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Magaway Fire quotes by Suzanne Collins
#1. I want the audience to recognize you when you're in the arena," says Cinna dreamily. "Katniss, the girl who was on fire. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Magaway Fire quotes by Taisen Deshimaru
#2. You must concentrate upon and consecrate yourself wholly to each day, as though a fire were raging in your hair. #Quote by Taisen Deshimaru
Magaway Fire quotes by Brendon Burchard
#3. Ambition is the great fire, it's the liberator of the
unconscious person. No goals, no growth; no clarity, no change. #Quote by Brendon Burchard
Magaway Fire quotes by Betty Smith
#4. They were in Julius Caesar now and the stage direction "Alarum" confused Katie. She thought it had something to do with fire engines and whenever she came to that word, she shouted out "clang-clang." The children thought it was wonderful. #Quote by Betty Smith
Magaway Fire quotes by Fernand Leger
#5. The craving for colour is a natural necessity just as for water and fire. Colour is a raw material indispensable to life. At every era of his existence and his history, the human being has associated colour with his joys, his actions and his pleasures. #Quote by Fernand Leger
Magaway Fire quotes by William Alexander, 1st Earl Of Stirling
#6. Not beauty, no, but virtue rais'd my fires, whose sacred flame did cherish chaste desires. #Quote by William Alexander, 1st Earl Of Stirling
Magaway Fire quotes by Sonny Bono
#7. It was scary when the Beatles came on the scene. It was like an earthquake or a fire or an accident. #Quote by Sonny Bono
Magaway Fire quotes by Liu Cixin
#8. Look at them, the bugs. Humans have used everything in their power to extinguish them: every kind of poison, aerial sprays, introducing and cultivating their natural predators, searching for and destroying their eggs, using genetic modification to sterilize them, burning with fire, drowning with water. Every family has bug spray, every desk has a fly-swatter under it... this long war has been going on for the entire history of human civilization. But the outcome is still in doubt. The bugs have not been eliminated. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Magaway Fire quotes by Amy Schumer
#9. I am a hot-blooded fire and I am fearless. #Quote by Amy Schumer
Magaway Fire quotes by Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
#10. I don't know that he said a thing. He smelled strange, I noticed that right away, not rotten like you and Roticella said, more complicated, like an apple that the wasps are flying around, musty, but autumny... I can't explain. But he hissed, and those awful red eyes, like red fire, coals. God, they were anything but dead the way they are in his picture. I could see the iris was dark brown, almost black, and the whites were bloodshot lines... The lashes were thick and Harry I just can't say this right, but the eyes, they weren't repulsive. Evil, evil, but not to turn you away. I... I couldn't stop looking at him. It was like some sort of spider sucking out all my juices. Destroying me right there on the sidewalk.

'And I felt I was going to faint, and I tried, I tried to break out of that stare of his, but I couldn't. He was drawing everything out of me - my job, that you were trying to trap him, even things about me, even personal things. Then... then he was gone.

'I was conscious of myself again, it was like I had been left hollow, worthless. I mean something of me went with him and the rest of me wanted to go with him. I'm ashamed, Harry, so ashamed...' She sobbed for a moment, then with difficulty regained her control. #Quote by Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
Magaway Fire quotes by Leonard Cohen
#11. He hated the men floating in sleep in the big stone houses. Because their lives were ordered and their rooms tidy. Because they got up every morning and did their public work. Because they weren't going to dynamite their factories and have naked parties in the fire. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Magaway Fire quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#12. I want so many things," he whispers. "I want your mind. Your strength. I want to be worth your time." His fingers graze the hem of my top and he says "I want this up." He tugs on the waist of my pants and says "I want these down." He touches the tips of his fingers to the sides of my body and says, "I want to feel your skin on fire. I want to feel your heart racing next to mine and I want to know it's racing because of me, because you want me. Because you never," he says, he breathes, "never want me to stop. I want every second. Every inch of you. I want all of it. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Magaway Fire quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#13. Do not hire those who are incapable.
