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Famous Quotes About Maine Coon Cat

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Maine Coon Cat quotes by Max Gladstone
#1. Be careful. As if something's going to jump us in a library."
"You might be surprised."
"What do you mean?"
"You know how people say a book is really gripping?"
"Don't tell me ... " Cat trailed off.
"Libraries can be dangerous. #Quote by Max Gladstone
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Elizabeth Spurr
#2. Witch Mildred was invited
to the wondrous Witches' Wobble,
a Halloween festivity
where witches go to gobble.

Her snakeskin invitation read:

Feasting Starts at Eight!
A Grand Buffet (with Skunk Filet!)

Hopping on her broomstick,
She took off from a thicket.
She raced along the back roads
to dodge a speeding ticket.

A skeleton soon hailed her.
(His bones could use some meat!)
He pled, "Please! I'm so hungry,
I rattle head to feet."

A jack-o'-lantern hollered,
"Please take me from this wall,
for some, I dread, might use my head
as a soccer ball."

Soon the three encountered
a ghost who was in tears.
"Please take me from this graveyard.
It's much too spooky here."

A shaky, quaky mummy
called, "I'm ready to collapse.
Please find me a warm hearthside,
for I forgot my wraps!"

A bat swooped down upon them.
He squeaked, "Please wait for me!
I'll go batty when the sexton bongs
the bells in my belfry."

A black cat yowled,
"Please take me.
I need some company,
for when I cross their pathways,
people run from me! #Quote by Elizabeth Spurr
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Margaret Benson
#3. He lives in the halflights in secret places, free and alone, this mysterious little great being whom his mistress calls, My cat. #Quote by Margaret Benson
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Sharon Creech
#4. How can you love a little cat
so much
in such a
time? #Quote by Sharon Creech
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Johnson
#5. Yeah I'm done. Chase frigging Reese." Slade shook his head. Mustang laughed again. Nothing like some good old-fashion jealousy to make a man see clearly. "Yeah, I know. The kid's got balls. I'll give him that. I guess we better show her what real men can do for her, huh?" "Oh yeah." Slade let out a snort. "'You get a buckle for that you know.' Yeah. I bet he made sure she knew that. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Pam Brown
#6. A cat is always on the wrong side of any door. #Quote by Pam Brown
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Marc Maron
#7. My cats, the ones that I have, were feral when I found them so the relationship that I have with them 10 years in is very mutual, earned, and evolved over time. It was never an easy thing. I like that they have a certain distance and have their own sense of selves. #Quote by Marc Maron
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Chloe  Benjamin
#8. So, this is how it started: as a secret, a challenge, a fire escape they used to dodge the hulking mass of their mother, who demanded that they hang laundry or get the goddamn cat out of the stovepipe whenever she found them lounging in the bunk room. #Quote by Chloe Benjamin
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Grumpy Cat
#9. I've lived nine lives ... And this is the worst. #Quote by Grumpy Cat
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Jan Struther
#10. I can't abide cats myself, but of course we have to have one in the kitchen to deal with the mice. I insisted on getting a black one, because anything else shows the dirt so in London. #Quote by Jan Struther
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Adams
#11. As my mom used to say,If wishes were horses, we'd be up to our eyeballs in shit. #Quote by Cat Adams
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Shawn Amos
#12. At the height of his popularity in 1977, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and dedicated his life to educational and philanthropic causes. #Quote by Shawn Amos
Maine Coon Cat quotes by J.K. Rowling
#13. Hermione,' said Hagrid.
'What about her?' said Ron.
'She's in a righ' state, that's what. She's bin comin' down ter visit me a lot since Chris'mas. Bin feelin' lonely. Firs' yeh weren' talking to her because o' the Firebolt, now yer not talkin' to her because her cat - '

' - ate Scabbers!' Ron interjected angrily.

'Because her cat acted like all cats do,' Hagrid continued doggedly. 'She's cried a fair few times, yeh know. Goin' through a rough time at the moment. Bitten off more'n she can chew, if yeh ask me, all the work she's tryin' ter do. Still found time ter help me with Buckbeak's case, mind.… She's found some really good stuff fer me…reckon he'll stand a good chance now…'

'Hagrid, we should've helped as well - sorry - ' Harry began awkwardly.

'I'm not blamin' yeh!' said Hagrid, waving Harry's apology aside. 'Gawd knows yeh've had enough ter be gettin' on with. I've seen yeh practicin' Quidditch ev'ry hour o' the day an' night - but I gotta tell yeh, I thought you two'd value yer friend more'n broomsticks or rats. Tha's all.'

Harry and Ron exchanged uncomfortable looks.

