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Maintained Contact quotes by Jeremy Corbyn
#1. Quite simply, I maintained contact with Sinn Fein and believed that there had to be a political, not a military, solution to the situation in Northern Ireland. #Quote by Jeremy Corbyn
Maintained Contact quotes by Umberto Eco
#2. So Italy was invaded by these Fraticelli or Friars of the Poor Life, whom many considered dangerous. At this point it was difficult to distinguish the spiritual masters, who maintained contact with the ecclesiastical authorities, from their simpler followers, who now lived outside the order, begging for alms and existing from day to day by the labor of their hands, holding no property of any kind. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Maintained Contact quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#3. She draws back, yet refuses to lose skin contact. Golden light flickers across his face. He is the night, the stars. His soul shines so brightly, she could pour it into a jar, and it'd be as bright as the sun. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Maintained Contact quotes by Mary Daly
#4. The very word philosophy terrifies many women. In Quintessence I strive to exorcise this patriarchally embedded fear that undermines our intelligence and passion. We were all philosophers when we were five years old. Re-Calling our connections with nature at that age, many women can Re-member our sense of wonder and our urgent need to know. We were always asking "Why?" This state of mind can be called Wonderlust - meaning a strong and unconquerable longing for Elemental adventure and knowledge.

What happened to our Wonderlust? Our visions, dreams, and far-out questions have been stunted by phallocratic society and its institutions. When we come into contact with our own deep and passionate intellectuality, we become intolerably threatening to the patriarchy. This is why there is an overwhelming taboo against women becoming philosophers, that is, seekers of wisdom on our own terms/turf.