Do not fire those who are capable.
A small, devoted army is greater
than a large, indifferent one. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Magaway Fire quotes by John Wesley
#14. Get on fire for God and men will come and see you burn. #Quote by John Wesley
Magaway Fire quotes by Michael Ondaatje
#15. His own life was no longer a single story but part of a mural, which was a falling together of accomplices. Patrick saw a wondrous night web-all of these fragments of a human order, something ungoverned by the family he was born into or the headlines of the day. A nun on a bridge, a dare-devil who was unable to sleep without drink, a boy watching a fire from his bed at night,an actress who ran away with a millionaire- the detritus and chaos of the age was realigned. #Quote by Michael Ondaatje
Magaway Fire quotes by Noah Hawley
#16. Anyone looking back at the log later, trying to piece together a mystery, would find nothing but times and dry entries. It was a lazy Sunday. What made it meaningful were not the facts or details, but the imperceptibles. Inner life. The smell of the beach grass and the feel of sand on a bathroom floor when changing out of a swimsuit. The heat of American summer. Line ten of the log read simply: 10:22 Condor ate second breakfast. It couldn't capture the perfect toasting of the onion bagel or the saltiness of the fish in contrast with the thickness of cream cheese. It was time lost in a book - a journey of imagination, transportation - which to others simply looks like sitting or lying stomach-down on the rug in front of a summertime fire, legs bent at the knees, up ninety degrees, kicking absently, feet languid in the air. #Quote by Noah Hawley
Magaway Fire quotes by Molly Ringle
#17. Everything about him was turning out to be so much more accessible than she had thought. Spark by spark, the fire of the lofty star was going out, revealing a warm and completely lovable earthling under its glare. #Quote by Molly Ringle
Magaway Fire quotes by Akshay Vasu
#18. And her heart burst like the stars do in the end, and She fell on her knees. But the whole world looked her in awe. She lit the whole universe with her fire for a moment. In the end, she was as beautiful as the stardust falling from the sky and her heart didn't ache anymore. #Quote by Akshay Vasu
Magaway Fire quotes by Sarah Cross
#19. You don't want to sit by me?" Rafe called to her with a grin.
"No, I don't," Layla said. "I wouldn't sit by you if every other seat in the room was on fire."
"Ouch." Rafe winced, then rebounded with a sleazy smile. "That would hurt me if I believed it. You know you're curious to go for a ride."
"About as curious as I am to get syphilis," Layla snapped. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Magaway Fire quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#20. Now that is the wisdom of a man, in every instance of his labor, to hitch his wagon to a star, and see his chore done by the gods themselves. That is the way we are strong, by borrowing the might of the elements. The forces of steam, gravity, galvanism, light, magnets, wind, fire, serve us day by day and cost us nothing. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Magaway Fire quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#21. Persons grouped around a fire or candle for warmth or light are less able to pursue independent thoughts, or even tasks, than people supplied with electric light. In the same way, the social and educational patterns latent in automation are those of self-employment and artistic autonomy. #Quote by Marshall McLuhan
Magaway Fire quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#22. For years she had had her back against the stone wall of Rhett's love and had taken it as much for granted as she had taken Melanie's love, flattering herself that she drew her strength from herself alone. And even as she had realized earlier in the evening that Melanie had been beside her in her bitter campaigns against life, now she knew that silent in the background, Rhett had stood, loving her, understanding her, ready to help. Rhett at the bazaar, reading her impatience in her eyes and leading her out in the reel, Rhett helping her out of the bondage of mourning, Rhett convoying her through the fire and explosion the night Atlanta fell, Rhett lending her the money that gave her her start, Rhett who comforted her when she woke in the nights crying with fright from her dreams-why, no man did such things without loving a woman to distraction! #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Magaway Fire quotes by Millicent Ashby
#23. Wounds that haven't healed properly still hurt you. You pretend to allow them faze you, but I see past the mask. Shame, that a pretty woman like you has to perish by fire." Cain shrugged. "I'm surprised they didn't burn you in the witch trials." He shook his head as if he corrected himself. "No, what am I saying? You were with Saain during that time. #Quote by Millicent Ashby
Magaway Fire quotes by Matthew Arnold
#24. We cannot kindle when we will The fire which in the heart resides, The spirit bloweth and is still, In mystery our soul abides: But tasks in hours of insight will'd Can be through hours of gloom fulfill'd. #Quote by Matthew Arnold
Magaway Fire quotes by George R R Martin
#25. the stars were horses made of fire, a great herd that galloped across the sky by night. As #Quote by George R R Martin
Magaway Fire quotes by Michael Cunningham
#26. You have started the book with this bubble over your head that contains a cathedral full of fire - that contains a novel so vast and great and penetrating and bright and dark that it will put all other novels ever written to shame. And then, as you get towards the end, you begin to realise, no, it's just this book. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Magaway Fire quotes by Terry Pratchett
#27. Walter Plinge said: "You know she asked me a very silly question Mrs Ogg! It was a silly question any fool knows the answer!"