'Really upset, she was, when Black nearly stabbed yeh, Ron. She's got her heart in the right place, Hermione has, an' you two not talkin' to her - #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Maine Coon Cat quotes by N.D. Jones
#14. My teeth ache, my gums hurt, and my cat is tearing me apart, wanting you in every way imaginable. Your body. Your magic. Your fire spirit. Your blood. #Quote by N.D. Jones
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Jem Vanston
#15. How else would you be able to talk, kitten-cat, if you were not thinking, hmmm?' said George to his charge.
But it was Francois ... who answered:
... 'Ah oui ... but there are a lot of two-legs [people] who do not think very much at all but who always seem to do most of the talking.' (p124) #Quote by Jem Vanston
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Victor Hugo
#16. What about me?' said Grantaire. 'I'm here.'
'Yes, me.'
'You? Rally Republicans! You? In defence of principles, fire up hearts that have grown cold!'
'Why not?'
'Are you capable of being good for something?'
'I have the vague ambition to be,' said Grantaire.
'You don't believe in anything.'
'I believe in you.'
'Grantaire, will you do me a favour?'
'Anything. Polish your boots.'
'Well, don't meddle in our affairs. Go and sleep off the effects of your absinthe.'
'You're heartless, Enjolras.'
'As if you'd be the man to send to the Maine gate! As if you were capable of it!'
'I'm capable of going down Rue des Grès, crossing Place St-Michel, heading off along Rue Monsieur-le-Prince, taking Rue de Vaugirard, passing the Carmelite convent, turning into Rue d'Assas, proceeding to Rue du Cherche-Midi, leaving the Military Court behind me, wending my way along Rue des Vieilles-Tuileries, striding across the boulevard, following Chaussée du Maine, walking through the toll-gate and going into Richefeu's. I'm capable of that. My shoes are capable of that.'
'Do you know them at all, those comrades who meet at Richefeu's?'
'Not very well. But we're on friendly terms.'
'What will you say to them?'
'I'll talk to them about Robespierre, of course! And about Danton. About principles.'
'Yes, me. But I'm not being given the credit I deserve. When I put my mind to it, I'm terrific. I've #Quote by Victor Hugo
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#17. Two hundred tons of ore is a great amount of ore. If, after a reasonable amount of time and effort you remain unhappily single, my suggestion is that you employ the services of a cat or a dog. Both cats and dogs are known hiding places of soul mates. They are also very, very good at getting strangers to talk to them in kind voices. Which, it should be noted, could be of some use to those who might otherwise be too shy to step forward and say, hello. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Anne Michaels
#18. Minky, the littlest cat, look as if she stepped in snow when she was a kitten and the snow never melted. She is all black except for her white paws and the spots on her head and tail where the snow didn't melt either. #Quote by Anne Michaels
Maine Coon Cat quotes by John Le Carre
#19. A good writer can watch a cat pad across the street and know what it is to be pounced upon by a Bengal tiger. #Quote by John Le Carre
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Hellisen
#20. Pull yourself together, Harun."

Jannik hangs back, watching me rampage through Harun's property.

"You're an evil cow of a woman," Harun slurs.

"It's barely ten in the morning," I snap back. "Is this how you plan to deal with what's happened – by wallowing in your own filth and drinking like a bloated old rake?"

"I was trying to," he points out. "And doing a damn fine job of it. #Quote by Cat Hellisen
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Jim Butcher
#21. He is a cat, Miss Lancaster. Asking him such questions is an exercise in futility. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Hellisen
#22. I pull my mostly dry shawl tighter around my shoulders and dip my head so that I don't have to look into their eyes and see the thoughts there.