Philosophy - of our own kind, for our own kind - is a source of wholeness and power that rightfully belongs to women. Breaking the patriarchal taboo against it - against us - we break out of the state of deception. Moreover, we open gateway after gateway into our own Other-world, our Homeland. From this perspective we can See, Name, and Act to end the atrocities perpetrated against ourSelves and all the Biophilic beings. #Quote by Mary Daly
Maintained Contact quotes by John Arbuthnot
#5. Among innumerable footsteps of divine providence to be found in the works of nature, there is a very remarkable one to be observed in the exact balance that is maintained, between the numbers of men and women; for by this means is provided, that the species never may fail, nor perish, since every male may have its female, and of proportionable age. This equality of males and females is not the effect of chance but divine providence, working for a good end. #Quote by John Arbuthnot
Maintained Contact quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
#6. Every moment of life brings an opportunity for being conscious of human feeling, in prosperity, in adversity, in all conditions. It costs very little; only a little thought is necessary. There is no greater religion than love. God is love; and the best form of love is to be conscientious regarding the feelings of those with whom we come in contact in everyday life. #Quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Maintained Contact quotes by Joseph Bruchac
#7. At a time when Europeans already had a long history of violent contact with Native people, Lewis and Clark made most of their journey in peace. #Quote by Joseph Bruchac
Maintained Contact quotes by John Holt
#8. In short, by the institution of childhood I mean all those attitudes and feelings, and also customs and laws, that put a great gulf or barrier between the young and their elders, and the world of their elders; that make it difficult or impossible for young people to make contact with the larger society around them, and, even more, to play any kind of active, responsible, useful part in it; that lock the young into eighteen years or more of subserviency and dependency, and make of them, as I said before, a mixture of expensive nuisance, fragile treasure, slave, and super-pet. #Quote by John Holt
Maintained Contact quotes by Marie Hoag MBA
#9. Perimenopausal women don't make eye contact, don't want to be touched, they slouch, they scuff, and avoid any social interaction if possible. #Quote by Marie Hoag MBA
Maintained Contact quotes by Ram Dass
#10. The greatest thing you can do for another being is to provide the unconditional love that comes from making contact with that place in them that is beyond conditions, which is just pure consciousness, pure essence. That is, once we acknowledge each other as existing, just being here, just being, then each of us is free to change optimally. If I can just love you because here we are, then you are free to grow as you need to grow. #Quote by Ram Dass
Maintained Contact quotes by Ian Fleming
#11. Bond didn't defend the practice. He simply maintained that the more effort and ingenuity you put into gambling, the more you took out. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Maintained Contact quotes by J. Lynn
#12. My confidence wavered like a thin tree in a storm and then completely collapsed. I sucked in a breath and it got stuck in my throat. "You don't want me." Cam was in front of me within a second, so fast I hadn't even seen him move. His hands were planted on either side of my head and he leaned down, his face inches from mine. Tension rolled off his body in waves. Air fled my lungs as my body went rigid. "Fuck, Avery. You think I don't want you?" His voice came out low, almost a growl. "There's not a single part of you that I don't want, you understand? I want to be on you and inside of you. I want you against the wall, on the couch, in your bed, in my bed, and every fucking place I can possibly think of, and trust me, I have a vast imagination when it comes to these kinds of things. Don't ever doubt that I want you. That is not what this is about." My eyes widened as confusion swirled through me, muddling my thoughts further, which at this point, seemed impossible. He leaned in, resting his forehead against mine. The contact sent my pulse pounding. "But not like this - never like this. You're drunk, Avery, and when we get together - because we will get together, you're going to be fully aware of everything that I do to you." It took a few moments, but what he said finally sunk in through the liquor haze and confusion and made sense. Closing my eyes, I turned my head to the side, feeling the way his skin slid alongside mine. "You're a good guy, Cam. #Quote by J. Lynn
Maintained Contact quotes by Alysia Abbott
#13. Researching Dad's life, I've made contact with his old colleagues and friends and others we knew - people like Joyce Jenkins of Poetry Flash; and Jimmy Siegel, who owns Distractions; and Sean, the smiling Southerner who worked at Coffee Tea & Spice. Speaking with them, I got to hear three powerful words, three words I didn't know I so badly needed to hear: "I remember you." With these words, the lights switch on. The music plays. The carousel starts up again and those glittery and colorful horses move up and down and around, delighting my every sense. For a moment, I get to be a child again. I feel wholly me. #Quote by Alysia Abbott
Maintained Contact quotes by Jan Carlzon
#14. The moral of the story: perceptions are everything. During each moment you are in contact with a customer, you are the organization. #Quote by Jan Carlzon
Maintained Contact quotes by Walter Lippmann
#15. Since position and contact play so big a part in determining what can be seen, heard, read, and experienced, as well as what it is permissible to see, hear, read, and know, it is no wonder that moral judgment is so much more common than constructive thought. #Quote by Walter Lippmann
Maintained Contact quotes by Astro Teller
#16. The faster you can get your ideas in contact with the real world, the faster you can discover what is broken with your idea. #Quote by Astro Teller
Maintained Contact quotes by Candice Carty-Williams
#17. The eye contact is strong and he's biting his lip when he's chatting to me, so I know he's feeling me. But then I check his accounts: minus four hundred pounds in his current, six grand in debt on his credit card. Queenie, I just bid him a good day and let him pass -

I stopped hacking at the thick string holding the weave in place. "But this could have been 'the one', Kyazike. What if you fell in love? You could have financially guided hi - "