"Oh, yes," said Nanny. "About houses on fire, I expect ... "
"Yes! What would I take out of our house if it was on fire!"
"I expect you were a good boy and said you'd take your mum," said Nanny.
"No! My mum would take herself!"
"What would you take out then, Walter?" Nanny said.
"The fire! #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Magaway Fire quotes by Hartley Coleridge
#28. Is love a fancy, or a feeling? No.
It is immortal as immaculate Truth,
'Tis not a blossom shed as soon as youth,
Drops from the stem of life
for it will grow,
In barren regions, where no waters flow,
Nor rays of promise cheats the pensive gloom.
A darkling fire, faint hovering o'er a tomb,
That but itself and darkness nought doth show,
It is my love's being yet it cannot die,
Nor will it change, though all be changed beside;
Though fairest beauty be no longer fair,
Though vows be false, and faith itself deny,
Though sharp enjoyment be a suicide,
And hope a spectre in a ruin bare. #Quote by Hartley Coleridge
Magaway Fire quotes by Zelda Fichandler
#29. Art is personal, originating from dreams, ideas, neuroses; art is shared, harkening back to the humans around the fire; art imbues pleasure and power by enabling people to know reality ... Art is a necessity because it is a way of knowing ... Is the need for truth physiological? Art exists out of time ... images may be different bu there is always a repetition- a thread. #Quote by Zelda Fichandler
Magaway Fire quotes by Andrew Roberts
#30. He appealed to the pride of those he would conquer but gave them no doubt as to the consequences of resistance. 'The French army loves and respects all peoples, especially the simple and virtuous inhabitants of the mountains,' read a proclamation to the Tyrolese that month. 'But should you ignore your own interests and take up arms, we shall be terrible as the fire from heaven. #Quote by Andrew Roberts
Magaway Fire quotes by Bulleh Shah
#31. Not a believer in the mosque am I,
Nor a disbeliever with his rites am I.
I am not the pure amongst the impure,
I am neither Moses nor Pharaoh.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Not in the holy books am I,
Nor do I dwell in bhang or wine,
Nor do I live in a drunken haze,
Nor in sleep or waking known.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Not in happiness or in sorrow am I found.
I am neither pure nor mired in filthy ground.
Not of water nor of land,
Nor am I in air or fire to be found.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Not an Arab nor Lahori,
Not a Hindi or Nagouri,
Nor a Muslim or Peshawari,
Not a Buddhist or a Christian.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Secrets of religion have I not unravelled,
I am not of Eve and Adam.
Neither still nor moving on,
I have not chosen my own name!
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

From first to last, I searched myself.
None other did I succeed in knowing.
Not some great thinker am I.
Who is standing in my shoes, alone?

Bulleh, I know not who I am. #Quote by Bulleh Shah
Magaway Fire quotes by Meagan Spooner
#32. We thought too much.