I am not this thing. I raise my head sharply, and with my chin jutted out I walk alongside Jannik, willing these Gris-damned bats to say something, anything. The anger waits inside me, cold and ready. Even I know it's just a façade. I'm so scared now that I have nowhere left to go. My armor is frost thin and just as useful. #Quote by Cat Hellisen
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Nina Post
#23. It was more likely that Comet would be governor of Pennsylvania. Shawn hoped his cat wouldn't forget him once he got into a position of power like that. #Quote by Nina Post
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Karen Robards
#24. You look beautiful sitting there spitting at me like a she-cat. All I have to do is look at you, and I lust. I'm going to take you back to the hotel and take off that delectable dress and make love to you until you don't have the energy to be mad at me anymore. Ian Connelly, Marquis of Derne #Quote by Karen Robards
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Maya Banks
#25. He shook his head. No games, Serena. That isn't what this is about. If you want games of cat and mouse, disobedient slave to punishing master, you're better off with someone else. As much as this is a fantasy and not your reality, in the time you're with me, it will be real. In all ways. #Quote by Maya Banks
Maine Coon Cat quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#26. Stop a bit and think it over. There do be some knots mighty aisy to tie but the untying is a cat of a different brade. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Robert Olmstead
#27. This cat-and-mouse could not last forever, and he also knew that when you are the mouse you don't have much to say about it to the cat. #Quote by Robert Olmstead
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Dana Gould
#28. My dog is so old, she now has a lot of cats. #Quote by Dana Gould
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Doris Lessing
#29. If a fish is the movement of water embodied, given shape, then cat is a diagram and pattern of subtle air. #Quote by Doris Lessing
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Patrick
#30. Trying not to think about it is only making it worse. #Quote by Cat Patrick
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Tony Bishop
#31. If little fish get eaten by bigger fish, and bigger fish get eaten by bigger fish ... what happens when there are no little fish? The world's populations of little fish are being harvested to make catfood!? This nonsense has to stop. Feed a fish a cat a day! #Quote by Tony Bishop
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Will James
#32. To my way of thinking there's something wrong, or missing, with any person who hasn't got a soft spot in their heart for an animal of some kind. With most folks the dog stands highest as man's friend, then comes the horse, with others the cat is liked best as a pet, or a monkey is fussed over; but whatever kind of animal it is a person likes, it's all hunkydory so long as there's a place in the heart for one or a few of them. #Quote by Will James
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Damian Marley
#33. I used to buy records in high school. Mainly dancehall: Super Cat, Buju Banton. #Quote by Damian Marley
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Eric Stoltz
#34. I have several dogs and several cats who aren't really mine. In fact, they think that I am theirs. I'd like to have some goats and chickens, but I travel around too much. #Quote by Eric Stoltz
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Haruki Murakami
#35. After she had gone through most of the songs she knew, she sang an old one that she said she had written herself. I'd love to cook a stew for you But I have no pot. I'd love to knit a scarf for you But I have no wool. I'd love to write a poem for you But I have no pen. "It's called 'I Have Nothing,'" Midori announced. It was a truly terrible song, both words and music. I listened to this musical mess with thoughts of how the house would blow apart in the explosion if the gas station caught fire. Tired of singing, Midori put her guitar down and slumped against my shoulder like a cat in the sun. "How did you like my song?" she asked. I answered cautiously, "It was unique and original and very expressive of your personality." "Thanks," she said. "The theme is that I have nothing." "Yeah, I kinda thought so. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Stevens
#36. Maybe some people may have thought or imagined that Islam drains all creativity. In fact, when you look at history, you discover that the golden age of Spain is what actually produced what we call the guitar. #Quote by Cat Stevens
Maine Coon Cat quotes by R.S. Vern
#37. Looking can make you want. Wanting can get you thinking. If you want them to stop thinking, just give them what they want. #Quote by R.S. Vern
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Valerie Worth
#38. The sun
Is a leaping fire
Too hot
To go near,

But it will still
Lie down
In warm yellow squares
On the floor

Like a flat
Quilt, where
The cat can curl
and purr. #Quote by Valerie Worth
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Dick Shawn
#39. If you gave wings to a cat, it would not condescend to be a bird. It would be an angel. #Quote by Dick Shawn
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Porter
#40. There's shit that's random and shit you can control. It's up to you to choose what you'll react to and how to make your mark. What do you choose to control? #Quote by Cat Porter
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Amanda Bouchet
#41. Maybe I'll trust him to fight my monsters while I sleep. Maybe I don't have a choice.
His voice is fierce in my ear. "You're mine now, Cat. Don't you dare die on me. #Quote by Amanda Bouchet
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Hans Brick
#42. For several thousand years man has been in contact with animals whose character and habits have been deformed by domestication. He has ended by believing that he understands them. All he means by this is that he is able to rely on certain reflex actions which he himself has implanted in them. He will flatter himself at times on the grasp of animal psychology which has brought him the love of the dog and the purr of the cat; and on the strength of such assumptions he approaches the beasts of the jungle. The old tag about nature being an open book is just not true. What nature offers on a first examination may appear to be simple but it is never as simple as it appears. #Quote by Hans Brick
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Natalie Serber
#43. She named her cat Phil Donahue, hoping he'd greet her the way Donahue ran to the women in his audience, eager to hear anything they had to say about seat belts, war, or divorce. #Quote by Natalie Serber
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Cat Deeley
#44. I adore vintage clothes. When I go on the road doing auditions for So You Think You Can Dance, I always research the cities we're traveling to so I know where all the best vintage stores are. There are several stores and flea markets I love here in LA. Shareen is amazing with the best edit in town! Golyester is great. I really enjoy the Rose Bowl market. A word of warning: wear layers, comfortable shoes, be prepared to hunt, and fuel yourself with a bucket of cappuccino! Enjoy! #Quote by Cat Deeley
Maine Coon Cat quotes by Champfleury
#45. The love of dress is very marked in this attractive animal; he is proud of the lustre of his coat, and cannot endure that a hair of it shall lie the wrong way. When the cat has eaten, he passes his tongue several times over both sides of his jaws, and his whiskers, in order to clean them thoroughly; he keeps his coat clean with a prickly tongue which fulfills the office of the curry-comb. #Quote by Champfleury

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