha Grey
Makeup quotes by Jim Butcher
#177. The Female Once-Over
a process by which one woman creates a detailed profile of another woman based upon about a million subtle details of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and body type, and then decides how much of a social threat she might be. Men have a parallel process, but it's binary: Does he have beer? If yes, will he share with me? #Quote by Jim Butcher
Makeup quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#178. She runs her tongue over her teeth as she walks out the door, and feels an edge, something needing to be filed down before she bites her tongue. Dentist. Manicure. Makeup. Hair salon. She tastes blood, swallows it, pops a mint into her mouth. Small repairs. There's no woman alive who hasn't found the occasional hole in heaven, and carefully, meticulously, covered it back up. #Quote by Maria Dahvana Headley
Makeup quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#179. Sometimes, wearing a scarf and a polo coat and no makeup and with a certain attitude of walking, I go shopping or just look at people living. But then, you know, there will be a few teenagers who are kind of sharp, and they'll say, 'Hey, just a minute. You know who I think that is?' And they'll start tailing me. And I don't mind. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Makeup quotes by Jenna Morasca
#180. One year, my good deed started with deciding to give all my friends makeup from a cruelty-free cosmetics line that I love. I did this with the hope that they would love it as much as I do and end up switching their makeup over to that cruelty-free line forever. #Quote by Jenna Morasca
Makeup quotes by Karina Halle
#181. Fucking Little Fifteen Ada Palomino throwing change at a hotdog vendor and trying to catch up with Maximus, all long limbs and bad eye makeup. What the actual fuck? #Quote by Karina Halle
Makeup quotes by Dan Ariely
#182. the girls had on enough makeup to make Elizabeth Taylor look unadorned #Quote by Dan Ariely
Makeup quotes by Margarita Karapanou
#183. To embellish reality with makeup, with silk and royal purple, isn't that what we all should be doing? Beneath the life we live every day the silk and the purple are hiding, waiting for us. A person just has to dare to throw off his everyday clothes, to rip them off and to put on the silk and purple that exist, I know it. But we're the ones who cover them up. Out of boredom, indifference, fear. Mostly fear. So right from the first moment I met you, my lies were always the truth: in telling them I unveiled the world for you  -  the hidden world, the true world. You were really the one who lied. You wanted everything to remain untouched, paradise to be paradise, and me angel. But you made a fatal mistake: you never believed me. You never understood why I lied, that through my lies I was giving you a unique gift: the truth. You always tried to control me  -  out of love, of course. But is there any word more ambiguous than the word "love"? #Quote by Margarita Karapanou
Makeup quotes by Khloe Kardashian
#184. I love doing my makeup - mostly because I'm pretty good at it. What I can't do is hair! #Quote by Khloe Kardashian
Makeup quotes by Joey W. Hill
#185. It's not about fear. It's about never feeling clean, spending years scrubbing your soul raw so you can eat without feeling nauseous, can look in the mirror and meet your own eyes when you put on makeup, brush your hair. To learn to be strong, to run your life and not be a victim of it, knowing in your heart that everything you've built is sitting on a foundation that can sink at any time. And you build it anyway, on faith alone that it won't be shattered, when everything in your life tells you that faith is a fucking joke, but you do it anyway. You do it anyway.( ... ) #Quote by Joey W. Hill
Makeup quotes by Claire Danes
#186. I love sitting in the makeup trailer and getting my makeup done in 15 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half. #Quote by Claire Danes
Makeup quotes by Robert Smith
#187. Whenever I'm home, I haven't got any makeup on. But even in the studio, before I do vocals, I put makeup on. #Quote by Robert Smith
Makeup quotes by Jennifer Garner
#188. I am a bit of a goody-goody. Not that there aren't times when I think, I was kind of an (ass) today. I work in a world in which people are really catered to; someone will come up to me and say, "Is it OK if this person's makeup is done before yours for the premiere?" #Quote by Jennifer Garner
Makeup quotes by Jim Butcher
#189. Patterns of cloth busier than the makeup girl at a Kiss concert #Quote by Jim Butcher
Makeup quotes by Justin Long
#190. Aside from my love of animation, as an actor I like the total lack of vanity in terms of not having to worry at all about your appearance. You don't have to deal with hair or makeup or wardrobe. #Quote by Justin Long
Makeup quotes by Michael Dorn
#191. When I was growing up, I had a G.I. Joe doll, and now, to see a recreation of my character as an action figure ... it's strange. Because Worf doesn't really look like Michael Dorn without makeup, it's easier to separate myself from these recreations, but it's still strange, flattering, and weird all at the same time. #Quote by Michael Dorn
Makeup quotes by Cassandra  Barnes
#192. Then, she stepped hard on something soft.