Because while hatred is a fire only man feels, he does not hate the beast that comes in the night. Mankind fears it, fights it, drives it off, but he does not hate it. No one hates the bear, he wolf. They don't hate the wind or the snow. They don't hate the death.
They hate each other. #Quote by Meagan Spooner
Magaway Fire quotes by Karina Halle
#33. She's mad but she's magic. There is no lie in her fire. #Quote by Karina Halle
Magaway Fire quotes by James Wright
#34. But I have burned already down to bone.
There is a fire that burns beyond the names
Of sludge and filth of which this world is made.
Agony sears the dark flesh of the body,
And lifts me higher than the smoke, to rise
Above the earth, above the sacrifice;
Until my soul flares outward like a blue
Blossom of gas fire dancing in mid-air:
Free of the body's work of twisted iron. #Quote by James Wright
Magaway Fire quotes by Sherman Alexie
#35. Thomas Builds-the-Fire closed his eyes and told this story:
"I remember when I had this dream that told me to go to Spokane, to stand by the falls in the middle of the city and wait for a sign. I knew I had to go there but I didn't have a car. Didn't have a license. I was only thirteen. So I walked all the way, took me all day, and I finally made it to the falls. I stood there for an hour waiting. Then your dad came walking up. 'What the hell are you doing here? He asked me. I said, 'waiting for a vision.' Then your father said, 'All you're going to get here is mugged.' So he drove me to Denny's, bought me dinner, and then drove me home to the reservation. For a long time I was mad because I thought my dreams had lied to me. But they didn't. Your dad was my vision. 'Take care of each other' is what my dreams were saying. 'Take care of each other. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Magaway Fire quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#36. Tenways showed his rotten teeth. 'Fucking make me.'
'I'll give it a try.' A man came strolling out of the dark, just his sharp jaw showing in the shadows of his hood, boots crunching heedless through the corner of the fire and sending a flurry of sparks up around his legs. Very tall, very lean and he looked like he was carved out of wood. He was chewing meat from a chicken bone in one greasy hand and in the other, held loose under the crosspiece, he had the biggest sword Beck had ever seen, shoulder-high maybe from point to pommel, its sheath scuffed as a beggar's boot but the wire on its hilt glinting with the colours of the fire-pit. He sucked the last shred of meat off his bone with a noisy slurp, and he poked at all the drawn steel with the pommel of his sword, long grip clattering against all those blades. 'Tell me you lot weren't working up to a fight without me. You know how much I love killing folk. I shouldn't, but a man has to stick to what he's good at. So how's this for a recipe…' He worked the bone around between finger and thumb, then flicked it at Tenways so it bounced off his chain mail coat. 'You go back to fucking sheep and I'll fill the graves.'
Tenways licked his bloody top lip. 'My fight ain't with you, Whirrun.'
And it all came together. Beck had heard songs enough about Whirrun of Bligh, and even hummed a few himself as he fought his way through the logpile. Cracknut Whirrun. How he'd been given the Father of Swords. How he'd killed his f #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Magaway Fire quotes by H.W.L. Poonja
#37. Let your will burn in this fire so that it takes you nowhere else. Let your self be burned in this fire of eternity, love and peace. Don't be afraid of this fire, it is love itself. This desire for freedom is the fire of love! #Quote by H.W.L. Poonja
Magaway Fire quotes by James Patterson
#38. I called for back up," Nudge said. "The police, fire department, paramedics, and a few different pizza delivery places are all on their way. #Quote by James Patterson
Magaway Fire quotes by Jase Robertson
#39. The first time I took Reed hunting was when he was six years old. I took him on the last day of duck season, and we pulled right up to the water. I gave him a BB gun, and I had my shotgun. Our property was a haven for wood ducks, so that's what I wanted to shoot so he could see what made this spot so special. Wouldn't you know it? The first two ducks that flew in our sights were a mallard drake and hen. We were on a bank instead of in a blind, which was unusual, but the ducks floated down and lit about ten feet in front of us. More than anything, I showed Reed the power of a duck call, because the water in front of us was only about two inches deep. I couldn't believe the ducks were sitting there.