"Financially guides who? Excuse me, Queenie, I cannot be with someone in that much debt. I have a lifestyle that needs sustaining. My Mr. Right cannot have minus money. #Quote by Candice Carty-Williams
Maintained Contact quotes by Dan Pearce
#18. Dads. Do you not realize that your child needs to feel your skin on his? Do you not realize the incredible and powerful bond that skin on skin contact with your daughter will give you? Do you not understand the permanent mental connections that are made when you stroke your son's bare back or rub your daughter's bare tummy while you tell bedtime stories? And if any idiot says anything about that being inappropriate, you're gonna get kicked in the face, first by me, and then by every other good dad out there. Touching your child is your duty as a father. #Quote by Dan Pearce
Maintained Contact quotes by J.R. Ward
#19. The kiss that was pressed against his own mouth was reverent, the contact no heavier than the warm, still air in the room. It was the consummate lover's kiss, the kind of thing he had wanted even more than the hot sex they'd just had. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Maintained Contact quotes by Tom Collins
#20. Excellence must be achieved through the eyes of those who judge us; once achieved it can only be maintained with constant innovation. #Quote by Tom Collins
Maintained Contact quotes by Mr. Lee
#21. If a garden is well maintained and neatly landscaped, there must be a dedicated and efficient gardener. #Quote by Mr. Lee
Maintained Contact quotes by Jane Cousins
#22. Hey." Erik was now eye level with Cara's breasts and thoroughly enjoying the view. Maybe he should try and strike up a conversation. "Come here often?"
"Are you talking to my breasts again?" Cara huffed in exasperation.
"Oh… do that again, the huffing thing."
Cara grabbed a fistful of the hair on his clearly undamaged head and yanked so Erik was forced to sit up and make actual eye contact with her. "I can't tell if you're brain damaged or if you've always been like this. #Quote by Jane Cousins
Maintained Contact quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#23. Marketing is bad manners - and I rely on my naturalistic and ecological instincts. Say you run into a person during a boat cruise. What would you do if he started boasting of his accomplishments, telling you how great, rich, tall, impressive, skilled, famous, muscular, well educated, efficient, and good in bed he is, plus other attributes? You would certainly run away (or put him in contact with another talkative bore to get rid of both of them). It is clearly much better if others (preferably someone other than his mother) are the ones saying good things about him, and it would be nice if he acted with some personal humility. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Maintained Contact quotes by D.E. Stevenson
#24. Books are people,' smiled Miss Marks. 'In every book worth reading, the author is there to meet you, to establish contact with you. He takes you into his confidence and reveals his thoughts to you. #Quote by D.E. Stevenson
Maintained Contact quotes by Jalaluddin Rumi
#25. Understand the secret unseen ways of heart to heart contact like this:

When two lamps are being lit.

The lamps will remain separate

But their light will become intermixed #Quote by Jalaluddin Rumi
Maintained Contact quotes by Darynda Jones
#26. If you must eat a banana in public, never make eye contact. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Maintained Contact quotes by Victor Hugo
#27. To place the infinity here below in contact, by the medium of thought, with the infinity on high, is called praying. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Maintained Contact quotes by Raymond Depardon
#28. I like to be on my own when I look at my contact sheets, because I'm often disappointed ... But as years go by we become proud of our old contact sheets. They are a tool that allows us to fight against time. #Quote by Raymond Depardon
Maintained Contact quotes by Thomas Hardy
#29. And so, though Smith was not at all the man Knight would have deliberately chosen as a friend - or even for one of a group of a dozen friends - he somehow was his friend. Circumstance, as usual, did it all. How many of us can say of our most intimate alter ego, leaving alone friends of the outer circle, that he is the man we should have chosen, as embodying the net result after adding up all the points in human nature that we love, and principles we hold, and subtracting all that we hate? The man is really somebody we got to know by mere physical juxtaposition long maintained, and was taken into our confidence, and even heart, as a makeshift. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Maintained Contact quotes by Frances Ridley Havergal
#30. Might we never be the helpers of the great hinderer, Satan! Let us ask that the Lord Jesus would so perfectly tune our spirits to the keynote of His exceeding great love, that all our unconscious influence may breathe only of that love, and help all with whom we come in contact to obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. #Quote by Frances Ridley Havergal
Maintained Contact quotes by Kim John Payne
#31. In its complexity and sensuality, nature invites exploration, direct contact, and experience. But it also inspires a sense of awe, a glimpse of what is still "un-Googleable" ... life's mystery and magnitude. #Quote by Kim John Payne
Maintained Contact quotes by Colin Wilson
#32. It is important to grasp that boredom is one of the most common - and undesirable - consequences of 'unicameralism'. Boredom is a feeling of being 'dead inside'; that is to say, loss of contact with our instincts and feelings. #Quote by Colin Wilson
Maintained Contact quotes by Kat Ellis
#33. The entire population of Blackfin maintained a wary distance from her, as though the skeletons in their closets were spring-loaded and ready to burst out onto the front lawn. #Quote by Kat Ellis
Maintained Contact quotes by Margaret E. Knight
#34. There is no ground whatever for the claim, so often made by religious apologists, that these ideals are specifically Christian and originated with Jesus. What were specifically Christian were some of the less enlightened teachings, which have done untold harm. Christians claim that organised Christianity has been a great force for good, but this view can be maintained on one assumption only: that everything good in the Christian era is a result of Christianity and everything bad happened in spite of it. #Quote by Margaret E. Knight

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