"Ouch!" exclaimed an urgent, musical voice behind her followed by another blast of that scent. That voice rang out in the night like a small bell. Damn, thought Carmen. These late-night stragglers always show up just as I am closing!
"We're closed," she commented impatiently, not even bothering to turn around. "I can't get you anything, my cash register is empty. And, I definitely can't get you any gasoline. The pumps are shut down."
"You're on my foot!" said the small, feminine voice again, protesting more loudly. "Get off!" The girl laughed. The street lights came on, as if the pressure of stepping on this person's foot had turned them on. Carmen laughed at the synchronicity. She felt a small hand on her waist as she moved her foot off the soft place it had landed. It had been years since she had felt a woman's touch.
The feminine voice said quietly, "That hurt."
Carmen whirled around to face the girl she had stepped on, and almost lost her balance. Her eyes met the huge violet eyes of the most beautiful country girl she had ever seen standing directly behind her. Obviously, she had stepped on her. She apologized until she was speechless. Then, she coughed and indicated her truck.
The girl had straight, healthy blue hair, delicately shaved over one ear and well-done light makeup with a few rhinestone studs in her ears and nose. Carmen had sucked her breath in audibly at the girl's appearance. This dimin #Quote by Cassandra Barnes
Makeup quotes by Sadhguru
#193. Sadhana Start by paying attention to everything you think of as yourself just before you fall asleep: your thoughts, your emotions, your hair, your skin, your clothes, your makeup. Know that none of this is you. There is no need to make any conclusion about what "you" are or what "truth" is. Truth is not a conclusion. If you keep the false conclusions at bay, truth will dawn. It is like your experience of the night: the sun has not gone; it is just that the planet is looking the other way. You're thinking, reading, talking about the self, because you're too busy looking the other way! You haven't paid enough attention to know what the self really is. What is needed is not a conclusion, but a turnaround. If you manage to enter sleep with this awareness, it will be significant. Since there is no external interference in sleep, this will grow into a powerful experience. Over time, you will enter a dimension beyond all accumulations. #Quote by Sadhguru
Makeup quotes by Kendall Jenner
#194. I think a natural look is prettier. I rarely wear makeup, but we always wear sunscreen on our faces. #Quote by Kendall Jenner
Makeup quotes by Bethenny Frankel
#195. Baby wipes are great for everything! For wiping babies' butts, as an eye-makeup remover, to wipe the counter, to clean my hands at the airport, just everything. #Quote by Bethenny Frankel
Makeup quotes by Erin Heatherton
#196. All my makeup tricks are from modeling jobs! It's my favorite part of the job - learning new tricks! #Quote by Erin Heatherton
Makeup quotes by Michael Buckley
#197. By the way, you don't need the makeup." Puck said. #Quote by Michael Buckley
Makeup quotes by Nikki Reed
#198. I'm really into the Tom Ford lipsticks. I was always afraid to wear lip color because I thought it made me look too masculine, but my makeup artist Fiona Stiles got me into wearing coral, orange-y colors from his line, and now I wear lipstick all of the time. #Quote by Nikki Reed
Makeup quotes by Kevyn Aucoin
#199. I'm not saying that putting on makeup will change the world or even your life, but it can be a first step in learning things about yourself you may never have discovered otherwise. At worst, you could make a big mess and have a good laugh. #Quote by Kevyn Aucoin
Makeup quotes by Sergio De La Pava
#200. But insensate Time is nothing if not cruel and heartless. It corrodes then destroys, so that the man you literally and figuratively looked up to with your chubby face, who scooped you up to cross the street and patted you on the head to laughter, will later look through you from a crooked hospital bed then blindly up at you while wearing makeup in a bargain casket. The people who now surround you generating warmth will disappear leaving only an empty chill; the body you own and the brain it houses will malfunction. And sometimes, especially in Boxing, a twenty four year old can become a man overnight. #Quote by Sergio De La Pava

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