"I'm going to count to three," I whispered to Reed. "Get your BB gun. When I get to three, you fire.
"One, two, three!" I said.
Reed shot his BB gun, and I fired my shotgun at the same time. The drake never knew what hit him, and Reed immediately looked down at his BB gun. It was like he was thinking, What is this thing? I don't think he even realized I killed the duck with my shotgun. Reed was so excited that I don't believe he realized that I had shot, despite the fact of the booming sound. He looked back at me, and I told him, "Boy, you put a good shot on him, son. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Magaway Fire quotes by Kirsty Logan
#40. When people are cruel it's often said that they have no heart, only a cold space or lump of ice in their chest. This was never true of Avalon. She had no heart, everyone knew, but there was nothing cold about her. In her chest burned an enormous coal, white-hot, brighter than the North Star. North knew the truth about Avalon: she was made of fire, and she would burn them all. #Quote by Kirsty Logan
Magaway Fire quotes by Dianna Hardy
#41. Amid secrets and monsters and fire and death; amid every uncertainty; love existed. Love was real. It was the one certainty. #Quote by Dianna Hardy
Magaway Fire quotes by John   Dunn
#42. The mornings came hard, and our caddie master, Dick Millweed, had a temper that could make a hangover seem like a seismic fracture. He was a small man with a soft, friendly voice. He was not intimidating at all, until he lost it. In his defense, he took shit from all sides - from the members who wanted their favorite caddie and their preferred tee time, from the golf staff who wanted him to perform a million menial duties, and from us when we showed up bleary eyed and incoherent and sometimes didn't show up at all. And God forbid a caddie should stumble in late, because then Millweed's lips would begin to tremble and his blue eyes would explode from his head. They grew as large as saucers and shook as though his skull was suffering earthquake. And he appeared to grow with them. It was like some shaman or yogi trick. Pound for pound, I've never met anyone else who could so effectively deliver anger. He would yell, "You like fucking with me, don't you? You like making me look bad! You wake up and say, 'Today I'm gonna fuck with Millweed!' and it makes you happy, doesn't it?"

And we had no choice but to stand there and take it - hang our heads and blubber apologies and promise never to be hung over again, never to show up late again, because he held the ultimate trump card _ he could fire us and cut us off from the golden tit. But once we were out on the course walking it off, the hanover and any cares associated with it (including Millweed) evaporated into the light #Quote by John Dunn
Magaway Fire quotes by John Zakour
#43. My second thought was to fire a gunshot, but the last time I did that his security robots jumped me. It only takes one cavity search by a robot to convince you that's an experience you don't want to have twice. This called for a more subtle approach. #Quote by John Zakour
Magaway Fire quotes by Catherine Bybee
#44. Lord knew jumping back into this fire was a lot like stepping off a cliff into a dark cavern filled with water. Ultimately, you knew you were safe, but the dark drop always made you believe things would turn for the worst. Luke #Quote by Catherine Bybee
Magaway Fire quotes by Patrick Leigh Fermor
#45. One longs for news from the buried ruins of some stronghold miraculously untouched since Batu Khan set fire to it, the trove, perhaps, of some Transylvanian forester digging out a fox or a badger and suddenly tumbling through the creepers and the roots into a dry vault full of iron chests abrim with parchments... #Quote by Patrick Leigh Fermor
Magaway Fire quotes by Bertrand Russell
#46. The product of causes ... his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and his beliefs, are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms, that no fire, no heroism, no intensity of thought and feeling, can preserve an individual life beyond the grave; that all the labors of the ages, all the inspiration, all the noonday brightness of human genius are destined to extinction in the vast death of the solar system, that the whole temple of man's achievement must inevitably be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins - all these things, if not quite beyond dispute, are so nearly certain, that no philosophy which rejects them can hope to stand ... #Quote by Bertrand Russell

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